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Tlhurstay lorning, December 11, 1866
The Sit-tation,
''en States are u yrepresented in
('nogress. The President claims their
right to be represeuted. Congress
(laims the right to decide that point.
The President nor Congress contends
for a% unqualified , representation.
The former wants representation for
those ttm States in proportion to their
ability to.show loyalty. The test of
their loyalty is the oath prescribed by.
Congress in an Act passed in July
1862. .If'the representatives of thete
Stases can take that oath, the Presi
dent is willing to .admit thon. And
this is the real issue between that
functionary and Congress.
B th the E&eutive and the, Con
gresshaving left the landmarks of the
Constitution on this subject, -both are
necessarily wrong.. But if the Presi
dent grants the right of Congress to
prescribe tho condition of representa
tiott in 1862, he must grant the same
right in "1866. But he stickles for
-loyal" representation; meaning by
such represontation,,not a compliance
on the part .of those ten States with
the piovisions of the Constitution, but
with the law of Congress of 1862.'
As far then as the South is con
cerned, the ten unrepresented States
are under no very great obligations to
either the President or to Congress in
respeet of their representation. Both
want loyal representation ; one under
the TEST OATH regime, and the other
under that of the Constitutional
The result will be that what is so
blatantly denominated reconstruction,
will be all arranged by Congress, and
its scheme extended over the entire
,, , The Supply Of Labor,
There sems to be tn indication that
from the aggrtgate of labor in Fair
field, there will be a considerable de
(Iuctiun ma:de during the present win
te . For Florida and Louisiana and
Mississippi, there is no doubt a great
demand, and it is not surprising that
s >mic t,vo hundred passed throu:h this
place but a few days ago for Missis
sippi. We have heard of nuibers in
Florida ivho expect to seourd labor
for the cultivation of their crop from
South Carolina, As- Florida' has
inany emigrants from this State, it is
not at all surprising that those emi
grants should look to her as the son e
of the supply oftheir demand for la
I1. would be well however for the
citizens of the District to look well to
their ability to spare labor from their
limits. The cultivation of cotton will
1* 1)e the chief industrial pursuit for
s-me years, and labor must not be
high to make it profitable. But if
eur' District is to supply large cotton
plantations iu other States with labor,
it is hir that proportion deleterious to
her own industrial interests.
The American Farmer :
-A Molnithly Mayazine of Agriculture
a nd i1;rticuture. This periodical for
December i illed with valuable mat
ter, and is worthy of the patronige of
all the sons of the.soit. Published by
Worthington & Lewis, 52 Sotth Gay
Street, Blaltimnoro, Md.
. Swvrrr.-Voltaire related to Mr.
Sherlock an anecdote of Swift. Lady
SCarte'tet, wIfe of the Lord-Lieutenant,
sJ aid to Swift, '-The air of Ireland is
very excellent and healthy." "For
~,goodiness sake, madam," said Swift,
"don't say so in England .i for .if you
do, they will certainly tax it."
A diniral Sommues is writing a me
ir of his.services in the Confederate
\vy. 'ThewrtyAmrldsno
mto muind abuse. Smice des Kear
eaffair he has grown~ accustomed to
wlbwing up."
' lTh' p)rivate library of .\lr. Peter Foree, of
b oe~igron, is thbe mos'. extensIve private
uItou uf boQbk.i in A mzorica.
Legislature of South Carolln
The Senate met at 12 m.
Mr. Buist presented the memorial
of sundry agents of insurance cdipa.
nies resident in the city of Charleston,
praying the modification of the laws
as to licensing insurance agencies i
this State. Also, the petition of the
Mayor and Aldermen of, the city of
Charleston, and of sundry wharf own
ers, for the establishment of a river
Mr. Thompson introduced a-bill to
enlarge and amend the insolvent debt
ors -Act.
Mr. J. H. Williams Introduced a
bill to incorporate the town of New.
berry. .
A bill to make certified copies evi.
ilence, received the third reading, and
its title was changed to an Act.
A bill to protect the ,property of
married women from the debts, con
trats and liabilities of the husband,
an X secure thbir separate estates
in'the same, was indefinitely postpon
A bill to provide for.dooketing con
stitutional cases in the Court of Er.
rors, was discussed until 3.30 p: m.
when the Senate adjourned. .
The house thaet at l 11 q. m-. and the
proceeding wei'e opened with prayer
by RQv. Dr. Reynolds.
Mr. Duryea submitted. the 'inemo
rial of certain citizens of Charles
ton, praying alteration in the- laws of
the Statetiregulating.insurance agen.
Mr. Walker submittqd the memo
rial of the Commissioners of the Poot
for Chester District, praying for an
appropriation. - -
A bill to alter the sittings of the
Courts-of Law within the Eastern Cir.
ouit, was read the third time, and it.
title changed to an Act.
Mr. Benbow introduced a bill to in
corporate the ManningCemetary Coin
Mr. Elliott introduced a bill to re
new.and amend the charter of the
town of Beaqfort.
Mr. Campbell introduced a bill to
inebrporate the Savannah and Charles
toi Railroad Company.
CarnA.-The Plymouth (Eng.) We.ter.
Morning News gives the following account o1
the naryow escape of the steamer China on a
recent trip from Boston to Liverpool:
. Dr. Alurander Lane, IL. N., reports the
narrow escape, of the royal mail steam ii
China on her last trip from Boston to Eng,
land. The dash light was made correctly.
but the fog was dense and the night dark
About 11 o'clock one of the passengers, a
Captain Davis, of Penzance,sang out "Lan<
on the lee bow." The officer of the watel
being taken by surprise seemed undeoide<
how to.act, but Qrdered "port helm," an<
ran forward to look for the land. Captair
Davis called out ' "hard-a-pert," and thi
ship answering to her helm admirably thi
terrible danger was avoided. It was founc
the ship, at the time the rocks were* discov
ered. was ot more than her length, threi
hundred Ad seventy-five' feet. from thi
rocks, and she was then going fourteer
knots per hour under steam and sail. Cap
tain Davi%refused to receive from the pas
sengers any testimonial or acknowledge
ment, adding, "I am thankful that our lives
are saved, and with that I rest satisfied an<
thankfil." The rock on which the Chini
was driven is called the "Mlissen Head."
CoAa..-The coal deposite of Great Brit
ain have been surveyed by the most' learnet
scientific .men of that nation, and their ea
tent, depth, availiabilty, and j probabl<
yield, as nearly -as possible, ascertained
According to the closest calculations, they
contain in rond nuabers about 8,000.000,
000 tons, after which the depth becoesoa's
great that m,ining will no longer pay. A
the presents eonstantly-increasing rate o
consumption, this amount can only last nine
ty yearq, and then England's ladustry
commierce, and propriety, must receive
most serious and disastrous check. On the
contrary, the United States alone possesses
reduced to solid measure, abaut 1,060 cubi<
mailes of the article-which is quite enougi
to do the people of this continent for severs
millions of .years to come, and at the sam<
time affords hheral supply to the balance o
the world. This fact opens a wide and
frutfulfield for contemplatica with refereno<
to the futuirg importance and greatness o
thais country. Release the nation ar.d peo
ple from the matkination. of the lladioaii
and fancy cannot, portray the wealth anc
dignity of the United States at the sad o
the present century.-Piti. Ag.
A bill authorizing the "Governor'
to call out five regiments of "loyal'
mnilitia, to put down insurreot,lon'an<
protect the batllot boxes, passed it
first reading in the Tennessee Legis
lature the other day.
The United States is owner of I,
da65LR,80 aces,n
.ews Items.
WASHINGTON, December 9.-ATho
friends of Colorado and Nebraska are
making zealous efforts for , tho admis
sion of these two new States into the
Union. Sumner and several other
Senators continue to oppose the meas
ure, for the reason that their rcnpoe
tive constitutions exclude black men,
though few in number, in the elective
Leading Republicans openly avow
that sol:e of the pending measures of
legislation are designed to enable
Congress to regulate appointments
and other public matters, irrespective
of- the President-depending upon
their two-thirds majority to defeat all
his votoes.
Several of the Congressmen elect
from the South talk about immediate
ly returning hone, there being no
prospect of their admission.
The joint Committee on Reconstrue
tion.having been revived, -they will
commence work this week. One of
the first things to be considered by
them will be with reference to the po
litical .condition of the Sgpthbrn
States and the propriety of recon
structing them.
Lorenzo Sherwood, late of Texas,
appeared in the opening of the United
Sthtes Supreme Court, this mornifig,
and requested permission from Gov
ernor Hamilton and himself to re-ar
gue the constitutiopality of the law
preseribiug the test oath. Permis
sion was given to file a motion, in pur
suance of his request, with the Clerk.
The "coal'fields of America cover twp
hundred and twenty-five thousand
square miles, an area equal to twenty
eight such Stateu as Massachusetts.
One cubic mile will furnish seven mil
lions of tons annually for a thousand
The new iron bridge. over Bear
Creek, near Tuse,umbia, snapped
asunder on Tuesday, and dropped the
engine and two cars into the water
below. No damage but to the bridge,
the locomotive and the cars.
The Iudians have broken out again.
One hundred and fifty men have be.sn
killed in Montana, and 1500 "braves"
are moving towards Fort Kearney for
the purpose of capturing it.
Gen. N. B. Forrest, who killed .a
negro some months ago,.while the lat
ter was in the act of killing his wife,
has been tried and gcquitted.
A Marble quarry at Shemeld, Mas.,
with two hundred acres of land rrceutly
sold for eight hundred thousand dollars.
The deed for the property required
three hundred dollars' woith of stamps.
Why is it that since the .election the Now
York Tribune and other Radical newspapers
i"ivo no further accounts of "Southern out
rages" upon freedmen ? Has the result of
Ithe election rendered any more falsebood In
this direction unnecessary*t-Ezekange.
A Connecticut Yankee has clearedl his,
house of rats by catohiing one and dipping
him in red paint, iIe then-let him loose.
and other rats not, liking his dJooks, left im
WVhat is the difference betiween a tunnel
and a speaking trumpet ? One Is hollowed
out and the other hollowed in.
A cotton factory In Augusta, (1a.,* has
turned out during the past year 6010,000
yards of cloth. Good, let..politics alone.and
build more such establishments.
An English clergyman recently preached
a sermon In which he said that the news.
Ipaper was a part of life's earniest self-oul
iA OOD LEssoN.-"My gbn," raid
B en engineer, come here, I want to
f show you something."
"WVell, father, what is It ?"
"Do you see thIs' kettle bail ?"
"Ter, standing it up perpen
dicular on the table-"do you see
that ?"
"Yes sir."
C"Well, there,:" laying It down upon
the table -"do you see that IiVWell,
It is no farther round that bail as it
lies fiat than it is over it whren It
stands up. So, when you come up to
a hW,4'emenfber, it may be no farther
- around the base than over the Numnit,
while it in a great deal ensier."
T legra 3C- I
C Cable Dispatol:s.
ROME, December' 9.-Another one
of the French regiments left this city
yesterday, on its return to France.
PAnls, Decembor 9.-The Patrie, of
this morning, announces that the con
vention on the subject of the Papal
debt, the provisions of which have
been for a long time under discussion,
has been formally signed.
ST. PETERsBURG, December 9.-An
imperial ukase has been issued, de
claring all relations of Russia with.
the Pope of Rome abrogated, and an
nulling all special laws of the Empire
which have heretofore been made in
accordance with such relations.
LONDON, December 9.-The Egypt
ian Council has passed an address,
eulogizing the officials of the Viceroy
in Egypt tor their zeal and courage
and ability in subduing the Iaidia re
Despatches from Candia state that
the Crotans are submitting to the pow
or of the Turks, all means of further
resistanI having been exhausted.
The report, that the Cretans had
blown up a convent garrisoned .>y
Turkish troops, is confirmed, but the
loss of life among the Turks was small.
LONDON, December 8.-The J?eniau
troubles in Irelaind are evidently as
suming still more alarming propor
tions, as it is reported here to-day
that.in addition to the troops already
despatched- to that island, two cavalry
regiments have been ordered tb leave
immediately for the scene of disturb
PAnis, December 8.-La France
newspaper, of this morning, asserts
that Maximilian has telegraphed to
some of the physicians attending to
the Empress Carlotta to meet him at
Gibraltar by the middle of Decem
EDIMBURO, December 8.-In spite.
of repeated denials which have been
mnade on both sides, the Scotsman to
day reiterates the statement that there
has been some trouble in the British
Cabinet, and insits thait D'Isracli, the
Chancellor o f the Exchequer, threat
ened to resign his post unless the
Government a "pted the Reform Bill,
which is liberal in its provisions,
The Scotsman, however, adds that
Lord Derby yielded to the cogent de
mands thus made for a liberal policy
on the part of his administration, and
by this action a ministerial crisis was
LONDoN, December 10.-Noon.
The Times, in an editorial thi: lmorn
ing, says the Fenians have been fairly
cheek-mated, and 'that it would be
Inadness on their part to attempt a re
Cardinal Cullen urges the Irish
people to obedience to law and the
the avoidance of all secret societies.
Arrests still continue to be made,
svnd more artillery will leave for Ire
h.nd soon.
PARs, December 10.-The new
Minister to the United States, M.
Bertheny, saile'd for New York on Sat
RoME, December 10.-Some of the
French troops are still- here, and will
remain until the end of Docember.
MANCHESTER, Deee)nber 10.-The
Examiner follows the Times, and calhs
for an early' and satisfactory settle.
mnent of the Alabama claims. It be.
lieve the popular voice is strongly in
favor of an amicable adjustmntt.
LIVERP'OO!,,, December l0.-Th0
cotton market opens stead(y and firm,
with a very general inquiry.- The
sales will probably* exceed 12,000
bales-midding gulf 1 4ga 141d.
IvERPADL, December 10--I. P. M,
Cotton brokers report an active mar.
ket to-day, at full prices, though not
qguotably higher. Sales thius far reacha
15,000 bales. Stock of Americanm cot.
ton very light.
-Mexican News.
MonDI.F., December 10.-Colonel .J
J. Fisher, formerly ain oiheer in th<
Mexican army, under Generails Coim
mnonfort and Juarez, and ~ matly o
the Confederate army, arrived in thi
city ona the 9tlg iin.st., having b-f
Mexico on the4.9th ultinmo and Un
Cruz on the 4th inist. l ie .says that
deputa >.n, consistinmg of. elrgy,' d ie
tiinguished officers,'and citizens, weni
from Mexico to Oirizaba to amect thi
Emperor. They wermi received b,
him, and-thme result -of the initervieu
was to induce hiimi'to change his phln
and adhere to the coumntry. Th
clergy contributed $15,00,000, en
citizens and capitalists pledged them
selves for a like a mount. Maximilia
returned to the ci' rital 'c preuenit in
terference with his movements by th~
Fr.tmeh. Memasures were inunuia . teh
taken for reor ani:dimg the arm
nagan st Jare e.n.... oUer LI. 1 ..:
General Mar<itez has been.ordered to
the celniuand of the Do)partinent of"
Puebla; General Miramloh to that of
Juanaxato ; General Mejia to that of
San Luis Potosi, embracing the whole
section of countr ' now oce pied by %A'
the Liberals. Colonel . Fisher also, 1t
says that it was believed in ' Mexieor l
that the arrangements for the wi'th
drawal of the 1 rench troops were en S,
tirely rc-oked and abandoned, and
that t: Emperor would be susteinod
by Frnnce.
The. frigate Susquehanna was lying
fVer:t Craz on the 4th inst.
WASIINoTO, December 10.-The
American Consul at Vera' Cruz re
ports to the State Department that
Maximilian would' leave Oribaza on
the-28th November . for the City of
Mexico, anid that .the United States
mission was likely to be regarded in a'
favorable .light by the French of that
A cat died in Greensboro, Miss.,.
aged twenty yelirs. lYhether 'it died.
of cat-arrh, cat-alepsy, or a con-cat-ona
of disease, we have not learned.-Ex
What a cat-astrophe !
TlIE undersigned. I now
prepared to do all work
in his line, and may be found
at the residence of Mrs. C. Ladd.
dee 11-t2 J. D. CURETON.
A LL persons indebted to the estate o
Jacob O'Neal. deceased, are hereby
notified that I have placed'nll the demands .
in favor of said estate In the.hand of offi.
cers of the law for collection.
Those whose indebtedness exceed a twen.
ty dollars*will find the demands against
them in the hands of my attorney at law,
W. R. Robertson. Esq., 'and tbose w-hose in.
debtedness does not exceed that s tm will
find the demands against them in tlte landt
of Robert lawt horn, Esq., Magistrrtte.
Admr. of the estate of Jacob O'Neal,. deed:
dec 1- tt6
AM now prepared to saw LU;"IBER..
,,,,ov hills serlt to me, shall be pro mptly
flle. ht- e I ot"ber shipped immedliately
from lu i:,tiay Depot.
doe 1-t6 HIENRY C. D.WIS'
r WO Hundred Acres of Land lyin(g four
1 miles below Rocky lounnt FetTy on
Catawba River. There are thirty adrep of'
good Creek bottom' and about the stame of
hill land cleared which is No. 1 Cotton, Land.
'ermission will be given to clear me te land
if it is desired. For terms .&o., apply to
the abscriber at. his residence four miles
from Rocky Mount.
nov 28-xlm
NOTI'CE is hereby given to the creditors
of the Estate of William Richawdson, .
deceased, to rendler an account of their do
mand to me between this date and tie atsl
day of January next, properly. attested. .
nov 21-x4 Administrator.'
G'fl UTI30"
A IOl' of tlte above for sale in lots to suit .
-Just received from Ph.iladelphian
10 kegs Pu.ro-Wh3ito Lead, different baands,
1 barrel Linseed Oil, (refined,),
15 boxes ia lindow Glass, 8x10, 10z12, 12x
1.00 lbs. Putty,
l'aint llrushes, assorted sizes,
S2 barrels. Lamp Chimneys-Noa 1, 2, 8, .
Cases Concentrated Lye.
lbarrels Northern Irish 1fotatoes, Apples.
White Onions and New Halled Duckwheaut,
For sale low by
r nov 10-tf - o 2; llotel Raiger'
tSchedule over ho South CarolInaL.IM
. nsafsrx S. C4, Nov. .3..
I'[1N and aft er Wednesday, Novem.ber 7th the
U. Passengor Trains o.( this road will rua,.
he, frolowing schedule:
I.., . ('harleston,- 8.00 a me'
VArrive at Uoh,p.bia, 6.20 p ma
Lea..ve Columbia, 6.50 a nb
SA rrive ati Charlest on, ,4.00 p. na.
'titRaOUtI MAL fTRAtW.
L.enve Auasta, ' .CJf
Arrive a,t Kind;sville 10 i
- - rive at Columnbia 80
e I.eave CoIthila2.0pi
Arrive at Klsgsvil ',0p i
Arrive at Augusta, ' 1.0ngu
I!. T. PElaKE, Onl8~'~ ,.
Go' Spt
'[ nov8 'f'

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