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The tri-weekly news. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1865-1876, December 22, 1866, Image 3

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Winnsboro Prices Current.
Cor r<rcrl To I. -I'ri.1y ry Cutr/irur(S ,gllath tr a
w V. 111.-uou, 1neaibcr 22. 1$.G.
Al 'eu. Ilu"he0, $2 00
lf,aglging. unny, 1 yard, 88
" I on,"es. C ". 8
.Ifill I"11~'7. \Innill:t, (? lb, 28
" s.w ',o.k or N eactn, .1 lb, 29(;,25
"'meon . Ils' t Ilb,.2
" . 'I,nmbles.. jJ Ib,h
litie.% Conunry. j lb. .,
t'Io ts .1ar1 'i I nneh, $300
" h, ur.n - 14. _3
"'s tI t 1,11 rm,611 . Il,3,l
'1Adtnnine, lb, :1')
1 o,ihe, ltin, ia, 82(re.88
" I.ngu:lyrn, 1b, .4
" Jncv. I . 40
( b1re'e. :,g;l.ih11 h,iry, 1b,, , 80
" (iurhen, Ib, 2 1r,sg
I idles, Dry, lb, I3a 11)
S:Ird. lh' 20(1r 22
'\ilah- e+, \11,.e,vn,dn, gallun, 7
" Sortgh' '' iti
New Olrleans, '' S 1 24
ba'is. Ib.
io,hlsn., b usLel, S1 74.i2 13
tolil, tru..ilie, g,;llon, 1 110
" 'I'nit 1,,nwrs . 1 70
1 o ni'. V ioin. Is1- l, 1 ,;n
' Y.llow, 1 .
Iall. .iverpoonl, vnek, 3 7
I'sIs, ('4otlon1, dol , 9 0)
" Wo, -. 8 00
$1ng31r, ('rISell'd, lb. "3
" l'owdered. Ib, "2;
. .rown, Ith, 14i13
" lExtrnaC, 1g
'ita, Extrta Gunpowder, lb, $2 00
" I1yson, l1b, 1 5u( :.2 0))
" inck. 1. 1 25(1_1 50
'Tohne,o,, ('h.wing, lb. u( r50
tlpecie, Gold. 40
" iiver' 81)
Fintur. ('ot,Itry Extra cwl, 9 t%,01
"1 1. Extr,n, hbl1. 14I.00(415 0
A xes. W..1. ''encvck & Co., doz, 24 (00
Colln:+, 11nrt unltd doz. 24 00
unt. :rOX, l)ecem'ber 18.--'l'he tone of
. foreign u1,u"ket hanving imirove,. Ihe
nlrket lit"',,enol I:p ab. a.' hatlf ce^t per lb.
11' ,inot : Ordinary :1, Low .liddling, :32,
se riet AI iddling :34 oent a.
CII.tu.orr :, frcemtbor 20.-About 111)
omles i:tt beven eoll In ny, 29c. for Mid.
dling. . \1: rket active.
YJ3 Vir,tt nt ol'ofl]ndry Excont ioil . In me dirco.
I,1, I-will olf'fr fonr soale at Fairfield Court
Itittse on the first Ntoud:iy stud litho dIa ,.u.
3Iwing, itn .L Itlary w,'-t, within te I gal
loonu of s1l, to (he highet. hidlor, for
('aslh. the folluwinge Real I'r"opcrty. Pur
C.uu+teris In paly for ities.
One tsnet of 1) earea more or loss or
d" nd in Fatitlcd District, adjoining lands of
-.1on I1a1risont Sr , decenred, N. I leny,
lecenred. .lont1 E. Robertson. John Itobert.
, l'ixon uiotllets. n ad the ',W'Preo
Ii-t"r, let'icl npont na ,he property ot' .11.
- by (nttow deensed..).nl th' tiit of1T. S.
1"ulfo aItnd ot. If loylton. Ex'rs. vs .loh,n
Ilbrrin ;sonr, .T Imes 11:11rison, .a:. E. Dobty,
tnd Jon 14 E. Itohertson.
On, tratrtof I I-lnct"ere..mQtre or'lss, of*lnnd"
in Fairtield iit(riut, nljti~ing laotds nf' It
14. Ioyl<tlun. deed., 1(an4d 1'. & 8. C. tnilroad
antid l\olit1rio sh'eet, of the Town of Wilsv
l:ro, levied upon its the propnrty of It. W.
Pllo-y, it the rnit of Jos. D. Aiken, ''ttstee
of. M. C. lImlo:Vu.
One Inet of'. 5I0 ncres, more or less, of
hft(] in l"nirflield 1)istrict, djoining lanIds of
Estate of' N. .. leny and others, levied
upon as the proplerty of JeTnt lfitrtison,
to.. ott tlto tutit of. Wmto. I. Itobertson.
r.Ine tract of (110t) ncres. tlorir or leis, of
JInd in Fairtiehl IDistriet. adjoining lands of
John lobertlinn. Abrtn D.Jone, intd cihers
; liid upon nis 1ho properly of ,James lIar
ixon, Sr. at the suit of Wun. It. IRoLertson.
(Inc ntrc 4f:,1 n)era,rs, more or less, of
lo d in F,airlild 1)istrict, ndjoinintg l...td of
13. L. Kiirkhtand. J1. 1(. Ilotis, Eottato of'
(!Itariest I.abban Esttate1o of E.l FX . Loyleu
(ieoid in .on ase the prIoper'ty oaf' IsnabL JK.
Janic, ott 33he nit of' V.m. It. Iloberison.
Onae (1rac3 of' -15 on's, moreit or losa ot
hot"'I la tin iliehol Distric(t, adljoiintg Itinds of'
'T. WV. lInb..b. So'., V. illiam liloir, 'ali-a IX
iviot andt othterso, leo.ie'd upono1 as6 (t.m pro
. 1'ert V t.r It T.. Vatbrhorogh., ar. (the suit of II.
L.. Elliott.
W- V.' 4LEV Eli, S. F". Di.
c, 15,-t43
LL.! persons htntving demanatds negninst the
A Jatiite or Yilllinm E. jrall, dreensed.,ar
direced to r'ende'r In the wane roperlIy
anthntinte Itoh underasi goed at Ioa ofilce
in Winnusboro.
II. A. 'GA T[LAflD,.
Nov tl--txs *C. E.1F. D.
tow .prdpar'ed to aaw I U,\BElt.
Illa soUt to '(lne, shl1 be promiply
hao Lttmberct chilpedl imtetdlately
Wnuy Depot.
.aen(th after dlate, w'ppliention
. madel to theo Charlotto & Soth.1
IIW.4 ,'dtypaoy : for reneowal-of
of Mrok No.I1509 ?8aes,
313 (ituto isuedi in';tkhnme oft
\, Esctr
B'Y Virtue of an eoution tome directed.
I will offer f sale at Feirfield Court
House on the first nday and the day fol.
lowing in Januar ext. within the legal
hsonrq of Ni9, to hlgreat bidder, for
Cadis, the followi Real dropert . Pfr
chasers to pay for lee. The lans to be
snoi in theor"der t wing until thesatisfao.
ion of the Ft. Fa, ted.
One tract of 18 ores, more or loss, of
hu.d in Fnirfield riot, adjoining lanIs of
toltn.an loulwa Jno. E. l'eay, Thos.
J01n1114. and others ed unou as the proper
ly of .John E. Rol son, at She suit. of
MhcK.Minstry, r., vs. John Hlarrison,
Sr. John Ilatchtaat d John E. Itobert.
One tract of 8 a*. more or less, of land
in 'airfield. Distriot oining lands of John
Parcell. and Glarde Feirfield and Vander.
hao-At streets, of th si'own of Winnsboro,
levied upon as the *perly of John Buchan.
an, (now deoeased, the suit above stated.
One tract of I no'more or loes, of land
in Faireld l)intrtib joining lande of John
luchanaan. decoase ld Grdeu and Cud.
leg+" streets, of th own of -innsboro.
levied upon as the ert, of John Buchan
an, (sow deceaset. the suitabove stated.
One tract of r,r9 As. more or less, of
a ailk %"4irfleld Di t. adjoining lands pf
1. G. Itohertson, J Shed . John 1luchestn.
an. d,eceused. and rs. levied upon ns the
property of John II. nun, (now deceased,)
at dhe suit nbove et I.
One trnot of $00 ps. mpre or less, of
land in Fairtlehd Dl t adjoining lapis o.
Mr. '. BI. Iadlen. n Wylie. .ohpt Cathe
cenrt, tioluard Cnthe and others. levied
upon ats the propert. f John duohanan.
(nov decenased.) at t snit nbove ,sted.
Onte trnet of 125als, more or less of
land in Fairfield Din t, adjoining lands of
tichard Catheart, R . Ellison. Sr,, and
C. W. l'neaectt. levi por. as the property
of John liuchanan, ( deceased,) at the
suit above stated.
One tract of 18I s, more or less, of
land in Fairfield Dis t, adjoining lands of
John Bischanan, dec d. J. N Shedd and
ot hers, levied upon a so property of John
Buohanan, (now dec d,) atthe suit above
Otne tract of 22{ s, more or les. of
land in Fairfield Dist adjolping lanus of
Iichard Cathcart. Qr ohn lrntton, W. S.
Resis utnd otlters. lev upon as the proper
ty of John 13uhann (now deceased,) at
the suit above stated.
One tract of 47 n ore or less, ofland
IT. Pnirfel, Distrito a ning lanes of Dr.
Elints llorlheck. Dr. J} Bratton, lIichnrd
Cathcart, Charles Cat r, Dr. W. E. Al
ken. C. W. ',cett a Fairield street of
the Town of WinnsbotlLevled upon as the
property of John Bucl u, (now deceased)
at thestult above state
One tract of 2neres e or less of land
in Fairfieli 1ustrlt a ing lanuds of John
Bluhatnnnn deceased,, J Purcell and Van
derhorvt anad College r is of the Town of
11innshoro levied upo the property of
John illtnisnan (now t ased,) at the suit
tsbove stated.
One tract of 2 acres e or less, of land
in Ftairtfeld District oining lands of
ltichatd Cafhcnrt, Joh e\Iaster. deceans.
ed. and Collego and n streets of the
Town of1 Winnrboro, le upon na the pro
pertr of .Johts Ischnna ow deceased ) at
the sut above ptated.
One tinet of 385 no ore qr lees, cf
land in Fairfield District oining the lands
of .olht lituhanan. dec d, Dr. George
MicCants, dceased. .a 8. Stewatrt and
oshers, levied upon as th operty of John
lunhrtpaan, (now decease t the suit above
E. W. OL ,.R. 8. F.D.
Sheriff's Office, 14th'D 1860.
o 1-tlxJ
Cathoart & M ews
W 18S1 to inform theic nds to un
derstand nmost emp cally tha
hsereafter we will require CA r all arti.
cles so1. antd& no- attention w paiu to
ansy order 0 nless accoenp& w'h. lae
800 1hseshels Sedl Oats,
lO00 Ilhtnehes Yarn, A.
64) Barrels Ohaio Flodir,,
41- Barrels Lard,
'20 Darrelg Ex. C Sag.
Also a general assortment, o
Hardware anld 0 es,
Will he sold out, at pries eb fy eta
pet it lon.
We wiab IQ sette ap oss s entibely
by the 1st Januawry, any perso. ving any
.etrlaeta.rto make withi s 'a.t by
tht, siute and savetrebie
NlaCis ea'eby gvn oeeie'
offle stteof Willate hati-don
svpunl to 'bE46et,uceen this dala- slli Brat
lay of Jauitsty netwop0y *
nov 21-i1 . tt
W E have just purob$se I at lower prices
and offer for sale at small profits an.
other slock of
Ladies Dress Goods,
Long Cloths,
Rendy Made Clothing,
&O ,&c.. &c.
10 Barrels Irish Potntoes,
Best English Dairy Cheese,
Bent Hyson and Gunpowder Ten,
Sugar liouseSyrup.
Adamantino Candles,
Fine Flour,
Corn, &o.
Just received and for sale by
dec 20-tt'
CO ;TING in- Part of
e Made Clothing, Blankets. Shawls.
Half and All Wool Delanes, Black Bnit
basines and Alpaccas, Black nti
Colored French and English
Merinoes.. Book Island
Jeans and Cussitne.es,
French and En
glish Cassl
Tweeds and 8attinets, Flannels. (white, red
aud colored,) Boots. Shoes. inets, Cap;
and Faucy Articles.
Baguing. Raping, Sugar, Coffec, Fintur,
Cheoese. &o.
A general asaortrpent of Hardware 'always
on hand. All of which can be hought. very
nov 8-If
f IE subsprihp has on hand and
is- eettqn a d tpring
8.1O , HAii ' tlen DI S, of
all desO iq gT arti he In his
line of :iater1 ,Aso, GI -
BANDS ofevey ise. Repntrin(done witi
All work war ted. Call on4 see - prices
D.oot 28--t( F. GEIIG.
A LOI tf the ab9te for sale in lota to suit
. P 1.' . a Q W , &c.,
Just re9e#yed frgtn Philadelph1a.
10 kegs Pure *hite Lead, differen;brands,
I barrel Linsped Q 1, (refi-ued,)
G uiaqs 1 tasi4 Glass, Sx 10,,10xI.2, 12x
100 lbs. Pitty,
Palt Brusbas, assrted aieo.,
2 barrels. ,amp Pblimney--Noe. I, ', g,
C'ses Conoentrated Lye.
flarrels Nort.et Irish Pointoos, Appie.
Wkkhe Onions and New Hulled Duckwheat,
Per sale-low by . -
DACOT11R1Y)itS & CO.
nov 10-if la. %, lobe liinge.
JUWTreceivqe#. Ifuanting uand cpn I aced
eJlTver WATC1iEE. Alse lack Silk
Guard. and Fancy Vest Chains.
Just reneived,. l lot of lae Jewelry.
Watches. Otocks andf Jewelry repaired ini
workma-liko manner and warranted1 for
f2 months.
noy 16-Inb ClAR LES AJULI,ER._________
OTICE l is geby given to the .'redit ors
LIof the estate' oflianuoth Sloan, do.
eassed, to ive'tor aiy account of their do
mands within three treeks fron the publoeu
lion heteef, as t atm abut to eioqe' the mat
tees of saifd estate, 1K. 13. SLOAN,
de $0-tsira
MWt*t* Otioe.
fted to the. sade wadat 1ls office in
spesbto. A IVtir.Atm
Wholesale Druggists' and
)euels in )riigs Cetlie akils. Pe
'd. _, hI.G STE
N. A. l.\TT. I,~ W.\
t'hornii-I o h:1e1C.. \INrruu" Un ninlg I1tu"en
"'.L 4 -thtll
Winnsboro Female Institute.
AV.1.1I'NG l"inh:Mis the larit",
and(liii corlnmodi(tus build1Ing ,
kciw as alatik 1;:iii., Ii will Ie-'i
somea the dlu t"= 1of'hi"- Intirnrr
lilt .\IintLiVy. 1-l1I iif i .linmu -y. '
T'.r ;tho l will be juintI i no .t r l."
celu g' Of Mrs. C. T.tid. I'irical of th
11libit h rk) Fernald Inr;tilit l(. :ul.I Ik y. .1.
IObenr., Iarer rl'incijini cI the Wtinn..hbr"
'Titiwill Y11 Vt1y :1tn'"",dl ilig to cis.s .,
Twentyl..v .
l.uugua_e.. A1 cient ..1 ,.,itr:i. *lu*ic,
Dawilg nu! l:uitiiug, in oil ur Wlater 'ol.
ors. n , :init -h r--...
Thu \Is,itci an Fre "ch l)epa-Ii'in-t will
be inrlh-r the connt. ti tf.\( . lb Int..
Iinlrdl ma11 he 4.btained1 It aIm, In..ritnt
n wiii ir. .... N. S: i" t M rs. It.uburoughl
atr \Mr. .1. .11. I-:iliut t.
iov 21-4 r vi vS 6 . I D
KS ti .uln u "r . 1;lrou ;
:1) pa irs I,. ,.\ . i- 9.p s.
1 pair 1taysI :.t .\: i . , -,
:.") jiu r. 1: "t"I ('.t: il 1hpe,
I, il tii ' I lt ni i e \\ ali n. Sh.:I
ILd:Ie l v 1 i d Shio a.
i: l bt' (:1 b ed li!. 'r.
. \ I) BI;.)S & ;(.
no: '; , It - :4( l I: 11 is
sj 2 d t h- ( i icili llats.
_' t1 z,. "t i -n 'inntter. Ibu i .
4 .I C int - Ilien Wool It:al
rOys l i,., 1:nd Cii.,
R,"r;"ived. hl
1 \ 1) i U ;lti < i t'i.
ntov -':':
State of south Carolina,
I .a "eli t. . . ,
I.,.. Iln.rril,ftu,
. l i i I lto
liv.) liilU e M ", .I rrte't" u It.I ,'ithi '-. -'
till i I l t I il I 'i l1i,i .'t'"'"I -. - r
.Juhn Il:un isun, t1tNe . ar" herr," n""::' ".1
liin or be'ore tht- lir"at. dLy at' \l: v u . t'
t"xhtibit. nnd prov'e 1,y + mil:ci.nt Ite i nt".y,
het%lie 1110e li-"Idersiglno'l :1 hii t Ic l'
W1'itinntbto, their t'verl0 it: . -p;e'\:
"jotglitit lt... ext liuao: . .ir:'.':4." el:lili t lI
Iliutn.l4 a};aiast. tle it". aale of .:aitl tder";;
AllI j ldgme.ui credIitor' :.'.n it .iti",1 Ii ,t
they tire eN";1jo "ie ini i ."1 "1t :"T :' t1 t" .r
1o in:it thliil ' rii- of i ,-ili F:i -"ia4 : a 't:-r
t i te sau t tt' .s :.. !i:i -Illu ' ' ,. -
tiitors, tIh:t tit, y .ti." l i.;r .tn ri1 ,ine,l t1:n:
elittllenll li; t"".:'"r ."t. i i, a in.v i:
$i(i1 24 :ii l \\ af".ial- 1 .; .!t "r'.". . I t ' 1' .
l ir i uti. ..i :I i,ti t e.' , l ,-;
W ith1014 Ilhe l'-'." "tl libi- .".,i t.
O E. . 1A?.
no ' f:i ; .:.
sep .lawan c'
I)in. I-: .iket , iel. l'tiio t
,c Adm'riilc clat.jlO of Tc'i Perpeti'i Tecii
avidu' 1 AJikon, dk'i. aI.am,a nyaea. s i
rt ii) Per.cicationer i ihe abov c-ai.i p.
A lict in . havcin-;ror, hei'. hi piion im
peeuac tle tt itn of' (Iaii seeentv hio
atlu hii of mulid Aikn. ir,dcease. nel of c~a
//iis drc: /.i i cn mot5 in ofte ciri icitan. 8 ..
riihior ior the Petiw cites, tAt~t thc.,i 'prn
ite hesreerf. toi ixamin ti'Ihe evidence thi.
n'iy be p,rodur'od, aind proiduce eidonecin in~
reply. . 1. ... O MM,4 i I,
C. F. 1. Tu.
ITommnic-:ier'c Oflerc, ) -
.Coffee, Green and Blac Tek.
U1D,Clarified and B1rown, gtnrs,
(Jo1, Su nr. Wino acnd Iuttler Crack.
ers,.-asvT. vinro& co
net -.. Nyc' -e ta.l Tn.
SCO m %.
Manufacturing Chemists,
fuineryF an1d( !ruggisis .8undriesi
I', ('11L 1;C'111T11, S, 11
u.i:l thl=t ,u 1;:ue t' . O . yi,t
T o isons Ellnigrating to FIorida
T1i11l',; STE A M ("11\
N ' ify , b 'I , _. r.yw
2DTOTAToR,," '
( 'A 'TI A I N L ) U I S M1 ( '( 1:1 1 ; I T FHN
IL, tr:anlsp,ort g:ang ol hand1s frinl
I;Chttrbston t~ point-+ on the .t.
.lohna laive, Flo ida t ther;followin.,
t;r un. (b:ni? it I'ill: 1lol:irs. ' ,. r;ch.
1'iiblrrtn h}u r ton years uJ;-. liee. Mulk,
II.irs. nndI W1': I,r, , :t redc.l edt r:ate's.
'Ihi" lII1'TAT Ilt .I- .s 1' :m "rstvu c ryrl
t'iin tlight fit It, .,'eloll,
t J'I'iy II,
I . 'l irdielrsr WIr..
.IO IUM I. \ C0.
\ I(t) .., -\ ,1"; A1 N cy i 1 'A '
Iltnorl1'r Jlt d PItr r ii r ): rglah Kid
J Ililt'rliatt
. r l ",)
I.' I ,,., 1" 1 ' ill
NI , " Ii'i ,
-1. i'1-;..
Siiph Ir.,en....
I'nl.f i' ,t , S
( Supt'sTfe.i in it:. Nw. C
lPI- . a i 4 i r;al t
IdI'. i llil. \n7 I I
Ar hvi u . Rgs illc ;..)p i
TO RET~'P-wder Fi.ife.
'1 ~f;: 'g'~:r 'o~ de Shoy D .,
I g .n SutCo..in, C(&vtjtu :, e,
.\i vea ('h - it 94 A. dure.\
F.a hORme a G8N.1A.\.
.\riild-a : IOluibi U ..W cic p . by1..
A."(. Suci powslanhgpetnha -.nvon.
Ni tcrbe . : i. UI. ni o rrici'.
('1:-ro 1's. .., NIov.s 3r.
noi tierh'ed amiy. N vembr 7t th

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