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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, June 20, 1866, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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1'0orltitr t h4utoUl~ OOdN
all, e h ed diA 16 of Atq -.
J j n I hii cni ut ut 1
aj 10 hischrgg:
"Wo coulid not hWt, feel ttit this i
ill 4edIWrti rul tiot~ occppher
ioget it Ari qisho::Ihe in ket
the dignitj and hstorichi int it
- titalo. ockalsionl, 'Wo iveroe unw igi
that on such n ttonrabhr udasionu '
usould run any hiard of buffttleiJi otir
1s'lves. We tiesired tosee a s1tisumfestih
1i m11 of dignity, proprity, eleivationi, im
l'artiality, and moderatiot worthy ofour
presvigo amoig tile sations.
"We rnnmmber in the fanious trialot
Challes I. the ovont i 'noted thit 'olo
of the audience spat upon thq kilnga h,
'wab eing taken out of tho'dourt. We
Ihped to see riothing of this on' the trial
of Mr. Davis.
"VWo confoss, thereforc, under the
/iluienc of theso idas, wo road Judge
Underwood's chaigo with a certain do.
groo of solbeitiudo, nild wo are sorry to
say that by the time we -had got tlirough
with, it we felt, no, nwecesit.y of praying1"
4't be -cl d 'eed from, all vaingliory,' for
ve were itimblud enough in all con
WoN\r0 were, perhaps, unreasonable in
hoping for what we did, for Judge Un
derwood cannot be o:f thai himsneIf.
He can no more play role of J udge
Mlarshall than Judgo Marshall Cold
have played tho role of Judge Under
"We muisttiko Judge Underweod as
we fmtd him, and we may readily con
c'de that lie has dono his best, and if it
i. 1no better, it is not his fault so iiucl
as his misfortune. As some pe -o
ennnsiot disthigiht colors, so others ale
inlsenisible to the concord of sweet
soliids. If Jildge Undeiwoo(d is a per
soft ot very ordinary iniIellect, of but
littl literary or legal cii*Vation awl
worse tast e, and unudesr it ithll utoiice of
flil lost, violeit, prej idice, Ie (leseve
OlMi j1t 1:Ore, perliip., tti o ti- lisi.
Tm.: N:w o1r-11 s.-The New
Yorkl T ..,*- dom niot notice out Judge
anld corl. V4,,13iially, bult ils aistut iiebl.
1mo.d ropdent. lets off I he follow
ing inl O il teao of ", Yotir Honor:"
"Very, is; it not ttime that the eml] taini
hat 1 iaih'i uo this farce ? L et the
(hie justie exercise tile atlhoriy the
new law gives him, and call a spec'ial
- n of tlie Cireuit Coirt, andel at the
a noii ine Littlet,1us trial of Davis [ l)
t'ld with something Iik jml cia I re. .
Iriry an1d decorium. All stich ebi.
tions as we have had of Inte are temlin
to bulittlh IIe Govermnments inl tle e
Of a people by 110 mel(als. solrry to scc it
phiced in such a position, a1l Somld be
Seilulously aVoided."
T '-: "Wonsi.'" ox 'rIu. Wriou.: A v
VI'.I.--We have reserv~et for the last
as bei.ng lot, the least, true, but, tle most
a nousing, sose extrat from th lelt ters
4 t he b~iiigen~t a ii spright ly corres.
yient'ent of I he New York Ir .
ft. is to be hoped that the tria ..f r.
Davie the l'resident will hitve .iow
"ectt for' the oplhiion)i of munk~i~i I I e
at- Justic' t.o pre~ i e
eniotchagea ga~l ury wUbo
ni:rkm sg a si tillp speech, and a stiup
speiech of' thle msost, (ffentive aind mahg
snani naLte. HeI wVas ait n iportat ioni
whieb nevetr suited the localit y. HeI
fonda himssel f, as lie. would p robably fintd
himnsel 1 e verys whiole, socially r'eptugnanii
amiil personally disliked. l ie fht the
luternsess of htint, but hadlslot. t he cour-t
ltge, to i~iduige it petrsonailly, and delights
its lecturing fi-som thle eafe elevation oft a
jiials position thuso whom lie hais
nseiter the right to lectuore not' t he
heart to cotmpreheond. A revohisiins
af'ways throws just .9uchl sem t.a thle
stirhace. Jefi'erson D)avis is ideed to be'
br'ousghst to trial, bit, lhe will noet be t rie&
The party actutally on trial will be the
Republlicanl1 pairty, anid it will tnot tazke a
lawyer of onie'thl the intelleet of Mr.
O'Connor' to dlemontstrate with the accu-*
rmey of a .mathlemantical demonstrations,
sliat upon~ thle titteransics of Sewarid,
Chiase. Licoln and Situner, Mr. Davis
w~as not onliy free fromi thie slightest
miorail guilt,. but, is enititled toe honor.
TIhse argoinlent, f:,i theo right of' scession
wvill be~ pre'(sente.d iin suchl a form that the
world will read it, andh will containi ine
ceO'sarily mich tesumoniisy foms the siuper.
loy'al lael, anid the eminilent ly lal ~
~A.bolitionst its its fa vor as will astoniish
the hiones't muasses. Marshall, who was
little iterior as a Jtidge to Mr'. Chase,
pres'Iided at, the trial of 13urr' ; aid sue
ly, at a I iail of so imuch gn-as~ter im por
lnce, the hsonor of the Uited~ 0( Stutes is
coerned that its jusdicial oflicer shall he
ofa mental Calibre more than enough to
dbeide a bar-room byt upon~s the weight
of a hiog A ft er the uttersances ohliUn
derwood4, a convictioni will exist thait
Mir. Davis wats iindicted by a packed
jury, and twill be tried by) a paeked jiury,
b~efore ai Judge whti has everyihinig of
Jeflrs'ys but his brains.
After dlescriingi th.e delaiv of theo
Jndge in min g his appearaon tioil the
lirst diiy of thes courit, the corr'5eSpondenst
* ''."At last, at five mintetis past one pie
uisely; theroo W as a slhht. ino've'it at
thle duoo, anid iinsae Jusdge Endiiier
wvood, acc'tompanilied by A iistnt I is
other otjicers of thle coilst, t he judj~ge
ta king~ his~ seat aids deep silenice.
all -ihthat, crowdh, Lte mios't. tntnappy
looking mian wvas thle judge hiimnsili.
Wh~er'e lie sat, trying to assusmo an air of
?nonccahme~e by readiing a neOwsipaper',
ht in tremling wyith evyiden t ner von mess,
andUi~ lookni'ng t asfhn weres thi nian on
tefirst vvurt roomi ho oves' saw in his
ftih-, miht ,easity hiave mi~isaken the
judge's bench for the prisoner's dock.
T he judge wo~uld ~ad a lit the, ai ppiarenit
., y, lti s sratch- his'%oad, twitch his fin-.
ira asid*faP to. afteing~ somei mal lilt
('crlipt ttitdy. beCforC himn, iAleanwhile
t was Mtdt ble fie nyery' '.yo upon
t je wht is pontion1 when he
through his jo.n'L"f sh rp ;l it- ter.
I~ut4M, L4, ud~ocoflnipf.i(ed to read,
Ilo c 011ern-Wltnd 41 icig. Ii .; notAar'
-& *1~ t I . :_ t m 'IfhCi4NiI Y2Q Ii
to You :veplatit.. s'itledj it to sany it
wile uover (1111111#11 b) 31 ti'Iill n in
WliOWJ 11111-0 leo iiup 1(00,i'I r
61i3/ 6 t-ii'vis 06' -?t111Jid; ~l~i~t Nor.
b161911, diiiing thic - &livOz V ot t'is Won))
1Every Iilhf iqli', ftuoln tillf Iilf'iiru
cliiluiia'amiJI f in ft'll v "i' ia"
I od gril, wereivhe vi ~i 4! l1t Ii&V.
Ile ycrs.'sat ~ lt iNj vi'ii 1i11w) c-Yve
browvs ond iniyiti. i( igpp tith l'l iSIIi
menti ; (110 wickedl pie 's. guii g j~il
('ach other hi ilirimusly ill I ha 1-l)A a i v:ii:I
sl1ccesmi e popgmini ('u11iW booliiii n-:11-sl
he pres ; reitlelljoll Slit dil ii1
I, : 11pr ;At, eluch o~tlher, (*Vilell I-v r I I i'
to i dicover * likecness bti!wecal 1111n il,
the, 541Vive.4 i ofnaii'. Sellia
V'iblnt', and instultiiii, as i: wa~s *-va (
too) ich~ to excite am.l.gs ; tl:(! (wit! p151'
V~'adi ug feeling" \WIW, in t-rd,11 I a i
('Xiii,4);0elt' mhude wvickdtp for!15i if
Jelfreys w~as coma Iletel2 1 ,;I. ,igl I 'It
f'1(~ioilo ju gcit (lii(110-:7r
(fI';tdto niet ati fort~ 01 lh I!
T. 1)~. ) jjr;...1(V
M ar Ail'p, fS I I (. X I ),1- it
I l tailt t' Ah~ wc.' %I US''(1
'1(tl ' O'~S l it 11 ' thfltJi 111 f.
mt prlovoh i~ a- 3 ! d
W l t 1: i l (.gd Wk (:11. .
ift(: lv' p!il~ll of' J't h'15 t(! i'
11111 u i uIt. I wl ! fioa d :-ri. e- . I
al t0) i'1)vti' n'1 . 2112102
TO Our IrkdotAl
SWe o1 o uit tio a~ un
fuA issie 6k the lian
f6l1iUl a nsinwo it, add iihI
thei fricinds '16A! thuq) by a. 10 p
a st.rong pull, nid aitll till togethe
wo .may pitour wooldy ptpor ipon a
basits tln wit 111 sand th sh1Oek of hard
S 8bycribo Eor yOt ilisirict Paper,
n1-os8ure of circu1tancos
whiob o ona foolt, wo 8ar out with
tus additoullburdien with tho conlfl4
d1o'th, t'lt the citizons of Fairflold
will a to batr it. I the faold of
lorng cllds and threa~tingk storm il
wo launch t his irrk, l kigc .
ly for w-r frim:s it> diriew out
line ofptroteCtioni an1d aidl timtA we 111.y
not go dwn. :n. v. I I n l :-m
12ild i~o we ;!I
ji 4 0,u vat in j:,
Th s
(ho rman! n ->n as pwd
ib to b'l" (lL;!i
I n A u :tho-tyof
iithat t IIll
( ---n h.b,. - ,'d a <a .
-:U'. lhwiCl I ,.'-al to ;io.
tib' A .
"hill ou e
Ihll h
- f ti . nah
h te n i . . i
h, ,-n-d e m *. ch
O nPH I * ..* IIcu Whe the:1
I' ' nto''Hcit :-A (h ner I W o.h.
- 1 .' r ! U, umi id cloi f v..
Xit It I V-o J ot tur
rin ut, ; n1 t' 'e li e Wtut til
I. r .01 t lotf itO th ~t~ i i1Nd.
ntor the "Jo lm1ar'.''' of the (onit uio10
noit 1(li've it.. ('uAt- s could ha.ie
been 0 innra t h.,.ry
rot ra m n if --l 2l.g rca or
he a m l " , : t C oa t: iii
2up d 1 it rubr ) .-E; :ie. I n Jus-!oiV~
nol'. ( ' Ii I; 1 i . io ns u bint eI
) d1l ito f on e t en 1. e t u nedLu l th<
tcon it a1on, thuy 17; ant (Ioal' oe.
en:'st1 ti mes21.1 d 1.h the rame d r'fui
cotnunihitt ofaitf the wo ou u" d
tions iladed t vord thc mrore~i tinas
iiid (Vi the11 21raft o otittion re
1"'ter S.vS the(1)1 Cornlto o it~a1, o
othe (':b o~f ni; !t 8pCa ier .thetCon
ventionrthd beenIl! ~ i i ' s it ftwoi
mont1 h.,-in that I .th-it he od "ng.,
t I{onall occurs~d' Il times. A m it was
not i"':thutl~i ult tha the vord VT
was sticknI ot of the Cl1~1onstiutm
'nd even then as a coumoanpt
it e'0( 1r . Sy and3 on~e hoifas weibe
oit tho (.Onvento tin pau irofti
vewordin to oneio wittomme
ther c ine lidlxoder fete mlvords
tiwhih t okj~ of aliottt CotentouV
cthended 9f1'Ir, mid~
"The::L nxiOsly lbht-or avoly
":ahough ~th o illing~ toe~ admi
"lutothei system th.p hi whie1h
&0 '
40 b ~rOspi*rty% o iy,
,ourfna ong s.
- n ftoldf all this 160b9
CanouNingko Wasal in to n
tstratigor to %0-!#ofd u'natio)i
C COUrsedd any liguage or 46h
w~udd-ihely the idea of a
Wo t dag'ovorinient. Wod'rpont
inot think CALnodJH lywd tie
h. ago imputed to hui 1n 0 Or
l t V the head of tilis.
Xoil. lemllstdr is, li;l.' iinai.
o knew once a good old itann, who
wi asked by impatient jihiuiries
a ha was doing,". replied, iiwait
fler the piblio meeting fihtn.
t'rgarid to tho burnig of that
ci we -aw a paragraph going fhe
10 114 of t0he pa pr4 puro :'ting (to be
1.i 1i of' the romiarhs .1made by
\ A, t tl.at ii . s mi
u od, or tunifi.illy rejated, wo
d t Iotieo Said paligral h.
ottr h Alow whicll we clip from
h atl't :show-4 that our .conject ure
I reiort of the' micot ing 1rf'or
\ l' ? .vhjoinled leter, which
: In t ie htr.- p dit., /cor./, of
I l iiist., the (olonal.ij repr"esent..
e ..iaing thit he "consitlered Sher
- I n 1 great 1lier antid p honr to
un I 1 'try, in1d thiait "'it was Ito, not
who e-ongns rd the Clonf'der
st ing discredit on him bronrght
on the country." It will be
).ti What aur:.y his' 'rImatrks
ei prtld. Hetw Itn.du. this letter
lie report there in 1 surprising
1 itoilt, which tlie (c oonel h 116--i
i ryght to .ettiv, does so* with
-'. '0. , us to p'ut beoinIl g uestion
wh.' he s.houglht :4d filt
Z orrot: I Iie'issu of the
I! Es :', yiot ' nutots oil a ,e
p ld) of1 (1 ein.s of a
pol ~~ : e, at Clanla, omm
n1; 1 t the 'Now York bIi, were1.0
b 'r t to my .ittont ion IV I. fric'id. I
t at"-a liv 1anife. i lpI Lit
cort -oexpr ins a1t "tri buted to ie.
\ 1 ..itui !la2ldge of the goer
.- iist'it and diabolical perver
-I odmtlhrn seitiient, youi might
han dw it wvas a base~o cahlmny,
rea, in a NrIhorn paper,
0:st a lnel. of1 thl Confeoderate.
:n-m who e.' v SvI ( c rated h: is sword i n the
n. . o int fri-oeiiemn ever foight
I.!. 'a auf I orgeg W\ashington
I d rt Le-ittered oi0 seiti
m AI af repi-d for. the gonoral of the
n ill en 1 tCentury, whose only p;iril
lt. i istory is illIustrated by a cor
1 in) he .oiiuwr, do.--cribed in Gib
b elino and Fa1I, who, in A. 1).
-!1 . avo th Eiterniall City -up to the
,ilh of' is soldiers,- with this
prais~ vot y restrict ion :"Save the
10 f h womtmhI ando the build ings
Id ione pys e 1
IQt up th ru hat the pur
.iudj iit osse'; tkat i, $lu not1 wise,
-p0ihol r just..;uiner i1 f' ulhad bojis
CliL and'it.ai e tilli, d beyond
hot~ aIr sy10 whfor -wn of. the .
highimebefoe Od. anid n.f do
str oylI/f this beinitifukiicty, ud-turn
buu ol iii a winter' fiight2,000O wo
m10 n )d' childrenci, lythoult food - or
i(Lh0Ig, a~umnt I brutal uad druink-.
en1 ad lhiory, ga ther I from aill nationis,
trib4k"htredsa ) 'tonigues; after 11h6
heioissin tOas o~ osedm in llits do
hbrand( dwi th the aufsny h~ le deservod,
lIn yoating a4 fa ir anid Iimpjartial1
imnv e' 'tiouitn tfhe f'acts, I used fhe
reman d l.l~htwver we matiy think of
ShJn 9biited hig~h in the annals
the0 So thi havie no country ; hut Hiea
von fo',id that 1 hould over considor'
"thu cndiary . and robhci"~ as ani
h Ionor . aniy coiutriy.
11utetheo m t Isorious iciopresenita
ti m i/he 1 eport, (so--called,) is the
II m)1n and~it thrIoIVie lho lamec on
Sho~ix n, failed. Tlhe grout mnajority
Iof tihe ineCting (1id':niot conisider the
in ioi~ t pLn or coinistion (of either par
.i y a gittia to sahiet oft' dlhato.
The hi or of' .lmp~),iiot onl1y dur..
ingth avar, but durjng his whole life,
cort this nolgule i'non, his~ pr'inooly1
inifl beo and4 h it ies, had endear
0(d ii t('thel b bot citizen of this
coxmm ity, long~ b fore hils huightly
growe. ipn the tield as a. geneor'l, anid
itniinecomibaj 11ahd ini hand, haud
diti ihed li minontl'y tis the
Chov r.y rdif America. Any
wor d pratiso of' huiin at the South is
sue us tad Wo fould, fain believe
that 4 lust he keittlemon of the
Noith is duly I~ noted, and nm
iiainds rofepec Ithian some1 of the2
fpzrten whtose t.yy~o.ofgonitility is ai
"NVfi ," and Whdo consider' it the
'50 (e 'o *oou~rrgo to insult and1(
do $i anhddofon~coloss.
S ln alonk lilflhlroad-,
e1c -o Istely hoa'rd of severail inie:.
stanleos I~f lo3 alrntg the lino- of rail
road be 0011 thI and Chairloston, It'
Is boo ing t iulaico. Corn is~ sto
.len an vo011hoges nailed and boood
are bro' 1 into. Cannot dounothh g
beo don 'put a stop to this plat der
hj~ blora j4disa ppage ~r61
~j~ po. Oil~al aeco ~~~
kiil y froinili disps1P
o~~ pulatton of49
Awri 6 wasbon a la t ' 201Pec~
A olius 61
it ws, ut.ad~ytru1 hO i Ie tioL
Iiiiet~l~i i fle -oiir'1Hb'cTP
00d'ivsof h f b hit' piiin 4-lglja I ii' insr
.1860 ii i,(laiii t olily . fee,) il i. .- t PYE
4thi l UY, 111111y lieo (1,0 ini tf'IiIIjt iss a t d 41p
i fli et . ucimlftle~t pjle I hat. I nile
"Idec fi le 11his ' e1.iid a tt! Azn i's'
ezild re bitt l11i limOI4oloiig la e o
ita-0 fitthe apjn~ lnti f'i'oedonI ~vIII)J t . brow
ieo e h o yondrii;fo i-al li te'1ov~ niai ig
Ii c riltui itl'(s d rk-..1t~di fo n1t iii, it
Iol i t Ci'o ii sk t ' 111 ile''a t tz i i s i h
"Iti'( e bt? '%,tw sa id 0 l)iet a. i
e1y 'wit' c11(10 l it I tee i y greatt1i~~
IW tCis d r'a* i'dit: z i lic Ci i ll s l' i
L1,wi'l~ntie, tl se 010Y i'.h.' 1 l s~. i s?.' O'lii
cat'i'- *d to liie Iej i c $itei ll of I A(
C .lii'ly eite. slit ziz lonee or r m i esi zisit i-is
Lihto iat 11' psit' I4ihs aL Iii.
.'tldertio-Iin ross Ii : e to hi i l~z1z I
to r0elirri' d, I orlle f lt -corit~nieid A bauidevl
a slltf bit slve Itl ws ot. CiIomet~w lackh of'
'it iei upon le ' 11 il4 it li i '?' zhri I , l'tit
A8 I i lc i ele 1ai5 t htt : hild 1.0 zo I'C i e ..
baile ; i iiut i itg Worn,~ oa' aizid 11:1o
Eghik Iofr.111101 l in,~. tibild ithe ban iofiui
iHos b tiiii lice lp ilt Al1cjat we., it sz0
hl e y 0on It n' elhr nosI,, 4%apc 1 1-11ii Ci *jisI
11oe-1t,1 ii'lIew ioel Keu felofm iolkit
~VO' lci'(11C lld gll fain.s 11 "ilii'iI le
hi1er0 iiilt I shcl, iwhen At Is.ell( P)n h a i In'
'rind AieiXeIII lll ihedd oi beezr, ai
Ivr iic tit sihz 811. o ''loo ieto
uuic-(Cow id4~hii wi t t.,fly lAviti .)
3euch o at.tes l s e o c-iti ofve'v I le, I ia o
wrou, Wiltl, hhes bnltai'e, Ilze had1l i "'i1iti
,l-wIilet~ 10etIIC t1Iige With 111 h.c of sil
C.Me. r. oMi oeril is liove sliint tile
)efro"-ct lig m o i e s of s; %vt,'s lki
311 thle' fatt i~e nleivingo wheli Iit~lit t
moLato w as 3 fetiilel to chi ittlena
klt.1lbed I1110 liuilta~j cioldellwics iNto
fiaenye had 0 ho esed e'l,(itiloelR wiflit
oros hileo-4 t 1 Aits rlcovesmu Izo' id~
u ong a i i o '1101i ,d .0 liit t ioollid t
iloil tliir l('hl" fal fe clul j) iuti ,.I(,I
leit i dogf idllIr' bi'est. OV bl' it' o' futui'o.
.11( 1 he ll. ga' l k ei a'oau l,
A litilifili-lih ex boyI ed "Io iirelyti.
balitSOil fliral oiviill gatzs of orld wa.
Stow b tinerg fher intiiat aocu ae anda
Ilihlg Niern'sz ilde 5'i o hevjtcilit
oliet It b ew 1h oat 110 l011 Ye Qy db fo1det
1. (li lede bi when l bill fOiw t ade vpl
~oltigled. irThe- icexlg. - tilitl (ho cal fI i
I *. , Y'
hbkrtoly M081" lshrtV ~ tlt
t~o 110l e04iiA1SS hoists, by'
their Ylototlosj. ru'die4 exiltk Qar,
l~iVt~o~'J~~tr3%rb.~ o~e KXd. their
rhi tlds ty 1wotlldtt 9fo
breitib. Itgoo ia atet bfor
it t'ilel; at, holk-could titey iJbren'3 ?
blow; but Ii lss Ljey full 110oxy. L theil.
thcir. coilqtia'r g ,r I it .
ors u~
T^ asvo d 0' *~j 4led heel1
I~Xe4l' 3Ti Iti r' Iiv.
At in reilt Ito i m 601D-(i iti 1h 1,0110il i
1 i t itp~ -(0 -Ol. ha~tit plig lll !
tigi'Ll t oh 0)(- l 4)1 1ah vilve- rtor4
witsI 4110 11101101. WhVir 1,111V$ III hieirl s, I;!
OiAtli tE, 114)0viuti fil hi iulfnt " train'. N .,
hIt billi i) ~*4Vf tit o
el Jli teL. h'ii.'t ty ]:A)' ble(:. Ii t
pr me airj sI iia l u . i I Ilvlia, 'dit hai I .,
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'divi.. (ut IsioutLiberty. Anud
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