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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, November 24, 1849, Image 1

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vor r. (K A NANOY~n BIR 2, 1 9.kiNll
18 PUDLItt.ERKLr.n .
At Two Dollars per Year,
Zdcctco. TOez
Ponm the Flag of our PLtp.
111on1 ft. BlUnks Wafs taken Is
and done for.
Benjimin Blinks was a blobming baclie
tor of, Boston; well.to.do in the World,
and, as many bachelors are,of irreproach.
able morals, -as all bachelors are sup.
posed to be, living snugly on his income,
and having apartment* in a fashionable
hotel, fitted up In style, and kept with a
neatness-and precision that shoked how
particular a p6rsoh their occupant must
Usted Wilhis single hiessedness,
like a butterfly in the sunshine. (An truth,
he passed the heyday of youth without
losing his heart, and -one coats. tp.i
prodigal 'of 1is afflectigns at mhiddle age..
When gtthirty-gyeo,.g. ltlgtsel
Jects'around the heart of a sIngle .
and prevents Its undue expaneniyl
a thousand habits of living. 0t.1
dulged notions becomes so mof mpe.
diments to man's freedom o iotishad
make up together a sort of a sigil~t.
Yet there were times wi"r Ae
thought of bestowing on4
sel his life, his fortune, 1(4 i A.
honor. But the older he greov, th inef
er he Planted himsej4
proposition, come wh1t
niot marry an old maidr all 6iMaro
so set in their w
tic sort thut never stirs abroad ?
But at length it was whispered In cer.
tain elegant circles, reported on Wash.
ington.street, and intimated at the oper,
that Blinks wan in love. - At length it
came out that Blinks was engaged. The
lady was named Mise Emma Blooming.
tort, a charming womun very besutiful,
very fashionable, and very accomplished.
But rumor in this cusei as in many
others, hud outrun truth. Blinks was
in love, but not engagd.- Still matters
were very fast tending to this happy coin.
summation. FPour German -musiaians
achieved a serenade one moonlight eveo
ning in Mount Vurpod0stieet ; and. on.
other evening a very interesting tete.a
tete was obered by..an opposite lady.
who, having.-noover of her owir, was
very Inquishve with regard jo the s,'ntl.
mental affidirs of her neighr'i.
e' dfy aller this tele.a ote, Mr.
Blinks was shown up into an, elrgant
drawing-room, and'paid his devotions tu
Miss Bloomington. .,He w Gj 'mar of
business, and aware that moderwmar.
raigos are not made in heave, bot 'on
Changei He spoke - of .s stdki, hlis
investments, lii income I hined -i a
prospective earripge, and sighed as he
depicted his forlorn condition.L
Misi Emma's smile* encouroged hini
to proceed; But Blinks waset a. ia an
to be beguiled by,.% pair of rosy ips diso,
- looing pearly teeth, though4# ptirted
by iih # gartillery ofrtare es.
i, Bomhigton, said he, Iam a
plaini -bluntno, :like, Mark Anthony,
Idthe oaion pf yhar (titu C y'
the dead bodynetiq4, wish togek yous
'Mmhs Bloomingtodmi#t#iid.
et fo4 y' .o der
five, hfive told yqiy I-ttWpray~
how ldare ey9#~~ njifot trust
-: dr ao ho
but r
a nmum'Ia.an a m
tailor und himself as ever; in, 61
a~ccsiowal calltoolf.priva~V~
bula * 0 And pat onlyzed tfiq,
W44 YIiia'su m'erlie
port, and so gay and brilliant, that a i
certain belle gave him the sobriquet of p
Bachelor Butterfly. Bnt thNi belle of p
the Ocean House. By no means. The c
cynosure of all eyes, the reigning sat v
of the ball.room, the Cytherea of the t'
surf, the Di Vernon of ridingpttie a,- h
'derlai'n lovely wiow, Ir,. Q yojinc
Diwo,'of timre. By this dark.
ad,sp3 ip.ri td d g'oiotis omin, Ben
fksai or a sPqnd timo fa.
pari ner -tho wl hr cavah ei on ft
horseback Ker l:'ipniri'in,ithe surf.- ;;
She renewed 'iill' gouh, his iiopU,'hi .o
epissodletoIdngin I\ er Matr4non'y.- .
He proposed-he i tucptd--he was 4
happy. With et b4 W yet n beauitbI n
and rich, Blinks was ruly amortalto be
in thiimellw ho y n,*q~, thd vod. %
deti lOt'es Maddra out 4giJ i
the' Battery.; for they Wete p4*s ira* 'fv T
days in New York during-theiribridal ii
jour. Th'nroonlight iva, a"i'iiIngb -v,
the crisp waveis,:and;gilding-;hitnmyriaid 'I
sall of the biights baythe muiue'of an -it
lIblian band was rising frrnm'thO'njngid ft
'ing~ of4~is.tle,arden, and- the,4ool -it
Areszexamp -through the rocky gateway. m
qfahe 44arrows. -- , ' II
Blipke dodr,,eaid the lady, as she hung p
.poo he asWaad's arm, I wont to ask t1
YotMa qtesption. i
..-A thousand. jf you pleassymy dear,' w
Welli, thenp.wtvere you ever in lovo be.
bore youiaw mot 4
BlinkAscoued -kt raq r ent's 'h
pause lie answered boldl wa tInded i
4, A'pd who was ei ohapi y lady?
Ono M iSS1Emma Blliog p -.bo
that: WAs long time ogo-telt yeiars'
An could she Ilav? ejectcd your, d
suit? -1
0- no. I fancy. our. attachment- Was o
reciproenl,'but I' never proposed.
'Why 'dld'nt you? e
Because; my love, I hid- determined a
never to marry an'old maid.' Andjust li
at nick- of timo I found out'that the lady f(
was thirty. 'Poor Emma I she is forty .
now if she lives--quite an old' woman,
.A clear musical laugh was the rejoin. A
der tothis speech. Why, how old do L
you think I am, Blinks?
'rwebty;.five or twenty-eight, per'
bops.' n
Forty, by this hand! replied the lady. a
And the hand was a ir one. - ' 0i
Forty I exclaimed Blinks. 'T
Yes. love, bntiitu.d -the lady; sd 'I
have another adufevAlon to make. I was a
not a widOw when you married toe. - 4
N-et of *idotw I ',And 'pray,-rrilidam, c
who, in the pami' of iVider ute yos'I C
,I at- Nlr.' B. Biks, the wifle i' the .
unly men I could dvor love--and I was i
Emnn- Bloosin ion, "whom you so-Oruel. E
Iy-deserted 'eh year'bgo ' II
: M r. Blidks' firesi itipulie was to drop it
theeri that eltng'ho lovingly to his I'his it
n tto 'press'it . doser. A loafer ivih
was smoking A'ecilgr ot a bedeh tnder
it lcust 'tree hiodm'4mething like the o
p6 plng of d 'cR&fipat i ge co'k; but' the .,
lad Ps ear nldi fu;hl lhe words : ' i4
.m; iz bun 'a vy lbo1lsi r
batheir-endJ'u'ab.ry tidp( Baax r
I or ive oidet tidnfor It b p'si '
ed MegeYaO'rtd4 enie sonithitigtd i
miake iMy lifre 'd'rth livi;g for. I haii .
made a suitable 1atch, and a much bet. il
Mr? B. wast antidflod-M.ui thdtrf '
gcC#bout, dand te. sptti gossin wb
had w4 iiri& the &' t41 oiii"g
qine buelk % stoh a aiffr'~
p t VrtIL.Ta.
,4col Q No p
$t prhI
ha ~
gIe to 0 om "e o
room 'witidowbe
Sleng dlIebein o C W 49w9
10 of every -routn on 1h1t P w that I
ie the only evidencb wouk thr< from C
to the window, and that i overy uld he
i. hopeless. That was t hast , too; t
is no hopes of a repetillot If LshouldI
Id be better prepared. uietly Iealing
3. around the corner oft h all, exam. %
ined the rope and conco ed I plans. i
fle ws a light weiglt- d rd ws
A good'stsut rapp ;;sog png gemlf
With. one foot reatiln t 0 lop of the I
rsiriio eent: I
lated p aston.- A
a isig grgu& , the ol '
Ie Sow and all.'
S 10 picdt, nI hw and :i
it saw his uiuation. . at .lhe ,
to tot-.wasdatr ' om dm ithe I
f ti o dpe.nde full hiu int
disoverbP v expulion digraeq i
rlie ho cid In a mome on his on.
Ant.Ot le and his com - vigorously
Il~ttttf M 0t
A acond and third tt when they
' suddeni ceased their 'x n rid
- wound heir end of the rd aroun
i bed-post. mTriL but stood
Is nfo distance fr6 fwint
y with palpitattaj .intt 4oin
y discourseo.etween thelr 1 and their
In MAX j~n' iadI .
I the tutorvw t 9gi o entMr
Mr I. Who cot dhave be.
9. sfed 4ch a thhg possibi This is
U th way the President'
t is it'1 L i
K. mildly assted that veralof them
ilhad ne 4tithat dtr cliin
i'Doy & K that you'll be
xpelledI plydge yo
my .w rd'ii idg ur tonfradea
.hall-qoove y liti raCe befbr
is Af 'rletting his unwel IVguest tn d
re on till h hI iai -d ae' ittle compo. a
;j sure, K. Interrupied hi with a sot b
sepeeeh. He reminded . I . i
y students were drivdn by- ger to such o
Y desperate. coureses ; deeli di- giv)ng* the a
ts names of his occoinglices,d teth -
inevitable ruin thait wold h ex. i
pilsion from lCge,os I hgi.cf wae. Q
ki6 only Vfcourse fora liv a. IN I e n
i, cIled the tutorsattenti t inter- t)
e esting position thai.he M was pIae. y
din; wii ng like tI n
p hatmed', 'midwfy bet we av
Se irth ; and thi t thigh ti
i' gulf between tholn i-tho cit
to yet just at the;e he t
l he hadr s A jadvat 0 0
6 he didiieminute wye a :v
is shc hl6kept 'secret, the rd h fd b
r? , - tor
d 0 1 led to the earth, wha Ied
old. be found AP
-be t
or their
cd iertii o bet .
IK.uws ieit
c'in pocns y kt
ednoyoke f rslmuA
niv 'sy n hichys
stinguiehod for his egrouriinary t
ubnit to the collg6 discipin6. TI
are in Commons had for sonme tin
net been descending from ordinary
oor, from poor to bitd to poitive ind
ency, until the stomachiof the victir
ere as empty as their pockets, ac
cro were symptoms of- mutiny prov
Then olotaideiseondark .'6h,% AnY'a eo
-FaeAt ponAtoleaoulsi
'I ixa boy,A .to1iki c4 o t 8.,.
II:. ~ VLOnb0 r'd o1ln.
ormadWtt~g thorn-ing ti
9e. . thile xtre rditgK. lilt, upon
:home. 1o satisfyhisj~.Appetito uid-loi
Cfun, andot thu sunAtinim thieexpeII
r tlhecollege. The eresilent of *tl
my ap st.Wybut of tjafemr,ai ud
Rve.r o happQ9 when in:pssession i
ine-tare 'g41 it rulayttblo. , e
Sore, friend .b~ibayprpoented-h
ih,s.v of a pvcoulirirac;.e ;yhe th
wa* 'duch-a pig as fertile China-bred
kodritu, but rfl dd ,Nd*iti p0o0 h
ip pig-fold, Prxr patedr dghi
Slue thaniott any ten'br hla'tudonts..
eaving irtto t 'lg:r hord to te
irkoeys; st'-aianes'oatinoighbor-lng $h<
ipigeonsjcinv6(gje confiding poulti
Ito-eeretplaces, and thoro'hiake we
Iith thietect.' K. taued'hi attentic
1thoso unlrit.le. OrAccountof- the
aculiar connection wit the -Presiden
esb-inoheiting dtlttU'M1We-r, peri
d to ramble lt large in, the enllodui
hich contained ull the college building
Our hero arranged his platisin 1
)om in-thu thircastery.ofoneof iarge
aJe1- and soin put .1tm in execution
.V4eryevening about dusk he would sa
1.4one Indian corn on tle groutdq- n
i'dialy beneati;h.is window, aridihe
ith Mar il'thga opi. tE , 0hw fiina 1
evour ii, Then carefully opening .h
'indow, . lowered a sack In the natti
C a casting net, In-which was liuct
une corn. [ardly had it reached tI
arth when the bristly iroop omufousl
%entod the bait, and one fat, greet
t1l creature blindly rushed upon i
h I hapless porker! what ean now avail
hy baok's stiff bristlos, or thy curly tail ?
h! what avail those eyesso small and rou
ong podant cars, and snouit that lores il
(ground 7
In a twinkling the cord wa6
nd the ipoy ascending; (sic Itur
stra, j K. ecassicilly rominrod,) whi
)o envqAil'nent of the sack stifld i
bble Er. Onin I{.'s uotom, ail w(
1i.I rice 11'448 only butcher.
nd ele'nayd a zcdem qrena frotll
uc., b~eIng rid o.as > ly>;udei
in dispose of schthgg i,; nqithe cii
tas pt propr snson .supd
y a cord rn ,h vas d0
inagtd pid by n selet Ie
te Ig a not Woweeis o "a
pne poil~ t. r~i 4 1 04
M. th6 r ne&eve riet h67i?j i
)d th6 V)$ oo~hrih
emiside,1had Uiit'bd ihe thioft,
his pvas all that Vtys neeodedo eobro
to Fcut in il feqd wtite oith'
11080~4B riig rom l r M Cfe
o~ ti on da (4~~l~i~W~
ad disep jrd, ang ttl h
o ~WIIeil
9 . I 4 o
or a
!IIEdI oea
dinto the darkest future, and that true
oldam ofrsdthat'can meet actual de. I
L1M~nT1 M Seli enlal, seeI
acrifcee lits.; and if we like, we I
an bring ourselves up with a'sentimen. <
al, mock.heroio strength, derived from a
he lessons of poots, who will 'tell you
hat 'woman's lot' is to suffer, that her's i
re 'ailent tears to weep,' that it it what I
ye must expect, to do if we generously b
el0d .our lives and fortunes to those
nonsters m#,- those WhteeIing, those
ard.hearted husbands and fathers We
ead of in romances, or see ranting upon
hei'stage. Mainy onen can iasil ly
Vork,'Upu t'eit ialintions and their
nmabid "6eslbili YGitil .no' nh'rlilcee
oems too groat, wlile'they 'are igarfied
iy the world as herolnesein real Ilife"-.
rviig's 'Wife' has done a great deal
6r thete ladies, and they already a 0
hImgpives arrayed in pure white,, aler
Ing ont a supper ofstrawberries a
Im, -and tMe, oh i h hargently
vhile'thsf await therT husbatd a return,
vithihu-pruttiest stags effect imaginable.
iot LwooudtIdiculeor underrate
, ulaite little sketch, the wife ,of a
itit 'pt merchant of .our day, if he
Ri jsativsce his creditors,soon finds
litt whito dresses and 'practice honra'
gye luxuries too expensiefirvvr -dayI
1eal elf 'de 9i spring. f.ro.m a deeper
(e 11 t th his. .Jts a sincere con.
# Oh:ofthiduIes of dilly- life, and 6
sareful training of every Iheulty to the
)ud that they. may be well performed;
noreover, there is a consideration which
salmaadieu overlook eidroly, at leastI
ever pecur to yoUt, pretly one, es you
looke~ ldioyour hisgbaod'scounting rpoo
tge .e if be was ready to go up to din.
ner,.Qr.A got that pretty crotchet purse
ref d didlit evel cross your mind
Is. sghihtopsider it a#i enable
9itj pvpithe estfW*~ e i qarvpgs,
rad'hr,iqad your ylay trpygh hp la9. d
ertag boxes ofth'e paciqgg ropn) tQ ste
itle coid dens-sometlnies. itpt i Are,
r igaili heated inseqily - eioaako they
re too busy.io think offgalaig lies
-wich is dignified by th-9,ite o( 'coun. y
dg room,' and there, In.n pi.ce goait
tidently intended myre for tthan 6r- h
4Ment, w44. aqullIIn his bands or
ust. behind th6 ear, Is the object of g,
urse *rch'.' There are dirty workmen Y
Iking wthh hlm, and while you are Im'
glest y.wl iling :Ihom gone, you.have fg'
A e~Ce1h syAnmarnishsd..walls,
p h~ii nverthls si
9jo otally'isi Is
o a 6And lk,; -.r_
nt *t a a
day e
paco ti
hF 4 h
- k9~ ~ )~t;O5l,5
re4*Y C
But, after this earnest preface, our
ight, and s%4oao Vq
)ictation Is not our place-but we have
ad some little experience, and no small
pportunitles for observation-moreover,
ve are animated by a sincere desire .to
speak a few good words,' as Goethe
as it, and from these materials ltsahaill
e our pleasure to offer you our I House.
old Counsels.'
Donzestic Hlp.
i'he following questdoi has becomo a
reat subject for discussiqn at the pres.
nt day, viz: What is t le cause of so
nuoh.difliculty in. obtaini pg females as
urses,,and to do genera housawork ?
Now I do not think this a 'vexed ques.
ion,' neither.do I deem it necessary for
persan to be skilled in loic, or philoso..
hy, in order to be able to answer thir;
uestion..., It only.needs a 4mal I ha re o
ommon sense., I think the simple rela
ion of an anecdote willt throw ligh
nough upon this subject to clear all th
niut that hangseover It.
A short time ago I visi4d your city
Lad during my stay I visi ed an. age
nan, who for many year cid a larg'
:ommercial business in the 4ity, but now
-etired on hIs country seat 4 an adjoin.
ng town to spend the r. ninder of his
lays upon the. fruits of his ast labor.
)tqing my visit he invite me to ride
Vith him. We called upoi a friend of
i, and after the usual snlutation, the
ady of the house began to jell her trou
le... She was destitute of. help. The
girls were so unsteady now.a.days, that
the could get none that would stay more
listened with a ;eo g
until she got through,.nd then he said,
*am glad of It. I hope you will not
get one until you learn how to treat Votw
help.' (The old ge~ntleman never ca
ris uter In his utu rease hi
"The lady exclaimed, whfMF -...---,
D you meqt 9 dont treat my
'Yes,'replied the old ma.
% hy ?ot sald*the lady.
0 j.6 let you . r gill sit at the table
yu W' askid the old man.
No Indeed I do'you suppose I would
ave 9ltchen girl; at; my table 1'
Do yu'- have them sit down with you
'the 'arlor 1
1Do yot treat them as equals or in.
f~ Ofer0ors' or urse ?'
niin, -reilie u the old manb'out of
:i40tiIl I d9ddemn thee.
Fil saA fhe 'if iou' will llten, I will
lIa 't 'orideo' 1 hive no 'trops
~*l(1e~l6heo iI limie alne wman
Ia brweilw iii6thirf-three years
i.d 0a'ilir eh ye. I have employ.
I:fenkle 'elp flftyfears, nevbr had one
ave'rhk ebe"pt 'they got itrrIed4
r* f*ih t61l$Ou'how' to' mana I
W1 ee :rem as 'equals. [hove
iaT sit 4t'hriy table, and itv diy'pArlor
do iibt call theinto the
lt)b 6Me ther bico. They sit.
I~fl'I J Cjrhtlreh, they comitoroUnd the
I aaM 1fraitthefiilll
)i t a teilty "in the same Heaven
'lW htlt ihemn'with as much'ro- I
~l~i ~%~&61 find I 94qulre It 'bf I
Wlow me in
ertWiO66e, I strive I
f utlb. INo if i
fl~ ifit~dlid hbtit helr.
'VieUvsublishtng* I
-Igto g q ,dfonttar
t It
and she paid up as we reaehgd it. 'But
Dnly reply was a practical negative to the
Did you ever, reader, sleigh.ride with
a widow and take toll at the bridges?
The Nvewspaper.
'It is a great mistake in female edu '.
Lion to keep the young lady's time an
attention devoted to the fashionable an
polite literature of the day. Ifyou woul
jualify her for conversation, you mus
giv her something to talk about-giv
her an oducation with the actual world
and its transpiring events. Urge her t
read the newspaper, and be familiar with
Lhe present character and movements of
our race. History is of some impor.
tance ; but the past world is dead, andr
we have nothing to do with it. Our
thoughts and concern should be for the
p resent world, to know what it is, end
Improve its condition. Let theilded
lady from the neighborhood of Bing.
hampton in theupward train of cars, when
they had- passed Cochecton and were
upwards of 100 miles from Plermont,
suddenly missed her umbrella. "There!
I do dectare, I've left my umbrella aboard
the steamboat down to Piermont," and
botjtinued bewailing - her great loss till
Ayers entered. . She repeated her grie.
vance and sorrow to him. " Bless you,
madame," said he, " Is that all 1" We
man put all right in a minute. Send for
It by telegraph, ma'm"-and so saying
ie reached up his hand to the bell rope
hat passes thrQugh all the cars, and
erked it once or twice, and then went
o another car, where, by a wise ar.
rangemont, all articles picked up on the
oat are carried along with the train.
[ie returned a moment afterwards with
he umbrella,... 4'Lord-a-massy ?" ,ex.
slaimed the old lady, in- a fever of de.
light and astopishment, "1 knowed they
eat letteis and newspapers by Tele.
raph, hut it's the fast timo I ever heard
f.sending an umiprolla "--Journal of
Working Girls.
Happy girlsw. *hO a6 W loh .it
th cheeks like the rose, bilgh eyesi
nd elasti' ate2 hin*'he0eril thoy go
Or . repetilotr for It, such
Irls will make excellent wives. ips;
d indeed will thosiomed be who secue
udli' pries. ContxasCth . hq.
I9%lng bAtrg4 adlay a 1y# to fpl,
o". . l J he
koar iil om ne ek0
d a signpid istg
lqk~g (iothe
OljIenn te go~kb ra9f .
gies athe Wbp get yoi*p
A e
i ~ ~9 o reIdkn
et o a.pgt4

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