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Thursday Morning, November 8, 1866.
O""T. P,, SLIDZJ, Es, .i 01he
sole agent for*this paper in Charleston
C:Y- Mr. JAN. I. 8atVj-i ne
of this place, but now residing Mi
Charlotte, N. C. is our authorised
agent for the Naws.' ,
Mr. SnI-r can be totind at the
Times office.
Case of the State ya. L. X. and B. D. tol
lik, pontiued.,
HarietBlain (colored) Coss-qanin
cd.-Levy Bolick fared once out of his
pistol. Robert shot scvcn times.
Had nothing tt plato.1. Witries
counted thesbote, ;Lo,vy sokat de
ceased- while running. Deceased
hadn't gone far when shot at; -nr far
when Levy aiot thd ptl. Witnea
followed a piede ; told ulius'to run,
and keep out of the way. Julius did
not get on the saddle mule. Levy
was 9tanding by the snadle nrule when
Jliu wout to got on. Whon Julius
went to put his leg oter the mule,
Levy dvew back with the stick. Ju
lius tried to do so three ttmes, The
fourth . tii6 he got do*n off the
tongue, picked up the tongs and start
ed to amount the mule with tong$ i
hand. - Levy walked fast round the
mules' heads to the other side. Jt
lius got on the tongue againjgot-down
again and walked backwards, Bolick
after him.. Presently Levy toliok
made aquiokjutip at him and. .aught
his right hand. Levy had hin no
time till he said to Robert "shoot."
Julius struck Bolick saIm*e time. Be
lick struck him. Julius struck one
time, and threw down the tongs. Levy
had Julius by the arin when Robert
ihot, Julius st'ruck but once, never
raised topgs again. Robert was right
- at Levy's shoulder whien he shot.
Prisoner (Levy) struck Julius one
time with stiek and cut a hole:in his
Stevenson was present, sitting down
where he co id see Julius all the
time ; could see deceased every time
he went to get on the mule. Stick
Boliek had was a large white walking
stick. Witness saw the tongs after
deccasid struck prisoner. They were
bent before that. No child said any.
thing to witness about the tongs be
ing bent.
The 6olicitor here announded the
close of the examination of witnesses
for the State.
Witness for the defence, os. Smith
Sworn.-Witnesw saw deceased, short
ly before he was killed,, at the house
of Margaret Birlee (colored.) [Here
the counsel for defendant was Inter
rupted by the Solicitor, who raised a
'point upon the.comnpeteney of the tes
timony to prove the charaecr of de
*ceased. Counsel etatal the cobrnde
tioi of this testimony with the case.
As the testimony lhad disagreed about
who pressed on the confliot, this,was
to sho.w the disposition of deceased to
wards prisoner. Ciounsel quoted from
"Russell on Crimes" to establish his
.position, when the Judge illowed the
witness to proceed.)
- Witness asked deceased where he
was going. beqeesed said he was not
going to work any more with the robs
in Soyth Ca'reina, -14rgaret asked
him .if ho (Julius) was going to,:i~y.
lHe aid he was hw adstryw~ tetnorve.
None but the yankcee can purtmne out.
Margaret told him he had Fbutdr not
* get in a fuss with 30i'. flolie,Eemig!it
get hurt. Jallius,said '.IWoll ff that's
* all bie Wahats, I can huad tooe' [email protected]
fight Bgli,11k a duel" s'i~ he, 5ny
timue he wants.'!
Margatfg Brie -(eolored) - eapn--.
Witness kne* dEase#f i.m hhm.en
Sunday and. Monday before he was
killed. On Sundg! while aV.jiet
&ouse, witness sa~w a man running 'to
* wards the hough It was Julius Blain.
He asked witness if she bad- AvgE,
.Witness laughed,, and said to him
" hat in the name of G-d'would I do
wth a gun." Dooased.sa I wan
e one, for he was going to k
Beliok if he was the Iasn
shone on ; that he allow#fl
-lianco, and if not then, ho would
sai,blog 4ev r Bolick's infernal
heart out o im,EdWSToW!E'ai
Ukdo him ! % PJ 1krday, ody4V;
there0butnems lhdMece
talk so for ir. Bolick had 4eaq vqy
lllver to him and to his fAnity.'" ft
It was af&r that when 4eieme
for the ga. Bolck had thenm . left
.lulius'hoirs. *ith saw deceasedi
on MQD40Y. about l ,1 e 'iodse:
He oomse,to ker house ald Ui Zr.
Joe Sinith that he had been gil r ng
np allhis tools never to *ork in South
Caroling foi anj niore t6bs.
Witnossed asked de'edsed if ho had
moved, le said no, ho hadA: Wit
riess askod if *asn't . going,.to move,
lie said- ho was not, -,Witnoss told
him he ought to do s, 60 Mr. Bolick
inight hurt him, 1)ecesi'ed said he
could hurt too, and that he could
change balli and ammunition with
Bolick as soot as any body else; and
when he said so le put his hand up to
his breast, just so. Witness to' do,
ceased she was up at his house o, Sun
day when Mr. Bolick. was.there and,
that tr, Biok wasn't "rash"-witm his
f4mily, Witness agked'desMed if hd
hsdn't told her how g 'Mr. Polick
hdl bee to 4iii and his family., .
lIus said he . didn'l ore : for that.
'itness did not know deceased was
going to live in the hohse ttlle indv
ed into it. Two Mr. Stevensois'dome
there one oiglt, but. witnss ,41d not
know why% they did not put deoased
dut of, the-'house. Juliut old me
Levy Boliek said he ed6uld **A1iin
Witness was at the house fdtea8
ed awhile the day he woa. )kilfte bvt
did not see him killed. 'After witI
ness got there the leard '. *ik ay
"makegaste Julius, $gi ought te
gone." Julius mumbled out some
thing at Mr. Boliek. Witness helped.
to put things in the wagon. Julius
got down off the wagon. Bolick went
to the hind end of the wagon-so did
Julius. Ju4ius picked up the tongs
at the fire end, walked up to Bolick
ad struck him on the arm. Bolick
gave book. Julius advanced' and
strack ,Bolick in the (a0e. Bolick
dropped the stick he had in his h3d,
and slapped his hand up to his face,
When JuNus struck Bolick, 'h% opon
Od his pants to get out his pistol.
Levy then said .to Robert "to come
round here." Witness -6ard ia pistol
shoot and a sap pop, $nd eh# iput ouV
for home at eee. W'Itnbas .dje kdt
see Bolick grat Juhes by the arm at
any time. If )3eliok had stood still
he would have,. get ~the second flok
right on his head; bitt he got bao na
got the liek' pp his face.
[Here witness showed how 9offek,
moved so as to get the blow on the.
face instead of the head,]
. Witnessaw Bo.lick motion with his
stiek, but did not see hinm strike ~Tii
lius. Hiarriet Blain :said to witsQps,
"Margaret, I thought you wrould be ota
my sIde," witness maid she could not
be without telling a lie. She askced
witness if she didn't se ltobertjle
lick shoot Julius.. Witposasmaid, "I did
not." Harriet thea maid to -witdsg
she had no businss tihig whatJw
litas said about'Mr; Doldt ; aii 'dWt
she (witDess5i ghta4Ljav mad'e Wr,
Smith oat a -lie,.. Witnes toll her
she did not lnt.nd4to do,sue' i thingr
tTo's m da t9U9
S~ uperior lumber.
The /'IrenologRal Journal for lIo$
venabpr contaips,sketelies of, th4 lpng
and Queena of the Sofgians, with.like
noiew Chief men among the Mer
spns, wifrvamay eicellnt portaits
and atber ilNistrationd; beafdea 'Lg
esy becten ;Jras . Fogratl, the
celebrated freuch irenologist dufr'
lie Opinion a Women who Talk ;
Family Dog; ao h other read
In suestive bnd r '1' ble to all.
0.20 , ,a ye"r. Addre
owr n el 89 1oadway, N~w
-OOMINO *roNew-Th...4o
S (08 Wll 1ol qktions th' lX
asamoh s, rk, 0
y, -Del re, and,
eour aa' " inneut an
gap and Nevada, have ele7ctons
samo day,- -ovem6r 6. -Th'oe 'ar
all Congressional. electious .alIRtVo
vis : = Iassachusotts, Now Yor4g, Dola
warer Michigan and.Itansa., for Gov
ernors of the'espoeivrftidt The
chief interest in then all lies-if %the
elections to Congress, Maine, Ver
mont, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana,
,wa and Oregon, have elected .flty.
buven Itepubheans to twelve Demo
crats to the next Congress, The oth
er 'States enumerated abovevill elect
.ninety-one menbors. .Tkeir delega
tions now stand thus :
Dem. Rep.
Massachnsetts, 0 10
Now York,. 10 21
X1w Jersey, 3 2
Delaware, 1 - 0
Maryland, 2 3
Mis,so uri, 1 8
Michiganf 0 0
Illinois, 5 11
Winconsin, 1 5
Minnesota, 0. 1 2
Kansas, 0 1
Nevada, 0' 1
21 70
rpon the 'rsult of- these elections,
says' the Boston Post,' depnds did fact
wheter the radicalmt atte.mpt to grasp
ail the powers of Government,. or they
shall b.e Adminiatoredi by the differcut
4epartments under the Constitution
df the United States.
Swime. Lasoaxas oa Tan - BorA.-The
Rev*.n P. WeitOritesto.the New Orleans
0Ari#tiaq,Advoato,,from Zurich, Switter
land,.JuY y-I7, on follows-8
I-oan seoure as many laborers as I wa*t:
by paying their way ioithe United States,
I oan gef thetfnds on the following condi.
#loan : They Will bind themselves to labor
(and they work twile as hard as negroes
genota1ll,) for you (or one.or two yearv, for
theii passage across the ocean, board and
l6tling and, at, the end:of the time, the
I.Pen wil be deducted hoin the gro'ss
.ilpts or the p1od40t,of ttir.lAbor, and
the.balaP. divided btween them, and their
enloyer wo third. 'To silatrate: It
will take $2 to take them to Now 'Orleuns,
tnd, say 150 to clothe and feed for one
yohr; m9vje utkes seven balem of qot ion
an fifty barrels of odrn, worth, in all $8o0;
take fropi-$80 -$176 expenses, leaving
$A25; ne one tilrt-$280, the mhare 'of
(lie laborer-and $417, the hairo of the
omployer., They- will entar into wriiien
olsligitiont before the United tates 'Consul
here..whilh he'(the Consul) as,ures m . is
biodipg, and will-hold theta iq the United
Slates. I think it a good chatce for our
farmers; may, commence 'with only ten
[email protected], $260 or $800.wil put them on the
lace and jhe probable net, proceeds will be
bout $400; and with -this, the second year
l ou oan inlarge to any extent most desira
be. If a folkure. thote in but little loqt,
probably nothihg ; expenses are efirmt paid,
then, If anything ittleft, it is avided. Or
they are willing, aftei all **Wesaof feed
for -horses plow'uharpeningeo. are pai,
tudivide the nest joceed. t a.4talf. The
4 plseem nios,1rtlatuienwsad intelligent
Orkind regards to our friends. mAly ad
dress is Zurleh, eure of the United States
The New Vork Lterald's .corrospon.
detnt in Paitti asserta tha~t ti;p revolu.
tionary emenit in #painu hio l.Me.s ton
cenitrated t.an point whlichi renJerst a
popular expldosion inevitable'.ini 'lhe king,
domn wiihmin a few montths. Th'ie r"it,
he says, will be thet dothronoment of th -!
Queen, and the certain overthrow of
the B3ourbon dynasty. The tendency
of (lie putbliC feeling ist toward the es.
tablishmnent of a republic. The Infantta
Henri de Be'urbon, brother to the king
of Spain, who professes democraev', aimb
4t thme leadership. It, ie intimate<' that
he would be.disposed to treat. for (lie
transfer of Quba to the Uumto States
itt ireturh for Amnerican sympathy dur.
ing and subsequent to tlie struggI.e
"Who~ has Andrew Johnson pimni h
ed4?" aekb the'' Tribune. In its own
grammitf, we'taply, Aim hAsn't punished
Butlefor stinling gold 'in New O&deans,
and Anusilng the deat.h of piridoners i nor
lBon hsfosteaig cotton; and' disgrac
ighsuniform by flagruant afisconduct
in New Orleauns. But them hiar been
re*a?d.td by f assachuiset tea withI Con.
gtional liono%, whioh themn dederves
pu~ b.i*nch as the Al'btane-doos forthie
umof'oOthe U nglish^laitguage.-eNetw
"QII, I.ava t9 ?teup a sad tragl tompy feel
lngs."' "~WIufa ourearrh was 'i I" "Wh.y,
I had to tie diit 4elly Fi' eas hl
her ma, was loaakn ea.,
' cale is hes.
t L Novq r Earl Doiby en
du e puta on 1 the subject of a
IIcO g r ilway.
' pie , the Gen. Sherman
got or at Co ,and forty persons on
board *ere murdered by the natives.
Cons6lsa 891. Five-twenties 081.
BzvutVz,- November-4-I-All th..Prusialu
army in Saxon has been ordered to be de
V A,N mborr A rojeot oJi il.
tary reform # iAustr' inci 4 tie bf'Ver
aLliabWlty to.erv ..tV}##Xly.,jJao 1160.f
Areech-loading arms and other measures.
1sA*voot,, 1November 0---Colton quiet
ond active; sales of 18,000 bales-uiddling
'Oifands 1id.
New Items,
B'ALfTour, Noveinbe' 6-12 P. M.
4fter wonfdrence lasting uv to,10 o'clock,
last night, between the, Police,Commission
er and d oommititee representing the con.
iervative party, with a view to the latter
naming one jidwe and one clerk, to be ap
pointed by ihe Police Coumissioners, for
each precinct, according to' the arrange.
ment. made at the confellenco with Gen.
Grant, the cotnservative committee abandon
ed the whole matter, and withdrew- without
mnking any nominatior to - tie lolice
Board. Thus the list otJudges and clerks
stand as at the Mayor's election.
BAI.TMORE, Noven6er O.--The oletion
is progressing quietly, so far as heard from.
No disturbance anywlfoie.
8 P. M.-Tte election passed off qAefly.
Incomplete returaS indicate that the con
servatives carried the city.
WAStINoTON, Novinber 6 -The State
Departmont has officlki information of the
departure of Maximilian from- the City of
Niw Oar.VAms. November 6.-The Epis
copal Bishops of Vernioni, Alabama and
1ississippi hs arrived, and will conse
crate, tonor, Ryev. J. 1. B. Wilaner as
Hishop of Lodisiana, In place of Hishop
IPork, killed near Atlanta. Dr. Wilmer
arrived this evening.
Georgia Legislature -Mr. Sewards' posi
A1LLruOKVLt, November 4.-Hon. A.
II. .Tiophens, in a private letter t a gentle
manin this city, incidentally allitdes to the
staItemjn of a correspondent of the New
York lnt, regardilg. himself'and broth
er in tho'mqtter of tie constitutional amend.
ret. and . ciaraoteries it. as utfterly with
out Aundation. lie thinks the Legislature,
should reject the amendment promptly.
Market Reports.
Nsw OnLEANs, November 5 -Cotton [email protected]
o. higkor; quotations nominal. Fairpligar
4. Lo*islann molasses 86([email protected]$1. Super.
fine flour dull, at $12.25. Gold 48t,
Monizu-.- November 6--4oon.-Gold 48;
sterling 91.. Cotton dull. Flour quiet.
Wheat Arm. Pork heavy, at 28. . - -
7P': .--Cotton steady, with sales.of
1,200 bales, -at [email protected] Flour qiet. Wheat
drl and declining. Pork irregular, at 281.
Sugar dull and heavy-Muscovado 10J(a
1l1, Rosin [email protected]$18.
YAsHIOGTow, Nov. 4.-Governor
Swaunn, Montgiory Blair , and :Mr.
Latrope, counsel for the nowly ap
pointedjlal ti more Police Commission
era, arrived here last evenitig, and had
an interview with the President to
Secretary Seward, General Grant,
Secretary Stanton, and the Attorney
General were in conference with the
President to-day.
The renins.
TORONTO, Nov. 3,-Tho excitement
relativo to the Fonian trials has no6~
sbated. Lumsdon was tried to-day,
and'l the Court. room was- densely
crowded. The verdict wvas "not guil
.Latest Market Reports,
N.W YORK, November 5.-old
145B ; Coupons of '61 1 14t; '62, U'0$.
Flour-quiet ; Wheait 2 a 8 better.
Pork heavy a t $28.25.
Sugar quiet anid steady.; Coffee
quiet and firm.
Naval Stores dulil and heavy ; Spir
its Tutrpontino 82 a 83, Rosin .$5.15
a 18.50..:
LmvERPooL, November 5.-.-Cotton
sales to-day 1,600 balos, Middling Up..
lands, at l5Jd. Market firm.
LON DJoN, Nov.- 5.-Consols 894.; U.
S. Five.4wenties 681.
From Mexic,
WVAsiffNO'foZff, Nof. 5,-'Mr. Rone
ro has received sa lettr 'dated Voy'a
Cruz, Octobier 26, via dNew Orleans;
stating that Maximilian left the city
of Mox ic) on the 23d' ult., resigmping
in favor of General BDinie.
From Baltitore,
October 5.-Judge Iartoe decided
that the warden had thtren Aa,ys in
yhich to return writs.
An eatablishmecnt *containing 150
[email protected] fire -'m and ammunition was~
seized to-day by the polico. Resisr.
price was offored to the arrest.tnd one
man shot.
General Grant, actingin, a privto.
capacity, made, the following.. gropoui..
tiom1 to theo old Oomminssiopeora, which,
it is sunnno'&ti wilIbanco.a.d : t
the Consevat'ves have oio judge of
olecttopJ "0e4 jnq eaeh.. preciuct,.
and accor ig to the registry law have'
boxes for' registered ballots, one to be
placed at overy precinet.
General dfantl'is atiIng dA repre
sentativelor Oovernor; Swaun in' tho
All quiet at present. No trouble
From Canada.
.NEw. YORKItov6stiber, 5.--Ald'
vits to prove the innocence of the Rev.
Mr. McMahon, now under sentonce of
death in.,Toroito, have been, forward
e-to .Washington. ....
BUFFAI.O, ,NQv; 5 -~CoIig o1rable
excitement'at Fort Erie hst night, in
anticipatioo of a Fenian' ihid. The
cause of te ianic seeis to hi've 'been
the - Orrival of. the United. States
Rtbamor Michigan which has c6mo to
restore the Feleian arms captured last
June, and at t'o." Fenian denionstra
tion on Sunday afterno2p?ftrominent
Fenians mado addrogsi breats.
-A notice appears in the Charleston
papers, from whiuhi we extract the fol
lowing paragraph:
"In compliniio with orders received
from the General Superinteident of the
National Express and Trnnsportation
Compainy, at Baltimore, the operations
of tFe company are temporarily suspend
ed till its liailities are al paid, whe:, in
pursnance of the recent proceedings of
the Board] of Directors, it proposes to
resume baslies under the Aew organiza
The touisville Jiurn (I says: Look
at Sherman aiid llutlor. as n.ilitary.
rivals.. There is a palpable point of
conparison,. Both made excur"ions
to the sea. Sherimn started from At
lanta, luder from Dutch Gap. Sh$or
man brought up at all manner of
plae?,-B'fatler at Wilmington. Sher
man's march took several montht;,
Butler's oify ten or twolve days. So.
Ptutt, won the race by. long odds.
Why,wa'nt an.oflier of such wonder
ul oxp.edition kopt constantly din
ployed in the'expldition line of buffi
ness !
A FACT W dirIT K NOWINo.-To bt
tie irodtn*4,*rect bWldi6g;. atpply m;
chinlery and .imt .a cotton. spindle rnn
ning, with looms to weave its yarn irto
cloth, costs f6rty dollars. -With this
fact. any inan .1Mat,knows' the multipli
Vation table, can airrive at the cost of aily
number ofspindles. 1,000 spindles Wi4
convert into ya about, 200 bales ot
cotton pe' -aiiti . The saine persoi'
can easily a1cO'n how many spindler
it will ro(Iire to, Itse Ip the c>tton croli'
of tho Suuth.at agivqn annnal average-,'
and how mI4h- -c'pital is required to do
it. Will thoMidti think abot'itt?
DIYATH OF RTA,. WoRirir, Esot-Oiir
cominunity wha started, yesto'rd'h tore
noon, by the announcoeilt of the aud.
den (heath of Mr. Rid North, the active
partner of the firm, of Townsend'&
Worth, bookseller*," Mr. North was a
useful citiiri'in all that apperuined to
the wellare' 'Wq gomianijX,,.which
he 4ived. i'b6Uev*r .he entLed into.
he did do wvibihiMhee heart- andenter
gy, and id e'V-tyqbb'lacal asRdeintions
owe n'uich to bW~ t4negy and' seal for .
their succes.-Phxn,,ix. -
It is said that the Fallsofiagara,
on the A1nerican side, have- under
gone quite' a change within the paset
two years, in cons'equene of'thie fall.
iing of huge masses of rock. T1ine cen
tre of the fall has gonle b,a.k about 150
feet, and ita formn Is almnost as near
the shape of a horse sh oe as the Cana
dian Fall. ...b.. .
A poor little girl hn tho' employ of the
WVisconsin P'aper-Comnpany, hr pioking over
a lot or raga a few days ago, found, In an
old knapsack, the sum of $l',050 in seven
thirty bonds and.greenbadkas. Of oourse, the
child of want and labor was ddlighited wIth
her good.fortune. But, upon' discovery of
the fact, the Company -wfthI- 6W iectoristhe
thoAnuness took It 'orn' hfe &o ropie
(o.t own beq$6itl 3 is
*The Thnnessee Oonike%dlttStat, Cn.
*enti -iset 'ott datutrdi~ daet U.1 uipe
endo in h e 1ftlAel'puik'ayn~t
6re he ,7fe td ed reuiitanoe '~
t ee iattoa ~ and'deolkr..
lig ifi4aItif6tion b, tt hau' Leglslature
as,t ~ri4an told, herne ditopt4d;
The fondors of -light - literaturd wil!
regrot'to hear of io,de'ath of Sylvan
uft Vob, ythich took biace in Neow
York on Wedopay
The Juareso Government of. .Mexdg
is said to htaves ontwined the land
grant' of Lbweir" CalifornIa to tife
YAnoid' an.Cpig . .oedzR
ken in the.lNga pop, e upo! the
Tt sload. Gona n np

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