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T r i-W e e s.ly , ---4E
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TERMS: $4.00 per annum, in advrnco. ~ INV1ATON
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eaph subsequent. Insertion. VOL. VIII.] WINNSBORO, S. C., SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 9. 1871, 1O7 C .
About to Spring.
The telegram ib our yesterd;ty's
-paper showed that the tiger of the gov
ernment was preparing to spring at
South Carolina. That poor State
the object of the sympathy and on
miseration of every intelligent and
considerate person-a monument of
misgovernment and perseoution-i to
'be struck at to inspire the "wholesome
alarm" spoken of by the Radicals
t-trhghout the south That is, to ill the
"uthern public mind with dismay and
restrain the southern people from oppo
sition to the war party now in pow.
Martial law is to be deolarod in
certain districts. What do those
who declared that the kuklux law
gave no such power to the 1'resident
pay to that I The chairman of the
Committee to Investigato '-Soathern
OutA'iges" suggests to the Pr-ident
the p'o riety of this measure. lie
Understands what is authorized by
the kuklux law, and so does Genera"
Grant, not that he is a lawyer, but
that he kno*vs what powers he asked
)Con gess tb give bim, and th.at was
0nr ' them.
Poor South Carolina! IIer case
cannot be made much worsb. She
Would be glad to be remanded to the
territorial condition ; and Congress
has much right to rematid her to this
condition as it h"d to pa'st the kuklux
I%* utde1r whieh the l'resideot - pro
fose'b'nows to act. The ttrsitoril
ggeinment would be in6nitefy,pref
Se t.t.h. rule i iam. It is
re negos v'' d ... -
Sto nog?o power in
tha'istrict there couldohe no Peace
tor rest witho'ut b change of govern
1net', abd they did not hc'itate to
make the ohan,;e. But South Caro
lina is hot to i-eceiia the b ne1it of
any considerate measure of R3dioal
jam. She is reserved for penalties
and punishments.- to be exposed
daily in her huinittio l and t,, re
oeive her allotted stripes-to Ah6 the
power of the victor and to strike te'r
ror through the land.
Well, this relointless war p3rty
cannot rule always-nor, let us all
devoutly trust, will it be permitted
to rule the country tAore the for
a brief period. For the sake of the
'ountry and humanity. its days should
be soon ended.-Richmond )ispatch.
The Pesillence Fly in Canata.
Following on the Colorado beotle;
the neat infliction to note in the order
. 'f insect life is the appearance of the
"pestilence fly." The arrival of this
insect, which is rarely or never se'on
ipo dinary years, is b'eli'ved to be
it he forerunner of pestilence, and it is
said that it was the last noticed in
great numbers in this latitude provi
ous to the breaking out of the cholera
in 1854. Th'e ibsect, sp'ecimens of
which have been exhibted to us by a
citizen who credits the supposition
above cited, is little less in size
than the common house fly. It is
jet black on the back and wings, the
latter being round apd shodi; thb bel
ly and under side of the wings are
stri,ed with yellow, while the legs
arq, yellow, tipped black near the
feet. .[t is certainly an odd lookin g
insect, and one which we do not re.
inember having seen before, It is
'found mingling with the common flies,
and Cs it is represented to be quite
comon at present, those who are
hqrions to examine the new corner
Wih have little dificeulty in capturing
bpecimnens, As regards the supposi
tion,4or dthelwise theor'y; that the ap
pearattoe of thih By ls an in'dlcative of
Is pestilential *easbn, we are rnot
prepared to express an op5inion .At
6 ii events we shall give way to bo
blarming appr'ehensions until we have
borne assuraboe from the files them
belves on the subjet t.-IlaImiltoR ( C
5V.) Spectator.
SThe host safety match--marry ing a
lob wife.
A Bolt from a Clear Sky-The Miracu
lous Escape of an Attic Sleeper.
Early last Friday morning, at Erie,
1'., a thunderbolt descended from an
almost cloudless sky, doing much
damage. The Republican hays : On
the north side of Fifth street, near
State, is a double brick house, the
western half occupied by Ion. Alfred
King. The families were startled by
a report which seemed as if heaven
and earth had come together. After
the shock was over, Mr. King, sleep
ing below, arose for the purpose of
ascertnining what damage had been
sustained by his household, being sat
isfied that the bolt had fallen upon
that building.
Ashe glanced through the various
rooms upon the first flour, he found
them filled with soot and dust, but no
appearance of demolition. He pass
ed up to the next floor above and
found the same state of things. IlIe
then started for the attic, in the
southern portion of which his son Ken
nedy was sleeping, and as he looked
in at door of the apartment he (saw
the light of the morning streaming
through the roof, and Kennedy almost
bul ied in the debris.
Ile had risen from the m%s of
plastering and splinters of rafters and
shingles, which had fallen over him,
and was sitting upright in bed, trying
tavlear the dust from his eyes. The,
tmort'ar was a'lmost an inch in thick
npeiono pie " of which weighing
bQut'fiftoen pounds, as well !a a
large amount of sm ller partiele'tEnd
;hJnted timber,Tell upon him, au
ihself almost. buried be.
y hq ' f'uly as smgular,.
ainnyfhi 6fi at Ors,a e
contmumbatedo the materf w
was almost as dry as powdor, as f1rW
dtop ofriain fell at the time.
A New Party in alassaclhtuse'tts.
It is reported that in response to a
call of a committee prebiously appoin.
ed, a convention, composed of
some 200 delegates, met in New Erra
Hall last Friday evening, with clos
ed doors, and adopted a series of re
'oliuti'ons as, a platform for the
"American Union Reform Party."
The first resolves gives the new party
its name ; the second accepts the
amendments to the Federal Constitu
tion ; the third dechires the perpetui
ty }f the American Union ; and the
others declare fo'r the maintenance of
the Bible in our common schools ;
for civil and religious liberty; against
a union of Church and State and the
use of iubli' money for the support of
aeccariait,sehools or churches ; in favor
of general riforrii in Natldnial; State,
and civil governments; by a rcprcsen
tation of all classes of pooplo ; opposi.
tion to all class legislation ; a full and
impartial consideration of the great
reforms of the day, etc., winding up
.*ith a dcelaration to support po mnri
for office who will not pledge himself
to carry out the above principles at
all'hpzards. The executive commit
tee were instructed to make arrange
nents for the e.illing bliomeet
ing at an early day, the tation to
be extended to the libera tmen of all
partieq. No nitmbs are givbn; not
even of the committee by whom the
convention was called.
The betroit Free Press takes a
gloomy view ,of things. It saps : "No
sane man will not sew ori a joutrney by
rail or water, without first closing up
all his business affairs and arranging
his papers so that his executors can
find t m and kissibg his wife and
child n a last farewell. If he comes
back all right, he can claIm an inter
p osition of Providence. If he comes
baek in pieces, his friends can claim
that 'they told him so.' '
A butobbiaq has get off the beat
thing on the New York Orange-HIi
bernian row :"If dey wants some
fgt,let em go back te'de blaces dey
omefrom and glt all de fightings
dey wants. What do tyvil hiave we'
IAmericans got to do mit der oranges
and lemons and sich dinga."
A bying Scoundrel.
Here is a specimen,of thq damnabl,
lies published in the New York Trib
une, and furnished it by th, 'thiovinl
vagabonds in this State,4who trav.
el about under the guise of drum
mers and agents, but who are hire<
spies and pimps for the Federal and
State govsrnments
There aro many countte; in WVhit
arrests can be made only at the peril
of life by the United States Marshal
others in which they wouid not dart
attempt t6 inak6 aniy .without t mili
tary force to support 'them'. In som(
places, where small bodies of troopi
are stationed, it has been found neces
sary to take the same precaution that
posts liable to sudden attacks by at
enomy always take. Reports to this
9ffeot have been abundantly verified
by sworn testimony before the Con.
ressional Investigating Committee,
and by the confidential rep,>rts rmade
to the War Department by command.
ng officers. It is shown that not
lone in Mississippi, but elsewhere in
he South, are the Ku-Klux move
nents so dangerous that the War Do
artment has grecently been compell..
d, as a matter of rea>nable precan
tion against possible ir,surrectionary
iolence, or, at least, resistance to the
igorous enforcement of Ku Klux
et, to make such dispo' ip of the
orcei at its disposal as d l make
)ossitle a speedy conoentra4 n in any
peo' locality.-Brandort (Mis.)
kt lcanr.,
ilitary sekok,10
e atose of the war tlhis ad
sri ' as b undor
'aejuteadily tn intained
lob as one of the best
the cosntry. We are
n~a J ito learn that after the $rot
SJafiuary next, he will have asso
tated with him, as co-principal, Col.
fohn P. Thomas, of Columbia, who
vill then make Yorkville his home
7oi. Thomas is possessed of the large
*porience necessary to the successful
nanagtnet of such an institution sis
he King's Mountain Military 8oh'ol,
10 having been for a number of years
he Superintendent of the State Ar
e1al .Acadepty at Qolumbia. We
iongratulate Colonel Coward and the
)atrons of the school on the happy
ombination. and.our citiz:ns goner
'ily on the f.c tthat Col. Thomas is to
secome a . 'deiht of our town.
Yorkville 1 'rci.
Outliw Killed.
Washington Dollard, a negro out.
law, was killed a few nights since in
llarendon. There were several war.
rants out against him; but he hh;l
ucoessfully resisted arreqt-in one
instance choking the Trial Justice,
tad in another leveling a double-but.
rel gun at the ofier who tried to take
him and who, thereupon, backed out
and allowed him to escape. le is
laid to have been Ku Kiuxed by his
)wn color, the party surrounding his
house and being fired upon by him,
it is rumored, with some damage to
the assailants. He then made a dash
for the woods and was fired upon and
killed. lie was a brother of Jim
Reed, rdontly killed by Constable
Weeks, an'd he and his brother were
both from Cllrenddn. They were run
Ti from there and came to this Coun
ty where they continued their course
of crime until the country became tot
hot for them. Both are now dead.
Sumter Wdtchm,a,.
A terrible kerosene accident occur
red in Altoona, P'a., on Tuesday last:
A woman named Mrs. Brown, in re,
plenishing a lamp with oil while the
wick was burning, cauised it to ox
pldde, scattering the burning flid
over here'elf abd sister. She ther
ran up stairs, communicating tUk
flames to her hus'"and and also every.
thing in the honse. Th house was
burned down, the woman and h6i
sister have died, and the husband
recovery is doubtful. When wil:
pepelanthe dangerous nature a
From England. *
LONDON, September 6.--Eighted
thousand emigrants left Mersey for
- America during August.
Quaaso*N, Septenpber 7.-The
steamer Loader, from Dant.ig; hither
is wrecked and about twenty-five Are
LONDON, acptcmber 7.-The new
United States steamer Juniata, ree.
cued twelve persons from a capsized
boat in the Sebaadt.
From California.
SAN FRANCrsCO, September 7.
California haw gone Republican by
fromn three to five thousand majority.
The entire State tieket is elected.
The result in San FIe.noisco is in
doubt as to the Mayor, but the pros.
peots is now strong that Alvord, the
candidato of the tax-payers, is elect
From Wi Au;
MILAUKIU, Sep ber 7.-Gold
smith Maid ma " hn fastest mile
over trotted; an tho fasteat three t
miles on record'; imo; 2:20. 2:17 ,
and 2:20k.
. 1Ne ork,
I ouoH>ErsIE, , Septemb 6.
Qounterfei - ' a on Me fiant's t
.National I e'e shove o da.
.AL" ber'A. D ne' t
eotiste u on -has beetgoall
ed for Qoto -. ...n
.8yr oa t'1': 'Ai
ti" r tAt Q tidzlar
i v Your; ttember -6.-Ac
aount-.of the city and county-of New
York will ge Abniitted to tfie Coi-.
mittb' nextr Moday.- (
From Jamaica. p
KINGSTON, September 7.-A hurri
cane and ealtbquako damaged Turk's
Island. Many vesbcls are ashore.
From GeorgiA.
SAVANNAu, September 7.-Ar'range- a
ments for the first annual fair of th'd s
Industrial Association of Georgia are I
being made on the most extensivo
Twenty thousand d'dllars are offer
cd in presbiu'%s. Indications are
that it will be one of the most sue
cessful expobitiuns ever held in tla ia
Competition for the premiums is
open to Georgia and the world, t
Arrangements for the accommoda- a
tion of visitors and exhibitors will be e
colnplete in every parti'cular. t
Cordial invitation is extended to all
From. South Carolina.
CHARLESTON, September 7.-Twen
ty six of the most prominent citizens
of Spartanburg county, including the
United States Commissioner, the Uni- L
ted States AFsessor, Probate Judge,
Sherilf, Clerk of Court, and the coun
ty Representatives in both branohes i
of the Legislature, publish over their t
own signatures The following.letter: <
SPARTANDURO, September 4.-HoN. t
CoMtMMIT+:: We, the undersigned,
citizens of the said state and county,
having seen through the newspapers
that ydu had received ita ement and
affidavits that outrages upon various
citizens have been committed in this
county since the committee of which
you'are chairman, lett the said bounty,
niid that you bad ih'ereijon recom.
-miended the deolaration of martial
law in this eounty, we feel oonstrain
ed to make the following statement:
We have made stiiig6nat inquii-y, and
havb been unab lo lo heai- ef a dangle
8dttage ~izig been dommitted in this
edifty since your committee loft, and
9 t lgcontrary it is in state of pro
fouDdi Gace and quiet.
The ej$attsn county newspaper in
publishing th e above says : "This
statement ought to ho sufficient to
prove to the ruinid of Senatot Scott
that he has been imposed uboli by tb'b
ommunuioations and affidavits upon
vhi.oh he founds his statements made
o the President, ani his reocommen.
Lation that martial law be dcelar'ed in
e county. Furthermore, we learn
at leading tadioals hero admit that
io outrage has occurred in Spartan
>urg since the Ku Klux Committ'o
were lere."
There ha'o been three fever deaths
u the last twenty-four hours.
Market Reports.
NEW Yon , Sept. 7.-Evening.a
Jotton strong ;uplands 201 ; Orleans
!lt ; sales 1,935 bales. Gold 13j.
CIIAn LESTON, Sept. 7.--Coton firm
-middlings 18 ; receipts 81 ; salei
5 bales.
Livr:Pdor., Sept. 7.-Evening
.otton closed exeited-'uplands 9j i
)rleans 9- ; sales 25,000 bales.
gteamboat Boilers.
Inspector General Joseph Belknay
t is stated, is now continually receivy,
rig letters from the principal ports of
he country, calling his attention to the
mnsafe condition of the steam vessels
1gaged in the pa'ssebVer traIli. ''he
eling of insecurity is so extensive
hat the people, it is remarked, seeM
D have turned out almost in mass as
sformers. Even if only one If 9f
lie ascertions bontainod i "
era are true, the stem ta
ountry thus be n -le tre
ar o' d of te erry lo -e
rill bea in ection, Letters from
to* 9rleat) n4 the principal towia
long thb Mie,iss pipsqert that h'o
scent explosion fth boilers of
ccan WVave, at Iobilq; may 'bp .
eated any day. Inspector Belkna
is reported, will shortly issue a
eries of stringent instructions under
he recent act of Congresr' an4 iooa
nspectors will be direbted to subje'ol
he boilers of all boats in their rea
ective districts to the most careful
erutiny, and con'demn them in all in+
Eances wh're'they arpoar to be i4 th'
.ast defective asworn from use.
.Opinions of Witnesses.
The .ew York Court of Apy'als
as recently decei'ed thtat gitn'esses ip
t lal before a Court of Law must
tate facts and 'ann t draw conclusion
or iVe o'pinions. he case in which
his' deciaion was gi'ven, arose in an
otion on a policy of iusurance to re
over for a loss by fire. The plain'.
if who, under the New York statute;,
ras witness in his case, gave his own
pinion as to the quantity as well
a the value of the goods destroyed.
o this evidence the Itisurance Coil:'
any, which was defendant, excepted
rd carried the case to the Court of
ppeals, whore the decision of the
ourt below wasreversed, the evidencd
eld inadmissible, and a new trial
rdcred. The Codrt of App'eai in
lelivering its opinion stated tliat the
nstances in which the opinioii of wit.
esses can be admitted, constitute 'ez.
options to thb general rule, ana that
bse exceptions are not t'o be extehd
d or enlarged so as to include new
ases except to prevent a failure of
astico and when better evidence 'cad
ot be obtained.
Convenil0 oni CdIored NeuI.
The colored men of the United
Itates will bold two conventions of a
ational eheraetor this fall. The firsp~
a called a Natio'nal Con vention.. ahid
will meet in St. Louis, oh the 22d of
leptdaber. The becond is called a
outhern Convention, altbough It Is
1-odght that nearly all the States will
>e rep presiet.ed. It wil meet 19 Codlm-.
S .C., on the I8th of October.
rhjs avowed purpose of each1 is con
u t ation ti matters contieeted witti
he welfare of the colh red race.
A coupl wer "eurijd down id
W(amne last week wnone ages wer8
evenby.elghit and eipity years.

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