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Thursda iloring, December 6,18t6
Jefferson Davis -His Prison Life--Whai
He Represent.
Sometime ago through the kindness
of Messrs Ketchin, McMaster & Co.
we were permitted to read the "Pris
on Life of Jefferson Davis, by Dr.
Craven." Our interest in the book
may be inferred from the fact that it
was unpleasant for us to be interrupt
ed in reading it. until we had finished
it. We did note down the impres
siong made upon our mind at the time,
but misplaced the manuseript. Ilow
ever, we advise every one fond of the
"new, strange or beautiful," to wad
that work. It may seem singular that
we should apply to this work what
Addison indicated as the three depart
ments which give the Imagination frec
play. But let the objector read it,
before judging of the inaptness of thc
There are two things which pre.
eminently strike the mind of the read.
er. One is the remarkable memory of
the original author, and the other, th<
varied and profound learning of tih<
sbjecet. We say original author, be
cause, while Dr. Craven furnished tih(
notes, ColI.. Halpine, of New York, i
said to have written them out for pub
Iication. This fact came out in all in
terview had with Mr. Davis by som
of his friends who got an <xpression o
his opinion in regard to Ilhe book. It
alluding to it, he is reported to hav
said that the author did him great in
Justice as to his opinion of the Feler
al General, Hooker. Ile had said th
reverse of what.the book gives as tha
opinion; and the discrepancy was ne
counted for by the fact that Ilalpin
himself who was a great admirer o
Iooker, gave than opinion to suit'hi
views. So far as we are informed
Mr. .Davis, advanced no other ubjec
t ion to the book.
The poor old (and nearly) Lin
captive still lingers in "durance vile,'
and may we not. say literally "vile"
W hen viewed by a Southern man
Jeferson Davis lies in that frowninl
fortress the very embodiment of al
that is great, noble and honorable iT
man. Ilis greatness is a p art of th<
Government of the Uinitid State
when that Government stood proudl;
supported by "Truth, Sustice and th
Constitution." His nobility is inter
woven inextricably in the beauty an<
virtue- of that (1(vernment when i
was a just one. And his honor i;
there, as it always has been unim
poached, by any. honorable man ; an<
vvery Southern man knows that i
those creaking prison doors were throwi
(pen, and Jefferson Davis were tolk
that the world was niow ,his pr~omel
nadc, and he were paroledl with tha
privilege, that though lhe might be
take himself ton the uttermost p;rts o
the earth, the very first call from tlin
Government that holds him captive. t
comne before their judicial tribunals
would be responded to, if not with th~
delight of a lover to the idol of hi
beart, at least, with his p)romptncss
Such is .Jefferson D)avis, as we of th
Southm look at him.
Swing round with u.s dear reader
to the North 'face .of that grim oh
Fort,ress. W1gt do we here behold:
we nmean, as pictured and viewed by
Northern man. There deservedly
shut up in those giant walls, is th<
very embodiment of hideous disloyal
ty. Words fa.il us to depict the hior
ridi spectre.. "I.L his clanking chain
drag heavily about him," says he ; "i
is music to my eara."
But the Southern man must not for
get that that Northern phase .of th<
public character of Jeffersoh Davis, i:
f:he phase that the "Lost Cause" Ii
s'iewed in. Hence, if Mr. Davis i1
~punished to the (leath either by sum.
oMary punishment or by a lingering
athin pirison, it is me . o be the
~4d~onboern idea of.justice 4 ought tc
b~ meoted out to the Soul ai people.
Wo.regret thiaa jh hbal
the feeling at, the North towards the
Southern people as expressed in their
treatment of Mr. Davis, were other
than it is. If he dies in prison, or is
executed, the North and the South
may for ages be joined together by
power, but by congeniality never
the very depths of our hearts cry
never ! never" ! Our oaths we will
observe. As long as there is a "Con
stitutin of the United States, and a
Union thereunder," we will never, as
a people,. seek its dissolutiou by arms ;
as Christians we may sincerely invoke
their spiritual welfare, lut as denii
zens of the same politieal country, as
taxed supporters of the same huge
iovernmental machinery, we will for
ever hang our heads in sorrow and
mourning, and never will we again
take down our harps from the willows,
where they now hang, to join with
them in singing songs to Liberty as
they worship and adore her.
Read the "Prison Life of Jefferson
Monday the Third - Sale Day.
Crowds came to town tast Mondav.
The usual-or rather an unusual
amount of "sperits" flowed. Every
body seemed to be in good spirits, and
there seemed to be a good deal ofspir
its in several bodies.
However, sales went off maiy and as
fast as our , facetions friend, Mr.
\Woodward,generally disposes of that
sort of business. The Sheriff's hamit
mer was the seal of a few sales. The
stamp of the Court of Einity's decrees
was visible on several. Among the
latter sales was one of a hundred acres
of land for thirty-eight dollars. Thir
ty-eight cents for an acre of land was
regarded, and 'so prononnced., as a
diminutive price. A friend thought it
f was worth that much to raise rabbits
Some account of the sales will be
found below.
I 'I'ract, 1(U0 acres, sold for :38 conts
per acte ; I tract, 150 acres, for $9..0
an acre I tract, :308 acres, for $r.75
an acre ; 1 tract, 515 acres, for $2.00
an acre ; 1 tract, 2-182 acres, for .$3.25
an acre ; -1 tract, 3333 acres, foi- $4.3(
an acre.
Only one-sixth of the above puruhash
money was cash.
SuRliFF s SALrS.
I tract, 104.F .neres, $100 for th<
whole ; 1 tract, 370 acres, A-500 foi
the whole ; 1 tract, 210 acres, $3
for the whole.
The Atlantic Cable-For the Scientific.
Five cups work the battery betweer
Hearts Content and Valentia, Ireland,
while it takes fifty to work the line be.
tween New Otqeants and Mobile. Th<
former .costs twenty-live to thirt;
Sdollars, and tmust beC rentewed ever)
week. .Fromt the 1st Novembher tht
rates of thte Atlantic cable -were re
duced one-half. They would htav<
been reduitced motre, had it not beer
that immen)Otse expentditutresi had bees
incurred in unsuccessful attempts
Six millions of dollars were sunk be
fore the Atlantic cable proved a sue.
eess. T1he succes.sful comtpany has r
capital of three mtillionts. The aver
age daily itucotme of the line was utp tt
Novemiber the first, five thousand dol.
tars, one day they reached tetn thonis.
and.. Fifteen words a tminute can be
sent over the,hirne. There are two ca
bles und.er the .some directory, and
theyean at present rates, eartn about
forty millions antnully. But tJhe
most remarka'de fact connected vItt
the cable is, thtat a battery no largel
than the cap- of a gutn, with no i<y-<
liquid than would equal the bulk of a
lady's tear, has sent a message tbrotgi
the Atlantic eable. It is perfectly as.
tonis3hintg. -
On Tuesday last a train of enmigranA
wagoks passed t.hrough this placo es
route for Florida.. We were informed
that the'y were from Chlester.' It was
a whlolesale movement, as there were
wagons, carriages, carry-alls, horses,
cattle and nuinlers of freedmen, be
sides matny W itCS.
COLUMBIA, S. C., Dec. 1, 1860.
Mesr; Editors : rho opening of this sos
sion has been the occ.sion of an unusual
throng from all parts of the State; mem
bers, applicants for admission to the bar,
a nd many ,in attendance upon the U. S.
Courts and Court of Appeals, now holding
thcit sessions here. rhero woe an un.
usilly largo number of applicants for law
and equity-as many as eighty. They
were to be met at every turn in the hotels
and on the streets, on tiheir way to examina
tion, questioning antd answering questions
ution knotty points of the law. Most of
them have now left; the capital has been re.
lieved of the preseneo of .nany anxious
fears. Both branches of the- Legislature
assetubletd in their respective hails at the
appointed tme-i P. M., of dl-nday the
'It h uit.. A quorum , of bo-h houses was
present upon calitug the roll, whereupon
they were organized and ready to proceed to
btsincss. This wa,s followed by adjourntnent.
The in ssago of tie Governor was read by
his private seeretary soon after being called
to order the next day. It was lengthy and
omnte tune was occupied in Its reading.
ar y points of interest have been brought
to tte. consideration of the bodies. The
miessag6 together with.its ricooimpanying pa
ters forms a highly interesting doc4mnent.
Of many bills offered this day, one of the
most interesting provides for the repeal of
the Usury Liw of this State, which was
made the special order for Thu'rsday.
Alditional ntentbers made their appear.
nco to-d;ty. On Tuesday in the House,
Mr. Wrli.y presented a set of resolutions in
reference to President Davis: their . adop=
tion by the Oeneral Avsenbly would be t'
beautiful and fitting tribute of synmpathy
and redpeot to oar beloved and cherished,
though fallen ohioftain. Edough of 'the
plicy-that, forbids us' giving 'vent to the
pant up feelittgs'of indignation, 'of sympa;
thy n'nd love that'well from the depths of
every true tr!.: of that policy.that fetters
the hanl that; would yiehf him,' now in his
htout' of d:rk mnisf.,rtuno, nndying affeetion
A hots a bil i'rroviding for the election of
Contilssiohers . Mairer'a. andil tIper's in
E'quity, by tho. people, upon tito -unin.
vorablo report of the.Conmi.tee was laid
on tIhe table We naa byardoned for, pro'.
suming to saty, in our opition, it ouL, jac'
fate. Very little of iste'reey was preAented
in t-h"8 enut: on 'd mesildy; Ilv,resolution
wts otfr'red, referring'to tlsjud[eltry comn.
taittoe--tht.Atthjet of tlte;-lstrict Courts,
looki.ng' to the e.xpetliemi,y ol' abtoishing
them. Orrlooki1. tlte fnthat the State
aut hurities nor tlte M aiolpall.nuthorities of
this clt ; atad taken atity notice of the ocoa.
sion-~ia O6nmiderauiln of Thursilay having
.hwen appofnted a 't.. of Natiotld . Thi'nks
giving, born branchoe.nUUourned over. until
Friml sy. In view ot' the above considera.
tions and the fact that none of th* churalces'
were open, lth object. is inviiibte The
tIhank.-iv"ing, nust have been -a one
sided affair. In the Settate on Frid ty, ''a
bill to repeal the Usttry Laws of this State
was tatken up, the debate had giown warm
am interesting when Message No. 2 of the
Governor w.a announced and readl. *Tihis
reated to pardons grainted.-giving reasons
&c,in accoritee with a law passed at tihe
last session.
ThIe dlehate .was not resumedi and the or.
tier again dismc.harmgedi t anmother di my. - Time
nee' 'st tot of I Ite timtets anmi Itthmehangred
coi-lbmi tin of atl'tirsee,m tottmake tihe passage
of ithi lt bi l esir..bi.-. i'Forin thy. thlet'e exist
c'i no rea.smo ' fo.it. irmuiy estah!i ihed in
weamlth andu prmosperiiy, usutry wais 'a crime,
at leasmt an evil jut.ly frouwnedl upon,. butt. now
with ever'ything swept from us, - we h.iye
not bing within our.selves to develop omit re
sources lyitng idle, Capital is needed, tt
as lontg as thtese restrictions remain will it
comio to us, when there are no barriers to
otheor and protitable fields?- Ihis establish-.
el thtat. our planters can, with borrowed
capital at' a highe rate of Interest, till till
time groumnd with profit. Why thedn withhloild
this adviatage from thmem, to whmom we must
look-as tihe source fronm whenee our future
pr>sper'ity amust flow.
Time meansi of safety rests itn the hands
of time indiviidoals to a contract or agree.
tment, who- wvili certainly know whether
th'ere is. a rease'nable ohnnce of succesas.
Ina.the Senate to-day "a bill in stubstitution
of;zhe laws past, in consequence of time
*mptanlpation of slave's" ronivedl its first
reading. It was preparod- by oneo of our
ablest jttrists A mgtlion to print. it was
hemmly .opposed. A muotion was also made
't lay it on time table, .but it 'was finally
made a special order for bionday. Thi im.
portatnoo of th.o sutbject calls for, afuil at.
tonalance and'underastanding, Is the 't eason
of Its,postpomengt,. -So fatr thework has
been easy, biu.' us soon as ?IIo Committees
b,aso prepared. thessivs, they wilt .doubt.
less lend themselves with earnestness to the
gravo duties before them.
The session it is tbought will be long.
The Senate and House meet respectively in
the University Library and the Chapel,
where little improvements suggested by
past experience lend to their comfort and
The University appears to be doing as
well as circumstances will admit. There
are now about sixty five atudents. 'ilhe
changed appearance of the grounds and
-buildings proclaim the management, has fal
len into other hands than those that held
away here last winter. The (tovernor in
allu'ling to the University in his messig -,
recommends a "Law and Medical School as
apart of the general system of University
education," as tending to induce many to
pursue their atu<lies here who now g> to
Universities in other. States. With these
.and other improvements he honle out the
hope of its becoming all its patrons dlesire.
Among. the several elections to-day was
that of General Ellison Capers, to be Sec
reary of State. test fromn the cares anil
labor.{ of State, to-morrow will. I doUbt not.
final all ready, now they are settled, to begin
in earnest on Monday.
Tc .eg2*r] hi.
\VASHINOTo , D"cemberr -4.--in the
Senate, Mr. Stuntt"r gave notice that I."
will un tornorro.w, itt.roduce reit"l,ti t,)t
declaring the power of C. ngrtss on tt
stubjuct of ret:nst.relion ttnd tite right.
to teltt the late rebellions Snt'e
from Congresas, anl from votit'g on tite
Mr. Chandl r mo ved, bnt.t.ha Sna'ma ti
refuted,..to take ip thie lou)se .hill to
amend the Act of 1812, so as. to take
away the power ef tho President to grat
amtiesty. In the .Hoiso, Mr, . 'W,"nt.
worth introdnced a. resoltttion. which
was adopted, insiating on the - adopt.it i
of tih constitufional am'a,ltnent, before
the tfofltse will c-a"id,.r th-. nropritty of
giving the Southern Status representa
RNpresentftive iinham personnlly
denies tht trutih of a elt"gtani. -cireult
ting t.lrongh the press, that he was eii.
gagod in ph-paring articles of' impeach..
ment ngainst the Presideit. ott th
gtound of cotnplication iii the n-",;tssin.
tion of Linco.a... He sars' ho never hand
such g design, nor hq lie ever so inti.t
In- th&.iot+e to- igpM Stevenam ol.red
a .esoltt10pfur,fha appiiit.nttt of a
O"tJnimitted of l'Vf, to report. iu ihe
1 otte at: nex,ee'ssion the past and tmrt,.
ent-relationd.ezistiilg between the ttd
eraFGovernnient n1d irnilroad in tie
Sttte lately in rsheIlion, tihe anomnt .l
woney expended by. t.he Unitad States
-in conatructing, repatring. equ,tipittg and1
nanaging such roads. the ammonit now
due by' each of them to the Government,
&c. ; also. as to the proper course to h
taken by the Governmient in rehiti.tn I
said rttilroads. . A resolttion, whicb wto
alopt6d, direcoting an inta'. a s to tit
expediency of repealing thu Cotton ti x
M r. Broutatll, of Petnnsyivalni, off.ret
a resolution which was adopted, by 10
to 37, instruct.ing tho Cotntit toe of
Territories to inq1mtre mnto the propriet y
of extending 1erritorint organizatio
over tihe States recenttly in retb.nltion
Thte Jttdiciary Comittee hiavo reportea
naintst re'peiling so miuch of lie confiTh
cationt Act as prohaibits th ,iuorfeitiure o
the real e.state oif the dteliniquents bevomt
the terni'f tCheir natnrti li ves. 'l'
say that to forfetitaltoget her thit roper
ty of those etigaged in the latte roeb-llion
would bie time enactmnet of atn ex po.
/acto law wvithin thte meanin~g of t h
constituti ..,nal interdlict, by anne'xing t<
a crime already committed a now anm
addIitiomn pinishmeont.
Cable Dispatches,
[LONDowJ, Dec. 3.--The grent refortn
denimtnstration took pice to-da'y, an
was part(cipatted Iin by all theo trali a
ciPtits. It 'wna thei mlost inr.p)Otian
affamir of the kintd ftver seen in tis citv
b'ttliy 5,000 peirsonms marched in pr~c
cession to the place of meeting ; an
Ithere wotuld have been thousanda more
had i.te weather been fair. There wer<
forty-seven soc-iel ie in Jino ma rching~ t
gethier, with var-iUs'braench societies o
thme reform league, all di vi'ltd int<
fotur granud divisions; with hands'of must
banners, m1'm toes, &c. Seven pmint fortm
wore erected, from which more thtan file
speakera have addressed the masse'
lTe stores along tiue litite we ltosed
but thte streets werei alive with- pteopli
and] thet windows filletd with spetatora
Groat enutusiasmn was tmamfatpal,. bta
the immense dowdi worn orderlyv;>'n
disturbancee ocent red. Thte atari am
stripes were borne in the proceiin, eAi
among the airs played by the viiri9g
banide wan the "Wearing of the dMeen.
Eivening.-JohtnBrigIit ivast. piresen
aLl he great~ rbfotn) domon,arsion wIdio
took place in faondoun to-day. Resoju
I iots wero. lals(ted amid. great. enth1i.
n'm A I.t Ibe c('cHU 1."i'1n. thi peopl.
di-p"rned peac"eal. Mr. Brirl,t. wilV
addllress nn irnnpl nmdienco LO.Iigit
TIhe Fenian Senator ret.ry, who wvas
arrt.amd thiu morni:n,. wIs taken to I71h.
tin. No tndence of Ireason 'vas found
uipon himo.
It is sa id thit the United States an
thorit.ies in.ftlvly have telItgrnliphed to,
Malta to arrest John Snrratt, ono of
[Linr'l(' dn I $sinators, in t.iltr steam '-r
tnthinx there. 'll( a11n tpt. h1.d failed.
1h.-, Iwvrr. exp,ct, to eflict his nr
rest, when the aeamner arrives. at Ale:
LI V :It.o( T.. D1e"1mber 4-Noon.
Colton imarket, opns steady", it'- yester
day's qirotations.
fanchester market quiet and unclhang
L"o)nox.-1ecenber .1-Noon.--Five.
t.wenit ies..67{. "
LON tN.' Deemeinl1r 5.--t' is now
certain that John Surrat.t has been ar
rert("1d in Alex:tt :lria, E,,y"pt.
1ts. )ecemiii.r 4 ---(>nu reginent
of h'1rntich troops left the city of I1Rme
Co11c, D1ecetbe'r 4.--A.t a large
Ile-inittg of the citizens of Cork, :he
mnig.a Inict'es were r'rtsted to mu mlorill.
IN. Ih1 g 1vertlnent to enroll tihe loral
lpoph-. m:erea. the loval t roops'arnl ar
rest all .sllipicions person".
It : i:'i. Decetmler 4 ---The Swias As.
seinbly lhal opened'1. It viow of the
.I:1. . f .1,irs ill olvtope, the President
1r 1'l t iinuniletliiiis' armiing.
Newa Items.
V.t -ittIxc,"rc, December 4 --O)4n-ra
11am;v. Lei stt to Adnirrn Gold lo.
roug_h hvt ch'r(bb1-, to Qe111 tne of the
tnile-d States fleet. now crniinp in the
\[1/it-rranean to. bring Snrratt direct to
Wne hintotn. -
Thi.- h1eadw1 of 1;nrenna of the Treasner
Depri mnent. I-1%" joited int a letter to the
l1L14 Coimlittll"t of \\ravs and Means,
nII omt4L! the ptzz:ag1" of tIhe hill,- preparel
nt tie 1;'sI si sionl, for t!e re-orgRnizittiol
of ti ,1- dle 4ar'm ent.
Th'l'e Ion1' 11141 tipir.hf Congrens. as
exhib it inth speeches at Ihe public
tvtIcttune y t"sterln nit11d by tIlhi proceed.
in_g ol1 h1 br:nt"ih(-5 its far, nre radi
rally rdllt":I. Ano1her iulhention of
t.hi is Iiii assage. t.n d:Iv-hv. 107
n1, tinst i7 -' 1 the re1s (la lton directing
ingnllirv inlo the pro prity of "txtetiling
territorial governtteilt over -thu Sounth
era S;Iat.es. .
From Washington; -
W.sTTINwTON, Dec. 1.--Gch Sher-1
dant writes to the War ])epart1llent
that the oflitg sent to , invest the
charges contaittel in recent articles ill
the New York lWrbl, concerning the
treatment of pri>toners and sold iers at
Dry 'ortngns, has itmade a report in
which he refutesthe ehargc of inhu.
man ity, and in conclnsion, renarks
that t je prisoners receive the samo ra
tions as the enlisted soldliers of the'
post, are neatly and confor<ably
d ressedl, an( the labor they require of
thet is of a very lirht character.
A l1 rge unmhe of CtoIngreslmen arriv- "v
ol here to-nigh.t and iiltogethcr therti is
ahont thirty Senltora and seventy V.
RepresenCitatives int the city. There *
Iseemt no0 donIht oIf at gn4orta in both
I iouses Ont Mond(ay. 2o far as8 can~ be *
as1lcertainmed by con veranition. and other
isey the iden'1of initrthditing articles of
imlpe'achmteI t again.st President John- '
- ont, finids little if anty famvor. It isi
said that the miesne~e of the President ~a
will be0 abIout the sante as thait of last w
year and4( ii1 oeenpy albout an hour in
- the readinug..
Arrest of Fugitive.
* rI''AO, 1De4. 2.-Two men01 same1
.:nj ii Jersey clIar ~ bein i
plic .d in the bce d r .~
r,last SepItotmber ity i-6 a
t, ousanld dollawI rnmie *1i.,(
* ds vere albstradO n~ rivaY 'ed
residence in4 this cit T'h ion nto
wero seenred und er' requist fro
G)ov. Fenton. Indictments have 'bel
found against them-'by the grand ju
of the Supeior Courts -.
'. tdgruigngd will sell of. their
- Tie BIook is fr(h, PEN SEort
Lboulght tiheap. So. th in B.ARfIA
surely be oIfrlodl.,
-T"rIlOJlPS rilil(sc A
des 1if .

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