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02 PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY, THURS- rdinary advertisements, ociup o
tt AND SATURDAY -t-n sore ihan ten lines one Square,) e
& p 908nserled in TI-V nEWe3nlpn d100 o
1~.., first it sertNon and 76 ceild oott~sb
1wGalllard Dlesportes & Ce,..J Sequent insertio. ~ sur,
Witttsborot' S. C., at $6.00 per an. Larger advertisements, when no
num, in advance. . . Lr r eim hnon.
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AI9FIELD R LO F6a nonncing a 6afidid1t io any oM
d of profit, honor or t rust, $10.00.
1SH<DZVRY EDNSDY MRN barrioge, Obituary Noticos, &'9., wl 4
ING, AT $3.00 PER ANNUM. VOL. III.-IINIOo,~-~ f charged tesm savrieet bz
f. over ten lifts, and mudt 15e pidd A~we
~* J.,~ 24,1866.handed in, or they *ill nbt nUdeo{:'
to ther they at by ariver's aside,
knig'siad a lady gay.;
e watched the deep and eddying tide
onn a flowery islet stray.
And, oh for that flower of brilliant hue,
< ala then the lad"' fair,
To hang my neck wl h the blossoms blue,
And braid my nut- )rown hair.
the knight has plunged in the whirling
All for the lady's an rle.
And he swims t,he st;-eam with courage
. he gains yon aoWery isle.
l 1 fngers hav., cropt the, blossoms
a prise they backward bear,
hil love with the brilliant hue,
braid her out-brown hair.
at the way is long and the current strong'
And, '.as for that gallant knight !
t e waves prevail, and his stout arms
Though 'eheered by his lady's aight.
Thon the blossoms blue to the bank he
Ere he eank in the eddying ide ;
And "Lady, I'm gone, thine owa knight
Forgot me not," he eried.
' the farewell pledge the lady caught,
And thelce. as legeeds say.
Ithe'a'wer is a sign to 4*aken thought
Of friends wito are tat' away.
Por the lady fith' ot k e knight so true "
Still remenered the hap eas lot.
And she cherished tMh dowers of brilliant
And she brai4ed he'r kair with the blossoms
blue, .
-* And she called It '-'orget me not 1"
The Inman steamer Cty of Boston I
left Liverpool on the 7th, arrived at
New York on Sunday.. The foilowing 1
is a summary of news :
A deputation on Ae subjeod of the
Atlantic and Pacific Railway through 4
Nicaragua had waited on the' Prime I
Minister at the Treasury. Lotd Der
by said that the undertaking appear
ed to.be a muostimportantinterhational
one. 'He strosgly advised theideputa
tion, to bring the matter at onoe before
the Foreign Office, and saidi that in4
the meantime he would bring it be- 1
fore his colleagues.
The Star rumor has it that the Gov
ernment are arranging a brilliant pl.n
,for the baffling of Reformers in the
coming session. A Reform scheme of
me sort orpther will, it is esid, be
haped out and laid upon tir table,
the Government generously offering I
.0e house a full: opportunity of con
4ting it, by' uudertaking not to pro
-dot witlt it until the following ses
- The London Time; understands
that the British Oorernment have de
torminod to withdraw their diplomat- I
-o: representative from the Court of i
Saxony, And to brehk up"the ostable3.
,mdnt of the British Legation at Dree
den. The incorporation of the Saxon
Kingdom in the P:-ussian monarchy is
thus form ally acknowledged.
The 'etre says the gbnoral result of
the experimental cruise.of the British
Iron*ets . squadron is satisfactoty.
. Th9 tepdron inoludbd nine iron
elads,.lieuding all the varieties of
th&.?est,and they suoeaesfully kept
the sa for a month' during the:
atmoal- equinox, showing good
Mih.etl qualities and, high rates .of
wpemiamatri it i claimed that the ves.
'wh' reprebent a oombination of merit.
*~t~ o med by thi roit-elada of any
.The E4mperor of Facehad iew.
ed the Imperiki Guard of. the' Paris
aison in lhes3oIs do BouIoriger The.'
*Wi gtassed- ot in the . most- brillhian t
3~H eoes fopiI3uk&irW stater
. deEmi ha reeas1'thit R's
t*tea merchantg iiradin ho liad captor
.ed, but had again' ade preparations
*refene.' No ~onptf ation be
b ep to ,the . ps
ski; crossed the Bokharian frontier,
and, after a seige which lasted eight
days, took by assault, on the 2e ult.,
the fortress of Utufbe, capturing six
teed guns, four flags and many prison
ers, The Russians, it is stated, lost
three officersand 100 men killed and
wounded. The enemies losses were
The London and China Telegraph,
.in announcing the declaration of war
by France against Corea, says the
news confirms a previous statement
that the French Admiral would act en
tirely on his own responsibility and
without the special instfuctions of his
Government. He has thus, probably,
precipitated a second Cochin China
conflict for which the Emperor will
not thank him.
The Telegraph has also received
news of the American schooner Gene
ral Sherman having run ashore, Q'oto
ber 5, on a voyage for Corea, wilh a
large crew. 'Phe telegram says fot'ty'
persons have beep murdered by the
The Lincoln Assassination Oonspiratoh,
The Fortress Monroe correspondent
of the N. Y. hIerald writes.
A bortswain, formerly of the receov.
;ng ship Vermont, named Brogdetf, who
has been a prisoner for i:early a year at
the Dry Tortugas. and was recenily
pardoned, was taken on the Newbern
et Key West. He gives a very intel"
igotit and no doubt entirely accurate'
recotnt accouit of the present condition'
1f the Lincoln assassination conspitatoN
onfin-d tt Dry Tortugas--,Dr. Mudd;
3pangler,- O'Loughhn and Arnold. Ac
,ording to his a.atenment, Dr. Mudd has
yv concealing hirnself -in.a cosl banker
ti the steamer Winfield Scott. It will
te remotmbered that after this fruitless
ttempt to extend the area of his free
lom, he was removed from the medical'
lispensitory in which he had been do
ailed as an assistant, and compelled to
to the, most menial work about the pris
m. He is now retuined to his old po
ition',- and enjoys even greater confi
lencP' than ever, as in addition to dis
tensi!tg medicines, he acts as the medi.
al Attendant upon a good many of the
risoners. Under his present kind
reatmeitt and the comforts of liberty
llowed him, his health has picked up
tmazin gly, so much so that he is in
vastly better health now than when he
was first admi;' ed to the prison. He
>elieves that he'will shortly be pardoned
ad this opinion' it generally entertained
)y othe'rs. Mr.- pangler is, to use the
,tpression of my informant, making
noney hand over' fist at his carpentry
vork. It seems thltit he has daily his
et tasks of work, and this corploie'l, is
tIlowed all he can' make beside. Being
rapid ai,d fine workman, he gets his
lands full of ext9i jobs, and altogether
s doing much better pecuniarily than
vhen doing the cttrponter work at Ford's
rheatre.'He is a!picture of good health,
s also are O'Loughlin, and Arnold. The
wo laitter are still at work at their old
mployinent. Those as well as Span
;ler live in hopes of a speedy pardon.
A WoNDEIFUL oiny-llonss.-# he
Washington Siar tden'ions an a:ttomon
torso, invented by .William F. Ghod
vin, of that that clty, for exhibition'
it the Paris Exposition. The contrie
rance is said to be very ingeniots, and'
s worked by machinery inside. The
torse, when wound t)t, will, etart off at
small trot, for instaftte, drawing a con
tiderable load, as a boy in a small wagbut;
tud'will mqve for thirty mitiutes, put.
.lhg-his feet down witih all the vim of'ta
egudar 2:30 trot.tar
A writer in the Boston Po.stsays:
"The Bonnet. worti by the ladies
tew are fast becoming reduced to noth-~
hig:ih their proportions, t,hey are so veary
mall. It does not, requihre mnore than
*ev4 hairs to support one of the latest
tyiJ, and it in presumnablb that before
bnge they will discard bonnbts altogeth
trand oommencc cutting the hair fromn
he tops of their heads."
1owiag heart, ate like beggars-- -
fiey ire on *hat. a ad t da h'
CAi. nROPS AND Hi 4s. -
By the returns of the otop f - parts
of the country it appAra tht \Jance
prevail evesywhere: I'rovision4. evety
description were never so plin 'l, afd
.in view of this fact it may be why
retail prices of alI articles in ltt con:
sumption in the households of rich
and poor shouhl be so high. tweel'
the avarice of the speculators t of the
'inwiilingness of retail dealers. tt. relin.
geuisi the e;orbitant. profitg w they
h e been tealizing since the n,
ti public a're Oompel,'ld to ' aprices
for-the necessar'es of life whiclk little
better tlian O'itortibns.
With the exceptions of cotto .every
other prOtluction' of the con has
been mbst b'eattiftilly devel0 In
the items of meaf poultry buf and
cheese, we have the anomaly R. glut
ted market. and' high prices. - a true
that there is a cbmparative di btion
in the charges of butchers lnd1 ry
dealers of 4t ;: but no one deny
that the prices demanded are en
tirely athbve what they ought 1? eon.
sidering the immense supply l and.
There inust be -i change in thi a of
things before many days, an dfe
will regret to see the speculato were
ly bitten. In the dVf -goods ness
there is a considerablb itagnat' ltarge
stocks on hand and tie failre nar
ket in the South to being down pri.
ces. and' t.hey have atceordingly ted.
T'he sanYte condition of things u soon
Dperate' in a like mantibr with pro
visions markets. The prices. db
rnandee'are abont onehird ltt an a
Pair valte'for the staplfs-articlw' con.
mmption. Coistime
A FATAL CAINDLnS.9lOK.rkatrangb
tnd terrible accident hiab taken place at
he village of Tillhouad; in tl,b uppet
P'yrenees. The commulie celut-ated its
iational fete at a wine shop, and onx
his occasion all of there were open dur
ng the night. In one of the establish
ments it was customat'v to use for a
:andlestick a hollow cannon 8tall shell,
which had been brought from' Latine
nanzan, and from whilth, it, wathoughit,
.he powder had been withdraWl. The
andle vts placed ih the hloli winch'
erves for the train'to ignite the'projeo
,ile. To*ards four o'clock the landlord
Nent to bed, leaving a number of guests
nt full carousal.
All of a sudden the train reached the
uottom of the ball, which contained a
harge of powder. There was'a tremen
IOus nxplosinn. Four men .a'tu killed
nstantly, and twb others gteviously
iurt. Five otht'' happily escaped ut
njured. The furniit-e was shattered to
FALL OF THE LEA'--The seasonsof
,he fall of the leaf Las come again,
with all its sad and salutary teachings.
Who can shut his hotjV, against its les
ions ?. Who as he see tl'frost with
ared leaf driven by tho'd'Ift winds,-'is
riot reminded that such is huftn life 1'
Nven as a leaf when the fros has
Iried up its sap, and its stems ding
no more to the parent tree, so is. our
life. It may be green to-day and
float gaily upon the hummer breeze,
but the frosts of death are gnawing at
its stem, and we know not if it shall
wave there tonorrow, or *be driven
away by the wintry blasts to eternity.
Il ppy are we, if Nature prhebes not
toil in vain, in this her solemn day.
CostiIL'-rRD.-We.learn that'llis 1!r
sellency the Govertnor has comtted
thi- getqlEqca of Pat. Clifford, who was
onuvicted'of hioise stealing and sentenls
ed,to be higed,-at/the last terms of tlie
Fickens Couirt, to ten -vcars in the Petil
"'Who's there1"said 1tBhMson ont'
onld night, disturbed in hi.' epose by
somie one knocking git the street door.
"A ffiend, wsth nswer.
"Whiat dd you wait't". -
"Want to stay he1t-all utehty~
The Squire and his Wife.
The Squire had a friend to visit him
6'n business, and was very much ahn'y.
ed to be interupted by his wife, who
camO to ask him what he wanted For
'Uo' awayf M4k us alone !' impatiently
said the Squire.
B'usintas detained his friend till dinner
time, a' the Squire urged him to re
main. ' 'he Squire was a generous pro.
vider, proud at his table; and he com
placently escorted hS's friend to his seat.
A little to the surpi'ise of both, they saw
nothing ony the board but a hie dish of
saald, whibh the good wife begn quietly
to strve up.
"My dear," said the squire,- "where
are the meats?"
-There are none to day, replied his
'No meats !' What in the nanie of
poverty I TThe vegetables then ! Why
don't you have the vegetables?'
'You didn't order any vegetables.'
'You forget,' eocfy answered the
'll aslked what we shiil 'tave,- and
you daid' teduce alowe P 1~ere it is.'
'lhi friend burst into a lat , and the
Squire, after looking lurid and' lugunri.
ous a moment joineilt l iut.
'Wife, I give it up. I owe you one.
Here is the fifty dull'ars you *anted for
that carpet, which I denied' you.' The
Squire forked over. 'INow lbt's have
peace=-and some dinner.'
The good woma'n' pbolk+eted'tlis p.'r,
rang the bell, and a suht tubs 1'epast of
fAsh, poultry and vegetables were bt'ought
A fe* days afteryards,- tho'Sqbire re.
mained' trkn in his rden aodI time.
. euse, when she asked what. he
was waiting for, threw her into a flutter
of d60itement
'Some otle's comiig t' sulier !' he
exclhimed. 'Vhy didn't you' tell me ?
I dbeclaro you are the, prookingist
But without asking which of his
ftiends was expected, she hastened to
dhnnge he? dress and 'slick up' her hair
On the occasion. This done, slie dame
out and fottnd ,he Squire seated at the
':able, reading his news japer.
'Where's yonr company ?'
'My comtpany ? r hhtih''t any dotnpa
'But yot'saiil you exStfed'sattlhbody
to supper'? exclaimed' the indignant
'My dear, I said no such thing. You
asked what I was waiting for, and I
said, 'Summons' to come to supper.
That's what I was waiting for my dear
And I came at once.
'And you have made me go and
change my dress ! O',, I'll pay you for
this !
'No matter about it, my dear,. 1 owed
you, remember fbr' that lettund.'
Tiax MYSTYR.n OF SE.E.--Twelve
hundred millions of dreams make a net
work of wild fareias nightly about. our
planer. To gb if it were possible,
through ,this world of sleep would be a
a stranger }r'bcees than that of explor
ing the *ole waking world ; for in
sleep everyeliving being is a poet, from
the infant that clings to it& dreams to
the breasts of goddesses, to the oenturian
who, with st'aff and spectacle, hobbles
about Paradise at the heels of se.
Slebping and w.king are the two
ret henomiena of our existence.
Vhti oe and thought in ,the every
dai ong world. where the ordinary
busidais of life is carried oh, no living
credatttre lias ever fully revealed to an
other-. There are retiewpces in the don
fessions.of the frank, thinugs which emt
1n01, and therefore never will I)e spokedi
'a-thought. which will transcend the~
lmiIts '.of language-hopes which t he
power. of no faur,y could 'satisfy.f4fbas
which even Lucifer humnself cosid'.l not
exagg%rates *Xf this p ortion of ouir life,
which is at 'least sected to our own
observation,- cannoti fai&hfuully and
folly describ'ed, stililbaq ca# th&t other
itiou which defle* eYn our own usWwi
dog t,s usnto'gere spacqtatons ofi
ernali% m fre s ao 'etlkna frat.uta
control of our will, and transforms us
into so many passive spokes in the great
wheel of destiny.
Whatever may be the laws by which
it is regulated, sleep presents the coun
terpart of the waking world--distorted
mulilated, thrown into irremediable con"
fusion by the force of the imagination;
-Chamber's J'ournal.
A Toucaino INOIDENT.-A.% young man
and his wife were preparing to attend a
Christmas party at the houee Of a friend,
some miler distant. "Henry, hy dear hus.
baud, don't drink too illh at the party
to-day I you will promise me. Wodt you?"
said she, putting hde lan' dponh bis brow,
and rsising her eyes t6' his face with a
pleading smile. "No, Millie, I will not;
yod may trust me," and she wrapped her
infant in a soft blanket, and they descended.
The rorses *ore soon prancing over the
turf, and a pleasant conversation beguiled
the way- "'Now dbn't forget your prom
ise," whispered the young wife, as they
passed up the steps. P6bi' t"hing, she was
the Wife of a man who loved to- look upon
the wine When f'ed. The party passed
pleasantly; the time for departure drew
near; the wife 'lescended from the upper
chamber to join her butband; A pang shot
through her beating her heart as she met
him, for he *as itroxibated; hd had broken
hii pilomise. Silently they rdlle homeward,
save when the drunken man brdke into
etlitdhes of a song, or 'tnmeahitg ladghter.
But the wife rode on, her babe pressed
closely to her grieved heart. "-Give mo the
baby, 'Milhe; I can't; t'ust. you with him,"
he'aid. as they approaohed a dark and
swollen stream. Atier some hesitation she
resigned her first born-her darling babe,
olosely wrapped in a blanket--.to his arms.
Over the dark waters the noble steed safely
bore'thba'; and when thgy reached the
batik,the i bther asked for her ehild. With
much care and tenderness he placed the
bundle in her arms ; but when Rho elasped
It tohier heaw no bt'bo was ehere; it
just; in tinle to see the littlo rosy face rise
ne momenft aboe the dirk waters, then
ink forever, and that. by his dwn tempera
,ur'i! The anguish of the thdtli6r and re
norse of the fathir are bet tet' ihagined than
lesoribed.-.. Glaagotb Neos.
Milwaukie.Bo1c,nian' tells a good love'
itory eclipsing anything given by the
immortal Byron.
Emily nhd Chal"1es loved each other
tenderly, but Lite poor girl's paternal an
cestor was indignant and wolild not con
sent to give hi: onl.) child' to'a poor
Charles ttas forbid'den thd house-.
Emily was closely watched ihd daily
lactur'ed, but would not renounce her
Charles. In her di.-trt-es she found a
warm friend in her mother, who, as the.
tlangexpression has it, "had been there,"
and unknown to her 1'rd shte assisted the'
young couple. At last the "tsterh' pa
rent" was called away oii business; wlien'
Charles was invited to the house-but
in a short time a heavy step was heard'
-Charles was secreted in E'mily's bed
room-the parent' entered-smelt a mibo'
-when ltiuilt? admitted that Charl-s had'
been tire; but Wat gone.- Ihe father'
stamped and swore, and'af, last locke-I
Emily in her room, where she was to
remain until he choose to release her.
The door was not. opened till next morn
ing, when the sight that met his eyes
caused him to stand aghast. Tall
swearing was done for half an hour
then came reflection, aiid'angr"r wns ap.
peased and before siidown a young
couple started on a bridal tout.
master near Dawsdn, (l'orgia, by the
name of Aldehoff, .bnoiies through
the columns of alocal paper his dis
covery of a' sovereign remedy for
chlls end. fever. We reproduce hia
preoobitions for the information of the'
medicl p'resession:
For arf's uit take a talble spoon of
Prepared t.Alklk, puit it id: littli-ess
than a half tuithii- of good vinegar,'
and drink while' It effervences. se'
one such (lose the evening f~
day you ei ect a returno ofl~
and another nexit day a bout twof' trs
btifore tub expected attack.- *
lTo drain la1-di'n
s$dend all yvou'r time'ut the ~4I~ 'tav
ern. This will drain you of all yot'
lands inva short tiane.

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