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Saturday Morning August .17, 1873.
gg- Correspondence solicited from every
section of the country.
Our columnns are open to all for a free
discussion of any principle,'theory or itiea,
but we are in no way responsible for the views
or opinions of correspondents.
1ational Reform Ticket.
For President.
For Vice.Preeident.
Justice at Last.
Gov. Scott, Treasurer Parker, and
Secretary Cardozo, are at present -en
gaged in a bitter controversy through
the columns of the Columbia Phenix,
Cardozo fighting both the others.
The object of the controversy seems
to be to fix the responsibility for the
frauds in the issuing of bonds, about
which there has been so much said in
the public presr, both in this State
and abroad. Crimination and re
crimination are indulged in very free
]y, and facts are being brought to
light that will materially assist the
-t txpayers in their prosecution of the
thieves who have plundered our
Treasury. Fresh developments are
given to the public every day or two,
and the meshes are being drawn clos.
er and closer around the guilty offi
cials who have sacrificed the dearest
interests of the State to their own
private gain. Justice is calling
aloud for its miserable victims, and
we may soon hope to see the corrupt
"State Ring" receive that punishment
for their crimes that they surely mer
it. Lot all honest men, be they black
or white, step forward to support the
charges made against these unblushing
thieves. Let them see to it that the
honor and credit of the State is speed
ily vindicated, and the result of their
en'tocrlftrts wfbipace a'id pros.
The Bankrupt Act.
HIon. Wm. I. Clawson, the able
Register in Bankruptcy for our Con
gressional District, has communicated
the following information to the York
ville Enquirer, which will be of in
terest and value to our readers:
Mr. Editor: As doubts have been
expressed as to the extent of the re
lief afforded by the bankrupt act of
1867, and the several amendments
thereto, I deem it proper to make the
following statement :
The amendment to the act, approv
ed 10th June, 1872, allows to the
bankrupt all the property exempted
by the laws of each State of force in
1871, in addition to the five hundred
dollars worth ut property allowed un
der the originaml act.
This gives to each bankrupt in this
State, two thousand dollars worth of
property, to wit: One thousand dol
lars worth of real estate, and en.
thousand dollars worth of personal
estate. After the bankrupt has been
discharged this property becomes his
absolute estate to dispose of as he
chooses, either by sale, gift, devise or
It is not necessary, as has been sup.
posed, that the estate of the person
applying shall pay fifty per cent of all
his debts; but if the estate which
comes to the hands of the assignee is
sufficient to pay fifty per cent, of his
individual debts, contracted since let
January, 1809, exclusive of the debts
contracted before that time, he is en
titled to a full discharge from all his
debts. If it is not sufmcient, still he
is discharged from all individual
debts contracted before that time, and
from all his security debts, whether
contracted before or after that time,
leaving nothing to be paid but his
individual debts contracted after 1st
January, 1809.
Register in Bankruptoy.
A correspondent of the New York
Tribune Is 00 t that only one.of
the three .c in Delaware I
doubtf ~ ilmington Coil
ty whe Fd ral fuences is c
centra here is no disposition to
split the jy vty, and the State is good
for a heavy Liberal majority.
'Canning Fruit.
'The time for canning fruit is at
band. Tin cans have been largely
used for both fruit and vegetables ;
but glass is certainly preferable. All
fruits 'contain 'more or less told,
which, in some 'cases, acts upon metal.
lio vessels. Tin cans are made with
solder, au alloy into whioh lead large
ly enters. This metal is easily oot
roded, and poisonous salts are formed.
It is believed by many chemists that
persons have been seriously injured
by eating tomatoes, peaches, etc-.,
which have been put up in tin cans.
M1urderers Respited.
The two murderers says the Caroli
nian, conv'ioted at the last teem, Ed*
win Harris, for the murder of Mur
phy, and William Lucas, for the mur
der of Simpson, and sentenced to be
hanged on 'riday net, the 16th inst.,
were yesterday respited by Governor
Scott, who orders that their execu
tion be suspended until Friday the
80th instant.
Hook and Ladder Company No.1.
A TTEND a special meeting of your Com
pany Monday evening, 19th inst., ot
B o'clock, at Town Hall. By order
S. B. CLOWNEY, Pres.
D. R. FLENNIKEN,.Act. Sec.
aug 17-1
State of South Carolina.
By W. N. NELSON, Esq., Probate Judge.
W IIEIREAS, Nancy R. MoKeown hath
made suit to me. to grant her Letters
of Admiulstrrtion with the will annexed of
the Estate and effects of John McKeown,
These are therefore to oils 'and admonish
all and singular the kindred and creditors
of the said John MoKeown, deceased, that
they be and appear, before ens, in the Court
of Probate, to be held at Fairfield Court
ilouse on the 29th of August next, af
ter publication thereof, at 11 o'clock In the
forenoon, to show cause if any they have,
why the said Administratios should not be
Given under my hand, this 18th day of
August, A. D. 1872.
aug 17
Consisting of Walnut, Imitation Wal
nut, and Rosewood, of the very beat quality.
For design and workmanship unequalled,
and cheap as can be bought anywhere this
side cf the city of New York or Baltimore,
of the same quality. Everything warrant
ed. Looking (Qlasses and Cholco Lumber
for sale. Call and see for yourselves, as
seeing is believing.
Furniture neatly repaired at moderate
prices. Picture Frames made to order.
Moulding, Backing, and Surew Eyes furn
ished cheap for cash.
aug 15-Gm It. W. PHILLIPS.
Ellison's Watermellons.
A LOT just received and for st.e at
aug16 McINTYRE &CO.
No1w Ar'rivals
FINE LE MONS, Cocoannis, new crow
Fresh Candles of all kinds. Ice Lo
every day from this date.
aug 16
Election is O0
.Are Going to.Move.
Ewould respecltitliy haform the public
that we are goIng to occupy the i.e NBW
STORER OOM-tv it door to Bacol& Co.,
about the 16th of September nest,aI ai
order to reduce our stock of goode,, will
~ffer them at redus~ d prI.eu til t1ao4isse,
-. MoLA 9aLlt b O0UNBTOk2
Lemons ismarket caa bhe
Another Lot.
AT T1i
Grass Soythes and Snaths,
Ames' Shovels and Potato "age, '
Nails from 8 to 40.penny,
2'flne Shot'On-ns -.
1 Colt's Rev'1
Tomatto Catvn oet
A lo a fine lot o
O. R. ' 3
July $0
)corn n Tu64 8t of
Augus anaual irship
has bee sented ; e:Vir
gio litary Inest hlch
ill be competed for, and awa at the
Iloie of each Spring Session. ments
tash in advance, half quaterly.
.V,. ROBJf
aug l6-2w st.
At Private Sale.
THBE well-known thre.
story, brick residence on
M iq or Congress Street,
telt to corner of Liberty Sueet, contain.
Ing twelve upright rooms. For particu
are apply to the undersigned.
june 27 DuBO8E EOLESfON.
J UST -1 N
We have justxeceiv
ed a handsome lot of
Goo4g vdich'Were
offering foi-tr
Call and Examine.
Our entire stock
nd( oth.
4 at
'or the
SJ13O & CO.
oed. ur ate low for
'25 DOZEN $ra qpahoes.
1 ierce of Whole lice.
50 Bunshels Meal.
Patent Otton Daok Bads and Hook.
For sale by
=r16' JAmYAvann
Oecr their Stock
Consisting of Poplins, Japi
tese Clotbs, Lawns,, Piques
kc., AT COST to CASH Cus
l'ricies on Suntmuer Clothing,
.assineres, Linens, Hats, &c.,
educed from this date.
Special attention called to a
ot of Gents Hand-Sewed Shoes,
Oxford Ties and Congress
Rhoes,) offered at $4.50 and
5.00 per pair.
july 9
Very Pretty Indeed I
Don't Come all at Oniee!
BUT everybody come firat and got first
,hoice of those new arrival of ladies Dress
Joods opened yesterday and now reposing
to beautifully and gracefully on the coun.
ers and shelves. A lot of superb improved
Pruitt Jars for the preservation of Peaches
end other Fruits.
Turnip seed, includging Ruta Baga,
Dutch Globe, Red 'lop, and yellow Aber
leen and Flat Dutch.
july 18.
Am V '3.'m Ka 0 t O *
HAVING procured the
very best Mechanics in
the country, I feel war
ranted in saying hant I
can f\arnisha as neat BOOT
or Xllt)E as any Shop
in the South. All work
warranted to give satisfaction. My Shop
is next door to F. Gerig's Saddlery.
mar 19 8. M. GOKLBERT.
Jttst, in store 3 Cases McE wan's Edinburg
One ease best London Stout. For sale by
july 20
Tea Driukers.
O NE mnore chest of that fine UNCOLOR
ED JAPAN TRA, whIch has given
sueh universal satisation wherever used.
Give it e. trial,
feb27 BATY BRlA
Come at Last.
Red or Purple'l'op Turnip Seed, Yellow
Ruts Baga Turnip8Seed, Flat Dutch Turnip
Seed, Seven Top TurnIp Seed.
july 28 MeMASTERt & BIRICE.
Ear then Ware.
LARGE lot of Jugs and Jarg.
Canned Goods.
Peaches, Pine App!., Green Corn, Cove
Oysters and Sardines.
june 18 U.0. DESPORTE~b& CO.
Hams I Hams!
AONE Tierce of Sugar Cured Cant aimed
H.llama in stote, sud for iale low for cash.
jn. 22 DRATYV R.
"Where to Spend the Sum
(lenn' Springs.
TIHS celebrated WATER
ING PLACE will be open
-for visitors the 10th day of
June. Te medical qualities of this Water
are not excelled, and from the numerous
wonderful cures that have been effected t,y
the use of this Water, I am satisfied that
this is the place for all whose condition can
be improved by the salubiious character of
any Water.
tOOMS large and pleasant. Good and
attentive servants. TA BlU supplied with
the best, the narket affords. Fancy Balls
during the sunmmer. Ten Pin Alley, Bil.
iard and Bagatelle Tables, for the amuse
ment of guests. Charges per day, $2.50 ;
per week, $18 00; per month $3500.
Cottages to rent at $25 00 and $50 00 per
season. Hacks daily from Jonesville, after
the 25th June. W. D. Ft)WLER
juno 6 Imo Proprietor.
J. 0. nOAG
Has just received a large and splendid
at-sortiment of Dry (onds, Ladies Dress
Good. Notions, Fancy Goods, Shoes, &o.
Al . fresh grocerics, Bacon, Flour,
Mackerel, Lard. Meal. Grist. Sugar, Coffee,
Tea, Syrups and f\csh Kerosene Oil,
apl 18
Irish rotatoes.
A NOTIIE R lot of fine Irish Potatoes just
received by
July 30 MoINTYIE & CO.
Livery and Sale
A. F. G00D INGQ,
lKEEP constantly on hand extra fine
Kettucky lorses and Alules. P'arties
in want of good stock will do well to giv e
me a call.
In connection with my Livery Stable. I
have opened a Carriage, Buggy and Wag.
on Factory. All work neatly executed and
warranted, Give me a call.
jan 18
form the citizens of
tnnsboro and Fairfield District, that I have
on hand a full assortment of Watch
es. Jewelry, Clocks, Spectacles, &c., and
will sell at the lowest prices, and would
respectfully ask the continuance of the
patronage of may oldI friends and ctustomers.
All goods warrantedl as representedi. I ant
prepared to do all kind of Wateh andI Jew..
elry work andI have always a good took of
goodh material on hand, andI will guarantee
satisfaction. All work warranted.
Second door from Col. Rion's Ollice.
Memphis, Tennt..
Blaltimore, Md,
ASSETS $1,100,000.
Hon. Jefferson Davis, Pres't.
Gen. Wade Hampton, Vice Pres't.
J, D, KENNEDY, Bta.e Agent,

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