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SalurlayDl Morning Septiniber 9, 1IWi.
At - The ofliee oft the N :ws and IIF:z
AL.U, is, for 1871, in the Market 1lall, just
under the Town Clock.
Parties having business with this office
will please note the above.
Address all business communnications,
&o., to DSoRTEs, & Wi.t.IAM, Proprie
Planters, cotton factors and busi
ness men generally look to the press,
says the Augusta Constitutionalist,
for information in regard to the grow
ing crop, the demands of spinners and
the probable future prien of the sta
ple. While exercising diligence in
collating and publishing all availablo
information in regard to this impor
tant interest, we have always a reluc
tance in tendering advice as to hold
ing or selling. Two years ago we did
advise our planters to make quick
sales, and subsequent events proved
our views to be right. The market
declined rapidly and persistently
from about 29 cents to 17 cents.
Now, with all the statistics before
us as to stock on hand, weekly con
sumption and probable amount of the
present crop, we feel confident that if
planters do not rush to market, prices
will advance instead of declining.
The fact that at this time of the year,
when new cotton is being marketed,
Liverpool quotations have been
steadily, although slowly advancing,
is very significant. Unless a foreign
war should occur this fall on the
Eastern question, which is very im
probable, present prices must be litm
ly sustained. We endorse the views
of our correspondent, "W illoughby,"
expressed in his letter last week, that
- en will soon command ten pence
ot livoi-poot:
,. \ e* t dp ti Episcopal
- -Claurei .. -.
+-- heNVwyork Conimerolal Adver:
.iser, of Iodday)ast, it speaking d
the disturbande in t*o Epiacopal
Qhurch in ti'at city, sa':
"\lembers-of the Episcopif eburch.
will be surprised to learn that a
w pr aycr and service book has sud -
denly appeared, without being an
h >unced in any form . Yesterday
morning the Rev. George 1A. Thrall,
of the Emmanuel Church, stated to
his congregation that for three years
li revi-ed prayer-book had been in
course of preparation, one which
would exclude from it the passages
which h1id given rise to so mneh eon.
troversy, and one thait would be ae
eeptable in all denominations who de
sire a liturgy. The Vestry of Em
manuel Church have had a long in
qtuiry and consultation as to using the
b>ook, and at last determitied to adopt
"Rev. Mr. Thrall says it is hi3
principle, while connected with any
organization, to rendler obedience t'o
its laws. HIe has always observ'ed
the requirements of the Episcopal
Church. Hie coincided with the opin
lon of the vestry, and says the new
ritual appeared to him ini every way
scriptural and right, lie, however,
thought it his duty btefore adopting it
to resign from the 01ld Old Commu
tnion. lHe has therefore sent a lett*j
to the Bishop declaring his pttrpose,
and enclosing a letter received fronm
the vestry, and stating that his pres
eat course would necessitate his re
igning his position as a lPresd>yter of
the P'rotestant Episcopal Clhureh.
The new books were well received by
the congregation, who heartily re
sponded, and seemedl pleased at the
A IReligious Papujer's Presi
Tlhc Freeman's .Journal gives utter
anee to rather a queer idea in regard
to the Demoeratie nomination for the
Presidency in 1872. After declaring
that the new departure was "intended
not to heal the breaches, but to re
open them,'' and after overthrowing
and refuting the claims of Chief .Jus
tise Chase for the nominatiorsA, the
Jiourn'al says:i
"The wise course for the Democrat.
iparty i182will beto drop every
man involved in political life, and to
find-where the higher ordler of ex
ecutive abmility in o(an and cot-.
try is to be found-in some of the
vast works of civil industry some man
wl,, .11o ing trying eri's, such as that
of 1857, a:.l again during the civil
war, (:i1: known how to hold, and gov.
crn, and attach to him,'fets of thous
ands of men, and to manage econoni
cally inany uillions of capital en
trusted to his care. We think there
must be sonie such man. Ile will be
the ins at likely to restore order to
our prostrated industries."
lVe Plucms.
Observers of the heavens report
that the planet Saturn is now a con
spicnous ubjc: in the evening sky,
being in the south at 9 o'clock at
night, and then about half-way be
tween the hcr:zon and the zenith.
He is jurt above the w'cil-known bow
of Sagitarius. Ilis rings are now in a
very favorable position for observa
tion, having the in ti n un inclination
to the eye ; but the interesting phe
nonenou reqnirts a telescope of at
least three inches aperture to ace it
with advantage. The planet Mereu
ry is now nearly at his gicatest east
ein clngatijn fiom the sun, and will
be visible in the west on very clear
evenings, about half an hour after
sunset, for three or four days. lie is
easily seen with the naked eye when
the hot izon is clear, and may be
known by the peculiar brilliancv of
his Iiglit". .Jupiter rises just before
the sun. lIe is now visible as a morn
ing star.- Ballmorc Sun.
Sletp for Chiltiretn.
Parents are piarticularly cautioned
not to allow their children to be
waked up in the mornings ; let na
ture w..ke them up, she will not do it
prematurely ; - have n care that
they go to bed an early hour , let
it he earlier and rlier, until it is
found that they iffib up the:nselves
in full time to ess for breakfast.
Being waked tip early, and allowed to
engage in difficult or a t;tudies late
and just befo ret1r . has given
mauy. beautifu - nd prowiing' child
brai ecr, or determ'sg d ordinary
ailme a to the produatto6 of watgr,on
the bra'
The orlcapers repo rt e
?ea111 o W 1 "at city from
having her thunib bitten ly ahotlrer
wohan. Suporgtiou anbucd,.w
poison, which aff?qUd .her wh ,l .
teit, could not be s opbl.
A c.fgo of mix hundtod ,"iN,i9 mon
keys, all -intended for 'ladieg' pets,
were larded in New York recently.
() WATI:ItIt ELoNS, just received by
Sept J MeINTYlItE & co.
1Pl're1Tripo)li and Emlory.
1V 1i1. L known to jewellers and silver
Ysmiths as a sulerior ansd econornioal
siticie for cleaning sind hurtishing Go'd,
Silver, Coipper, SIeel, Britannia and other
metlais, anti also 'for cleaning Windows,
iii o's an1s1d Glasswar" . For sale by
sept MoIeN NTY It E & CO.
Colgateo's Family Soap.
kJ Axle Greaose, Canudles, Pickles, Itaisins,
G sn. Poswder' nisl Cai pa. Also a barrel of
N. 0. Syrup, a superior article. For sale
bsy .MAcINTTItE a CO.
sept 9
W E are now pr'epn i-ed to (hn Cot tonl whh I
dispastchc, (1 nont posiis' per hour', )
withs convenienit roonis for theo reception.
Toll ('ne SixteenithI. Patrnonage solicited.
Mly (rist Mlill grins every slay.,
sept 70. It. THOM1PSON.
rpil E citizens of Township No. 4. nre re
.l piuested to meet ini use C2ourt, lioso at
WVinnsb,oro on Saturaday, the !6th inst., ror
the purpose of assessing a tax, if in their
j udgme'nt nece'ssary , In adldit ion to the ap
pertionnmenit for School purposes in accor
stance with an act to establlisha and maointain
ai systemi of Free Schools for the State' of
Mouth Carolina. approved Mlarch 6th, 1871.
'lhe friends of education are respect ful
ly reuestedl to attendl. Byv order of IBoard
Trustees School list rioit No. 4.
sept. 7-f x1 Clerk of Bloard.
Due West Female tollege.
Thsirtenu Ih year will open Oc
tober 2dl, and close middle next
Past prosperity tnost encour
apeing. Fa6lty' fu'll and coni.
plete--eight teachers.
GJoverinmenut, that of a i'ell drdered famai
Expenses for the year (two Bessions,
for13y weeks) for board (inclqding fuel and
washing) andI Tuition in all literary studies
including Lat in, $184.50
French, Mlusic. Draswing, Piniting, &c.,
ait very reasonale rates.
For Catalogue, addrc s the President.
.J. 1. Itt)NNElI,
Ihie, We-, A itbeville County, 8. C.
sept 7 2w
"E__aO l Eteira .
O- Contractors will not be allow
ed, undor their coutracts, to adver
tire any cthcr thanu their legitimate
business, unless by paying specially
for such advertisembnt.
Waterme lons.
Messrs. McIntyre & Co., vill p!case
a'ceept our thanks for a large water
melon, sixty of which they T:ave
on hand. See advertisement.
Agricuit'iiai Society.
We learn from the Barnwell Jo'ur
nal that Major Thos. W. Woodward,
will deliver the annual address before
the barnw,ll Agricultural Society, in
October next.
We call the attention of the Coun
ty Commissioners to the two broken
gutters attached to the jail, one on
the north side and the other on the
west. They are making ugly holes
in the pavement and should be attend
ed to at once.
Negro > Klux.
We understand that a party of no
gro Ku Klux visited Ridgeway, in
this County, last week. This, no
d.ubt, is another tidical dodge to
bring more troops and put the County
under nuartial lmnv
Religious Services.
May be expected to-morrow ns fol
Episcopal Church, Rev. William
II. Campbell, 11 A. Il. and i P. M.
Methodist Epi.copal ,hurch, Rev.
J. S. Connor, 11 A. M. and 71 P. M.
Presbyterian Church; Rev. G. I. 1
Brackett, II A. M. and 8 P. M.
Mt. Zion be Rebuit;
We are glad to state that the Mt.
Zion Society have toe:o earnoet y to
syor)i to rebuild this anoienftKitu.
tion. The brick for its recoaid pn
Me'now 4ihing made-q op
Capt. J P. Macfie, andw o
long to?p oni'l m nc
Of4-e b-id.IJing.' 4 e
ty the building coti" '
contemplate finishing the
the first of February nex4 -
8chool is itow uhdei- the charge -
Mr. M. M. Fai-row, first honor grail
uate of the Citadal of Cha:leston.
Mr. Farrow informs us that his school
Is larger than he at first anticipated,
and is rapidly growing. We wish
him the success he sa richly deserves.
le is a pure gentleman; a gifted schol
ar and a dl-ciplinaiian of the first
A writer in A ppleton Journal col
bates the proverbs, * atitions and
eurious facts about which we
publish hoping that it ma~ save some
titothers apprehension on that score:
"Acommon superstition charges cats
with sucking the breath of in,fants,
thereby causing their death b>y stran
gulation. This is a false accusation,
as piuss) 's mouth i.s so formed, dnato.
mnically, that she would not be able to
do so sanguinary a deed (lid she wish
it. Instances ai-e on record wher6
cats crawled into a cradle or a bed,
and lain downi on an infant's face, not
probably with any ci-iminal intent,
(though children have been found
dead under such circumstances,) but
purely for the sake of the warmth of
the infant's body and clothing."
Losag vs. Short Lsuap Wieks.
A correspondent bf th6 Scientific
A merican says:
"Allow me to give your numerous
renders the benefit of miy experience
with long wir is. I eram all the wick
that I possibly can into the larnp, fill
up the interetiees with sponge, and
saturate the whole thoroughly with
kerosene. I have always found the
supply sufficient for the longest win
tor's night ; as long as any oil re
mains in the wick, the lamp keeps
buirning. I have had this fairly teat.
ed. One of my little ones-a two.
year old, contrived to upset a small
table supporting a lamp. WVith the
exception of breaking the glass, no
further damage was done, not even
oiling the carpet. In fact my plan I
as brought about from a similar ne- I
ident, an'l a narrow e-ca pe; froI 1'e
-ious damage. As the wick burvs
way I keep tilling up with sponge,
nad I think I have the nearest ap
proach to a safely lamp."
Riisiii t'to 4oidics of Drownd l'rsons.
In the case of a recent accidental
irowning. in the Iackensack river, N.
J., several persons nade attempts to
-eoover the body, but without s;ucce-s.
r French Canadian, named Busehe,
hen undertook the job, and is report
d to have proceeded after the foIllow.
ug scientifio manner. Hlaving sup
lied himself with some glass gallon
ars and a quantity of 'unslackea
ime, he went in a bo..t to whee the
nan was sen to go dow;n. O1ne of
ho jais was filled balf' full of lime,
.hen filled up with water and tightly
,orkod. It was then dropped into the
rater and soon after explode'l at the
)ottomn of' the river witha loud report.
tfter the third trial, each timo in a
liflerent place, the body arose to the
urface and was secured.
A Kentucky wan who attempted to
ross a high railroad bridge at Shep
ttdsville, in that Statc, on the 2ith
1.- stumbled and fell between the
ie-, but fo: tunately manage l to gra p
tie with his hands, and te re hung
langling, with 100 feet of slicer l'a1l
ceneath him. lie was utterly un:tb!e
o regain the top of the bridg", and
no hung en with a death grasp . untii
iis eries brought as"is:talne'. i.iftedI
'romt his perilous po.,ition, lie was led
ff the bridge, and he sat down for a
etw minutes, apparently overcom e by
ie danger through,It whiel he hd p.a s
d. Then he got. up, as he said, to
4o home, walked a ten: steps, and rll
o the gi ound dead. Physicians who
arefully examined the body s:.y that
here wa.. no bruise or wound nilicient
o lisable him, mnte:h l; c ause de.ath,
tad are of the oiiton th., t his death
vas e,nsed by frielh.
Maino votes the 1die:,l ticket.
t correspo;.dent of a New Yo: k jAtr
ial telly, us what th goliy of'.:h
party has dlone for tfn ytl?usiA ,4lt'
a: eaof that State. lie says urn
it:tr ee'; that iiatl ent 'ears' b h'i
1(ten ship-yana,' in full opchti '..
"urning out forty'goodi
Den it w;t otle - Qtoa
s- este..... - e - a it b
, Inr jip-) ards, tite . ptpulation
i s diuiinished two thousand, traflie
"deadi ind real esta'e has de1 reci at
la fifty per cent. "Bath," says 1hl
Dw Ylo'k Globe, "ntst. not be adis.
touraged-better days are coninig."
P'o-ibly they are enminig, but they
vill never come until Radicalism goes.
From returns :nade to the State
kuditor'n 'utoiv, says the Pliw-nix, it
ppears there is ahout $21,000 d< ticit
u the Abbeville Country Treasury,
o be accounted for.
A Condensed "pl.ilosophy of farm
og"--I;d your I.id .hefore it is
nuingry ; rest it b'efoire it. is wearyt
id weed it before it is foul.
The United States troops stationed
t Chleist oti ihave w'i thdraswit fromt
he (Ciadel, avid are i.ow encamped in
he viciinityv of 8nummiervilie.
ri or Til CARor.iNS,
Exnceo'ivs D:raarsT'r.sT.
FF'L(IAL informaion hiavimng been re-.
ee.ved at nthis iflice' fii NANCY
X)LEAIAN, a resident of' the county of'
a'irifield, was deliberately shot and killed
iNhile sitanding in thbe door of hier resideince,
in then sid count., of ["airfield, aboutii 10
> lock on a ife ni gin foif he 'th i .1 uly his1
ad whnereaa ih fa ssasins are uniknown to
hec Jiny ,.'f ini'1uest eiiJnannelle~d in' said
Now; ihieref'ore. I, Il11ifltTF K. FC(YPT,
.sovern'nor' of' tho Stite of South Catrolina,
n order final jmstico may be done, and
lhe ,ionje.fy of thec law viindi4fcd, do
iereby offear a reward of' FIVE JIUNDIIED
)t)l.LAltS, fod' fine nppreheeutelon of tho
>et'pet rat ort of said mutrdeor, andti jr de0
ivery in ainy jail in ihis Sfade, With proof'
a convici.
na fest imony whnereof', I hnave hiereuno sct
may hand and catuseid ine (Greaf. Seal
L,. 8.] olfinhe Si ate 1o be aifli xed, iat Colum-n
bin', this 4th day of Sepitember, A. I).
1871, and in the inineeny-six year of
thle Ii.inndendence of' tine U nitedl
States of' Americ'a.
IU)0tEit T l. SCOT T, Gov ernier.
-. ('A aDi.7o, $viertaryofS' le
sent 2-+t o ete
Exuberant Health
Is a blessing vouclisated to few. Even
those who have been favored by nature with,
strong Colstit itutions 111 vigorous framce
are apt. to neglect the precautions necessary
to preserve these precious endowments.
Indeed, as a rule, the inore healthy and ro
bust a man is, the more liberties he is in.
clined to lake with his own physique. It
is sone consolation to the nat urally weak
and feeble to hnow that, they can be so in
vigorated and built up, by a proper use of
h,: man which science has p!eei at their
disposal. as to have a much better chance
of long life, and exenptions from1 disease
and pain, Ihan. the m)ost atihletio of their
fell.ws wll) are foolish enough to suppo:
themselves invulnerable, and act iccording.
It is not too much to say that more than
half the people of the civilized world need
an occasional tonic, to enable thet to sup.
port the strain upon their bodies and minds,
which the fast life of this restless age oc
casions. In fact, a pure, wholesome, On
exciting tonio is the grand desideratnu of
lIe busy millions, andi they have the artl
cle in ilostetter's Sionmacl Iit ters. It is
a stantiral meliciie, C. it. imparts per.
manent strength to the weak systems and
invigorates delicate consl'itutions. Its re.
putation and its sales have steadily in
creased. t'ompetitivo preparations have
been introduced ad libitum, and, as far as
t'ie public is concerned, ad nauseumn, in the
hope of rivalling it ; but they have all oith'
or perished in the attept, or been left far in
the rear. It has been the great medic
suc:e,s of the present 'coutliry, and it
quite certain that no proprietary medicine
in this country is as widely knowh, or as
generally used.
l'en lightening preeseo, rilnnint; inces
santly (Sylndays excepted,) the whole year
tl.ro'ugh, barely supply the dematd for tto
IIllustrated Almanac, in whi::h the naturd
and uses of the preparation are set forth;
the circulation now being over eight mil
lions a year. sept 2
Tonts..--1W learn from our Charleston ex
changes tlint Mr '. P. Toale, the well.
known inanufacturer of Doors, Sashes,
Blinds, &c , has tsatalished a.depot at No.
20 Ilayne street, where lie keepsconstantly
ot hand not only all articles from his own
itanufactory, but also ever,y variety of
buiblers' hardware, French and American
window glass, both piain and ornamental,
slate mantals, and, in short, everything
nccess:ry to finish, hanlsomely, a resi
dence, a store or a churcb. sept 2
"Tu U.vr.nsA. Avi;n."-On my jour'
neys over tl1 6btinet. -through Turkey;
I,.lia, China. Japan, Peru, Chili. Paraguay,
41l mn Mlexico, and the United 1tates
tl the a 1.to some extent anttin some-to a
Irea to.t, 1 have found the tinIve sal
Ayer.repre . tis fatily medic ew
[ el 'i etlr.r ..
T'i1o Undersigned Begs to ilform
tile Planters of Fairfield.
That he is Agent forsale of the following
Fei i i'iers, which lie now has in store, and
is ready tao furn iish t hel at Ihe manufao
trer's pricas.with the freight and drayage
added. ('all and get ciretilars.
Production 1lcreased f 'oii 1 to
:30)0 per cent. by their use.
10D TPols Caroliia
'l " Soluble Pacific.
8 " liughs Itaw Itone.
1t0 " Zell's $uiperphlosphlate.
6 ' 1 lagum illimnm.
8 " Ailati c Phlosphiate.
ft " Ahirylandt Amuoniatbd.
5 " Cotton Foo(t..
I ' Southl Sen.
Peruvian GJuano.
Lai Plaster.
Comipoundu Acid Phosphate for mixing
with Iitotton Seed,
Cotton taken in exolhange for sonie
of' thtem, dleliveredl iext. fall.
mar 30
, ED)ITATING a change in the business
JV.fiy tho fl-st of September, off'ers their
large and varied 4tock, at such low prices, 8
as will astonish the most skeptical, only
coie treptared with the CASII, and'yute
will be able to get goods regardless of the
cost. The stock is large, anid composed of.
everyting tisually kept by tis establish'--.
Dry GJoods, Foreign aind romestlo; 4
Clothing for Men's WYear',
liats, all styles,
nooits and Shoes,
Piece Goodls of Woolen.
Linen and Cotton.
(liye me a call before spending youir cash'
and be convinced that, at WtOlFhE'S yotd
can get the best goods for the lowest Price.'
june 8
SoapI Osna~burIg I
[1000 ATES SOAIP, naibbit Snap, Cookinge
UJ iida. Also Ileauvy Osntnhnrgs for Cot
ton lags. &c. .Just rec.iveid by
sep, ' t 5 M'\NlAS''ti .nD & JllC.

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