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Mr. Editor:-We would suggest the nim.
feat propriety of sending to the State Conven.
tion as a delegate. from thist District. our very
highly csiteced ansd dit inguisched Fellow.
Citizcn. Ilit Excvl:tecv, Governor JOHN if.
Whilst we feel satisfied that this nolina.
tion will receive the usqalified approbation of
both the Stuto and the District, it has at the
sano time the high sanction of historical lire.
ccdence. It will be remembered that ina 132,
Governor HAMi.ToN, a mnemnber of the (;oin.
vention, was called upon to prc-e' over its
delbberations, atl at the second session or the
pane bud w. Governor IIAYNS was chosen Presi.
dlen, ex.Governor lMut.-roPs hravmg resigiied
the post in favor of his Giberitimnial vue.
ceitsor. FAIIur'A)~ Di-rier.
Jail. 15 8,
Mr. Editoar,--As lhcre are mnOiti vf ui who
go not nerely for secess:on and a stutlicrt
Confederacy, but also fir siparftle Statv se tmin
(before the final adjotitimctt oh tie Conven
tion,) for the purpuse of lreerv1og thu sovr r.
cignty of lie State said ol t!'t.i ing ite cotn.
slidatini of thi Goverinment, you will plleas
announce the followiig,
Maj. S. G. IARKLnsy,
Get. W. A. OWFNS,
Capt. T. S. D lOs: E,
Who w ill rcceive tho niniivided stuppor t of t husi
who in tle ev:tit of hf l.oic by c..opcra on to
proeae a southicr Conifcdcr:.cv, % al inl any
cvcat preserve, by rcp.irate State act:ui, the
Povercignty of Snithl Ciarolina, and 1itis plice
bir Idepeandence h-yoid all contimiarney.
AN11 CIAo.uoI It riON AXn
Sa.CTlt:nrN Cose:oria.uev.
Jan h 76 td.
Mr. Editor :--Tic naies of v'aI on per.
polls hatving been tA naei :ni your pal:cr as
stutiabile ieironls to repre.at -'ai fie!d )isirict
in the Convenihm, uo beg " v' to autnllnee
J101N Z. HAM .MON), C..I. N. A PEAY
Get.. W. A. OVENS and EADW.\h G
PA LAlER, Jr, an in everyv respect suitable
persnain o represent our itcrests and the inter.
tits of ilc South geraut ly ill etaid Coayova lion.
.ilaMy Vor~ins.
JAll. 9 78 tr.
.11. Edi.or:--Gen. W. A. OW ENS, W.
W. BOYCE, E. G. PA13lMER. Sr., und
JA 31ES .\. R TLA ND, are respoe~tlly stig.
gested an itiable lIlegates to repicsont Fair.
field District in the Mtate Gonivention.
Ja n. 7 75 tIe
Mr. Edsfor.- Pecase an tounco rho fulownag
gontlemiecn as ,itable. Persone to represent Oihe
fr Pirfdeld. in the statu Cusweicilua".
M\y Y oTrsas.
Gen. W. A.OWEF.,liN.
Dr. T. FUR.\MAN.
Col. N. A. PEAY.
Jan. 15 82 td.
For the State Co'auesatIona.
The following Gentlematn will be supiported
for Delegates to the State Conveitiona by
YuuNu FAivinl.D.
Capt. It. K. AIKEN.
Capt. T. S. DuBOSE.
Gen. V. A. OWENS.
Col. N. A. PEAY.
Jaa 14 81 td.
Mr. Editor.-You wvill pleaso anna'ounce
Capt. 11. K. AIK EN. as a Candidhatc, to rep.
resentt the poplei of Fai rfieldha District ia the
State Cionvenationa.
Mtr. AaII is true to lho Soth, and( as emai.
necntly qialiifiad as anty gentkant int the Di,.
triet. ie is on the righat sida.
Jhan. 14 81 I d.
Mr. Editor :--As there a re manay of ais who
go for recersion and a Soulbleria Confederaney,
but not for immaiediate reparate State action,
we bcg to proiposo as suiliable personas for thec
Conivention, thte following ticket.
Gen. W. A. OW ENS,
Who wvill reccive Itho unadivided support of
those who go for such Concert atnd Cu.aopera.
tioun oan the part of thec Soauh as wall aff'ect ia
Satutra':a (Cosvcacacy.
Jan. 7 75 tf.
The Offiaers of theo 25th Regt. S. C. M.,
friendly to the promuotaont rf Coi. Wa I LLIA 'at
.MtORE. Iake pleasutre an recommomhanlig him
as eminently Aqublfied to fill the vacancy irn the
6th Brigade of 8. C. M. faor Brigadlica Geneoral.
If correctaners irn taictacs or long faathful and
ceffici scrvacu is any recommeiicidution they
caa safely urge tis ini his favor. rom thc
. commnon campa~ vIia, V azt: miempearncer, gam-a
bling anal tyranny. Cail Wat. Mooria; is entire
by cxi ampt, his fitrmin goach pereaptiort atnd
his devotion to iar sutattu o1 Souath Carroliata,
anal kinad cniidoratiuon fior all iaider lais comt
marnd, are sufliecnt reavonra for hi' friend, a o
recoamimend haaii asa ge nt'caman iaand olier
wortihy ar ecry respect rat Ihis criraa in aouth.
ern aIlhira to fill thae haigha trunt.
Jan 8 76 Id.
t'Thec Chaester Standad Will pilease copy
thte above fivo timtes, .and forwsard their bill.
Mr. Eitolr:-Yoa will please nanunce
Capt. JAMES N. SI, EDD, as a Caandid.ate
for the offico of Brigadier Geneiral, anid aobligc
Mab.sYv Va-ritiu.
Derc 28 438 ,if
& Thela Chester Stunadurdl atal Columbia
Telegraph will please colpy the abiovo twice
and forward their acceu ts to thai. of1ce.
'gE-1 Subsacriber hats anow on hand,
and ts constantly makinag iA RN ESs,
of a il description.. Call and ices
.an.9 47tf
ir- Capt. HUGH K. AIKEN is
a candidate for the otileo of lRIGADIERl
GENE-R:AL, vacated by the reigilatioli of
Gov. M~ems.
Jai8 76 if
2iT Major N. R. EAVES, of
Chester, i" a g,,ijnnouced us it Candidate for tie
ofice of tingaieiir (cncial at the ensniiig
.l.in 10 78 r-ld
'n1 'mf, - s. C.
Thursday Morning, Jan. 16, 1851.
For the Southern Congress.
110. . j. W T IR S.
Public Meeting.
A publie meeting of the Citizens of
F'airtield Distriet is appointed at, the
Court House, on 11OXDA Y the 2'ith
January, instant, to discuss the im por
tant (juebtiOn whliether this State shall
sece(le from thisTnion, after all rcasona
bile meiasures to obtain a co-operation of
our sister Slavehol(ding States shall have
failed ? Or the same question in other
words,--If South Caiolina fails to ob
tain the co-operation of the Slavelheld
ing States shall she submit ?
Mm~t Srrre Rtonrrs Cmzl:ss.
Januai y 15, 1851.
ar \\o havc beii coinpelled, sn aceint of
a p:. of ort 01inal matt er, to place our imibide
Advtnisement., on thev 4'h e.ethi week.
gj' We have beea niuthiloruisd to stto that
Col N. A. P.AV, is not a candidate for a scat
inl tie State ConventiiI.
'IX The Rewponise ol J. .\l. ftl rLuND. E8g1,
u ill be found ini th's dis paper. It is mild
and soinc% hat dignified
Mr. it. hias mide e.tens.ve drants upons hlil
imagmnat.in, mii p tiaying the miisericu of ic.
cssion witlhout co.operatioii, which wo are
coinitideit will netcr be realized ven tho' South
Carolina should, single hainded and aloic, se.
cedo from the prelsat unhilly iascviation.
3T" Calhoun" will be found iii another
Would to God our Prophet were alive, then
would no1 these thinzt he.
It in huidly iceessary for nat to say that we
regard the contrihution of 0or Corr(spondeit
as un enurt to propugate scntiments and ex.
Cite timidity which 'ti illustrious dead woul
The aigoat tire i illsInprolinus, U1 as u 1spi.
ay calculated to weaken the faith of the wavcr.
ing. Thank God, howevor, but few can be
found in Fairfield to endorse the eff'orts of this
LT We would direct attention to an advcr.
tisernent in another coln, over the signature
of Messrs. J. W. MIarTIN and J R. BuFlswTen,
relative to Bradliaw's Patensted Sewing Mn.
chine, as it is a m atter which may interest the
Maj.A W. S. Lylecm Responase.
The CespOno of Maj. W31. S. LY.LEs' will
be found in this day's paper. It is of the right
stamp and we hope the reader will make it his
busiuevr to give it a care ful perusal.
4cen. .ElannIlon, Aguia.
A letter has been forw aided to tup, says the
Ch-arleston Courier of the I 3thi inst., with ai
request that it bsould be- pub:ished in the Cuon.
ricer, from, Gen J.m:s IltI.Toso., addressed. to
the lin. fAxnGIi Camav-. We' could not
miake roism for it im this mloininig's paper, bui
may be able to do ao in our next.
A Paamblic JYlectisag.
It will be seenl by a noticoim this days paper
tha it tho cii iZens of Fairfi, l are requcsted to
sissemible at the Court iIomoS oni the 27thi inst.,
whecn a discussion of the impoirianit question.
whether "If South Carolina fails to oibtatin the
co-operatio~n of the slave.hioldiig States. she
sall submnie' lt the cncroachmtents of the Fed.
eral Go~vernmn~it 11pon thie Conitttutioni and
thu rights of a sovemnign State.
Weaie contidlent that thas question has beeni
already diecided by tho people of Fairfield-ani
their reply, as ini timcs pabt, will cycra
The isue most be met ;tt Is upion tf
brought about by our own supinoness and
position to evado consequences. and if th~
people of this State shall still deinohpt rate a
dispoisitioni to submit to psist aggresons, be.
causil thecy app :d ia failure, so fatr as re.
giirds co.' perti becy will richly merit, and
will no0 doubt rece-uve, thie cur.es of their proge.
ny), who, by thecir coiwardie and craven
spirits hiave brought misery anid degradation
upon thler own bs!ood.
Our Rtevohttionary f.athers did lnt value
their lives when their righths were invaded-nor
did they csiwardly bow a suppliant knee, be.
cause itic h3rilish Croiwn could blockado the
port of Charleston or lkvy dutica upon thie soa
Ini God's a amo, let us be donoc e ith our eter.
nal quarreh.. If we are too cowvardly to do.
mandis or rights, unIiiO n o acan be assured
tha.t the oilier Stuita aro ready to Fight the
G;eneral Goivcrnment, because wo aecede-let
'is abandon e-verythinig, -and wear the chain.
of slaives, and dlemonstralo to the world that
we arc the degencrate progeny of a fievoliution.
tionary stock ;a curse, disgrace and slander
utiot every thing that is honorable, noble br
In, the a hate, on the 6th, inst., Mr. lo t 1.g5
presented the credeintiails of the lion, Ri. BAUM.
wvem. i urre, chioseii by the ILegislature of
South Cahroliuia, as a senator of the United
Status for thle unecxpired term of the lato lon.
-Jo"N C. CAttliuu. TFhe credentials wero read,
and .Mr. Rutt-r-r appeared and was gnalified.
In the flouse on the same day the Hion. I.
E. Ilthucs, of South Carulina, (but riot heer
Representative,) moved that the rules of the
House be aspendedl to ona ble im to introduce
the followinig resolution,--that it bee referred
to tihe commnettee oi immiltary aiffuirm to report
at hill conferring tihe ranomk of 1,ientenmit Geme
ral on Major Gencral Soer for his servicoi
during the lato.war with Mexico..
The ayen and nays being-ordmied, tihe mo.
timo wias carried by a irthjority:bf one, thern
being 79 in its'favor and 78 against it.
T'hum it will apper that M r. loLMEs.is am..
bitious to signubze himself-by disregarding the
feelings and sentimient of the people Io had
been choseni to repro,ent. As :he scripture
raith, '-tie last otato of that mian shali be worec
tha n the first."
We mderstand tihat a ru(iimitiou was receiv.
ved in this city' yesteldaiy from tihe Govcrnmor
of Peniyl vailia,'for lidward Curtis, alias
Goldmiti, who was recently tuken out or
prisonmi by at writ of habeas corpus and dischar.
ged, atind suibsqiiontly irittituted boits againmt
his lionrte mMuyor, aid tle con'tmmittlting
31agist rate, for falsio usmnprisonmsmenim. The miifi.
davit attachd to fie rcquislion charges Cur.
tis with havingr occeivert watchos and joliery
n luch were slolemi at Pittsburg it Decembur;
0.9. moutint i io vle to ipwards of $50010.
Upjonm. tihe mceipt of thu tqimition. Mayor
sciilemc promptly iissted Ilos warrant l'or time
ariest of Unrtis, ami html it brief period elupted
tci he was int pliced in jail. to await tihe at.
rivail of time oflicer from P0ennmImylVanlia.-G(hmr.
IcStos: Ale cup Y.
Amd so it is-SutIs Carolina, ever ready ts
obey the laws of tie Federal Govermct is
pr-pared to surrender to Pennisylvatnia, a fugi.
tve while imn--but Pemimn*ylvaiitan, regard.
less of law or moral hon..ity is ever ready to
rob a Southern geinlema and afford mcans
for the escaple of his lawful prol-ermy to his pe.
cimiary ingitv and if necesary mt tim risk of
ier-omal alnse amd maltreatlnmit. Whiiit less
cin be expecto-1 from it goeration of Vipers 7
Gemn. QUIr.N Governor of M ittaisasii is about
to lit airested for alleged putlicipatio in tie
(nba luva.ionm by a 1.'miied States larshal,
bit yet it is not in the power of time marshal
of .Iuaislis- I iet a to ariest a runmiway slave.
Gloriowu Government this.
IJ' T he TDiilV S'mth Cainiiman, speakimig
of tite l1Cpon:to 01 c.;apt. T. S. DUBos. whiclh
appeared in our colimnuson Fiiay last,awards
to lin tile ainexed jmist commplinicml.
Oi -rm:1 Run r' STAMP --Scevcril fif the gun.
tiinan ou mated for si ale cenvntion in Fair.
fit.Iid District hlve definmed thei positioui. Tie
reply of Theodlore S. Duiomec. 1' ., is a mam.
ly amid indepcndenit I redction. Sich men
can be tius:cd--is their ha time "Commutin.
wealth ol Sotli C.rolina will suffer no detri.
rnient." Ca pt. DuBose concludes n ith thisaun.
equivocal declartioi:
"'It toothrci character tihan that of Im dimu.
nioniat would I go as a delegtle to tle Con.
ventition, evii itOi etedl by every vm-e iii the
ustrict otn time condition that I shlmid agrc to
comprominio my ownm pilitical creed. mis time
event of imy contiiuents chsaniging theirs. Not
all the ionors thtt Souli Cariiia can beltow,
womi recorwil me to her unio wit hi thie
Nurth, fir iiidie nie to assmimie for an instas
a falio character. I um ready to assist inl load.
ing and firing time gulls of time state, but anm
tired and ush.mitied of perpietually gemting ihamn
ready for a remote, and it seems to nia ever
receding service."
itets fmor, Adver'tising.
pressed it desire that a regular mcikile
for Advertising liould be made out, for
their accommodtjion, ' e h vo tilis day,
with the tsid of our Columbin Cotempo.
raries, formmed it systemtic plan for our
government in charging.
All contracts now existing will be fuitm.
fully carried ow, anmd thoso ofour pat
rums -who maiv 'desii re to mako tiew conm.
t ract cai reniily tscertin im tle a moun:
ofcharges by reference t) our ratels.
Col. E. G. Palatser's Response.
The Rmesponse if Col. E. G. PALMER
Jr., n ill he found in this days pape
Mir. PALMER'S positionl would
time reaidy enmdorse menmt of tihe peco
this IDistrict by hisi elueiiom ta a
giteit, dam1line C~'c met fomr hiis nmom
bef'ora the pe'ople. TI'is it will b
hie hams refused, n. bich his fi ion
meg rm.
Ilis pissillon meet-; our hea
dorsemet, and we houpe thatm such
mentls wvill uwny the mmuss of' the
of limis )istric't by el gemmt,
who amro rt ady fo -tn lit.
liaper platforms any
0-'7'" . E. N.
c linmchem--a monstaer wtorkman,
in h iis hi it antd heamd . Rtem,
is' in thiis drmy's pnape
ompt mit display ; o
fresimin, f'reeo i'
with one flmste
swept away; m
inn at richity . Af
ham bront patched up by a fe .
imellow.e'ltizenrs aim( nd itdo to re
thn heatds of' BA Rf WILL,
CHiEVES anmd othmerms, (?)
"m . E. N."' wi:I conmtimnua I
workc in thmis our Righteous c
wm i el conifident that if the u
only read ,ptd digest hmis Epist
will be~ ftu nishik it h a rgnmenton
orm'ofm"stubbomrn facam," by t
which they will be able, to see
the net woirk thmat a few of o
citIzens ire nc th rmying t) erett
"~ Wa'it rind WVatch" principle;
by-the.by, is but a scheme to:e
Tae Pressd 'V*
nltma ofi d immsemiuting newIms tiu
mtinicatimig between individumls
ias towns, citIes, States tand Kmi
limo sentiments ofi thme people,
hims been so netll estlablig
attempt ut refutations would
as a denmonstraiion of lunute
Thlat it is also thme duty of'
to (*xurcise discreson, wi bm
disposilloti to supmpress, h m
also ho reg'rded am soiin
de, ndt for a stmu:at douhg
course iin thim pariculmar.
The . ister and the Herald were Lii
both est ished for the ptecuumry be nl
efli'vfo vif l a4 well Us tIe convenience "
9f thle) ph ' e.
..Our v s, politicilly, as rega'rds tIhe N
duty an 'necessity of sepairnto State rn
fiction, case ci.Opieritun cunniot be tl
obtaine on the aidjournment of tle Ic
Sot leIr Coigiass, should it ho con. c
v.'aicd, vte been S often expiessed t
that w deeit it unnecessary to say ti o
wori o but subject 16t this time. 1
Our ject in penling this a rtI J is
in li ) refer to the flact that alItho
We iro0 1posed pow nid looever to the i
"iit I' watch" policy of some of Ii
our fe -cit izens, yet we enanmot coll.
sciet'ii i Sly close our- columils agkinast
uni exi s..Sion or their sentiments,-rc.
gardin such sentiments as honestly i
.co 'd a ithough improperly advo.
\t c re cotident of one thiig how.
evT tliht na the cunductor of ala inde.
pei4ent Piess it is our du:y to keep open p
our coluimis fir free discus'ioni, to both U
side, aid thi, w shall contilnue to do v
Unle's prudelnce should dictute the ac
1iltliodist Appoinaateiat.
Vilhi pleasuiro we refer it ) lie oppioint
ilenitewhich have beeoi mt-tilo for this I
Ciralilt this vtr. Bothi of the gentle. r
mn er. -sarv. A. -LeCCOnQUODALE and J.
NIA'ARni. arc personmally kiown to its,
us guntlemenl of dee-p toiled piety, uind
in -ory way qunlii bed to miniator in tle
Sno: ii ry.
I t1mt of Mr. MANA11tsM on Stin.
day cninig laat recei ved the marked nt.
tmin' it of a large anad highly respectab Ic
port n ofour feillow.citiz-ns, who mai.i
fest d a deep interest in the iolemn I
irut aI uttered by the speaker.
e rigard Mr. MANA'iD1E Is of the
ord r tt ibShop;) CA Ilr;tS, bath as I egLrds
Ia Ier mnd st Ite, i and we hopeit- his zeal, I
II 'h is highhly comniimedable, w ill t
listlior hi ih li teem find synip:by of
ihimaged is well as the rising generation
in this community.
[FORi THlE n1CiALD.]
Alr.' Editor.--h iha columns of the
Re rister oif the 8.h1 iist., I find nn in.
q, riy directed to Alessrs. BUCHANAN,
Set.lajr ;i id RoeEnTSmN. CLA IKO aind
tini'i,'ll, jit-pIeseltutives, lIts to '.* hlut ob.
jeti the L-gislature luid in view whe
to eal a Convention -
I v I U'.it~
bouind, whieni properly,, a Is muc
gavo min account ot his stewnrA~Hlji,
is the Candidate to define his posiiiof,
bftore an elvetion, I shll proceed to
aniw0 ith is much brevity Is the case
"Jim Of. As I have had no opapor. i
ttmit 4d epkr tvith my collea-gaes, I
attYi .b lily Fir myself--of my owls
oni'formed howmever. flrlmcon.
a4 g b matiy emises confidenitial iti.
Ith the member;. .'
e conivictions I snfunihesi.
the objects had ill view by
re, in calhng n State Coi.
In the first place, to ratify
1the Southern Congress
<cing to seces-sioni, tind the
o 'a South aalontderney ;
ecoiid pincer iin the event of'
"bfmatmeh Congress to asen.b'e,
ibling and failinag Io do an~y
he safety of the Southa, thien in
irl duaof .the 5t h sstiaon oft the
oide for the appointment of'
t ou a Soui/aern Congress. 4.a. ".to
care that the Coimmowealtlh of S.
' aall suif'er no detriment."
,. s cce'ssion wais liooltd tupon
ne g, ho conte'.aluted resis.
iw thme sore anu' pnt~p remee||,
his an tguiage is aid unamn
that could piossibly be used,
erihiing in positivel term.s the
ho Conavenition, whlich thme
d tiid no0 righit to doa. Ifhlowy.
anos defiinition of the use of~
vo'r in South Carolinn, the
* -quoted maiiy mean, that
ealth of Sou:h Caiolina
eta ient by -ret testin g,
romn her position, and thus|
r lpon thIe princip~al laid I
couplet, which I have
ouated for the occasiont.
Is not, u .udi a way.
his rtday.
er. w2 ~1the construc..
atriotic a'j able movaer tof'
bill--nor as it the pur.
ry mle~ter who votedl tar a
"-The examiple of Georgia, I
ntion had jast given gratei r
er dasgrmace', by s'aoiemly
lionl siubmit to the fede. I
t> fresh in-our minds and I
I disgust to invijte to its
wtaihdrawal of' theu
ude of r'sistiaco am i
a antd thle peop~e, hiidr
ould have be'en doinet
iouaptino a. simi.
oat efet Again if
ra contingency g.on.
onfv'teanon why~ didi
ere considered nonm. re. I
go f'o. it 1 I The answer
did niot believeo It, iandi
d" dt- land die not vote a
priation of three hundred
a for arming it Staro., I
templiuted sepirtnet Statte di
necessity of' prepasinig ini .
feted oursolveu if co.ercion
etapted, for no one of oi di. d
miU4,tedsa to assert, that*
Gonfed. racy was at once t
he joint neciion of two or
that the . Federal Govearn
ate resort to such an ex
te. Foy myself I cernlyj
-and noltiing ele in votin
.at9hl.'.< I .c r.. l...i. k
I so, siomple its to have tls thrown
vov three hundred thouiistid doillars,
d voted at the ame otime t) inerenso
y own and the taxes of others fity per
It, just to bluziter and nothing more.
o sir, neither I or any one else of the
ajority do I think. cotemplated aiy
ing but se'p- rnto State netion in the
m)itgutey already ef'ired to, and that
1) before the finnl ndjourtrnment of the
un'ventiun, ind I nov saty, thait if a
jlijrity of delegate's shuuld be c1108e
16)osed sto s put e Stite seces.sion1 upon
efatlure <f a Southerh Congress, or its
iare to do anytisingfir the safiely of'
e South, is a member of tih Lie-gi-ii.
ie. should 1 ho cnllk d IIupon it provided
Ithe lst clause of1 tihe nl% to fix the
ie foir the sessiona of thit Convention
shall voteO for its indefinitc postpone
.t,. I shaill vote for its( indefinite post
Inmntt1t, beCatase for sootI, thero is nto
ecessity to incur the expenlise (ot caling
>gether it Convention to declat our
Lbmission it) tihe powers that be ; antd
VC1nuse having been elveeed as a resis.
Ino man I cannot consent to take it
sttep backwtid s, ooni. If however,
te Dist I ict of' Fai t field e' ooses a dele.
'Ition, olpposed to separate State t)ctiotn
efore te final adjou rtme'nt f the 14'on
ention, I would if I could, lit 01eU to.
ign, sooner than inisrepresiat then.
lMtvig now Mlr. LEditor respon ied
ri. fly, but plainly to your curr sipondent,
beg leave to soy a Fewiv words to the
ci~io Who have Ao generously honored
ne with their Confitenice. WiteI fel.
Ow-citizens you elected nay colleagues
oid nyself, as resitmici men to tile
udious nes of ithe Federal Governmtt n;.
-ou gnve. t, u carte blanchc to do evet v
1inig ntecesstry in our- jtdgement, o;)
notko that resistance sucessful aid
tnye our intstitutions, &C. That we
tave don tIll, that couhd be pi udently
lone, lit the plesent tile, I Iilik is
moquest iotbltbe. Uplitn no impottamtit
teasore haye w i gi. We all
wtted lor the bI-iI.juppggiit d. puti s tI
I Suithern Congreos &." for tite op.
,rop ition of three hundrt d thous taid
Jollars ta lirtil the ite, atnd lior the itt.
:rensei ofl taxt's necemS.ry t) ieet tiel
'ivy expemlittares icident t) the tx
rto oun1i1y oceasion. I do not reg ret
ttvinog donte ati, Its they lite I .ccessty I
ensures (ofdeli-itee, 1tn1d i freel n 'irltredl
.bi Ito sin11gle %flice' of' clmp'ninlt %%ill
rais d wgaiost theit- ly tlte ettizeis il
hbis dnltiirt. Som h cowlph'inlt howevI
I mitde, lwotial I tot lurii mo from toy
66uo'. I havitt - d y ta ito rg., 6ttd
so he4-1lt (tie G o1, I ill do it at e( er)
iz . A t i now idjitia to you tel
ow-ctizen. to pr 6st-rve your consi-t. t.
Zy 11nd4 81t11d I,v n'-d .,uisii .- ti
Shom you nItve coutiido:d the delence oil
your htjor atnd 3 our r ights tit this time,
it r-istanee by sep:t-te Siito tii-m
presla',f v, iI tl)e n'eess-ity for stuch
itm the eloqul.... Ue up tis igh, mi
one of ithe ablest ,om-w;,tso iwmt
fi all our lndera's (but oine who Voler
tigininst thesitiglo b If,) you may surren,
der the whole question ; nI -, ield yOm
equai lity, your honour, your piopttr'y
every thing, to the spirit of fanaticisi
tn consolida( tion.
For myself, I des re, sincer ly desire
he co operation of our isster States.
For this %%e hatve tilt a y ltboaured an
kln or longer than dil Our tItcestors it
the revolution. I i.n, willintg to abo
yet a little longer, to carry out lte rc
nommtendatio of the Naishaytlie Colvet)
tilNn tihe LegislatuIC lhts proviiltd for
Juing, nod it' tiis lilis oif' tle 'entd desired,
thenl i I run Iready to secede alone. I " t'al
o n issue, we hae enouga ilready.
And in secedinog ntione, we have the
'xaos'pio oft Mu:ssneuseu~tts st rik intg the
:flow iln thte Re volution, ats just1i 'tition
'or the deed. Surrounded a)s we are by
States possessing " hoomog'ons insti.
utionts, idyntical ilaterests, 116 hve no fonr
>ut thao Snone Ilag. a ill suoon cover us till
f' it shoculd ntot hoLweve'r I elite rtain the
.p reposteruus"' idena, that t Sout it Catroinatt
unay tutndt ailne-.mtaty become a siar
Ite nttion."' It is hazrdly probaoble , that tt
>eople possessing in their cottoni, rice
d' bteadstufTs, ithe basis of a commeanrce
,' forty ,,'lions. ca patblo of ant alot
nidefitnite egenosio1, would odio of a*i
'allon very soon1. N,:r won.': her iYU.
iess be so greut, hant the V'eJ.,rnl Gov'.
rnment could crush hter at a sing~e
For the sako of our commnrce', iany or
Ito groat f'oreignl powe'ra would extotad
is thecir prtetction) both ufo~n setn and
und-ot lulnat unitil f'ree trade had super.
tduacc:l such ti stiate of prosperity, as to
xcji 4~e cupidity of our neighabors,
ti e mn to knoek at our door
into its blessings. 'If how.
I should be mistaken, and
vW k itoe iunsignificainic, utnd
exist VTyby tolerance, a kintd of' Saun
duritto Rep)utlie,* with no present and
U f'uturo'. the pity lad contemprat of thet
v'orld, ItndI lhe ilughing-stock of histoy,"'
'0 it so. Iletter' tis than chins and
daiivery itn tiae presenii Unaion.
Trhe's ago my) o~iniios rnaturely
urmaed. and hon~lestly enlterta ined. I maiy
a nmistaoke~n, but at' I err, I kncyc tii
atisfactionl t) believe that I err with
how5( whIo'.o oimtonis had a potential
fI'aeoace ini ioustiag our country men~t to
oea tnce in 6the RetvolIutaon. I aallude:
n) Wttalingtoa. 1to'enry. to Rutiedge,
u Gntioten, lo I lattcock antd A naa. #
Taae qttestiona, fi'liow.citizensa ie for
'ou to reholve. Upotn yaul d. cisioni
taga 0ou1 fa te, 1164 d'etioty of the Siaste.
esco0, arm, liberty. p,.eriy, fireuoidea,
Itar S, wives, chilIdren, e.ve'ry Iltig hat
dciiur, every hinag that6 iN V'olubue,
very hang thatt is chi shed. Do tu,
I me betLeech yotu, faheor lm your' July.
"mustterly inatctivity," now, I itotnest.
believe, is the key ltat will open lhe
ocr to abohitiotniasm, wic "e hk ~lo the
* I was not swore until withtin thao last few
,y., lhat te Reppbhio of San) Maritne was
the pity and conieompt of thae world, and Slae
ughintg st<ock of' baitory." I Itsd beena under
to impression, that though small in territorial
ea,she land existed ore thaan a thousand
are. 'I'hat haer people were contenated and
Plip.; Shat she was respected by thae mur.
unding nattions; that oven thae great Frenchl
spim hasd sent a~ deputatont offrirng hi * pro.
otion, and the exttnsion of hter lnaite, &c.
a n.d cre....i. i.o....... :t .ta .'a'
patle horse in the Apoealypsie, drugs aill
liell a fter it." Reimemier, lio people
ever preserved, much less nchieved their
liberty, by delaying to strike thoblow
ontil the opportunte moment had passed.
If Massnehuetts. lid waitd for South
Caroina. ond South Carolina for Vbgi.
nin. and Virginia for Pennoylvanin, wu
vould have been colonies still. Ijet us
then do our duty, ttud lentve the conse.
quences to Gild.
Respectfully. Yours,
Col. E. G. Palmer, Jr.
Fellow.Citizens of Faiifield District :
I perceive that I havo been, nomionated
as it dlh gate to re'preseta lil field Dis
I ict ill tihe StIte Covntivont iol. I mllost res.
pectfully decline the m-nomiatione-bui
will, nieve theless, cih'ee nvaild mV.
stlf of l occasiuoll to to my po
lit icl views.
The Legislature at their last session.
by tile passugo of il net which provides
fo r the sewl of* Deputies in a Su.h
erII C r tile orgaiviztion
o1 it 'of the peioplo of til.
State learly given us two
distili he ex/ernal whi is
Co.opI the internal which is
secesdl >rmer or co.operateion,
I Is 10 -dl th rou'gh the agency el
ni doul herr C~oe'gress, if tihis Coogrless
should m1 ct aid ieomind stcession
a, 4 pr lirot nary step lvtards v'' i-r the
prestivatioi of the cons'tift'
or the founntion pf at Soulth
eraicy, I ttotuh ~gla
m11eaisUIc, but ill ever
m e it , o r m le e tillt uc h
a reC0ni eidillio c .
wimg, itcy, be-fore- Ii Imet'i
of stid Convention. Vote fr it sccession
4,1 tile Stato from tils m'st degradikg
and o)pressivc Union -f-r tthe purpose o1
defeatig u consolidtion of the govern
min, ill securing :hlie independetntlce! anod
sovereignly of Sutlh C arolinai, aid ais it
mlleals u tiialtely. of uniling the South.
Ceen Stles Ill case they n1y aitive ilri.
ointily f'.ied to co opierie with is.
Such, briefly, is my% lositiol, atld I
-hall Inov procLeed to givo the reetsons
tiat have induced mile to take this posi
8' c-smion, we aire till we-il awire,
fois i p.-ti of our wlast fe-deriei s' slem.
It is lit on-e lilte goirdi lit of tilhe C.P itt
tuioti n11 d the shiuld al S Itle stvIerigll
ty. WiUenver tile C. itution is Iliad
il ,tub.elve c il-rent lid iroii th;i
lhar a' litl. it %%as dle'igloed by its lr:iirs.
ir w It- eie'ver its forms t re oser i
merly for th. Iu pose ef vio'tatiig ms
-plt o us tit chIge tile governo eni1
Ir'm i ledorlI reiputIc into ai conlsolidu
ted democrecy, itn eaech antd both o
litee cnetingericies the States ire im
mediatelV placi d uidera most impe r iut
Imeo sttlle policy, Its it i. U man1tldliatl
is.uinig frlm the federative Coflmlpct , um11
thet ploomplitudle wvith nhIich t stale plo
Ceeds to execute tis mindate is Illa
hiiglest evidenace of its devot ion to Ilie
Celaiutin, and of 11 dtto ipprecintion
of its otn soveloigity-this is C0mc
drd to be theoretically true, biu n arrt
told that ill t practical poilit of view tit
questio 11Must to sooe exte lit resolve it
self ilito 0ne fill political expedIuncy,
tills I Illost emrlllicilly (Ily. We hal.vt
Io right to n ake diplonacyn substiete uto
a high moral und cmisliat, uonal obliigo
tioll. Co-opertll ion must ullimutely y ie'ld
to secession, but this brinags us to lt
constideration of our exter nil or coje; e
rat ive policy, les 10 thie endstl of is1 po,
IICy, the pereservtioni of( thu colnstit),
tillnal Umon01 or tohe frmatItioni ef r
Southern conflederecy tve all agroee per.
rectly upon) this subject,-w.e ali desire te
S .uthet n Confedeac-we all desire
the p reselvaetiun ol then cons~1titinal
Union,-they arc indeed endis worthly of
at taiament, but they do tnot form felleo.
ci.izena the sole nlor thle ultimate policy
of Sooth Carolina.
T'his State hias boot) styled in ii'tory
of' free trade--which is the offspring 01
thlose rights. Wo ail would htail witti
pleasure, 1th0 formalionl of a SouthernI
Cionif':derac~y, antd yet wvhat hiumilinatieol
gallinag carn we p1"eibly conceivo of
than i a loss of olur a,.th-pendenlce, andi
with it every thling that is SOcra.ti und(
denr to lit eairth in the too) eiger puir.
suit of a1 Southern Confederaev'-which
shilld ultimiately prove n delusive pazn.
torn lns:end of a sublime reality ; Be.
wuie, and I implore you in the namite of
the most hligh God, beware thalt you do
rnot in contemnplating the mo ral grain.
deur of a Southiernt Confeduracy, suffer
yourselves to be charmed and infatuated
ouit of aI possessioni w.hlch youir oinces.
tors, and you yourselves regarded of
In r moiro Inoptrta ncu thn a i Southtertn
Conf'ederoey,-.... mean1 liberty, and withl
it yeour hono~r, your foirtuties, youer
firesides und your hallowed shirities and
yeI, W. WV. Boyce, Eq., who isnw
biefore yo~u as* a canldiIJate, MOl king tihe
higihest anld Imost aitereid trust knot'n tcc
al ele6l)- their SOvereignity, hai.savow.ed
thiut a Sothern Confederaey i4 Ito
-hope and purposloe of all our ploliticul
nielon." A Seeuihern Ceoifederacy
amo (tillin~g to admit, is a grand concep.
heon, but I w.ii l ot concede tei it an
utidue imnportance-it -fua tbelowv, far
beloro the novel eignt~y of Suth Ca rollina.
Beut this brtlga us te thie conlsidietin
elf' .hinex 1105 5lj'Vct.--lhw are weI to get a
Slthlerti C19ni, derac)'? Th111 is to be the
revult of ceo-operaitionl. How'. Is this moiasI
likely tea be secured 1 We ar lold that
ill indefullec delay, we hiave a solutionl of
tIs great politidLal probletm,-i " mua.
torly inactivity" sua Mr. Vac, is the
aokey t.hat unlocks aour destiny.*2' lieu. athi
this eiptilvaiing plhrase there. lies a most
fatttl seopist ry. W.~ 11all know. thie origitn
untd Opphlea~tionl of this hlistoriclIfal praese.
,f'o applly it to the South lit this jonctuirte
18aImost prepostorous. The Suuthl is gil,
ting weaker, iljst the Noi th iS ini a
rapIdly growing ascendetncy. It maiy
truly be said to ulock our destiny, but
whient unlocked it n.'ill bie thu deatin~y or
a e nl ....... fr.u '''IeeI~ '
degridig and di spotic iid.ge. But
recur to tile subj.'it ider c nii d it "i..
ulIon wivit do III pitl e mi inl nd
thevir hopes ofc,-eainby ind(efinio
delay. Al r. Boyce, stand hei pro(c*Se s to
be un advocate of co-op rion, iltermis
U. that "the h. Sotliern S.ites hav
ininde. tip their oi i i in tilt lt j tis
suce aid a solved ot to) seecede,"--in
other woi ds. they ha ve sniieimied the
coliproisiie Iieasiur-es of the last Con.
gre~s. By delaty ilini we are to under.
sl and f.1ri her i ggle ssiol!. Iiave we any
s-tranice init th're %%ill be snieh tog.
gesinii--nd if tleie be, is it by tiny
mleiinis n ofixedflci th Ih Ite otiher States
will inl that. Vi. Vit act with u.. To deter.
mine this %% e live but to rfier toI the so
enlled Cml1p1o1111 se8 Imitsures to which
they base neceed~i. Ini ilt adminion of
foia ti.iioiivhey hvive perititt d C -ngress
not meciely to ditllnt but to <.route it
Sitote ill % hise coistitutionl is p ruetico'ally
embodied tlie Wilt111 pioviilty. JTey
ha vi permittoil Congress ti.'shut us out
iof' Uitah iand New Alexicos by a teruitO.
rial organization, % hiet sub'j eti lavery
-te lhe supieivi-ii of a Ci oigressional
'I iiy luve pr riittiled Cpogress to)
disiember Tixis, to mikie lree soil of
It po tini of lour territory, ind compel
the 8 atlh by tile operitill i the tniill4''"
th1ns, nie:unily to py T. xis olr the tr
s itor y. in k ,. 1Fe are -taxed topa
the loss of our liberties. ..'
ackiiowleoged that lint a itheep
lions the U lgttiv.- %Iave bill is 0n*
coimpensalion. a bill n% hich the <,
tiun rig q- iiiril Congrerss to pas<.
t, take tts a reApciil fac or what
clnim uider tihe C mstitutioi s It
These usurpu~tio, thec enormlons exf
Itouts mty ivive received the sancictio oit
Georgia mid other Stanes. but they never
shall tha1t oIl SIOutl Cu olinM.
Bli- if 'he le vie ither Cggret
sions tire no(3 sitieted 1ih41u. tihe Southi
would resist them. Fomot %v ha I premises
coutd we dedtce sui i coiclusiont,
.,nrely int I' 0m tIe pst D.d lnt
irit. of thte1 - h teliethlig States tl
iheir 1-t-gi,latores il t l -(ii( inl
clure thuat if Congre c.1ercised
doiction over the subbet of sintery t ti
O.siriet 1ot Cluimbia, tlii it would
I thy it disilmi-m of thoe w , lI
ni.I been Ibua lis tle U imyli been
Nil:veil. They lat.e ot reisted Ia
Frevssiomn<,-th1iy enicely %%if; foti
the V %%iil lit oeniiid fmr the silbs
el lilt C eii-tio ii:ion the4 Ill it forj
mereJorms. D it % iii the Noirth cetit
its tigglession's. Toiis in most001 impiub
T.e gieiot fCe til pitari) war leer
it parltcuar purpose. to) ox
Southi I 11 ilte Al, xicun neqms
tis Ilcoill) ished i s ird aid ma
remilve itself tint, lis origie W ei
It las no grand measure now
it. Thle 11b -ot -ombs mnay have
IeSS Himis, but i hey % ill not- preicor
uoitirt of Uithte-r of tlh p110arie.
----iVeti e cinse Comtposell of
weth ani d intoteet of Ilil Nojlb, W
ll permiinently Uiok itself to lite loreigea
sea nmc which hi s dtt e t if'rili 0ros thle iieoan
iII( ettic d Uponl their neores. 'le It
gress vo Class composed of inwies
o:g nistmg ispoils Must yill t
lit) iie prperlltcy nnd grelit it
to secire, Wheii Ilii Norti h
like fraoice, it Constiiuijon
t:en, 11ttd not bie ii, labor 11
sinee' sln!,ly nguinst capital.
The p liticl condition
anid (fIt ht: Norith, preseilt
hilIsiophical speculation,
ditly approaching it new socto
old stroctire which h:lx becn stand
for CenOul i is beiing Convulsed to i
viry om icolet tin by thle roevolus'
tempe'r ofl the ntosesi. Tthe gre
for sellI go-vernmen& It muset 50on ho.
Huma Oill~ perfectibilIi y ii tde ni io
by whlicht they prolpose carrying:
pirai cially It ieimst etra iivigtnt
ceptiions whiebic wcill, ii otmnr retted
a fatul blow to the sights of propier
setrtkeuit the g re It fadment tial bi
all1 liaw anid guternmenit. Such is
p lhitint aspeect cchIeh the 190-rth'
presetstt. Our ceiunfl ry is onie or'
boundic 10' unud conifiict insg interests,
tii. he qust iln noiw is, caen the Uq'
a ny hloge r pre-er( V. d. M r. Coalho
tenido d thatI it coaId n~ot bet w il
rgantic lCconlstit Ution1al I amenfdment.
Cliay proclins tdot it many and
be plreser Veid by cons ilidation, Upo
resd' of thise gret issuo de'peni
ceompaitrative es:~fimtion in which
two Sttate'smen wcihib he l by p
M~e r. Cailhioun wvas of thec opinion I
s:aioility of' our poliiten institut
pendelcd very much Opob our pecu
doim' stic inst it utions. Il th Iought i
so long os tile political equitibrium
twVooni1 th wo sectious was preset
thaut tho South wcould'supply a co
vaetive setlf-susttainting enunt in Il
Conitiruthon to preCsevt eed perpeuu
the Governent, withlout its operaiti
opprIeIssively upon either of' thea gret
- 5etionIs. H e desired our ludoaral balmnces J J
to b)0 co.udeniei withi our local. Upom
this htiosagaeity aos ai statesmahn rests. Ml
Chin3's grand ucsoee is to nationaizs lth
goveirnent. 11f ehvee, ier his pioli
masy bn celtonsummattd. lot such a c
bum~mntiont we' wvould not relcogntiso
mti~uiil secutyo3 of'thie t wo grettt sectiu
Tthe &S~uti would be destruyed for
perpetunotion of' the governme~nt.
are the pirojspects elf te success of'
sclcemer fndientiones It present Ore agi
the'Scoth. Wehavwetb-enadvosed tus
aloof, that the Iferful dollisions wg
between tihe cot s.-riVe unaad diwu
'/ing Cehs~tH~as of' the Northi.Eg
btunduero' oan ephierneral politiioa
Iwo etlemuett uie hmostjfhu but we|M h a~ l
imofth two fully manifelstof a
de wsvo he e pontlef Iho t ypqi.
Alr. Sesward of' the aggressiv .oihe on
wcishtes tel preserve the (Vgige Vo the
proslection cof NolrternA at ihe oilber
Ii) perf'ect the schem . of frugije~l
Actuiated by disierent 'pltivO
two parties wil gplsc fori
vaillont of the UnI in c
goverone. After.~
tool, nchut result wi

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