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The tri-weekly news. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1865-1876, November 27, 1866, Image 1

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1I'U LSIL kVEl Y UEE SDY , TIIUJ,S- I . l it' I I i:i 't t . * II i . . d
Ji UB IHD ANEI) 8TUP.SAYI ; ' : i u-, "lil.l,,arcd,", ' cca ii'r t.ic!
lWiut'boro,' S. C., at $6.00 per ANi . ' I *'~i ~ u
N AT $.O .PI ANUM 11. . ) "c,I
1N: ;00Ui O . I.'IN B l"( 1~i S. ,"[ US) NOT IlER[ 7 1866. 1.();;'t1y;II I Wl
[hron the Rticlihmond Dispatch.]
Only r rrivate! his jacket of gray
1- stitined by the smoke and dust;
A'All,.vartd, lie's brave: as Ituport, he'sgay ;
1tecklesn as Mi" nt. in heat of the fray,'
liut in G;Od is his only trust !
Only a private ! to march and to fight,
To snif'er un,l starve and be strong:
Witi knowledge ouoglh to know that the
migl t
Ofjnst ioe, and truth,'and freedom an rigit,
In the endi must cru:+h out the wrong
'Only a private ! no rihhnn or star
Shall gildi witli false glory his nanttie
No honors for Ii il in britid or in bar,
liis Legion of lotnor isonly a sear,
Ant his 'vonmis are the roll of (nte !
'Only a private! one -n tre hero slain,
On the fieli lies silent antd still!
And in the far South a wife prays in vain,
One clasp ef Lite hand she may ne'er clasp
again ;
One kiss from the lips that are still!
unly a private! there lot hint sleep,
Ilo will ned itot. tablet nor stonc.
."ur the nosns i;nd vines o'er his grave will
Anti at itigbt the stars through the clouds
will peep.
And watch him who lies there al)nc !
hnly a mar;yr ! who fought. and who ft.ll,
Unknown andi nrmnarked in the strife
hit still a he lies int his lonely cell,
Angel id Seraph the legend shall tell,
Sieh dettit is eternal til !
11! S9i.s, Va.; GOti. 2, 18tic.
F. V. 1).
-bholorit Inoident,
I)i .g the ptrltince df the e'pidetie,
iUnm which, lapprilv, wt ari iutw vn
tirelv friu, tstlioy. bravi heaft, were
siruck with terror lst. itit hould tnter
lheit ownt dnmest.io cirfile A1" l0IJ! in
t'ilnt iris jtst reached of'r ars pot.s..,.
sing suleiciint. of Itte s'rtntge anid t'tu i.
linrg to intke it tC'ortyi m nitle. tii"oitgh
both time I a1Jid spiace do1motiA! is th.t
hrt'vity must be observed in its teci
till. -
On one of tho streets rutnning plarid
lte witi, ann not far frot Broad way,
iveil a nmarrie'd couple who had n'ot
ravel'd t ogIethor very stootlily stice
f hteyt had bc"'tn made one flesh. The
!itsbatnd, ttitugh not a bid man, occa.
t+i~tinll' took a drop toll mneh, and on
'tuch occsasion, happiness wasp the0 e..
t",ittion in the htisetolid. The wife
had a thousnitd dollars in greetnb acl-s,
ttieh she Ita'd sate. and always Carri
il witi her, and being ma-,ster-spirit of
the firm, she would not allow it to bo'
eicrnachetd ntiiti, bit:, on the .co t rry,
v'lid"avored to atgtent it.
'1Ttn wdi' took thte eholorn, nivil hiet
htishuntd, obtaiuing .a perl:it, had hll.r
sent to the City L41spit.al. hr. is tnot.
known that ie" acconpaitied her thit her,
thotugh he u mUst. havu visitid bet'. OhiSe
ioriting. the unrso being out of thi'
roott for $uime time, returned to the betl.
site of the poor woman, and' discovered
her, to nu aprifpearatfee,-dead. 'hie D'c
tor was tittfiet-nitid' miade hie ohserva
tiont. No pu1 't:ion, of- the heart, t)
birea:ht,r, nothiig to dissidpate the alii
sion atd tassrtittn that Ihu patient n'lts
dead, wats' discovyere d,-"and the learned
diinez ph! of .:tcnl:tpins pronounced her,
-diadil. She was furthwit dtsroced,
p lacet iii a rough coftiA furnish'd by the
.city, a'tld convveyd to the: dtdhlotine,
.or rathe'r dead-toa'q: For hours shte
in-,- ylstaront.ly, a corpse, with all the
E!?Ir'routidtngs of dttth' After the shad
djt'a ofsiigiit'lad- c{used-in, the watch
ian. took a lor>k-- ito the room to se e
thtat a:1l was righi. 1>romi thte inside of
(unt- of the cofnrs-a erceptiles kntocking
awas Iiear-d. Sutpe'rmsiuon se'izedl him; heo
sammediii't the doocr after hitm and went
to ntoLi'y oJ~ter parhes Qf the aiysteriintts
mianu to the temporary receptacle of the
WVlhen the.door opened, a sighit met
he gazte of the party which miado the'
I'oots of their hnir -tintgle andu cauised
4lthom ig feel a weakaess .in their knees.
Tihte tocarpse"~ htad rs.iefd tke,lid of the
<coflin and tras sit'g .upright iin it.
-"Where amn I.?" mave shep. 'he tnatter
wats explained to 'her briely. Fitlled
wuta nger, ad! ithess hasving-seemint4ty
dipartedt, e .let, loose,thte flood gates of
?er passib at the~ 44.aot eing enclosed
in such i conttin Ii ible rt'c"Cpticle. Simu
had i Itnaltl dollars when she wen1
to IhI: hospital, She Sai,d, aml1 she dc..
manded to know where it ihal gi,m. -
Ihe an-nmnt woulnhl ve giv 'n her d..
cent selltlure. The att.t:t werv
ulnablo to explain thet wvhent.,t-m, o)f
the mlissinr Iuonev, and t.le w m-'l dt..
mtandMIl to bet re tored to hers!lf ee'
mlore, I s:t SIlO Iilitg 1)il:'ii.; - l hief
whro had rolbt'd ht'r, :ril " c:r,. t1 l rr
bntdy, if Shei werl1 it) dlhe, dt"' .'l11 h11'tI
The "on-son'lecit'" 1)n1' w\as 11"'in. e t
of her larrulw p,ri.tn h'i n ile a i .aY-n It)
it mo1 rt' !''niatl ch;lu t)b r. ltu I:tn..:m.I
ot.h1"r ditilienli a" ro e- her clth st : 1i:.
heen det",royetd SItit:libh:- al')ar n. bt,n
ever, wIas burni.ht'td, a'tl on linn h..r.
self omt:e lore of the !thsh II-Ih, att I .
blood blood, shet nsi' e on Starl"tn;;a t
OIIce inl searcb of hrl' h)Ish-utii, whI, SiO
t houghl-:-tl(d in-rha)l < c:r,I l y o - w "=
COU SOling himselull iw tIh lie tlhr,i'S:~nl dol.
lart, and1 thei,-- 1 t at . o-n, ru l -tr
daughler of V've would cinih.i in
1y hour;
T e Sturg oil, observi n that ' nl.lo
was com1pi ateelys wel. tnll ihin!ing it.
timght dou her molrt: ha:rm to r,-I:I;: !I-r
tiulr lIi 1. hetr dep")art. ur. Ilad :h,- iro,
gate opeun fiill- n r exi l.
l)arlowss; h:,d sot in1 (r-- . w h.
. h I uhlmil' Is e f domicili.le it,.. .!.
lnocked at t" - d.,ow, :tul - . Iii , i
op eiled it. W it.h ey yor.' l 2.ih4 , rtmnc'"
f rom thl ir Soc,kets he ligez..: -war I 4 0
(d him- l-t wasi p)1aalyzed1 si:b I..;a- -1
thw slllpposted appa)trllion. ..t. I..non
t11 wi tti lteml r.d d whyit' % - he . r"bi .i'
her, ins isling a1. h,- ,. u-- liiw th- 1t .h:
was11 not dlta') :1. he no dlo t I I1 > t+:l !1h '
wa. , II d SIh tinul COt ht.' e -i) - 4b
fti it, hander ten ohf . It, ,. ri ofi
'1'he hn.shald was:) lto a onllish,-ri, hon11 i.
'tie . to, Inhb 'v2- hits t'e i. 11 1 b'We be:;;t,.
the "ghlltt" t.) le:tv."---te l m ght lm-,-"
It"1 n,1 b1 ut for tad's sak l,: tw" to
and not h -stroy hi. Ai t. At.Il hi; i i t . m t
th eri 0i and in-mbing. h:u'a l-g hr Ih.
IIiihb rtu1Ie lbi;s11 lttih! l. tlsing moltn'y, which <h,- tooi:l; but sh,
1:a{ ni. to be tdriVl fol her hloml-, mal1
r'nte1tld the bot l)e i)heI" hu l to a o)I e'
dio1n1H.'b thtan her husbtal,' mb,s fo %.
and lIt:f, rudhed oltt -)f tl buek door.
itcs the yard, and over II fence, m1ld
that 1s Ilfe Ist t.Imt citht-r hi< wif" or ais
tit'nd, have stnt of him1.--S'. Lou.I's
1i 1eTI. It g.N.-T t t akes lit t lem:^i to
sthe woittr o gn fire, and polish te:t.
t.leirjobps necutly, how mne a i fel.
(iloe:aCd ten toz ofe I showi yon 12 hi
) t dybooby ; but introdnee me to a s-altl !
1Ahavtr-aiy ehap Ie- teen four feet
nothing and f.ive feet live inl h is; boots
aId il reehumenud to VOtnr notict a
f'ellow that knows wbhat's what, atnd
who has plenty of 1rains i hi. Il ad
if he hasn't got 1nuieih tb 1o1st oi inl
thie matter of legs in his ir.eecIIS.
As i gencral rrile, the cauSe of t he
ifferlelCo in sir of tie humnt (Il
is this: I;ome01m1:n's me(at go) into their
bodies, othe'rs into the:ir soul5 ; con.<c..
qe1ntly, thic smattllt"r the corloreal di
lOntions the larger tlt cetntll (ie
velop)tents, Mnd ciceer.
A ttin-gular calser >f Suicidit <ICent"dl
n.ntChicago onTuedy vein. A lL . a n
ulInknowl) wioIn wat t'i"('nI to SawI SO
t!yr tlht track that thuertrain, as ii sII"a
atpproachling IIhe cit.$. Itlshrd her IIres.s.
Shl qutiteAsober 11l a ppeared t"r
feel anv in her- tl$wt"(rs to qu)I.
ri ae iiee to Iher A J1eli. h. fter 1
o'clock sheofIL ineceeded', m enrryig oiutel
. hu rafg resji bso A fright.o ,ram
ppryosnohed hw plantedherslf in~ 11he8
oay tod se ai consequenienway mstanck
mAl lNrw'MAe'ang o--ther :athins, anar
finectal voist nowmalud i'ng froa
paiistube na iereach iandli. furilliard
they ca be natrowen rom ohelorso 'aulo houe
same t, to hich yath~e naaofPriAa
mabl's'.n mn thr-hns h
M uriful Uontdition of the Grand Old Oty
of Veuice.
The 1post(in />.f s curr('.sjpondlnt t.
Venice Sy i(f tlat. sad and( supe)rb ltd
'it. jil l ow l'r ililli(:lt.' Willi .he' ,'y.of
(leiverternce front the Latedl Astri
'Ite maj.,ritv if thto citizrns appear
il rig:arl their. U.'i.>n with Italy equltal
t( Io rlnl'I (.tiitf their weiat i ill the d:avs
of th( I) _ , :n'' tlheir capttIrc of Con.
t:antinI iil. It is not remla;ktt)b h ttt.
1h1.c >;ho l' thu1 yi',ld' IIo th(- e.xeit(mnt, r
,if tili- tintetnt. lin f.it:t, it'e ir l itter tle
Sp:ir h 'i(e Iihre ai I t eil" ,rl a"it l iger
i<mbl l. Vl ihm Io c" njilr(' e1np :i nv sort
of happy dl r:in fI r the fn'.(tr(r :ntir
Ii- ir b: d clr n a;ItIn,'. W hIat
nil l' hi'l l I. I 1 t Lit, intti' the (lti do
mini-m '. \\ b:Hh tIey shon Ib -ltriver
''1i I1'uil til II' (nf elt ort I:.. 1 :("ncesa 1i.
'v I h ' . a l i I 1 ei*. l it . lt ! 1 11 .i t . Ol
ttnau a1 Upp fo r I i . bet. I ir colui
!lon l i It i fi .i ite '~ ; it. i- i art.
remlin:, ti i c t ieeplat. ler port. is
de4."rtl";d , h.'r 1(mlacesa re ;! emp;ty ; her
't.ptle' are ;ictk, and, wonio d di, of stalV'.
II!' w\ -li" ' t'l, il i le I alt.tlort1 . 4ii
le siI;".nI i ; pIhlat, ev'll w\ \' ii a ftw
y--a:r , 'row' .d'I'( h.r bIarl.an, has l),-enI
ui!:\In by\ -\n tian( de upolisml 1oZTriost(';
'I: i l"lt.. iII ! t(' Iea tr fraqienti it.
illtg't l'l 1ell tl laifli" 1 iicr3 that il . ''i" "11,,vir) olw f vA l(
T it grnd ibietii-ble palce t it' at, jiit
rai'ittt~ 'le t ti. i tl ir tt e a i \e Ic'[h
-rit'1nd 1ho. Do.riag i regal splendor
ie i i t- tll- iii llj lI'\l t. bih N1,'1il
-rt , a.w ;1:111111 i l iV t liti ' - I)'t' II'Iin ?3
! ura c. ul I ti.*- \tho Vit. < tor oteil.
Tiii*y cime ht ii-i cc'ni wa.iit for ours, and'h
i 1'i 1 Sigh, ti ii' ar . :l! t ti l a 110i1
h-, wIrn by ickn .s, :) .,e -at.rny rre
'Ir i'll.ittiii l1i t cIitle, tiil ctiin.t i\th
hi' 4k t.-iici c d ie rt..-- ur.th y .... tg to
e\'I -Vy WlW :a I1r'Ifg (.f spectres (ruin 1".ir
au t', . a v t y ;1: 4 tit -:' tar back tI ir p'ale
I-lI 4 a t ;ie d i lrp1ti(er y to t.! i oark
n!I',. i o n \1nblina I. Th le ofl( Vet
11.1 hlel u :l, 'oe er I'el olj i r f(11
ticii: . zi e tl : 'bl Willl h o.I1ll. V ('' 11
f, ri'o:' : i'.'t I"l'i.i " I.; :tlil'I ti 'r ago an
rac'., T'hel1 gi'cy Of ein p t may giid
er pr : aa"i(-t, bu t,e wcll ni more
w:ta'il li, intoli o l"-, li' e' ti ngil of h',
c'ili.'n< nh1lI .1 -e'm w.ith tww\\ prtojects
of grc1t.1 olii Two I ank?, at Stenih nt
l 1tul: Ititv, al ull variol ti i'er aorrIt10113
alre bi,Ollt to e I' itic'01 1orIt(, p slr ivr\
t"ile'.,is' ; n I:,]( o inIf11sU netw vitlit1 v i '>
Iill' willh'I"tell luitenirr of' IlI( );a,t. MIl1t
it c1"rt:i!a!"i5y wnial il in vain. W here
is i.-r c,mIoine to come from11)? Triese
liIri'i ninb It hr lif'-blot,Io. andii noW
('.mI :((l;rd tO dl"8pi,4e h(or olnco powerful
ri \ : . 1.-r od th' ro la.- b-lt. hor n m
w\'hat, (8'4111f;tel(nrl's couIld n)ow bo ('3ta1).
li41ed' wilh :Imy\ !lrltspect (Ifs.u'ceas Y
Thi' mol, \S 'enice tCan1 hope' for is it com
forlab,le al .,- as a1 provincial town.
'IIF.lst::Ili i1 lIX(. --he bruvest
un-n1 tlr't n1o. al\\ways I.hosea\\who( are lo st
in ban-l.-, n(or ure tho.' Ii'e grt"atest sulf.
f1'rer; fruula 111. carlrr(e t,f it (it-ld alwilV8
men"1 t,f conr:ag'.. Some (of' Ihe( most dar
IwIr -Ii'l wn'I, l'n. g d in 1'h1 1 11' ut!Ihern'l
I:wh-pt'ln,h C-ne I-lenl who wroI')I not
1ih.':) n:1in1'S (11.11:' S anil Ii t , \\wag- .'(
IIwa;y by, tl:m na.t billow that roll(-d
along fromt Ilh ocl'an( of lif'.; bult whi
who insc(ribetl 11heml w\here th('\ will re
mlain mlfl;c'"d h>y time, all. wvill to r"
mo1te ages3 acclalim their' snmmnorie'; to 11he
'pr-oud ('minen t' of immotrtality---nowv
li\-e, alnd in Ih-81i V' 4 of mpac(', as int' thd,
that thero arc left 'Co Abarc with is our
lot of weal or woe, tioIlsanlds inl wloe
bo..ums belat he:tts as SIer-1 aiid-1 id:1
ger an(l as soft in tilt) domleslic cir("l(-,
as i:oslt which bunt. no Imor'e.
The enory should Iold iaicrel 11he
ltforottlt dedl. as it d.,e ; bi, Iut. 1 .
shouil we c:'eri.sh the reiniiie e Coil
nected with those of oul no)bh- !-ader:
vho I :1vc esCaped!, :mtld a:' n(;w in our
"God Bl's 'ou, ir.'
Collected in mie of the Prinlcial . "
of Ilis city, a fe\w nii gloso site', Wvr.'
doz:-n or moire g('ntlilie. ..\n1g I.m
were ",,i". S." otl"etrs in blue, and1 .wvr
al ate "r1ebels" 3mil C."nIf",h-"r:1te., w.i1
had swaped Jheir siiits of -rev fir
,,on1It.l'Il1 Illole It 191o '1, hiebsuI :1 r .."
("dl tihr old Morh State. A 1h.'.
Whose f"'a'ures, wa:i 1)i i i pinbi, ::tlI
I(alle; "ompo)1rted well' v6it ; I Iiia n:Ir
1nts and scauty shaw!., entere.l I I..m.
tin,g room. Ahov'e, t.io tbac1co :, I.
vreathed a rainbow abut lwr ho uwt I
mat cha'tened( head. anld :iiii h Oi -
\oidees of in-n' in c' ;l,-si -e" clh(r- .\
clo,e at teilant. t her Sde w;is :I nii.
pale bOV of six or s8'ven "':ar'. v.h".
oI ring aiud garmnents disclo.q.d at. (1..
tIe aIriggle en. perll 1i'd. ani(d in0 i' v.
"leas'', sir,"' Said the wy(in11m, pr11't. IL
lug a sml:ll d(tCi.lt to a "-nim:m.
"r1eadl this." 'Th(1 gen.ilino t i
p1apier, pllalsing ill Ile 111ff of his li r.
anid cares,ly, with .the ir o i
Who ias ,oiietlhlil else to-thinkC :.l.
repliwl, I'v Iothii for v ou, ubnahi
lis ! h(.l r iile:d chariy,; 11(1 1:i dil (
read it.!- - t. was the story of I h-::
hand's heroism ;hov, sir'ig iii I) o l..'
Ih-l:'('iti of" M;ilvern I'il!';' tr;-ek.' and1
fale:, aid lost ill Iho hall&o cllar:;e and i
si10ke; idiedit adwto.h'oried :in the
co1InooI g'rntie::u ob t m , 'k:. ,1
Slowl1y, sorrowuIty :it. aln;cst (t'.r
flilly, the wollil p)sed the rouni
I lat. ho'ortloss cile,ric of varruhmu; 1: i':
gl(1li of tlen, iet by tle s;imie ii.:10i-.
'wvoalilnl, I've nothilIg for yui."
'A ;t, when h1 1po despalirhr., slmtl
itl (ii .1 teited win;;-, d.he w\i.iowv . "
p roltIed the sent of a gentlem:i. whs -
garul(-t.t betriaved hoii aS one wh-Io l)al
fought i1n'1 suri"red fur the grea1t plin('i
pile;, nowa lost ilndl furledl. (':hn1!v i.
eye ran ov,r tha' do(r"ini'et. slowi an.l
wit1.Un t o. t.etitat:ii shoiw : d no I l. nruti-;,
bis 111111 (.4eei,('(l'dd-into. t:i e dptoh: of
his plock'.t; andth kin:(- w\rd-en.1 ("Ii , I
froni'!:ia onthIIw i' te:lrt, ''1,t :1'
that. It is all'.T c:1n'care." !t o. a
fi've dollar bill! 'l be( v.'oniantlastmn;11,
kep t the Cry) of ratitlidl sh:it, upl inl h1r
heart, buther hp. , - litivc-in!, litler'i
the ahnlost incoberent, wtords;---"1::1
h !'ess yon, sir," and1111 hotel d')1,r cl11~ .
harshly with at clang. uipon Ilhe h11-' of
the widow and Githerless hov.
"G(1.d h11!-. you, sir'" \V'e w':on;Il
not give the 'l rth oIt i:it c:rpr.e :ion f'lr
atll ti' dro, of g.,;i this wiorUl a(fllrdt
''(d' hio Is s you, sir- . ir 'e %otild rat h
er tak(' thait tili a (c'k for one I I lth -
aId dollaris on r.ce Nxt-han Na.ioIa
l)ln k. "Godl 1'''s,:;volt sir !"\V0 11h1:I
it. ?1o1undillf"' now, fitd l11ik(1 an 1 nseen1
hiln, that hleno ,'-101aknl ow,i, 1h l -s
sii' invokedi will rest. itpon1 the lond of
that, n:I!:nowlniman ,even d..h ic ;(r
wt'hei' death Comtes, inl 'I.i- bii rt.s
upoln the spirit vicw, 'will'ho h,ard1 liat.
voice- God hess you,-sir!"-Noif'7
Tat Por.'eTICAr. Stu.- iION.-In an
article.01n the pol itical ando4. fiinancialI
si1ttu'ntio3iI the Baltimore Sun, of' a lalt.
dafte.,-notes lho fact that the resuIltL (i
the ife''elections laies Moiary l andl
Delawareo with Kentucky in the~ list cif
State Iopposedl to the con)itutioa
antenijt.eenlt. Th'lese, wt1ith the~ elu..
dad Etca, wili make thlirteen ce'rt)inI..
ly aniti rmly opIposed to its adoption.
Th'lreyfoiht of all the Statcsh beio
requlifed to carry tlyis amnidiiuin into
cffect,'ts <defeat is theriefore certalin.
.A pInrty fromo Ithi Dorn -toinie, i
A bbevillW,-S.' O., rep'resent dl;seoveri(s
of gold 'there which: promliso Iargo' re
tilits. Air ok1( baittery,. after eighltlen
honro;' wvork; gave 8'ozq, I17 pwlts. of
gol -.~fromn Ids than a toll and4. aL gnierCi
of.lnehab 4Jr~
A11\ A ll "1 \ 1h t
Iniliti lnii
1)14 ''
""t i' 1' 1 1 t , ( , l
1 -
I1: 1, 1 1 \ lI' ": ;l
S l i"'!l
1 ,
-'1 . lt ts] '
" I''' ili~ 1:i1 : i.'
. A A ." A
" 51 - l, .o w"r 1 11, C l l ;i , al
Il i t', i , l" I!r I I a ' l
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