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'1IBI WINNSBORQO NW, Job Printing.
Trxi"Wer e'lm.y,
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.... ..-....... ..... . ...... .. .. ... . . .. ...... . - ..........X ECU DED jy Trj,jj
Special Notices.
Mr. Editor. Please announce Mr. J. R.
BOYLES as a caudidate for Sheriff at the
ensuing election, and oblige his
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A Perileus Season.
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The common phrase applied to this condi.
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Now, general debility arises from, and in
cludes ai variety of ailments. The liver is
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feb 2i hiaMASTRIt & nPurE.
The Ku Klux Prisoners at Albany.
Col. Whitley, chief of the detective
force, has addressed the following let.
ter to Attorney General Williams:
Naw YORK, August 9, 1872.
SIR ; I have the honor to aeknowl.
edge the receipt of a communication
from your Department, under date of
second instant, enclosing a copy of a
letter from Gorritt Smith, Esq., ad
dressed to the President in relation to
those convicts in the Albany Peniten.
tiary, who were convicted of ' 4-1
tions of the enforcement ac I
requesting me to go to Alban
make a thorough invcstigati o
the condition of these prisono. .d
report to the department my vt, is as
to the expediency of exercising ex
eeutive clemency in regard to any of
In accordance with your request I
proceeded to Albany on the 7th inst.,
for the purpose of fulfilling the duty
assigned me. As a means of conduct
ing my inquiries in a manner best
adapted to arrive at all . the facts in
the case, and also to lead the prison
era to express themselves as freeley as
possible, I deemed it best to see each
of the parties separately without any
knowledge upon their part is to my
official character or the object of my
In this I received the fullest aid of
Mr. Louis D. Pillsbury, head keeper
of the penitentiary, who brought each
prisoner in separately, with the sim -
pie remark to each, that this gentle
wan desires to talk with you. The
prisoners were mainly frank and con
tnunnteative. Some of itherl are vely
poor, and unlearned, and have left
large families behind them, and while
acknowledging that they were mern
bers of the various orders of the or
ganization known under the general
head of Ku Klux Klan, and that they
had been justly sentenced as such,
plead an extenuation that they had
joined the order without a full know
ledge of its aims and objects, and
had been incited to deeds of violence
by their leaders, who had managed to
ecape from the country, Ih!aving thenl
to bear the responsibility and the
punishment of their inideeds. A
number of them stated that they had
been compelled to join the order to
save themselves and families from
visitations of the Klan ; others had
entered its ranks under the snpposi.
tion that it was a society organized
for mutual protection, but lea.ue(l
subsequently that its real designs were
the extermination of the negro race
sad the driving out of such of the
whites as were in favor of the political
equality and social elevation of the
blacks. These severally expressed
the heartiest contrition of their mis
deeds, and stated that the organiza.
tion was, one inimicnl to the best in
terests of society, and that the gov.
ernment was fully justifled in break
ing it up. In further extenuation of
having been members of the order,
they stated that the operations of the
Ku Klux Klan were wide spread, em
bracing within its folds men of supe
rior intelligence whom they had been
accustomed to look to for advice and
counsel, and whom they did not sup.
pose would lead them into any combi
nations that contemplated personal
violence and even murder, if these
were necessary for the accomplhsh
ment of its ends. They were told
that it was a good institution to put
down meanness in the country, and
they accepted the statement implicit..
ly. UTpwards of forty examinations
were made in the manner above
inldicated, neither prisonler knowing
that any one but himself had been
called out, and none of theta being
aware as before observed of my offi
cial position or the object of my visit.
There was a singular unanimity in
their statements end a general expres
sion of regret that they shIould have
been drawn into any organization dif
fering so entirely in the objeet which
they supposed it had in view when
they joined it. In reply to the gen
eral question, What were the ohjects
of the orgranizatin? the answr wa
almost invariably~ hen we joined
the order, we u" td It to be a
society establiehed utual protec
tion, bi aftewha n fully ini
tiatdtd disoverod i for a politi
cal pnrp We,' .whie use was em
braeed ' an oath, ich we swore
to oppose the Radioq , arty in all its
forms and prevoit neg ocs from vot
ing. It was this g0 t#sception that
misled us and wh'io aA brought us
into our C co 'ti. The eon
trition MIfestec Any of those
person le''hea o,ranoe e
prese"d them fu "q: qts into tho
commiss Qiof whi thy ' claim they
were be ycd by ,orupulous and
desigri on of tore enlightened
minds, t general - want of intel!;
gence a 'their extreme poverty tlI
appeal starongly for mercy. 3ly views
as to ketiecncy of restoring a;y
of th Fo%iety through the exer
eibe of xecutive elewce:cy are clear.
ly in favor of such a c'nt4rse with soic
portion of them, and !- lleleve it may
be done in some of thm eascs not only
with great safety but fully in the in
terest of the public gto'd. In those
to which I intend re.psctfully to c.ill
your attention, the prisonears appear
not only truly repentant, but abso
lutely ashamed of tha dburse t' hich
they seemi to have ur1wittingly pur
sued ; they express thehtselves.ua anx
ious to return to the". peaceful pur.
suits of industry whenev ,the oppor
tut.ity is o)l,red them, an+to become
law abiding citizens in their respoo'
tive comwui ities. -
o'ulunel Whitley then named four'
persons safely to be ea zsidored as
pr:.pe"r sub.cot, f t.. S t of fb
ecutive eleuvency. They are old men,
poor and unliarned, and' were un
doubtedly lcdsitto the K&Klux oder
by misrepresontatioun.
With rcgard'to others, should it I.e
the intention of .the U.overnagent to
make an , e*tended- exercise of its
clemency in that direction he submiits
the n,amlies of eighteen persons whom
he dectns most worthy of its considera
As to the remainder of the prison
ers who entered the IKu Elux order
with a full kn'vledge of its real ib.
ject, Colonel Whitley says it would
not he entirely expedient to exercise
the Executive clemency.
A Traiteler for i ('oluinnbin (S. C.) hiouse
Coulics to Grief.
In Atlanta, on Saturdy morning, a
young mana of re.-pectable mnion, sail
ing under the namao of J. L,. Binauam
sold at auct ion a tine h a e gy
for the small sum
police, prompted by
sUspieions that all w ; atr
the matter in hand, led war' os a
of the suspected naty a ea
fessioan that the -horse d hug'v
longed 'to Seligm~ IIall,
stable men, in Mo is Ten
friend turned ovet-tb ;oiveya
hia at the railroad etion, V
he says, ho made ait p of,
IIo .then drove ts'fa possiD
Cave Sprig, G, from
point to Atlanta- ld his (u 4
age at low ligurAsa4 Ao
the money and- ud !
beiang narned 1
of the party arre - .n.'
ie has been traveling'for the lddiness
house of Shiver, COlain'bia, S. U. Bia
nutn-Vaughan is ht Id for orders from
M emphllais.--A urstu Chronil de pd
It is said to lbe agurions fact that
while foxes, eranaes andaa squirrels are
abundant on- the ianaa Alde h&le
Ohio.river, they arEa never 'meti the
Kentucky sigo ; aand, str ange' ugha,
the gray squirrel, to be foma~ an
where oan the Kentyesky side, is ryre
or never seenI ona ti dia ahore.
TVhe l'ope hans in noauted the Cathio
lie lishops of Eagflsd anad mIomae* to
protest against the prosecutiona by the'
British goveranaent of' the priests cot
cerned in the GJalway election distnr
What lamdy is used to war ? Millie
. llubbard on a Raltid.
We stated in our last issue that the
cavalry from this post had gone out
on a raid and had not returned up to
the hour of our going to press. The
command cane back to town on Wed
nesday without any prisoners. It
seems that Deputy United States
Marshal Ilubbard had been out in
the Turkey Creek neighbo:hood for a
week or ten days previous, concealed
among the negroes, and thought that
he had spotted the haulnts of certain
men in that section whom the authori
ties are very anxious to get hold of.
lie sent word on Tuesday for the
cavalry to come to his ussi.tance and
that he could inako the arrests that
night. The cavalry were, therefore,
out as a auxilliary force to the Depn.
ty Mlarshal, and not as an ind-epil
cut connmand.
Fromt respectable and reliable gen
tlen,a we get information of the
m11ost wanton and unprovoked outrages
cummitted by Hubbard and his gang
of negro :ts istants while pretendin
to net in the di'charge of his duty.
The premises of Mr. B. B. Robins
were among tie fir,t searched. Ilis
children are all daughters-two of.
whom are married-ono to William
Carter, the other to Ferris. Both of
these men are avoiding arrestr, and
their families are living near the
residenice of Mr. Robini, atnd t.ner
his protection. Mr. Robins informs
us that his premises had been search
ud eleven times before by the military
authoritioo and that ho had always
been treatud with res pcet and with
1 at'y n e;.:ary i.(ig;itp til!
Hubbard made his appearance ; that
he (Hubbard) seemed to gloat over
the opportunity to insult women, ter
rify children and expend some of his
-alien against the respectable white
peoplo of the State. The door of
Mrs. Ferris' house was violently burst
len and the lock broke by him,
when she was in a few feet of the
ior, (ffering him the key and asking
that the door be not broken down.
Whea this piece of unneCess.Iry bru
talir,y was aceomplisheil and she ap
pealed to hitm for redress, the only
Ieply site received was an insult.
The bed clothes were stripped from a
sick child lying in a trnile bed, and
the bed rolled violently about the
room under the pretense of searching
in and under the bed for a concealed
Ku Klux. Thee acts are fair samt
ples of tIe ..v:ay this hcroie tmarshal
carries ou the war againt t women and
Anotber place vi'ited was the
+ntation of William Carter, which
rentod'b,y two young met, Ca lvin
calk and Georgo (arter. IBoth of
epo men were absent from home on
it e night of the raid. Their touse
wits broken into and searched ; and
when they returned home in the
morning they found that seven quilts,
uur countorpanes, three pair. of pan.
loons and three vests had been
,land carried off.
S#s.pgyting force the expedi.
t1 hbbard',bad along Columbus
tford, (iles rood and Bill Pall
re of the most notoriously in
i d lawless negroes in the
uint After they were rekieved
from duty on Wedlesday 'torning)
and while they were returntkhone,
they took occasion to call at 4.e house
of Mrs. Pross Estes, whomt they in
sulted and -threatened with loaded
guns. li'rom htere they passed to tbe
residence of Mr. E. B. Robins, apd
tiatgentlemani being away from home,
they attempttedl to go into his yard.
Whleonordlered by his dauighter not to
do so, thesy itnsulted her and levelled
heir guns at her.
If we thought it were worth while
wq would counctil the people to ad
d tressg a 'remOnstrance -to Marshall
Wallace against allowing the perpe,
tra~tion of such wanton outrages b~
is. d4puties and subs. Tb'e law
haFsh enough at'best,.without ad
to itms execultion the practice f
brutal indign-ii- 1onwoe
.chlldren., All m can do, $6'ueve,U
is to reihegm berthat we are a subjt..
gated people, and that we iuust bear
with meekness whatever indignities
our heartless oppressors may seo pro
por to impose ; trusting that in God's
own good time relief may come to us
from somo qoarter or other.
In justice to Lieutenant E. S. God.
frey, wh-, was in command of the cav
alry, and whom we know and respect
as a gentleman, we are assured by our
informants that the soldiers had
nothing to do with the breaking open
of doors, throwing sick children about,
etc., etc.
Lieutenant Godfrey we are sure
would neither do anything of this
kind himself, nor would he suffer it to
be (lone by any one under his con
.inand. Ilubbard was in cominand of
the expedition-the cavalry were only
along so as to give the civil authori
ties aFsistanco in caso any should be
needed-and upon Hubbard rcts the
whole responsibility for everything
that was done.-Chester /'<p,r,r".
Seriots Accitient.
It was with very great regret, says
the Chester Reporter, that we heard
on Saturday last of the serious ace.
dent that happened to Mr. Samuel M.
McDill on the day previous. Ie was
having a well dug on his farm, and
wasabout to descend for the purpose
of seeing what progress the workmen
were makinr;. When ho put his
weight on the rope the knot slipped
and ho full to the bottom of the well
a distance of thirty-six feet. lIb was
brought out in an uneon.ecious condi
tiou and continued so for several
hours. 11n~ eV,-i i.:u:i nio )_. iie _._
uro tdhnd 'roken, though he was se
riously cut and bruised on the back
and shoulders. It was feared that se.
riouts internal injuries might be expe
rienced. At tie time of his lall
there were two men at the bottom of
the well, neither of whom were hurt.
The "old sixth" had no more gal
lant soldier than Mr. McDill. For
four years he ioilowcd tho fortunes of'
that famous band, showing in all of
its bloody battles, being ever in the
front when ,here was i !oe to face, and
yet providentially e.caping withoit,
ececiviug the slightest wound. IllS
old comrades in arms will extend to
him an earnest sympathy in his amie
tion, and will j"in in t be hope of his
speedy restoration to health and
We learn from gentlemen who
came dow n from York on 'T'uescda v,
smys the Chester Reporter, that tho
Republicans of that (ounity held their
nominating convention ou Monday
last. Sixty delegites were in attend
ance. 01n the first ballot for a nomi..
nec for the position of Senator, each
delegate voted for himself, n> one can
didate getting as many as two vo!es.
IhLnnibol White, black, finally got
the nomination. This is a great im
provement on the former Senator front
that county, V. E. Roo. For the
House of Representatives two white
men and two negroes were nominated ;
Ben Briggs, white, and Nelson 1)a
vies, colored, ,being two of them.
The unaies of the others we did not
learn, Rt, L. Crook was nominated for
Sheriff; J. F. Wallace, E.., for
Clerk of the Court, and S. Hall for
Probate Judge.
illing Of 1lajor Rtandoiplt.
Major T1. .J. Randolph, Jr., a eon- -
tractor of the Chossampeamko and Ohio
railroadm, was accidenitly ki lied nmear
Miller's ferry on Thursday afternoon.
lie was riding towarda1 a spot where
some men were engaiged in blasting.
rock, when, being warned, he cheeked
his horse, but too late to avert the
sad faute which awaited him, Hie was
erfuck on the head and killed.-R?ich
molOl Dispatch&.
S lelIlerald hears o rideauFln roeo
I in Peru and *'4.ssi ion
~ident Balta. vAt c ln hat
a jI deamocracy rue to T1i .~
Emigration i Grmany a eadily
ndrease.s. in. spite of the effot the
Gouerrmnt to cheok is.. ' *

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