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The tri-weekly news. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1865-1876, November 27, 1866, Image 2

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Tu'sdiy Moring, November 27, 1Nli
A Trip to Charleston.
(t i Tsday of h;st w'ek we .stalrtl
.'ur ('ihalIt"(t11 by rail,:land, un accountt
11f the 'ec'liarshedul tili arr:n;remlnenlt
no' inl opetratlion, lay\ ue'.r1 in ('tlumnl
1Lial only 1' h'nmrs. it nmill be1btr
4'd that there is l slight btrlak, tlletre
fore, inl t i t eii'ctitn1 lt we' n' this
ot'int :lil thil City it Cht'h lrlito ni. It
is n1o1 tirt'5)ltr tI Itimuchl tting to
ri'al' stti : it, i l ! t n Owen ' .
Ih re is ai w otlt ul 'on1Ite rat for
the comfort of 'lti l i.', and tiirn in
the plrsetn' t rout' hi w4 tIoti t lta''rn
('it illf t1he Su ttIh. l l- t v't tt:itl
a re t in Coh n'i. * li"n r I they rt
tnIi erltt', al utl art rt'ali\' t t' r I mt ' it\t
day's Iii ii' l tlv "1 i: ., te 4:a 'r' 1h.
huid W it ' it ' ii:rtise.441'441 (
llI1urt':14 ltl:t ii '. 4 i:h4tt, s 444C''
lIl .w:yv"tr w\"t arrivt'd in ('hI.rlet',ttn
ill tl ' s Illl t(e ' ' : 1'i t.- - Il tiit
('ity', as t tl th u li, I Il ItI : i11;1 ni ' I:t in
4he4)'I' 1way f binlll':s. 1 t n:1 n 1 h1 .* :: i .
n1F met1n Itnhl us i: \".:1 Iul . . t at
pr eent. I l't di t ?m . t1 ut.
I' 1 ' \" Iilt ' :W 01h I t'i ''; 44 . 't:.I i it ?\ 4' ' 1
'vSi n ':ijt w ti ,bi'i ;1.4 1 h ; :evet
1t ' t'i 1t ' r";t'Irt i I a M . l , , . ,
;tl' 'Ot' I 'tnt t ih 1t441 . a.. i'
- rl h f''t r thelt Il' l ':- ' 1 1 t ' 444 l
with o.r frilt whhh v;I will rri\t I i .
itend it B.iek,
I ln.d tht ' abon t ti n l lI' in thc
art il' b lw\ g"u tth: the rn ,
I't's . it is .11t ! ,- lt: i 4tl , it tt) ,t :it' ll
tllhis 11uc abolul It \valu blet:111 a- tt
p in nt a' in'i t imtI' ord in:m 4e4s of Iwtr 'ill'
tuntil hop t he it ' ti i1ti'on i 1111e
la'ri nt l uni 's h i:. t lpr p ttl l i'II. r 'v.
0:Ir ict tIlIt1i "(r' . .1 r'."t 'tlre t' its pr pleeut n.'iIt
.\ i. . )' i tutll ('.t l4 ill ,
in i h! trt t lt i. i'wkus, (f I;tl;;.
mtt , lat" l ll i h td, 1:4 ( t1 Ih " -
I't\1.fill S 111 t)rl ~ 4' :11t' 4 \ .1I'll 44t"r ii 11I
t' ina tat:'n -:t.. nIn f r h
t l en1 iilt, t en r 41 iI" '41m ,a t'~
(apit. I'ih-ir. andl .i (Ith,.- It( -h.
ar y 11 b1;t il' n1 ..l ti I:I li 4tli li. '
'"r., of thie' 'Ii.'n l'r l' \ t'li iIn F 'ii' -' h
Illth'1 of an11 't ;.-nt ( Il"t'4ih- ' 41 1t i ttn
?ts ;, lihe g it o' a ti Ir_ a r:'. til'e;
ti'dhiy i a rt hI ib.t",.t ' Y" rit' , 4.4 :11..
nmir l 1e ; I;ra 'd in i ll y rtiY tt.tt lu.'1"
t , tbe 'ii' l'l si ,14111' ;11!' ilt ' Ii: ig
1181 1 414 4 (fl ;' 1 1't't 14 4t'l lllte'1(1':1' i" t
l)r. Ad t'r mae.1kt' the''.I lh,wint a .tl
ditional statetnnt, whih, fur the le.
ttr -of iiiun:la ity :a well a: ('il-isti-11.ity,
weInt1u (:inuit lit I rut' -
A t'ter:tln c'ongr''eg atiIi1n lif \ o hmir 1ttl\
llow\ 11-as ti1at ?l ti"e I''1111(i t'lln :<t
wh"Ii,'h ('apt. -'ll i rt 1.n-w n-d( 'tI i t i..
and are' u.ring i it fo"t: thelir em)Ill. Il i n
('h1 i.h"1 :111i its iy int r i.,tr st-a-" lt
theml ('lntinully\ inl thet fa11I.:ls tha y
Forcig News.
T 1lPhe lali:lu o1 3 41 2 31o'nmn ' o1 ner htit
nnl e a i ollit"i:1t r1;iwt uliuit the rec nt il.
nirrec1tihin at I'aler:nu, b ul it is still dilidut
h l iove hbit, all ihe't- atrocitiis aii hil he
s1 3ribev can h.tvo 3t1 n conllnittrld. At
this timo lt ltalli-Il verunnent is jeetili.
lily inltrst1 in mtakinir rebellit+n inhi'.
1143'.n lntl all reli~ionst or-r'3 o il,iun , ant)
wc !n1;.1, therel1 I hf ', 11h:11 e111 following .co.
C,o:unts iu e'I \ery" h1 ighlly colortl :
The in ur;.tetr. s:t kl' i [lhe, nilitary ho..
p it : l g re:l' ly ill-t . ttre. fl.' siii in.
In:ltr', 1et111 i 3\ ' 1 3Ialta i'""t 1n1 linlen, n lltll
tll he11" :ti rirl i i t , n i1 3It' t',-.' ..
32111yin; 1 1: Ih:,t be,evl t l inlsltintion11.
'Th rb i t1:I ,1 I p i,rnl th it, :-1.11S to
h' intt:t3 i 4 e . n 1:i . :1 . p, 1liill:;.I
:13111 : 1 1, o .11t 1. 1 3ih3ir It:l inu ! 3 in le
er1. 2 I:sit, r v it3. !I i v r \C t'13 ' 11 11g-a.
er. in hlt- nie : h. o-h srInlun llner. All
I13 i r le 11t wl\"' i ntt l u' I 1 at the
V il,ri-1 Iha-r:u- n t h 3ibl I ihit: ed,
hlis i 1 . 'i hal ing Ll1'n !1 ,L'l lit.,i. 3:.. \t"tt,
La:ln3 .\I3 nli. a ,; : {,i hin l'' who r1-in 'lsel to
r '1',' 1,.. / ;1 33 . W .: n,:1r ' kil: 1I3
h .1: ! w 3 w -11 ' ' .!l:ln l !.i ,l h'lb :iN
afler w": - : 11 : t: +,_ Iirit li3h' . l. i :
12.: :lu l :it \ : l: th'i . h ,' 1hr h ,+1
li,"r. M"at ",'t i,; :1 . I'"I II lh n,iu n .l.
I.t th! I. \ I- . . Ih1. : !' sI1. 1 ".: i. ,,
q ue.', :1 I'l \w :Il l lt . t .: In i':ll'; t,Io 1:1 t ,t II
ni'n3 '. :3 l :2I.3 ho ,":1i; i,""I Iit'.1 :w i'
t'l'" 3.i : 1 1 .~ 331 3t~ ll:, i ' 1,"I. 3.331 '.i 333 t ;"
-in-'1 3 23 3:1. l" 3,: , .''l3 io, p-3.n.n 3 .33:2 o
t !i- ,"o11I1IIy , Ih1 \\"t11n111 til'irm ; pri,i :::i:u -
I ' II' !'1:1 it iv I !.e' . - ,;' , " 0 thet, ".! -tim ii'1: -'
1i1:11 I \ver', olil' - 104:},1 ji-ej)1:11re !t:ilt,r g
tt1 thr w Ip..1 the tro t ' when'1 3!.evy
":!i,nll e t' etl' heII, it\v.
\ .- al 3:ll the t' .. 11.-n ' t ,i n w,.n:+, 'ri1' :
,a " ,'I'' I~ I !, 11 ,,33 '', 'I32 r ::,"1,:: ' a ,~l . lit
1,.,+n':t i h e'In1 c,': I it, ', - e -''l 11 f1a'1 , 'i
t ..3: I with 2un' :333t. l. tt" : to1
: t: -" t I: i "' : ' 3 nl v 2 ', '' .. , .
'-V'I '" It," 1\""i't:llilt' I t d it' li,'''il:l!I": t-,
'' 1 s 3.1 , '.. 2la o: h I' .!.3 3 lhe th vnm 'e: ,.
.\ ' \ I: i "" I : .:t h :1:1 :Ill l3 3 ' n-bin tl I"
w rr '3 t3' I r r r,i a: ,l I. t'"r :":-" i w il: ;nh' : -l.
'I' l" 'll,'1; i ' 3 ' I l 'Iti: ."i I 3 :1 1 I p iv '32 33
3 3r e:- . ! i i 1 ,"n :n.li :' 1I ',y w 3:4
It :1 , i' ti'nl ' t h-1 Ill ly a1 til.l,lS. .\ i' , "..
'1: i S: ' t,11 -rio wa'l? n e.-."u,.1 :u I l. i; 1' n it
e le.th,l au l Ite \,,ur'u v,el :., h,t i:i; :a. li!.
c.illy i33 e htiun it tii,-'..< \w .[I : ''bi3 i- I-, th
l-" in h' 1 1 i:nl Il 'hti. tl ani i, " ",1!ln . Yi","
A l I 1 ..- 333 4 1. \ -31- -i 3 3. " ; i r .n- ,13
't 3 It :1 i t' . ;I .' lll:'2 '3 . :3:' l3 4 ' ' I! I3.
t,1 1' 34 i,l l, 1 i111 ':: I3 IIul133i' .' I \ '
.\ 3 rn ':34 : . :I ret' ie.4' 3 13 3 - t:1: .3. o
a' ktlc , , :1:i.l 31 i j- -il il th eI, h..l'l : oi
!. r tlti- r, wh " '11 -1 t l .rev. TIhte
11nI i'al Iv 'f,11 L1'3 11324~i1.c",t : I t t
\ |- ttin i .1- oif 1ii' in1 n1, .- =;It t. v. in
1 i3233 I's :1 ,hn: In, . :Iltor kllllit," 2 s er.il
,li" 2 . w n h. 1, 1 i i,,t.i,r, a: n ,1 n'Id .ivtlr.
n-"":, wrrel f-roml him Ik Iunivkev,l.-.gi
Si , is iin th, vt Ile : t' , l lin i
w\ "1 1 or' tli ek 'r 3 t in I .:,111, h1i
11 1:"I I ,nIwev ho i ,- tv n ,:i:: t,.of .
-r.Ity < o.- Thte Nt'w. th ll't' 11.,
P:Ir .i ' i':t : ,1 'i t f ll: w i-t-r"t it,i 'i : -.
ilt;i , i 1 .3 ':' 1 1' 1w 1 1i2r 3 s: ir
NOV. l-,11,11 31333 31.~21,333'3'
-.\rnwd t r1:11' 1 :lii ::t11 1ns I ' ex\. ''. I
"ui,. '3' ar"t ill. in: i htly' un ('.: ;
"str e . it is re lrh'l th:l .l.f'f. 11 \iS
13n:n 33nl. N3 l3'aion3' 1i:i: 1ar 3 13:. h 31n
.33 \'3'3tile , li :'.211 ;iil3t; ( li
\i1: -? t "t 1 r Iibe ll hr. : 1n 1 t1, u' pu.: d11:3
33 I r"l,t'I iil2t ' ,' 4 11,43 1 11:23' tl,it2. \3' it
Iimt 1' 3t333 h,iilt" . :11:m , l,.u for lt '.'
I i 3 i33 . I rl i i f til - 3 . I 1 ". tv, 1w ',''l
31:n n' t'i l, I thlri":.t. .\I:tlav3
\- it ot n-li, l : 3" ltinlu 1' 3 :: tl th; ' k:iil ,l
13 a't 'd, 3.,.:. 3i the ju Ind21~' ign: ' iX
1, .; l ii t I . "li'1 t h i p
lt;iil i u I 3 33i 3e . tvra rlhe, (3t t
er l .'r 13 -ahn, 2 3311 Il 3 ri\ ' 11 e2f.tr
t2:3 i 13s3w: 3 3 3331333 Is 11i3.1 tuhl' Itha2 i t33
311. ' lt ist ,1 :;3l3(13 t3 11-33 v i lltC '.4 ei.3'. t
rl:312.3Ii3 )I 133rt in i 't ' War331.' v Isset 1 ) 3
tituioni r . CO th.Em( ' wen . 'r 1A s
to 2av '3iil-n the tadi call.' Thex
rebet are itnar t e31a2 3.dto,:
( ir V li r113.'yiorig, 1s
Wh'.iit t 3heN ork Er 30 e A31 u-(1
(li rt ul t' f eX9i' V .dediU orvat l3y,
.......that..ev.ra....ch.... marm.. fr. m
tuo b1\r\ , when.ia \ ul14.anusual smell of'
gm;s was;t.) nticed. '1'his, however,
ereat el no s. rii11, lt lrehensions among
the colliers at the time. Shortly after
5 o'clock in the mtorning, a terrible
Cplosioin was heard, not only in the
pit, hut thlrouglhoIut tile whole neigh
lIrho:m: alove ground. Ititmmediately
den.4e v ulunis of smoke an dirt were.
vom(uited !'ti frmo the mouth of the
pit. a41 the 'o11Ie district became
panuie-stricken. ('rowd"(s of people,
many of whom 1b:uln rtlatives in the
pit, 'nhi:il to the b:iik to learn what
hadluul ocrre :I( a s :oton as th1ie natutIre
(,f the appI:1il r t":tastrt phe becamie
knutw;, th, r.-enle w\a. healrt-rending.
.\ mu ;h(,r of \"lunotee'rs (lniekly set
(- w kI witIi : will, to render. aiti to
thse(4t dWn bei'8w. T1'he viewer and
utn(erview\"er" took the direction of the
vlulnteers, and4, in the coutr4", of an
bonet o itr t\w1, a s("ore of Imn had de
:'elml:'i tIi Shaft. At first the stithe
waS too u\vr)olwer\\"ting to allow of he
uit' 1 in 1un:h, It, when this had
p:nr;i;illy; Mlar l away,ir :ht! vt)lloteersi
V 11- 4nahh 1 I-ach the ,cene of
(' VploSitn. :t, then discovered
ihat nt le , : t w\enty-five poor fel
los lu m41( i- their death. either by the
cx"(1i14m it.-('!lt. ()r the equnally dl ily
1fi'e--hlplI. Th..r b4!odies, somne of
Iht(:Im1, Th;t"( l j:i._'ly" 1.1nrnt, llhlers in a
tlltt (':tln,.and p la:idl sle'!p, to) all
a pi, : r . , w\"' scatterei 411 (al l ove
tIh: sloon, aitl the sigit was 11no::t l(nt
uY.11{linl fttr the volunt:ateers Who l l
tit . n, l ih ha 4 . I'. The s re:Ir %l . w4
then 1r''(( i' d w ith to dtiscover th,!
Iii a n : !, iu11 t1 ai late 11 r 4 n W e d
- "il\ tr lurt ' 4 4$ had beent founi
THE: NI-r 'os Vs.-oT fall
orm t'l "tittns:; are over :nil] 1l.02 meml
ht'1r. of t' n1.\t. ('on::r1 s 1ar chlosen1.
'le Io llwi I1 ta11 . Shows hlow thiy
are tli\ihh'd(:
I:atlica!. Den.
Ohi. It; 3
Iudi. . x ' 3
Towa, (;i
New 1 .", I 11
OW .h -r!o, :i 2
' 11lrylVit' , --' I
"Itt11 1.
b l' , - 3
i Ams
' I.1.25 3
II ' le t'i'g;;t nll froI tihe reminitiinlg
Sf ra 1t I Sta:te=, ('alitornii, Con
!w ftt ' tl tIt4t<y", New litanpshire,
1 ;. 44(1n and lhiloe Islan;d, the l{ala.i
! bal\' 15~> and the Deioorat: 7.
l-'.( ig;:hese in the 4ext lt use as
they :,n nowP nil the Rladie:als will
v i to miembiiiier. to -14, which is pre
i. l r -l lt invis i nri, thore il
be a l4:(li1a ga(Iin 44f one over their
('1u ruhehln4l(ingimajority in the p(resent
hi do ext S"ena4te Newl Jer'sey will
'i.i 111n. .\ . I (. attell 444nd a41l'loe
li hlia in plac 11 of' her two) lemo44crat
41 San::tos. I'ennsyl~'vaiaj4 will be'
E*r ( (14.. I )reagn will i'end (or
h(41 i 4 (hI - o0 f N'o4mith :1411 ('alifo4r
no :l in I in i fur,p und( the Sen4ate
will . :441 12 l.dIicaIls aga4inst 2(1 op
l' (.r 4 m :n n I L i 4 r.a.. P n.or r..
Nouvember0. 24).-TheC Mexican brig
Um,'o. having 414 passengers Captaini
.1(4ba4 Bi. I'mi 414an4'd others, was bJoardI
ed' at CapJe St. Lucas, October 23,
wh4le oni th44 wa1y from Lapalz to San
FranIcisco, by) (4a:stoni D'Atois and4
t wo whers" 4, 44rmed'( with- pistols, who
l '4441nied thle cap41tain's papersF, and( at
th 'en timie declairing; the~CI cptain4
4'4'lves a:utfiho o I o search thle vessel
for art-ieles .4.ntata4 of war. 'Whena
I)PArtois wa.< enIlIe upon to prodluce
autho'rity for tile si-zu4r of' the vessel,
he.show1ed themt a copy purporting to
hb from44 Corona, a'nd1 said the original
order was4 left, 4)n shorer. Fouir miore
arme men01 44 suibsequently joined D'Ar
tois, whlen the eniptain andpsngr
wore ro)bbed of . everything valuable,
and)4 thle vessel' plundered. Thei brig
was4 release5d theo next glay,.after iving
1444d41r..r $1000 n nnd Imrrv-(, bor
Cable Dispatohos.
Ltvrroot., Novenir 23 -During the
week, cotton has been rath."r dull, but. sten
dy, t. 14d. for taiidd!ing uplindos. The ies
for the week do not foot up over ti6,000
bales. To,tiiy the market shows sonie im
provement, and prices have nn advncitng
tendentcy-middlinmg nplandS q1uot edi at 1.l51.:
tho sales to-dny will probably reach l~.t0t)
bales, lliredst ifns coot inie to rdvance, and
the market to-day is still firmer. Mixed
Western corn -lUs.
PAntts. November 23..- poplar out.
brek tgainst ito Governtnent of .n is
litale to occur at. nny Imornent. The-re tro
vagne rumors Ihnt the Queen will abdicate
to avert the threatened storm.
Ft..,nrxst K, Novetmbt"r 2:1.-It is report et
inthortitattivel"y iat l.atni will succeed
li n1ron licnsoli in I li' rorei:qn Ofice
LoN xoN, N ,met"cl r 2:.-A numbter of pet
sons tetnse-iti Fenia,,:nm. have been ar
rested at l.m ' ek, and large lttaities of
pikes and (t. mrms sei.ed by the aut hori.
li:rtt.tx, Niovem'-er : The Chambers
agrei in ccntrurag the (..ver-onenl*or the
sale of tihe Cologne Ilailoaid wit hont ihoir
I.Lveitroni.. \overther 2:1.-('ottno anid
pf ovisions utnchutigel. .ard feitilig downit
News It>ms.
Nr:w Yotc, November 21--The Chmher
of Cotiinierce, it a .spei:al neetitt, on Thurs.
day. ntltptetd the rrporr of i:s special c-.n ..
uilittee. recuntutinl; tihe :holition1 of the
(iovern:el tix on e 't. t and tlem(~"iliz
ing Ciongrcr; to that etfe.'t. 'Ihe ground
taiken it, tint ;.ii:! Isoxis hotlh une mt tituition.
n intl ppre-,.ive.
W1'tntxt:rn. Novemnber 21.--eu. (:).
1t. Stewrr, l:ttu \la.jor:(ienoral in Ih - Coun
feraterl t w tts pardtonedt to-tinty bythIe! Presi
dent. upon the ertusti rtcott,entiinn of
severai -list ingnishedl ollicers of fie rteginr
army, hiendledl by Uen. Grant. The .tor.
ney-Oeneral also coincided in the rettucst.
Ntw YoittK. Novenmber 22.-t'otton quiet -
with stdes of I.2(10 hales, nt ::.f : .
l-'Iotir optenedtl 1->,1e he iter, h,ni cioseol
witi the adv:tnce lost. Pork closet tirmer.,
Larl firmer. Crrocetes ttll.
Mo-ti t.i. Novetmbir 24. -('o ton sa,les to
dlay 1.210 balts--middlings 32. Mtrket
1)r:e.N ix It Putmts.--'I'he wholesale pi -e
of the past week it all the letdiintg miiirket
of the country says the 'Itale-ton ('u-i-r
show i consilei-aile ieclitn There i< it ide
cline in cotton tnti cotton fbiwcs. a decline
in cat tie and proN-tutin i eIline in srgnrs,
a decline in wool, tallow. iml lher, nvI
storts, meials. bonir. :t.ck, ,c- It the
necesnlt-tes of lo ie ii ie iinhitle that men
in the retail trade nmst seedily recn-.tnize
ihee ileclenrton in price, atd] give consum
er someeof the benetits. It. is fountl (hat
there has been over prolaction iIn many
Ihings, especially in manttuttur e-ft it is,
Prodncmion bteyoil ite iiability al iisposi
!ion of the people to c mnie it the high
pricet nsked. and in mity eases the Iprttet:
tionists have over-reachei thetmselvev. 'The
foihtrro of a market in the Suuth hait hail its
effect tor, on all dry gots, and thuc thrift
in this seclion is sh.own :o be a ueriel fr the
whole Country. It is foind, alsi, that
breisttillmffs and ptrovi-ions are plentifirn in
the conntry, int. tmlenlers mt: renlize that
thiat they -ec to be satisfiel wiih less tann
the exorbimnnt prices of tbo periold .I 'ie
war. ''he lirge .tocks helbl in the We m
-borrowing at high rates of mntint"y. cnm:tit
he It- 'I ontuhb lutucer. nt the rates of inti-rest
tire rising in time East aso.
A committee of special agents has been
appointsi to revise the regulations of tihe
Post. Ollice Dlepaur 'nemt inm relttion to reis
t-red lettmer-s it. has bmeen decctriin-m
edi to mise larige sizedl -t linveges, litinr iii iii
briilhiant cil or's, itdtile tro o conisieiomrs
fm-om their siz' amid aippe:m ane-I iat t boyi
canot _be easily contceamed or stolen by. per-.
sons haoving chartge of I th mipenimng icr clositg
of mmiii poncho A-n~ t pirieretI. regi.tre h.cllii.
ems do noii dliff.r ini iipe . tico 'ron m-ri.
nriy li-t ery, rand Cieen in be caii 'tied by
ski)ltii I hiief withioint detect ion. We ;ronl
Ihink mlihn t his irrantgemen'tt woithl aiffordi
adimiomnal al*i ies ic tieviies, iumoverintg t o
to Ithoum, tas it wvilin onoie(, ime most vahitablen
(Gisi m'tNjir Oni it M.i <C s A 11 ci*rtsti orn
FrotTrix ii nMIN5.1 .5 - SOmtimeIltt xinmcem.
two pairtics (bomh color-ed) wera arre-red
umponm nilidavits mode, charmging thmem wrth
limo nmurder of Mr. litnsh. mand Ithe rnvishment
of Mrs. Ihtsh,m residing itt Sonth Cahrolina.i
11ov. (rr, upon thei fact r bing madte knmownm
thromg liie pt-op. t chantel, hmas itaken i ihe
nlecessary legail mie irmres for lb iveury of
he~ prisoners to tihe ant teiiti Somb i
(Carolina, anI ime piartfes wril- tried in
licantfordtim )1 .whieri 'Ite offenwoom were il
legerd to liav- lti commonitled. II was o0o
of te lmost b nal arnd ,hntho~i ~ pei
ever recordedi ini I.., au.iiii s of crme.
u'arnnahl lkpubticen.
Hlenvy fratnd.i ott thmi rev, ninte haiv'
iteeti discovereid imn dist illinmg ihpernt imilna
ttm and reamr Niw York. l'iarI iie noimi
tnlly en1gaged itnii nmufacit ring burning
fimiid, wh iicit ms free oif tax, hive bee-t
distillinig amlool. to wvhichm a smiall ger
cm.nage of tmurpentinmo was atldrid i,,
nia'e thet aPPelmminne oh Catfmphiroe. A i
Ier removitl fr-ennt he Im anliiufactory lilt'
tiipontinot .wns separatedl hv cheimical
proess, anid tho alcrfitA, thtu pitufied,
oscaped lime two dllairs pmer gilloni Imax.
t"Sam, why am la wyecrs like fishew 7'
i"flistm'L meddmi,o witr dhtmn t at, mall ?
Local lItems.
New Advortisoments.
Plantattion to Rtett.
wisdoi of establishing the penitentia
r'y systein in this State is shown by the
following not ice of the report of the
superintendent of the Gaeorgia institu
tion, by a corresipondent of the Atlan
t a 'In/--//l/ecr:
"U;, i.e annual report of Mr. W.
C. Anderson, the principal keeper of
the penitentiary, it appears that, in
the penitentinry l:rotor, there were,,/
on the 30th of September, 91 cQnyieto,
and belonging to the chain-gang I 14,
mtaking a total of 205. The .report
. thiits stateinents of a very thor
. I tir..ntl reno;.ttion of a por
t ionf t he build ings and preini4s.
.\mong the improvements -minntioned
is tWle introudieton of a - corn mill,
operated by steaa p oWei, capable of
gfindini g lt)() bushels of corn per day,
the toll h'eintg expectel to bread the
whole tustitution. MIr. Anderson ex
piresscs the devided oninion that the
penitentiary may be .m.nde, in its pres
cit. locatiol; self-siistaining, if not a.
Sonree( of re'venue to t he State. The
c ireport of the book-keeper shows an
cxc" s of assets over indobtedness to
th :tnonnt of $13,513.
\' notic(e, in this connection, that
(tu Wo.'rth,of North Carolina, in his
1ueige to iho Legislature, )strongly
reoniiIted tti the estal,1ishnicnt of a
penitent iary in that State.
Iitset"v.--Adhniral amntes, in reviewing
in hi. paper, the Mobile Gazette, lir. L. A.
Poltltad's history of t he war, publishos Il e
following order nunter wthich ihe (onfete
rate tletm in Jr.o Itiver was blown iup on
I he night of i he evacuation. It htis never
,ter're been pnblishedl :
('oNr, nnaRTe STATE.S oP .tMKICA, lx:Etu
Tivr Orric'i. II wi.natlol n, VA.. April 2, 1815.
--1,rr .I Jnuirol aplaarl SemRnn r. Conmaan.
in!q ./iex liirer .c/ua /dron-Sia: Genernl
heOn, aviet itie Gbovernment to witlhdraw
t'rom Ihis city. anti the otlicers will leave this
e etuing nevcitliugly. I pre-uie Ihat (lenie.
Lee hi aolvtset yotu of this, anl of hix f
movements, naii i:tiio suggest ions as to the
tli+poition it, he inide of your -snadron.
lie wilhtlratrs upon his lines, Itwards.Dan.
v"ill., Ibis i: b h . antuniess o herwise di.
et"reld by G~tnerail Ler. unn you is devoly
et the dtty of ietroying your ships Ihis
night, ntl with all the forces under your
contmandi, joining Gleneral Lee. Confer
with hiii. if practicnble. beforo'destroyir,g
them. Let your people he rationed, as far
as ptosibl' for the march. aitd armed ant
equippetI for duty in the fleld. Very ro.
spet fully. your obedient serinnt,
8. 11. M A1.hnY,
Seceretary of (le Navy.
Oharleston Market.
CIIAnI.sroR, Nov. 24.-Cotton.
Notwithstanding the light stock oi
sale, tie it:i ket yesterday, was dtill
and declining, with sales of 237 bales.
The <uiotations are as follows : Low
Mitling 21 a 30; Middling 31;
'trict Middling 311 a 32.
Columbia Market.
.Cor.rinu, Ntovember 24 .-Cottonl.
17.to 20 gold, 241 to 29, currency, taxK
pa idh.
Charlotte Markt.,
CH AnlI.t-rre, N. C., Nov. .Cot
toit.--Tbc rnginug plrics 0 arti
cle in our tuaurket to-day, 2.
t I ILLa rent to the highe the
. irst Alonday o)f Dece . ny.
PtLANTATtON, 150) acres, Itiva-.
lion, sileanted about five h o
Winnisboro, near White Oak
Possessionu given hinnmediae
l>artienintsi apply to
nov 27 x1ta B. O.RO
Williami G, Whild
Watchesi, Jewelry, SIlar
and Hosse Furishlng
Old f4old and~ Nilver purclia an<il
.,Iewdrry repah
235 Kls.s-p?.,.do.U34{1
A?~ 'JILR8AIDU,0O)NA08 8
wk pasa fnou4MRA e

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