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Thursday lorang Octo,er 4, 1866.
- gg T. P.. SLIDEB, EIsq., - is the
sole agen& for this, pper in Charleston
S. C.
D:jp- Mr. Jas. I SfmV , formerly
of this @led; tit no0 ;-residing i
Charlotte, N-. Is. ou- - authorized
agenAt for the NEw$.
Mr. SMLTi can be found at the
Ames offico..
The Distriot Oourt.
The ipitiatory step towards the or
- ganisation of this Court w4s taken on
- Saturday hist, by the Hon. Wm. R.
RoDERTSON being commisSioned as
District Judge.
. The jurisdiction of this Court is ex
tensive and important. It has cxcla
sive jurisdiction over all criminal of
feieds except arson, burg'lary, homi
cide and rape; also in cases of vagran
- oy, bastardy, and ha matters of con
tracts between employer and em
ployee, master and appreitice, where
the amount involved is over a Magis
trate's jurisdiction. It has concurrent
jurisdiction, with the Circuit Court in
all civil suits, not involving-land title,
up to one hundred dollars and with
the Magistratq's Court, in cases of for
cible entry and detainer, and tenants
holding -over. Also, it has jurisdiction
a in matters of District police, and is
sues under the Prison Bounds Act.
The Judge of this Court has like
wise supervisory power over the Coro
ner, Magistrates and different Boards
of Commissioners; and the same pow
er as a Circuit Judge under the Ra.
.6eas Oiaor Act, except in non-clergy
ble felonies afte, true bill found.
The Attorney-General, the 3olici
tors, Clerks and Sheriffs of the State,
ex4r'cise their respective functions in
the District Courts. These Courts
have the same machinery of Grand
and Petit Juries, and lawyers, the
same r4les of praoti~e, and the same
4ourse of appeal to the Appeal Court,
as the Circuit Courts. They are like
wise Courts of record ; and the Judge
has the same power ever, all officers,
iuries, parties and persons in his Court,
to enforce order and punish contempts
us any other Judge of the State has
in his particular Courtf'
The Court holds quarterly sessions
at the Court House. of the District:
and the salary of the Judge is made
independent of avy fine or foe arising
in his own Court.
From .these and ' other matters,
vhieh may be gathered 'from a peru
sal.a6 the Act, y!hich we publish to
day,) our readers can judge of the
lvdry important position this Coprt
will hold in our'system of judicature.
It will lie observed that.this. Act,' un
like the former one,,.makes no change
.the civil- jurisdiction anid crimiat
pow'ers of the Magistrato's-Court.~. A
.defect in the Ast is the not providing
for an appeal to the District Court
.rmteMagistrate's Court in 'ivil
The times of holding this Court
have not yet been 'designated by the
Appeal Court. When this is done the
.Court will go into full operation-.
'.Ve congratulate the District in
having for our Judge one so well qual
ified as Judge''RonERTSON. With
over twenty years practice. as a law
yer,.-his extenaive. acquaintance' with
the inhabitaiis'uta lodail p)aruc4ual
ties of the Diseriet, aml his well known
sound and peti.oi jndgreent, 'will
asnable him to idminister justice in a
maanner satisfactory,to all good citi
Oai Monday, October .let, a publie
mneeting was held in the Court House
.to take into considerationa the best sys
temn to adopt.unlew of the ewe
turre of labtr now episting in4). eils.
Mr. B. B. eo0419as called ?6 t1i
Chair, and :.' H, t'bertgop, Esq
was reqested fo act ap Seostagy,
iotioin, a.oommitteof Aive were
appointed to prepare business foi the
meetinf. That. Commitme,-onisted
of thei following gentlemen: B. E. El
kin, Esq., Dr. J. Wallaeo, Col. J.
McFie, Henry Gibson, Ebq. n*M.
T. G. RabM *
The Coin niittee r4or.ted the foloy
ing preamble and resolutions, (except
the 5th which was submitted by Col.
4hos. W-e Woodward)) aW of-which
were unanimously adopted
.WVualkAs, The present fit4 ofi
labor obeed upon us, involves more se
rious consequenoes'to all- classes of the
community. than any otheri affectipg
as it does the well being, prosperity,
yea, the very life-giving prieiple of
us all; and
WHEREAS, In consideration of the
great changes that -have taken place
in regard to this labor,.and the entire
failure to inake it profitable either to
the laborers .or the . employer under
the various modes and forms nbw in
usey and
' . WHEREAs, The present..searcity of
labor in being greatly increased by
injudicious management' and other in
jurious influences all tending to divert
from its legitimate sphere, (Agricul
turp,) profitable and practical use
thereby throwing a large productive
element upon the bounty 'of the gov
ernment as idle consumers for wfhose
support we are to be taxed. - There
fore be it..
Ist. Resolved, That it is recoin
mended that every citizen -Who desireg
the welfare and prosperity of the Dis
trict, and who wishes to promote her
interests, endorse and sutport such
measures as in the judgment of this
meeting seems most expedient.
2d. Reso1ved,..Th4tt it. is the duty,of
every citizen to adopt the most ei'acti
cable and economical systen whereby
the greatest amount of labor nmay be
given to the soilimnder judicious man
agement and the evilk at-Ning' fron
pauperism and appeals for' Stiite aid
be obviated. 4
3d. #esolved, That in the opinion
of. this meeting the-miost efficient and
only practical mode: for hiring such
laborers ig for fixed- and stated wages
in monty, monthly or annually, pro.
viding also for necessary and comfor
table subsistence.
4th. Resoced, That.we regard thd
system of- Tenanting then in their
present demoralized and penyless con
dition as unwise, that it is an evil and
in almost every instance destructive
to the best interests of the country
and is a preat social nuisance.
5th. lesolved, That the renting of
lands to negroes where no white man
is present to direct and personally
superintend, tot only the planting and
working of the-crop, but to detect and
prevent , thefts, and exereise that
wholosonte influence exerted by the
white man over the black, is an alarm
ing and ilereasing evil, one that is
calculated to bring about h state of
things nit-only revolting to our na
tures but 'threaten hig our existence.,
. . B., B. COOK, Chairman.
B. H. RoBnT5oN, Sec.
Gen.. GraSn fog iis .0.3 -
If this nont-conIniu" from dhe Co'
manderof thearmies of the U.IS. is a
"true copy" of his. political position, it is
not a good copy for a studdnt seekirig
after a ehiase stlad -corret gram
ma r. esyoa
,The'following is published : .
HDqtRs AnIWr,s arrU. S.
Washington, D. G.y Sept. 19 1866.
I see,.from the papers that. .you.have
been .making a sp6ech. in winch you
pledge me to a.'political party. I am
further in receipt of a letter from Gene
r41 Gresham, of Indiana. -i , which he
says that his opponent for Cougrea.hIad
published an -extract- from a lettes 're
eeived from you, in which you pledged
me to the support of President Johnson,
and as opposed to the elect,ion of any
candidate who does not' support his. pol:
ey. Yt,u, nor n-. man,.living, is author
;zed to speak for me in poliical matters,,
and I ask to deasista the future. I
want every -man;t, vote according to
his .own judgment, without influence
from mes. Yoflrs,' etc.,
U. S GRaWr,
To Brevet Brigadier General W., 8.
-HIL.LLTER, New York.
A true copy. A .~
89atliOsrolina Bailroads, ,
The seve,ral iailroad companies in thifs
ihte, sad. all persons who. hay'. cowet
pkiatAoanake of excoessive pi .qege
barges, or: violationB of.their. ohEters
said roads, will tak. notice tl~khe
I~Ig.,joi't .rebolutipR sof the. i~
ro :Aaidy .was adop}e4 a&4*lan
sion, 'onsisting of two membrs of the
Sanatanad one.4ern eachOougressioti6
al District in tb,-House, be appointed
to investiat1~ report to this General
semb, mtb next. regulagi%ession,
the, inplite wilde of exce Ire aM1
tin al rges by.the different r rk
'ni1 of t'.State, and toiqa
iod 'in .ahat tanner they have viol'(
ed their respective charters. That th'
said Commission havo power to summon
etfdh withes''di r'qire tho "pr"
4 'on of*uoet booS anO- -papers as
tfa ,be nece ;.and. so inquii4
a report w1'A' charteri hre subject to
amendmenr, .an44w- .those cases-where
amr-ndmenks are pr&cticabl,, whatZhang,
ei should be made to protect 'tie inter
estA 6f'(1t ublic:"
The,Cmmission appointed undr thr
foregoing resolution, hereby calf,upon
all persons having knowledge of materi
al fact relating to the matters embraced
in the said resolution, to forward state
ments duly authenticated .to the evoral
membord of the Commission as herein.
after indicated.
Complaints and charges relating to
the Greenville and Columbia Railroad,
the Blue Ridge Railroad, the Lauren.
Railroad, the Spartanburg and Union
Railroad, mpy be forwarded to G .F.
Townes, at Greenville C. H., or to W.
S. Grisham, at Walhalla. -
Charges and Complaints relating to
the Sobth Carolina Railroad may b 6
forwarded to M. C. ButlLr, Edgefield
.. R., or R. S. Duryea, sti.'Charleston.
tThose relitin. to the Oharlottp' and
South Carolina Railroad, and the King's
Mountain Railroad, mqy be sent to B.
W. Ball, a. Laurens t:. H.
Those relating to the Wilnington and
Manchester Railroad, afid the Cheraw
and Darlington Railrond, may he-sent
to Harris Uovington, at Bennetsville.
T.ho4e relatiig"to t.he N'ortienstern
Rali-ad -and Charlestoi atid Savannah
Railroad, -to R. S. -Dayet, at -0shtlde
. The Coninission' will Ioet-nt Columi
i4; onl Friiy, the 23d day of Novem
bor iex't,o in;,ke p'thei'r rep*rts, at,
which time any persons 'ittrest.d taily
appear before them, and' furnish sich"I
formation as may be considered necera'.
ry, ralative to the matters under conside
G. F. Town,
Chairman Senate Qo'mmiti.ee.
Chairm.an House Committee.
[Columibia &uth Carolinia n.
Dr. Wight has publi'shed a, book, 'ip
Now York, entitled - "Cotton Cultiv4
tion-Madras vs. America," whih gis
circumstantial de ails of the expeiwfents
in cotton culture, made ii Indit, mid
assigning reasons for their failure. The
following are extratIs- from the book :
India, Dr. Wightsays, is not too hot
for our Southern cotton plant, since, in
the Carnatie, it had borne unharnied the
hot winds of May and June. Bu, on
the other hand, it was ascertained t hit
thu cultivaing season in India is too
cold i. e.' the climate -of the Carnatie,
during the cold months, which formed
tihe: cotton-growing seasmi in India, is
aCtually celder than thd summet in Mis
sissippi. In America;, cotton W anitiva
ted from A pril to Novembe in Id *ia;
from September to April. t is well
kgtown thtat' the. great amdvetntinge, -for
'cotton growing, our olimati. lias over all
others in t,he- world, is the eq'uable Ieim.
perature during a long r.ummer.
As regards the superIiHty of Ameri
can cott,on to Indian.ADr. Wight./eport
ed that, the American cotton was about
t wenty paer cent. mure.vahtkble than the
Indian, of ntearly as Sd. -ip to 3td.
Again, the American seedl. produced
from 74. to 9 per cetnt, more.cotton wool
than the. Indian seed; ain. other, words.
100 pounds of Amnericaw .eeed yielded
from 284. pounds to 80 pounds of eer
cotton wool, while 100 pounds of Indian
send only ' yielded about 21 pounds of
clear cotton wool.
D'Our seed, it -would appear,. is,not
faennsd to succeed. well in the as.In
Swnt hern .-India, it fAiled oti aceountof
tIhe.old nights .which. prevail .after 'the
.st of dbruary, . whent the. weather
becomes warm, amnd if the 2-avatg4eof
insects could be also avoided, :tern ther
American cotton wonid succeed.adinira,
bly ; but, in. the absence of rainart t.hat
season, Mr. F'innie (an extensive. Indisti
oottof-'g'qwer, who is here quoted,) says
he is afraid that it never will become
the staple of India. Nor did Ite thiink
the A merican cotton gial would evet ,e
adap,ed to tIhe iativeg.- . ' - ..w
'lhis is cheering mews ,to -ourN poor
planters, who nee l uorgothirig to eidcouars
age thotm, in the faod of.ba. .labor and
thfee'entsa-pound -iatornal' retenue
r,Livingstong .. l -4
inem whrelnth 4j of . fn
#Mha lieissll, sieng
r t# Washington.
W ASHIN W, SepterMer 29.-The
eci%r War Ias pubbshed an olli
a0 order in which he refiutes certain fi,
truthful charges of enenivs of the |Ad
minptigu., rlatiog o..tia .pay,nent of
bountl.ies to soldiers under the latv act f
CoiMs.. He say', the pay ment has
not 'pn dell%"d by any action or inter.
ference of.the Presidenor Secrf-mary of
the'Tr6nsi4y ; 'ih- wa's' the Mlitarv
Botird, appointed to roako a ' report o'n
the subject, suppreiseq...by.siiher o
Foreign News.
NErw YORK, Sep"ember 30.-Advices
from Paris by the Canada's mail' state
that the Miraii DeGaillioet goe as
civil administrator with General D.
Eastlemnan, the special envoy to Mexi.
- A-iespatch from MNdid sayQ, the
Spinsh Goverument has been informed
that. the legoeitionlsit11 undertaken by the
Unlited States. Qovernment to bring
aboot peace b6tween Chi!i aq Spai
we'e prdgresaiig lavorably.
Fron- Fortress. Monroe,
. FOAnti MONRN, September 29.
-A heavy North-east storm. prevails,
It'is foggy' aud rtrining hard, and
numerous vesls-are dotained in con
European Nws Per Cable.
St. JOHN's N. B., Septermber 29.
A telegram from Cape Britton to New
Foundlanld. states tzmt the gale of th..
23d amd 24th inst., was of uuheard of
severity, swee ping over the whole of
Now .otndland, ild. prostrating the
telegras ph lines fi' iles.
Mr. Field arrived thislm'orning from
Sherncess, having left the Terrible an'd
Midway in the S r.:its of Northumiber'
lanad, engtged -iin laying a new eablo
'botwoon New Brunswick and Princo
Ed%wvad'd Island.
. -LoNi'om, September 28.-A. met
ing of t.ho stockholders of the \t-latntic
Cable Telegraph has been held,- at
which it was resolved to increase the
capital of the .Compin* tty, and it was
promisod that. the terms for mnessages
should shortly be I-educed.
It is 94pected thlk treaty of peace
betwoen Austria and Italy will be
signed wiAhin a day or two,
Secial 'Cile Despatoh--Diffliouty be
tween the Turkian Autioritiei and U.
* S. Ochaulate at Oyperus lian4.
r v'YonKi October..-A special
despattl4 to tike Berald, dated London,
Septeinbor 30, says, that in conso
,quetee of a diffkculty which has exist
ed for some time between;.the United
Stiate; Cnitlato on the island of Cype
rus, and the Turkish authorities, the
United States Minister at Constanti
1npIe.(Mr. E. Joy Morris) bas de
ihagded full satisfaction from the
Suiltal. I-qndig negotiationll.-which
look 4e,ious-Mr. Morris coin municat
ed, widmi Airal Gold>.)orough, and
t,h0 U. ,S. :Steamsh4) Tioonderago
(sle being off the port of Venice) wis
sent to Cyperus.
Floods in the West.
. CInNrA, October 1 .--T,1ho Mus
hmgumi Rliver wzee higher on-Satur.day
than sinaco the great flood of.'03.
The..Ceritra[ Ohio Railr'oad . hus
been brohn since Wednesday..
Tlie srops ro :Severely da magod,
* leotion News.
LJo'Iyrr.t.L., ICi'., October 1.--The
Legfilative and Mun'icippi elections
ik thhs oity on Saturdlay, resulted in
'the ch.oice,of .the entire Conservative
-Arrival from the Mines..
Sr. Lou,d Octob'or I.--orty min
nlors from~ idontana uarrived at ti. Jo
sep1 'a yederdte ,havhfag nepily' ,ope
milti deligr n gold. dust'in' "their
,, ioOdlO S,ors8eztor, J', )"
SkAi dIIA weepen, 8.ptemeer -30..
The Pnr#land "(O)regou'. Jaac,o
IastnIgtretates.thai f. W. Corbott
Reopublictan, has been. ehectd' Unilted
Stateenator by a vo of 38to ILL.
*Nw - e Peoober I .-rGold, 145k.
dotton ad vpJoing i Middlinug 40 aI 43.
Opr, frnio9, at $l0i 6. Wheat
3. ;3 30.gher.. . ork igher1;
-oew,M megehange,. hug.on
invsn ;Jp. wqek ph"reOneItioca(n" in
80 k mein o
gM h qeigh o
*e!lingtf~ 40 ?0lu o1~ saop Moj 90 1e o
e'eJA*j *s le:4th i ol 'OfUO't olor'
- s
- 10) 1 Xpuouj Jo 1tlupJIs ougy
-illloj' o oj p pur's p tg aiu
'ie vT 9 bij U1 up Maa pu M edo 4 d po ' u4
01 sPl# pO 'AV.0%UJ1rj1u'..l
'00 9 SH3 H..M 'NOSdVINOH.
pll OIAkl)ooM [ -0l11AMIT
L vfoered for til at the Court.
UonA' In' Winsboro, on) the 1st
Po1dy in N Peinber, th Plantations e
longi'ng to tp E1ni" of Theo 8. D,8llose,
decociaedL. -Otioclinown as.
Situat on the iw atereo uterI about1 ton
miles aboyo WVinnsborg, and corn nining
'. cres more or loss. On is place is a
dIvelling house and all necesar y pltatatonl
bu (l ng0.(. -b
Iti'aull abo threeins above Winns
boro, andS c Lt ning aotIt (00 ncres. OI
.his pilAa iS ai dIweIihng house~ nnd alilwnces
Siry buitlings, .lop Itieue.
SiLubed hofut eour tu,iles .nho Wit
aidi inc eiy lnttive oln baldings.
Theiisu plieos. atOreeed thus e.arly he
enuiie te f i ihie of The fod crfop a.
dmall grin crop may be w n itmprtant c.on
sidetieon to the planter Ce' n buetr. .\l
20tgh psc ssion canntoe o be gIve util it
1 st of .1 anuar~y, 1 bG7. the~ j'ivile'go pI sew
inlg grain will bo allicwed b pse nt ids
ofShimei Aes. re nlsabv 1111.
IAS lile isisdwe.in llAeTTfN, Eecutm.
oct 4-im
STE.A.M 0-I]Sr
8l1111 y 0110 fbU llle F11'd.
rj allEllil be ig ng law in p le landi. personis
.1. iaas inettli e tIheir ownt' riska from, firt'i
and othor liawles net cotslenet t lhrcein.
(rinding dnc ne ont Wednesdai y nod .Me
daly. - 1' . W. 'i00)W AiID.
oct -fIx1
Furnm pituo+re Wafree hs Roel,.
Tl4 subscriber i praip red t repair Fur
.- niture, of all kinads. D)anaged aine
vimlld Chairs maido its good as now t
A tow lied pltoads o f nxgd
, T pbiuo ont-o.y at' the Corilt House in
or1. Winneboro, on th trt M(iity ini
N.ovemberi. nlexi. utnlesi reted pirivattely be
forc iben, thu large MIILL IIOUJE, near
thii old Froight IJepot. Appily to
oct l-1im 1 H. MMASTER.
0. fV. WILLIAMS& 00.
1. .14 .il'le ler!oW rik f4fn fii
Ovind t., doe ilWetivshy f,in .
Oct 1-tlxl .. lliH S
T uiternltasjadvances wi be made on Cot
tru onsigned to either hous.
oot 4-2m ' D
N W fesdayi October 17th, will open
A ie Aip b give by thie Ladies,
1or th r par or the'Prrelyterian Chtreb.
On Thursday, the 18th, doSorst oven Frodm
.12-o'dloek 'to 8 o'olock1 P* M., fo the' ad
onmmoditt iott'of people %tom the 'oottryt,
and !taain in the eivening.
0Oct 2-t23tl
UJNNY and Dundeo . Baggli g. Foer slo
Dy ,IBACOT,.1 iIYIlll & (s.
001 2--F , *e2j4Ioi el ag%e.
- i IEaR & rA)1jkNcE 4
uet 7.2w . . U.....ute aV'

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