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-l V
T1'I I M,~
18 P Un1, wAL lI - :' D EEK INV
Gaillatrd l Deprtc' & '[C
7'erms.-Tui 4iu.l is ka'dip kIl Week
ly in t he Town of' Winimbora, at 6'.3) in -
rarcah in radvnce.
All tranisieti aivertisemntI s to be
11m641 inl alvtuce
Obitturry Nutices and Tribules $ .00 pe
Hlistorical Skr iches of I airfichl list rict,
ny 1). n1. .m'cl.:14,rr.
M o. 2.
When the Cherkoce and Catawba
Intoliants made11.1 the hils aId valles of
Fairlield their llihnting grounds, thore
was.1 g:tante of variois kindi? Chiiief
unollng th oijects4 4X tiheir pirclit aszu
the humf Lala whicb si rol over wlhat are
now bleak mwl barrenlf groltld1 in
hedIs. The Cheorokes i c ll th buf
talo yanmt, "the vory great I uli, or
t "lIiil f'od.'' Frol tihe hair of
a1611 t il e wvolulet Inatuf f u re(I
kin-1 .4, Cloth of, great comfort anld
iurab'ilit y
in IG a Mr, Gr'aves, :it old
man11, ro e the W;.tre, at I rave's
ord aiid form-tned a settletent int the
pre.slit tror (if Fa irieild. O1e
l 11 ieub I larr was-1 N..1- onle of the' parv
ty; :114 1, a ' oldI manl (h :'avve ha"d di.i.
coe t Inokw huIIIlilo inl fl1" pat.
e a (I lit up fm the river i.lto th e
the pioner rty sli ied frth il
arehf pneandwere inlong in
-rig th I alt b lifltois. TIeseu
ere currieI to camp11,i ski:cd and
1 p, i n f '11i ttilthe p iecOs 1,1t Ilt ilo s -.i
6o c(4m! dtiiring the nih. iut as
wvolves. aboutdoud ill th dlee derC m
rt:d got a .sucj of tIe m t
Tre11-nll ut(, they toounei o q~l4
and )y the morning : great deI of
disappeared. Pes ISoll,
a h is uusript, tellk ..oe r
iindred and e(n( Yea rs, am'dAhWilo re
lated that he had oten sei, t one
timell,0 three th lousaid bultid Lec on the
Long Meadiws of 1 Little liiver,
[l ave any of tiht remiers of the
ilht.n.) ever ieard of atny fusi -
mains being! found i:i that sect of
thle Dietriot ?
ft is diflielt for us now to realize
AtllaI we dwell where the bualo was
hunted by thowild Indian of' the fir
est ; and -that tile only emklct ted
4 werC the bow and thle spr. And all
this imlltilig too wIas done '-oot.
Thoso pointod flints which ar o tter
ed hore and there over our hihl, anad
'Which 11ro occasionlly found' Wo this
lly, Could at tale un11fold had they the
I ",Z7 lgift of speoch.. Doubtless inny of
1s havo picked pl) o'e whidt laId
moro than once been drivet intt) the
life-blood of some fluet or fierce den
zon of the dark forest. They werIe
used to point the arrow, but' the air
rows have aill mtoiulded into dust and
lett n thrmeisal litjo
the Idare -ed such hr neto
But (lhe imblue deer addied to thet
ist of gam e inl the pri ti ve l yso
this District. Iherds oft sixty>rsv
coitiitry, an~d so) n~umerous did the first
s e t l r i u li s e t o r e p o r t t he mii ,
froml their hluts. 'IThe licks wevre fa
vorite restorts for both buff'ai> anid
forgoen y.Thr istlttofti link nolt farv
nea theii htediwaters oflIe Inian lie to
a1 branc oIf little ateio creolit, and
near1 hy, thalt isl "L.ick Branob." 1111
the benefit of thie younlg itg is w~eli to
say that thes~e lioks to wvhich tio wild
where they were fond~ ofg -iekh:: their
ingues ont the clay to get a1 taabt o)fthe~
satinie mtoisture.
S Ut there wore atlso bealrs, PEhllf,
Tihe beavor, thle mus1~kra1t~ and1 the0 IA
ter, tho' fox, opossumII and1( rlfa
ablo~tumldg all those exeopt the beoaver
.t1l1 being more .or lesa foud.
Tile bggr afforded bo0th Bpoi' an~d
sustenanco 40 thle earlys En lish set
tlir1~ fld'a oil was liighly )~ized by
the abokIgines, anid bothi t~hqrror
andi tihe womeln kept, their h i alway
shinitng with it. In preparipj it for
usae the Indianis perfumed ilbt sas
pafri anIVJvild eifnnon. ~'tey i1s
used it as a h qla 1inma, tua thiV
ii e~ireIIil i ' it .0,I ni- I i,'
t1y regardel asM a ur remoed v for
.t -ii a1ehe H ClI CM and oll pains. The
prie-sts; and prophet., wore imbuted
into 0f1l00 by the tui tion, or bear's oil.
TI'hoy alo anoin ted the bodies of, living
tal dead vith it.
Logan, inl his Ili.tory of upper
South Carolina, expresses tho douibt
that perlps not ono -imeimon of the
hea!-r can be found east o f, the Bh ie
Ridge. But this is entirely it stA
el idea. Bears are much Ilore nnt
iierons in the lower part of this Stato
yet, than IianIy persoll.S suipect. It
has 1only been a few Weeks sinice we
published I the0 N aVjntii aceottit Of a
very largo One killed on the Sanitee inl
W"illiamsburg Diktrict. The gentle
1111111 who bagged tho Imiolmiter bear is,
well kiowii to (lie writer. The writer
saw a part of another largo hear that
W.11 killed onil lack River in 1858,
ntot bief ore the oil anim-di had killed
and devoured several (ld sowit, which
h seemed abwys to prefer to the fat
ter Filoats.
The wil-ea t 1 was. another comn 111 a
ianlimal in this sectio.1 in primitive
days. Though a rare sight, if ever
sceen, here imw, yet, thee are a great
imally ill so.le patI of the "ite to
thS day. It i; very deost-ructive onl
yoing pigs, anid with it il.n and pow
erfil claws will t:u a dog: frightfully
whenbrough" t to Lay.
'Thie beaver, thoigh numerots once,
his cntirily dkiappeared. The history
of thi; harmlle;s a:inimal is intiliately
a~:cited with tile tolvuicement of
idnutria elter;ise. W hat is 1moreo
C tomnum, or used to be, ti n1 to soo and
hear of a 'heaver hat ?" Onee the
heaver ex it ol in ighulnd, on the con
tinent of Juinope, in Asi, and all
along the Atlantie sl0)pe of Atrice.
I UnluCkily for this ingeniu animin.1
.)op Mp . 11.3,itl fur r covering
gut~men'Inis. Mt tli speNIof
Vtash;t ion 1ipt pace theht o thI e In
heaver for. hi. sil ail rill-. Aid not
1ut1il the peci1-i hiii be- extemorminat
cd in ai the aIbove emniries, did the
war 111Ina the heaver co:lse. The re
IImIining hevervs whAich abol til the
l'acifie -Imo of A melia llay thailk
the "ilk--wori for dinu off the 1irc
otf ivilization. The he far however
for hats anld 1"1h'aver edth," is token
frlomt a1 (piof L-mvo.rfounid in
Chili, soImeOwh1'at difi-reit in its char
atLrisit Aes=frm t he bh:n or rigin"ally
1,oun1d in this counitry.
wenty yeargias uinmly of tho
yoig mn of' Wilsbro my rellell
bhr, mhere we a place calied "Beaver
Dam" m.1 Morte than three (p anrters of
a mile froi town, dolln on the
Aiken's Mill branch, at the head of
what was fauniliarly known as the
"mleadow field",-now the proper-ty of
Mr. Char -Ca -tcheart.
As one0 of the connnon01 sighits long
ago, it mlaly be weoli to give a briefC do
scriptionl of wlmit at beaver (dam( is.
When the fueavers~ were about to coni
truet a dami, which they (did i June
an~d .July, they would esemble/I to
gethe1r, as8 many1 2as two hound red some1
times 0.. The y live unid er the ground
near thie edge of the st reams, and whiere
the water is not suibject to, Ifsing anid
falling, they b)eidh l nolla m. lnt as
most satreams (10 this, thes0 colonlies
of workers generially founid it niecessa
ry to build1( one. Th'1e first operation
wasi to- (lnt down'i a tree nlear the mnarin~
of at stream1I, anid let it fall into the
water. Tis cuittinig wais donei wai
Lhoir teeth. Andu they would out
throngh the trunk of one0 from1 twelve
thIl trele as aI baisi they wvold airrango
ther10 10ma.!!er truniks citf irees p)lcing
them21 one0 0nd onl tile. uipper sidoc of it;
ami ..tho othier en~id down ini (hoet ttom
of the ,streami. Th'Iese woldt be-rdrang
Cd soJ as tI o ionrn inch llned planeju
ats 11 men bild dai li. A 11 tis f0r11me2
woark would then be0 filleud ini w i th laiy,
siul a11nd noteck, ande paitted down frm
ly Withl theoir paddi~le--shape tails 01ud
thecir brIoadt fore feet.
Tfhe rnianiiis unditerstood tmmning thie
udoor ,,kin, as 'well, it alppears, 21 ,tbe
necgroos iln thi6 low country do. That
beautiful bu{0ckki1 miued so often by
our merchanit nutl .watoli--mak'ors was
taot unknown to thorn. Theiy Utsodth
b~rainsi of' thle doon o tan.hIi*'Mkin i~jI
as is done to tblnkdtf ih'thoWi~x# f
our State whidro thi# nigWL "1 toi mdci
It is a singuhila fue alt (lhe bruan of
any aima11(1 is iuiflioient to tan its own
hide. Even the rat's skin canl bo
10(l(1 beandfully white anld cleair of
till hao ir fi ie iniinntes, jus. bv ruli
holdlin;: it for a!% t iinntes bef'ore the3
fire, .1nd th rub 1inig it briskly in
the had.
WaI,leull NVIW.1.
Wasat 0ro , Jille .G.--'l'he ire
cise 4o)t"ionll W:en1pied I 1v the Deino
cr I i v, nbIlerd s o1r IngiIt're Y3 iI reftI
env( to the In1ion Conventioii, clilled
at l'hiladelpiia, is tilow stated : hey
are favorably elisposel lovarissnel a
Culon ion, be)iving , that the repre
selta t ion othe Soutern St 0 tcs in Con
gress is,; not. only a ri o , but ieces 'ry
to the lutrinoy and in-ypo t y or' the
country, 'hey are willing, th'refore,
to co-operate with the Ui ion Conlve
ti onI for th ! at pu 11rpose. But it' it shall
be jwrvert ed from its original and lia
triotic lesign, for the forniation ot a
new 0% ' prty, diihy prefer clinging to
thei r own. A t preOent tile .Deinocrats
reminelined to further thle inlove
Chngsaffectin thlirivatte char
acter of Gum. K thM
to Chili, are Fai' to Itve been pre
rn toi theGO Stote Jeartment. If
I rue, it wll n 11o) dlubt Cause his speedy
it is thuight Ilhnt tle H ouse will ad
here to its tx oT' live pe cent on cot
tol, whielt will ennse a cou'erence
conunItee. The action of that coin
iittee will probihly he Ia coipromllise
oi tile 'Senate onenment, which will
'ix the tax tit two a half' cents.
D. N. Strother, of WeTOst Virginlia,
Im:h In confiried as Consul to .3ie
MIS Ayres.
Secrptary of tile 'l'reasury will
redeeni all certifientes of indelbted
iu.t h'iling (hite tnfter August 31st,
w ith tccrued intere.tt thereon, if pre
sftd Iu'r redICnption inl 01r 1bfo
WASuI INGTON, Jtn 2(.-The Freed
inen'1.: Unre1-au bill par-sed thle Senvate
to-day, with anmiendieit to the
I(o hilM which pl.rempitorily eon
1irined the negroes in possession of
land uler Shrmn 's order. The
Senate nuiendiient is thait the nCgroes
.shall murrend-or all the Sea, Island
m hL 1-1 fw.oe ra, . exte(t t liltI) 5ol1
' 1r t;! x e'. 'T-'he bill is to c)1tine110 inl
lorcte tlr-,!,! years. It g, les back to the
Ilouse. 'onlgress has liassed the I bose
ilu :nnendatory oi'h a1t to oralizo
Wash1ingtoll territor. It aekm (the
Session ofte''irtoiL .islature
bienninil inste::d of aninum, andl in
reates the cOmpens tion of mwimbe
S to $G ,p r do y. The Presilent ham
0plIW0\irwl the )111 for tht' dis.)Ul (2'
the public 1:unlis f".r1oos.d to a,
tr.,se tier bi N Stte of Alabana,
31ississippi, boii.zia, AdaslNas and
Phwth. Nthngof mee in the1
Corry inaltifests a 4(%ire to cIll the
L agislzle to at11iran the Conlstitul
tional . e~ ot ifa snillieient n11ion..
beof er in thesame ct ion
to accoimpiuAl4 the plu jWe.
r. y11)i'-rON, J)n11110 20.-All the
Dete/sin Con;; re.<s,\with, perhakps,
the ece ,io) fi ll t o .1 a rrki.:, of 31a r *ylaini,
ondvi-SU, the call for at Unlion Conven.
tie at Phibidelphia. ''he restora
06l of tile Southerin Slates .to repro
senta tion is conisidcered by themi paria
miounit to otheri political ideas.
WVasII 1oresC, June 25-In the Seoiil
groundsb (0 iI)i'0 quire eihr a4 tract of land
of' nihout 1 35) nures3 -jiling or ver'y near1
the Coly of Waishinigt on can1 bo oblailned ial.
ai reas~itonable pieu0 1or a puli'par)1k and v
site lor' la Pidenti~lil .\tanion~. Adoptned.
Theli taix bill whas tihin dliussed and 1imased.
Mol 01k l' ~ Veriont111. ironi the C .oninuittoI on
Waiiys anid Me 4:inls report1ed t ho taiiff1 bill
wliach wasi ordercd 1o Ibe printe1 d and1( mad4e1
lthe spucial or'der' for 'ti urjuhday next.. A
reso4'lutionl was21 adoipted in11asi theig la
ies4 of 42ortaini classes. .f etnpbiyees of t he
llouse Lwenty-tlive por cen11. The liouse
reoinged to 01 cintertain ine inti.roductelion of' a
resoluion all4 in g on thei.Pr'icsidenti to infioirm
th lio tnso wha lstepsOl if any, hadI bwen t akenl
1o i:iiorpo~so thell goodil clii acs oh the Uini.di
States'i L Goveruien with .i rcait, liiain ini
bjehlf I ofi tiO Feniins i r0cetly clnriical inl
Canai~da. Thuli 1tii bi lOtiodcedl to daiy
is thle lonagest everi repoited aind its consid
4cro41ion ini lie 'I om:u is like!ly to last.I th
whole week .no t'' ere 11r 2 hmny points1 whielr
will oc04tonl discusionh. 'unsiderablo ad
diti onsi have been malde to th free10 list , bt
:z'ul i.e a great~ extentli.
.a; t enive chamnges' 1ha' 0 beenI mado4 ini
lh o ie i o o iun is entiarely diferen.
laiti. 'The dut41y oni collee 1and4 (ua is un-i
cha:~nged, un1 vigirs iwo dollars' and1( .flJfty
0cents per 141i~l o uid 6~l0'o 4213n1. ndvloruem~.
Thelu dilly on, 12011 iis redgeoud I'riom one de1)
barl and4 II 011enly-1ive cents5 p'er toin 10 1ll'ey
ociuta~e 111 on. The14 dutly on Il k1 ~inds or
irona will be incaOI.'1i 'om~ on11 qurte'r 10
on11 centl pur pmnd. Jro peg)1 nine1111 dul
700cents p)or1 101) raisuid (0 0n'0 do1lar, Ironl
bar11S one and4. 0110 qJuarter0 cot, the duily on
steol of' all kinds wilbe doubled, on1 parIs
whito 0110 and: one half cents, per pound;
the tly on papor's lase not leen changed but
thlo literinal g'6ventto lax ha's boon taken-' oil
thIltios.Oni O)1lp yiayes Nono are Yory
lar~gly iereol8%. botIl on the speeifio and
ablalorcin (ax' TfhoprincipaTlgitvpr i61'
lie l'ouso will bo on thie irett atd eoely
linmkeli and .coal OItSog. As5, tng a
thing thle wool grower' and :nanaature
scom; to be satislied with their clauso of tho
bill. Pennaylvanlan protootlonists are
bilghlj dissatislied niotwihtalnding. ihe dlil
- Foreign Ne3 ,
N iew You lJ ina 25i---Tho stahip
(lerniiania arrivel firoin 8tithhltui pton with
ules to Ilie 12th. Sales 01 Cotton (in Min
(ayl10 btmles in'wtet. fArm; ices oun.
Cbmai gd; breadsti tira; provisions steat.
dy ; prodiuce 4ii 31nl .tnldy.
LoN nor, Juneo 1.-- onuol 8Qj.8Hg
5-2n's. ow m
Lai 01ranoo bleleves tho'utnor of an ox
peced imperial messaigo 411d tito issuo of ia
new loan is -tunfounded, aid sh1onh11I M. llhn
be cinestioncd on Ilh poliy of the GcvernI
muent, ho will only repeat his thir. of 1 May
fleclarIa ion. .\Marshall ,D'ionell has ex.
Iwessed n pprobonsions t I 18M) will not pa zs4
without Snin hmaving to r 1end her I errit ory.
l Thu passim sys em in iistria has beon in
Irodneed. The 'ituperor 14s sta-led for Ilhe
healquartrs of the ai ny of Ihi Nortlh.
Tho Ansihan enbassad -anot l0ft lier.
lin. The poplar imin Ieation i ll avaria
against Prunsia 0011tinu . Erorts.ra 1b1- e.
Ing inadie to inilnoo Lito 1 ug to cliango I ho
ministry who inaintain I e policy of deelar
ing atgainst. tlie power 1,h 1 shalf co.manience
w11r1. Aistria has protap.tecd agailnst. ite
entry ot' tho Prussianus in 0 Itolslo'n deolir
ing sucit to be inl violatio of' the10 Gastlin
convemnion. Teia Priussin is have ooupied
l hree iimortnt point, u d will M.nediat
ly occupy -thre others.
Nowl It 13.
W AsIN-rON, .Ju 27,--Yestcrdaiy,
fir the first tlile' dut ing flt. ssiosio,
the Middle States am Western 111011
bers. of (h: 1 Hons30 co-operatod aS
aigoinst Now Eila.1 interests--the
latter were def'ea tedci. n their ell'ortsto
soeure the Northern ~ 'aciic .Iailroi
roiute, the 1a0jority loptiig whit' i
temdthe central otuto. This bill
,allows 0!'! 1.!1on) RPio Comlpanly to
change hcir routo a*s to go by Deu
ver C iy and Colorai a.
NEW oRK, .1 nii 7.--fTi iteamer
Moro Castlbrilg I avaina advices to
the 23(d. /lfj us the Moxivanl
Empre depends u1pti tihe siccesws of
the departulmnt of i and the treas
ury, in nstablishing national aIlmy ;
but whilst the E ii o hats ieither
meon nor money, its I. intionl IS pec.
rious and endtangero . In Mexico,
Putiebla and Querotor the Emperor
hias ordered a draft.
Ritarkable Discovery. A Second Rosetta
Almost. everyl $In who reads hans
hard of the fa o estta Stone. 11,
was -fon!, ewo' 0iyag , near
Rtosett- a town oil on1e of the mouth1s of
tho Nil It. was an nllciont setnlptured
monmenl 11111t, conltiiongu, and inseription in
1% pinhieroglypics, and benlenth a
rrnsla tion in Greek. Its vahe mav be
gi'iewed wvhen wie sialo thitt" 11h
(1'lruie wiorldh hIdI long beforet giveil up
aily hope of readiig the hieroglyplical
riitingsi of tho (hi Eiae. -l All a
long I he N ilt, on teiples anl inl toibp,
exi st ed a mas of insc'riptin this char
ncter, lmt. tieivi w-re to il houerned liko
a n-lldl book. It wns indeed provoking.
Ihrie vere, withit ny doit, trens.
Ixes of historical inforination which
voulil throw abul-imat light on tlie ear
ly ages of ono tho imioit venerale4 Ia
tins of the earth. But nolodv could
ti-iier L v langiuage inl which they
WOr! oncIe'altd. At last, the Roseita
Stone anlrded a chi t 1he imysterv.
I d tlid not look very lilioefil at first, for
dhe wholh was not very large, nnd con
ined but a vo.-v few lines. But imii.
Of pntient research like Chaumpollioll in
France and1 Yo11nig inl Euglamlll, set them
selves to the tatk. Wit the itid of th
Greek Itranslat ion they muainaged to reCvivi
fy the0 old E'gy pltn languiagie, to study
outl the' syus'em byV inch its hieroglyphi
te-s we re arraniiged, antd to nsoiertai and1111
chaify ~ its girlat mtic-al pecuiar iit ies.
Thme temples and tho tomabs then began
to yield ump their se'erels. anid Egyptian
hlistory and Eigyianu chironoluogy be0
caime somethin~g more tha mereiff'' guess.
wvork. But, the re'enh. was yet veriy 11n.
satisfactor-y. 'The1 characte's on the0 Ro
sie1.ta hail been iso few, thant. when('i othe-r
hier'oglyhics))13 we-re en)'lcured theoro
was0 conisiderale doubt, as- to theitir
min)l1ilg. This ledi to severgl disputes
among E~gyptiologists~ for nolbody, couild
ho0 ablumtely eiertain limt, error-e might
nmot, ha11VI crept, inito the lingu~iist ic s
triim Wihicvh hil wiit.hi such iniflnitoi pa-'
tieni't c ie built up on the basis or theL
brii-f liostaI inip~It.ions!.
Un51 ppily fher bi aid has1 been1 obtaineld.
A t thie Eigypnanc Iown of' Port Smid are
the fomundation~s of eificos of ai consliderf
ble1 s.iz''. Th-ese iremina are now, how-i'
over, in such a stalte off decay, thaitt lit-I
tI b aI.1 entioline asitherito been3i gi von 10
them) by iintliquarhies. Some f'ew weeks
bac1k a1 portion (if Itis -ddeois give' way.
Ohe of th Iao1(rench eniginaeirs enigamgedl in
thet cinlti on of Sll'z cana11 ch'cl1fliL
amneil days in'er,1 ti) pass~ by ii, ad nolilcidl
itheic-orner of a1 olh progielinug. fromn th
riui nod pih', upion wh Iichl at potI ion of a
(1reetk insci pt ion. wns visil o Very'
fort 1m1a1tely the' Prusiun LaintsI, ''ne if
thue fo~rmos, Emgy plian schiolairs of thme
dauy happented to beV in) the, country i. Hei
anld has1tenedi~ tin' thet spot. rL.aborrs
we'rro elIoyed~ uder his dir'ectins to
clearaway L'he surrounding rubbish, iand
it, was very abon1 foumd .that a prise of
far giqater .vau hmati the Roietta Ston
hnIA4cQo to light. It wtas & bilinemtal
interiptiQn, of which tlie Egyptian drigi'
thal conpred ne leas than 'thbrgv saVn
gnes ofonuiderable lohigth, - .Mule:Ato~
d~rook translation numl1borO~ od.edtSty;-sl
clines. It is. evid~oit how importanV
these two texts, every word of which Is
poerfectly legible fromi begibing to' end1,
.rnu~t, bo fore hiorogiypnideal studit-a.
They contaiin m:Iy of the very charac.
ter." Ithe signlifinonI' of whieb' imas bevn
so imnull deated''. Nor are fie contnuis
o(f the ilscriliion its-f less intoresting.i
Jf i i3t decrvo of the 10gyptian Assebliy
of riests, dlated in 1he m11,11h vea orof III,
3(eiign of Kinl,g urgetes I I, F'irst. h'lIe
prosts of' 1'gyptenme togoher at th i
1.1ne, as the inIscrio 111n "t:ales. to Cell
brato the birtlda o(f h I o na103 ttrel.
11ii good dvmi ar31 first. ofall enl1umer
ated. amItong I11 the 11 merii. of hvilig
recovered ill a miitiiar v expeditloni, Ihei
sacrId images, carid oi ill former I imens
by the Persmus. (Ora- honlors are I len
(e n-red hilm is a reward for hisservices.
One of these is a e.Ist to be celebrated
in honior of th Kllg and1 Qeen oil th
first, day of the yeir. 'ho decree finally
Close ; vi-.hI the atlu.;ion to tho place to
bt het'ld by this f1ostival, which complote.
Iy explain1.4 tihe nwt h1((od of reckoniing th
mnti3 hs of th1 old Egypuo.an3 year, Con.
cerning whicbi moderin writtrshiave great.
ly (ifered, It is nedIl-ss to add that
th is vaitable relic of I he past ie to bie im.
imedintely made public.
D~vxot.:ns or v nt:-h news
irom al part. of tile South, give satid
Iws of I Ie tcrops inl theil sectiol.; fail
Illes of i ie wheat, cottoni :and corni cropszi
ar(! repiorted fromt every quarter. In
Alahnmia ind Geoianc, -i leslzt ioi pie
vails to an alming exttill, and in 3no
Sain the S'-fit ca(n the p-ol' Illol-.
thanl suin31311 tlem1iISelve$ ; what, OwUn Is
to be Ihe1 conseqlln.Ilce the. colii31g Will.
tIr ? lamine stares th 0m r in\ l I the
falce. Tilm pooldei!' Ihav 1101.-vY ; t!
only), resoreo of it Sonlilh, lte' couen(
crop), is a huost a toal faihire Louisi
n11a and Mississippi have sufered gn-at.
ly by-tle. high water luld O t O 11 ee.
(I1en3t, damage to erop.4, v hi:0 in o1 ar
States the crops have slonfe Ill tria!
ly from the Colitililouis wet, wea ii-.
The Suouth,. thereforo, will ba dilepiincit
:pon 1the 7N1ort)h I States for previ1o11.
13i t ler kis ow (every iltdie:1tion that
the grain yield inl 10 North will not
reach one half it crolp for tlhe I0present
seasoll, ad at prices will ConlIseqet.iCt
ly be high. I view of' sneh011 circum,31
stialnces every articlo of tood shoull be
carefully husbanded, every resourtco dQ.
veloped, ild the greatest econm1v praC
.ticed. From preset indication s it
would seem that great suffi-riig must
0isaLj tLh ntnilIg *.Wbmex.O-s
Richmond Rcaminer.
Pnolt.ISSon 13.OT ox CoFlEt.:-Pr
fessouraI Blot' in a recent, ctuLre ati flofSoll
treated of making Ctohee. 11ho said -
The best mixture of coffee woul.l be inl
those proportions: oni pound of Java
two ollces of, Mocia, I wo ounIces of 1io
and two of Ma tiLiniqle.-oash1.d cote.1
must be kept ill a tin box aid groid
freshA every day. It is extiremcly dilli
cult to find good coflO, aid it I- Illy
seems as if mecaIncimts conspire Id to iake
it'as hadIl as possilo. Monlsiemil l-Io gave
a fow secrets of' the trade, Such a- wa:or.
ing Iho coflluI wlIle roastinlg, tha3t it, mnly
not lose weigit, 1s it di-mmlisht.30-5 3b"t
si 1ee1 per ce33. during tiis (3;n-rtion3.
Useful hintls ill regard to selectli i;1g ol
rolasting were given0 : Go u s tu, eIv r'
boil ; )y so doing il. does 11. glin ini
1:rethi, h ut o.03 31he delicale o a k.
'Thie Prfiesaisor used foir ItablesIpoonful1.,
of Java and 0110 of Mocha t) at (u 'tiL of
water. Trhe water wvas boiled an.1I the
co!Tue was muistened with tho builing-'
w ater0l ; at, 311 he ,Ccond boiling of thu w3a
ltr it, was augainl poure'd uponll the collee ;
it, wa's allowed to seue.! ft (e*w m1lmen1ts
a111( it waIs done1. 'i'hc result was a li
lee innist, seldom b3( emiployed. W h'en
foe canot, be h obtainued a very') good
sublsti3tte (enn 1be fomnd in wliamt.1; pound
and3C roast, anld priepare' like e *1e'e.
That Qvmcoat,
If Dr. Cravenl had(1not w3ise'1y piablishned
the wh olo oflciaiI l13orre)lspndeco, 313e rol.
lowing sttemen woul1 ~a~~ d Jeoml inloro.l 1ble:
Onl the 25th of' October last "Mr. Davis
havwing comfplained t 31 hat3is clothling~ was ton
ttin for' thio incrxeaising cold'' or a roomi iln
Wiihl there' was5 noi Iire, Dr- Craven03 1e
quested0( a "fiento -pr'ocuro 13 good heavy
blac1.k plit overcoatl."' and31 "'som1e lflnnel for'
1'ho prisonler."
lag to .33no Iinocctt tani. ovenI .ludable,
cattsodl m13 gr'eat, trouble', as4 BIy bYsten by
holi follow ing corres3pon1d-once, 11inal3ly lead-l
31ng to'-a porlnuIpt.ory Or'der wVhichl iltoigeihor
broke offthei3 pre'vliously theC; relaton 303 hadl
exerclised withI Mr'. *tav'is."
All of' lil pr'obably recollec't 11he dolecttablo
Forne~ay's nob110lo rgo about11 this~ flnnmora'lble
ovecI'oat. TI'l, 1 inootaparallo wrt'lchi wa~s
iuud5ymu t;li. l':esidemt .Davis hayVI1g4 goodt
n'arViWolo'%!ng. Wheno~ Forney haear3d 11hat a
Coat for' Mir. Daivis thlt (Jlromete Ipoulted
1urtor f'or a week. 1t favored, Mi' 'kavia'
I'reo0ing~ IC lteath'aild'charigo'Ithat 11t hcorfl
tidii'adly 'tokoop hhn warmu3 wasl the( wvork oh'
'--tra11ors." 11. is ooling to rottout, ho0w
ever', t hat if thiere Is any bioat hI, Orenls,
thuat. F'orney will not. r'equire0 an1 overcoat.
whuen the devil gets' he own.
A s ai mat leer of coini'so Milet' 1'n''an aft1en1
livo ireader of thle Chraonicle, and Vtorne3' s
chtimor aibonl Ex-President Davis '0o1ercot
greatly exoeroised tha~t hiumano .horQ.
..Dr. (av~efsatos -that pit tItt 10th. o
No'vornbr lt,'liioedieqietoo of' e-ertain~
commenta in the newespapes a pon an oeri
eat1havjag hoon \ordered foCr Xvlaysof
8V. Ovens, a tallov of Wsauxtgtn'alof
hd rdelved a brief offiehll lotts1' fromn ho
iMa y oetoral. co'o nndina"Ml ~'if
To~ t1il imporanh oflIolal Iltoidogatorj
Cravon hht ~ repled "rospectfuly,T' that
"heo did o 4er tk"Lhlok 6vorodat, -woolen
dewarean sMIn Ider-shits for Mr. Davis,
beoatiso the hfis9Madr wa# foo) o In hoalth
1ntil the winds of tho coast cold and 1jiere
UponI tii reply Miles olhowed tihe cud o'
hbt h sweet, and bitter reflection for tie spaco
of eight days, and on (lie 18(i of Noveiber,
hurled a second ollicid order at Cravet to
1h efect. that *in future you give no ordn r
for Jen'erson Davis witholt IrIst cornmtii.ai
ling iilith lieso lend Districts, aid 1l;
tht. inl fin tirO your conversations with Jef
firsith avis naiimlt be confitted 0tictly lo
Ir'essiunat matters." 'lleadt D;arict '
Alils thien closet his angry ord'er with t lie
following ro'erenico to the 'Iinioiet'Ons
overt''u": "You will also report the pric
ltiid for Jefferson Davis' overcoti, a aid by
wior1 paid !" , To (his noto Craven rep lied
thAt he did "not I( tow tihe cost Of the over'
coal--iad not. received thebi, il bI woil I
(ntd it to General Miles when receivel.'
A 'uw days afterwards tile noblo M)te i.
ulirnaing withl patriotic lipatience, agaii
wrote to Cravena asking "if the overcoat Air
nished to tle prisoner had been paid for ?"
To thie letter Craven resqonded "that lieir.
ties mkilown had paid for the ovclcat
without. his a ppioval, knowleltge or conli -
selt'." Thus ena-cl lie faniion.s ovro-at
Srarespon'tlnce,"' which termiiated the hll
inll4 and pleassant. itercouac 't- tie ill
Irioaus pr'isoner at l his In taad plysician. anl
we ialt1C to it editorially, ais tho ' ph .
which is elsewhere 4dryan ol' Aie, woibi
be Untperfect, it' t l l tractei ie e'.-.'
Powih nae was otittel. -0/Ae it A c..
Presidellt Lillcolil's Lait Teletglaph1.
rO give beOW Mr. FI A Wntn a
ItIelallh. iti.s only iullportaan. : sh
inag tiat he consideeid himliself to p;v
Ithil piwvers to rtt.l, Uni >!I.
Thre. is no0 hti.imi Or dtnht, on his
par .P to is antn'ority to mahe wha
leran, ho plael wiltt.ah :
' i - :I; U . S. f i. ir.% N T m i.;;. . .
S 'Wt I INGr,)Na 1)-.u - : i .
at tar~ to yoif the 7:.hlioa.' I aiiti
1aouppa' rs Lo 1(, lit 1Lie mi i t
n1.mr1gent, fr-:b l lr of Virgo.:I i 1 .%
eth,101 as- the right1 1,11 1igsh r 01 1 hef
'tat , to sete . all di 1,;n th 1 with Iil
Unitd llSMtait I nli-e done no sieh
.Ihi ng. f spoke of them not a a Lt, toe i.
a.nq t1 as "int a ntolemn who have
,dejt a te , of Vigiia4 in
f supportorf th li I dlida this
mn pinvu~ to e::chda the assmntion
iha1t'1, !v wl, r. nicnzg h ]e, as a rig/Jful
J d ly. I deal woih ait's thas m1en hisvitg
ioer o 110l to doa speciic t hin ) to
1'.d oilr :mppolirt from tiepane to the
ianal C'i.>v larmenti , For which, in the
anplr haml11ed by Judge-, Camipbell, 1.
-iromlised a spciiyeqivalent, to w.it:
A remissioa to the ie i of tIh tate-,
axaept in certain case, te confosation
af their property. I mamt this andl no
lot. I nasih tla) however, as Ju Id g 0
Winphell isnstr~nes tLhi, and is stil1
aesaing for l armnisltico contrary to thle
]tplicit, Wtateelln of thee paper I gavo
lim, anid particularly nais a'eal Grant
n1s inCe enptured thVg trop
..) thait ' giving a con s i 4d1ration for their
sito ira w-i is no I lne ir applicable. lot
ny bt ter to you an th i pLr to Judgo
)f:Inil celi l a. be witlhrawn reoa co!ni1 r
ta:rtb-,anat hi, h ou oth it. J)
ot JlhvOwit t oh h> haomile ; bnt if anya
ieVO ceae, alI vw to.aot; o etuii i
hOi home.
Til.; ilioniAnL 01h.i' \ ,of' Jm:FiE
;oxD\iS--A correspondent writing
rom Pof treSs Moanroa underatol' t 1901,
Ic la ilane foalwingo til '~ mneh ai
'ted quearton GoaaeMr. Daie' relase and
hllfaciithes oihetisof at~ prset, allow-l
di intya~ht~tttidht theafora:
rThe f'rius atementsl'Oi'1 it a rd to'e
bhe probablnren relae orh parolea io d'llar
ins o this health, areat' casngt
t>e aCL m-itero dise 1 tlasion a~ in th ii litn
>s thn~i countr. W)ith lCthefedmo h
'1rat.gantedio' him, aiU and ecoseqen
-exatin a~otof t vigilc over hisa
navaletsptket byli, the imli3tar athor
iticasesC aldanxhthiety o ananiei
aistod sojurning temorghar on ahe
Pinte woldtcarcey 'lj~ leaware lof wh
weriot~ nt fto sybstem oft pohi it.
"e.aptuby, GendlaMile faor chadia'no
fayiv~eer fa moe coriy thynt
m ofloe laidr oftidy itan , ande~
ods thy arCot ined by he r uar- I
rmsi froiend,hand theu provisun9 wal by1
nrie of Sho se as theirosenilneC by
baed an atne 'coleofan f~ on ioned
Lkunaval tinwhr o mmtdtQo
(i.noo acnaihu lvs.-f
ha:soo u tog hoghacnr
BilIs oil AilderSonvllfo,
There was foo0l in the (onfeileracy. but
to iteanls for its uii"eot ion, tie liodrs h,'id
ilg it after thle currency had bocome depre
ei-il ; and, if eollete , then caitne (Ito dif
ie fyI'it s truII ptart: tion. Their railroads
N) O' 'V ertaxeid, toil t hlie r'olling-0tio(k 800n
1!1ive Ot. They Vu011141 not, f'coti Iheir own
t.' un-l miieoners of War inl conplainit.
Ani hi- pi'opli confinedt in the West anl
ut I imtn 'oint had been newly starved
sit "rutin tmes;, though he weli know, or
wIell bieved, full prison rations haild been
rdr! 11ns1 inti-,l for inl thlese Cases. IHerd
tine4 it.teh i jtin Iitllenes wit-hin anl i lo.il.
1n1, I ileir arins al, front them, their
:ian . .nu lo ;t, Withott emtployttit lor
h ir thtit. , itan l you will 11ind it. dillicult to
L " k' i hIin in gooil healtIt. They vere or
1l, red to ecevive precisely lie samto rations
given t) tIto troops gui-trling them ; but dis
honlest CoInumsstsmries andi Provost Marshalsl
iwt out contin d It any people. Doubtless
the prisoners O othi rides ofteln suffereit
hi:tt. the olleri havinig clia.go of thetm
inight. grow rich ; hut whertever sucl die
hnty Couldl be brom"Iht. homno, promupt.
ii'hi t, followcl . Uon. Winder and
I' i. rthrm- 1 )op did the belt cty oouil, io
lieved .i ; bu both woro poorly obeyedl or
e idt by theiir sbitonliniates4. To holid
hiin reponsibilo t'or such unauthorized pri
valiotis was; th oruel and absurd. Ito
it.I ontr' af'ter order on the tlthject,
mi.ttl e ei' u il'S 1th extreii difliculty of
6, lot, i b pri. miriu s :t l,, the most, liber
'm f \ lt It:C-:1l1 ttmos Willinlg to
weop: :mY tern thItI. woiuld release hiA
!mpeple froit their iulrdent. Noti-excheango,
howeIVer, ils thepolicy atlopted by the
Fe"It.eil G vet-ii .as a Austria, inl
i'r 1:lie ounpai itn a;iitist. Fredlerick ithe
too . rol'usei to exchange ; lier calttla
itm iewing, i lit as ivr population wals firo
iineI tioOre nit u t han'i lt P'russia's (ito
rtfisial wotil be a wieo ineastre. That. if,
nmy iavo been pititleti, though ihtttinan,
'itttut as file 'm.thIt Wias, he wis not pro
parIdt tuv oy; but protestled against being
h1ld rs ottsible for evils Wihicl no power of
:tis eaulti avert, and to escape fronm Wich01.
-:t any concesolini had been oiered,
"1t. is now <.onceded t1at all the ior
riblo Le it tur which hav e bee ' n ' inflicte(
't1 1 Pr l(hlent Davii orig-inated with
I.\.is. lIf. was orlered I.o "take the
1I tnecersary to seetro the safet.y of
his. prisoner." This was the charter of.
his priv'ileges. It enabled him to stretch
hisi \victiml on the rack. And what ditd
this nobhl., chivalrous and gallant repre
setai tve of the army doom necesiary
to "s Cire I ho prisoner'?'' et us sao.
1. Ho took away his lead pencil, so that
he hitl to mark striking phrases in a
Bile width isL finger nails. 2. HIt maId -
be nli sliftIt'
I. 1Le gave him "coarso prison" diet.
-1. IHe extrcisel a strict cenaorship over
the prisotner's letters to his Wife. 5. Io
subjected himi for twelvo 1otths .o the
most terrible of all forms of tortnro
distrlied slimnber At fixed intorvals.
6. ]Ile kept a dazzling light torturing
the itifflamd antd1 diseased eyes of his vic
tim. 7. 1fe kept soldiers tramping up
id down the prisoner's cell, who worer
iot, permitted to speak to their prisoner.
8. li piarreled with his surgoon bo
CMUZO n i t'turnished President Davis with
wvii rlothin nd forbid his convern
tin' witoh him. 9 Ifo reduced his noble
v.':' by) his dinbolical atil slow torwtra
a Cn h i w.iont that in an offlcial ro
Pi.n t m ti!' l'ident, Snirgeon Cooper
r ..... tihat 1J. Ivo iu cotditioi is that
of a m1 11 1 'has4 been flayed alive
atd hi nerves exposedl to ev'ery wavo
of so1n t 1." 10. HQ I granted the tortur
e( stat':.tman a1d soldier Ito privilege
which his surgoon did not declare indis
pensable to keep him alive.
"Is not tis a nioble dtealoguto of deeds
of chtivalrtouts dtarintg for tho A mericani,
"Mles to~ ho prtond of? Those things
ha 'a welded' tihe opintions of the ihiris.
m i wotr1d into oine great fitnger of scorn
whieb is n' tow poinItedl at Miles wiithi a
i a lit sht'iek of' a st~cami whiistle.
"en. ls Impit forwt.arid by tihe Radicals.
"U D:- ir. in hadl not mado Miles
eitm Pr'es' idett Dvis' food, lie would
iimvte kept himtti uponi "roulgh pr'isont faire"
to t his very' ttomet.. \Vho Mtt ~Iiles dies
there wiill be a tmighty c'iamuor for Jnuo5th.
e'r D~att atnd antotlher hi story of Zforno.
Th'ie expIilrat ions of VUrgil ,and .diite
fun ilhed most gr'atify'ing info'rmationa
t. lhn fate of' Nero, D~omitjin, -Caligia,
IwI a l ost, of gtrand ininlisito0rs anidi -tote
it'r'rs. It, was gratiffmtg tb know that
they-weivre ntot, comfort able; hlut. whw
Mil s has~tens to Or'e'ns tojoitn h11s fion~d,
if bidmn Lowe, everyboedy. will boeclam
01rou: to1 kntow what thbo devil has done
A S auu~JIt QASt'.\ir. Ohas. T.
Clatuittli,, nItheo trme he wns-woiunded,
1 lient 1rtnf. in the 8th Virgitiin re~i
met'. lie cougiood freun htik throit a few'
d1ay- sinlce, '-innie ball tl~i haiacIboty
1odyi rthtere for more than fbu 'agir8
11e was l sot itSe'von Pan~' a
J.$M, the l),i.1 ent~erhnig M g ~e
noso judLtslow thle left eyed IL. as
probe.d f'fnr itJ(ehos. and 1'onnd' O. hto aye '
pitosed hbear perpedicul
niing I hisbitin d't4 g Qo1
llg l

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