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The tri-weekly news. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1865-1876, December 18, 1866, Image 2

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TH U .Iit ...1 y11-"Eh ily,e NEWS18
i)0":portI, WHillls & CO"c
nbiIII oro,' S. C., at W6.00 per an. - I.,1l
11. a.ivt;cM
i bii -
f ' atF1E5,U W''RAC - T
1OR J~{IN. (. wlt(Trm:n.
We flintly lwta--'wc lintly see
In Ii frwitt phas1'e wepriay.
L'ut. -liun or cleatr, wve ~wn to Theo
h'i,e hight, Ihe 'Truth, the Way.
The bhnnil;e that we reeir Theo
ls mtill ntur I"-'ather's own ;
N -ii' tahums cl llhn'noru rivalry
Divide lie cruvi's i I lruue.
'q ,'I 'hy will i.; iore than pIraiie,
A.i. w.r,l, :rl'u e a 11111es 'hI dIv,
A:i,I SimIp1 tst c1A n e iity IliV w.yS,
We lliss witl4ehar' of creeds.
Ni pl' of s -i' Thy service hathi,
" 1'' tg firi' e l maine
( I nr t lllli II sIretl' gli is weakness, deat11,
In (if i.-, ap,art frount thline.
A Irt fir~ I Tlhe all gaht i4 loss
Alila b:1or va inly 11,n1u;'
'i'h- solmnl u-l\w IIt' TI'hy cros
Is.heitelr Iua1 the sin.
At l i, h ,ve i ll' ible !
ti'll F'ithu ' liitit i"+ ,ie t)n urL rl
To 1 . : itl ti T e is hell,
i , t.ik wi:h T y' is ht:eavcn.
111ow vain. s.em--' it' ' Thou art,
),i' n li,sy chI:1tllr ilvn uip.;
' I i.hin.. if the trII-ille heart
4 hicb etill il htae.uf man.
tr I-'rinu1l, om- Briehe(r andl our Lord,
W iiI Itt eIII TIy Ivice le-Y
i n', . nor loim. ImwI' 1ii l word,
hn ri.,.y foulling Tghee.
We birinry no gili stly holocusIl,
W4'e . ile no n,ra t.n 'i,wu :
11- or s I.e t ".ewho luvc(h I I ost, *
I l is lethinthers i, 'i'hy own.
'lt' ti ' t)is . Ire sweet l.tties
( 'Ui .' andi,1 ( Ii l':
'T by :'i i ''1 ut lit- ,r-ies ;
III vain '1:1ll walve of i:tentse drift
Th'1e van1--d nave airouwl
Ilk v:in1 lihe i' e t urr(1'I11e! liftLL I?h.l,l \er1 o : ''111 -1
'I b' aze i'. t Lt m d
- ' h - 'iti. l'11y Chilristita balls,
Tit inw:1d1 al -ralis'.
I a ti n :terl ho re h ut I 1)licles, i
..I d its olt ience prati e.
Hio:ace Crel:ly.
iSo't weks aiio t guli,nletl' f'ro)n1
J lYer=t u ,ie m m' t tv, .\ i ".liis, .llr,$sedl It let
it' i~I uh. s$i 4'uIts it itt I) i iti t . r:.4
I t ilt.ir, t4 r u ly t ,k i h, ian
t.ine'u ot he liter hi whe vr-pntobe:it
ty, whlt tLm inlrutis ofy rri prt
\\','ct 11'ugil lIt ;, [ur i Ii ,i ) ttll . tt'I 'r h
(ir" lt (, )l'u rfilt an 'te t i )ru11'1ti,
were11i l, i lit' i ltl-r n e tt I .t' th t th . e tr
I: 1i " ', t ..., ' . , r. h t. o, 1866.
14 u .': :r 1.'Ltr lind<,I mn1
iwbvlrtalk :i endup as i'd 'o -'.'' i leae
' ,Y1' 1'u u !* ' : 1i111a
1 11n1 ;t.0tnswer hulrrietllt.
1. 1 knows oI nto con ..,1,rabilt" or inl
'I 1, ulial 1nrt'i~n of ii. 1)1"t It! of the
North1! or We',.: to exSp,-1t UIr ,!'ire :Inyt
g,leeral (or itih.ur) coulliseantil)n of SeuthI.
lr I' r 'li1 -,l:y. 1:e pi e 1r.:onatll, a(' wit
Pd w i, h mo t. A ,i b 1h'i 1nS, of no ," -
tii'rris tSmiih, ChlIi :' nner, Gusv.
Case &e. n,no. linel ..l thteml avor ail.1
p1,i!es' If cofi-aeLtion. ''Thadl Stevensa
:,w1 ,1G,n. I: h-r may be e'xcieptIions,
'tn. 'I). In>:t ag :to.. cot'vert fromi the
i.i- t, i:. ! 's i - hou gh I
to bie itken ('U Very suoon. It i.:,I Iriot
(:d.,onlv' becanliuof the net'ed of a local
:3. 1 :lin very sure that. no Southern
manl, whol remalis qnicily atJhme and
..1...1 n to.isauies will- eve.Ir he
imisuse of termil, " , yon talk of the
"equahi+ty' of tile wi.. s and blacks." I r
five of the New i!1gland StUos their
Constitut.ions and. laws make! 110 di'.r
ct..e,'aiid know none, between wiit "
:id blacks; and yet I think there is fai
less interconrse or p ilitical intermix.ture
iietwc:en: whites and blacks in BI3oton
(for. insui") tiua in New Orleans.
Yimt do not ask me for advice ontsih
your qlisi ions; yet I venture to pro.fl"r
this.co-'nssil: Lp"t th. S mn+h,.rn S)t.1-et
resolve to cs'ablisi an l mia nltutain, lice"
foirth, a thoriiigldy d al und1"rstaIdil,.
wllh the 8,mI,Irnt )lacka. ELncoura+,u
them to hohli ca'hivent ions and seice;. theil
- i.- to con,-r wit hi your' best. imn
resolvedf to it a perfect ,oOd undei'rstand,
ing bet.wcen the two races shall o
had. . -
I t;ust. there is no more trouble ahead
hur" in any case, such an understandin,,
is of the gratvest coisepiences to all.
Yolrs, trulv,
Foreigu Itins.
LON, l cebeLr I'.- -oon.--tl
has bei i elarly pro\ ed that the
steamiiship loliva;r, 'which was seized
i 1edtvaV, was not, design'ed for th<
Fhr M She belongs to Cohunbia,
ai - tll be delivered to the aLgent of
that l oveluinenit as snie as po. ible.
A must :iplr+liig explosion lhts o.
enrred ini I colliry at. Ihirnsley, in
thilolnty uf 1'r. The Io ss (t. life
is friht;iul ; the ib -Ics -of ovtr three
hunudr,d dead hilIav+t already b,"un taker
frium the miic, and m:I'y others still
uunacCOtedltrl for.
lAusr.v, 'N(l.ANf, Decem ber 12.
(lats Coliery, near this ia:ce, at one
u'clo,k tIit tilt aernioon. Tliis colliery
eimtained the large't pit im this dis
trict of countrv. The shaft is '70
yards deep. andi the lateral works ex
tendedia d ialle of two uiles froti tie
hotton. Nearly four timdutlred mrn
ain. ihov weir+ inl the iniue at the
tlmt- of e.xi!osion, nearly all of whon
Nine P. M.-veriy aid is being
given to rescue the iurvivors. Ex"
piorinlg parties have counted 38 dead
holies withiii the space of lifty yards.
Four ot'the iulfortunate victims hmvt
ibeen hronii-tht up alive, but badly mu
tilated. The enigin eers ate of the
opiniol that owing to the foul iL
there can be no- more alive 'inthe
work:s. If this is so, over 30t1 hiul
beins lie hric i in the recess of the
rfit. The exc'ite it llonlig the famli.
fli'r inl tow-. is mos,:t inltense anld palln.
t'ul, anl the works have been a sce-eI
of wailing and despair all day.
A uilar acciilcint, oculrred souic
twenty years ag at the Saie pit,-b
which sevtentv-tiree lives werp lost.
.r .ts.v, .tccnher 13.-Anothei
e xplsiin t ook place in the same pit at i
o'e!wik this imornlin- while parties ner
liainglu anl drawing olt the dufad.
Eighty of the bolies had been drawn
out when the setcond explosion tool
plac. Soveral otlicials and a numl'^.
of volunteers were in the pit at th-:
tuie of the sccolndl disaster" and 'it is
fear.-d that th"'y :.:1e all perished
The exciting se yesterday 1Cerc
8olmle of the volunteers have beet
taken otut alive.
LoNDON, Tlhursday-Eviening.-A
second explosion tiok place .in the
saime collier - ::t lBarnusley -while
large niuiiber of minuers wtere trying ti
save the suirv'ivors of thet formerC disas
ter's, and thirty add(iit ionaul lives wor
lost. Aniothier terrible e.xplosionL ha
taken place in Stafford, attended witl
Igioeat loss of life..
Tluu SruK,-r RA Il.wAY.-Two dIr
possed~( our olliei' l15.as iighL loadm'd wit!
palsseniirs hisis i the rit. trilp onl th
streetC railwavuy, rand wve congratuilatm. Lih
companiluy on this1 antspiciouls eveut, ani
cain wish d.hem nio better success tha
that I hiuir caIrs mal:y alwiays beC as9 croEl
il ats they were oni this ocea-ioni. 1
pasn the hotels thec caIrs were greeto.
with cheers, and higher up on' -King~
'd and hurrahed in ectacy at, their first
apIn-rance on the route.
''hn tria! trip was mnch more nat.isfac.
tory t.o the contractors and to "uperin.
tendent Jackon thea was .anti<cipated
The cars only ran off tho track once on
the nilward trip, w h en it was expect.ed
it, wonl have oecirred1 hail a dozen
timries, The ptviI1 - on the linn of the
rails is not y.t adjusted to tldt lierTec.
i ion which ensure= the (ars to kee
their track, hnt aft.er a few trips this
will Ie remedied.
The formal opening of the road Will
inke place at 12 o'cloek to-murow.
Charleaton Mcrceirg, 14th.
Legislature of South Carolina.
2IIUIzSRAi Y DECE. !?nR 13, 1866.
The Sennte met at 12 in.
Mi. G. V. Williams iiltroduced a
hill to amend the law in refterence to
Juries and Triverses in the District
.J. S. G. ticiardlson, Esqr., WitS
elected Stato Reporter, without tplpo.
r algr
I usit
urnor be hialhtrized t41d a:l <t!,r :"'
n1(!ees:try to c:trrv out thi ainyI c..
tt':n iltet-d in tl1e "forn i' r ' : ::ni
11d that, (!e h I :i :rie l ;! shlT,l m :. I:,r
vision to IarI ..x u :. ul 'of t..a>
tatiotl and14 all ( i -r e!xpen"t1 . 1, 01 -. l
ipilt-1 asu lmlay be!) ' u" reC(i: te(l for te i
lit, ot thet pour of's:tcb 1)i.u tcs.
W\rAsIIXTM-, I)le"ebr I1 I I.--1h
funate th Ile (h iri nat .'i h I 'i i.,r ' h
S , t)t ,Oil . ( 'Ilal:'111:Ilt l:tltl I1".I' i,
S -l t t the wri in' i r lt v :1 h:,. ( .
at'ry of t ll ,7cntit , w in-!I :r - ;....
see Senaators shloutl b,t piaid ftIromn : tio
d:c11( of lt. Ir ad.mi:i~n I o 1 , h v; (r
fromn tlwt ctnn -w:emrnt. of i h. - a -1; m"
C'ongr'; whibrwa r ri
Jnli mr ('uto nit( ' .t",
n t.l* II,u' 1* , ,Y. vl , t ,v:
lain, inl hl:is ' pr y rt -d l""11( 'e . i 11;
(rv(r ctnt'-plac,! w lwtrI :IN l :,: ~ on
r . H:.; n inr: h:c l
\ I I Il : , 1v4 Ili .,i t:('," :I r
t.horiz(, thell lmrta.:,t or ctln, -:ru )n
unilhi:1rv ,r 1,,:tai lil' i T 1 ''t0
Si 'iitir .r, i( of th I I I - >
mnii1 ; \:hielh w'.asi rt-fe'r"d lt, i,,
Tr. Wrrae" bo t ' (I' 1e1i. n in ',
I :t htill f1r th c o r ru t i In
rumlit4. f-! ra h e r tm \
u New York elI v.
Alr. -!Nh:n -r oc .4 e Id
iIl of t h:,' l ty- If -" ~
ail i: (m U i:' .i tl i- (;'.', -
. G oi er' S :iinl l i fi' Il:t - i
I 1. 41 tl,itIis il t . -( I, ( ' I l:. b
lof'rr tl. tco cl,.{' .til , ..I I (!! l
Mr J' lial int tra ne -dt' a pt'~ ,
.i .', "'
. i rvoltcn 1-t <tlm II
.1 ruV ull, 1 ^_.'ltIi'I ilt', I- t : , , It .43 , 3...
i;1 i vi(l' :.t:n. ,ar 4 t lr i , :
rnt itil. for a:i i't . -t"' I
xcepII;'l',"I 1w.;, '(-"-,Ili t.. I -
I all limi.', u it hoot nt" :I,,,"1.. - ,
iii all w% lll: h vu 1,,'rn:' .trlu -
:1! 1I(d slates. tr 'Im" i i,
ii.b\' l l 1 i l' ' ihe t t ,t f r
II' rlg.,l( "',i t i 141 . 1,(a'1 t .t ," ,ti .1 ' :,!
.l'ferred( to the( Commliaitteet u:on .".
r e tiu.
T iti. W.mS .. .
,N"i" l t o l t 4a We t r' , Ii ,":
he ' niof"r:Il e)s em4--r
I v it' a id o fot-rn i ctlal; .,., -
wre, hav IenI s1it ' l l!1 1v " ,:r m
toes.:n ' l i ' m ' f 4,- !,": I n
:n nt, t.b("u h,av," c"uu ,lr...t Irc("! ,
it 1'r -sidetutn tu ,Ih f:1!(rt" 't:. ' - ;
Democratic par;., in 1. 1_ . 1
S a 'ri t.ha , , tie. 1"i i tr ;' t:,
Infe'ruenc:;, th fo 1 i .. I' ;:'' !1:
-en devermlin:,d ton 1. a4 n
tiotd r rl'i i . Il.tre ln 4 ii.:43on
fulrenc(! pa:rtictilbrly to (Iliine r'.
The1tt' will b,1 le.s, unN
+lp ,,ilo ln to lite I ' (,f I; I:w . t'
an at. IIhe lat;.. l:uin,n t ()ni ,".
is fmIib-", b ut btca: th. 1.14 nlu t
surrerctiont thta. flt- I,'m l- -" !
now>, hla:, i:( Ihat, t:I" :t,
ly commuit pr(rty (x".l , , - n
.,I31atlo11,- w bticlb at re(".1r1m
,lice on the part ui tltt p)
The( Prt'shtlenr, -h.. ":IU1 :ta , r
vrt, .ill 11'w I the 'v ;o power't":'
relscrvingl it fr" \vhat, hit ma: t: ' ,'
il;lphiin vl ar. if thl ( .:n'
1will pur;Ine a itiet cunrs'", ealenbtu.
33) l"(U 1 l ,. t,
t 1' :;t*,* ; -
I I.
1 . f
'( 3 3 ' - . :.
a I h io
h: in -3; ..C
*14 .

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