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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, July 04, 1866, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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Jefferson Dhis III Prisoll---Scelles tu1d
hChIcints of Ill1 Life of Ile EX.('u lfed
crtio Presicitltl ill the C aset1ta u k t.
Fortress Mull rop --B trrhs fromi Ille
liltry of IlIt Post- "'Ill'guuot.
CoNV :ntsAtroN iV: i t Mll aln.u I1.
Speaki.ig- %f hi~w reatily the powers
of the sibt. mnay be icire'aii by prac
tier, .IMr. Davis nla'..1 tll, theory tL:t
thle brinl Loo, was also enlarged ill it.
c:aacine, bothl physically and initelb.e.
taally, by colti allvi labor. Ilo point .
to thek lar1ge brains.- of' nearly all who
have beenl emlinouti, inl pursu-iits involving
l tetial labor, coitettlling that IA th a
bor of the t ailor de v'lop. ti le iuve les of
the -ight, i.b1,b i :1and furet-fintger, i t e of
thei. delver the inntsetle if tie log, awli o
fort1h, !w the increaed ( X eist of the
brain inclreased its, size. Teewas a1
faullt inl hi.- parlll,I he knlow, or rathelr
v hat tap1peared to bo at bui ilt--1th1 wve
canl establihl no anagy beI-tw'een arho
k ill it c t nai l t l aba, ltor enla ared
til tho organis involvae- ill it, .-. I-i' as
wo had ImeansI ofljdgmtlg, atnd tjta . ittl
wo did not. know how 1t baitnated
il its reC )ticall or imistsiotn of' i ens-.
wheth'r pturely. pasi vely-, or witt solme
physical actioll, hle)v eC1'cr Slig hlit - a'e didl
not kinow for certaiii I t t I- brtain, #f
till great intelleettt1ad wotrkars ll'wetrleI iich
larger, onl the averagea, lat ia wvere t,110.e
Of nR'lI juII'raIilll ee t ajn
Remouarkel thi .itht iat.m imtlcs, he
mutitst to a great exteitt ht a1 h1.le1 1'ever itn
phrontholog)' to which lie assentedl, witI.
aL. the snlo timo protestinag tagaimst. tdha
ch1a trIttaniSIs whih lha1d o'er'li apl. fo'
selfish purlposes or gin, whatl truth there
wnas inl tho sciecie. th-'oro I0t ma
cotld be properly te sted, the anatoiy if
the brait shouldho inb tadale a speciality,
nad stutlied witi till the assi e ttae ol'
intunierable sutjects foran y yvar-..
But1 the mlon whoa now puit. th'em'l*cvesi
torwar l as plof 'ssur i tat, 'ie'a. tillta
probably i ver svee i l. ithe it ' al v
.aa ill --''a.'tin Il ot of ha f I ! 'ta ---i:
I er lih ve .
RELIGIOUS ruI.11: ole m:l. Iun\ ' ;;
Titr was M< t tiotn of devot.
ItessI ohr ascellf: . ii I u y patii.; hat
every oppor.a1ia' vt,ti I had f s.eintug ta1ti
Coinci'ited um Ilan- dely' of li.-ine4n.
religions Cotvieth'tts. IH I 61Ai ad
patring 4 _ ext wihll , -xi, 41 w r 1: 11 , .
divine bea ulvI o t . a 1... ' . :1t Il
w iI' la' t V a ll i . 'of ;,,
ev e ryt a' c o n t e i a le p hatic~ a , ta - c ~ 2
l nan lIfC. N iln -.I
indivila I ep i.- , h .! ho a' 1
c.'aanbi rig hluca ia h e b ci.i lI
\1 1 !:t- I 1:' 11 1
e orra w of ct h l a hc at j T . uiac ,
su j c.,i h ach .\l r. I a I ' i-~
vta tc e aes n-aettc In hi ' < isecn - ; c ac c ir
ac be'alitpbl of~ 'oa n mh -
rawsilais p'aesed, ain teI s evi.c
<i'iln c , a' ea.iy a ta .a n , w it-, an
soph''ti''tryto th Iinfidel( cat a i t r ai
1tor atis , v lortl oroe ~a t tt avidce,,)
cita tlg iii atte t in \lahr a ' so -a reant'
laC ia' knowh- ga ta lt ' nmny, atl ( ha..
conet ionfdliktelia'i i es atlcditri', :it aa'
tone quenao thle ' ilmatt tan <-teatl'ier lt tlreiat'
canlthe i tteuon i oi lti aaehasea oftistt
ch'uaiatitai t r, h lie thir opi atan hluol ha i
tuoiie 'al suh lmpila aehe
gientlaught. 'nlyabtllenge taa~a~, baec ad
thes ciiputationat oft' by aj poc i aat tom,
than whomau ea ilk mv 11 j tlihtent, noaa atr
tailot~i aaxteiplar oChtafait ti. hchla tanda
ashi e n a c~lti' ~'onso ut' liini naul 1ive1,
whitat Iteaver rn'a haebee is ire>litia
T he l laingt is othe~ ola)iialall io thaeafa
Ntionaat Uion conventjion aato, whic twoe
reterredt y'eterd hay :'o mitin a dIta
A~ ' ieu aNationalUnion Coneion, aofl at. lest
tory to a'i irl) ot y e istict I of Clmbi,~ an
wtlbeh l tthe fciy of 'iladlhio
teseonda Tamoiay ('iil)tof tagu uhiti a
i'rofthe yever'alSaeswosutntt
Aeiitroatio n i maiai'nin, nboktt enl
wh'Ich or Athesto, etab oll i met o
Ia'yto ' 'ho tloing )ia iI r oitis, iiia
wih e amial tat the itra o i' I'int ottary (a
thesiond ota Unte ttle,h Aauai th an;.
8iJ v al eg'e w inb puri naeJ(t yU thca.,
suprim' , and con~vt'alstanl and uroSatera in l~
Thaal otght lt t''i e digntj'.land~ t h qa'litey
of te Stsin a~loht tae Unt'ion,~t incluing the
'Lt f rtaealrastentat itt in aangicc8,a r
and ~~eatttitatw r exponded .~tin thltatace cvl
~c~Therei la ntot ,ihte anywhelac, niac issolv
ho.jttiaa Union ori t epats i litatesa fro hae
Unon .ite by'outary athdrawa O'$tl by
hther bithealIeltatUsiono thiri loalg a
I thr 0 t'oprasnticaiesi ot. byauias theiNa
OS'try ga alioa no lit Cor n', it or
tt heo . rlota lishveda'w ih ayo Stat o
ft I'oiro w or irndicti ln...e cvi
Ic. . T h . is rio a t h m ou tiright, rayw c', I: l tolv.
a 1110~b th ltiaionso otapltof taits owna 1 l..
Unoolhi by ronl'yw i~htullcan 13
toc 9'arad or by Coictotap 'iluenceat
~~u l~i~ 'lorottuaor 1o1. by th Sta-o
Cc lieyaatb~hbta na t f hoa lhsor
;i to -C~ I' I O lt l i w
4. 4 ' '4 I '''44.1t 4 11' 4% fit' I I4
II .sk 4 .14 4 4If 4
a it it I
t Igg ~ ti
I llI 4 k
tVl k
t, 4444 44. - i - it it it
lit- 1 1. 1
Ill, itu e I I ti I t I
4,44'''', '4'''' ni I 41 I II I .- ,4' 4'. :I 44% ,
lit - .l. . J. vil ~l4 :I 1
il'l :4' 4' ' .
w 1 1 .4 4.,. : ,I . -) -. li
1h4 ent 144 j4144 114: ' 444-4 4i, 4'. u4 1'4, ,
4it-4 4 l i-I. 4444 1 [1. .I-I
it4 v
I e w , itsef
I4 i ta p4.4 I '' l'ia
ti - i
lic *.;31 s t
i t i it II it te }I -
Wi t ilt l -
I f'st 111.: wi::1h :1tyf I4fit,
va.- 11 ' il t. b
Jill h t I I:
rep all * it I - 44 it"
*44*,' ~ ~ ~ ~ . ... 4 ' 1 4444
111. .I 4 v 4 4 *
get her4 444 ~ l 14 4.44 ;f,, "A 14 I fill, ;I . .I
144's il144 I 14 444 444 4 1
St.'l' t t i4. ll,, 141 4 W 4- 4 144
4.u4 itill: I li t
it4: .4 . , 4.1
4 i4414 14-I
\1 44.4
N I .4141 I. 44.\i) 4' C 4 444
4..4 '
44,4 . iT hs ,',
-r '; il b 4.
.r-r im 444rtm. 1 .\nd 4.
i er re \ r ci') \\4.))) '.0 S:' 144 ;1
h. oth' r
The4 fi. 44 r ('44 -4 4 th4 j.
their '4'14 a 4.ii . m IL. .h m. (4 44.
t \ j'' 4)) \4 I 444
j4)i~l'u14 l)411''1%':4: 1 '- 4 4 t4h44
14)s ia'1'4 n4444 'n~ hq4
114' 44444 f 4,'Q''. 4411, 4I)4 I~'.~ i
C4'% 4l'4 1lh) 44.4
4 th44 i.444
d~e)'.'. 4)) 4.' '4'1\v ;4'44 444 :'. 44 ly44' .4
\till')) 44 r114' 4.\ ''.41',. :4:4 .11 TM:4''4'4 1
A 4AAG O44 T44...,gcy0* u
Ti.44 14 %. ' '444 .
I'ro l . 4 444I4; ' 4,e~ [h' :444
m 'valor 4.ht4ba 1 m - .. .c.
vra : A i IrV wII.I. nrQAUIREJ FIFTY
i i 'A l'P TnrAOl rTO I 'A
a 'i'd n'.a. P - !n i en .in-i cf Tha.i
Fn i, t .- * ne;I liucy . CRJiI a
t Ah dbo camIo
n .t as li' !.;lf ha
- illa 1
b I -( AI . i
I i
i A'h
t h -h
I.Ala A '. A''
1 ~ A (
- *2 A V - V .
A. Ai ttAA- A
'A .
IAAA, n- I
Iij 1t( VAIAJ I1II A1
*AAIr~I~A~ ' t" ~r"'i r' 1
1A I \AI'S
n i o te u I D
- A Al Al r A
b -' ' I A I ''AiI
\ n --'~ A
t it bAAA 5.
u n aa noi dee Ared h
A I Ii I ti'' ns ofA that
A ~ A (A. All
Bu ae A n tews i' l 1 (11
up A i Ae li An bA n il
hi th'a tAA mlAAnlA oAe u e Id h~l
mani h11'f mArtiaAAA l AiAntA 'An 'itmo..>p
huIdI no bru h IIA th -A)lj m a' -nl r.-l
111n A h t 11111- Ary gh o knowE f(iA'Age of
thlA Continent. WeIQi ui!! L m-A'ihm - to
I fAAAAl~ i l tuAl (;IAlhullry.A~ ~ '
Whe .\uI..s A JAA h! :an TudiAn~
repjl Ad, A\. A hid .
I re niIo 111n8 wA., .:1'.1 2 cAA~ ...
As pI AA'AIAu ti thet'AA ed Ii Al f At 8t..
All t I r it v1tict.
AdAApAAAsiteAd the IIAlennAIA oa)ths of tenst of'
thAous.ambsl- of AiouthernA~ All 'Atwh lAAoJ,
'A Aid lN(A1II :ilid eiseAtelA l' i fiAm Atle
ato tA) Iii'A ilo ath L. TiAj,.1. twAy V .::',
th l Agh th !~ AgeA! thll 1piofe,:sin, h
AIAl yet, eery ac((t, every wAord of
thleirs is ai chargo thlat, those South..
ornerAl~ ennuilot bo trustted Meen u~po)h
'their (8atlon "SYou myear you suirron
der'," say~ they.,~ "bt we wvill deal wVit1(
'youl as I you .TworQyou wYouldA 1loer
"submit' '
4 .A.A;t:.A,.J~
.llc The Di ly .\meiei l'at1,iot of' the
2'it lead off in a m1t delicate ed(I i
t i l o.' e.'tion that Il ItIh dlly bo
celebraited inl the S~outh. Ihtthere
ik no u..o to ham-1lo tlhe3 propo.iti)n
with profI'Iiued gautletits. Come out
bolIdly, nevighbor. Patriot, and11 Call uponl
tho South to rovive b)ty su1ch a eclebra
tionl thle old republicaim prinlciples
which prevailed when tho blood of
1770 flowed. It will bo plea sant
to dwell ipon wlat wo werc, it it
im i to look it, hat we are.
One v to to avnai~
vcl ill u, "h loa
3' nim311 ''-11 i
4 I3~ji (3(t!.3 In'm
r -76 in
.1 t. " . w
- Ir-m im ,3;3
: , th.2 42 ' e .-1;r no i.,i h l u
11", t Trll -rit -n .,win o : reas
1 ' t 1 :A'~ hb l 2! t mem: ry
sh f i j : .*e thti.'('' 'I II(1 1Iy .l.21r.1
The. 3li, '. 'n 4 mV enYtion.I'lll
-noe ath;rhaillwbe."
-r:I a o n h t !t. es will
1,4t bi ! t'e.-nven1Ti.- n it
ihr I -I-. . b.t . -1 ' V 2it'-r
21)' ' ' 11iV 4 hai sn i
S It
* ' ji 1%k' I' . . l ~':th '
r r 1an he no
130111f ih tlhi !2aLl p::at..
I o aregetIi 1 a ln tty wt ll
it is, kaa3 wet 1 the uclcess of I
3.onvenl~tum( to at u u~ jlh .wha1t is a
m .If t1 Ps I IMfIites haVe n) t
ie umrekhon to i a ng l l-dwnl thel'
W2 thIi'.: i~.l ly more13 go31d can!' 1'7
1.t us r t2134 'hlhI,3o thll ad 23icals t hat
13dngwt them'P 232 (12m' are( with u;s,
men 3 1331 1lrties V;ur get in3to po.wer',
-un33 thenl (3121er to rec;ipreent the co( ((urte
al of polit 44 po3l3i1e. 1
CGriss Ambu)ig the. (rop..
mor, , flrh 'ts a l"tnn,
tha'n gro's~nno hisl1~ 12 r (2'':. It mu.t
have i 21n t.h.;.nnip by' ;very2, one31 1m
t3 ('1rn3 th123im2 to hot ton. Now'. whilel
ty' 11my) no1t understand131( why it is2 so.
111t thle cause~.L will bje easily under(1
od3( when21 th 3nature3 of thoi growt h
ofgrssan thel cul1tiva1ted crops3 is
e. That3,1 i', it is3 fed4 more by' b.~'1itera'l
than by tap -root331. BUut grasses23, at
len'22t mo42r2 13f thouM2 which implede tile
grwt of 33.[ cr1ps.in ti s33tU3 sectio ar
bo. th 1corn13 3 a gr3l32S roots. .1433 1ot..
11o3 which sll 'tap4131121 root mlostly3 anid
littl. lateel' roofi~ runs5 down 1ten to
!211e4 .1 it, w 1 h : rea ily .een that
corn3( and2 th 13 es b oth fee from1 P(3
11"' 4:: 3~ia 3 p 1te sa h
3.'. ''o who ha3. at al observedC~ grow.1ig:
h(1V u.2i1, tland . 2 3 hovv: M i "tually
w..ill be flIt down33 i.0 the0 31i. of the13
1l3owe.d " to g)o~ to 3)pa 11' s" iih much3:1 less
21ynni1ty. tha333 11arn, for' the. reas53J
Wh'Io will Answer lii!
.Doos the. top) qf1 a wagon lieel~drun
tfaator thant3 thle bot tomt ?.
TPI is queiry ivo 3fIbmijt for tho spcu3
Ialioltt of3i 03' rea2ders. 'Itf ainy 0330
pswerW0't ~in the0~'Ifirmativoi, h Ii3i ns.
sign thp reason( w11y4 Wo v on.
awer it-i
The ltrMiNg of Columibi.
Dr. D. iI. in a long
conintienll tiol to th O dioinI
howVs cotisivel y that C(luimiubia wI
burnt by the iliu-tiatel Ittob army of
luinau, aLnd that all the towns :mid
railroads destroyed inl tiat march of
vandalism th I rough otir State was
winked tit by the notorious Jlri.v
WN ords fail us to expressour detes
tation for a mian who could even unof
i1cintly co11untnalleo such acts. Great
er ronquierors of lest cnlightened na
ions11 cOnhil spw-% the unpraocted
iv :a eaI's : t - f o H -
neun I ta iwhol ial: d r 'ttls destriu
a r ; hir~tril hi :etI li t wilt!
ai o. vm
li x~salit' we specak Whla t we
A Ntui' Pnper
; .o ,at, earti t Florcuec, on or
l it' flie t 'h aily, to be ent itled
''Pt' l'aa'ct~c (u.~,1''' It~ wjill be I
p cil d lend y N. : es. A. .it i rs, and
amlW. A\.fIt.N. WO wX~ it I;
l acliloi a,eay
who appreh'nje no danger in th
lita' li ;tiedis ill r l ryaxi . W in:- I
ianasd t:.a t vu:lit -i t t, br talit itt..
I! Ilh,inI~ A S int a t'u w in d( (liege
r 1, ixct. i. t ft Ilt'Al we urpaising that
abi u thett't th Juyitte nite
te WIlornc It' Ilte i 11t sh w i1b'
mlietd by tiMr1. S. . nownt and
wi bte u tbr diili tria vl's tm .(
mo et o ess.d.o e.P n .
fnd W .( .\.rl wha . WCoi.h ll-n.
42\it ~i' 'fl jis at r ttIi'a !ltc
Ziloav .e 1,1 "I.'l 'l ,'It t tilt 111
lhts I e d t t t y- th h t ent-ih o fin.imi I
capto-,'I'o n ar tht4 h.nis i :oh et ofuit
toitv . Al ttt he :-ret a n leavt. e
to th Iwll thr i d i u nneer c o usa
t he rieease of t t avners should
have tts ptomptl tipllowed. litia
wi' .- i a to fb e ito wlmtt o tov
10w thJ al n i i lin-e teo ft t itder
esat. (itt i. o t t; ,. t-- it would~ tave
lg buit pebli11 w ~iit twetih Con .. fi
fiedrto-s t w i lagvt~t ti ha111 fetit./
V ./e mlid by ttx t et st. t C)Ltintt~C
atl ul irdoned.( e therefortei~iu t lavei
P.S 10Wit tog the Phldepillwyr oV de
cide who w'toucld oitliiy afod them'
Te'ni~./ he ire Ofi i t t D i t l~ l
Ebua l wre welmblth h, lliia
call oithtie N bal nio Imen.
wti . A s :Wt't havet beenlto expted, 1
e'ventis l isl notle Wre frop ojec
ti *i 'It t.. he t' be re tait no
(d4411.gtat v i ita hi.at wh de
"votr l!! :wepat tenonl utdisiua
"t14l ^J~n'j hewllrso'ote prncile
abioveittk forth. Ano,n wthoxeepin-.t
leiples its. wart ilst denminatedu a"re
hyllion," AlnAt th'e word iloval" Fistnt
I'touhave l4 et u tihe Ii tll leas t ~ i
Woae s~tithnk i) 1)btte foort usof
Wri. Thowe Tretodre represynted
thee hold ike to haD~ve iT unry
eivil waer JrIronon'tt DOvi' ison-i
Relations--Tho Servait Question
Our model Society ; Manhood and
Womanhood ; a Little Office of Trust ;
[Iow to PIuish a Child. PhysIology
["eeding Children ; To Young Moth
Dr$. Signs of Character-Physogno
mly of StatemInaonl ; the New Dictionary,
with Engravings ; National Character
istics : 'ho Tlonaga Islnders ; A.sop's
I'ables ; The Lyaw of Quaility; Buckle's
History of Civilization ; Intellect,
North aid South ; To-day, a Poom ;
rhe Great Mystery ; Fruit, Culture ;
Another Prophecy ; Female Suffrage ;
l'ench Children to Think : Miltona's.
rast Poem ; I irned Nonsense ; Sol
l irig ~and Crim'. A ih Number,
awie & W 'i'-, :), ;rad we-, Nn-'v
"T1ired Naatir's etl osrer."
Thu king :ad the peasant sleep.
N o Ox aNt t h : Month of the beleh
ing emonii, and the prisoner inl the
Lleep dark cell where le hetar ]nothing
at ehrbi of his own
i ur, de. Royalty and Poverty
tt 'n lono cotimon ground here.
'i 'd N: 'r Pri::: no more, no lMy
tlh:mn this'j:.pae, ailt this sie mtataw
lanve or Dcatt citims the Victim. Aid I
i if ail er::tion wohla pay tribute to
lie die0am am1)i, ev-n the beast and tle
birds of prey whieb seek their food at
light., Com silet ly 1,6rthi as if' twe at
trimie ; the d in and bustle of busy life
lie away, and:the mighty sphores rush
through infinite spaice ats Softly as.
:i dreaming infatnt's sa mile.
('luilht Iii Inst.
Weo learn that TwoM aU/1s lionor.
mh it siun sptd urdl a ilered M r. V \N
It'roN of North Carolina, has lately
,0n arrested in A "1usta on tho
limr of conittin ig another murder
>uj the Ilrl' of a11r. HlA.
(Iist iars to Fairuaers.
'Wc ! I rv l cired Ione coittnutica
iona h nswer to our questilos to
ar'ers. It pre.ents several points of
interest, but owing to -sickaess itn tle
>llie we will not he able to present it
itn til next week. We hope others will
4i0y to t h se questions.
Whillt Next 1
''lae elcouragement giveni by the
lIadihas in Congress to the Fenians
ias led that political orgattzation to
told maeetings with a view to have the
Neutrality laiws of the couttry abol
ishel. The fiact is lie r)a)oros Ia
red of the Riadicalsa agatinst the Presi
tient is so great, th t they wiIltin at
notlhing to venat thaeiri splceen upon hn
Period ictIs.
The A mterian Former, (est abdlied
1819t,) a motl .\i agtzazinte of' A'rti
mialtnrt acnd I hioricualt urae, puish ~ ed
bys Worathaintiont &' L~e ws, ini 1hlt imaore,
tdat. No.' d outh a y itrteet
Perm' at , 9:2.00 a year. Tihae Jntlyv aia..
bter laos renehled us, anad we henarti ly
eeilmmtaal it to atgriiutiasts.
.Jud~ge Chtase hans hteadeld, wm ith a
tandsomne stia, a subscript iatn of Fi fty
fGtusntad Doallarts to lie presen~ted to
Will ittm Llotyd C ararisona. Tlhe latbor
3r is worathyi of' his haire. (Iarrison lhas
0)oiled to wreck this coutryt', for mtany
longt 3t yers, i11and it it laropitate that
uidi thet tuinsti wh Iib attetst is suc
es,~ sotine maitaoimet- should be con
ri ved to perpetinte Itis tnme ini con
wet ion withI it . PTere is a pecul iar
litem asC'0 1 t iitnet go, iin Ju dge Chtas'na
henad ig th li ist fpraisers. IHo is the
Cief Jusit'o of' thaat (Coturt whaicha is
aet ats (the specmi guard ad cxpounatd
'a of' the (Constitut iota of the United
tates ;atal ans baeen the text, of
f.htirrison's life, attda the key to his con
tiuct, thaitt that inasttrument, is, itt his
ownj words, "a league with hll and a
coventant .with deah. After thuts
:.onspicuouasly haonor'ing the auathbor anid
actor of sutcht a sont imtenat, Judge Chaise
will prlesidec with a peculiar grace over
'treasona" ttriails in the 8outht.
[- Richm~ond EI~nquirer
T1he Euqirer, seemns to credit OAn
uisoN witha the wvords "a lengue witha
bell atnd a coveniant wvitht (death.'"
It is a inisquaota tiotn, hiowever, fromt a
ntoroC atcentt source thtan GAntlasoN.
[ni tlhe Oldi Te'stamatent, ini Isauita,
wenty-cighthi chaptor, atud eighateentht
'orso ag e founad the following words:
"And your covenant with death shall
'be disannualled, and your agreement
'with hell shtall ntot statnd."
I tiint 'PT auu.: taavi.: ras .----Twov
.eint. tto isi. .s of Wm.~a }%fzzat
ii 'Sd i~ Chr- ake-r . weeta arretlt in
!!arbtl te. N. ( .,a M Mlessrs Joel AMod
in an td ,Jmu i P'wt r. ont ihr cimtrgea of
oraairm'th No.t iib.- of Mir. Joeh M.'Sin,
ad inkinag .a''o iad muitle, anad a siad.
Ih-., bralle, &c. T1heo ga'onttii who
arremet d a h partiesa brouight Piarker heare
mi Satutrday' a, lt. he eng arrested by
,riine of'a wairranut in F it ield <iist rici,
ie wasi renoaamdeda to Ltho jaii ini WVaine
>orao, aR our jnaih has "'gonea air." P~arkva
vill. htowevor, we lenan, he baroutght to
his district for trial, as9 the criame was
omitted here. Blizszard,.after htaving
teen arrested, manalgbd to eff'ect his cs.
ape.-Patri'ot, 25th.'
(A Mr. Lyon doelined fighting a
luol, and was. called. a dog -for it.
Ah., you may call meo a dog, but a live
kg fa bottor Limct a oa i o
Local Items.
,luilher frallt.
Little A.Cic ('AiI.Im.., aged I,
died on Sunday afternoon at the resi.
dence of Mr. J M. ..i.io-r-r. It. is a
telianclholy fact that this is thu secoid
death in the same household in less
than a woek. She died from the saio
fovor which took off littlo JOHNNY EL
LIOTT, her cousin.
New Ayerlsements.
Messrs, Bacot, Rivers & Co., havi)
No. I pulverised Sugar and Congres
Water, just reeviived . See notice.
See Sp etacles lost.
31moiday being sale-day, the ]ot. o?
c Atton,'cOnslistilig of (3) lhIe, IrecI i -
ly aivertisedl to be sold by the Shwri;!,
was dispoved of at 26.1 cents.
The Wetilter.
The weather for the week cing,
July 2, has beenl favoralle for vegel
ble growth. The temperature aver
aged 76 degrees.
IIeavv rain on tho 27th June, and
light rains oin the 28th ant 29t1.
W.ssnono, Jll .-Couon--'.
1lomr, $1.1. a 15. per harrAl.
Lard, 27 to 30c per potud.
Corn, *1.85 a 1.90 per hisliel.
Peas, $1.75 pwr hshel.
llaioi, 20 to 25e per poimd.
Meail, $2.00 per bushwl.
Sorghnm, 80c per gallon.
Sail, 8i5.00 p1m sack.
(11,ter. 25v. per Imnon.
1930t o 25-c(. pwrdoz.n
Tbe-.-)5 to 'i1.10 p)(!r p1minld.
Col.ns. ,. :ia).---C ~o: oo, IS to
2:3, gotdl; 23 if) :32,e trny
Corn.A1.65 to I .'i) per blishl.
F 101e, II to I 0 ptr b e i
Oats. *1. I) to I 20 pehr buslel.
l-i. A-.00 it; 2.25 poerbuh.
, '! 25 1.o 2.70.
Itic", l'aigoon. prim 11.. io 12 e;
Caroliia 12 to 15e.
Tob:ceo, toe. to 1.50 per poiund.
Coin, .1d 45 to 50.
G t .. or r', une 30. i SGG.-Co Ion.
-No tr%.1ns-letion to) nole. ; iddlingm
Wolld eommi l 28 a 29 enrreiner.
Iloir, 8 I 2.5 1 a I .1.00 por bavr r
Hlinml, 1 (.- a 1 8v. per potunad.
Corn, 81.50 a 1 .60 por buishel, in deC.
I'- 1.15 a 1.50 por bushel.
M\eal, 81 (1 ao $1 .70 pe bnt hel.
W\rheat, noneii oferingi..
Sorg unnh. 50e. poet gallon.
Gold. 61.424. a 1.45.
Silver, 81 35 a 13..
Thlere aare so miany in correct state'
ments inade about thle talx t hat wiill be
unpoiisedI on the issues. oif b)anks organt
l'.ttuner State !a us, pa id ott byI
banks on and tat'ter the I st July~, I 8C:d,
that it is iportant for overy Imusiniess
mnan to und~erstanid the law. The Act
6f Congress, of March 3, 18605, reaids
Sruc. 6. A ndl bs it f'urher' enactul.
That every National Banking Assoi~ea
tioni, State Bank, or State Banking
Association, shall pay a tax of ten per
cent. on the account of notes of any
State Batnk or State Banking Associa-.
hon patd out by them, after the tirst
da g July, 1860.
11 Albe noted that the tax is im..
posed only on banks paying out oilher
tiotes titan those of Nationtl banks, or
Uniated Staites legtal tenders, and that
in nto (1as can the tax be imnposedl onl
individaial moehanuts,. brokers or
agents, (other than banks,) paying
them eut, or using thoem in their butsi..
The ciroulation of the niotes of St ateo.
banksamnong individuals, is in 1no way
antersered with by this law. Iholders
of these notes need not be under any
approlensiona of any loss by the ten pe(;
cent. lax imposed, as ban ks alone are
subject to that penalty for patyinig
thtemout aiftor the tinmo speeified in
d.n la', for tas some oif our1 cotomiporn
11os i'markc, there ilil really 1be nd0 t ax
at allon State banik circulation, be
Cansnne bu Ot tt baniks atre taixed for
pmyinrt thema out, and they will not tan
(her flue penalty. P'rivto bankers
wilplring tup throughout the count ry,
ha "lintyl) fi-om brokers the hi Is
circulation for the peopleO, while theu
State Banksg will close up, to some1 ox..
tent, aifter providing for the redomp
ton of-their notes when returned to
their redeemng agent.
6 jaof e Smb airolina rail.
-iIdegatjion ii Liiond~'i, last weok
tie1e he Callioeian theory of' Staio(
nv. h31 lie wvas en'eet Oalhly S shtI
laby a Sui es,.. w ho .i g~
Vii n(t 'Ieen.tomed to hear thati sort
ifdorno nd voeuiled ont thle stumpiij. It
ln.(l Wtll. I helieve. in it fn'1lv. itL
3) eil enme~ to t ry it, it dlid not wor3k
h~e the~ory wans pretty, bub~ tho
"'wals destructive. We do not
W7j "iy.0d or it in our genera tions
- have buriedht."
1kcy say." To whom do they s1
4"Ud haI cetainly shows a tatlinc
n ov>spirits wich ough4 on

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