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VOL.11II.] - WINNSBiORO, S. (I., SATURDAY'. O EVMBER 10. 1866. 123
T v Gaillard, Desportes & Co.
S i Wilmsboro,' S. C., at $6.00 per an
.uiuin, ini ad vianc..
ING,- AT $3.00 .PER ANNUM.
Never 1im my heart so gay.
lin the biblinginonth of May,
Nevet does it licat a (tilne
11nif no roweet. ill blooning Jnne.
Never kipmrs siteh hampptin .
As n sitch it lwy i Ilhis,
WIlel Ocober Ais her croin,
V hIWO Ihie ItaVe are Itriiing bras.
.iPren'lie, Swe..I clilirPn, soft rrgrel.
Fur the re1116ld violts ;
Sing. y0ou lovers, tie d:light,
(P Ate golden sminier hlours.
Never in Ithe sanimiter hours
01i ?ny way ithlt radiinoe showprs
As 1romi haittivent alls softly lowi,
When te lit leaveg nre trning brown.
Pr- iI your girdle, fresh Andl gay,
4-hikdrcn in the b100loo of .mty;
Twist your choaplets in young .line,
Ainitleis-tlopy will rade full Soon;
Twine ripe roses, .Jily-red,
.;uvers, for Ihe dear one's hLskl -
I will weavo mty richer crown
When the leaves are Itiring brown.
Ii I8)8, or ,b', itn ty y'ars after
Ioone'sfirst explriton of the conithr,
anI whilh-. Keniicky i was yet. kniocklin
at ho door fio ldlis.i.m into ih! iion.
the red meion resiived to make yet tnioi I.
Ur Iffort lIp exteriirl Ilit-ir I*m%
A lck hmsi, which st-ivrt dl the
do bliplu I,iirplse of it Fort. inil dvi-1ling
w%aIs th. huhitition of Booil alnd Ills
--i'l'tntipai10 onV'.
Pejori-the dieaelif (if the SaYaa -R
from' varihuls prenillitiols, -of m elgr
ut.iderstimin lOly- Ie the PXpOrinnet-d hun.
tr, he snt * Irtivy-coutits. kajil-11,
MehedWhnta Z0l--Wh4ig, t0e
fIle d,itat id MF, s
After prodiedinittsono di4annct. thef
USP.41di aIluf. preeipiiate!y sleep on
i- (lml-s it-, ind.(!noed by jontling rocks
0-1 tlmt.hl(r, when"I the had111 at I)rmnd
Vil ixtdd prispiect - otid on another
side r:a a deep i-a raslpid* river, ont which
aid. heary fomitd t l.iii14'in-e ll eln dangtrous~
- pr11mty lt.. h e ' en11my. i ir t is
s itnih thu-iim they bi eld1. I .large
dl h tben tion l o 1mh1t I 'I oi I..
'61111 iinlit opi-i'in sp.ice they obhs--rvi Iei -h
wr o r< ei lii -d il ih-ir %altir p.tierf,
evidenl silollng, lileir iion tAi' > be
<MW ofAbl mi Tneyd dermined ti rt-t
.ii ai d wvat-'II 11he mo.,ve nt 4,1 thi-ir
0,14 t1111Y, aind lfor . thhA p aro.- , oleltnhid
lt'fro hir' hidoitg inL byt~ tIIiiwti ol
hemtia ex1nn0t, oftUlt.3 wich they haEdL bu.
al i snt attly.t 41 JytOsqa.
ellian wentkl",,' in e .ed wat1r'
wah t enIteen--. andtI hidnt prceid.
edaI.I fa when hle)s dlfl-lOvere Ia eautiful~xi
'fIutni nhi ng flronl plattrock ntear theI
bsef'. tofi't tIl'hhiftt 'tringl pfrued thte
ameh-neededi e'Il- meut thte e t urnedu y'tot
wen tih sing h.'ln fter illingr htis
ndt *X.'s ste kand ch11 Itttlike, msed
him:wlfr byl lookig 3 4 the ui wo r oft
natree l. hIthflly exempkfisJ inl the.
Thw~isttt' man educatr'ed inte mids ofe.
tirne t se'an bselen byi~ tw euaw.
,hc h wul) knw hirfutrupeatoedl'n
and trented haot with the itm-nost bar
b; rilly.
li tle i.aintlim the Indians perceiv.
ing tie body of the waina floating oit
t.he river. utand recognizing the pril, 01
the white man's fingers on her neck,
approached ti bluff shoitig their war
yell. The scouts recommended the girl
to return to the idianm qtd consilt li
Cnr afetly by teling themI II-lw tie
alTair happeaned. She replied, "I pre
fer to die in the preseniet of the wit
thar to iw a slave to tiht- nladiau. Givo
me a rifle and see what- irtamit do."
1ht. this they could lo>t do-yet, they
wore dterminied to sell their lives 1t,
learly as'possi'yle. . As before described,
Onl iltne side they were shielded by a
rock, Riad with unerring tectravcy they
,hot several of the bravest undm o.4
.tarinig of tho foe. 'Onle point was at,
ceiile, frqtn .an impending cliff, which
overlhmng the blhtli, and in tatt diretioi
was th riilo.uf MoL-1an pointel. with
fiager ou-:trigg-r, waiting for suflIcievi
part of tIe ludian whmoum1 hIte eSp1itd mala
kitng tht% ntteidt from liat. qitarter) t
appeiar above the rock to form a targe
-to Saim at At, last than savage, wit,
OxIlimtat, yeil and upraised tomahawk
wias ubout t,o amike thW 1--up ad sprini
11p-1n hi.- lon, Wheit the-liint (if Ieell
ma's rifle hun., fire. I f .1owered t he
Itt amd was uab6out replacig -it by 'a
freqh Iiat frotin his piocket, whett.htt saw
ts. litdun, wite shiot,'of victory waS
titerned to unn of paini, fell headlong into
the chasm benm(ati, Itt shot by whose.
rifle lpo kitew nut. SoverAl others satro
ed the suate fats anid inl a vimilar man
At the sippro4 f rsight 4Ite-Indianptlis
Witherw, '. qud the *:olj,.w *ere conA
11u0, whleu"they behleld:tim resct girl.
rifle itl hand, approach thmn. Tlui at
(1tg-. accouteld ftr tilt- eRicient Iaid I hey
hadjuaeviVL Sle inforatd uon tlat
it Iitta arly partof the cotflier, shle- te
ceedod in sirrisig oce o ahe brro es,
aIid pit-.m-d hersx-f of lits rifll- aid
irermninvl ft Ite.ivm- iil..r covt-r of
th -ni , irl volomwmred tt iiet as
I weir gd-;whet ito ihwir d4ipp-mi.
Im-P. a.1l dian , tY t umat fheir re
tlet. 41ton hy it picIquIt f Id t1,ias,
stationed tn intfrrupt. their progress.
Ti-e- girl taiiod tlhem not. to mnako
the slighthst toiz, anlio renfi sti i.n=
ar-y-slft t ainm and sliortiv rotur-a'l
tvliing thenl th1a:t she It Il snect-pled ill
palting the'( savug.-t ot a fNlIt trail, nt1i
(10114 id -w pr iceti. They hI not game
far. when thi--v wera narimd h) *v tihe
bark of a dog-agaim t.he girl give fill.
injilnictin to r st0l, w Ihe infor
11ati6on that. itev %%ere- n,wv in lt. eeit nirt
taf the caitmp of it thoatt dil warriura-blot
to Ir-1. her.
mxt. h.gth they got clh.ir of the vii
lag -, a-1 reachaed. in Iblock holu-te it;
sth-ty, whea, to t.hie siurpris olf ad, tite
girl wa.4 ftmid to bI the miiter of on olf
Poone's coimains.
At 4tm. P-tontlo.-UIrin, ilthe'p);aAt
week theire was rt l exhlibti lonll" itt IIa.
sonic I all, at imi b.' i witiovt, trins.
anld Who hadu1 I(earned LAto ll hit fi-A h
iaore dexterity thian most lteopla C.a.
their hainds. IIe could wnte a boai
ad hat, ar railtorft, tis a ho aul
arrow wiflh til#rrtig oin. strpp at razor
ttnd alAmve a mta1n, load'andrl u oosot api
t.a1, thrad at ttedle snd stw, besidus
ptrfoarmiing.nany other fevat. of a-qafa:
u.j jtni2hjtItM#a. 'a one it , ls'aiggni co
ulais a tiatira--of Hlarne'tt Ctannir,
.North Cairoliga, is abtt tht tivett.
'ive ytear; c,bl, anad is ot Scotch ani t
tdat' psarenataga. Thloxso. whio hatve 'tint
grtn-b~ack to a bua'ter avnan
-or The 1'ri correspondentt of the~ New
-rk an ays thatgrounds around the
GrNat Exibition Ihuilding are being
h.t'd out in walka and" driven bord1ered
with trees whieh, 'coW for,ty dollre.
each. Theo ettntof t1o' aven,n, si.
.oys,and adn walks, inside apd out
of th buil ing s to bo' seiing~,
rabul.on, and will, et the 'lowcat osti.
From the New Orleans Playune,e
.FroM the Sio Graee,
By the stbamship Nuetiq weitave
the Rio gr41A e COM46r, and offthe
chere; of B(Moville, fhot the 26th
27th ultino, inclusvo.
Cortina is dtermined to starve oa
ales and his garrison in Mataniorns
a1llows poopplies to go in from the r
(Jen T1apla, o tie 18th lit., sel!
Beniten ' from'Mier toCanalesto sar
Juarez'disipproved of the unominet
Carbajal by the Mataigora'4 garrig e
Afgtidt VanAleA, that fte had ap
Gen.'lapja Oovern,.r of TaMibuH
commanding.g4neral of her qhtiles; 0 y
toturn over tihe commahd of 4itti b
ibt. Capis6roW or Col. Otero, o -.Col. C
Cantale and Hentjose .to go 4 Chihi
aid give ni account of tietlt.46nMuc
TIapia wisfied to know if Oakaues 4
celved these sime orders.
SUnitles replied that, lie had recei
such order, altoutgh hiead li% ii enm e
lig it ; bit lie was wiling to"'deu I
ootimand of M2tanoratj.att One
aforementioned Mo fora.
Tie MaIamoraS lweblz says iliat
rill, Orero.anle U041% then refused to r
tie e .ininand. Cauales tihep propi
go omit of the city i.6d lealre'the" an
llonite to arrange ime n alter. This
declined by the three oleers, who.cois
ed thaI h w al h1tbot Wisto give an nIo
ot'his actions to Ouneen" Tpia. At.
pica, ant electio'n laRf been hQ14 -t9
lapin goviripor,i bmut irroi
unanmously fe Canales.
Colonel Bnites. it )as.rePaMt. p%. 4u
a CanAles io Corina, with y k
ut, tlie twvo Liberan-Inva'a ito rct. '4
to Brownsville, wlih ut Ii
beethhtie resul' of his ir4Ls. 'lhe
IIaues thkat Ctnalop hitsten
iig in (aV61 of 04ps. qF45
),ageo, 11 TF
out. The o*ier, sks ' lip
in vuryabdi 4,~,h Viid
p eJw rI :a amA . 16d 0, apim
hcked tip.by'Juarez, supported by E Coe
do. w*s etp1ect ed to appuar bef-.e Mlatinom
rl amily. wtere Cortint would jolin. him
id at-amtack wqtild thyr be naado on1iaa
inmram. At t e mafA e I inje, Ciiont 0111e
pie, of Oonqral14ir merldan'd stif. ateIvbd at.
lrownsville. 6nle1 on Canales, qtstl wat
politely received.
It will lie seen that. the crisis, . so lonp
expeoted on time il Orrando, is iabomit 1m
arrive, Jarez iind I Ortega are each'repre
semed,: Canales holds the prize in lia -wr
hanls: Tncie , um i. umigh Uvn. Sheridav
animd Oit. Gill<pie, s. v-4 Junre. Is tIhe nini:
C.an9 es inlAIus 1o .-1:img4 ; COrtint Ioes ir
t'r J kiar:eZ. SnIIethiig i-4 botid tt happen,
ani dl somabomly is bound to get huri.
Tle :-shooitw Mary Uertriain has left Ura
'04 f.or Tampi ca, loadel withi 1arims, aiim1mai.
tiiimn. etc. Shipper not btated.
Patricio Milio, son-in liw of Vidamirri,
of mhie house of Milmo &-Co., anid It. L
itichardson, lite niew Colleetor of Cistoml
foritlie disrlct. it Itrazos Sintilago, hav4
arrived at Brownsville.
The Raxo4ero unys
"IThe stenmer (en. Sheoridan which nr,
rived at Brzo.4 li1me in Augmis, and was
blown ashord in qa norther on the 2t.at Sop,
$ember, is once nmare niont, nmi Is repored
to he tininjuted. It. is said sh is tihe pro
leri of ime Jtuirex Govirrnm6nt, but as yet
Ams hs not-been delivered to ime propel
"A portion of the tirmstaken nt. the timi
time steimer Chinnoo eine to thit baik, wort
trneal over to Vapt. Deflress. yester4ay b
ni order of (en Sedswiok, under the lin
.I riotlion-t from M4jor-Geioral Getty, Capt.
Dogreas clained them mer te terms o
mite constrace nt thie time of purchase."
Kennedy & King have bonght tIme telo
graph line bet vqeen l1rolynovillo aid Braze
Santiago, with time right of tay fe amer<
eOUnity. .
NoT Silo' TMANtKY.:.-A man hj
Sti nmie of *O'Rnrke. ont Satirday
tinmdirtook to ga shoxoting ror 'rail birdA
lin re-,iHiing lor his - powIier flask lit
droiped it into. a tub of wvat'r. Ti in
to mitatma diiserteed -him from enjoy'
ing ihe knif h-imdasy lie iutd taken~ Ironr
time romimdry of Notb, Chase 45 at
m which hme is eatmhned. Hie pflnradr
the powiher ito A fryiitit pau tand) dried~
it. overi tha Irm'. The hmjiPk (.'im lie emsi,
linto I he- yamrJ with bla ft,-atJ soep.
rhiat ine idokod. like a trine ffjiter
TrackUy fuorhimt lm- ret' ved no ho-lit
injury. HIi himr, benred'anal nyebro'
*r'tuakeni ofmn iamdsyy.a,s 11y a' jazog
- afdlphi'a'G'aene.
19te' Rlseighm, 14. 0., papet's pr as it
have knowledge of a scret amt e orgait
laps'oelsty ist the afouth, oEmpof- loya
UIa%s seun, and knownm as - td Swises C
'bfir ar. said to be ltn thoums4nd of thou
in~ Moth Oimon.
Mi. Px*10ioY.- There is just now
considerabte discussion going on in the
1-16yal" journals of the North, concern.
r ing Mr. Peabody's loyalty during the
var., Somri time since a corespondent
of the_TX* YorA Auening IAt openly
accused him of aiding and abotting. the
8ontl, whireupon a writer in the T'lies
attempts.to refute the assertion. This
brmgs oit the following from Uarles
L. Wildoni, editor of the Chicag6 Jour.
xal, who was Secretary of Legislation
in London during the war, aid there.
fore doubtlss writes knowingly. If the
facts r.rO true, Mr. Pe abody will not leave
a noble itVine for charity, but will be en
desred for his love of justice and
We can iuiform this correspondent
what Mr. George lesbody was doing
luring the struggle for national exist.
eice. Jle wal in full sympaihy with
Ihil rebellion. lstead of strenguliening
the iiational credit, which he niglit have
done aA a lenditig London batker, he
threw his poronal influence in the op
P posite scale, by constantly declaring that
ite Norti could not conquer the South.
ie noer met with the Ioyal Americans
to clih-brate tEe national holidays, but
enlaged in getting tip opposition cele
brntions, to whicl teit;s Englisl sprigs
of nohility, rebelh and a few Americans
wore invited, and where the toast to
"Ifie Majesty" always had precedence
of that to the Preside t. He repoatedly
i od to conttfute to aid thin sick
4vullided oi,gep Uinion army, and
*fat al 110i a" ha was nduceid W
presuro to ge :t th 4anitary
ltaissio%. wa witth'e stiphlation
J it shoj -w divkfed'Nien the.
dn0 S iti
)ae arriv.'in I'igun3. Mf . Maanpwm
obitainiert hii diata with wiich to "111sl
A mericnti crelit in I th fjon4dn Tines
from tle ofilep of Ir. Penlodv. whilo
"." (Spence]. of Liverpool, drew in.
spitration from the Paine Ru.ree, with
whiIh it write up tie rebellion in its
ETRN:-I.:NT- OF GE.:. Akgll;' RI.:.
iA '.-Oi 'hIursdav, October 2, tle
remaiis of i- finoum Ashby were iF.
iiterred at vinchiester, Virginia, with
imposing errenies. At the niame
titme we inceed in the soil the lodiezi
of Captain 11ihrd Ashby and Lien.
ionant coloel ihinms Muarshall. Soie
of thie incideits tof lie (Inv nre wril wor.
11hy, of mention. We ure given to un.i1
derstand that i1ie Federal Qiariorms.
ter at. Wiche.iter, Cap1taili Brown, we
b1lieve, placed Ihie horses under hi
charge at- the disposal or the imilrsels
311id other geml-titien oIL iating upon the
Wi were toll by the Winchester
Nws the aiet ing vircuim"stqnce of the
old nogro wenm jwho nirsed General
A,hby in his youth. she4ding tears in
profittinn. :,d thlat hers was the last
hand to place a wriathi of flowers Aelim.
Ii liend. Another negro srvaut of
the Generiol's wept. hiii terly as flie re.
iins of shis former :iiaater were lower
ed in Ite earth.
. The .eremon,ies were impo.<ing in the
extreme. The pen-u!iar rites of the
F0reemnammn, the Polemn dirge. thespirit
ed (tihe and the 4oquent oralion, cou.
trihuted each %to 8harn. The colins
%kat contained the- mortal remains of the,
81-ad wore the gifts of the dauighterm of
the h1 Dmniiion. The services 'of the
ICpetopal Cinusch were no.twantiypg --
Rall|more Tratteer(t.
4t ?M.asy (freekc. on the Est Temepse
-and Georgia Rtailroac$. sio .1 known to
abound in immewse ems.Ies. A esuipn
was f#ted to develop thee mime, 'In I. ,6,
tnst the 'war 6eming on lii 1Rt. put a st op
to the, enierpriae. The Atl1anta %ra e,ay.
anothier co.mpany hiqa been forpmed wIthin
t'se past memnh for the same purgese, andt
shat tbe prosp.ets of succeua 'are very ft -
. ha h' 8ackgr....-" haeiw always con
pilfered advertIsing liberally and tong toe be
ti)e great mieun of auceeas In buainesa,
and the prelud, to wealth, And t have
stiade it an Invarlibleorute too. to advertie
In b,e dullest times, yt~ell as the btast;5
long -experIence ha~l taug~ht me ta
money thus uPtent .tt rw')
Ordinary advertisements, occupyidg not
more than ten lines, (one square,) wilf be
inserted in THE NEWS, at $1.00 for tlie
first insertion and 75 cents for each sub- .
sequent insertion.
L-rger advertiseinents,. when. no contract
is made, will be charged in ex'act proper
For announcing a candidate to any office
of profit, honor or trust, $10.00.
Marriage, Obituary Notices, &c., will be
charged the same as adverthements, *hew
over ten ines,.an must be pRid for vfled
handed in, or the l notappbaf.
Styrs.-In 1839'Mr. IIenry Burden,
the great iron tan of Troy New York,.
invehte4 a "I1ook-HI4nI. Spike Ma
chine" for the pdrptose of fkatening rails
to the ties on raiTrodr. lin 1840 - lie
took out a -patent,- Knd hte01im's tht irv
the same ypar the fOirm' o CoorMling, \fin
slow & Horne infringed it. In 184 i her
comenced suit in the United States
Circuit Court. It was tried the next terni
and Mr. Burden gain-d it. Defendants
applied for a now trial on exceptions:
it was granted and defendants were
again beaten. So the case passed through
vartonis phases, until Chancellor Will
worth was appointed as Master to take
evidence and ssess damages. From
1853 to 1865, a period of twolve y are,
the Chancellor labored at his work. The
rourt granted hoimi, diring tlt tinie,
$14,000 for hiq services. Ie also char
ged *5 a day for office rent. nnd. receiv
d n additionl $12,000. llis son act
ed as clerk, aid being c.f a romantic
tendency. ansiied himself writ.ing novels,
in which he introduced Mr. Burden and
family as characters. His services were
rewarled by the aim of $19,427 25.
It ulio appears by Mr. Burden't affidavit
that the defendantf had secretly paid
the Chancellor $30,000. The leading
lawyers are-for laintiff, Mr. Beachn,
of Troy; for defendantz, the lion. Da
vid L. Seymoiir, of the same city. To
01um the. matters up, the ca.o ians beer
in court twenty y airs, and the expenses
have been about 600,000.
Wuo HAs inr NATION.u. BANK
Gus1POY ?-In an able speech of ex
Gofernor SeyrnMPx of New York, we'
I44 the* towigsuaara
. Oois she pljlic dt%bi, cih
r ~ , 1*0ko ;Va 1:4
country hittt th0 baiks, wh ch have a
right to make the enrre.y for all the
States, are placed and owned in a large
degree by the Eastern and Middle
States. Not only our debt, but our
currency is sectionalir.ed.- In .tie report
of the Secretary of tho Treasury on the
subject, mae10 hr.at session o dogress,
it was ..hown of the. Nitional Bank iiot-s
theln issled, M ssalchu*etts hd 5.! for
every person wii oin her borders ; C:on
ieetient., *41, and Rhode Wand, $87
while in i lie greiL cominterciail States ol'
the West-Ohio, Illinoi?, Wisconsinl
inid Michigan- te proportion is in Ohio
only $5 per head ; ins Illioiois *6 ; in
Michigan $3, and inl Wiscoinsn $3 pr
headof te ppuinion.So h what.
ever profits are made out of han - cirent
liat io by far the laergesat prportion
thereof gods to thsee New. Fetgland
States. 'The number stud we.alth of the
peoplue of the great States in's left wish:
little or no means of getting currency.
except as borrowed fiomn more favoredi
seuctios, macke this ai glaring evil.
Sovoixx!v or Tstio:--At a late b-ur
, ierdlay evening 'irgent rerrs werec re.
ceived by the mailitary asithorities in this
city for tihe immee liato reinrorec ement of the
regualar troops ini lsattimsore sand WYsalesng
eon. Whteeher it wais thounghit that thne pre
enee of a large force ot' reguslars waes retiuir
ed In llaulimnore in antmicipation ot' Itladical
excesses ini that city. or that1 it as deme
no ensary so reinforce the trool,s now doinig
duity at the capital (who would of' course be
availale at Behirusoare in a few hoeurst in.
cessary.)I t he Admssinist rastione nspears to
have dlecidedl on a couirse rf ntinu, eshIering .
to disuinionists. dloubules., bust. eersinly ea'-"
caitated to preserve thne peace of t1?e coun-~
tr'y and prevent riot and bloeodsehed in M1ery
land. Acting under orders froma ..thte War
Decpartasent, the eeers in oomasand of
poat. in t.e hrber ad at the p:inerpal
dlepot, Go'ver'nee'a letaucd. were exceedingly'
ative hest night. At elevem o'eleek ad
sebhment of regeslar troops. consisting of.
t welve offeers and sven hundred and fifty.
four mern, aWrived at Jersey City from'
David's latand, end s bowtly anletwards de
parted by spesial trais for Dtaltheste and~
Was~i ro. It was k4utended 5rI a 1
t'reops cud not pass ttaioigh Tht1hk lptaly,a
but be tra.upeted arosud the ciry by tho'
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