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action shNat be taken by- Con ress,
, was aelected by the Secretary o the
Navy as thentost eligible location for
that c'ass of ve4selh. It is imp irtant that
suitable p-iblie Station should be provi
.cd for the iron chid fleet. It is intend
eu that these vessels shall tie in a proper
condition for any emergency, and it ie
de=trable that .he btl accepting Lengue
Island for naval purpos;es, whic) pwed
.io House of Representatives at its last
_:ssion, shonid receive final action at an
cnrly period, in order that there may be
s:itabie publ'c station for this class of
vcsels, as .veli as navy yard. of area
.ecient for the wants of the service,
e't the Delaware River. The Naval
Pension iist amounts to $11,750,000,I
laving been increased $2,750,000
i.i;.g the year. The expenditures of
the Department fur the fiscal rearehding
.31)h Jnne last were $43,324,526, and'
t.e estimav for the coming y",
amunt to t23.59S,436. Attention is
invited to :ne condition of our seamen,
,.c ::.e i<.or:ance of legislative areas
i:res for t.e r relief and improvement.
'Th:e yugge.siun in behalf of this deserv
cla s of ur fe!how-cttirens are eain
t:y recom'nended to the favorable
rt:ention of Congress.
[' DE CONti L5U .)
. tturday !m: rUN, Drcember .1566
Tna XXXIX Oor.greas.
Duc. 4. One important feature in
th -econd day's proceedings of the
. ,ren-ct -,e in of Con gress was Senator
SuLuner's announemensnt that he would
i.tro'uce a bill to de'lare the right
c,f t',-mgress to ex lude the late rebel
li.,u= States from representation in
that body, and fron voting on the
censtitutional amtendmeIunt.
The Senate retiued to cu:.- i:r Mr.
Ci.atvd!r's mo-ion to t-.k!- up the b11
:uiueding the Act of 186., so as to take
w.v the power of the President to
r.at amnesty ant: p;rdon.
In the House Mr. Wentworth intro.
.acd resout:,s ins;sting upon the
:oni,on of the Constitutional Amend
:ei.I. before the House wO. consider
the propriety of giving representation
c tie Southern States. Adopted.
Mr. Broomal, of Pennsylvania, mov.
ed tc, instruct the Committee on Terri
torirs to inquire into .the propriety of
u'unding the terr:toriai organization, so
as to entbrac't the States lately in insur
rection. Adopted.
1The Joint Committee on Rcconstruc
- tict has been revived.
Dec. 5. Nebraska will apply for ad.
si,ission as a State. Her Senators and
Jn'rresentatives. elect are already in
W* .iington.
It, the Senate all the Standing Corn
rAittees now have as Chairmen those
n ho are opposed to the Pttsident.
Tae bill of which Senator Sumner
g:ave notice he would introduce, was
' read and ordered to be pnnted.
In the Senate Mr. Wilhams ntroduc
eda resolution of inqury into t'.e pow
er of thet Pre':ident to restore conificated
j.roperty. Adioptel
Tx.e House passed a bill, providing
:haL In all case.s wleere a citiz2n of' the
UTi.ed S:ates! who always remained
i.ral thereto, and did r.ot veluntarly
give aid and encourag'ment to any per
sera engaged in rebelliog, sallh brng an
atr to recenrer damage for injury to
f ersor. or property, or the v'alue thereof,
n. Eeh'aCtion shall be defeated or any
defenzce allowed, by virtue of authority
of the late so-called Confederate State3
of A merica, or any State dcldared in re
bellion by proclamation of ' the Proui
dent of the United States.
ME. Mornil gave notice that lhe wvould
:s-up, on Monday nert, the District of
. ih:mbia hsegro suffrage bhl.
Ih ti.e House, Mr. WVilliamsj reiad a
iengthy wri*,tn argument, on thle bill re
pdlan. app'ointinents to and1 removals
f'rJ- .%ie. lie was wvery severe uplo4
-P Pae:ident, who.n he. said had be
rayta earty andl copatry. Several
aetun im ii A were Ti,red to , hI, wthic''h
was eadet b special order frto-mhor.
.Let Themn Have it0Oat.
The 'Pre'ident -last Spring called
H u a -n h a n F o n ey a n d o th e r p ro m i
nent oppouents ty variods tif"Tk not
usually fonud in genteel vocabul:ries.
"Dead duck, T,rsk Baunh and Swcet
heartt" were freely applied by His
Excellency to others. They per c",ntra
bandy certain tide with him. Now
why should de of the South trouble
ourselves about this Iuarrel in the great
political faumil f Let thew. have it all
to theumeives.
United States Senator.
Hon. Jas. I. Caupbel, one of the
P.epres-ntatives in the Sate Legisla
.ur, fevitt Chlarleton, was on the 5:h
e'ected United St a' , =eu-tor 1",fl1 the
va:aney that mill be occalono hy the
expiration of die te::r of se.rvice of
lion. J. L. 3a: aiing, on the 4th of
March! next.
Death of Capt. Robert Brice.
Oar D.strict ha 3Lu. a wo:,nY ct:izen
in the) death of Cap!.. l: ,U-_-: 13:ee. wr: u
departel t:J !e WI M>i tLrn if
ias-. Mr.IB::c.? wasl th:ro.:y ideunti
fied w;t t. i::-.fes:s of the Diriet
ie leaves a large ci.cle cf friei3 and
relat.ve3 to ia;:.nt !:s death.
Correction in Report of Sales.
Tile tract of 1041 acres which we re
portt-d. oir last issue as sold fir $111b,
by ti,. Sierifl. nee:is co:rect:o:. We
are it formned, as wo 'ltd n?t attend tIe
8ae ourse:vea, tit.t that t:act brought
abou' 61450 00 adi that th- ?100 dol
i.rs whiclh we were i:medti the artd
so'.d fur, war a su" pluts over the mort
gage wh!eh covere-i t.e lr.nd. The
iani 5011 forrne.rly f.urteen dl!ara per
E?.i:orial Ztkllinga.
-- We c,nti:zte the vc:r roeag:e
reports fr n oa: Columbia c tclhatges
of the Legislat :re. Even ti-e scanty
rel:o=-s do not g-t to us sauetimes for
two or three days.
. Late cable dispat hes i:dicate
a tremendu,ls. exci.emenit in E igiand
pron the Reform uca,ures. Iteform,
there is sy:touymwous with a lar e iu'u
sion of lemtocratic p:i...ci;les in ao Enj
lish goverunent. It is vo:-" sig.ficaat
of the deep-seated hold t: cxcitcmoht
has uilon the mass of England, whet,
as receutly repo.-ted, a paper has nonmi
nated Juhu Bright fur P:es'ient c;
Orders fromi WaLintonu have
Leen sent to Adni at Goldou,
cou auIliading the U.ited Sates F!eet
in thoMedi to seud Sari-at
direct to V.shington. It wi:! be re
mnemtbe.ed tha, S-: ntt s i .i; ted in
the ea. t-:; of Lincolt. It is
thought Le cat expla,+ the whole nys
General Lc .:as Ico.s wnmin:a
:ed f.jr Governor of Virginia.
-- Art War(. Las i;iccI i's
R"-,t lecture in Louio": atd w:-I a su
ces.i ':at re:1dut mo:-e 'Visona'.y the
a,nou'cees of (it ': o unne.lar'. that
"Mr. War-d k:adly ofi-s to call upon
the citize;s o: London aind e: piau any
jo:es i' 1"s i.' - at lye whlicht ahei mayv
no tm'ufe-Ls.aid." TIhs Irnn U ',2
a frieud who reed to t: ke n i eam wh,
han to stanr the laug'h whieinever be
imde a p:'u imong~ Lhose whd coi'ldn's
see the "p'nt."
Legislatu re of Soith Cairolihia.
TUElDA Yl>ECkHIDEl 4. 1806.
The Senate ruet at 12 mn.
A bill to alter and amend , the aiv in
relation to the opernmg, widenintg. de
mug or extending streetq in the cit y of~
Chiarleston was declared an Act.
Mr. Henery also introduced a bill to
confer upon Masters, and Cuom.uissoners
in Err iits. authority to 'iroceed1 ngainst
purhasers fiain to comply with bids
madte at their sales.
Mr. Townies intzrodluced a hill to alter
and amenad the fir-t see:itoh of the th.ird4
A rticle ofrthe Constittion.
Mr. Fort introduoced a bill to abolish
the D)istrict Courts as now en:ablished.
Thme P'residenat declared Henry -F.
Yomaans eleutedi soliestor for the South.
c-rn Cirenit, anid Sinoeoai Fair fdr thme
Midle Circuit, awlI eMessrs. J. W.
A lien, or Ma rlboro, Clearles Mayrant, of,
Sumnte, and T. B3. ILogamn; of CVilIiams- 1
burg-the gentlemen votel far as.Dis- a
trict - Judges -were by him decla*bd
elected, and that no election hadstun,
t'ece for Sulicitor of the Western Cir
Adjotned, ,
The House met at 12 n. The Clerk
a'led the roll, and the proceedings
vere opened with prayer by Rev. Dr.
Mr. Black introduced a bill to pro
'ibit the partition by s:de of the esa4te
of persons :ying intestate, and leaviug
ninor heirs entitled to the same, except
or maynent of debts.
The Senate met at 12.30 p. tn.
Mr. Buist introduced a bill to incor.
pora e t he Stnth Carolina Lottery Coin.
paliy, and a hill to provide for the re.
%umption of specie payments by the
bnka of th:s State.
A bil to authorize the issue of botds
or stor to pay the ;mutnt due the con.
tractrs fo: the marble work of the iew
State Ikuse receivt d the ilrd readiig,
alad t. ft::!e was changed to an Act.
A!2 t . the Senau-, inirsuaut to
or-ler ) -v(iou'l :ade, a tendd in the
Hou-e uf I:erresenitatives. to vo'e for
' -na t-> :nt . Co'igrees of the United
sx years, from tie- 4th of
Ma,' 3 :7 '2G Se:ats a:.d 101
mmeso:eH nevoted. }L.n. J.
B. Caunh le' a.i: ieceived a raioritv
of : he vr.e, e..s.. was d..ciared e'c:td.
A L .. :r the Ceasti:tt l as
to dv:.e Pickens D'st3 ct int1 tw o Ju
icia aen:. E.tion Districts received the
tecoaI ledin;g. This being also a
:u tiint'.ios,a! cesPtion, the vote was
taken by %*e.es and nays, and resub1:d as
i'(ows: Yeas 2~; n .vs 3. Adjourn.
The House met at 12 in , ti.e Clerk
:alled tiie roll, and the procueding: were
)peuei with prayer by Rev. Dr. ,.arnd.
A-bil to alter and amhe:z t1ae lrw in
relau,i to the open;ng ciu.itg or e.
tendUt strce-ts in the city of Cllare.s
ton, a hil to extend the time withia
wh :." cer:n,e executions and otier fi
ml prove may i "noewed wit,ioit
noice, on ': h:l to inco. or. te t he
CiarlestOhi W "t4 Comtan:. in the el; e
of Charleston. State of ouil: 'Caro!hi:.
vere r-'ad a t'ird time, ain1 their tities
changed to Acts.
Mr. Lucas introduced a bill to pro.
virt for the compe::ation of jurors
ser it g on ir.quet u.i dead bodies.
Mr. McEiwee introduced a ,!1 to
rulcere the i Cdhuiness of all debtors.
. Lo d ir:oducedl a bill to precett
unnecessary de;ay i the trial of misde
dJr.. Rlhardon iltrodAce'd resolit
tion, which were refe-.d to the t'out
1434eh of Ways and Means. that it is
tot only L.:. right and proper, b it es
tetta; to order and good government,
lhat the pryment of taxes levied under
Act of [i:gisiature at its last regular
tession should be equally enforced
n all o ire liable to nay tie:n ;
.h t the Co:nl.trt.llr.Gen.rai 'o teruire
.ie sceri's of the several Distriets,to en.
bree the culection of the tax executions
t inst all defaulting tax-pavers.
Mr. Richardson introdu,ed a resoht.
. m, wlic was referred to the couulit.
:.e ot O.ices and Olcers, that, m view
>f ;.ce los and deatructioni of' uroperty,
'. wel! as the depreciat;in of 'the sa-ae,
xcoe b tne late wa'r rand its re
at.-S it. :. expreent to icrease the
tiae of secue;,s alowed on all offi
in where the niumber is flowy
4L y in mw ; that, ini approving or
r'~otmg of s'rch bonds, the coikmiis
on~ie to a.pprove puabic securities
culd pa-s ipon the aggiegate sediarity
-d by th,e officer; that in cases
v.tere the amuount of such bonds were
.ied .o bie paid1 in Confedera-e money,
's mmght andt proper t reduce t he same
o the "mot t. fire,i, before the war;
tmd tat the sitt'jeet be referedl toth
2ommiitt,e on Ofhices and Utlieer-a for
.hr'r coush'.ration, and. thtat hev have
er.Ve to ieport by bifior othaerwisn.
It has~ been .ascortainedl at the' War
Depamnent that there have beetn 109,
i24 colored men entlistedl in.the Unitedi
'tes' service. Of these 20,236 Lave
>een discharge, principmidly on accoat
df physicald dtsabiity; 3!,860 died while
nl senvice; 14,887'desertedl; 1414 have
>eent killed in actpi, and 1344 were
ecpose9d after engagemantzs as misainlg.l
Tne New York Time'., of thy' 30th~
alt., h.as a,m elaborate edit.orial article ont
"Thme Cotton Crop," wherein thue
>re~ t crop is estimated at.'Z300.00
>aleIthus reiteratin)g thof opin ion firo.I
iounced by thiat journal someO time ago,.
amd much animiadrerted upon by jour
tah all over t1e S,,th..
W AsutuI;ct'. D.eonbur U --in the
Senate, .Mr. T! 'ttu,lr;l neortod fsvc,,
b1y, fromt the Judie:";ty Comm ittee, ulse
bill, of the I I uOEi to rtpi.-al tlu au 11 nts..t v
pow(nr of tho P'reaide,nt. nil-J usIcd, 11s
uiidic.'ate e..mideJration, Mr. H .drk.a
oljectc:d --ii it goes U'iv:I.
Mr. \ ..du c;,lled up a 0', of inat
se!3sio', 5I iregulaue th.: ,tlc"ct'2: c)t;:'t:d
and pttt jurier in the Teriitory of Utah,
wiic, wva,s'rd'.ered to h. p. te: I, with
aini-iflir en 3.
MNI- t.'l:aId g.to".: ntotico th.t. on .\wn
day ;1e w"ou:i c'II ui tit- bt i:l'ipt
Mr. Wilioi g;ave >:ice t':,'. :e" would
call up next we..k, a j; , r"."l :l o:l '
d1iand and. jroih.t :u hi.t org,:rz.t:tii,
n the rebel Stat":,. A ;j,mrnet t-> me
on Monday next.
In1 Lh Ifouw", on lo; i:;. of .\l r. Wi I:.
burne, of llIliaub, tie I'->:, U!i:": l' ,In
UliLteu was 1nin,u Ctedto C nIllrv in;:.) u1"
e:.p,.diency of (.>u'"-ri inir v:i t:,n P
OW ice- D1pa1,m1-"Ir Iih- .w eid: A:,! f c elt rl
and contruol over 0.h,: v:i. i t:legr;n.
Iin:a nOw in operat;ua. -,r ICi tf: to
be CtiSt.iCte.i, tlit, i.i n.v -xurdi i
Over po;t. ofli::u and p) : c rw,di, u.1i to
report, boy bill or o..ii .
The bill for the regia!:,'ion of :1 'i -
tnen -. to and ren iUTIl, Ir- i UtIr t.", .:d!:1"3 I
till ati-l wa3 0. oalntil.:l,)1N"L . Adite
'l ( ):: 11o'i '!1 of P-: "' a c,At r t ll.
tl.:'1'.r of ti,ree wai >: -..:;d, !G 1L,1'.
1!'. 0 ' C-m tal it ) f t1 : ni.-a d
i!l:Ir) thea t:r un',l s',,tnt:".1 r,(l L.'t,: I;.1 " ,_ I
thireu United States a,l lie". ;t, , m+1.:
Car lina, inl Octob-r ,13t5. a:i c,t i b
re,rieve anal Su s,l,'eiL pnardun of thute
conlvi-:tNd thereof.
MJr. Daw".i3 intru-lid ::f b to (ix
te raet on of Ilimin," s for tl.. 'r.lt i
1,It.- ili '. 1,.lund:t v In Nov.na';..
1861 and the saun d.v cac: aerc:-.
year here:,ft":r ; reteied to the C;o(,an:.
tee on Elet:t bu:s.
i. m1, tiu:n of Mr. :ir, a s.:bet
4:o nli''t'"l" of ihre, waa a;pin-. ti
1roC ed Nh, o! New~ 0:1.t.' and .rtIIIV:1q L!6 t tee I :I :ht.,-I
ir;nbyino thet riots th,ere in.:Jul A;.
A'ttu-.t W; and. on n.otio.r c" Ml.
W =n, tIe J ;:i:,v Commui;:ttee iVaS
Irm; t,cte'd to 1,in ?1,m'.U the l;,ec Q 1r
.,i I.i't er;1:.. It'ai t! Ill regard t., thet
o1)-'am zi. ion of the ll-use, 1a1:d1 thc- com
mit igI of ele:c:orau vut:s: On imotio.
', '1. Ir. flIS*t, the sa4le counil,t:ee was
in:, i'.e to 1'," C 'lir: lat.O tie prot tiety
of dirr ctinIg ma ,-ual law to be pi ocl;tin.ed
ir, Counties i' the i ebel Sta.'ps w.-I: re
iUion mon have been mlu .. i J
the l ws not enforce] aga;tn.t iei.t ni.:
O n 1,1 o r;(,1rf .1:-. !l.nl , r e :F Creig
'Af b s C'>mi :'wasC. Iee L'to
the meas're3 r. ",a : : . 1," te le
cUonti on1 by ot br :' n ' :?, I a 1 : o
principl! o' . r . .a NyI
After- al l :ie e a n on the
am endm ent o .di" 1 i a- ,- . o:i t. the
S-tson the' .t. of 1Feu~-:. y .oX.
and after provi:hg in ti.e A,-. sc.,on
that (cn.ngral" :a tl.c1f i n :.; 4 th of
Marc'i. the Ilotiie A. 3, aj !ned Iii
Moud:.y, wi.e,1 the .: .. co.s
Cable De3iatches.
Fi.u,om:' c,, Decemtlber S.
has decli,ed,t lie in u'ion to Romue, and i
depmttaotn will he sent in ia p,lace.
Lo' n, D)ecer.bear '5-Assistant
Secie:.iiy of the Nav, IFoa, i.; visit:,x,
theI~ rbia htnavy yardis. lie is received<
eve.y V.herei wIh a great deil of cog" tesy
and ;i3oaded every v en ah d e ciItv to
co:apxare theo E:,~iJb en. yr'rd inn'age
meet w iah eur on.. ..
Thela l4(mi 'i- e, :- to -alitolinai of
this ra)!; ilI. fU !yog ee.i 4 ie poher
of -b'e NesUide:tt of the Uitu' .es n's
se.. forth in iaaa annual me Ie t,- o (Con.
gre.-s. it f1ankly deo!ure- itat , ii
A la'amaa cina on sht i. be seutled
p)romip)dy and1 an en.La- I R l e-preFsses
deep regret Li thar ' :he dih m~tatter was
awlt Ce.mu'naepud tial e age: )iOg
at a muich emIg(: date- thnt :he pr''ent.
H .uiE o, Dec. .-) b e. ' .;a [
]Izarnov-er, by Ahe aid s co ..1 the * (g :.'t
d?.veraaamat, lha rte eaed a th &Iiceria
from thIr~ omb! of ii -ae
c(Jt:.:i tu> a-eL : step l'. a iltis to-Jay
10,000 In E-r, -tii: ddr ;I: 1 d
I 3,000 b,C-les, a -Fi ig uplaa. 11.L
'i wo ii:aeC rg..i aJJnat of :0s. a id a
.on cad's of the 11eme~ Fleet to :sr:I fr.
the I..lh coast.
Fre jun.: airesta of Penhmafs conynttue to
lbe miade by Gove-rme u offBcora, who
are racu'aig .') ltheir t'giance tandu
Ji.omapt setioo n m - al 6sspected cess
rFa g?,.- ,.,. ..r ti...,.- .. ..... be .i
gi'tt st gu:iii ,'l'sigu,R. .
P :t s , f( r .t. . ':, i o l." 9 'I ".L
.49<0:-- D;m --4.j i s o s h
1';.p % cI.J. In ihr d Gr
eiur:si par i Cis r, uc w ho -~Lo
h i 1!t'.d 9i ofthu w-ar'i tol thei,
i.c "i,i' . l tiii .59 1rl .' . 2iIj ., ~9 1 111 d
l'1..i a fli ;t i
-41ilt. i e t ii. l 1 1"I Cia 1)' ws t ol t!" ottLi,
i - r.:! irl .t-, i ry It
. Ilt :,D 1, ' ,1 ".f- a1 1:1d 10 :" i:11e S te
t -he e d I 1 ;i .,.., 18 '7.
Repuboca.n Cauc-13 in Waa. o,
Thet" :- us of tho 9 e;A meut e
l he 1 : h e'1 .I t .:" a r: I er.i,!A te.)tt
t11 "I '1 r ,-' ' -. - Ik ; e i u .
drtr i"t 'nbht-ri We:l.. pr.ee...!
T':'c lo'b,',inig . -..ureslr1e e--Ifraot je
.ele.t ,om, mitce vrt' p ; t . pi .
F,r+t. ' p mt " -,.i; regit . A :. h eI o
-zli n ,'f lhe Ib 1e. t lir-", '' . e C. .
Phree nO aani'. (I lle 1 01 I :t the State,
no 'g.:tee i .9 piec-V j lce- ti
,!' 11 :.' "1 'llri l. " 1'..1 :'t .t:. t:i l n aor p ,4
jrt.y . :. 1"', Il -.:'":t~arai .n ee ttl '
en ,.'("i .m any . t e n't r.' +iese ted ti
t , nt .''iiton o un . tile e tie
Ilh4"11 ''i r ".11 fll )1. bt Ma'li tc d a
Fu n!t!. Tor te p :e i ," i l e lne igt.ee f".
-0e .w. mne -; Cen o u ee tor If'.
t j* -i' 9. *9P9 99 \'9 .u ' '9iden 1t 1&4ft
II:Ii"I "'i l It . ', l (W O tFi
-'"4 1 "1 ' .'.1 F t ?'t . ling t he ti ne 1 .
" -- ?. . K 'm:., . wi ;h ta ie to
A 11. 1 9 e' 'r" ''., ." :;i , ',: 1n i mti' b
-1u to s'd fbe- p:arfMach
: .tl1,:. i .m -.r :-. he :i .'>yi .te ptro
P-c -' tt" 1. tr.-:: a :.. . *exnl:nte Govern
1 1.- .: s. 1 h. .. : :. _ ulde r th e rei s o
o'm. . i--, - -' t-it e itse t e red- lfor tpte.
.P ! sd ; i .r1 ". L.e c . p.aniedy ad
to.l -.:r.l :- . -a 'n, ,.a i " o .. e.l s apo ri-ty.
le i. e ae l' iott un
' t i. rd.n. ie, t..i , i -ittee to in.
11.~mont, 0 '1. - wh.ether laifo
not lCliij'M It)the in the9jii1 ret eal.e
t.. .:1 i "I : a f b iu oned andt y
'9oiet 1: ts~ uoprty ia
.i..ewh.-reo la Ct.nio th schya.
et.u . . -.. -i.. ; - ei t : , hat ,)
i)t a re.' t, . in vl 5 ':.,. ."l.:i I sit
-"t"ti: A -l:'Plil 'o.x::t(- to invtegi.
gate" t ie f.cr Ciuu.:ti- . . - . rt"e er f
.i L :t!:tel el. o'' i.' . rT: . hA .it 18 lippS ilt
Ci "Sit... rceeli, -. li. :: ' y thv e eia.
.n tthe .19 C + i' i ne. !:1: b h . haio I. o
ni tll,s', l o te pco. '.t. i. t". pa e tiew m lt)
ln..r t. o -eiti,11 c'IU rh t i
.':9:,1111 nii3 a,(a'"1e1131 w eh i
.h hatly. of 01. 1'. d he :I,1 ,i...1 p' or S Lt
tl g-- a.leran who t.ti awn the tddrels of
1. ": Phiil elphi:t t',rrintir,n, and asredl if
de was a aeitle: the Unjon party adti
nard any iight tttere.
t'Lairulu Mts,ui, of termont, replied,
a:.liti rugater.
--Wnile the'larls hl. is out to burn,
rue vilest 61in1e. Ulf,1re14ti-n.,"
R:ymnont, on 1 aing aske whether he did
nOe. pet iipate in the l'iia.it:lphia ionveil.
ti. replied t.a'. hehAd, but not i'a.iy
ptyic. of .nsiityv to the Union party, that
hie e:er,ed thc"n Couvent iou to strengtha
that p rtpy. tortlkingsa Ihouldl be muore con
serve.ive than 1 was; bitt. whe, hefountd
it hkely t le.a-t tv th" defeat of the Unio
lany,n he mai-loned it.' gad had; ever
.since doe h: bzn to :isinlain aqd supporL
the 'ion party. li"- :,sQ baidl he appruto "1
the niea"ures r'ermteLd here thiy even'ng.
of(eid rllovet.u tl.t te gentlemen e. al
lowe to rei&tn ini :c(a'eua or not,#t bis
optu,, and i .'Or himself whether lid
was a n.emute" o; the :uimi party or not.
Laro:Yne. o' Oni. aAd liaind wl
toer he adhered t, the doctrine of the Phila
deighia ad1resas,un.1 particularly to tie
chaue that rebel ats could not ratlfy the
l r:o-"i:urional ameu-l utte.t without dishonor.
1:1ymondt was under"tood to den'y ther
was ndy siuch clane i it. Be adihered
that adre uecu'vg to i hiurn const luc
I ion of it,. but not according to t's constr
tion someti nes put on it by others.
coubl peaited cnnetiono wt tU'
acet afte hMitoetiesidp i te &Phlae
phiao ontemlio, and hiathoshpof
ar in at,nd UO(.l,( o Ne Yk so 'n).fC .
ield,ofo Ohio, faorii.1oUed Itpodstnat'
- te) cau110s, Othtd Mrcas, -of thi o at
Cook of-1an J"eiere Sainst 6 it.9 t ~
ti4aymond. made tuoth ser p, anons '
Ghoe ner-eabng Dv o isisp

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