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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, June 20, 1866, Image 3

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t Q I . rn5mlig 14 M"
4f . 14 fC , I
cal qi lite th treiIt t i
VIilt in fu so~ rl th to A-iimi'
Ut 'iii il 1t18 J i liii IlaI 1.41 b jtgf k;. t bitiA nm
to Lim I Presideow. for Iti sigittiro
A i1wr do e li.te l*i speeti& er.10*8
Im b ilt roititriticg the Southiori ti *:teko
ji'ivl iiluhge." IlII(l.- s oourn.
STe War Commeee -t~c Prince Vicdrlck,
CbftrlA Ill tile Field,
TI.:ItioeN. 3*iau. 6. via Newv York,
.1~ ~ ~ ~~1r luL I . ldltO oieeerivkic , hrleit
)4.gt?(. (().moi~rrow~ for the IwaidquiArwtra of
I t P1i tS.-Aian aluly ill TSeble.sL
Oilie.i. 11cel 11auiil itit ~ ugt
1111tiiteiiit y to ('o-ojto-ratit int (Olleopthg
Iad\lrge Iimmnh Ier ofinhabital tiat o t
fled tile ciiii to 1ivoid concrip.tonl.
'tle GOverunelt Re ioit Bill ill the, BriV
Ili Parlinmnilt
lIoNm- lI lTm 5. via N*w X onii;
ittuec 1 0. -Thte gowertiolent i form bill
was.i. ir.rrvd tby 'parliament. without di.,
vislil. It was tile impreSAiml that tho
govo!riti-~itt would wvitlhdraw it, but. no0
Slch ind1(icitticit was iltlitiifest!(.
torctit Putnic ott 'Changce
A rg% & Iarturnmus baiik caused. poin
Werabtle depressiou. Their 111ibihi es
are, heavy anmd securitiesi few.
1111d it aplical to artu.ij1.*1., 6-tg0bl.
%31- ;oxo DItSPATCHI.
Nxmw Ymus Juie W0 -- 213p. in, --Thu
Ulitt 91L, lls alit vcd, wvit still latwir
miews fromi thet coutinmit..
ht is rejiurted thait lte cmuteoc,fing
demantltd46Of AtLsin,1 wich I0!idvretite
S .. iiic'd iati m mi of it " tr ul p(iw ets i i pi 1 s iu
lathitv. CN (.Ori ; Ito 'v lro'ci0it Off Ill tic
got i-t tiot iill dliiteitne. mid it tow re.
1'littisc.vc orrliglrIJwr
itlslv' iti , al~hiur)awho war ,tAt
45 t
.0 18
-0 tofl.
q 2.0 p irlh
e r o to t1
Coali a
Toiacn, J c .25 per oita.
Coinaf.4 .Sibver 35.
N of he woeel oaoit4it to
- n 14.00 por barrel
ej .1 a 18e. perp
po tI.561a 1.60 per'busliel, in do.
1, B1.40 .1,50 per bitshel.
l 6)L t. 1.2 por bi hle.
I eltfl oring.
a.$1r.00 . a 1.00 pr bnhel.
1orghi, 0c. pr gallon.
Gold, $1.42j.
Silver, $1 371.
NEw YORK, June 16, . p.in.
L4 Qst Yir Queenstown June' 6, reports
'aro iff apd provisions still havo
0, oh . tUdelloy.
TIg uplatas 13 a 14.
Y ondon consols; for money, 85j a
LiVERPOOL, June 5, via Now York,'
Juno 16, 22- p. im.-Sal0s of cofoA for
thiroe da a amounted to 35,000 balos.
Q oi boyapt with an advance Of 1d;
u 29 d ~ - 0)
but toa1rr
iaBre fi-mer. '
Su iotl -aa!
lii thoiale -'
Turpontinc hat.
NEW VoRw.tune '1 ..p .-..
ton dull and diooping 43 0.
G old 551.
Exchlingo noinal sixty days un
Sight 11..
Four stoaptsii sailed to-day for.
IMurope with2,087,000 In gold.
WaAr Naws.uas o voitNorTAXu.-ihe
3sllowing article should be ~ead and odr
paper wihiout paylag fori:
My observatiotn enatbles wne to etge, as a
foot:, thespubhlisheors of newspapors tre more
poorl ro rded than any ori er class of men
in A fel8matqa who ingst ata equal
segabor, .aItal and tI ught. They
ft!%ek tt t ore'servi ofor.:loss pay,
sti ere sponging and "dedad heading,',
fq'pafr ~ dtem~nae people wlthapu&tfo
6po ~ o~M~~ ~tan any other class.'
Wb~J edl~, * ie ud lost er, get ofloener
cto1' !,'r*.ma iar pdo miary 1op, are
e an ayothoe i j~te qpigunity
no, h goevurddr with
htl~i o'j% r b*W Yahta'ble news.
papeor ut~uo~ noless . ewgaw; yet
L'eyobhf ,a~i if4t Qhe up3 of the
editora ' and p'tters ink.
Aid nid Edby tte'* Rdtut(C - Aqutod
geh ot.*ho. 6d4itor~ How many ..tuhb ,
to4'd ridi [email protected] itios havo been broud ' ie
tiotieeo{ud phn'e~d into prospority 'bg tido
prss how man -railroads nowi ft su6
cessfull operation~ wOhIl have fou dered
8uut. forithe "lover that moves the rid t
In short, what branc~h of Industry ~nd aQ
(itify has noet-pn . promoted, stinulat#4
nd defended b the press?!
And Whuo has tendered It more than a'
ucis,'rdble pie4anco for. its servioet The
baannre of fos Igon and tho haunts of dissi
pa~tion appet id aro thronged with an eager
os'ed.- bearing gold (p tsir pal , and the
49'mmodities ther bet aoNl af qnor
N oi -. om'ot'h news
Watoo ',een j~rade
nosamade ~VII ot
ta4i6.',t lqidAte a.i6 bill, b a~t die
-ditor t4'lepudito, rTnter's 'bil.
1jUiAN Lt .- ps ite h.tyo
&t't, but enemory tlhat ofthe M7~an
looks row'ardl with sinile., bui. Ib'kaard
e ghs Suck' is the .wisel providenoe .of
t ven. The oup otlfo Is sweeter at thoe
)ostm ' begfl Mor lphipired'uas'e drink;
anTh d are erthat.
a u nrne hsa ri . Is ten)
fro Our 11 *
e b.i'&~~ rythoro xu11fo
livoo as the~y fouimfo t
4tb 1 Rol~t '.o of lie til
du N
n th
4 Q .
J4 vi i
Olli e at present Ia thf ofiQo o ho
00 . I.
I~h N N. 8 BR0 11 , 8 .
0 0008d Racon Side$*
20 punds 1Bacon Sheiders,
100 Unshois Ceril.' .
Wune 20-X1.ooIr
Bargains I
BAltGAINS! 8 11 ARGIggNS11
T1IE Undersigned offer, at greatly redusced'
prices, theisyenhll
Dry Gloods, Hiardware., Crpq*ry, Hlollow.
vare. Shoes an4 fney. rii ". Xo..hum
AWnfinistrator'sj Notice0
\/ LL those' indebted to the Estate o
lhr ini, orisubseriptionl t the Fair
Ioa Y1 mi"aMok d-)inboro R9alsTrsa aIO
ir y no. ORed. ak ettloulent by note.
r othierwis6 to . ts rid, Attorney a
aw WInnbsoro, . 0.
,IR. 14. DESP UTES, Adm'r.
June 20-xtl .l
rIr Uinderigned . having cmtlpltet
5 thir arrangements for 116 maufo.
uvonce more6, of tho best COTTON GI'NS
ry maden thi counrtdry, are now prepared
ar. fecesve orde fromc plntors and ohers,
.1s.g tvoM puiYaos. The long established
deelt known ropntation of EotOt's Cot4
oh Pine; we hop wil bo a inuebtolent - gtar.
.anitthat the OYtle vilbgivoe enro satis
5ac0114. t . Ml. Ue IOTT & CO.
afy 12'06-2mio . Winnboro', a. 0.
L, person, either whige or coloro d, bo.
tween the iges of 21 and 60 years,
ho rau to make their returns to rea be
joeen this dnte and the 4th day of July,
Mit be doublo Taxed, without respect to
ersons. I
will bein Winnsboro Again on Mondy;
81h Inst., anhd on Monday 2d July.
1t - . I nJEN rINGS, T. C.
Julne 7'60-13
A ebnpesonreithrE whit or hanoro ib
-e.twen e anightof2 yad old ehasa
ito spo on oane tsir rofurs brato aoute
weet thze ofe n the mda of July,, ndi
-syfeilt.; hebl gaeerl paewit ene
hemsdle butiinhares escte to
al oi puns Thorso iso suposedyo
addle cnth and on ona brit Jul was
totenby a egro wl bereprs, Ts hiC.m
O 1s'ngin Fairn oldDsric oA tibal o
lowl hertb paidforg histrcto, r
ranyt'om. o soreft, tabot. 18 canl .getbhm
bedtwoena ead gill e ol;ie for ah
whitespot.on on sid ohisIrs. AouT
~olyc pto one1 si. o., Chlos bDestrh ize.
fyotwo 2'66--6 aumorofsml
th Pade btoianesI Billt dt
NNllp ipshdUGLASe hrsein sJppedher
h' Pion uclender le a novo ry freto
eaddlue tho tesatcomon idl' past was.
etoen bys a ndcontento reddqt hif ome
astuate in Fairfeld District. oA thera wate-o
ad l Reai byo hi etir Lawo Alexan.
fore moy nthsm tis dhat ean grsseam.
Aiue tetnesses tat mayl be, ploduhen
R~cly 111 P 0, CifrlC.o iE~.. D
WjnbrS . uno 1 5th,1800
-. Je) . Oen, ertuate
m~. ot.r CAcst.n e ainon
~'~NTern DQU A.be saivin ofe the
... ,etitmiionner tiov /Jsles . en' t
peptoft the eed irpnytQt e states
telle, lrend oom e'i ofas of this tate
ni, t hoin of ears certon atland o,
Litl ivrereb thel the satida Defonan.d'
ariied anse rdmr ato te exiron Cofi
plthre onh tro his ate, to eiroemnth
-~m the winse litny e'f rdthedsan
prouc tstmoyISAA'if. MANS,
C~ommisslonor's Office,
12thsbMy, 18C.6un 6. h 10
Jma 16'66la8mo
Yh Irl. Cof and Wiex lttom
- r antd, I ife ilal Fr
M eid Aourtone oahnd
lyane 1th. Owne J 'hioof er
T ie beidsr Itit f. l
er ner et~~Jfe '.Oes
oiteen of sr.Rojrenad uo
O~mp' r ol'rth
other. 'Also Lamp, Burners Id
jAkQT,,1Vjt8 &ol,'
.ole Atif FairfieldampDisr dt.
ju~uq D'0V No.:2, lptel it~ang
OF all kinds, r sale by
13COT, IVliS & CO.,
juno o'0-tif No. 2, Hotel Range
'atelt Self-iltiig andi SelI-Emnpty 0g
til Bucket,1
With Curb andRopo Complolc,
THE hest 1nd ih1oape'st device for Jasi-ng
waler ever 'used-conveniont. 1implo
nd durablo. O or 2.000 have boon sold
from thin oily, ( iohmond.)
Smitlh's.No. 1, I. iood, 1
" N). 2. w h brake, latticed, .20
Peek-kill. patent brako. 15
Well liuokets. Well Hope, tnd Itell
Chains, are furnishvi when desired.
lAtOT, RIlVE11S & CO.,
Sote Ageouts for Fairfiold.
juno 10'60-tf i No. 2, !otel llangd.
r iE undersigned oifer the ext( nsivo a
. sortment o 0 oceries, Iardware, gadi.
diory, Dry Goods, $tationary, Fancy G4ods,
Liquors, Wines, Cikars, Drugs, &o , &Q1 at
suo prices qs to olp inducements to'pur
Call and seo. EIr OTT & CO.,
june 16,0-0 No. 4, Bank Ilango.
fXTIIX PAM 1LJY, Helocr'a Sif.
li iig.
.n20'6-tf . No..8, 1ol Runge
B No. I Mackorel in barrels and kir,
Carolina clean Hlice, ierrings, Primo Lrd,
Spico, Pepper and Nut Megs.
Keel) on landl, Hharilware, Oils, Lakiij,
Wooden Ware, &e.
Du 1108 H EM LESTON & COi,
may,10'60-1 f. 1No. 8, llotel Itango.
Choice Tea.
FINIP, 1YSON 'l'E. Best. 160.
F Coffeo, Adamatinu Cnndles, Ma11ccat.
ronil and Mlixed Pickles. At
-KI ET~iIIN, Me.\MA ST Ell & CO'S.
march e930-1i
Xethine MoMaster & Co.,
RA 8 nnv receiving Paids anudye
8 ttie. such'.ts SpAitsih Brown, Spirits
Turpentine, Linseed Oil, Lime, hfydraulio
Conment. Extrac, of Logwood, Burnt. Ul
ber, IIthage,'Madder, ludipo
The folloilog Groce l, Snga, Af
seeo, No. -
Sal Eruatus, C dies.
Quinine, Aqas minmoni* piits$ie
Sugar of LoadA, ulphae & I9, e~ ax,
Alum Sat Pt~rMi h lhtt id hir.I
* A LSO,
- halon's Night. Blooming Cereue, Extract
lMusk, Brown W~i or and e~ler flue 'llet
Soaps and. B~el Cologno.
Weo nre how pre sied to frnisht bills' of
Ti ave to Morchiants on reasonable rates.
OraEst Ied r
a cent stamps.,
Prof. Egbort Jackson,0ftormerly of Ian
do~n, ILjbert 1gorb~,e M.(D.1 f*&m Philladl.
phia, and Dr. Eugono Yelpeauf for''eli of.
the London and Paris Venereal iJ ~itW5.
Pertnanent and speedy oires guhra'nt dOs) of
Gonorrhea, Sy phIllis, Gleet, 8pormat ornhti
or' Solf-Abuso, and of overy possible f~um
or' private disonse of overy name or naivre
'r. Herbert.'s Ajti-Alcoholic Compon td,
an undmiling ro'teody for intemporance; w to
for particulars.. 4
Monanof, Light,80pas,00p s
60 centzs, 8 for"$-1. S0pte,~p
Dr. Jaekson's Female. Montbj 1 11 a I
per box, extra fine $6, a safe ad etaqt I
t'emedy,-fogall 1rrQ u~jtea,ies obetv o.
t ions; f-oin;whateovr ~4so, a h~~s'
Orientil tnfiguratip LMin~m% ~2poi
tie. Soul for eiroiar.~ db~J Fr. h
Safes $1, 0 for $4, 12 for $7,. Stohd for '
cuiar and write, you, will. prompt)ly roe e
a kind, discreet ansi 'exp114i enawer, -d
dtress Dra..Jackson, Herbet ACoor s 1
ply P. 0. Boxs 480, Cltit U ~o. Oft e
No. 187 Sycamore Street.;,.. Miinea dl
instructions sent to any part. of the count
j une 12'0--6mo
Dru8an 8l tes
i D rRUI .ki ,~t race 1
yorkld:g usuall kp.aiat ole S
D S O onisst In -it'6
Qu fIno and Morphine, (Pa W'an Put
and Oum Opium, Glauber, Xpena
Roohello Salts, Rhubar-b,. mh
and Magnesia, Camphor, O~
and African Ginger,
Black and ged
Ce l, oesi 'oldlot-oda
G oand Isaga
Dyqes and Toltet Pow
dors, T~t, Nail
'A Int s ~ 7us eand Solution a
Pfotbo lled du r og al iotr
4/..*' )(~V)k- -'
PIS~ft& L1VftANkE,
(SUc~l88one- .
00LUMBIA 86 0.
IJitAjisDW rExs au
And havo just rocolv& a s' of
below tho pri os outornary a gpioso
of the war. -
Keep oe fiand a larg s i von 01,1,
tay Oats- and Fl ote', 6f' varieos
may 12'00-21o
~VlY, V. i iiing & CO.,
NO. 8, 'XC11ANGE STRE:''.
UJLA.tl.Grox, s. (I.
W.M. C. DUJHR. T. (7. It. P-i S,
Joll H. I U s, J. . 0MISN.
287 King St:, 3 duors Bolow IW1enhitworth
WH havo now opene-d at splendid
Stock of S9prinig Gloods, English,
Freich and Aioricai, which are of tihe
most, desirable styles tI e markets can niford
To planters furnishing tihe Freedmen either
for clothing or for hatoter with them, our
wholesale rooms offer every inducement.
Plantation goods it every variety.
This being a busy sensot with the planter
and he uot able to visit Ihe city, orders c.
comnpanied with city referencee will mcet
withil prompt. attontiun.
N. It. Sainples, vith prico lIsts, ment to
any pa-irt of the Stito. OurV stock consists
III part. of
White Ostaburghti. Striped Osnaiburgs,
ile Denimu, Brown Denins. lieivy Brown
Shirlings, Fine Sen Island lirnwn Shihtings,
Bilenoled Shir'tings, fllenteled and Brown
FAirilings. 0-4, 9-4, 10-4, 12 -1 Plaid Milue
and Stripped Blue llomespims. Mlunched
and Brown Drills, Blnk French iroad.
clotis,.lhosiery and Gloves, Irish Linen lby
the piece, Towt.ls. Towelings, Linen lanmn
1usk, all gnalities, Calicoe., all qutlhics,
lDreSs ioods, Jioiestic U tnughais, Fitne
Scotch 1ituglinms, Sprjug Silks and Black
Silks, Colored Mluslits, in every variety,
Fine French Muslitns, White and lack
Goods, Farmers' Brown Liten Diuck, Ftin
ers' Brown Linen Drills, Fancy Drills tind
Together with every variety to be founf
inl our line ; which we offer at.
All Domestic Goods nre sohl at a very
snaIl advance on Agents' prices.
We wotild respectfully call tie atlontion
of- tile Planters, Merohnnts, and the citi
ens generally of Fr * 'ield District., to our
advertisemtcit. and solicit a call front theim
should they visit the city.
No. 287 King St., 8 doors below Wentworth,
Ch.arlosiongL S. C.
It 0. STOLL, larlestoni,
ilMlLE WE'bO;- 6
11. 0. W ALl(ERt,
All lillprover of fhe iLlit. 811ptrior for
Whlett,- Cottonj Corn, &c,, &c, Of
Slljpcrior Qlaillty all(1 WVarriitcll,
Cotittual aug Eiucents essentlial
to 1 'ac Proutleun of Vurtima,
&c.5 und5( .1unpro4Vcanent
of thue Land.'~
r 'HIS a confidently recommiemid to'
ClROPS,,.and we gnarantee it to b, its go, d
as8 any Fortilizer in the iAlarket, and to
bring as good crops. tried side by side with
any, evon Po'ruvian Gunno.
-luta handfull to thte htill when you plant.
.When the leoln and Cotton are well tip, pit
ainothter handful otidil sa top) dress
ing; and *he'i~tf drni about to. shoot,
antd th~e Cot ton to .bill, afiother. htandfutl to
thri bill as a top dreu:i. In. (his way the
I eruticr goes dli'ed'tlf to tlo plant, and
the'laint gets all-of thi'eteoflt of it. -Use
i.IA this tay; and the P'lanter canutcount
on good ocrops If the weat her is tu.:all favror.
We garn'tooit to produce as good crops
as anfo(hetcaI Fertillzer used. Use it in the
to Way dited, by thn side or I'eruviatn
Gudno, or any olter Lertilizer,- and1 if it dloes
notV preduon as goodl a dIrop, v1a will. refund
tweutly per eetip of the priece Usio it in the
waf dlirectoif, by tioe'he cot' f'e niliant Guano
for flv $ears conseu'ively on the a int
land'e 6YWd if it does not produde idie atoney,
anal Idave the land in bet ter oand-irion thani
Pei'uvian Quano at thie ddof theo dyp years
we wil l'ofund the purohauser twventy -pet
cent of th&"prioe for the five yeurs. Ouri
will im~il~e 1u' itn Ifl,'4 will leave it bet
ter than-it f iti.
Liberal ternts given to prowupt, and re
sponsible parties. A1Sqt'ns
Ati1, Columnbia, S. C.
For~ patrticulars apply to
mat-li ~ Winbord',- S. C.
PliFIF~L Dk18Id0
Ei~e ki L4ill t
~D leno -Pel-petuiato
Selr-. Nehtliierh Ch Testitbopy.
titinfudetaboo lpoa order io. iter
otuatoho tetimon (t 1o past excistrac
odm tonenteof a.Zlee of'(donyeygini
tol is ofta cqrtaiht tract of land slfated
r81 cDiti t d the itateru ofiljigi
~Vrby the,; Hle at, Law .of;. Alvxand34
D~ufass, 4e~de All parties' iptoeoAt~dilMi
n jfl.d;t.npbear at 1 :o oXpiratioa h6
'iiitsfoa thuis date, t6d oumosp s .itt e uth
wnseat at mnay; be prednleeo Adt ,lxyd
d o' esttagy n rpl
- IAAe ,495
Q o e
die0 40
An Old S119, ''M to a N6V Tuie,
A s sprity (taproachef
Ants and llo che#f
Prom hiar' As' come out,
And Alice d sd'A dsp
In -e of 0r4j,
"I-8 years established in N. Y. city."
"Only infallible remedies known.
"Fre ft'oMm Poisons."
"Not , angerous to the Human Family."
"Rats come out of thoir h1o1e to dio."
6"ConterY" HUI, R inchl, &c.. Ex..
Is a paste-used for Rats, Aice, Roaches,
.Ilack and Red Ants. &o., &o., &o., &o.
"Cosler's".JRed-1tBug Extermb.Ina
Is a liquid or wash-used to destroy, and
also as a preventive for 11ed-Buye, &o.
"Costar's" Electric Powder foir
Is for MJoths, Mosquitoes, Pleas, Bed-Bugs,
insects on P'lants, Bowls, Animals, &a.
AY- ! I ! BEWARE I I I of all Miorthless
Afar- Seo that "CosTAn's" linline is oi
each Box, lottle, aid Flask, beforo you bu v.
481 iroa(l av, N. N.
jt' Sold
All Drugists tud Retsail6rs everywhere
South. 1barneo, Wiird & Co., New Orleans,
INC ItASE OP IiATs.,--Thie Purmr's
IC-, tie (EUglish) ausseris and proves by fig
ures that. one pair ol' A TS vill hip a pro
genly Itid deceadntats 110 less thlin 051,000
in throo yeais. Now, untles this immeriso
family cafn be kept dowi-n, they would con
suime more food than would sustain 05,000
hnit beings.
267" See "COSTA 1's" advertisement above.
RAT: mersus 111RDS.-Whoever engages
in shoot ing small birds is a cruel lnan ; wto
over aids in exterilunting rats is a benefac
tor. We should like some one to give us
the benefit, of t.hcir expelielle in driving
out tcse pests We need someiting be
sides dogs, eats, and trapes for this business.
--Scniei Anactican. . Y.
4. See "COsTAn's" advertisement above.
18 60.
shale,saead it-ho obpret
ItAT-iticat ion imeeting we havo ever ait tend
edt. Every Rat that. Canl get it, properly
prepamred(, wvill eat, It, andi every one that
eats it. will die, generally at some place a s
dist ant. as possible from1 were it. was taken.
- like Sore, Mlicha , Mlirror.
. My- Sce"Cos-ran's" advertisement above.
IiOUSEKEEPER$ troubled with vermlin
need be so nto longer, if they use "Cosran's"
Hxterminaitor. Wehaveoused it toour satis
faction ; anzd it a box cost $5, we would havo
It. We haive tried poisons, but they effected
nothing ;but. ''Cost amr's"' article knocks tiho
breaith cut. of 1ltts, Mtce, lio.4ehes,' Ants,
andl lied-lings, quicker ithan we cani write it.
tt is In great. demand auol l over the counttry.
UKJ~. See "Ctof1ra's" advertiscment above.
Seknof"Cos'van~'s" Rat, Roach, Attt,
&.Exermitator-'mr gii rai ndpo
visions are dost royed tannnally in Orantt
County hy vermin, titan wvould pay for tIons
of tits Raut and Inset Killer. -,ncaster,
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e. Sec "CostAn'a" aldvertisemenCt above.
All D~ruggidte, fnd Doale'rd Ooerywh'cron
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- flANNE$, WVARD & CO.,
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Ki Craig, William Crosby, .Jir-us A Mcuro-:
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James It NeX-it k, I high 11 AI'Nsf er,
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Cil'~aib 1Cft'f of elio 11 oci.'
INAV U Porteri, C'lerk.
(In 11 1) C'ook, 1) 11 i( Irldand.
NV~~~ ~ ~ Dual,.:;i-vi-v
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I IoiML of It qejireUl tat ives-At ill ja[till1
Allstont, a.1ai It A iken, iylis u:1Ik;
Ilobert soi, JAl a Mciii;, 1J~ iI Rioni, (.4
MeNICIIsIter, 1~v I' E, A ikea.
AssX aut s--.Re v ' 1'P Dullose, W 'M'
Goverunent of the Unived 9htes.
1'rusideitt-And raw 3 obhsoti, of T0ontto3.
89oretary of Stato-W. It. 8owatrd, or
Nowv York..
Scretary of War-E'dwin 'M. Stanton, of
1'efiihylvila t.
Post tiater General -Williain Dennisont,
of 0O110.
?9010 otry of 1110 Na.vy--Oidco1 'Welles, of
Secretary of the interior-Jtmns Irairlin,
of Tow..M ni
.*~cetr of (lie .'reasury.-Ihigh Mcil
*Attorney GPe'lJtusSpeed, of Kau
I'rcsideitt. of tho Smnate -Ltnfayette'5

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