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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, July 18, 1866, Image 1

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4An;illar~id Dle~oote & (J
''e : T : 1 it.' ,1) i publisliecl Week
ly iln 1h Town1L, n o Winnsboro, it 03.00 in
varcably bl udvranc.
- All tniient. advortisemens tio be
I Rid inl advanceol.
Obituary No tices and Tribu(os $1.00 pe
[From01 thne Pou th enI Field a md Fireside.]
St 11 Faithfull
- - 0:- -
Iat. il int J id ih Dare sent fur me.
A4 1 w(ti t 11p Oe dimn sIni'r-way to tIhe
little w:nbir where we used to steal
itwav-olh, so m11.1an 1p1py years argO I
Ii,~~~ ~~ ,itin C atllt 111 Crn k nt' Iilisns.
1) budild castles". nnld "maike u.0 bis
Ild ! e rves--I 1'.. ait rng fore-bodinig
hni illnt hi-ar. i\l t. I)aret, lyi Op'n
ed the dioor w ni Iit rt aw , V
J ididh 'w S o: byv thll table .. --.
Thero w a picknir o oH lettetr Onl it,
se ea!yenl--- iluh. ,)ek oif browni r
nestledi besido a butt1ilnh of fandcd vieits ;
-mt I :w lirnt yh the 1cloriig laip.
1gi 11y%-, bo face, pale "1nd1 sad Its
I.w 3 nlavy; neow, y(.-[ onnC4 hitw Sipt1k
:ing :nil b ntiful witb youth,htpa iad
loeShe was restinga her oow 11y Mn
her !i1mai, 1t 9 1 n I )ame in $Ihc riied
Co-ne her - . A nni'. I have heenl
j in gt a!t J n'S 't, pi:n', iL. S fain'r -
don' viln thin! ?
u it .1 it O h, I k h : I n l l I
down !11fo k i-le 13;1 oh,, 1 korC-4 eve'.-y
vttmg iI I,'i m Jin - vV. ici too Well I') be
"Oh, Jili
J 4 r-, I'r a inl :it. 1pn i ',e f -itI
V rtr:1a0ed i ith mii Ire - h ce o
t it enliwd :h14! Ivry Ity Ve of p ierct
mau l . O 1t n 1ii thl; proudnt ye t
ten rm-mb -l-the p c rn t evei-,
:iln I itd mllY sf on Judith's 1ni der.
ce, -11 wiln low -amo tie a4l (rv (f It hi
u Lip po r w .% 01 .1,] i t btlree':- I I Iln
wlilt (lito l-c1 :1 411' J:1. II i11 v I itreln 1nvn, aIlth
woh tn v het brei tth ofajnemin hn.d h
In~ a; n. I hen)omr la-arts le tiga
ei en iowl clo.-inr ill 1 ie .agm I i
h v te Ill . 0tt- il In t I 1 .tV
in rud I Inyn ho . Ie't dvn.i n i " It
ed--- ti litoesinl in lie prndtwt
her~~~~~1 1<1 *:p Vte orhmn
('11m11r 1a 1 my in nto her-.
"lnt re An ntnl)ie, you ar e n0ot
weke tani am, 11nd 1 have senlt (or
you.t to ell me wha!:lit is lti.n I An
ifraid I lve nlot1 been doin xach11.
r-ightl it) be remdlng theseM ileiters"
Ili,, wr hnid wenrily neros her brow,
h1.1)1 I Onl1y w ned t -t Oh A -
Ie, yo It now !"
Yes, I li nw. NWrot li si- r th1outs
lmi my thiuits? ll thre Ino boe
"n id ade M-rt ml bethwfell us foi
nim.sto a ts I knew ill l s di.
d11 i li b it. WitheI0 loiueors to drink eto
more111 (4r1aughtll from:1 1l11e4.0prngo
love which had so lon bnitI her daily
sustenlance-t-hat tho had ( pressed~t (1h,1
soft. (,Irl] ho more to her lip, ofwhic
everIy si'.ke stranid was asi dear its at
djrop of lifen blood-tit She hiad opeed
thA ntmin intnre to graze for thv laist tim''.
tioin n Face she hatd )n lot nger any right
to call lohe. I knyew all thie, and Jt.
inh saw-it I'wShe Ilais erom ieys *toh
oher. DyatrdyIt~ o~thr
mured:IICJ "yur have neveri1. deci)e ame.
Lcrte field om abon, it."C \Tet
Jith"-bulotr lie whulhd me, ith a.m
sroangeiuiedthie andtl wen~t oi "It~s
tmoghtg ae non i; its hsibeen cut oe*om.v
iacg month, A nd Hisletters wohr
not soloas 10tinse to beandt
they wigrt fo int. an fuall 1f tem1rness
Intoneit .a thle wrst,:d here iti-ihe
calne tmIe "titea a M apignon. tShesmil
e asan btit; wan sas ta rearhe.
ioetDater day I used theritwher
aw n wtch fol'-tior litteTma h camen
heohad acreter awe old aeit ap, m
tnbree lngV'v10l n-mith aor he lowlyn
.hnt as Jhn'sii faip'teo, Ainnie-and~t
last ight irentom. I drd hnot
mig it Ys hevwold com slowlet y
he wsinging ;t andili watins h r reached
ist n"vgo letter to-dyObu Inw ntwl
Aoulie croep awiy stl lie rab is e
nd ary. nn --Arbntickn It orat
only ecveryaboy mihsae "nSe pth
nlher sent oud iy ctand len mar
her icyJoheek't minge. A dared ,Ino
1It wns only gevening. mIns atheb
my itndow.r lysn opn. besidin lo ie,
yet nwig nlttere caul ms --
Aonderose the stileao he wlpl laved i
mhisnt yod; it condtaiie his mar.
ainge-Jbojn's mriageAunifulJoh
butic~ bhoaonyad afe mlinutes at the
him~e ynu lrdi. Iwner aif shce~ wiso
lovelier to him than any wher woman
over was; but I a n old and nyl, worn
with griefna watching - so it wai best
John lmirried this Nielan or, '0only dauigh.
ter of Wieurv li &ljl ph. f !land. )I ph
H all, 1 falifa'x,' it said Sie is an i''i ress
and a1 belle, I , uppoze : taltl and ektgantl
atnd proul (S her noble nmie and de.
.et.Do yonj w.ontir that hit, forgot
me, AineI? It was (1110 nlturid for
him to love beuitty and grace. A nil
she-I know shet! was not loth to be
won ; John was very handsone anl
stateil. I rememb1inher how lie looked
that, last evening when we rode out
togetier, just blfore he went nway. \e
went, d;>i tLhroui the meadow' acirss
the bridge. and ilst asJi-we reached Le.
bane Inareb, Ihe soii was Settig 1Ie
Said. 'Wait, a mlomlent. Judilhi2 andI
drew in his oise. I see him yet., A n.
lie I There was a flar away look in hit.
eye, as if he saw he yond the pireit
into the blissiiI fntare. Oh, I See him
) (! So grn7eef1Il a1d eret--the wii,]
lifting hisi brown hair, tinged with the
g Id of Ih set ting sun, and a faint (IIisl
on his cheek, as he looked down iupon
me, halsmiling.od lsid . '1'n aIlly.
,bidith, we ihall haive a1 holnse juist ()I
this4 hill. It. will bel at heatnIII ia l eii for
ourl homie! 'our hom,- / T., ink
johnt and I will ne-ver have tn. Fame.
home, Annie I"
It Vas after midniglht. Judihull and I
leaned out, of Ih hipper window. amd
wtiched lte moon sen ing pale anitd i calm
as my da rling's f-ee over the tops of thu.
tall Lomardiy poplr The h ip.po~.
will was siill crying'. sadly in the wood
nmr by; ad fromn th, grin blwho w the
inght. bre .7",Camp lahdeni wilh the saine
oppreKVe hmgvow OfjsieInc :1ia han
'y sukl'. \W bi tid "P the lieNes
aiid s,-al,*d ihe Iib in a p'ieilage with
te slender golden hoop which he had
g; ivn hI, th mnit.iuiiire aind tihe Iiy
.cir'! ofi oi brown hair. Tler it IlaY y in
lim talo dircted to "Maiij. J:11h1n Holmes i
-lAghm', Wincliester Va." It wonl
pba bly reach thlie bride!room ist afIter
he 1pt-sed the flre*well ki's upon theI
hn3 of hi hewnul wIfA. Wombd he si.;h
ns he recognized t he wleady delicaiteear
iers 4which hai iid otcon veed 0to himl
m111Sigoes Of eminrin6 g fl h 11nd. lwv. ?
Woild onil' pang of regrot mlle wiat
the tide i happino fliwing ariand hit
i1-w life n,, h(,rna-mbered the-wt
face which va1 once I li1 (uiding eiti -,
1-14 ( had klo.h:'i rib so vaiil v for his
rAlanrn, growing l.ir atid Ialer 'with
"hlopeg-ere. am I:( camle not aind
no0w, alas I oil 1 tvver im:er Come !
dONdi henrt and mino had b-Ath
asked this q-st ions. but, niih.-r conld
nniwier--tinly I opened Itli welivorn
3ihle marked hlre anth tere wit Ih hp
py Cras, in ld ear1 ine'st p rayers andI thanks
giving ; and ther' I read softly the
Ih-ssed 'it 'ow no ch'a ning/ ?r
the prescut seemthjoyous, huO rather
g/riet us. NecrthcIless it y;iele/th the
pencbfruit; of riikt.:ousuess." I was
still holding ihe lil look in imy hand,
and t -l long -oh, longing ,o0!-0 see
onte Itar from those imoutIn1fl evevs or a
teailotisgri arouiid those stringely
quimt. stendy lips "4A im itiig, oh,
God I" I eried, "tanything, )0 it. never soi
wild and passionate rather tiian thiscruel
calmi I"'
She t"oked .cross the fields to the
sile w 1eshe and John used to sit and
i1d1k in the gloIam oing, anid where itile
TPoi use'd to wave the let.ters. wii.hi
camoit so oft en afteor la' lefit; thon sihe
glhm eed downi thle road -"the way he
went at pariting" 80 hiandsomie aind
giaceful on lhis fleet rooted steed ; t hen,
lasitly at the (dark pat ch ofadue where
a marble shazoft, glhtnmered ini the fading
moonlighit andI her best-b loved-her
own, and only ibrot.hort~ save little 'Pom,.
hay sleeping under the cedar with thle
death wonid in his nobl)1 breast. Sho
turned to me' - my darling did, and staidl
"ij woul ra thier hec were ly'mg besido
poor Ha-rry, Anrnie, and when I wiatere'd
the flowers on his grave I shoald feel '
A. month passed, and daily T went
my wiay down the meadow to meet Jn
dith. There we were wot to sit and
talk, not of what had been-oh, no. that
w'ias forbidden now 1-but1 of whvlat was
t o como ; or h eaven anad et ernity- Of
lato Judith Lad grown wieaker, a slight
cold MIrs. Da'rci said, anid we mnnt not sit
so late out (on the hay wiheni the dew
was falhig. So now we atlways camo
home at stur dowin, and Judit'h wol
lie qmietly on the loungo while I made
her tea .TLttle Tom would put by his
top and wihip in the corner, and creep
softly to "Sister's" side, never dlarinlg to
spealk for fear one of those painful congh
ing spells would come on h ut once he
whispterod to me that ho thotig ,t lie
would never go to the oflice any more,
or he didni't. hiko to pass the stile and
niot see sistor at, the window, entnd she
ne(ver sitF there to watch for letters now
Miss Antiie."
It was the first of Jane, a gloirious
summer-da y. Judith had not been so
wvell, the heat eeomed to oppress her;
but as evening drew on, and a light
wip~d played with the lilac boughs by
theo window, ahe grew better and th.cre
Wa '.nometimng. more natural in her
qtiietsmile na little Tomn brought his rab.
bite to show her, and a great bunch of
monthly roses tied with an old piece of
ribbon.i The cough was drawn. up by
the open window, and( from where she
lay, with her head on the high-piled
nillows sho could see the marble shaft
among the cedars, and far down the
road. S'he Iail been lying quite ll fC.:
a l1n toine. looking at thw
wilite lile as it led away to the iIeadlow
and the hiidg ; and pr'ewe:y the turm
ed1 her. hazel1 eyes anon mIe.
"I dreaml..d of- dohn l i, ihA .
ni," she said ----I tarted, hr the nime
Iteer passed h:.r ps Inow.
es," sh W iit. Sn Inalf w11l nul tr,
"I dreamned I v:% l hei(rojilst. so, and
T Faw him Coming up1 thle road. Ile
wor a1 greyv hat. wi at/ it ribbon round it,
anid was riding Manzeppal. I wronder if
h(. will over' comle 1b:u]-, A nie.
A hors-eman,11 wa.-jns-t turninlg into the
hine, aid I anlswertd Aniekly thalt shv
iighit wJ. notiCe him, '1 do not thiink
lie wil, Judith: you kony h, iumrri
ed now.",
A slight;-shi;.oe ro.1ed heir fCeo h.
it vanished. and sA took ny1 the roses
and looked e 'arlstiv'i at. thiit-ml. 'Frail
filors I" sihte inun mu:ired ; "but there i
0m, who clnilgeth now."
Tehorsinn camen nearer and my.%
heart leaped as the Iramp so ud rp zli.p
ly O tie still evening air. Judithll
iured h--. f[ee su-.lnl v 'T.ir wa a
faigh ihl mu'sic i' ee lsChoing hoo h
which had hm!gL hS~n oien ; and n e it
gl-mv .sol,. inl' hr p . h -.n
-11"11 clv k A1
"0 , it ' F, n1 lik i..h -pp I ' -t :l , -
d e l d It' c m v er.-rY- r --iiw :11.
Ii n-: t i s . I - -4 11 -:t Ii !f i I ;'...
nevrto r letun" n ilef f bi. a hl, heav
IfI I [, F e it I 1(1' St I . I i t 1*11 1 "v
id i kcfehof B i
Ihm1. 1 ro..oig y and w:;cIh e.I'Te
horsumd; Irr he st1'ii. aricit. t' ioIp-ld at the
g Oe, adi the lingroiig I i'ghit I 81 W
h1;111 dism-Im u. qlicidy. .-; O il h tfs
eiii d, lin h1.1 1 p1 i her yos .1l lo-sk
i"Whadoes it. itmwe:re ?" alh - gaield,
i ro to I ok o it.
We h ard a ie.of'ho s'range it
aoeem1 i whenl we Ii we Xir Ixetd to helr.
it nwnin l ' an low , manlyi, e. i'd voic I
!Z!y, "Whenm. Maizoppa !"-Owen at step|
com1iing up Otegarden walk, 11 he e-vy
ni jinPdin;: ngai the s nu . :n\ :1
ligti Sool in thle d ortwa v Nith :o grv
1,1,itan a ribb ii ed roe1 it.. I gliie I.
itit ing it iranliw, amtl nily lward MY
111rl ,;nM n 31ora :. Z1ran!g airm e f
And hnas he int non a tiod
into I i - l face of hi.; idol, anwv--rod:
"StLI r6failfl. JndIi:bI There i- :m
other Jilhn lhes, byle onr ow,)."
Short Skelda of Billiardits.
JOS:P11 DION, cii.01P dmN OF tIECl..
Th'lre Playing of Mr. lion tq excee.l
iogfy rmacefuil. vig'lponrit, and]iv .
1AI is a y og if. . c A his hall ami
li-aintes.,give vvidh-nee of' intelliurence;
amI; ame move aboutl, hO ta wi
an ehistic step, 0n0 i.." Pleat.::noly inlino'
e withrougl theormonies of hi, phiical
delvelopoment. Wh~en h~e prepare-s 1.o
play, he( phnies hlis handsI firl-1y onl thet
table, with a1 Sligat ovmIl ent of heil
4ingert, bracs his right foot well ibck
as if pan hg to "gnard agdinst inin
try," hkes in, as it were, in a moment
the Complex problem of the itnation
bafre him, atd with a slight temni of the
lip, san a smile of trbiinph pl"ymg
About Id features. lie delivers tie stok
and comrlaonl aiwai's in cosnwthh Mr.
Joep ion f llnc Johcnt a navtiv o
bT i h rded ot of t h eri cite
larde yeagris aoh ad bgtodlocaln
moai, altl nclne toa knorpnlent.
makdinga him rater, awporely eieda
wnihl-qier'uty He is ln belkown to
tiheihd wortld asin saccompisd i
pasurin ha cnruie mnehr,' to tei
populaxtrity n keeing tic pragres ofthe
gamei is this ponery behnh hsee
Tis omlishkena liuovthe jpreio
mtof rfDorn, adcclttlec ofnth delicacy
iof dr. eiteuae perhaps by manyi
nAmen mrica. exce o Crmd a baludi
fod trame froe thoelv othr, ad ao
ipsartistioc1 orits. I~senit spini
himg abhout hf wam wrien it retins
aain whroht recsiod o anyyes
who are~ ery ni emloquent mh ic aenof
andoproid to de himlonor1 lin eo theito
hae.san ntm"blir ol"o
Fromi W110110011 Ingl
dont. iA und incisp3 v M u l3
1'o.rtl333( l)v or.l:1or of tilt! .3 'tl-)
do- N.1v v toi .6 1upo~' il t .
fimi : i4:o3 I ; 1 \C. tla3 haive3 g: 3 3'3'4
ITvy weru:333 f' 1% to t17 IL'.13338 111 ( .1
le S).331tc (.oday p '301d Ow ill vl
ll ro'goi'te'l by Wilson. I ho 1~ tis I!
l'3'0'ivueW.,3C A rmy bill, whi~ltl.-ill
1The 'Triff [Bill, wan igmin conid r(
If103.30 Ono ir33C'3d3i4313t n1
to myliciid ISi: coll'ct ''ion ofj (3) focl
reul LU3X Anpfo~ed b.y the31 ActL(or 1sr 80.
k 133111 't'3.e' d, ""to3 .J'fl'i313 , IF69 .
Mr,. 11mill pn1id la! coiisi'i'rod
(on3 olth beat1 1)0-3'. M' 3: remmucunrji
Li.i Au I1 Ta ri ff' Bill wVa. 403 pted from
Iiho (oln 433u101 to 113e 1 ou!:c 6 lw i )40y
3'.'COiiiiiijt to 1111. Comi le 1(.! f\V
41::;id'! to ii foilpo:: 011. C!9330 l.;3Iiuli of'
wle lo' Ihe Io'i'3L' e'ijoiru:'i. Inl I ir
3 i'hl to.'Pat ,111 Ko.ri ii'vo l~'1 1:. I'l~
t')r (3(3 '(34 iu
P id' to o3; lm v~i Ilm wri::l'r.
C111..Zi \\ hie s. i ndiLo' to4 comply
Wil3 i ill 3lv meo 111:1 v;3ei.ho3 4i 3:Iii
- ~ i as!]v 33 lilit. C i1; PI'.''n3
Gov33. wilarniltn tie ,f~ln''' Tuco;.3
Tl(.pi".-i.-A o
a ro!ii ll(" tp4- 1-:1 frI t v~ . a
RA.3M,,U3.: Ju.!vtr :111.1 Rwlwicil'39
3 m.1;Ii no till 3(3W.)4 L t' morrow, nip'
pINAe; nsimeibi0ve pivlAesire
Them A 3( veicniiig n rOil& Hi.p I'm I031.
( t:13 1\il i'3 o t'i( Preed I cn33 ' -i L131111!M1~i
N lt ,;I Ylf ,IfK .illl 9.--iu '3t(U3m tI'll
0 ho M4impr m rl, Aneoiwl i~rming A313
ryj tA .1013 thi lid prvate'3 snce4i A
rv\1(Il'i, acnrrc iXar Porto3 Piiil life
Sin. rgiil ,13 doiing foih \r..3.,1,. 3n
l33333ls wA r sent! (lie 3311134 O le I 1 't33
916'tlih 3134] , pOt' p Soiile' 3lir0ik vopIio3
mopi went, ov Iier I')33 ile e'lls r-en
who333Jl4ii~ io 3.13(3 t 3 111 t l i o nI0'
O(.-Oamrs'3 1waIg 333ie 1 h0.3' flag landed(413
Itnva.utc 0(1313(172 00 troit oil tc' 311&USmrl
L.4m'ho33 3( Tilt. 11'd Inob f1orcl 1iti oIr It'l
S3(3C 10313( v&'C 'I ho P031:1 fil t sel-.3 to
33hIC1iOVO( Nlir*11 lQ0ft 160 11 tw.10 iii
.3.)111 1433CIiiV hot. fhiiirt' e.4'3'Chili, Peril
Blva awlt41 C33V3 O c1ivtdr :i-.- ik ;o13 hav3e34
wortil v it00 (len towr1t333. fo
Tp ilo 111t1411 Ni 1311:4 :1111IO C33 .:.l
1'11lia tt liftl the i inli ce T.30 I ilt! 'r
The firlance of Austri:a are considered in
1 dveqper:ito contlition, nnl yet Ir idebt ii
Inty .200,000,0n0-nhout one thirti of
Vtt. ]ler population is greater than ourto.
The rag business in Now York amoutn to
'0.000,000 per atnnum.
. l\nther Cloperntu in Toroto -a young
u: -rnyan nd a miss of 18.
T l hlieq of St. .outis ore to 1olil a grand
;anhern relier Fair in 8viS(eCtemer.
Illolvoru never !toked ; hie tnuit'ed
The Thisil Nalpoleon smokes- "tinuchWy."
"utilny 1ast1 i9 aid to linve beelnt Ie liot
Itest ilsy ever Nperienced itn Itichinond.
That Eruinpress l1-geine htas4 adopted (hth
Sutigarian costume, and looks in it. Sweet!
Thell! mercury roe to 120 in A tlant(a,n,
l4- week. 8nitiIroke an1d ia tldogi were
Tiho country people say the list week lIti
bieien hot on huntatin, bitt just the thing for
li Salt. atske there were I feet of !istotw
on1 ithe 9Ith til.
'ilihes, ripe and lukcionij, are in i te Sn
v-uInahII Inlarket.
A bear Onught in Wttell, Ainine, weigli
o d 800 p-onndt;.
The contract with a New York party for
constructing a railroatd frotn Alexandria to
Frelrieksburg ie been signet, and the
wCorc commences on tle 20th.
It i f stilege1l ilrt iter e is a frantilent is.
.. 1 yyck of tle Washington and Alexai.
,1r1R+1 osiCmptl to thle amount of
.'100,000. It wan used in ennect i a with
the defunct Merchant Nifionail ith anid
oin New York firtI. adri $100.001) oit
ait stocks.
It is rumored thit Plr Mpeel, the Atlot'
tey Generat, tins teiiered iis resigntlion,
anl I itt. Mr. IHIarlai will io (to satne.
Lonisiana will sencd a strong Johnson
olei '-g-lition to l'hitulllph In. So will Texas.
Tlree cai4es of chlsiern hive beeni report
ei in Now York, wit hint (te last 2.1 hours,
it none tatal. Also three in Btrooklyn
two t fa al.
INoberris, ftie -enian Ilresiielnt, was tailict
el in Now York by thte grand jury for viti
I1kien! of, thve nurality lw
The Alam1.t Itall litnoecy inlorse t le
Il it 'idol pIl it Convention, and will sent delo.
6aigt l-rinit and dye works, five iutild.
ing 111111 ilt he Trenton railroal briige, Ove'
Iiinkuf(ord Creek, till in 1tie Twenty- -4hint
Want, I'til1lelphin, were consumne t1y 11ro
on t 1 lt h 0nst. Loss $500,000.
The Allatic Telegraph
'T'I I oillon Tiwmes of J nitte T0th lihas
Ohw fao)llowinlg:
- .\be ttim dlaws nonr f.r the do.
irt re ofI' t Ie Great Eastern i tUe tIl,.
uost. nti i Vit V bse olmervabtonil board inl
order itha Ithe( great. ship ntiy be ready
I le ve Irit mooring ill (lie M dwv. lit
Itit h: -, o1. Satuurday, I le 30th .inue.
With this view relays of workmen nre
employed, nlmost without, inltrmission,
both iay id nlight. t(p to Satunhdiy
0'e ting the hisur for the hands diocon
utiing work Iliere only romained a
h-ogth of eible of a lill over 400 miles
I he received on bord. and by txtra
txeriotitns the rmaining lenglh will be
shipped by the end of t ie, present week.
Tie whole of tite i.(00 knots of new en.
ble1:1 has own completed, ald .m1 the
course of the preiucht week I ho two gov
ernmett vessels, tihe A imethyst and Iri,
lt, by tle A dmirnty, anl employed
1roun the ColieiceimeIt ill transport
ing tile cIblo froma 11ho wors to tihe
Gtrent, filinsfori, wItl rece-ive oi ho10td
Ihoir last. freights for coniveyance romttl
to tle Medwav.
The weight of thle nerw Cable i.4 aboutl
3 ewt. pnr mile, which is nmost donh.
I he weight of [he originnl A tlatic
cale. The total amtiount (f enile to be
tuInl:etn on wvil e'xceed 2,70110 imile.. ITe
ltelmnert Medway, 1,900) tons, belnig
isg i( i toh cotmpanyt, wvill accottpanty theo
arenL.Eaisterti, 0ntd will conivey abort
I 00 mr iles of the cable on board. The11
tatiks for the stownge 01f tis quanItity of
enblo havo been1 fitted on boardl tht; ves
sei', and by the I ime the Great Eastertn
is readity to take 'her depiartliro eviery
lhing ill bei hin readt iiness on boa rd Ithe
M!e.dwny', The patddle. whee~ at enmtier
ITerrnible will agauin accompanty the
G(rteat Eastertn ; but it would seem that
thn A dmiralty have in'timated thtat a
se~ontd voessol dI war catiot bo spared
this yarr. VTe screw st eamor A lbanyi,
a vesel of fifteeti hundared tons wvillnte
company the.~ expeditien to rendorlt assist.
nr~rco and carry stores and suippies, lhe.
sides whticht the screw steamewr Wmn. Cor
ry is also being fitted to proceed to sa
witht othter v'esels. A fter coaling the
gr'eat ship will proceed dir'ect to Valetntia
atnd comtmenooe to work laying thle cabilo
abtont the 7th or 8tht of .July. No idout
wh latever is entertaitted by Onpt)ain
Anderson of his being able t)'p l hhli io
0 reat, Eastern as nteatr as possio over
dhe spot at wvhicht the lost end of' theo cii
ble4 lies, ntl~wti'thistanrding thatnt the buoys
wlich wore left to mrki the locality are
swept. aiway. Stupposig theo exact'spot.
to be reachten', tiho wvork of grapplhng for',
when fonna, htanlitng will bo conmmte.
edl, to alcomplishl which newv machtintey
of' onormns strength htas boon conistrtuct.
ed and fitted on hoard. T1wonty mtiles'
hmtgth of wire grappinrg roped htavo beenl
mniiincturedt at the company's works,
andl~ samo ideat of II the i enormos tr'ongthI
of itis ropo mnay ho formed wheni it is
stanted t~hr~t, it: iearly eight inlchest in
circumference, and is mtantufac ntred of'
thte tughtt possiblo steol Wirc.
SfiOND.-PostmasteI-Goneral Decnnison
hase resigned. H e writos to the President
that. the call of the Phiila~delphiia Convotn
tion is anlttgoniic to the policy of tlig
party that nomintd a~nd olos~ed MW.
Lincoln, and of the coteihmi over
w'hich ho presidede He therefore wiflhi
dratws from the C'abinet. Rumore are
neiec M ,he reatiumn e~to foll
I I t n I -O it i i fh
ii I t t
. .. I, . n : t -y d
Ifrv1inil ants.
I :wNV( ,' P, l-. 31. -ThI,
r o d li n t ' -. 1 h .':n
our LQUQ p i; ti , Im at HA p Wilylse a i,.n
ILia iCjiwallvu .i nly I. r .i
Lane died of- hieiil' l- inl lite d wo eIIIn i
Washli'ngti: .ife Dep-trrtment h1 u Io
coied"" nO itfihi t iorm..imn lhitever jin
eernint-.: theiu re te .inwr <:. o n teit
l-Wd of Cu b I.
CkWS il-irJ
Pei it r en(se in NCu ba.iet $'iii
t ar--: lu' M e m tI:'st' t, 0 1)-'ird .
HV~t aeceinet has conmi eOtt i *iel'' -
A divi ond recnly s-:d inl l'i t'o
(-1. Ml,:(2t 0 e11n i An G..milnd"n.
TO beMfoutgomery. ALLa, bWthme .ar: fini -
'te fo i i cuin ou the slreqt4.
The. !Onllh Jr-5-:-- chi.:1-1 are dyill,
1,r0): -,un Ime e c.Ount:IIbe disease.c
1->" -: robb ri cs i n :jw Yvy nraare fright..
Iilly t m the inevN ise.
A :1' - i illy t1011 ' e idnlveg Nias
renrd:n1y air inl b ha
A Nv;e Y ri ork thi.- p t s-el
t jeilry bti luni 81 uliilieh- i: ll.i
tlt 1itw of'!1.1.
F'lly rinth pul r d y frown Nellow f'ever il
Vetra Cl uz.
The li es "I Priiti-i i own t a pri.
1i141 1ni-le a nd t oI 1in fili: in
New eleans n e day.
F'ive suiides it New Hlaven, 'onn., in
Onz S~y.
. 11- th l Fr n b i r, 1 t n.1 i it, il
d I lie w:l a1 11ina :111 a g ob e.
l'ars C. Wrbin: ivll .#f ai t r - hionnel
ulnc ith inis it Inn s rI b" pit ;tte iit. -
A new tlid lst 1.eeti invented by
M-un-y :a" I approve'l bly IhIe EI-imperor olf
Th : Asii si v a ' itit tII .!1 1-:sl 1ers Ileceil ve Ill
qu - orterstt :11 t i e i e5tf t \\*.: ih- . fifrt
n o*1 l Ial - i MEltfi i nr ! Ito be u11''lt-ut
I (it Iothi th.e Ae~ cit tc:itl. 'ht t
T11e Govelmen once , -1it wo-.pile in
West N cv!. in ot i n i i5, n
coii. o t t. ielk .-a sth .
be~ ~ Olb vaube 1rmh.11: thalen %eo 11
Ithine, an.1shi iope is now ing U.
en..ively Mollowed iy inlords in Pr-nia,
Grmtto anoy, Autriia 1111i Italy.
A t lt))lt Vw ii, thton l . p y i.e. th
heel 4 fokinr t o 1141l 1 E in i lih.- .lliain -
Iinr<, andf foun men iticiInte antin
who hie never sena wnr of un, dee r,0
th1tst 0 ,iy to e . w 'uue f ari t lchii ii ne. i
Ther e r i. a cayve in thie nonn inn of 1h0
Hr Coun ty, N Y., wh I ho ily- ex
phn toUJ') (ri: -1 IanIe ol t wenty- i . vemile! ,
Wi Which haI 11ic1 al len d lhIo neti
ter, nnl itle at $n1al wo 1-i ed c iotieso
of, iutven ei le 1.,.
An ornintion of omn tern rne-s.
iag C o1p1ih I. l.-ti o- 111t4m fNeoky
.\ImhIon4h h-n .1;e le.b the atrre.t
91 Parties in IN" -ae I lh i .( to h e
o. r p iri mli hiil: - , 1n or one
nn. II- a 1 <pe tmillion1 ti ll~ ts
Th'ln obil .1Teenin1 .,h Photillalikn,'' on thn,
.ill1iniplpi, c rried on y phre Ien, w t
rovesny Visited by rohhlere. W b phl ieed
Ilh.- prqw>p ri oro :;;1301, kiliel i h r tock(,
e, e IMP ir ore n Oio nrhd ir e of'
ihl ngro laborers.
.141n10- Uilews.rilb, ilf Tennem:ot, i:i 73
y ie itts Iad lw s :: 1.ibre, hi e oldest
iEndiand witha offe f 400-ndal.x
anten rai-mged~ ai hetng u of opraiox
mFashosaeti ml salrta
Non.E REVE1NG-The potty man.
ness to which radicnlisait aft desceud
enniot bo properly charnbtore'd-b
iny words to be found in tho' lnglis I
language. Wo tItoighit thI re oval
of the portraits of Governor 'oymour
aId I1oil. I.,aac Toucey from the son
ate chamber of Connecticut was about
as contemptible a thing as could be
done in that line ; but we wore mis.
tIken1. I1 the gallery of the West
l'e'iit Aendemy were portraits of
America's statesgion,-the jewels in
her crown of fame-among them a
ule paintinitg by Jarvis of John C.
(Cahlioun. A correspondent of the
New York 'l.nes says that this por
trait h1a4 been removed. Jefferseon'.;
portrait wasa there, so was Washing
toi's, but the Correspondent docn not
say Whether they have beel removed
or not. As they were both Southern
Men, and their teachings wore both
adverse to the radical doctrinesof to
day, it may bo presuimed they have,
being unworthy to roinnin in dte con
Piiy of the martyred Liicln and the
ditto John Brown. 'T'lie East India
heathen mutilato the bodies of their
(lead enmciies, and spit uphion them ;
the lieathens of tle United States,
(nsially called radieaIs,) cannot re
venge themlselves in this maniier upon
Calhoun, us he has been dead too long
-rvo they aire for-ced to Content them11
re.OYv with outraging his pieture!
I Noble Iid ialIs I
( EYonkers (N. V.)GOvzete.
ITow TO GnOw flA)noS RASPURInrs.
1Raspherries niist be fattened, just an wo
IteuLen our inittont or pork. 11 we half.
feed 0ur swinie, we have a hlge slkoletoni
and thii, flabby ment.. Frat them well,
nind we pork like a roll of June hntter.
So it is with raspberriesi. If we desire
large, mileliing, delicions berries, thoy
nmst be fattoned. And tle sooner the
job is commencod, the more complete
will bo het suecess. Raspberry bushes
Cnniniot bear large plump frnit welin
standingi in a grass-plot. I[o up the
grasse, an(1 fork over Ihe groimd, ill)
aroId the bushes. If Lhey stand in
rows so thiat a liorse-shoe Cnn' he worked
beo ween the rows' scarify nil the grouid
mnking the surfuieo as Clean ast nea1
onion -bel. Then, if Ie soil is not ilm;
cienly lich, hal bnek lie dirt
from the biuchues, and Imniiiiro liberally,
and cover d1he n1mnnre again wiith Imol.
low soil. Sonasuds is excellent for
iaspherry bush A. A barrel of sonp
ai'tor it, h 1. been tuvok15iI. W-e et
ill, n ecelleit Coidition to feed starv.
ing raspberries.
TAN fl.\nc rout l'oTATos.--A. gar.
dener at Troyesq, "Iaving observed that
every body livmg in fi quarter of the
tow II ocCepieud by I annlierS escnped the
cholera deterinimledl to try the virin1o of
tin wheii pimliig potatoes. For this
pr!mposo lio placed a shovelfil of tan in
lie treich uder Lhe seed in a part of
ihe field, nid planted the romainder in
0he ortdinr way. On digging ont the
prtntoes lifound iii that. tloso wich were
planted near ho tian wero perfectly
souniid, whilo the others wore diseased.
1h1 found furtluhr, tliat potalnes Were
in winter by spreading tan on
the floor of the store-house."
A commnnient ion inl a lato number of
tihe liidon Lancet gives at process to re.
um1O%' ginjuowder mar1ii'ks from the flesh.
Thie scorchied surface should be siieared
wiith glycerinac by miennsi1 of a' feather;
cotton wnddinug should then be alphed
and it covered with oil silk. In one
cnne whiere the diseolorni ion was veiry
great, the persoii looking mior .liko a
imummiy thiaii a human being, it w~as en
tirely removed in about a month by this
course of treatminit.
PPis.ts-r RAi~lo FOnl -rus 1Hr.r
Ni) Txnui.--A genltlhenan whlo is eiiira
god in the telegraphisexpedition in S.
beriat relates the following incident in-a
lot ter to a friendh ini Cincimnti
J. met wQith a lKornik womanig of about
I.wenit.y-two y'ear.i of age, on the great
Tiinda, (mairkeid Korant on the ma1)'
who dirove a team of remideors wit
loadeld sledgeff~ verets in one d
and atL night slept'ot, in th~snowv, and 2
with no coverinlg whlatever' exc'cpt tdhe
elotihes she haud worn during the day,
and in a tempej~ra tiro 413 degrees below
zerok of 75hagree below freezing poin11t
Thin ofthat yeefmain Indio) of
A merica. TPhit I sa w miysolf, abh longh
CYven to me it, seems' incredible tiow I
thoeughit it, an oxtrabrinarfmi' thiing So
ulo.p in a reindoori skin tent iin such'
weathmer, anid I shiould hiave frozen t6
(leath in two honra hal I aittemnptdd to'
sleep withbont it. Aho trave'led with n18
driving her own reimndeer,. and sleoping'
on the snow overyv night. .
Among the mnourners in the prsoese
doan which followed the late Ooh. Sodl
ton to the grafo; fit taoshingst:oithee
I18th lnst., weore a mimbet" of c6 ogi-'
tors whoc had boum1 ,iotting~ typo In the'~
offce of the Nat'tonal Ineilgoncektof
fifty consoontivdf yoursa
d~atahior "6~eormf g'inf yjeig 6ts
big wither;-adbneo'1vi ii
Napoleonmi's head, weithn ql4lyjI14 ,
large Aveb, Wit0lo al
repre enting thle other ~WdlA
ty of action,,

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