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T'htlrltt r ii r:!Iu, .oMecmher a 18ISI6
Our Vi'ilt to t1baltrlItonl.
On our way" tothe City we 'fell itl
coniversation with liiv ' entlemlen from
4issaulmetI who Were t raviling
South on it tur of ub,ervat ion. 'chey
wisht d to satikf\ ti i e e of the
condition oif' the .mith. Thoy wcre
rere'tl(Settvl a I\o ,I (th' n11:1n fac.Ituring
:W il agrienllturat it.,or-'SI of that
S:t', anl w ' l hit w-' b liert to
; 1 1''+i'. R .(1'1It!t e l r
. t') I t It t
i!t-t u i: ; li :l . lt : l' 1 I t \V. ,11( 101
'hi \w Ili .r le Ih-tul exIiiied
tlor him1 ,-11 th ' al iroy t.tl (' y.l They
avori'tl impartial u t not mltiiver::al
illI'ra ui'.
til f II' I ' r tt il1m11 i a ma j It I:l
iend (apt. T. WV. WV., gave Its ithe
moi iptl. 1'oe try a Copy 'If wh.it11
will be fontl in one 'lit'+ lorner1.
The bti::h.ry t.i th"1t u1t'- 1."In .iven by
thl' ('atlle ,ti ti t it un:1 Italtn tfromti
iLlu :lnap ta k of thu .t II:mn +t lhcr
Ia.ml's amy'ltti who liia l l-d Ilp to t hi
p*ioit The viait::he"(i says he L :i,''
1'' ,i m lt' en l uI i v. 1.0t . t
" IU, 'll
d )tht ('f 1 ''1" hi, i SI 4 lut' ik o her
w"ll hi, l -
it"it'itl. i'C i
't' . i' .v.I , 1'r\ h I ' i d 1 th '1'e ath
m.' t m111 e nutw i ven Io tIr'ave lrrs 1 "l'oe
t ll'h: l- st'n. - Ih is sail ta t. It i.,
):m1;1 is to c t hli ill' ini utf:'tt for six
m It. If :myi 1dly h '1 i reeit e-1 o
-tasionl (tovisit the"'Cit-y bty the S ea,",
:1il has (4''ars to shtedl, thterl' is no 'lack
1 1' e:atl" f'or shedinig t"hem) In'w.
shed on.t
'The (lityv onr. will soon i o heora
(ton., TIh' tervinli of the ro:ttl ar e int
lir)a: '1'tr ;'t j i inl 1'r'!. Ilf th1e c.hd
Itt 11 I41t ', forni t:rl t1e III 1
tit', :1il b u l l i g i t i:l gt Iai nt.
There it a do iaek. Ihlo road
r o s ialn:, 1 heolt to 1leet in:Y, then.l up11
,1l't ing to 0:ia1h-,i,, :Int' thrm-on-- h
'.emt' ru th r'11ugh11 11 i' lilllt l!_'y ,
T'hI City . hi' ly\' d ia Ll all'
Mel't i:g, in an iEy: i ;ay Sti rots,
:nIt Ithe cetitpro;s C1'r. tretI., IN
r1et p: ro11d1 ut'tl . The 4Mills 1lu
, b:tlly bted11 i thl or1 iith side iy
they ill of Iecembelr ''6,1iil,ln
t 4ni lyth 1 itlrtd hv'. v'Isitori 'lrttlml
tlt "rw:\ p11) .\''."itl , w:t llhave t ip.
lii ii't if tlh ' g1 :11it , t if o f ?, .." ,j r e
r:lb ' I'birdI "f fal't im . wevtrs.
pai~nn , the . 'm t e 110 1 anl
/ mry. alt ably c -n.- , a e a .
a pe,pln of activo a'.d highly cultiv'at
ed mental powers. 'l'he gentlomu"
is one of t'h. Litorati of the South,
and in tho above mentionil arguinent
expressed precisely what *o have 1bng
believed to be the cause of our nt
01 a literature in tho'Sonth.
We cannot close this brief account
of what we saw and heard without
mention of the tibano and aceommo
dating cond ietyrs both on the Char
lotte road and on the South Carolina
Answers to Questions.
1. "(1niIt 'co1nfeetionary' be spell
el w it ii , t:or an ( in thu last sylla.
2 "W'ha11:1t. does the phra;e 'lead
over heals' mean and ought it. to ho
-head over heels,' or 'heels over
head' ".
1. Like a speaker inl doubt which
sile of a (luestion he shall take, we
lmay reply that much mightbe said on
both sides of the point inldo in the
first inluiry. Ablo Jbxieographora
take one side, and as able ones take
the other side. Iach doubt.ing mind
then h-id better take its .)b.ieu and
hold to it. We prefer, to use the c.
2. %% c suppose it to be ia compari
Son li p's siVe ot a mitax:1i1In 1enas
UIRmetil. , For example, when we say
ai an is '"hcai ovt.r heels'' in b usi
m0s$, the id, a is that he is as deeply
engaged in th(ot. husincss as he can be;
i' other words, it demands all -his
thie :lid energies. The idea of
leaureuient" involved in the phrase
is perhaps the distance from the beels
to the head when- th lat ter is in a vorti
cal tin1e above the former, which is'as
hi.;ih above the heels as it it is possible
for the head to get.
, It is ce:-r.et to sa.y "heels over
head" to express the act of. a somer
saualt. But either phrase is a barba
rismn inl colmposition, and is allowable
only wheat he points are intended to
conIIsist, c 1 ba rbari: nns.
Rlit.arial Inklin;".
"fill, (lid you say you are go
ing to have your whiskers dyed ?"
"Let 'em alone, Bill, and they'll
solin1 die themselve-"9
'The New York llernld of the
2~thi, congratulates dhe masses upon
the falling prices. Wouldn't the
//.ra/ / like to congratulate the coun
try upon the priees of the fallen mass
es South ? "What'll you take to
c one hack into. the Union" ?
litler's victims 'can only answer
-- General Dix has gone to
iFrance as 1'nited States Minister.
--- In the 2-Ith instant 15 steam
er~s: aibld t'roim New York for v'arious
forigni.i anid doimest ic ports. These
dletinoed piorts were London, Liver
piil, 1 iremien, ILiamberg, Glasgow,
I'.: !amd. Wa:shzington, ic hmnond,
CIorl est on, Savannah and iNewv Or
lhans. 'The aggregate v'alue of th~eir
cargoes was about six illions of
,Our' Colaimbia Exohtanges.
Thlere is a screw loonse between ur
aotd I 'olnwchia whnich we would like
nmneht to have tightened. It is a-:are
thIting to receive t'he ( orolinian1 or the
/li.c regu,larly at thi.s offtec, anod
somietimes our copies are never roccY
edl. A re thiey s,umt off ? Our cont 3m..
porrie1ca anmswer that. Will t moy
ph-ase d o it. Not. to wait hmowever for
an answer, let us as:incs they cear
themoseilve-.), w,hethecr thlero is any oth
er meedium essential to our exchanges
%-eching us whichm may answer the
chaurgo of delinquencey. The mai
agent betweeci this point and Colum
hia may possibly enlighten us. We
want the light from some whore. We
know the fault is not at this office.
We do not believe it always chstgea
blo to the officos, either post or print
ing, in Colhuumbia, but wo fear much
of the failure to receive our CohimbIa
exchanges la due- to the neglect of the
toravelli.ng agenta.
Willitm G. Whilden & Co..
Attentioi !. eallnd to the card of
this fri.m doing busieioss in Charleston.
''he chliaf of this firim Wn. G. Whil
den, Esq.," is iell known in tliis Dis
trict.. Jong dounectod with tlie large
establishment""ef Hayden, Whild'en &
Co., this gontlemuin though young in
years is o,hd in thorough business
qualifications. P.ertons visiting Char
leston would do well . to (mll at 258
King Streot,, corner of Beaufain,
where the o>liging proprietors will
take plcasure-in miibitiig their stock,
and we are satisfied will please all
puirchasers with. their utodorate
1- Th Fn:sri . Rw"owr -in acoordance
wit I the request of his Honor the Mayor, o
meeting of the citizens of Cohtnbia was
held at (Jibbes' Hall, yesterday morning, for
the purpose of receiving the report of the
Speoial Connittee appointed some tlime
since to investib-tto the circumstances con
necoted with the gr,eat conilagation in Feb.
rnary of last year. A, voluminous report,
which our space forbids us to publish at
present, was read by Chancellor Carnol, the
Chairman oP the Committee, fully exhone
rating Uenerals lHampton antd' leautegard
from the freqently asserted charge of the
Northorn press that they had been instriu
mental in causing the city to be fired, and
proving, beyond the shadow of n doubt that
the heinous offence was perpetrnted by the
soldiers of' Gen. Sherinmn, anal with his ex
pressod sanction and approval. This view
of the afiair, generally believed by those of
us who were in Colttumbia on that over-tmtmt
orable night., was fully sustained by state.
ments in- writing from niore than fifty of
our tost respectable citizens. We are hap
py to.dearn that the City Conneil will he re
quested to publish lie report, in a pernmn.
nent. f,,rn, as it will vinlicatte, by incon
trovertable testiuiony, tlho fair fame of our
gallant t:onfiderates, and locate lhe dain
titble sin: where 't properly belongs -/'hos
We learn fronm th Victoria Doily Tele.
graph, of June lat, that the Bishop of Co
luimbia had just returnetl thither from Met
"The praoticah .aorls of Christianity
at eadily 'dvances in that interesting settle.
.uenr, taw shown.bpt the order and industrial
prosperity of tie jnhabitmnts, as well as by
their cessation flo a n14 heathen habits and,
adoption of the mip-al and religious rcgttla
tions of a Christth . community. Indeed,
from all acco litya, a Crist ian village so well
condutoted. ti Yld be a rare sight in any
place. A est'itct by Mr. Dutncan. antl the
l:,v. A. Dloolan. the- Ilisliwpa.ercftliy exam.
ined some hunired catoentmens, andilt i
mattly athnitted to baplism - sinty ftse In
dians. thirty mnt and thirty-f ve, womOtt,
who on Whit .Sunday, May 2)t.h, entered the
"Cht 1stian Church, in the presence, and with
the sy mpntthyoetnanyothers of their nice.
liwides ih ndttat. tite lishop hnpiitel ol
iiit-Sunday seventeen- children of Chris
iiun harents, making in all eighty-two."
How'rnl ll.it. -r.r !. ainrtso1
1''atanstlt wAs UT>-.uisn:F---The1 LIabt.ro
Skn. i alhidiag.ta the -recettt release of
M'es.rs. Keys, Byrem nnd8tottera, says:
They were deme.udel by the ci>ril au:hori.
ty. t+nder a writ of udad corpra isetl by
Jtuucce Hall, the District .Jtidge ntrthe United
States for the Distiict of Delawaro. Judge
Hall is a nagistrao venerable aliko by his
year,t, and by the digaity and firmness with
which he has, through a long career, alnin..
istered his high .oice. l'he mandate of his
court ohoye, the ;prisoners were brought.
befure hitu, and after a pattent hearing of
the ease, they were discharged, on the ex
press ground that, "according to the law of
the land, the prisoners ought. not to and
cannot. he held under the oommutt.etl ten.
tence of thIs mtilitar'y commission, anId ebaL
they be dischiarged."
The aggregate amount of mney ap
propr'iatcd by Congress, at its late
sessionk, for various,public purgoses, is
$15~i,78 Th.1.0
Jn McClatdo an-I Sam CollIoir. of 'hlt l
more~'. have carrangsid a prize fight for $lt000
to .$",u0O). to inko mliage sion at somec point
be,we'n New York audm Rlimtimtor'e.
Win nsboro Female Institute.
H A VINO purichalsed 'thle large
adcominuodious buildinig
known as Bhok Rlange, Lwill.r'e
sume thle duties oft this I utitute
on Monuday, l4thi of January,
The Schlool will be J.itly antler the
ocharge or Mrs. C. Latdd, Pruinoipal of the
WVinnasboro Femaizlc Institute, and lRev. J
Obear, f'ormuer Principal cf t.he innsbiuoro
L.adies- Academiy
Titioneu will vary according to classes,
trom $15 t o St8 andI $2, 'pe.r- sessioni of
Twenty weeks.
LanMguafgos, At,elent or Miodern, Mltuid,
Drawing nndt Paitiing, i- Oileor 'Water CJol.
ors, a separate charge.
The Musical aitd Frenich Departnient will
be tinder the ceat rol- of Mr. Obear.
D3oard many -he .obtaIned at the Institute
or' with Mr'. J. 8. tec warL. Man. Itosborough
or Mr. J. M. Elliott.
nov 24-lyr.
A 4L persons having demandhs agahinst the
EsJ~tae e( Willittn E. flaIl, dr eased, are
directed to render .lis -'the same proporly
autheticated to the undersigned ati oltlico
im Winnebopo. .
C. E. .
Uable Dispatohes.
HI:R.ty. Monday, November 2.
The Prus.";ai Uovo'rnnent Imtends to
have a Col 8 I'-enoral located in New
York city.
L >ONDON, Novemur 20.-lveninlg.
-It is rumored that a Republican or
ganization has bueni discovered in Patr
It is said.tLhat the Emprees Eugenie
n.dxl"er son will spend. Christmas at
'T,be money nakct is easier. Con.
sols closed at 891 for moiey. Five.
twenties 70-1
lit v 1invooi.,.November 2G--10venli'ig.
-'lhe cotton market is witlhout chan;e.
. LONDON, November 27-Nooi.
si-nian trouble in IrelandI have as'uLed
conaiderable proportions and there is t)
doubt, that a serions outbreak has oceur
red. Two reginents of nttinail tr oops
wore urgently ordered.to lreland y.'ester
day evening,, and transports were being
prepared all night last 1 ight at 1urt,
tout.h. A. large detachment, of mlarine8
went. .over to Quieenstowtnt oi the wIr
eteamer Plymouth. A gun boat at
Chatham has been. ordered - to sail for
Queenstown inlnediatelt.. Much alarm
is felt at Cork and throughi Ireland gen
erally. The London. Tim,aes, of Itis
morning, helieves Chief,Orgunizer Sk(,-.
phens will soon arlive on.th scene,. if,
indeed. he has not nlready. The (/0o/"
editoriallyr hints a more seriou4 1rouile
with th Uinited States is r"eally at the
bot tom of the FVenian onthreak. A Ielo
grtph'ie iiipatch was reevived yesterda y
from Washinton by " lie 1Un1id
Slates Minister ait Paris. T ne di1, 1i;h:i
w1as velry lon, occupying mn111y . ou
in- the transiiission and i is believed it
relates to the AMexIcan < fiestin ThI
AMorning lIcr(11, of to-day, says. United
States Minister Alamis has revived the
Alabama case. A Cabinet :nlecting
will sooun be held, when the ca?e Wilt
receivu the co(nsider,t.ion which its im.
portance deserves.
It is officially annonnced that tTe
Government I:as peremptorily refused
ilie use of the parks for the trade iv
form demoustrai ion.
Ltt":iii((o(., N.velber 27.-Cotton
maiket opens (1uh1 but. siendy ; sales to
d-ty will apparoxi.nate 8,000 bales. Mii.
dl ng u('atis4 at lhe opining were quoted
at, 1 t;.i. U3readstulT. hnarket without
maiterial change.
LONDON. November 27-Noon -
Money market quiet. Consola or mon
Cy opened at. 90. Fivet wenties 701
LoxOoN, November 27--I,veuing.
The ,/orning /Ier(hld believes the (Gov
ernmetit of thito liied Sinta.s wI en.
dleavor to deleat the l'eman plots at a
proper lime.
Consols 891. Ft ve-twenties 70}.
Pltis, Nnvenber 27 -'ii'ro are ru.
mors of a chan.:;e nulent to be made in
the French Cabinet.
-i't.l)'1FNCE:, November 20 -The :al.
ian Government has determined to -end
Vegezzi on a iission to Itome.
Lt vt.:atom., November 7- veniuig.
-The hreadstufl'"i market elosel wit.h a
d >wiiward tendencv. The latet, quota
tions for cern are 40s. Lard inactive.
Arrival of the Ste-.mr Booti.
N .:wv Youx, Novembhr 27.-'h
5teamiier Scotin, from L,~verp)ool hi:i ar
TI.he. London Mw>rning IH-rl./~ n vo
quecgt ionis huet,ween thle 'iteld ;a?.es a ud.
Ope.tnt liritain,~ even by aribitration if
'l'hi [Londone 'JTies says her .\I ajest y's
Gover,nnmnt contemplates emtpowerinig
at comiliiun tio to iunpuirel geneia'lly int'o
the operationls of the neiii ralitly law~s, aind
to reporii t up-mi the poissibility o(f anii-adi.
mg thiem so as to biringr them iiito ioe
conip'lett c informnity wvith ii intirnatinal
obhlgati i:t. Thliis iiiirv w'ill not po
Chide future steps wvith r~giarrl to t.be
adjuistmnit of the A\ Ia bama climis, which
are sI ll iundcer conisiderat ion by thet Gov.
erminelit, anad umst. be entertai ned uponif
their owni merits.
Alutch dai unun ge had beei~n dloni by the
fnodsiuI in Lancashiro and Y(i.
A subiu riptioni for 'the siuf'.i-ers lhv
thle Qiiebec fire ha' bieeni .sta rwd i'i
1,ivei pii The L,ondoni list, hadl riach.
ed EL 7.,0i00..
A\ t. thle sitt-inig of t.he Siaxoni Cinumnie
otf DeIiu,is, i-t. Dresdeni, un th.e I .
the , tate Minmister declarud, in the no.t
ponh ive niantier, tiat. Saixony had coil
eluded no alliance with Ansiai, itiher
before or durinig thet war. TheN liister
iadded, that Saixony lhad fiiithhdily eh.
served the proise~uto thait effect by BWir
A dv ices from Paraugnmv state that the
defeat of the allies at Cumipaity' had
cauisedl m p~ijlete [email protected] amlong the
leadersd 9h allianvo. Gen. Floreat hadq
been-in Nontevciden ainee thle 29th of
Septembe)tr. Gen. MItro had. evacuated
.- e
Ctrnza ami left wit I the rest af the artr
f'r'irgenty. Ile had n1i"-1d to a ii
hins.lf of tl Ir . ilb tia t :iorts for tl:
convieyne of hhi tioops.
News lt'O;,
,1oSroN, November 27.-At a caucu11
far.thlce nomlinatioa of a catidiltn for Mhv
or1 at Chel'ea, last inght, IRobert W
Morris a 'olored man, (lawyer,) receiv
?l 212 vot l', to 3.31 for it. S. h'ro.t.
\V,%n lx:I N. Novebi'r 27.-Plour
.r ,loroIj in(liv: l.; ii ure anlvlug the illvited
guests to tie baIIl.w't whith''will be
gi een t.0 li. nldical ulmt mber..of (ongress
oli Saturdav lNxI.. Thev are l'red.
I) igla s. I{ ,ewrt P,uriv. Rev. II ig
1:lan Garne' andl Iloward1 It. Day.
At i (y:amH1l(t e1e(t.mlg to-1hi y, it.
Iunde t ood tIhe .P'esid'nt, read a piorti,
ot hli.iiii 'rlinesa t t he iiemb11tr1' ; and fr'i
w1 :h t l I be a scl!rtainlel, it s m elI 1 hla3
n1o inte11ionl whaltevcr of partin,: from
the pt,' ' ,t aofore declared.
\ . .: Noember 2:1 -
4 o''o, i, om h11t, Tuosda v II) ,.
me:e;tor, litghti:g ny thi. whole' . es
w:as a(e n1e:+r .Zome,.(x(orgia, i1ne
r:phidli Snitllh-west.wardly, aupp
li:,- a 'rre b a as largo as the sui.2 .
explollI a parot IV tel miles of; ivith a
reeli'nll)olS l-port. like( a furty poundl
Cannon. .1 hat shook tile- earth and :ad
the wid.111ows rattle.
Wa hiugton Itoms,.
V isilN(vi"woN, November 4?(.---A
1aVana letzr of,the 20th reports the
t,t eamhlilip1 S i(hannla, w-it'h Shcr
..an an(d (:lnpbell, would leave for
cxico on the 23d.
(liheial despatebi's 71hi0h1 have
reached l't;ister lionrom ro-l Mexi
(,o, state that Col. lafael .1. (itrci:a
lns been ap1ointed military (overnor'
of Peublia, and has cvtabliA.ed his gov
ernment at the city of 'Tacatpoaxtal l,
and issued i- proclamation to the peo
ple (t the ,tate, calling on themn to
take til armns again)st the invaders.
Govern or GartlCia reports that the
French have lost the whole of Puebla,
but it is believed only the line. of the
miniii road from Vera Cruz to the city
of Mexico.
Many o1 the Washliington 'oirrespond
ents are speculating :s- to What will
be the contenti of, t-bo. President's
forthcoming annuli mesrign,,;nd some
of thmlt-I assidu.u:dy assert that he will
iake tern s with Cougrcs1 ou the resto
ration policy. In view of the result
of the recent Stite clectioi e, this, too,
ismere .pculation, and it is-thereforo.
itetter to wait for positive inforira' in"
from tile mueSage itself.. it will be
remembered that ill maiy sp1eches
which thie Pr,csiddttntmadc lii his !abi
trip North and Wti'st, he sai he had
uo new policy to antl(imn0,. and that
his future would be best indicated by
his past course.
Nothling dolinite has yet been re
ceived by the Governmnenrt in relation
to the claims upon Gareat, Britain for
damages to commerce ecaused by the
Alabama aund other Confedorate priva
teers. The correspodence- het ween
the two Governmncuts is still in pr.
gress. It is a fact, hIowever, that theo
present lIritishl Miniistry is more)r dis
poased tha:n thei former (one to give duo'
iad lair consideration to the- enltirO
sul ject.
Fi'om Wtahingtoni.
'A9nINGT; N Novembecr 26.-Oar
Conisul at Brest reports.the'e'ntire yes
sationi of chlolera at that. place..
't, is not trueii. as stated0( ini Northern
paes that darobd l'aTiompso has ob
tainled froml lteidenut JhlsonI peCrmlis
No vi..it lirs were ad mnii ted to an 1llau
dienice with) the Prelsident to-day,
IIi' is cloisely, applyinIg himfself to bcia
forthcomeing mnessage. It is not truo
that ho. will adhioro to hi.s forn'uer posi
lion respiecting t.he full restorationl of'
the Southea:2 n'State.
1t is probat>lo the press will be furn
inhed4 wi'h copies of the0 message1~ in
advance of its delivery.
Nothing diefinite yet received frofth
the BJritishi Governmlent, ini rlaltionl to
(,bo claims of indemnity growlng out
of the depredamtions comnmitted on
Amnericani commnereo by Confederato
pr'iyateers.~ The cor.respondence i
Admninistrator's Notleei
A .L personijaving demntads against; the
LI, estate of James, Stevenson, doetksel.
are requeted,lto presont themn properly: bi
tesuted to me, and those personaO inldebrte
1110 estate are requested to'make paytneiit
as5 tin a.dislrQUS of sof.tling up O state
he a ahort time. .
' .fOllN1 3t'RVPMW. Adter.

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