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E. 3. [fcTToNe Editor.]Cougress-sreet
N , N Y , 5[NO. 48.
Mepamrate State A Oat o1a the
paa-t of So0es saa.
Mr. Editor :-.I ire the
question is now d Ifield,
whether the State seolina
J shna secede fron the count
a of the oppressions ofi tli'o eonI Gov.
ern nent Utiil now, I had thought
I that there was but one opiniun aiongst
our ublie nto upon this question, or
at there was no such question
8. If V 1look back at the
sol 'our public meet.
-o shall find but
t ag them all, (even
the by men who now
deP: iction) and that in.
tellInt determi tnation tioat
let others do as they would, Suth Car.
0linn should resist Northern aggression.
IIIs any thing occurred to induce us to
chengei this determination I No;hing
but what was foreseen at the very time
suci resolutiots were past. It is true
tiat for some tlme past ihe cry has been
aised that the other Southern States
were jenlous of South Carolina, and that
seome of them uff cted to consi-for her
urrogaint, and that therefore wo should
be cautious tiot to uggravate that je-a.
lou"y by lreciplitute fction. We live
done eo and what has been the result,
why, tht wtith the exception of Mlissis
sippi. South Caroliun is still left to work
out her regeneratiot alone. For my
w plitart I have always doubted the
propriety of this laggard policy. South
Carolnt, ftom her early history, from
her gefneral inttelligence, and fum ter
ge-neral reputation is etititled to take a
plaeo in tl flremost rank of a political
reform. Shte may be regarded as the
mother country of teh South-western
ection of this Cutnfderacy, to whom
they eight look far advice, rather than
f 1,1lIdnitv~r portio'n of light
they nte1w have 'in the subject of tile
esggres-ior.s ofl the Gene ul Govern.
ilent upim Stto Rigiats, hsi; been de.
rived from the discusesieens w hieli have
taken place in South Caeolina, it iW
theni the miantiest duty of South Carolinee
not to fall ito the rear, but to matot nin
leer poesition and to advatnce. She is
the Sehtoo.muster wito ltns been abe ond,
and wtt'ndisparago our-eelves wihe we
ret'iro ito the insignificance w hich is
now recum metaded tu us by seomte of our
ii.aveng professed t) be its fully en.
lighteeod u..oei the suIject of our
wrotng-o, it any of otur fellows, what
rigl hiave we te call upon ilium to take
ilte lead ins weorkicig out a remedy. If we
retrograde, what right have we to ex.
pect theit to udvatice I if we itbandon
the post of honor, tind of d inger (if
therit be dainger) % by should we expect
then to bc m.,re umhitious of hotior, or
nore d iring in meeting danger than
we are.
My purptise is to reVlw the respeonses
which hiavo been given by those geitle.
0-0! who h-ivo been nomtait.aled for seats
itt the Steate Convention, and as for the
miojority of them, they may be dispatch.
ed tit a short way by saying that under
the cireutimstances in which the Legisla
tore him placed thtat body by its action
on the subject, their answers are entite .
'y satisfuctory. They look to separato
State action, at as early a day as It can
be practicable. But if the actiun of
this Statu is to be regulated by the prin
taiples avowed in Mr. B-,yce's answer,
and if our rights aru to be maintained
otly by the rules laid down for his ao
tioa, we may as well abandon all Idea of
resietance at on1Ce, aid submit wita what
lerace we may, to our hard condcition.
* ie . ,ts og: eaith depIcting the ad.
vantages which We woultd derilO from a
Southern Confederacy. Nowv tib ,nic
lure is a mere truism which nobody will
deny. A Southtern Confederacy wotuld
be more peoweeful and wealhby thtan the
single State of South Carolina, but upon
Mr. B's. own premises and argument, It
is proved that we cannot obtain one.
He says In express terms that- " we
tmust reaneumber two fat. lst. That
thuether Sutrborn Statos have " made
up theuir opinIons on the past Issues,
Santd resolved not to secede." 'It would
seem from the mero statethetlt df til
propositlon that there Is an end to pil
prospect of a Southern Confederacy,
the case could not be stated In fewer and
plalnet terms titan It Is tated [email protected] MI.
SBoyce, "they hatve resolved t- tso
s ecede."
'd Mr. Boyee, however, think, that
a Northern as#reehtone will In time pro.
duce a difdbrent feeling In theO Swretitlete
8Stote, and that they wspi Ilerteer re.
solve to secede. Comiumn esperlencu
I u houws that continuotus euumring lo
wrotge, famliarIses mento gliring and
* nmakeas them patient under it, and ray
l'thlirettoe Is directly the revese frqm
te that of Mr. I., sthe longer the-s &th
I- sufers under Northerd hggresten
'U nlore submnissive they wil boesee. I
df is stwea'ry- jhat sonidwhiU *esius
at should take pleeo toIso 1501 fe whi
to South to aetlona, ands~vlettteibsapy
t' medeure likely to prOde6O9 tlMffesti
except the espbts alklkn of uodni
Southera State. No Stat. baa iii righi
to claim precedence of South Carolin
in the moveneit. If the General Gov
ornment attempts to coerceS'uth Care
lina into submission, and the othe
Southern States look cnimtly on, withuu
making acommon cadtse, why our rights
our constitutional liberties are gone, an
the few years toleration by the Goinera
,overnment of the po4sessioin of ou
property which will ensuo upon non .re
sistance, is not worth taking into th
account of the long futurity which wil
belong to our posteity. If they do nu
join S.auth Carolina in resistance thei
hnkvo indeed resolved not to secede, an(
not borelter to set up any claim to t
political existence. Whitt "garegatioI
for wrongs on the part of the Genernt
Governmen,-waint series of infliction
could more efictuslly arouse a tgirit of
resi,tnnce than the overwhelming as
surlltion, that a novereign State had nc
right to proy -- uro security
and the p ~ it izen:? Th'a
il fact s hship, no eris
toncI,-- I nient commtronwealdt
of Virginia, te States of Georgia, Ala
bana, North Caroliin, Missis,ippi, on<
ull of us, were but provinces belonging
to a coisolidated elective n orinrchv.
That tie (eneral Government wVa, the
enormous inaw, and the States but limb:
to woik for its sustanence.
But I must hasten to a close. Thc
dansgers of separate action, which are
so strongly painted in N1 r. Boyce's con.
mnunicatioll, one would suppose had beesn
thought and reflected upon by our peo.
la before this limte. They certainly
have acquired no new strength, that
that they bhould now be arrayed i'ke
goblins to fright us from our purpode.
They excited no apprehen'iont or alarmn
in our minds when they were tll con.
Jensed nad enforced by Hentry Clay, Ill
hat c-'nteintible h
oo ".J wq inconsistent:f
Ir. Boyce is found towards the cuoolu
siln of his comt'municntionl,-whlen he
#Oy that the idea of mnaking S0th Ca.
rolinait a separitte nat:ion. is sto pgepos.
lerous titit he hnrtly kitniws what to anY
in regard to it." Yet ifierwards he
embraces this peeposterous ide-a to it.
fullest extent, by oay iig thta1t lie is sot il
1invor of iimeaaudinlte secession, but wia
he has exvnanted every tthqr resouice
unid tie is ho..pless of Souties n co.opern
tion, then, ane not till thei, will he "be
in favor of this desperate reimy."
Now, hete is the wide dtlference bet a ecu
us. lie is in lilvor of -4eces-on whei
co operation is It bpeless,-i an itl favo.
of it whi.e co..peritton may be hoped
for. Ie regards it as a despoeiante r. it
edy,-I reg.s d any tiog der-pea ate .o
io revmedy ni al, uiles it be "thtat t
submit, is, to conquer our fi.-e," a soy
inlg which coninins mtucth mdre of iloetl
than of good sense. In cnmclustiot, I
%%ould tiay, that thle timle Irks comle whetl
every man should 'make up his liat
fully. und express it fairly andl lion -d: ly
anJ boldly. If we intend to resist, le
the South know it and determine upoil
their course. If we inten to subtsit
there is hardly any necetsity for a Coll
Vention. We can stay at home al,
bilt without mnakin % blowing- hor
it, as the Georgia Mstjorm have done
B. EN.
[teo 'rnts WIINALI.)
Mr. Editor :
if there Is any foretast' of Ileave
this side of that holy gilace, I presunit
it is is evidently felt In the faitifpl di.
charge of resistance to govermental op
preasion as In- any o1her w3 fut tilt
true patriot can nut be less thIt a chris
tlun, at least nto enerse (th
noblest ~recepts ta a hin
book. "(it ie d~fie
ing in our Feoderal rht el
ecotlonai, admits of no d nd th
Orudlties, disgrace and fraud, in a worc
wholesale rubberine, p ractised upon u
by another portion of this Univa de
omands at our hands, s truo patriots,
,ettaliation as stubb,an and undtinehinj
as it shou'd be uananimous, And l9s oil
legislature las put the, bull of seaessloi
it motion, we eacli and, every one, n
matter lhuovor so humblein his sphere
should go to work with a pesverase
indomitable and unconqurable in dii
severing every link ibhta ds us, eithe
politically or comnrnroliy to wur unjui
oppressors. Wily, ir, should n |
found amongst us who blasy the sse
of our legislature. as. ame anid s
siYe, who are the instrumtants of ot
enemies In a aosamorcial and peoutab
puine e( view.
Patriotism, Is Its broadest ensa e
ter0, i.'Iov'eof country; ad wbh as
isthre~among us deserving that honors
sppellattoa, who. IS daily engaged. 1
ea.oung naoney from the South br 14t
unhellowed purpose of benae&tiag t
North;~ this to say lbs least, Is pessb
ose dostrise and praetieor.sbm~e.
Is 1*ros ,Judasen, te I pa
ns~4,1our w~
oblepqIp I ii
eobie ou an&
have bueam ad. dss
I'NI's.ll uI L if-nan is published Veokh)
in tho Town or Winnsboro, at $2 in advance
82.50 at tie expiration (if three amontis, an
;$3 at tihe close of bix nonthls1, or within ith
ndence of the Herald
IACON, Geo., Dec. 29th, 1850.
Editor.--T had anticipated send
d a cornmunication from thi.
a e, descipti;ve (if the general op
penranco and locality of this wester
thoroug hfn re, but a4 it rained incessintIl
yesteruay. and na this has been a verl
unplensunt day undei foot, I lave beet
olmost completely housed. I Iowever
I ventured (out y,-s:erd iy on tho seniel
of curio ites, but found thema *few and
r between." Maconl is a1 towl
uding in its iicorporution an ex.
t of land equal in sizeq to Columbin
does not contain moro tihean hulf thet
Tumber of inhlitantes ; ench sireet her
n at least Itwo hundr d feet broad. The
cmulgee flows umnotlly along on it
stern side of the town, contributini
little to its advaniage-s, since it i.,
ve the point of steunm-bemt nvign.
. and the Rail 14inds, which rndintt
n every direction fron th:s town, bt ip
rnuch moro ready mode of traipor.
li) tlin the common poule boats of the
- In Macon there are mneey benu.
idences, aid handsonin buildinigs,
the intter are the female Acade.
hich is said to be a flourishing in,
oi; the Lanier flouse, superior in
meal, to the Cninrleston Hotel ;
otton and wollen factory, which
printor anys is U) murpas any.
ng in the North, whtich is of course a
nium .-&.e- . hadtoe siame ho
at the stu lk,.l....., .....e,. es, ani
workmen nre all Ynookees, and their ma.
chinery waVs cast in boision. There is
here also a very large foundry, where
had the pleasure of witnessing the
cess of casting car.wheel,4bilnce
Is and cog wheels, of every des
day it was my good fortune to
ita at. ntative born Cartuhnian.
been rdsilingA ntar hie For
rl while inl converisation with
sred mne, th-t at least three.
f th) inhabiannto of the to wi
. r built Yatnkeee, mo(is, of whtom,
refuse to own s'aves. n i who ha1ve in,'
ftinunted themselves into alm t tver y
od of omilee, whether political, social,
ligious. ITisis is not only true o1
e, b, of many other tuwns of
ia. Mrs Editor,if the informittio
ye acquired concerning Ilh.- p ,liies
this State by conversing with itittlli
t gentlemen from every portion of i:
orrect, I hav no husitation in us
ineg, that the bones of CArolina's
gest politicianis will have moulded
dust befotre any conceit of aciu
I be brought about between her "tin
,is ignoble connu wenaltlth. I have
en informed by two legidatos or thi
ltuo, one a native Gorgian, the othei
rmerly of our own thiValhous Slate
in a large portion of Georgia there
sur r method of blasting a main's
ospects than to make it knowt lie is t
arolinian. The press has said boast,
ly, that the nameC of South Caroliet
8 not mentioned in all the proteud.
of the late Convention. Yo a car
l. judge of the equivocul state 01
joal nfiairs here, since the tesulu
* t ihat Convention are agreed to
by the Unaion and Statte; !iuhit
arties. Trho parties of this Stato'are
* r, WVhigs, Democrat, A1nig Rights
en and Utni...men; the last of witch
.es pompared with the third, has abou
200OO majority. It Is a notorious fac
at eve'ry muaitwether W hig or D,:m
rat, wkbo fi itiein the past yeatr beei
defeanted -ine an clection, from Cungross
~n n toa pedagogue,-has become a #iolen
Union man,ad openly demmfces eer:
h iing like Catrolinea and Becession.
Thlere Is a complete cogerie of trnaitor
Sbus Southerneere, amongism-. Wa trren
TCoomnbs and Sterhen., whom have of lot
made It a professional duly to deiclar
to the iiterale of this State, thuat Con
reels did mlore foj~the South last sessio
itnr aho has dono elope die frening t
he Const(tlton.
Stephens Is the ely mans-e ynt no
inted to fill the test (Guberaorkt
hair. I heartd this ntomiation tel
o.day In a erowd- of gent lemn, whp
asked, "C Well, If tihe God be meer
Swhat can the worshippers be?
unid Immeeedtmttply an old Goergian re
plled, with eharaoter'istn oddit y, "we
* euppose they must be asses."
I tbgret very much that I am unabl
to send you a more elaborate oummun
eatiotnI still these rough hew., though
hurriedly ih a together, howeeer~ Ut
couth ib4yjY Ppear, will give y
- e itical oorruptioin
* Co.
it even looking one time at their ed ii
employment and consequent los4 dig'- r<
nity and true patriotism. 0
r I took occasion, in a former ni le, to h1
i mention the abuses of Northeri empa. i1
, ricks or quack., and of their - :1a, 1<
In connection, I desire to ask the onoi c
I ruble and most worthy body, the tedi. u
r cul Association of South Carol a, if is
puttiutism alone is n*t auffel t to a
prompt them, If the love of thell How ti
beings, connecte I A ith a conscl mness i
' the evils entail d by th6se del rious P
drugm, and that the people fre-' lg .1
to them a4 the grout. head of t pto. h
foision, and as ihe only tribun lho r,
hiive the kiowIidg uand the r hi to I
spoak, should n ,t constrain if to I
frown down those impositions. ow, M
sir. if they say no, then I take we a
have no need of physicians, 41011 C,
associations, nor tiny thiig of sh Jtind, l
as the patent rem dies as heralde, are el
potent for good, aid cover all tli die b
eoses man Is heir to. But od th cOn. i
trary, if yes is the response, lt as fG
good fathers in Ibruel, come out tn de. li
nounce them, and evury true patri< will P
follow their example and the u holy s
traffic ill be expelled the sanity c me# 1
--the gloriously destined Southern on. ft
federacy if she be true to herself :utid d
cat ries out the advaintages luvishly con.
ferred by the hand of heaven. wl t a
glorious epoch it will be in the. hi ry
of the Suuth, the whole South, Ien
site shall have cut oir from the og red.
sivo North, politically, pecuniarily aid
commercially, and when our trade Ihalt
be divet ted from that channel of b ody
ubuses to a direct interchange 'isth
foreign nations, who seek not to de aud
and disparage us--and no man o r omi.
pany of men shall more richly deo rve
the uinine of patriil than they who thus
eonsumin mat-qu.. liverace from this
T hurn throiu t -rU1l i * 0
hlit,, t oft .0j. (vith the ,o t
on1suii161maie and oxalsint pleaspr) "mis t
"ofr psh4tical aoptaratiun, o strned .
1t deoiq and to ailvocut e c1il, '
stocial, and perunisty sep utitls
1sbovo till, is tle surest ct -
i0g the sentsibilhtiess of ou 'Ig u
Yanikees; find I am con. he i
belie l iat it they %%fuld ls i he i
mmc inand cml1 I see .I.
elkn that do anait .
% olaet enge ly desist fro b
and whoslemalo robbers n
u aid telseat in stckel
'aid I tisunk God for
time has poassed, ali
repenotance %Ill be a
"bus. d ssd over-riddet
raged and defe tiuded
A mierican Inuuilly. The
that we wesoo a part, and I
not lte degenerate portisn o
the pliAlots (f tile Revol
have beeto iufikent !"' itel
us a legal poitsony. and a fair
tion of the n*ards of tin is
ment ; slot to say a wor
taseat to usuripation' that 9
been looked for fron the I
of patrIot sires. And w
opont, ini all time to coin
itn our inmoSt soulk, that
grac to the immortal i
itgton, of Narion, of M
otlier distingouihed
we do not resist, y1
5 death. It would
glorious for us that
fleed upon our owna
effort to'cast of8"the
brotherf" an that
grace q1a byWwo
e ne6otoreC ur
1551ng pos
- t-wou0
gle uhould co th
Svey the ear nto
, set usbyo re.
t. even thoug sat'
" Ie to 'propa speel
I that *o'*d soon' eet
the bar6 idea el iteqU
r conviction in iwy -oWus
5 iisu* intentoW of the
Sspeak of the freede
,biut another terra-to
I W9earu every dla
-dangersof t~ ino
r tios, and tbe..lviu
t insidiosely piae
I hope, ad l D feel
r the whos.e om
y antv tgehstei
rbled neffe0
d hood equaleD by
b *hoss eungtee*
* Iheeeae
bbe nuudi.
lat the South stands a band of brothers
iady and willing victims to the cause
r their country, and in buppurt oi her
onor, and hurl back with utter contempt
te unrightecus efroitm of our enemies
) purchase us with a mere peconiary
Dnsideration the contemptible pittance
r n cnmmission to defraud an already
isulted brother. In conclusion, it we
re not wanting in our duty to ourselves,
mere are muny names of Southern pit.
ot nid leaderis, tiat shall be placed by
,sterity t t the side of Washington und
efferson, and all those whose deeds
ave made them suitablo objects of ado.
ition by the ise nand virtuous. We
tive many adopted sons of the South,
tat are no filial is nations, but many
h1so adoption is but partial, and who
re with us for persnal or pecuniary
mn-iderutions, und should they feel the
soOrge already aipplied, and act as they
iould under iho goad, it %till prove a
lessing to tie couitiy; und 1 pray fur
mt day when tihe whIue South will rise
r above the paltry objects uif a grow,
ng amnbition, aid regardlos filike of'
ecuniiary and party considerations, re.
:lve in united and determined rosis.
Mnce to Northern nggeessions, and act
illy up to the high ilia k of equality or
eath, and that it un early day.
To tMe People of Fairfield
Citizens:-That we have received great
rievancee froin hli North nto one will deny.
That we should redress those grievance&
ill equally be admitted.
Now to.redress them is the question, and
I determining this question, we should not
Vim. the dictates of wisdom. nut Iom passion.
Now what is ie wisest way to redress our
rievaseces? Wheover is lio wisest way otight
Stie pursued, and those teho pursue 1hi4 wity,
re the ire. regijsance men.
To determine the wisest mode to redress
rietvances, wo nmust firlt coansidior what thes,
SWmlemv'w't- cer .idi
;t share of mime common territory of the Union.
8Itoery Is" been prevented from entering
,e ti rritOry acquired from Mtexico. That time
resef Sim slave Slates Is restricted. while th1e
resi of the free States is enlarged. From
'hence in the fdture, we are thirekened with
n alarming incresse of thp power of the free
ates. This is tIme grievance and the dan.
er we as Stateklooan should .nard agahist.
tow it is obvious that tho only effectual
imedy for this grievance and danger, arises
om time Union of the Southern State... By
tis Union they can ether within tli present
oafederacy or without it, either by peace, or
y war, possess themselves of their fair msharo
.this- territory. And Ir is equally obviou
lat witbt tis Union, they cannot obtain
meir slaro In this territory. Tho Southern
tates united can either get that share of ithe
rritory in the Union. or by breaking up the
lniom, they tan get it out of it.
ut time'tetion of no single Southern State
accoml ' this result.
ppose y oe State to do ov ry thing in
wer, yet it Is evident, by such isTlted
n, she cannot wrest I to territory fri m lh
. Suppeos' South Carolina sqeedes, can
61K force slatery Into tIme terttorics ?
certainly nat. Nothing that sho can
do alosr, can produce this result.
evident then that no isolated action of
Carolina, Ahther it take ime form of
lom*, or any other form can in itself re.
the wtong of Which we complain, our
g deprived it the commons territory of the
.it w of teeM then secesion by
ge Sta not b6 renltUnded as an
to. eit"our grievfte . ; unleia
t eacee ceed Vith con 2uencqa
h a Union of ime southp.
brinig about this then I
be adopted, If not, then it
d. DeL use it is apparent
ready be, saldi as well as
the a mg tept Sef cetion, that tihe only
pl~tj' pd .effectual remedy a nit the
ievau lain of in be d
es Or tra~tled terri
Is ImftAilon of the
Pe .'sebion of a
If it will we p
guilig toh rself, deter g on.
aiqs gopqvation with eo.sgg Md
i iditrence pf opinion with (so
oheM fdth, made Maanifebi by se Iq
dierepn q poiieat ties with mo
l lulmouerts aet In ennieet
m, to alOSIJM th thmem it is
a 1*lto. t~itnhis the very ati.
Malda, eresl elf, uadin tselhf
tVe f Ucd so fbr fromt
Ihm dn af the qit woeul stem
it Is'a disnnho tmh.
spprenmt then ~onl lf Is
mesre of ~rd 'ion, of
dusmndt, *
t ssid 14 ow4esObecbs will lead to a
lites exabeteb this point. Sceeselon
vetwste In oneo r two wayp,
itwIll be poseeable, Uhe Federil Goev.
at tl ekotoa epta , anmad 61
~ ~Li er.
Iwile boended wIth war
urn an rst
When they have refused to accede, and madt
up their opinions by largo mt,joritics, afe1
warm party conflicts, is it probable, is it possi
ble, that onr mere examplo an example, tle
snspect, will change their opinions and mak,
them Pccede? certainly not, it is clear otir cces
sion will have no such etrect.
If the secession of Sonth Carolina be peacea
ble, it Is evident then that it will not lead 14
the secession of tite other State-.
Now let us consider the oher al-ornative
that secession is attended witi war, will thu
untle the south ?
It is difficult to foresee in advance, wha
effects Will f61,14W certuin canscO. It is 11o
given to us to know the future, no humat
hand can rend the impenetrable vail, wo cai
only argue from probabihties and analogies.
1he present we do know. We do know tin
there are two parties at the south, a Unio1
partv if I may so call it, and a southern party
the Union party its willing to acquiesce in thI
nction of Cougress, and is opposed to disunion
This Union party are largely in the naujorit
in the southeri Stater, except perhaps %isiv
sippi. Now considering this tarty division a
the South, what effect would a war betweel
South Carolina and the F. deral Governmen
have upon it. Can any oce ndertuke to sa
that it would harmonize this confi et ofopinion
and passions? Is it iot tmore probable that i
would inflamo them still more, and instead u
appeasing these difFetences of party, excite theIr
,till more ? I sincerely think so. And I shoul
dread to see blood sihed between South Gan
lina and the Federal G.vernnent on thi
ground, mainly, that it woulI produ-:e civil wo
at the south. This I would look upotn as th
greatest misfort une which could possibly befa
us. A blow fron which we couhl ncver r<
cover, which would so wealen, and dispir
us, that %%e could never make successful lea
against Southerni aggress on and would th
ul:nately and certainly destroy the institutio
of Slavery.
I think thon we may assmtnc that aecessio
If followed by war will not unite the Sunth.
And an we have seen that the only redress <
Srievanoes Is in the Union of the South them
,re secession not efrecting that Union is i
remedy, and r;hould not therefore be adnpe
Whilo accession is no adequate remedy f,
our grievances, it is a neasure attended wit
great disadvantages, sacrftces, losses and dai
germ, which tmight amount to utter ruin.
Let us see the practlealoperation ofaeoessioi
eSpslm'it Is poseeful, and Souls carolina I
p erate n ptionas og
at their mercy, compelled to put up with ever
indignity they may choose to offer us. Ilistor
has demonstrated that there is no effecia
guaranty of national rights but physleal foret
We would have no guaranty lor our right
Our commerce and our citizens when they lei
our borders would be unprotected. Let an
one who wishes to see tle inconveniences ;
National weakness illustrated, read any pag
of history and ho will see it fully, for this i
the great truth history illustrates. It woul
be sufficient to refer to the curly history of tht
United Statcs otn this point, we would se
there how many indignities and aggression
we had to submit ts while our power wa
week. Eingland, France, even the ilarbar
powers trampled upon us.
It would be much worso with a small pve
like South Carolina, and especially when w,
remember the great fact that the settled polic
of the Great Powers is opposition to slavery
Coming forward among nations, a wealh pow,
the peculiar exponent of the slavery caetse, we
would run counter t4 this policy, and woul
excrienco necessarily its Ill effects.
If we could preservo place, otr separat,
nationality would be a poor affair, oneffilenit t
difthatk the functions of a National Govern
mqnt. And this imperfect and inefficient Gov
ornimnent would be a very expensive machine
taxation would have to be immensoly increa.-d
then imigration would take pluco to a vat
extert, followed by the depreciation of proper
ty and general ruin.
'iese Would be some of the disadvantage
of a separate nationality, even in a stato o
pear. If -wve add to those the evils of wa
wath the General Government or a foreigi
nation, contingencies, not too remo'o to b
taken into Considuration, commerce annihilit
ted, indasitry paralyzed, th sithoek of atmics
a war taxation, and pearhaps domtestic distur
bances, it seems to nte the picture of sitpa
tale nationahty will not be found very alluring
And what arc all there dangers, paiviations
lossies and sacrifices to be tndertaken for, t
barry out a measure. Separato secessioi
which we have seen Is really no remjedy for ith
rievances we minpinin of. I would not con
der any sacriffees too great, which a uee'ass
I redress of our wrongs, would requ re, i
tllant people wou!d ba willing to make atn.
ecrifie neesqsary to a succesful vindicatioi
o~f thecir country's cau~t.
Dut we sh sold not be wilting to tundergo thea<
saerifioes t o arry nut a measure, which is tt
redress of the grtovanece.
p. It does seem to mae, thten, that no rt ficoting
reasonable or prutdent man can advocate im
mednale scession. I admit thtero is somethlnj
gallant in the conception, and I appreciate tli
pobieo. mpirit of its leading advocates in th I
distriet, but yet when we aanzem It closely amt
fintd that It Is no retnedy for our wrongs, tha
It Is a stop which redresses no g rievar'oe, am,
yet inflicts great evils and sacrifices 't, out
settes In its most favorable pola. ,; viowi
let us not, titan, be carried away by pasio
and tae a rasht step whIichn will injt at nn
but ottrselves. Let us rnot hreak of from otn
sister States of Ite south. WVd rare passengecr
with them on a commaon ship,--let us no
abandon them, and whten theo pirates ap tacl
the shlp, a couuen dutnger will l'ngloire a comt
mon rekistance. CA ati 's.
Feuew-eieof I,.e I'iefeld Durit:
Demg hosored wilth a stnmination se a Dele
gqto to tho State Convention, and it being ea
feted that every -me~ whoe esplts to that ri
5sblte 'pentoesh'ould suibmit hie vtdws I
uF peplo the grest-question at lssue befot
thEe 04#tt42, I siea plsogrtulty subtmit minet
edwill endeavor lo press at thaem in ate brim
a manhir a possible. I tlttk'ornr Confederao
for several years pesl, ha'. baited to aniswer th~
De ~wsfor witsh It was eroested, and Is rat
Idtjdegee9etotknto th .iyrgnieel system
a qr umersmsjority tunfstteredb Cot
M It -btgallhs, 'l'Jit I hold ta be til
ofall Goernaents, apd loperate II
~~~ inlleslo1~ n
etahf .pp#ese. All, then, mnsta
.s-esisen.s.ge'the pernof teMs
4 -geteli ov, W s
1 to forco an issue on which we must of ne.
cessity be defeated-is not only folly, but
madness. It is but to add disgrace to insult
and injury. 'T'het South Carolina, as a sov.
creign Stsite, has a right to withdraw herscif
from the Cotiatittional compact to which shu
is now a party, I do not pretend to deny ; but
the policy of doling so u; this time, alone and
tunsupported as shle is by ny of her sister
StatcN of the South, I think is suicidal, and
will prove rninou to her best and deurest in.
t terces. I think it is her duty to herself. and
necessary to the success of her caute, that sh(
t ihld wait for the co.operation of at leasit onn
t or two other St.ites before tho takes a step
i which cannot be rctraced-bef.rc sIre makes
i at iisto in which sh cannot sustain herself.
Delay is not onlamission, but in this caseo it Na
t a policy which is necessary to focceIs, yea,
i necess try to our satlvation.
, I repeat it, I anm in ftvor of resistance to tlio
a moeasures of the ceneral Governmctt ' citin,
firn. tnd determined reistatnce-rt T at
v ot in favor of sucrificing South Carolina otn
the issue, when I cannot sce what is to be
t gained by the sacrifice. We are told by those
it who arc in favor or immediate anld seperato
t State action, thtt it is disgracefuland coward.
v ly for South Carolina to wait any longer for tho
s co-operatiott of other States. This I indig.
t natlly dotty. Courigo does not consist of
f rashness, nor cowardice of delay. The bravest
it of ien, in personal quarrel and collisions,
j pursuo their svtemis of poltcy, which frequent.
ly iiv,ilve deluy, and although theiv bottm
a may be burting with the feelings of indigna.
r tion nutd revenge at nni inult oalcred, they d.)
e not strike till they think thcy are ready. No
h1 no attributes this to cowardice. A Nation is
:notling more thanit a collection of individuals,
it and the same rile will apply. If you should
d deuirc tn exaiplo of pure amid utalloved cour.
s age in stippot t of this position, it iny ie found
n among the lower order of anintals. IEven the
Lion has his tactics in his imodo of nssaoulting
in his encmies or talking lia prey. aid does not
- disdain to avail hiiself of them an ifecasion w
>f requires; and cstpecially is lie distingiihied
shove other aniials for his "1 wait and watch
o policy." Then, why should the Liounheari/cd
I, onis of South Cirolina be ashtamed of tiais
ir policy ?
h1 We are further to!d that if South Car uina
1. wiil secede. froim th Uilon tho other Southern
or slave.hales anaomisetWr1be.forced by that
,, act.of htra so- ilow lioe'eSmpls 9e ra1 00
t her standard. Pis i.a a non *59A07, I
southern States to follow Iter ex-m 9
y tmy part, I can see none. Several I t' k sg
Sintes i.,ve already told us that they are not
I yet ready to take th-st step-they have told us
so through their ballot boxes by overwhelming
majoritics, when that was tle issue before tho
' people. I should say, then, it would be a
moost dangerous experiment for South Care.
f ini to do a deuporaite act with a vi.o of for.
cing thtm to co.operate with her. Theft pride
of opmiIon, their jealousy and dislike of South
Carolina dictation, their attachment to the
Union and love of peace, would all operate
nitost powerfully to induce them to withhold
a frot us their aid and assistance in such an
Senergeicy. A few struggling voluntecrs from
other States would be till that we could resson.
ably expect in ti event of a collision between
r South Carolina and the General Governrimett.
Such a Collision under such circumstances
must of necessity prove fatal to South Carolia.
It is said that South Carolina can secedo
r from the Union and estiahlish an independent
g tyerntment for herself a nd maintaihr respecta.
j bility itnong the other powers of the earth.
Let mi. see what a figure she will cut upon thn
mii (of nationi. Site is amotig the nallo,-t
States in tie Union-a tmere spot of territory
- containing lIes than halfa million of inhaob.
itantP, anti vit is now set tip as art indepen.
dent tation. Of cuurso site imust do as other
nations do-have a doitestic policy and a for.
t clgn policy-enter into trcatics and form alli.
ancies-establisl commerce und build a navy
to protect it-keep up, a standing army at the
i expensc of govenment-send ministeta to
f all the dlierent courts of Eiope and Amocti
r ce. cach with a salary of nine thon-atid dollars
and nine thousand more for an outfit-(for-i
suppose Alto will be sis liberal to ner minfters
as the Gaeneral Governmient is to hers) build
cut,.i iam-te. and pay coieutors of revenue,
with a hundred other things that could be men.
tioned-and where is Am to get all the milliuris
otf moey necessary to defray these exponses?
Out of the pockets of Ihe people of course !
It would to imlposliblo for such a hantdfUl of
population tot endure the burden of taxatioi
iteceusary too support an ind-lieident govern.
crinment. It would I-terally consume their sub.
atnce aid depopulate the S:atc. Out if they
could bear up under all this, there is still ia.
other inconvenience which those wtho are in
favor of separate anti immediate State.aslion
have not, pet.rhaps, duly reflcted uponi. 'Cite
insigntificanco of ero smiall a dtate5 whlen epm.
pared with most othier rations, stpportmngand -.
chierishing ant intstiution with which nearly
,the whole civil-iod world seems to be at war,
would subject buor tisg to instult every, whleroa,
and alto would tie powerless to avengo it, A
nationi to be respectedh must have tho ability to
and respect. Theli smallest inifraetion of
glts or any other nationi otn te part of
( tate, wvtd be regarded by them as caua
u 6.1 -a declaratiuon of' war would follow, aund
.it reqitire's no prophott to foretell the result.
, These, followv utizens, ure my reason. fair doe.
sisiig to watit fur Who eosnjteration of somte or.
a the ethor Soutthernt States at least, beo
r plungeo ourselves into a d fliculty from ai
. we cannot he extricatedl without theira
t ancee. I thaink they should unite with us aL
c tince for the puirpoiso of rosistig fortljer ag.
.gressiosns by the GJeneral Government, anid of
redressinig the greivanicea of which we already
have too mutch reason it complain;i but they~
think dliff remtly, atnd (heir opinions arc ent.
.tIed to some respetCt as well as our ow. If
. we do but *ait a stilicot lentgth of- tliho5 I
.enitertaitn no more doubt that they will oveti.
r tualfy umtt wvithi us for the piurptosa of resi.
e tjs'teer, than I do thiat causes will prtohduoe ef.
, foetmi. If they tie deturmhined to wait for
h futrther aggrosionsmt, 1 doubt not btut that thie
y will receive thiem, aid receoivo them prmptlyiv
e Fanatohsnm, like Mr. WVasa, "tnever takes
. step baekwvards."i Lot nei then, have a little
1 atonee and stuoocasil.h chrtwn osr eft'orte,
. but. If we rush maully. ott before we arc pfe.
u pared to mheet the issue,~ defeat and disgrace
c will be therioiirtmfyintg result. Entertaining
thiub eow., it 1 um honored with a seat ha thae
I, 'Coiivenithons Jehafl, to the extent of tay horn.
a bIo abihliia oppaoac seqessis~ eand ,SPgartO
I. dtate-stion, Utut af myr optnleons are over.
h ruled, and $ouhi Carohitti,#~hbs hionor ho dear
4 tt6 me, wil, 'urisided ai l~i n, ferd6 tid1uo
II between he~rgJ .stsdheral Glovernment,
e, a ciet zon and a ptriot I ex sqett 4.y
a hour of pfindU ehat4IJ
e ,eit ik1 ed @rwidl dred her

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