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Byi~sporthi', Wti1llis &00.. .. .
- ..y
i inusiioro,' S. C., at bIG.OO per aw.
l i, in advance.
V.HER H D, S. AA - D 1
1 I I .I ISi; " W N S A Y MOR1N- 1 n nS"L.,1. ,.
Ixc", . IVOL. W . \V N M,B RO S.C.,'1'UE:S ):\Y D1CC+DI11;It 18 1S ir
We Pliit ly eiar--we llitnly see-.
.11 ,lilf,ri't ph lrase w%eI pra:y,
nLut. -lim tir clv:r, we own to Theo
Tile Light, liTe rith, the Vay.,
Is still ,1ne1 l":ther',t own;
Nor.je:1l,ous clin'nor r"ivahry
Divide the er,s,. nd ul IIoune.
'I lo Thy will is mnore than p raia^,
A-. wtn s :ire es t Iu elst,
A:1I .inlll, trust C.tn fin,lIhy ways,
We niiss wilIeh r'III of crecels.
No p ril of sell' Thy service hatih,
., 11':1v f'or file '*1, mnine ;
Ilr t i iin t rengiit is weakness, iiatll,
(Ina I - . a1"l t' l"ont thine.
A],a-t t'rom Thee aill g:t is loss
All 1:la w \:inly ,lone ;l '
TIii': r,Il,'nnu ,;I:I".Iw ti' Th'Iy cross
i.e e i :e " ltaa the stil
At ,l, ,hl . l,ve i lelf th ai .
'To ",el a ie gi run Tlh.-e i hell,
t - alk w i:bi "'e is hea:v'n.
llow vain, .e." i , ll I'hoi art,
Tl - ilhnt i 1 the en1'ilt heart
1 hiteb ell.: in h1:Iee.uf nar.
Iur l"rien,, our lirother nnl our Lordt
What mly Th'Py ,ervicehle ? '
Nii .i '. t . i 1nr I n. l t i nal word,
I0 "lis 1.y 1'41llowi lig orhee. -
We brint* no gl ts ly holatlis i,
t Wl -ile no 'ealonl ltsne ;
]1e or Ie the e':t whll lovelt mrost, e
- is b,rthlers 111:1l'Thy' lwil.
Tv litaes tre sweroley
Thy tirt n :t,:t.lil lil r i tI;
TI.. j tlt ' Il,li tr g J i~ t
lu Yail ,,'lall wa'1ve-, uf' i:imse dift
"It hi" v ult.41 qv\e arot itt . 11 ;
Ilt tii - to l it ertt turIl e: ll riftI
L' I h1 e we'tit'i.i of,"t'I il.
f. It 4m -: I1 i r 'n.: I ';t y Cirist Im I lt l,
Thi te inw-" it l :i rnr rali t
4. Iti it h 1 hl e th Ily e unic tet,
.\t"l it o bt ,,tlien r.tc praise.
Hio:aco Cretly.
S ote wt k t t o ll) rt geirlem en from
J, ll' r-ou r,,ltmty v. ti's., .;lltri'sl'd :1 ltt.
t: r to l1ra61rel ,1,in 1h m as
otitrt d I it le ;tltrs of tt 1: Ietu ;tt
p it t', whtt 1111t.t it lir o,s of Hir t y.' for
wetu intreferencl in"1p uto th o the i.r.. \Ir.
lrlil ~ 1ry .
lu r. i., . r, -lOc.
I. I k:now\ of nto conIl.dl,ralet or inl
in-tiapIt of chel . peoph of th1e
Nor'IIt 1 or \Vea, to ('Xp11et orf'!.sire anly
11It1 (or' it h.1) "oni: eit'11i11 of stinl l'"
t"'lli |,1;, , '1 : . I ill j,1'rsollisly Ietll:lnt
tv l IiIlln 1" 1 1in ll'id of lIme: -
( i, rr'Iis miI h, ('hal'r3 1umner'I, Giov.
t liiu=t", N.Ct., :111'I1,1 R, ",e .. lt"Ihl ayi or's ;
1 t11n of i I 'o t, l(; in. ai':U slevenl3
:lI' (;."n, l:':'?r"r niar Ie exteltions,
-; . lr bnr a1 "'i : col'vert from the
I", if,a itn'. l nev.1 h
":o ,usm r,'not: It pro,iiteer'- i.,"."rt'kill
t to b,e 11'i n i ll' very so1n. It i= I;niin
t+d.onily bt"callst' of the need if a loeal
3., I :,,i very sure that. no Soulthern
maln, who rl"m lina qutie;ly nttlomt, tndl
tmiuse eI teri,, . you talk of tie
"'titmlt,y of tile wtI. ,; au.l blacks." In
five of the Now inglatl St"tos thleir.
Constititt ions an.d btws make no difl"r
ene",'atndl know nlone, bttween whlitt"s
and blackS; and yet I thiuk there is far
less initercouir.o or political intermiX.tllro
ilet-ween wintes andt blacks in 13o.ton
(for. instuic6) tlli inl New Orle'ans. -
Ylt do n..ot ask me for advicte otatsile
1 t ltin 1'ion1 ; v' et I Ven lire to p rufif'r
this .co'tmstl: I,"t.t Iht S til ut'rt St.l.e3
reso lvv to estab lish auf mmluti, bene.
forth, at Ihort,n;,hly ,-~.,d undelrstalndilg
wlith the 1tmn.btr,t blacks. Etncoulra-ti
them to htlecobIventionls and selee:. their
hst, m. n to conf-r wit i your' best. tetn,
re'o v 1 ti a. a perf ct. ',,OU( I it '1rstatt}
ilg b.i,cwecln the two rlaces simll be
I tr us t ti're is no more trothle ahead
hur inl ai Clse, stth an ttiderstanIdin.
is of the gravest conseftlences to all.
your, trulv.
Io rl.c ( t:.:..
Forcgu It,ans.
Lo )o0, .l)cettmber I t. - -\ oon.-It
h:s bec','n clearly pto\cd that the
steamsti;it Bolivar, 'whiclh was seized
io Met Way, was tot. desigt'edi for the
lr . She belotgs to Cohunbia,
Il .l be deliverel to the agLent of
tha;t Gov,erlnment as soonl as p o.sible.
A mlot aplImiling exliin has11 OC
enurredl inl a colliery" at ]hirnsley, in
the onlnty tf x.Thie loss of. life
is frighttul ; the b -lics of over three
inuudred detadl ha:Ve alre:ady h,'en taker
fromt the mli'e, and mlan'y others still
tniceounted fjtr.
13itht.v, IExtlr.A N,)ecmb er 12.
Oats (olIbery, near this 1 lace, at oneo
o'clock thit ait::rnoon. 'Tihis colliery
rontinedl the large,t pit ml this dis
trit:t of country. Tlhe shaft is 7
fards deep. tti the lateraI works ex
tendted( a t d i;tnte,: of two itmiles frotl _the
butttt. Nearly four utmdred menlt
atl io we t''iu the mite at the
t imle of cxp!osion, lnearly all of Wh1om0t
wec re ernshedl.
Nine P. A.-Elvery aid is being
given to resene the sur.vivors. Ex'
ploring parties have counted 38 deatI
hodics withint the space of fifty yards.
ruur ofthle tuntortunatec victimst have
bteen brontltt up alive, but badly mu1t1
tilated. TIhe eng"ineers are of the
opinion that owing to the foul air
thert can be no more alive in the
works. t' this is so, over 300 Itnttan
beintts i luri i in the recess of the
}ttt. TIhe ex'Itt'1 iat amlong the famill
Iit' itt toaa is mtlost inltense and pait
tt'ul, and thte works htave beent a scetne
tof wailing Iand despair all (lay.
A ilattr ac'id1et1 occurred so'mie
twenty years ago at the sate pit,-by
whticht teventy-three lives werp lost.
J;i. as.i', )ecelber 13.-Anothler
explt,ion took place ini the same pit-,At9
o'ch>ck thi, muornin" While parties wore
lilluiingrand' drawin; out the d&ad.
Eigtyt" of the bodies hald been drawn
out when the second explosion took
place. Several oficials and a number
of volunteers were in the pit at the
timc of tle seconid disaster and 'it is
fear..d that thy -.:. all perished.
The exciting seen of yesterday were
8omtte of the volinteers have been
taken tit alive.
LioNtbON, 'I'Tusdty-Evening.-A
secontd explosioni took place .itn the
samte collier'y - itt Barn' sley 'while a
large nttuber (If miniters w~ere trying to
save the surtvivor)ts of the fcormter disas
Ite's, an~d thirty add it ional lives wecre
lost. Another' terrible explosiont has
taken placee in Stafi'ord, attenided with
great loss of life..
Ttt: S4rw':K:r R At wAY.-Two eairs
posse5(d our iiflitce laist night loadid wiit ht
patsen1ers Thtis is thte frst tripl on the~
street ratiIway, andi we conigratuilati tihe
comnpanty ont tis autspiciouis eveut, atnd
enni wih thtem tie better stuccess thaun
that I iheitr ear's may always he as eroidda
oed as t hey werte 'ont tiu occattitn. I'n
pis.itig the htote'l the cars were gretedt
with chceers, anid higher upo'J-King
iction3 turned out. mn a'(sse, aril h,loop.
e1 and inirraihed in ecstacy t,t their first
apl,'araice Ott the rout.
TIhe tria! trip was much more sati-fao.
tory t1.b te contractors and to Superin
te(dent Jac'.eon then, was .antilipated
The cars only ran off t'he track once on
th+ tipward trip, when it, was expect.ed
it, vonhl hav(e oreirrrl hal a dozen
tilres, The pavin.g on the line of the
rail1 's not ye. adjusted to tl/t p'erTec.
tio n which ensitre- the ears to keep
thi-ir traek, but afi.,r a frv trips this
will b(r remrnli"<l.
Te. ormal opening of the road will
take place at 12 o'ulock to-iorow.
Chareston .[ereirq, 1 Atlt.
Legislature of Sith CaroHna.
TIIU'D . Y !)EC; 1 JII R 13, 1800.
The Senate met at 12 i.
Mr. G. W. Williams ititroduced a
hill to ainend the law in -ret'ermnce to
Juries and Traverses in the District
J. S. G. Richardson, Esq., was
elected State Reporter, withoutt o1po
Ad jourued,
M1el,licinelt au
' ~ rdeli Vnre.
t erLs :Ii-4 Ca,$ tnl wt hop to ai
Ihber'aIlptronago by selling at sniall
I iTllTCiI, McMAST'It & CO.
18 -rf Ilotel Range.
sub1),cribe has118 on han11d -Ind
on%tantly ine-lli'aclug
1:. IIARNESS, an11d Bii D LES, of
(rirjions, and every arti to in his
I ie, brest. IA teriail. AlIso, i,.1 'E
lof evey size. Iieparing done wil New
h- Sincl
ork wrarranIed. Call and sed-- prices nol
I( l'. QE i 101.
to'. Ark(;n, and J'eitionl to 10a
T's .\. .\ike"n, e .
I'rx Est. of l I'eri'etrnte Testi
t.liken-, dee'd. J mnry.
t(etilioner in the above stat,,d np.
-.j.tion, Inving Iill their petition to
[11 teltilloy of a setIlenlcnI had
ebrnaly, 1961, het ween the heirs 2
tIrvi,I Alker. de(c,rsnd, anir of a
tci ar1ition of ti-e real estatu of
L.a:e, by thn s,lid hei s.
1)-,/bred. on mno1ion of . Mr. Rion, So.
. the Petitioers, thr, in pn-r1.
reo Act of the (lenlerl' Asremrbly in
re, nindlo and provided, all. prsns no1
CI inl the above slited mnti;lga .do
la this ofice threc honths .ropl the ]
C<of. to exaniue i evidence .Ih,t
tliodluced, and produce evidence in
de '.A'. 'ALAt,AR
C. E. F. D. ON 1
ioner's Office, 1' f
iny., 1866.
law:im. Ito
3 of South Caro'n%
tht IN QiUirr. oh
Co boug
antrrison, sr
va,. In Eqpity,
-r1:rison, Bill for
IIOrrison. Dower.
'krco'of ai deeco madine in tin-s easr
plriidgrment ahd othber creditors of ~
.l,y1 deo'd , are hereby no fred 1 B
tire first day of May next, to a
pr*ovo by snficie'nt tsion A0
Eii u-:deruigned art his efflnco?
argr their several asd tospectivo
lxeoontionsr, debts, climjns and J2
fietlitnst the estate of said -deceas
pnt cre.llors also not ified that. LL.
Waoined~,01 in said decree from en
Th'ia dits of' Feiri Facias aigainst will re
de is o lndtn-and all other ore. cated
nioyare therein enjoined- from Winnsl
Sttor proseenting any suit cr nov'
' igainst thre defetylant, iolrn.R. .
cha Adiiteo fsaid cstate TOm
re Itl. A? UAiLLAlD H
Unrer's 0Oice' .. coumfor
o. 8.C , ept.486. - withba
ernor !)o ault.horiztled to a:i (t.~r
ni(,eciary to ctrrv out i., oj l
tt';uplatedl ini the( for"."ti'.-, r l.,: .n1
and that, euch I r:il shill m: ,:- ,"
vision to palr ' -- llSj n of . ..
tationi und all t expens.s u:. .", :i
Q11pplit-, as Inlay hel re~C'(ivted for" 1h'- h,,'ne
lit ut the pour uf'sich D)i st iicts
r ASIIINXtTnN, I)r"I.tih'r I I.---n o'I;.
s t'11!1tt ' Ill(' w r'lt+:l; itltt'll"\' I; t l, ,in " e -
t:11'% of thr" j,_'l.1Il , w h\,t' h, r !"t' . t "
Rce h(':lator+ .iloul,l Ill p;aid hon i'
d:1te of tliuir m.in io i t -
fron toit(* c oil ill i'
Congtr,ss; whlichl wa; r..;..rr, ito
In t y l .I", it't. I , : i.
1 i, i.In ll i a'ii', l \' i; l : 11
t il: , tilll s l r :'''lll"I I,,r ate dI ,;. ,A'
u\vt"r on1(e. t'pla ! w\lu.r, :Ill ftlt -1
thori'( I he pur"c. a. or ctn:on ' ),
rllilit:(ry UI ll,lai liu,".o;t' I 'l':t
flit- dlir("ci i n of the( P',.: tn( .hil \ai , t
a bl: ill fo,r the uonn trn,":i')n it :1 -
n_ "'ri inllt telt! rl ih- 1:111' ;il : \,a -;:.i:
1 u 'l ) V o 'l, ': '
I'o New ~Yorl iiv
I , I1'. ip,'llhl1:ll _',"r ll' -" ; ',al I 1'
1ii ti h' loy l , , r I.K - of
lshi l' ( ifo ,ri to 1: ': i ti : i.
L are* ( i m I ! I .il: i : - . ," ",I;
-Yi#n ovrill i,e i 1. V I1;,"
t,rerI 0(,n$ll:11ei' ' i
1 "ferrt"<l o t.k S.lqe. (C, ii ( ot
'ew O)rleor.o int-.
Mt Ar ,J'lrlianimll ep a I I''n
'i revolt it tunI ih I 111ti
1 e ot ^Ilr ,"Iut".Stl provi(1h-:.te"n;n rary\ or
riln lt t. for ili thel l lt,' r,",
\vU ec -tt If.','nue.;;t ---:>,ii, - , -.,
lti llt' ., ' ith iit 1 '. t i -
ol :al who have ' bottrn iiin
'4 I td l i u tlt1 , I tillt -
.pu rt' tot,C llm te
lpat1 . ....
Tie, Iti.: w i:.\ l : 1 ,..
chJ' dlespatli t a We t , ru f
2 "Thne l io r elo t I le - i -i
A VI' I11:( no forltl c i ; 't
7w iTir ll beent " ' 1'1s'.. , It
tlrO ; :111,1, illl'"It 11 1l- r ,ti- :1 I ,, 1, 1
o0'long thwill havi coerr'a tr
IZ , l -'st i lllt, : ii' n:ni t .
'e Iemu er:a in l1!1ir. in ',ti_i . I
li ; le ll- , t h t . t(" i'.
1I d temne11d ion aii .1h
Fi on t tlllilI On- iet i s - . in
fIr01nce patic-11 I r'v to 'uItlu 6 ,
'Ihet w ll b. hlt'd . J)o'tl o n'
poshr to th e-' f rhI n- .
nd1 ., at IIh ' la to: in i, ro on h at.
il fu ide, urtl', be'cau ih oill t ,i'
'r urrectinl lt e I D "n:-t I
. now ha -, it 1 , Il l. .ii l:, it
y Co t ,p t pay'ttl' (" ex. -:.s !:t
tboe O -isl a wh\iebl a rI L.rl:i n'
i o the part of ;ih -p .
Strl'h;/ Pr'l(.aentt, -hlt :11on 1':":,'
t clert- ,.wIll n=1e 'te v"!! p}ower t' -,
be r 'le rvinig it fu- whlitt II ::\
la plainl viola .", ;of tit. (
t wiil purlsue at I.let coiurs," c,enh;..
) - . I
1'"i ,......\ t ,i . i
* **
. { 1
'- 1
- ,,..
- ....,: *.. - V
R ;- *'
- eI-t.LL . '*
':1".1 *
4 ' -; . 'I
*1 H ''&* ~ d '.

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