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Thursday Morning, November 16,1866.
C ;Or T. P. Si.imK, Esq., is the
sole agent for this paper in Charleston
S. C.
(^r Mr. JAS. II. S:?wrii, formerly
of this 'i;ace, but now residiig in
Charlotte, N. C. is our authorized
agent for the Nt:ws.
Mr. SmITu can be found at the
Times office.
Help ! Help I
Such is the cry coming from various
parts of the State. And "help" for
what ? Why, for the relief of debt
ors. It really smacks of childishness,
to apply a very mild term, this appeal
to the Legislature for relief as be
tween debtor and creditor. Any
debtor who shows a determination to
do every thing in his power to pay his
debts, will find more relief ffon that
very creditor, between whom and him
self he wapts the State to interpose,
than from all that can be done by Leg
islation. The same rule will not apply
t> any two debtors, for one can pay all
his debts, ano- her half of his debts, an
other one-fourth of his, and so on.
Now if the Legislature interpose, it
will pass a general act equally apptli
cable to all cases. We venture the
assertion that there is not a man in
the State who will not be benefited
more by a non-interference oa t e
part of -tie State than by any
act ion of it looking to an adjustment
of private indebtedness. The fact is,
the creditor who has large claims
upon others is not disposed to flush
thm-n to the wall for a final settle
ment, for the simple fact that he does
not care to imitate the fool in the fa
ble who destroyed the feathered gold
n ine.
The Cotton Market.
The heavy and sudden decline in
the.New York cotton market has do
pressed cotton buyers considerably.
Some are disposed to attribute this
fall in cotton prices to a discovery
tihat cotton was bringing too much.
Others again think that there has
been a v uch larger crop made' than
was at first supposed. Whatevtsr the
cAuse, whether either of time above, or
the control which speculators have of
the whole cotton trade, it is certain
that great doubt exists as to what will
be the upshot of this decline. It ap
pears reasonably certain that cotton
cannot go down much more. But even
if it should go down to twenty-five
cents per pound, it will prove suffi
ciently ronmutierati-e to induce every
farmer and planter to cultivate it.
The number of manufactories now
building and in contemplation
throughout the Southern States wifll,
whmen in operation, give a wholesome
iimpetus to the price of cotton.
An Ominous Announoement, I
It is publicly announced that the
mioney detectives of the Government
arec unab,le to distinguish some of the
:ouniterfe it bills now in circtilation,
from the genuine. Tlhis is unfortu
nate for a Govermnient that extends
over so vast a territory ais ours. Every
genuine bill may now be duplieated
with a counterfeit one, and thus
double the already enormous amount
of GIovernment liabilities. This may
eventually lead to a financial crash
without a parallel in the history of
tinanciecr ing.
A Quiok Trip.
One of our citizens who has recent
ly gone to Ne w York Writes thence
that lie made the trip from this place
i n about 39 hours..
Thme revenue commissionL esti
mate that over 42,000,000 gallons of
distilled spirits, 186,000,000 gallons
of fermented Iieruors, sied 10,000,000
gallons of imported liquors are annu
ally consumed in this country, cost
ing $500,000,000. The Governnrent
cne derived from the liquor busi
es aLi simated at ik473d8.276 ar
Eevitdl of a HiAtbtil fies..
The La crosse (Wlsconsio> bernocra
revives the fact that on the 22d o
April, 1862, Mr. C. L. Vallagdi gapv
addressed a letter to the .midc4 evo
lent, humane, martyred Aptaham Lin
coln, inclosing an artle hovii the Wheeb
ing (Virginia) Intelligencesr, which ad
vocated the assassination of him (Mr
Vallandigham), It was copied with
approval into the Cleveland (Ohio
Leader. 'he editors of bdth the QpN
were postmasters under Mr. Lineola
Mr. Vallandigham suggested that the
latter remove from uflice those wh<
ttus incited murder - of pdlitical oppo
nouts. Mir.' Iincoln paid no attentior
to the request, but conturued to give
them his patronage. Three years after,
in the same month, he himself fell by
the hand of an assassin-a victim to the
instrumentality that ho had been invok.
ed in vain to discountenance by a with
drawal of his suppiort. Here is the cor
respondence alluded to:
WASuINOTON, D. C., April 12, 1862.
7o the lon. A>raltam Lincoln, Presi
dent of the United States:
S1t: I enclose you an article which
appeared originally in the Wheeling
Intellsgender and was copiid into the
Cleveland Leater with approbation. It
is an open and direct intithtiorn to as
sassination. It r.eeds no comnieut and
ad mits of no explanation. The editor
of the Intelligencer and the editor of the
T,cealer both holWt responsibe oAces
under your. administration, the one be
ing postmaster at. Cleveland. Confident
that you must look with horror u,or
any attempt tr, introdi-'e or to iucite to
a system of assassi,tation for differences
of political opinions, or even for politi
cal offences in this c untry, and desire
no assassins or niders or abettors of
assassmts in office under youv, I degnm
it only necessary to sub-xiit 'the article
to your consideration.
Very respectfully,
VAIL.AND1aGHAU.---The Wheeling
Intelligencer says of the Ohio traitor that
it is a wonder that this traitor is tolera
ted on the face of the earth, much more
tnab hn ii allowed to sit in Congress
like Cataline in the Roman Senate, plot
ting all sorts of devilish hindrances ani
uriderhanded stabs to the struggle of
our national existence. It is a wonder
some Charlotte Corday, b.-reft of a bro"
sher, has not met hini coming ont of his
bath, as Danton was niet. It is a wdn'.
der some Orsivi, bereft of-a son, has not
waited in the crowd f.r. him. It is a
wondfer that some society of Carbonari,
hereft of a countty, have not enfoiled
Brt;tus slew a man for treason in the
capitol, whose lowest, characteristics
would enoble Vallandigham.
lEP'iSENTATI ES.-Tlte following dis
patch is published in the I#ouston (Tex
\VA81tiNOTON, U. C. Oct. .'0, 1866.
Governor Throckmorlon :
Your telegram-of tho 29th instant just
received. I have nothing further t<
suggest thon urging upon the Legisla
ture to make all laws involving civil
rights as complete as possible, so as t
extend egntal and and eneCt justice to al
persons without regard to color, if it hat
not beent done. 'We should not de'spait
of the Republ'ic. Miy faith is a trong.
My con fidencee is uttlimited in the wis.
(dom, pruzdence, tirCtue, i'tolligentce and
mnagnanimity of the great maps o,f the
peole, and that their ukiinnwte decision
wilH be uninfhuenced by passion and
pTejudice, engendered 4y the recent civ
it war, for the complete restoration ci
the Union, by the admission of loyal
Representatives and Sehnators from all
the States to the-repective HTouses ol
the United States.
A meeting was held at Marion
Court House on N. vember 5, fo'r the
purpose of forming a comipnny and
raising funds to establish a cotton fac
tory in that District. The- books
wore opened and a considerable
amount subscribed on the spot. A
committee was appointed to wait upon
thme, citizens and solicit subscriptions,
one-fourth of which is to be paid as
soon as thte company is incorporated
and 80,000 subscribed. It was decid
ed, after considerable discussion, tor
locate the factory near Marion village
and to impel the machinery by steam,
Butler will go to the next Congress,
says the Louisville Democrat, full of
wrath at all .mankind about spoons.
ILe has the sub,lime impudence to talk
? the dangers he had faced, when he
is himnself only dangerous j,0 unarmed
rnen -and helpless womnen; "IPnr not
ifraid of Butler," shouted.a wag in a
oltical or'owd: P'ro no uil==. spnn
At a recent banquet, Dord Derby, the
English Premier, made a friendly allusion
to merioa, in whtch he hoped that any
~1Q"tlon ltetwedn Athe two Governments of
% United State; and Great Britaip tniglt
b*pproohed it a forbearing and concilia
sp1rit, which might remove all bitter.
ri , and cement the friendship of the two
Te great reform meetiftg is appointed to
take place in London on the 3d of Decem
ert ehe and the Princess Dagmar
were maetrfed, yesterday, with great festivi
ty and rgeojing threughout the city.
The tisar has commuted the sentences of
a large number of prisoners, and remitted
arrears of taxes.
Forty-two arrests have beOn made of
rhembots of a secret political society in
A plot has been discoved in the city of
Saragossa, in consequence of whion several
arrests have been made.
Telegraphic despatches have been received
whioh state that the war in Japan has end.
ed. The report of the death of the Tycoon
is confrmed.
The Times, of this morning, says, con
sidering the difficulties of the position of the
President of the United States and his efforts
to prevent invasion of British territory in
North America, it would see with satisfac
tion some compliance with his request in
behalf'of the Fenians who have been con
vidted of treason and sentenced fo death ;
tiut itill It *oitd cdncede no inmmnify in
ease ofanother invasion.
The Turkish u6ternment has granted a
gdtdal amdesty to the Cretan insurgents.
.Mrs. Garvin and her daughter, while out
riding on Thursday last, 8th inst., near
Orangeburg, were killed by two sfegroes,
w'io knocked them in the head with an axe.
the murderers were arrested, and are on
their 4ay to Orangeburg. It was diflicult
to testrain the people from taking sn'onary
vengeance on therh.
ter of languages spoken in the world is
164. The number of m -n is equal to
the tinumhef of Wonen. One nuarter die
before_ the age of .seven. To everv
I,0d0'perene, one rarely reaches the
age of 100, and not more than one in'
600 will. reach tue age of 80. There
are ofl eart.h 1,00n,000,000 persons. Of
these about g3,333,333 din every year,
91,92" die every day, 7,789 every hour.
and 70 every mintutte. The losses are
haianed:by nt equal number of births.
The mtfrird are longer lived ti.:u t! e
single. Toll rean live longer tihsn short
ones. *Vaunien ha ii more of hfe. previ.
ous tule age of fifty years, but fewer
after-tiat men. The numhr of mar
riages is in proportion - of 60 to 100
Manriike are.nofe frtquent after equi
i x*s than durin the month of June
or December. Those born in the spritig
are mo-e rohnst than others. Births
and droitJs are - more frequent by night
t'ian by day.
DRESUttUMO of Puot''VRT.-We
lern that the gin house of John R')ert.
son, E.iq., at tongtown' Ftirfield Di:
trict, ts Mt'nirely d '<trovn"e,l by fire,
ehout nine o'clock A. M., on the 5th .'t
) nvember. Mt fRobertvon, who Was
present at the Commeneement of the fire.
thinks it was caused by t.he stws str:
kingaroc or nail. There was no in
surande on tihe cotton. The 1.1es of t he
property is estimnted at $5000. The
fre.dnen, seeing their labor destrove 1,
commenced a general flight--mnales ated
and females joining in One of the frre,
mna becomning desperate, put a chin
aromnndi his neck, and attempted t- hamns
himself, -CrAumbfiae Prnx.
The Ftredricksburg papers state that
(Genoral Tochmmnr thme distiniguiished'
1 olishm exile, has purchased two thous
andI three hiundlred acres of lamnd in the
wilderness of' Spotsylvan in, upon
whi'cb wfilthe foci-ted inmmedi:atelv be
tween-twenty and thirty I'olh famui
lies, . wli have recently ar-rive,l in
this country. The immigrants arc
described as intelligent andl energetic,
and will doubtless prove a valna ble ac
cession to the county in which they
are about to settle.
Thme Treasury Department havo dis
covered that counterfeits of *100 notes
of the First National 1lank of Boston,
thme *100 noted of the F'irst National
Bank of Cicinnati, and the *100 naotes
of thme National Central flank of New
York City, are. in circulation. The
couterfeita of the latter named notes nre
prononnped excellent thme engraving
being first-class, and the general appear
ance good. Tie only difference known
to exist,is in the let ter "T" in the word
"maintain" near the.. female figure on
the- r~imht hand face of the note, that
fetfar. leing imperfect in the counterfeit
I>KinA3TNDi-,-E.bout 270 freedmen left
here yeaterday-morning, to take passaige
oft the slhip Golconda,. for t,iheria. An
other vpeel will leave Charleston early
in thie *pring, so that any others desirons
of sekig new homes enr do0 so. hv ma
kingenarly apnlication... -.n., I,
" ole gra ph110
News Items.
WYASHINGTON, Nov. 11..r-Maj. Gen.
Fry, late Provost-Marshal-General of
the United States, sailed from Now
York, yesterday, for California, to en
ter upon the duties of Adjutant-Gen.
eral of the Military Division of the
BALTIMonE, Nov. Il.-Thero IN
much interest felt to learn the decision
of Judge Bartol in the haeas cornus
case of tho Police Commissionerq ap
pointed by U ov. Swann to succeed the
old board, and in the case of Sheriff
Thompson, arrested and committed for
not sunmmoning a posse, in answer to a
requisition of the newly-appointed
Conunissioners. The decision is ex
pected to cover the whole ground
as to .the legality of Cov. Swann's
action and the consequent le
gality or illegality of the pro
ceedings in Judge Bond's court. It is
generally believed that Gov. Swann
will innediately summ.pn an extra
session of the Legislature, when ques
tions of the State will be submitted f,)r
WASI1INGTON, Nov. 12.-Messrs.
Lowry and llillyer, Commissioners
from Mississippi to ask the pardon of
Jefferson Davis, are in this city and
will visit the President to-morrow.
The examination of applicants for
consular places proves not to be a
mere form, but is rigid and thorough.
Out of the rutnerous candidates who
have prese.nto I themselves, only two
have been pas. o I by the board.
The coin on hand, to-day, in the
Treasury,. is $ 7,000,000, and the coin
cert ificates nearly $2 1,000,000.
TntRNTON,- N. J., Nov. 12.--ov.
Ward has appointed Fred. T. Freling
huysen to till the vacancy occasioned
by the death of 4onaator Wright.
B.t TnMOn-T, Nov. I1..-Tho Mary.
land Horse Fair is announced to take
place he-re this week, ctimn encing on
Tuesday. The famous hotses Dexter
and Pa chen are to be present, and
there will he trials of speed each day
for pretiimis ranging frot $2,000 to
European News.
Nr.w Yon, Novmtnl r 12.-The
steamer Saxonia has ar, ived, bring
ing Southatmp' n dates to ;l1st Octo
The cholera had broken out afresh
in 1Voolwich, and Charleston. The
diseuse prevailed lightly in Edinburg,
and Irad also appe;tred in Yorkshire.
Oscar Beaker, who five yeurs ago,
attenpted th Ii: of the King of
Prussia, has be n pardoned.
'T'h ; r at -:stern has beei char
tered to carny Vsitors from New York
to Be.st durling the Paris exhi'biition.
Afterwards, she will he taken to lay
the telegraph cable between France
and America.
Marshal O'l)onnell was seriously ill
in Paris.
]it Candia, the Turco (Ngyptian)
army had gained a 4eo-isive victory
over the insy re'lits. Mustapha Pas
el, with 18,000 troois, captured Se
ronin. and subseqiuently pushed for
ward to the mountainls, whbre he was
defeated, after four days' lighting.
Docision of Judge&tol.
B. .TI;riI.:. Novembe,.r 13.- Judge
Bart ol hasi julst renidered hius decision ini
thle haease~. e,o-pus calse of thle Commlllis.
sifnerlS. I he sutom ith le power of the
Governor to remoilve Coimmissioneprs.
Theiire w.as !.rea.t chieering. ini the
Court room I po0n the. annonnt1eflmen1t oIf
the udecisin by thle fiendA of tihe Gov
ernor andh me ne w' Commglissioneirs.
'Foreign Nowa-Per Oable.
['A ii, 12thi. -he -rmor that, hiv
secret urenly, thle armay olf Belginm hind
ri.en placedl at the( di..posaiofth ler"ench
EmiIperor in .the ev'ent, of war, is discredi
rJxaD(N, 12th.-There are vagne
rmnors t hat Maxim-iilhan had been' oflf
eredl the crown of P'olan,d under certain
Sr. lP.:Kvl8lnuno. 1 2th.--The Gov
menti of' R'uits Eas reQiolved to sup!pres.s
the naval stat iona at K&rtiz, ini to Cri
mfea, and Taiganseg, in tihe Sea of' Acor.
LJoNDON, 15th.--The4 rlhip Agra,
bound from this pout for New York
and( bark Elizhethi Jenkins, bound for
Bostotn, camne ini 'ollisiori in tihe English
Channel yesterdlay. Jenkmns suank,-and
ten lives fosr. Thme Agra 'sulfered con
md(erabla d'anmage.
Fknm Louisville, Ky,
Ljoux.av m..,. Novemi>,er 1 2.--Thne
remamns of thie E.x-Confe.derat(, Ge,neral
Roger B. Hlanseni wore interred at Lox.
imigon yesterday,.aufer preliminary ser
vitaS. Th'lero was no disturbance.
Messrs. Armstrong & Co., among our
most rlnrona ,.t,,ll ............. to
inaugurated a daily three o'clook cotow
market by auction, whereby painterS
have an opportunity to take the price
last oflfred. The afTiir turned o t. a'
splendid s'ieceas. 125 bales were ofler
ed, and 05 sold for 31f a 33 for '. enness
see Middling.
The' Markets,
NEW YoRK, November 18, N'oof.
Gold 145k; Exchange 1091 for sight
aid 110 for 00 (lays. Cottoni-Middling
351'a 3j: Southern Flour 12.12 a
17.12. Western Corn $1.28a1.29.
Prim' Pork $21.50 a 23-.00.
i vh.:Rvooi., 12Lh.-Cotton ma>ceb
dull ; snlieS to' day of 8,,0 bales Mid.
dling Uplanr' at 12 a 15" a 141 pence..
The inarket for Dread'st.uffa firm; Corn.
advanced to 38 alillingi for mixed wes,
LONDON, 12th.-.TIYo Money market
firm ; Consols 891; Five-twenies99,
- Latest Market epdrts,
N.w YORK, November 13, Evening'.
-Cotton dull and declined I ent .
sales of 1,500 bales at 35 a 37.
Gold 145j.
Flour quiet ; Southern .$12.25 as
Sugar quiet.
Naval Stores have a dclining ten
dency ; Rosin $5.12) a 13,000.
MOBILE, ov.- l3.-3ales of Cotton
to-day, 200 bales; middl'ing 33. Mar
ket very dull.
NEW ORLEANS, Nouembdr 13-Cot
t.n irregular and lower; Low Mlid.'
dlings 33 a34.
The New OCmmissioners Enter upon the%
Duties of their Offioe.
BA.TIMORE, November 13.-Judge'
Bartol having renderod his desision m:
favor of the- new Police Commission
ers, they at once entered upon the dis
charge of their duties, and it is expect-'
ed they wil in'imediately renew thei'
'lemn'and upon the old Commissioners
for the su'rrenud'r of the Police Sti
tions, etc..
U'pon onteriiig their office they were
loudly cheered by a large crowd.
Fro Pennsylvania.
.' C'AcBERBBUR'o, November 13.
The Republican. Convention met to
(lay and' i'nstructed their Representa
tives in' the Legislature to vote for
Governor Curtin for Senator. The'
vote stood, Curtin 72, Thad. Stevens&
2',. Cameron 1.
. wne Washington.
WAsHIINo FON, Nov.. 13.-The dole
gates sent by the Mississippi Legisla.'
ture to ask for the pardon of Jefzersonl
Dav'is, have not had an interview' wit*k
the President, but have' sent to him the)
risolutions of the' 'Mssiasipp' Legillar
ture, and will toumorrow morning. oall
upon the President isformilty top pay
their respects.
R. M. T. lunteY of Virginf, a'nd
Comnnodore' llorrest of the late Con
federate Nav'y,,were at the President's
house to-day u-rging their applieationa
for pardon.
It is understood that (en. Grant
has addressed a letter to Gen, Sheri
dan not to strictly enforce Order No.
41, issued July last, which ' requires
the arrest of persous charg id with
crin:es and offences aga lust the United
States, and their contfimnemt in mili
tary custody, .until thme Courts are
ready to try them. The object of
Genm. Gran4t is to avoid all cause of
complaint, now anat the Civil Rights
Bill is in force, and the judieial tribu
nals open to' all complaints. Tfhe or
decr has not, as has been stated been
JUST received. Hunting anid
d ATHE.and a few g een
Karret Gold Wedding Ring./ Algol -Black -i
8ilk Jnards and Parley Veui (itains.
W atches, Oldeks and Jewelerrepaired In
Workman-like manner andi warranted for
12 months.
nov 15-1:n CH ARE1f.R8 MULLER.
A LLperonshaving' elaims gainst the
Estte f J P.Huthign,deceased,
will render in the same pr6perly atiheati
enrdlto the nhderggood zat -hi. ofBe la
Wunbr. H. A., G IlLLARD,
nov' 16-t9x8 Adm'r and 0. & F. D..
.A Lrjper insIua:ing .uderad against the
rendor in the same properly authenticated
to the tuwde si nued at hits offie Is Winna.
boro. . II. 1. OAi.A RD, hdm'r
no, 16-t9z8 jnd 0;B. 1. D.

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