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1. PUBl.titi: D Wl-:KL.Y IY
G4tilrlatra e)aporte & C
Terms.--TlI i: ..a is publisheld Week
ly ilt he Town of' WiilIAora, atL 83.00 in
I'na ly i dvance".
A"" All trainli. 1-lYerti otiseanets to be
Obituary Noticei and Triblytei $1.0) pa
rilli, Ili si Priso Lifte---LXI ilts fron ti|e
Miarv' of ite Po't Si, 8108001-7110i|1111
Nt'fIt'S illt 111dd|el11.
The Now York Wlr. of tho ihh, te
Votes o1ver fnr U-.a cohnsu; to extrats
fIrUt he. lilory of Mv. Davii,' parnm lit'e at
-Foriress Alloroo, written by tile poet mur
geon. We lina1ke such oetracwets 11rom t ile
Ii ord ats our. spacO will permit:
M.%v 21, 1865 -The procession- Into lte
fort. wais und"er thie immedtiato hispectionl of
Aljor General lalleck and Charle: A.
lhini, t hn Asi.tant. secretary of war ;
oliolel V'ri, h ard, of thle Michigan cavalry,
who immaediaoely elfected lhe capture. beiaig
tle llicer ii coimand of the guard from
the ve-.Sel to (1he 101r. Firstl eM1ne Nllajor..
(Ieneral .lues holding the arm ot' Mr.- Da
vis, Who was dreein a It Suit ol plainl Conl
fllrat giy, With a glCy slotuelid lhat
lwaiys 1h1, a-l n lo!;ing ucha watted
and t Cr l.i-..i -. Iu aue.iately aftr hese
Calm, Clne i'richaPrd aeoin panying Alr.
Clay, with a gtiutrd o solFeirs iii I heir rea.
Thus they pased thoiigh liles of men in
%h I fimthe E'ginieer's Lanaiinig to [le
Wiatilr Ilattery Poelter ; i1and onl arriinig at
lhe casoe. n ttala which had been lited IIIp into
cels for1 lhei incit arceatio, Mr. Davis was
shown into e.aisenutt No. 2 amil lay into
No. 4, guards of soldliers be ing hationed ini
lie cells ntumibered one, I ibroe un1 live, upol
euchla side o them. Thoy entev'ed;i the
heavy doors claige'l holinad thIem, and in
that clanmg was rung h final knell of the
terrible, biut now exlinct retellion.
Jinilg ushild into hi innler cel by Gen
el Aii liles. nu il al tIwo doors leading there
finto frot file .Iaau-d roomiia lbeing tasi estel.
AIr. 1). viS, ataier : -int1-g the prelmises for
Battme maaoien-ts, anad lookiaag out th irocgh ilia
eiitaire wiith sich ahoaghag s paing over
his ii 1ed nit ex presive fiet. ais doy ho im -
tgined, iadlenlly seultl i l f lai a chauiir
plaeiag both liads (u his knies, and askel
O 1ne of the olliers pain1g u pi and down
withiI hi: ceIl tbis 5ligii1n1: tL'elton:
Wlaih;l way dot. eh I . It'ae?"
The. s ildiea was ilvilt.
"Ir. Davi .,, raiting his voice a: little, Io.
peaite itheI. ingnh-~ay.
l-lib it"ag in a l-.. , oir only the
laanasuireil ftalfitiIs of 144wO pu cilg Sen.
tries within, thl (li ainter echies of the
al~~U ' MilOPt
O*.t d 11VI uvll I~ tat. 'lunrl Jimt, thei
P'I.ut tIhe% Li oll oldirrain el Silent as
first, 1i slight I wite I hiag of1 is eyes onaly
tInatinag that lie hi:il hea:u ird ajruestiona,
Iwas forba'iiln to .'pak.
W11'ell," s:aid .\Mr. ani.i, throwing
tads tip tand tbreakila.g iito a litter lat uh,
'wish Ily niten co 'id have bena ,it 1ht.
w disciplinec!" aifiI thenl, riing froml his
J ir, ho commtuta enced paeing back Ial roi hI
>rle lite eibrasure, now lookin otaI lho
r oentry lacross It li , t1n1 d an It
I wo silent ly pa.cing. soliers1 who -ere
compan ions in) Ith cauemxlle.
e eNIia:.ti er, a ible it
yer hook, his mdly companlionls thlo-- two
nt gla itar ol lo food ortfile ordinry
na011 of 101 bread feliht fServed oit i tihlt
liers of' lie gnllrison-tAis pas e It
It h r114l Iliat hu f the ex-Presidpi's
AR 1)l A N 1) 8 MrA TN msoumft.ac..Ml~ .
AN IN VA 1.n 1 N 1 N .4
t(ha morning of he 21dt of .i'ny, e,
L-tro ie 1ail l 1i1n 0 For the padid
Irit -a i ri severer, probably, ilh, .ils
er Inmor ims been inflicted pon
Ioy at, eljloyed suci h er o
-i '1i.a Wofing to r~ ioni is wials ath aoiled
il was: hiii uialoiy 1: satrmiag cofa of
hoarlllies ofithe l~.'itoa, the I ~ Tennesse
ltad I. :eorgiatover, wolhunred tousand~Ol
br's aedhu ad b laurl- Ivetra s--wr pre-li
llLmngail h e Griuiandt ivew, the next'Oa''ya
Iaiorningin 01 whch, pningi ndless due-~l
ohces.n before th ainaion oflr thoi wPrs.
denliaia, t hofitering lonislar powtr of the
ifta' ao wsletoes lay dwn ts r a tho fodolce tai
totitheacil 1thoiy tilhtt tat he fodailao n
"Wpl, nid ere. Ttlo, s te T ted
lietly tl: i artllry n tere te.pi -.
tr b'e,,'aadaptn 'lllowedwby and b aksu lo ro
bota.1hsas~isttook Uatte cainkin
iso hns asome avyan arhy-a. n
rechiung lelc ti1tfonthsbehee is n we~itr'
foer a slet-eight, t h ood plawced ntear
to ime preedling' d'ay tll catlng g
tce oa n its li plate nerfi esio
"W Int," isastd Mr ta,- as tey enod
ltd kni--vow n ulasatl to perlfitanig
S iteua senal Ibiac sit atook wthe sha les p
!altavisleaped satly ifromvhh his reen
growin hnd! and notil en a ed d
''uh greda faorbra, ehd','ho ing ha
ohand, ad teng reoean hlsimsdt I.to
h~'eiht-ntholtlhtt appeait'wll iepth O
n'ation antd thi to hrik fatr Itdojhth
hiobglace fltotutlgthcain ae terrie s
hackles-hd salid lo~ly an wI
futalnllh aaro myat orer'a sh- )alt 3.
oi dcer,~8 bcin too liaks
throch, ho teppd f rounlockeL
padockun lioning eftestod
olio.o hesol attrs ware ofkh
livhbly i tghths ofa, anmev Mr
Davis, engorly; "thoero mus1t. be Some inte
tako. No such outrage as you threaten me
with is on record in tie history of nations.
Ileg hit to- telegr:t ph, and duhly uutil lhe an
"1Iy orders are peremptory," mlid tho
oilicgr, "andt dnit of Itr lvliey. lor yimr
own sake let mII.1 ad .vise you to bilnitit with
pit icnce. As a soldier. Mr. Davis, .you
know . must execute orders."
"'These are not o0 ders for a soldier."
shouted the prisonter, losing till control of
itimscif. '-They are orders for a jailor
ror' a hianigiani, Which -mt> sollier wearing a%
woIr sl 0hould acellt ! I tell yott the world
will Hug with this disgraec. Tio war is
over, the Soutl is conqlutered ; I have no
longer an(1y cotlit ry but. Amcrion, and it is
for thu honor of Amrien, ns for my own
honor an. life. Cihat -1 plend agains. this do
gadit ion. Kill iy ! kill te !" lo cried pas.
siulately, thlrowing his arms iido'open and
exposing his breast. 'rather than iitlict on
me, and on my people through te, this in
stilt worse than dentli."
.'Do yote dutly blacksmilth," said (ho ofli
car, walking towards the emtrasro as if
not- caring to witness the performance.
i.11. only gives increaised p:iu on atll sides to
protact tiis infterview."
At these words lte blacksmith advanced
IVitIi the shtackles, and seeing that the lris
oit-r hald onte foot tipion the chair near his
bedside, his-right iald resting otn (le b1ack
of it, (he bra winey miech lnio iado an ait.
empt. to Aliy on1e of the sintokles overI the
ankle so rais'ed ; but, as if with ith relvhe
nience antd strelgi i vliCh frenzy can tilm
.part, even to the weakest invalid Mr, Davis
,suni-lenly seized hii$ nlsnilint and hurled
him hall' way acrt ss te room. .
On thiis (aptaii Tillow turiined nd Poo
ilg t Ihat Mr. D)avis hid backed tgainst t Ito
wall l'or further rusistaince, began td ro.
tiouistrate, pointiig out 3in brief, cear lan.
gilagt, 1-iht. this cottrso W is iadness, atid
that, orders misit b enforuel al. any cost
"Will you compel io," lie said, to add thio
further Indignity of poronal violence to the
nocaessity of your boing ironed ?".
"I am a prisoner of ivai'," fiercely re
torted Davis ; :'I have been a soldier in iho
armies of America, and know how to die.
(nly kill ile, 11111 niy laat breath sluzill be a
blessin1g un yomr head. . BLLn while I .have
life amid st.rength to resist, for myself. and
for imy people., this thing hanllnot he done.''
ii etetipOnt ('aptain 'PTillow called 'in a ose
I genr.t and file of soldiers from tho next
rootm, and tho sergeant. adviiced to seize
IIto prisoiter. Immediately 'Mr. Davis flow
on him, setcd his umisket anid attemuuptdIi to
wreich it from his grasp.
Ot couri.. such a sc0tno 0cld have but.
one )0isue. There wias a short, pnfssioliate
seiilo. Ii a niomet.te Davis was ltihmg u1 Pon
his bel,d. aild bCfre0 his l'iul powert'ul. nasai
lis removoil their hnnds from him, the
thhakmmith and his nursistant, had dune their
work--olle sooiting I ie rivot 01 nli tright
nu11kle, Whime tle other (tied teto key on
the padlock oil the lett.
This; donie, Mi-. Davis.loy. for-anmotnent.ap
iW turihic tig l' h'1 1d liioio~l $lopp e it hkled
feet to lie floor. Tho harsh clank of the
striking chain seems first to Ifivo recalled I
Itimi '.o his situation, and propping his face
into his hands, Ie birst into a passionato
flood of sobbing, rocking to and fro, and
r uttering at brief intervals, 'Ol, the
shate, tIe sIhame !
it. may here be stated. though out of its
due order.-tliat we tmiy get rid ii haste of
nit ilelaaiLlt, subjet.-that. lMi. Davis
Momie two 1mo Iinths later, when fi equent, visits
had mi1a114 hii more free of converse, gave
mn1 a1 eitrions explanation of tite last feature
of this incident.
Ito lih:it Cen speaking of suicide, and do
noincilig it as tile wort form of cowardice
anl folly. "Life is ni t like a commission
that wo can resign when disgusted with the
servico. Taking it by your own hiand is a
coifession of the joigment, to all that your
wor: t enlis can allege. -1. has ofteln
flashed noross me as a tempting remedy for
nem.dgic torture; bu, thank God, I never
sought Iy own death but -once, and thel
when completoly frenzied And not mastor of
ttty actions. When they came to iron me
thint day, as a last resource of desperation,
I seized a soldier's musket and attempted to
wrer.ch it from Iis grnisp, hoping that. in the
sonule andl surprise somew one of his comi.
rades woud slhoot, or bayonet mei."
StR. t.13 A(.I'OWSD 'rttu tmsH or ToeiWACo.
A fter visiting Mir. Davis on thle mnorn ing
of tho dthi of M1ay, anti linding him ill, Dr.
Craven writes:
On quitting Mir. Davis, at. once wrote to
Mlajor Chuirch, Aegistat Adjutant Genoral,
advising hljat the y ,isobor be allowed tobsoe
co-l'o dihd want mfWyhih, after alifetito of
use, lhe hnd1( referred as one of the probable
p~artmuil causes of his illn~ess-.-though not -
conmplainlingly, nIotr with an~y request that it
be given. This rocommendoeion 'was op.
Iproved in the course of t he day [ -and on
calingin heevening brought tobacco with|
me, nd M.' Dvis filled his pie, whIch
was (lie solo article lhe hhad oni'iwawith him'
frotn the Clide, except tiio cloths hie teni
"T1hils is a noble medicIne." hto said, wIth
.someuthing as hear a smile ns 'wvas possible
for htis haggiu'd 'And atiken feat'u'res. *iI
-hardly. expected It ; dld'iiot ask for It, though
the deprivation:.,has beeon severe. During
any. conlfinenenit here I shall ask for noth-i
lie wvas now much calmer. fovt~rishi symp
tomns steadIly 'dereasing, pulse already
2d9WItt'sevenlty-five, his brain less excita-'
hue ad his nimitl beomiing mot-o '@slined
to llj'esiudition.. Comtplaining of the foot
fall ofthlibtwo'sentries withtin htis chamber
m ndo. It difflcult. for imi to collect, his
thouights ; but added choeorfully that, wIth
h.is--touching his Pipe-lie hoped to become
TChiis pipe, by tho way1 was a largo and
harndsome omne. made of meershaumi, with an
amiber~ mouth-pieee, shoewing by its colon
ihi it h~d abei "'actIve servfoo" fer some
ime--as, Intdcod; was thto ease, hiavinig been
his compioto diuling the stormiest years 91f
lil.t1ite itularaliesidency: Il. is new in
the writ er's' polisession6 having been given
to ihin) b7 r. Davis, And i acceptance in
sisted upIow etq only thing he had left to
liip~e an ithid that tise obito .stood
oold.yn pe u s h1at~~tdbsiohi bed
old any oO o10 oold'a
~~stosland ifouf ovofumon, pas koi
u~oh utuuf'a eahpurohasing qtiarier:
master Tust be getting rich. It. surprises
me, too, for I thought your soldiers must
have the best -tmany of any (onerals con.
plaaint ot the difticulteos t hey eCcountor
ed in seeking to provent our peoplo from
maaiking vohinteer Irne'.i with your soldiers
whonvor tie linos ran1 near eact h o1her, fot
Ihl1o purposke ot excanagi ng t lie tobacco wt,
had in abumtlice againit your coffee and
Told him to spendt as little time in bed as
Ie could ; that exerck4e waft the brst ikedi
oino tor dyspoptic pationts. To this lie
atisyered by uncoveriag the blanaket from
his Feet. and showing [le Iis shackled an
"Is it possible for muo )otor; I oanniot
even stand erect.. Theso shackles are very
heavy I know not, with the clain, how
many poundsi. If I try to move they trip
ie, and have arendy abraded broaid pitch
es of skinl frou the parts they touch. Can
yon doviso no moat,.s to pad or cushion them
so that whel [ try to drag thbemn along they
may not. chafe me so intolerably ? ily
limbs have so little tlesh on thom, and that
so weak as to be easily licerated."
rul; sntisL FAVtrs or )iB. DAVis' CAPT UI.
Ilavintg joined aliS famnily, he.. ravelled
wvith thsomta for several days, in consequence
of finding the region infested with do
sorters nod robbers engasged in plundering
aviat ever wIS efeniCelCss, his iltetiCan
lacing to quit. his wit'e whenever she had
eaehed a safo portion of tle country, and
to benr west across 'li1 ChattahlaoohlCO.
The very evening beforo his arrest, lie was to
havO cedarried out this arrangement, behov
ilg irs. Davis to bo now saite, but. was pre
vented by a report brought. in 1hrought ona
of his aidl-es, 1hatt. a party of guerillas, or
highway mien, was coining that night. to
seize the horses ral itmues of hisi wife':s
train. 11. was on tIhis report h deid.l to
remain naother night.
Towards maorning lie had j-ist ri.llen into
lte deep sleep of exlauiustiot Robert, came
to himtt announcing that there wais fiing up
I te road, lie started up, dressed himsclf
itad went out. 'It was just at, graty dawn,
Lby the imperfect light Ie saw a party ap
proaching tho camp. They were reougnized
is Federal cavalry by the way in which
thy deployed to surround tle train. and le
st eppcd back into the tent to warn his wife
th1at. the enemy Were at lanid.
Their Ioat was prominaent, being isolated
rromla the other tents of the train ; and as hto
wvas quilting it to lind his horse, several ot'
Jhe cavailry rode up, directing hin to halt
and surrendor. To this lie gi.ve a dctiant,
uLswver When one whom1 hW supposUd to hO
It ollicer anked, had lho any arums, to which
\Ir. Davis repliod : "If I lad, you would
tot be alivo to ask that question." Ifis
listols lad becia left. l.a the hilstors as it.
ind been his intention, tl. eveninig belor,
o start, whoutever the camp was settled;
tI. laor-so, s>ddlo all' hapistors were now ill
le enemy's possession, aid lho was conaa
pi9toly unai-med.
Colonel PriohardlcommniandIng Ilia Fedo-.
nvu82ANTi p " si, or otr
ire nconplslished In arresting me. You canl
have no wish to intoreforo withtwonen dud
hilldren, and I-beg they udy be peaitted
to pursuo their journey." Thto Lolonel re
plied that ' is orders were to take overy one
lound in ny comtpany back to Maacon, and
lie would ha11vo t do so, thouglt grieved to
inconvenience tle htlaies. M r. Davis haid
his wife's party was compose:l of paroled
mien, who had coinnnit ted no act of war
slice their relelase, itaid begged they aaight
be pormaitted to go to their iones ; but the
joloncl, tnder his orders, did not feel at
liberty to grant. this request. They were
taken to Micon, thereforo, reachiig it it
rous days, and fron thenco were Carried to
Aiugusta-Mr. Davis thamnkaing Majcr-Gen
ral J. H. Wilson for having troaud him
with all the courtesy Ilossible to the situa
ranH FAILURtI oF TtE 0.\USH OF TH R soaIvia
COUNTRY-.it. D.V\is' TORITUIlIO FaO.1t .9i
"11y people," lie added, 'attenpted whlat
iour people denounced as a revolution.
NMy people failed; but your people have
suffered a revoluthou- which must prove dis
"tslronla to tlteir libericus unless .promptly
remnetded by legal doollon, in thiacr etYoats
to e'ist. the rovoltion wich they charged
mny people with contemplating. Stato soy
trelggnty, thliecorntcr-stone of thle Conastit u
tien, lhas become a namo. Thlere Ins no
longer poweror will In any Staite or numbher
of states thaat would dare soltnso comapliane
with aany tinkle of Mir. Soward's bell."~
31r. Davis complained that. thIs sleepless
ness was aggravated by the lamrp kp't, buirn.
hng in his room all night so thint lho could
be seen at all moenats by' th-e'gu~rd ina t he
ator opil. lf lhe hatlppened to dose onae to
rorisha muoment tae noise of relieving gumardl
in the next room aroused haiaw, anud the hunp
poured its full ghaer'e into'h'is achlig ad
hvobbing eyes. There maust; b a chsango'
m- this, or he woul.& grow oxaz'aiy, di' Ilind,
r botha.
"Doctor," hao saId1 "hta-1 you ever the eon
ielousiness of beinag watched ? of having an
ye flvod upon you every maoar.ent, intenatly
scrutinhzing your most minute aetions a.dl
the varIations of your countotbance and pos
lute ? The consciousness that, the Omnius
sent Eye rests'upon us, han every situation,
ls ite most consolig and beautiful belief of
rohhghont. Buit to have a human eye rivt ted
on you In every imomnlt, of walkling, or
sleeping. sitting or lyihg down, Is a retlhae
mnaut. of tortture 0n anythmaag the Conlanehe,
or Spanish Iliihsitlonm ever droiamod. Thiey,
in theihr ignorance of cr'uel art, only struck
at the hopy ; anid' the asbryW hihmvd a' Vory
limited oapacitf of' paIn. This Is a mad
tdoning, ineessat, torture of the milnd, in
ereasin g with every moment, It, Is endured,.
and shiakintg the reasont by its inceessatnt re
ctra-once of miserable pahs. ~Leting a
drop of water dlrop of water fall on lhis
htead overy sixty sconds does not oari. at
first, baut, Its victim dunas of' ravIng agoeqny,
it hs alleged If the6 Inflintliona be continued.
Tlhe torture of beingIneessantly wattched Is
he the ind what thte vater-dropping .is to
1he body, but. mor-e effoo:.ve, as t he indi Is
more susceptible, but moreiro fetive, as the
mhind~ is moa'e susaceptlblo of paIn. Tho'Eye
of Oniselonco looks upon ns with tender
ness and compassion e ven if conscious . of
gulilt, Ihe have the omufort~ of knowing that
Eyes. .spos als oui repenttanoo. hBut, di
hunalmn ofo forover fixdd upon .yoi aIs .tho.
ogdof -8D, o O~myglontling in the pala
adhmlito whe 4k.Itself greateN,.
h ing be ni rough lIfe noverl '( Oep 01
obp ntot n dkeou.'
iii'" Ii 311111,441 V l it, vii
'1l1 1j khidll -%-') t I lit-V Lcla l ' I will
'..~~ ~ t.11 Ie '111 II I I I' YO c :I111
11, e 1 )' b41 - ~ ' s L .1111'S ~aiil w I Ii I
ill-,it . it~ I )itI Il jt -11 -C iI L wi i Ih I I
Iy(lUl~' i l %% ill till - ' I lit- calm ni tt 31 I
Cotit vtoal 3Pt33tjll imil ho ll) l I
cI I 3*
Xitt:i] .) c.nI.' lleill~tu tOlt il:l of 1113 I~
Ito( Ily to om*vml W ltvlts It
p vII ii wdl Io0 :bj 1 .1 usd 1 313 Vi.
11 ilLthese i ll 111. The L tIi: dl('iIt II'S
Ii 25 k0 lttlilII l~. ;,)l ll~lg :1 vi m iIz a
i ii.1d t hil~ o'l 'Not.4 Or1 i i~i InyI".t inma I
tl'ifll aiue0 11 qulIIIs wticihl ,-vo
to oeit4i wllcns to orI~tl.~
:Silelt. ' .tt l d vi IC I o.1113 li'itd ''i'g' -t
4oU liv. an I ai3 in-r* :ifc. I he U:p bi ~iitof
Lit(. h8i)V itI- I If, S,1111111-g Ti I w i3 f
~3lwet reo't wil alg- In ti%- it t i ll i t e I
'L'lillei'of'3tOW IttIN(U1Ill p.d 1 ii' yolishLe I
I o te h N '- o a'tp l 11. Il t' p o l 1 10 g e t
1311 ('liie tn' btiSO L.011 t le S iit' or
p(i~ti 131 pI .ilot lict ill thwartt 311
I , si i*, It' vI.; Ilh L I ! a o of l ie -C-4 't.ile
it-cil~it Iii-il atill O (!nt . ti N' ut'tI (X3 a1ll
1131 ~ ~ v.Il yi. 'Iiii( S0.IIg 11.1 i l f l .' i 11 .
~li. ~(11 IICld Ili, iroll IinVI l C1:31 1 (.11
hu'ie' owIltw l v i w "r . f
cIr fe 4w s toniiF I is i.' iu, l
Stdt LI'allilin't olilt,~ (.ii111we rl, Ir, .L
lua dilyni)1 1.0 dm' t 1. i~ o ;'st iti l it'id
~ l ,i jiti ivi 'd.1- Iml .fi it: ; is liiti Ies
oi itni c~iti wed ; 3l1ti so k favo It!1 nlills ilsji-y
0u r q spolt e I ll-inl win.a 3 th Zea itl
liii itilt 0111.~ r toll illsto jiWIu;Ii oo til-I
cinollit ',it) t n bo 811-410-1 Wit 'l 11 .)' vill
c9 ri1 i 11C. llhl to It~l iii.itim must ano d v
ltiY v01, lhiy btl.rr th i Iiillt
,) i*I! ) ' ltl'fttLi wil C a-t o.': l obe calol . L.
priW it( 1 ',8111 (N'. D Llvi ) l 1 01 I-I ill.
311 for i.tin u. dul tclitd -OTthi rn i
hu,~'i',I li cohlit nd te ~riv' 'tI n o.il-i~
did1 l.c ivit ll io re etliver.w ul i sltm.ii. v
r' 'till)-i stn itt it' )l p ole nit, k'') I
I vtisci *, is s11111wili,r 1 11 hen i.l li
. sipg? wa iofIIto lurto\--'wlr tit( Sow Ito
i' villnigteord,19r RI' Chistialm."
ly elo 1:ihteuts but. they1 IntI,1 a ejIvt cz
mallv C1.1 v l-Illo W h l I prl al ( 0 I
10 e IIoS (~ '1il t 'lt .]t IiilU,(Itk0-1
Renarkable Speecl li tle ouse of lep.
3hr llfio f Nb .4il-lti.Delws!e
R t ,/* ol' &ce1ys iw an.1 ./,: !1ej s !.!,
Kontle.-ile thenik y:e Suwidhru 81l t.,
got oief jlw U fn ai l I ,It/ wd.
- lmly J.Amhnnym a I Prult ei.
dent, (6.'
Wa sis -rox, ThJurs.day, Juneii 1 1.
The mornin.g hour ia ving expi-d,
'Tihe Speakir t.niti eed I hat, ihe spe.
cial oriltr for to da. was I l coiseierai
tionl of tht bill ben ofore llonedI rom
tit(, Juiit Comiti ll 6 on ItNcolnstiruc'ion.
enititledl "A bill1 Io 'reature to theStte
tately il iSi llrecLiol their fuill p..litical
Mr. Larris, Of lkhinil. Mr. Spwak.
erl, h:viIIIghe ny 111) 1> 1 his Ipei of the
ss.iionI i silei eilniber fromt eboice', I
deeml it my 1Y 1 y now to drelaru Ily
Views 1upon somo of the political Iaes.
tions, which aro represntIed fui the conlsid
uratioti of tins Hutonso and the countrv
I should consider it.'a Most, ignIoblo nei
to winl the suppilort.7or endors~eent, of
any man by thei liast, C011Che or
I then, sir, declarl lhnt in prnciple I
now Slatid as I sto4 mblIore tIe war ; as
I stood aft.r wa ras declreil; na I
stood inl the last .iipgre , wlw'a I re
ceive'd its crowni of ewil tnre ; Its I stoI
ipronaibefre tat ifrn.al imn-ru
ainen t of lVrann1y1, a onirl..matil. A id
a1s I staid ill pri n ip', iu will I stall. 1 ill
pratICC whenevr - caion may r1
Whenl I indicate !nit ther. has been.!
ln clan oge ill imly pilciplets, thi. I ljlioe
and tihis Co1mtr,. posisibly -'or tChe
avowal of 1110111 m en at 'lltendod by lilt
mfiexpected notoriety--my infer whal
miy position n1 )% is. :' I uan l04dime
DelloeraI, ald belie ini th toctrine of
seeissiona. I b..-iev - that, the several
States of tlhi U ntioiI laVe I lie right 1o
seI'perite from it, e.i#h actiig hi itslf.
I bulee that ahnil. .i and' tusupatin
had beeni lrit ited illd thireaIlt eed to so
igreat. al exLtent b thirii. associzates
and partlers ill tis goverimiLtal com
pact, that thu Sonliern i -ii States w.eare
jiustiticid ill goii uti ; ad, sir, I further
believe hy'their ord niaice. of secession
that they did go oil, and thereby be.
daimo to this , Uln i .foreig" .States.
Thodn icion01 I 11n4t chinige, n'nd
I d~no ic wjtrtJ mm them ti'
stanid by tbeni as long !is a single citizem
of th Conrfederate States is inl chalins or
suibjeot, to poaimly or assertmg tibem.
There is no political or personal consid-,
eratioll Which Would prompt mel. to Suach
i desertion. A.,s the riiht of secession
is the on11 la ilhig thiat secures thiom rl-om
the chairgo of treaso:, iy vice shiall
ever acoid with mlly c'.>vicionsI .1 aI-l
lover jUiln ia thiat, verdiet againist. thi* m
.1 should conlsi.lur my'self' as asuina
most, infamous~ position if I did. WV h ad
sir, I hat,blie ve thm ri'it, L tha,1
would have j-itwd thema if the soverei
Stato of Maryaid had sail so, to
sert them ini il iiIheir ,ntimost lo
when I cain legitimatuly give them ,Affi
proteuctioln as is in imay pwer honestl
give-niver ?
From whlat. I hav. said, M'r. Sp ik
this I o1se will readily inf111.r tha t, . am1
adverse to lo recoll.itruiction ftly of
tle Presidelt. I clnfss that iny
Jolson has been, it adopting hi mnile
of renstriIlctioni, cotisistenot wi'h the
views of thu hiato Presidenat, wi Vih~lose
of thae Re'publican ' party tamt. eeted
him, aand wilh his owvn delarati from'
the tim lae ab'andonecd athe D N1.erai ,
parlty ad joinod~ the i blaitinus,
Thelase faicts do aaot, commeancad b j: to moiJ;
but, surety it is not, his. fa ult jflat. tLe is.
no0w at issu wvitha. miany of slo peo Ilple
who r'aised thml to his prs;t s tnona.
it liy view tteuSotha~rn soecbk2 Stat es
hai ve, no righat, to re*presenaatives on this
flooir or in thet Seinate, antd biy auy voto I
havo heretofuore invymialyv rsjp'ted overy
tPpidaion whaicth thas beca ii a by
aniy persona ctlaming siitth a eight.;and,
sir, uuot 0only do I believe tIka~'ti tihe hvo
no0 sucha righ t ill their pri si~ posiio OO
senld Seaators runid'fei1n -nitines I'i
int~ I'db'rnbt think they I jwaithu right to
(itrnisha is with a Pre uant .or 'Vico
Presient. 13inag aI ei ien of ,sieededa
alidiitt11 ieconstilttd Tn irs-.'en, Anaadrew
Johnuson is, in.m liyopinlS only L'-osi.
by theoia votes, .nttent oythtvry
Whenl I cannl~ot avoidl it, Il'iko (ver'y.'
.ils 11114(1 Jhcto1 dent4 ;: bait. if it I
conld be expected. lay. one timtL I
can east, rny vote at .ha neltt .Pienk
tial eluolionl IA.> '. d'e' ohnl>lS~ of'
TidanfOSree for hat, ugh solic; Iah n, at,
tluast, lao sltus TPeunesu herself
muilst be comple~ott e pnged. ,
Mr'. I [i rarig pr 'did t o le.finlotha
ownI views nI, roe to'I r0O~I t-pet'Oulr
eaxpressinag his' co0 idt ttbte(lii1 tihnt, thila
sviuthgrnl States w ~illingw to ' niur"
agtaiil i'it'o ttho c eti~ .and bo enbjoee,
to thb old Cons~ tion OWf thuo (ind
timty fell'ppat iil bttihel'iietvrd' hot
It, h1yidir ;Noni~ gunsOciist fain t.Iik'
porstiateilt desigwlit viob~ito and
have bdei deaSLTrs
0~tic 'of' disc
lhd, aind the ed oi (66b to
quio edh-ii M 1 tF6% 6 o~ ~f
inti a pii~si leniil dd h di rMd.iiiYf
hat whiin yi rioviikod thd wat' Yan
S.\ rillial len, but a worse thau Pontius
'ilato is here..
I, this it Speci men of Northe'rn ivili
mtioll and Christianity ? These Itings
Ve1're done by Northern men withotut.
my dentuiistion )y LIe great. North.
-rn, enlightened, civilized and Christian
tvpublican party. Not ono word have
r(a:d or heard from your Phillip, your
eoecliers, your Chee vers, your ( reeleys,
)r your stront minded Massachusetis
vomnil, inl robuko of these most demor.
diziiig acts; and as thiey, touch tupon
,verything which they t.ink vicIoul.:,
1iv-v probably do not disapprove of
liese transaetions as Cominlg in tile way
ifi Christian advancmenteti , andl progre.
Iet is nlow look at a Soultherin pie
MrV. John irown was.9 arre.,ted lotr a
rime kindred to tht, of O1>oth. IIo
r.-as in Ih 1ost, fo rmail mtannr ried,
allowed every Kheili fvr difen,
1to spe, ial test, oath bein n do pro.
ut the services ot any advocate. I I[
vIs legally and justly convicted to be
ong. 13etween his Conviction anid exe
mtion amplo time was given him for
lie settlement of his worldly all'airs and
or tie preparation of hii soul for e(er
)i v. After execut.ioe his remains were
Idticed inl a decent cofliin and theun hand
A over to his friends that thmy might
>bserve such obseqitioes as they might,
lihik becoming. This took place among
hat. "rude, illiterate, semi-civilized"
wtpie C;lled Virgiian, who hluu for
heir. Governor at lhe tnimio evenl lieiry
\. Wise. Look upmn t pic tire and
lien on 1hmt. The Nort i.s very learn.
-d, hit. [ do not Inlitik She, has iny
' i.-iitiani'y or civtlizatioi to F:.Ir-.
iI sheI has -he hIad better retain ftr
OMe Cconm ption, al , a lf Ipe, for
tillrOemellt. O'_,b j1.; mk IW 10 k-len
lian th South, bitt which i. thi best
dticated ? But, sir, domtinieiation :1n
.vngo mnet, as was (x.pected, have
hwir fling ngainst an hotiorablo re-tinion.
'he resentment, of tho civiliz nd aw
Ibristiall North it is aftctiipl to ronse
ga inst, th unfrtiltate met of the
),IthI aru epithtsu nbecomiig ti lea ri
Snman or tie patriot. Thely aret0 de
oniiated 'murderers," "red-Iantded
obels," "conscious traitors." Thoso
Vho utse these epithets must see, if they
Vill rellect, that they are not true. They
ust. know that Jefl'erson Davis, Robert
.. fie(, Stonewall Jacksoin, and tIho
hiousanid others who engaged i the lato
he ehargo of murder and conscious
r(-asoni. Stoetewall Jicrson rest sit his
:rav , and your ol n eloqient, Beecelr
ins illustrated his character and resen.
d it fron such an imputation. Time
vill defend tho character of Davis and
jto. That their ac-s imposed upon
hem ti con ionlsness of crime I have
1o doubt.. The phtting words of Jeller.
On Davis, in the presence of the Sell
te, breathe the strongest conviction of
eetitiae and a desire for peace id to
void bloodshed.
A vay, then, wjth t ose charges that
lIege petople are murderers, red han dod
obels and conscious traitors. They
Pring only from unreflecting excitement
rfroi a depraved spirit of revenge,
Id with wiso and consido'ate stntbes
ioni and patriots should never be allow
d to interposo obstacles to the re.union
dhich all sueh must, iow desirei. Away,
0o, withi tle QXpectation liat the Somlih.
rn people) will ever dernde elimniselves
r freely aceopting conditions from tie
*eefit, of which von exclude their own
hiosen leaders. [v4t tho peollo sweep
bitse olbstacles aside, anid as we were
nomies in war' ini penco let ina be friends.
Tin. lbtryanon A xn ,ri.: Fi.owv .:n
hnrii..-A novel incident, atccordingt to
to Paris correspondent of thte hish~
ids, occurigd at the Paris racets on
nlwey : "Qo or two colebrat ed per-*
>ntiges were present. For instance,
lb Emperor was there, and 'ho walked
bount for a good hour, fa militrlyv lean
is oti the arm of the Mlarquis do Lsa
ahdit ei,' his Aliinister of' the Int erior.
sabhella, the flowenr girl of thle Jocke~y
:htib, htad het ween her ta perintg tinIgers
ani of the lovtebest Ii t the roses ev ier seen,
tid shio lookit~g long atnd anxiously to.
or ds. th Itost)t p)owVerfutl tman in lie
mr Il. 'Couralgo Isat bellat I' sheo sa id at
1st, walkmig op to t130 great imat, trem.
linigly but gracefully, held before him1
to bea~uttiin rosQ. Napoleon has mteh
agiral kmadnoes of heart ; besides, he
t~vsr ren'sos ally thing tilce from a prel
f women, and so withi a bow -and a
niio ha took hoe' blushing flower f'rm
te blushting girl, .and lacedl it in his
utton htolo. But thto 10mperor is not,
ectistomied to receivo faivors without.
Ycompensee aind lis hiatd immediately
>ngh t his pocket. This is tho. stratng
t par of the story, not that, the Em
nror had pockets, but that in them lhe
n d not, a single. Soin. iA purse- had
11(-n forgotton. .,1hrhaps ottnjhiat greal,
mtt'su &Vilits hnadlrods'of. hoisanda
r grotuped spIetator.', theo mighty Nmi'.
eror of the Fronteh, a ijime whose civ.il
'is tyventy-five niillions of' f'rantes, almd
'h. besilqesa ttng his htand it the ntt
oal. ili viwtn he~ pleaaes, Was thuo only
i#t pfea~n t itn goidl 'silyer og
jdisty twas rather an'maAdc at'his phl
*h Mi 'aft~' Vainly,: fe~iing'u isis
ye)(et1 udlged EiAce onul .Iolbw
01 nminisIter, aMVya ndo 'WlaL a's Ype,
airedgan.tbookonijig;gethi dr abetl
anopkc.#fM6taf) )s b ufLobjud
e -t
O.:x-:n. si.i:.-- \ letter from Lex
ington, Virginia, to tho 11altim1oro Sun
snyi General L is invull rospect.
reval, natvworkng and mlost ellicienit,
President. Desides a ttieding to t h
general interests and aldinii stan of
Ohe ilstition, ho' vi its, from thn to
tiie, Ile (Ificren', lecture rooms, attends
recitation, ind receives weekly reports
of the stand :ig an d progrss of all this
studuits inl tho several scIlools, &C. 1..
have been ilformed, by good utithoril ,
I hat th. Geineral laeps such constit ant. and
attentivo supervision over tie a.fhirs or
thev College, that lie i. alays famlniliar
W1ith the rla tiv sitadinig in IliS ClISse
beld by each of i ll one hliIred and lifiy
0t dets now inl attendance.
Thes s-ent111 1ri from Matryhlad,
Virghiin, Kennkay, 'Teinesse, North
Carolil, S.mit h Carohima,(corgia b oms
:1,111 rua, . ,isissiplpi, Te-xas and
(>bio. 'Iey appear very giianualy
ill their delttad are plrIenlted
to be remark:tly assidinons in their sti
In his let e of last A tigi, acceptin
the presilency, General Lee used thu
following m:11glage : "I think it th, dutt '
of every cilizeii, ill I le prl(esent condi
tion of tile Country, 4o (10 dall I his pow.
er to aid in the -cswr tLof pa/ 1mcc and
This ltter wasI extensi vely publisheivO,
and its patriotic sentiimnts emanating
froImi Such i Solre,-, had a very salitary
ett upon the Southi'erii mimL G v.I I
v'ral flec's plersoilal oxample iln devotin"
Li.-m20lf to his present vik of. impor.
talt practical 11siieflnesq, lla 2 a1so dono
11eh t.o increase thle plviouis goo.1 ef
fe't of the sentimeitiis vonla,itcd .1' hIlls
i-ter. Wollid it not bie h)tIiniaoL fO$.
I le repvblic if those 5ame)1 Sentiments, inf
favor of tihe "restora tion of peaco at1
h 11o101y ,1 could enter th ." Ilearts of a
Iajority (of thu preseit Cong..0resis?
olw A So-rmIn.nx Lmy 16i.:s I N
mXl~lAN.-W had the privilege o(
pernising i letterI from a laldy, anid a reaf
geluin sympathi.or, from [nfayette,
lad. In recolmiinlg thi Imlan)' inidigIii
ties sle has had to cmldiir(, ile savs fir
the simple act of wearin1 ' a iuti erinut.
pin sho was assailed from the jlpit and -
threatene(d tiat if sho was iifa.i' seen
with that pin, the preacher. yio'Ild ap
poillt a conuitteo ofyoung ilanlics to tear
it off of her.- Lill a trite Southerner,
at 1er' church with that odions pi llnlvm
her bosom), whereupon this preacher of
meockniess and minister ill holy thilngs.
di appoint said committee, but for somo
reason tile pin was not displaced. IIg9v.
ever, shle imir.ediately receie.yed
from the supermiitendentof hier Sabbat i
school, regnesting her to retiro as tea-:i.
er from said -chool, fcr -tle reason of.
wearing an emblein Obnoxious to loyal
Ci tiens. Conunent are' unnecessary.
- 1Shenand~i~oah IlcraM .
SmArAIN A Mo'r i 0 A D nls.
-AN AFFEoriNo :SONEx.-In t ho
Cironit Court in Morgantown, Vest -
Virginia, last week, a deeply ali'ecthi".
SCel took pleen. It occirred An thI
imtatter of tie habecs COrP)3 gran'ted at
thbl m-stance of Clerk Everly agni:t his
wife for th rendttion of the body or e
child born to tile parties prior L6 their
separation. After a full hearing, tho
court gave judgment that the mother
shou11 l dliver thlo child to thle father.
Thel( *\[organltown) Pod~ says:
"It was thlen thaft a scene0 occurired
thaft beggars descr'ipt ion. The mothier'
pressedl her1 infan~t to her breast and
clung with all tenacity of life to Lthe 01)..
ject of her fond hopes0. 110r loud s-of,.
and1( agonlizing shrieks Si sn.81nch n' thli-i1Ll
of sorrow to thb hlearts oIf thie by-stand
era as only th'o voice oft wi >men0 inl dis
tress canI imlpar't. rTe hullsbanld one,
dleavor'ed to wr'est it fr'omz her1 arms, 19tt.~
could not do it, when 11he shor'ifl' 8tojpe.
for'ward to carly out the or'der of'. thow.
conrt, and' succeeded in obtaining'. th
child. The loud cies of'thill) iQt~ ,
thus1 doubly wido)wed, wero hleardc for
se1verail sqiarca fr'om thle coilrt h10nse, ag
she was led away supported'by libr fath'
eram bohr"~*~* "2
"'Sia .."'-TheI'i lealried, are .div 1id10
im op)innon ne to tho naintg.Q~ Iiithi
wor)d, whlichi ocenrs so' oIft~(?n, in. -ItW)
1'llIlahn. T1heO Targums)~ and3 mos9tk f Lip.
Jeish01 '(11 ~l cmetaltors gi ve to tipe wiordi
the meant in g (Ifeternall1 y, forever., ay
hi Kimtchi iregard1'(s it as a signl to 0lI2dat~
Itle voice. 'ITe aut hors of till $up/my.
ginlt trans~latii a(3)0ppear to have regarl"'0
it as8 a mic8(al or' ry3thmiica lt ot., jIer-"
ler' regard1s it as indicattog a' eban3ge of.
Loneo i aheson as a Imisical no9Loiepmtiv.
Illont, perhaps, to theo word r'epxaI.,,. Ao
uordling to Lultheor and11 pflhers it meon.i el
I [Let t.1 heistnonte' plbyuid .tho sin
eras stop " Woulirarl It; lnk eqtuv
ah-nil t9 sur1U)n 0Qorg&-guyl~ ,.y sonlI
Slommer, afteielnnl g i ll ta (19seventy
four' pasages inl'wl. thi.v ord ocet
r'ecogiz vos ml ever'y Q59a ' s ti >I.~1 a
peal or sumnhils .0 onVt a
noro callifor alis .uJ "
ifnIoL in lt 1~)I~Lv
dsid fol'IgA 41t
dI '!.

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