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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, July 25, 1866, Image 1

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.1.4 ii 'I1trd fl)s, ortem & Co
' e --.T II$: ) lIa.% .) is pub)istoh I I Week
ly in the Towii of Wimisboro, t. 83.00 in
tr,t, / i I n./ lrI)n'nie,..~
Mt i"' A l ' ie"n t i-er t ii riein en t o wl.
'lie'i'. i i e y n e 'n...leila.
Obitntiry N riel a.:iawe ",1ac;S 01) pe
aoct rj.
J AW Zllnlpenriosi fy los w n ev hi y
n'' ios ran the nno soliing of 10
.Gecrnorn |-ait/rr/ijnel" Ne vive (ihe spririted
nyilish versionl o[,'J1117nes Chu1-enl ce .\langanl.]
l 'l i'l l ililz Al' dt.
.rit lcii i. m:l: .Ns riii.u B .:n r,.s ln. Ii
GM~ o o uIM'ii lS l'AtlIFIMi).it
w tere is Ihe G.r ma' l .i' P 1ihrndP.1 111 ?
lt'si Pr tia ? wahiia ? It's tihe itrnsl
Where Sows thle Vinle, w iere flows thle
- '1t Where the iull siims Bali' I c's wine?
--No ! e ont i rei gr ite- ail fi- mor grami
Must bie he Giermni's FateIbnd !
flow enll they 110h1en he German1's la11141?
lav.ai'? li' s i ckil *? 11-14 1 thou scanne
It wher, theZl tde Z,- - eXdoml4-t ?
Wiere Stivrh ui'il (lie i01 the1pi0d ?
-l-No. bo ther, nto! ---then ha110 not1 spannlell
'T'he Gir :'s .mine I tho lali lsnd
I h n ,1 tie (h in l - I outF.. .rtllid
AV*-St:>l1o1lhi ? Poim -ra niah ? SHt -I
WI'lo-re Zurlich's -.mvel - walt-rslep
Whlere. We-4 r wit:,'-. win1-re iDn1 ho11w1 ens0
liist fo:i t it now I l N vli ? i ;h11 ni.t'
w'lf ire he ( n u 'w l t hi erla 11n
'f(h: 11 Il.v . ri1:o ? i r.nd h l ?
(lowt (gill lhytho nownneal e-tind ln
1iii whe e T. Yol's tu , : eli inon.tainis c?
'11'heSwir ze-'s hu114 1 dIearlly prize,
Ul Frei-ilin' purwie I rt i-ze r eI -
SIto! 'tis 1:01tou il l ii heeul tin's 1and!
Advere, there F-leties the erstmn's id?
1l I-ize thut tre , a , a i.pl 1 i :111
"T'is un-! N An, ry.-o
Iln wealh siu .10 -: . b-ihv ; l
d o e .11 e.:e1~,Wi' C. 1 I 1)(1 o w 01
Mii shte is n l.i -rm a... iin i
-Iy Ith In, w.e bie ef tle GCrm nli 1,.: 6 :
hita gtize al t 11 1 grk biit.1 i t. acieit lan. -
t' A -n Ifit'? th- 1. tr ri! n g arim
Wronebed fml te Imoril Iiaoine,
uB' uiles which p bie'ly r- :: $( y p ait Il
No! out fu there lit:t le villag0 land!
Where, ol thikre. 1wh4 ib-h lerm-o ~it
Name now at hi ati st h lni!
here'erh reiulani~ *bno part4iesglc. W
hehamdao w trott-e~d d.l ay inig
herIb, gilaoll roler, rtke h I aidd
That is the Gelrin's Fill i.tled da -
That is h i l141 ie Line of . a1lo1s,
M\ here vota gbid c 11ed b an 8l hand,
'hee 'l all [higl th e I l ilt g vii..
W here i1 .v :f'id TriAh il 41-op i w-ili Is lie,
Aniol Zeal ve0kidta P-reevthm'., brand ..
Thadt is'e he o grea. advana tosrl!
That is fith Gom m hietland
Wiurt he lhi puale o fioiin bu-i-..
Where (i rloai l it 111 m o r le'ri ndI
thiere froien .nen ik thle .ne ik enm. Vk .1
.\ndI F. nce's y !eIs in-e nalb ied
'Ti:t11.4 it le Germ hn's F.it T olald!
'la i tihe Germ) whos aIrfa otheld
(iirei d!tiid ! .lO !111do n les tIaoi 1:11n
A;Ml give her nobleo childIren souls
Io Cherish while to Xisteon rol u,
Ab love with hoearis. to oi wioh hand
Their Universa Fartherll ! g
i rith ee For the Wi.s boro' News.]
Adventure of the War,
~'rylisut gy w tonume.a1dI
'Twais the terail of 186 1. The :?n
Corps of tihe Con,1fodorate Army11--un
der bGen. hEnily, was nIordd at New
Maknet i theo Shlterandoth valley.
~O uadvand posthii werea Mont
dackontih, ano 10( betwonthroadEdn
burgo ayou thedetable gru. ii.
ofNboth ais' ~ 1.I hyc
mnckthof ndcait wih Iay tom the
ception. Whero's your father and
mother ?"1
"'ThI;ey ltve both stepped out but
will be in agaill soo-l-what do you
intend to do ?"
'-1 intend to way-lay this party and
cut them ioff," I replied. "They will
kiow any how that I've been here and
may punish you. 1 shall conceal my
men in that thicket of piles and un
ler growlth yonider-across the field,
and when they leave here I can cut
them off ill the woods about half a
mile from here aid bushi ek them,
you have still two horsi loft have yoti
not t
"Yes, what Out them."
"''theyi must. lie saddled up and cnl
ealed witll ily party, for if by any
clillme this piarty esjcapes us, ihey will
re.r nd111 take veigelince Onl youl.
Io you mist ie preparcd to retreat inl
to oilr lines with me."
As I fitished speaking tie old farm
er and ik wife entered, and after the
usual greetinags,' I tuifolded my plans,
which met ttle old gentleman'scordia
approval. Every thing was don ite as I
iLIrected, ily men moveid down to their
inihush; the horses were Wdthercd, and
tle .armler's two horses were caugt and
Sad(dled id1 led (owl to the pla)1ce of
colncealtiment. The Old lady and Iher
L!til .tr busioed themilselves inl gettill
a1 liu;meri fi Is. After seeing thatour
Vicncelh~ne-t was perfeuct, :md that
"Vver'Y preparation to insure
had bleeln Iud e, I walked back o tle
Ii i', whmee I learnied that a stroig
pieket reserve of yankee cavalry, was
L4i 1came aboutc two miles Iromil thie
hlouie, and that it was from t(em11 that
the party had come who visited the
house" inl the morning.
"y the way, Claptain," s:tid Miss
31ollie, "If t here is l)y fighting to be
ha you 1111 best let mlie tiike 1a hand.
.1 !::ve imt liU le Ii.ol You1 gave 111
Yet. I keep it load1ed, and oil occa
iln lite nti, I think I could l ise
" t e p ouit oIf tli waNv:Iy, I r
plI id. "a .0mlt doubt yourll co~urge
but We e112't sI. C you. toil .re o1e
oi my h I m :s and 1 .st b cal cad
for aiccordit ni gly
By this t iath iw--. rn
aInd- thi istance of tiP o1l gen.
tencul and his (dughter, 1 carried it
d(ovll to Iy luligry squi'di who capi
fashion, soon showe'd their apiprceia
tion of it, hv their deeds: A little
forage was silkel dowin to the ilorses,
and after thatt every thing was oin tihe
watch for the teniny. Tile (lay wove
slowly on, 2111(1 our nxiols mi'nds it
seeled a-., if nigit would i OCe come,
gradu2ally however, the Sunll s1imik be.
hind the lofty peaks of the Blue
Ricge, kissinlg theops of, h grand (4d
oaks, its if to bid thei i cllste goodI
iIt, a1 leaving everythilg oll tie
eatst sile of tile milounlitains ill socllll
and qui-t gloom. At this momnct
the faint bi!ast of a hugle met my ear,
O:id every mII-anl sprung to his hiorsi,
plac~ed the bit ink his mouth10, and4. tight,
Oned 11his Sadd(e1I girth. As lily noble
animal rubbed Lhis frontal onl imly
siihoulder I parted his arching icklc
111I whispered you must stand ') to it.
to-night 11my bon bay, for you1 may
have a double weight to carry.
In a few illilutes the trami'p 2 h ors
e6s iingled w'ith tile clan1kinog of' sa
bres, and the coarse jest and liugii of
the riders me10t oir listen0ing Cars, and
we now only wited for an1 oppo-rtuni-2- -
ty ,to mleasu~re our str'engthl with
Arrivued at tihe gate, they d ismlount
ed and fastening tiheir horses to the
fenic, entered the yard and I hear12 d
them i tundoerinIg tat tile door for atd
mlittan~ce, gralduallly tile voices died
aiway as they enltered tile house, and
noit I sauw lights glance from window
lo wllIdow, as tiley' searched tile prm
!sOS. M~y m11en were no0w buring witth
inupatienee to) advalnce, and( oeht 1man1
stoodJ with is ihand wroa22thed inl is
hors's' n11ane ready to spring. into0 the1.
sadidle at tile first word; stiltlI he~si tat
edl to pirecipitato mlatters; ' I wanted
thentl to leave thle l1ionse quietly it
they would and attack thlom onl thle rnoad
fml' tile salko of the falmlily. While
I stoodl hesitating tthus, a pistol sho~t
run~g out frlom~ the~ house5 and.the ntext
ilomlent tile bacok door was1 flung wideC
open and a woa' secam11 pierced theo
to thei salel1(, and dashing 40ver every
object thaft inlteened i-n thle direction
of ti'e hIouse. MyI3 menn were as quiick
whalit 11pprehesiilions, at that thllIing
t4crealml we, spu~rr1.lidir horses to their
topmos10t speed( and1 dahed( onlwardis.
Icaring our1 approach, thie yankl.Oos
broko from thle house and attempted
to reach thoir horses. The' mlovemnc~t
wias welil shoughlt of, but '(was too
late.' The ringmig pistol shots, tile
sharp-wh*tistling of tile bullets, as they
sped on their deathl mission minfgled
with cries for quarter and tile shrieks
and groanls of tile wounded and dying,,
as 0our maddened hiorses sprungI upon,
thlom apd trampled them, made up a~
scone more easily Imagined than dis
ciribed. Tef'air hardly lasted ton
minutes... Favored'by tile darkness-.
some1 of them suicceded in reaching
their horses, and eseaped; the balance
lay on thec field. Two of my party
were wounded, whether by thoeIr
frienids or the enemy was not known.
Throwing myself from nmy. horse I-cf
tered the house-. The A~ed farmr lay
in one corner bound hand and foot,
the inother lay fainting on a sofa,
whie her d:ughter bent ove-r her try
ing to resuscitate her. Near the ii
1le of t lie roomi lay th 1e body ofit a
young ini in the uiiforimi of a federal
captailn, stone dead. The bullet had
beenk sped by a sure hand, and he0 died
without a struggle. Hlastenjing to re
lease the old ian I next went to the
daughter's assistalce, an11d very soon
we had the satisfaCtioi Vf seeing the
(lid lady come to, aid raisi her head.
Hastening out I told two of the me10n to
and get the fatrner's horses, and by
the miv they arrivcd the good lady
anno!i. u ne id able to travel.
P'lacing heon one 0 rse 'I told One of
my best men to slay hv han 1. -
ta in her. Ti lainer iainted t1u
other horse, and then camle the dalgh
ter. Lead ing my horse up to the step, I
assisted heri to mioiit and springing in
to iy saddle before her, I told all hand1hs
to follow and dashed off at ia gallop. As
we cleared the place, I asked lmy faii
cm011panion, who had killed the ollieer.
"I did," she replied catlnly. "The
scound rl la id his hands on ie, and [
killed him.''
Searcoely had she finished speaking
whnlOi a shout in ouir rear alpiprised us
[hall ourl retreat wis discovered an1d at
part.% in ll plirsuit. Tel pace n1ow be.
-ame tremnildolls, awl chlieiring l my
party oil, i. chh chlaad lettiig ie
valboan hay' :]5 t 11 '..is own Iiiail. .1'Y
at aaI tian w :ld 11 up and as the
lead in.ig files of the enemy would cone
upl, they- wouldt pourl a N 0lley into themI
and in the colusion dIsh after us,
thius retarding the pursuit. I now
knew that we must he necaring the ford
It the Shenanlldoah, but it was so dark
that. I could se'e nothing. Once
atcros, that1%(NkI, wre compa j Ira tt iv ely
ael'e, fi r 1' lilae lliwo ts woild place
us inside of our lines. I listened for
the rash of thi' viver, but tile thiuder
ff our hrse feet drownedl it. F1nIally N
it lroio upl:mII iy car, aniid lit the same11
Ill!itit Inly horn! rop), wvithl a bound
like I rocki, and spra ng ilnto the
Sre. iml. A che .er of triumph b1 il irk a
n y H I tlft Cte0water splih
oild comides an..lr(:me and for-1
ilr. into liac on the bank they prepar
ed to cover the retreat. The old
farmer and his wife followed 1me
across, and as we climbed the opposite
bankiL pointed to the lights of New
Market shi.iing across tile old fields
an1ld told them to spur oil. Turning
faail to tl, river bank, I waitV, for
my m11en1. .I 'vel with ta ouling lady in
lily armIs I coilih not desert tlhell thls.
Nanghlt was heard nowv. hut the rus~h
of our piu-sued. horsevs, it. the r -eamei
1n1). My lilen stood {iliii p'lltil (Ihey
got within fifty yards, wheln they
pou1red ill a Smashing volley, so close
and so withering, that tihe eIllly re
coiled froin it, as thoilgh it had been a
battey of artillery. A shout of' wild
triumph rose fn'mi the mcoits., its
wheeling their, lorci4 .Ihey dashod
them into' he flood, and il a few 1110
1(cints stood beside me.
Few words sullieed to convoy ily
further instructions and turnin g liny
horso I dashed towards the to-wnl.
The firing had beeni heardi, and the mein
Ceen were getting under arms. As I
pulled up ill fr'oit of the I otel, a
cro0wd ru11slopd out Io. r'celcm nye, and
ill a few mlomielnts. I l'daeed mly blush
inig chaarge ill her nilothecr's fris:15
1 immi~edliately dispateh~d ai doniit to
G eni. E'arly to explain the finlg and
tutrned to say good bye to miy f'a ir
friend. As 'I pressed lher' 1andsh
whispered, '~51
"God bless you, sir, I shall we'ev'
forget you."
Onle of' thei coirr'ehonenuts wholl visited1
(Oaibaldi at, CJomo, says:
"I~ll was srprisedi to see ai he'tr'ty, jovial
main, w lhi a greal. blonde beard. B1ut
for the ey'e-ghiss ho0 used, an.11 thel si iek
ife cairrie~d, thlere were noI' traicis visibb1i
of thle waives of Tiime whlich h'ave disaod
aigainlst, him , or (if thia crelo bullt whieb
stru~ck 111 im t Aspromnonte. lHe gave
me11 hiis halndi, anld, a hear11tv, sal lir-like
grip into. the balrgaill ; and if it, te snob1
bishto ha lve wishled to kiss that lorngy
pa wV, I aInI gladl to0 have been, for once
ill my life at, all events$, aL snob) most8
eJgtegions.'1 I plo8 he 'koi iho ro
niownied red shliri.; but, this garment was
not visibilo. H1is Upper man11 wash~ all
swathe(d inI one1 of 1.1hose amllo striped
blanlkets, thlrough a hole ill which the
headl isi passed, nid w hich are called iii
lomeI pal ri-s ,oil South A muerica 'gre(gos,'
anid ml Mi~eo . 'seralpesi.' .As a hie.td
(dres shi' woIe a velvet Capi of ihe pork.
pie form, aunt very coquet tishly worked
wii.h gold .emroridery. Anld if therie be
1no per'ii oft fIlling into tum Eithod by
alluding to a1 hero's boots.-I think ther'u
ils no stueh peril; for' are not the - hootsof
Napoleo1 an inseparable part of entity ?
I may mntion that Garibaldi's extremii.
ties5 were shod in 'doiubtcoroled, sqilare
toed' lace ups,' the possession "ofa pair of
which wonall have mistilhid great joy into
the heart, of'a British clodhopper, but
whichb would scarcelhy llave excited the
admniration of Silvorstick in Waiting."
Gov. Orr, of S.. 0., lias apppaled to
Geon. Howard to issue rations Io, people
of his State. He ilamos a dozen dia.
tricts. whore people of' b!oth colors atre
crying for reliof. Cort) is very scarce,
tand relief nositiv'elv nonesr.
VA It ixNGTON, !7.-The 111 l.
tionl to expeillR 11 11)1. f;>i- bh,asa lt onl
Girinnell was dfiveal 1, by at vot e of 7 -,
aigains-t 49-n~ot tqtirds. A resohti
Lion thenI pIIssed tI It->ssean be sum
tuonted ito 1te ar 0, 1h0o Llose, LO 'i~e
censured by the (eaer The tlirete
geit.I11i "~Ioi'Cil" "COI illy Will,~
gentlemen who wet incmpn wt
>sean, when ie comlmitted i"he Its
sault, Were dclare guinty of v iolait ion
of privilhme, and at to be br dht to
thu bar of tle lIon1*
i The resolution of 1 solect coiti iec
disapprovinig of 0 muell' gross lai.
guaige, ini douat11e, i in.st Lossein iiwa-;
laid "n tlu LAble.
-Lilr fro Elurope,
N ' Y oRK, JyiIi 17 -The teamer
0~iu' a*~; rr; .'l. j'i'i -i ; t I Iv
peirrle ,:I ar: . n1iai an1d 11,dy
h2as refuised the arnia , Tl;c alin
have crosied the Po.
Ijrd Derby's Ua l Mt. hai beei inl
stalled. It is rumore i it. Arch. Diue
AUlet, will superin. lU neikscm
1mand in tle Auistro I imy. The Ais.
trians i e-vnenated L >n ird v.
FromlIl..Wls igiol.
W A11;No-rOx, Jm y 17. -- I. I an
Clrk. copiirolelr of :'Irreney'v, b ., esi L
in ljis resigna tion. 'I w o en of the
electionl of, P-sid.-lt 't, ' le S1.n1.11 to
(2Oiil I I I m n. I WN- -t nI I
suice'*,i li''i-r, wh i ., erm e.\ ires
wvit hi the pres -it isi'n i beoinmgcei;2..
ered by Ohwilias
Y frumn k ri ,
been1 liemr.l from tho Ipiyer Al oheb
of 01he Seas, no0W four montli haOut from
laiverpool. There. seein1-- bill lile (1,11ht.
thlat. it fmut'lered at..Sye:r wil.h1 all 4)1
board. She lad 67.1 -i .igrailns and,[ a
crew of lifI.y.for-. I ve.ssi- wa
valued at nli- hm i-lrie am.1 lwei.fi e
tthons:mid d diar:. Sh. wvas in mried.
The TenlumiuIIce isltie.
WvSI (Inxor Jul (II . The. follow
ing'X disp:lehl wasiI r' Cle I to dyfrom
\l.ij. Gen. Thoias ,
It - r.' I:Ns 1-:n . . .\ T: Som K Ao
the imiehillers oI the fleilie of IRe-preel
; 1.1ves of t lie T,-inesei GI' n(erill Assm
bly condinet, dlihmelves in a very re
fractory manner. nsentiig themnselnves
to prevent 11 (lortuin, thi obstruicng
bisimes. The Govenor cannot imlagO
theml withi Il m"an at his disposial
amid has aippliled to me f.r military assis
lanco. Shaill I fiorinish it ?
. H1:>E. TiuoNis Maj. O..n
The following anwer was imimei-dmte
ly given:
W INOTs, J ly 17.
Geoneral G rant will inmri e It ( -ra
'haomlasthat th Ie facts smifrd il iI is Ivle
gram do not. warrantI the intIleriece of
military : ihoritio.-s. The miiiiiii.-mra
ion ofI I law a Iml preseriva ion of 11m
jeiac in N.Ishvillp belong properly to
tihe State alt horitws, and th dti v of
the United States forces is ot, to ni er
fore in iy wiy inl thie cot.roversv be.
tweenl thIe political. anih.oritie.s of Jeo
Slae. and imelGen. ''lhomi will Strie.le
abistaiii from iy interference bei.weei
1E. . M. S-rNrOx. S... War.
-Frot Nsil~ile,
. NAsuvu.a.., dIly 17..-- gn torntiil
in the Ilonse. Fifty members p
and breught. to the Ilonsec, andu is held
h; clioso CuIstodey. Jumdge Will i ams is.
s fnCd a writ of/weas corous1. in f'avor of
Will iamsli. A~ resoluIttion waspsse
I ai llrorizintg thme a1rrest of refractory
Sp)eial CUiiss~ioner of Rorenneti,
WasIInO'1ro, July l7.-Theo Scre.
tary of' the Treasury hasi aplpoinited tte
the noew oflice oif Spiecial Conuni isio~n.
(er of the Reventue, David A. Wells,8
row Cliairiman of the United State.
JRevenrge Conuniisslein. The oflice
wats crigatedl by Conryces witht the ox..
press ndersand .1 j was to bie ap.
poited. Thtis is the "Imrt' ins~tnce
whoroea civil offico has1 been1 croautedl
for a pairticuila'r igid ivi'dnatl.
.That Woanhirr &c,
Nvw Yorti, Jtrif Y7.-The weathet
torrid hereon ntepini~lnrh
ernctis The morenry yesterday11
marked 98, to-daty 96. Yesterdayti
was the biottosut day in New Yvrk foi
toni years-99 degroes was the highest.
'There wero 25 cases snulstroko-l 1
''ThOr were 5evon~ casos ofchiolera iii
INew York yestorday, antd four iin
IThere wais a number of deaithis froii
sunstiroko in Iialttin-e 0n'd he'ro.
W~suNG~o, ,Nyl10-sNATV--A 1il
pasedappopiatng$50,000 to thme Port.
Honsa resolution to adjourn oni the 2511
was laid en thme (nble.
The bill to fund thme NatIonal debt, wal
taken up an~d ahe amnendmeunt..was adopted
prohibiting the depositing of money iln th<
Naltional Bariks where there was a United
S,ates dtoy 'The bill was passed,
Sroie fo the payment, of one hundred
and eIghty .mlllions annually on princilpal
and interest, of Its- dobt,. A notheor provia.
bett aiuthorles thoozos of golit o' be sold
for United faleg notes in open markei
When the sum in the Treasury lis abovo lift)
miilons.. ,
Mr, Trumgbull offored a joInt ycouoluter
Aogfinrr Tnuzsiae a a 8m.., ..... n
1103) 11 itICI* to) -A1l rligts aiiit I 'vi 1i14g4.
4' .(lried le bol 1) 14341.
tl tyr ,AtI 1!4. 4.4~ i t 41 m ltol file4)104* 114
st4ot CUli)4)'li uIhrrt hill %% h. C .4grI.vu4 2l1
joil1 it 14' jo41(4(1 (o Illect 't. al uirdla, Decein -
111.4 I-S:t.* lki) 1438 - Vollvr( vallo h oeert I ell4 ~' 841
Iluwel'. ill (440 of' 4311)4. g43043y, i-4 hereby133
gi. I) I li e Oresit U iiieers ( ii bothk
4344((Ad.31'iug ot' li te reslltoi filow IN01 I rV.
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4-1 times. T'otal -13111 -tit rokcs hs1 4ltilile1 t'
wh ich 135~ pl-klykdA 11.
8St'iiek by iagitiulg.
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t he.y wer oi' Ol Il( e1ve 4310 a4n-1).) ji' 4'vivii wa0,
the' la4;)( '144.1441 (if wV lc will4 q] l~ti i lt 1 ill t)) le
N~i'Z I, while lteu Smith woi)4l4 lie it (((l.
The C3i)IiC tI , ro 1111, s oI r m r. j ol i n ou
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bill, J ili)4'41 h(114 sleit)C t-1Ill () to (tlil
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411TIVI vt of' Lilt- N -ai:t' I ram14 n)1 2.A I fi
J11 )1II:Y of so31: ince, it N11 . No ilI,0tI (-Ito
The War iln Europe tnd the War lit
80ttIih- A meI riell
Sanee our last sinnmary gi viig an ac
oun t of the progress in miilitary affairs
i Xurope, intelbii-oio has reached us
>f a great battle, or cerivs of engage
nents upon Austrian teriitory. in Bohe
nia, betweein th Prussian arimies under
2rown Prince, Frederick Charles, .and
Ahe Austrian forces under Field Mar
dial Uenedek. J'heso ungagemients
took place on tho 27 Ith and 28th ord tine.
Up to tlhe latest, ad v ic both sides claim
Ld the victory, so it reinaiis to bo seen
to whomLi tie substanutital fruits of the but
des do really belong.
Tle lest week in J une, 1'd inco Frode
rick, afrer occupymlg and garris.ikning the
whole of Saxony, concentrated th Pruns
sian anrny on the Saxon frorntier ofi A us
Lrin, and having notified Ueneral liene
lek of his intentions crossed intol the
hostile territory. Tho buhavior cf the
Prustvsian troops, as reattid by arily
,orrespoindenlits, wli in il Saxony, is said
Shavye ' ithoirable. They were
oni hued to the road E: the inarch,
Ind whe lialted it was upon piois and
Ichis whereon were 1o gro Mng Cr11s,
io that the farmer pirsued hts avocation
iniolestcl. ltvery I hing that waA Ised
was piualised ; and the people of Saxo
ity, it is saiL seum to have bleome real
ly attitclied to tliu:r colin'rcrs. T1Io
sillne regoilatiolls ii ' kepit ip in Ihdiee
mIia. This i civilid warfare, in its
mtsl refin.ed sta .
liia priiii pall engemnvi's were at,
NIAhwh, Mun-Lingrlat/ 11n.1 Tr'l1 antena.
The Pru1ssiansI clanln to have captur
,d., 8,000 prisoners, be-ids the usual
propoi 1on of gulls, 11111itions of war, &c.
They also claini to have driinn the A us.
ir i Oin each occasion. )O:I thle Coil
trary the Aut.rian.s sate th tha e Prus
sial n wi're dlefra cd oinihe evelii1g of t he
2tii alti at six hours baule, and Ihat
their ariy had begun to retire fromi
B4hienia. They claim to have captur
,d 18 cannon a 1 in any prisoners, and
stael that af ht1er. the enlgageienit a prolpo
iit ion for an aruisticeo from Princo Free
riei was reused by Gen. Benedek. Tu
lo.Cs oUi buth siIh wir. Very IaII.Vy,
Iin Italy, since the battle of Cuit-o::za,
the deails of which havo reached us,
V itor 141manuel remnainsi wit: !!;q armnies
oil the southside of tho river Po, whilo
thu A nsi.rians still naintain the defensive
en tho ether. It is reported that Victor
i0nuuel had called oin Napoleon for
relief, and had of'ered Sardinia to hiim
as a bribe. 11. is certainly trule that,
i'raico is rapidly arming.
In South A nirica he Brazillians and
their allies repuilsed ai attack of the
Paragiuayans. who lost, it is est.imated,
5),000 troops inl killed, woiniided andl( pris.
on) 1rs. ilTh allied army lost abnut.
1.200 men.
N to naterial advantage has acerned to
the allies by this success.
Pt H. S. Since writing the above the
ieltlgrtphi wires ilfori its thalt. a great.
ball e hitas been fought, hetweenl iho Prus
sian s ind A'n-rians a .t; Luuiddowa, inl
which tie forier was sucssifud.
The Anistrians lost 14,000 prisoners.
This virtually ended tho war, for Anstria.
seint in a flag of trnce asking fi peace
116lnd apointing Napoleon mnediator.
Sbe also consented to the cession of
\'elneia to Italy.
A i lEuropeani Coqgress is expected to
1)4 1.mbled at anl early day.-N. C
A letter from a Brazilian omcer de.
scibehs some1 of the beauties of soldiering
ini Sonth A mnerica :i "amphiibious crea.'
I nres5 *abountd. Ini mf1 OWn tenit I have
already killed four snlakes. Every morn.
inig 1 find( myself accongpainied by a bo.
dy-guard of fifteen or twonty monistrqn~s
toadis, which havo quietly qpatht .the~
nuigh',. under the corners'o'f the hides that
ne-rve mie as a bed. Elnormou alliga
tors promenolado regularly from lako to
lake every night. In at major's tent the
oioe dlay, one was killed that mieasuried
about. six feet in longthI, anld an nuifortot.
niiite'I Brazilianu sold ier* was. unexpee.t ed ty
takenj off his legs by one of theso horrible
creatuires and carried inito tihe nearest
*Ti GnRowmu 01 WaISAT..-Judgo
J'iicn'll, of fron' counlty, produced front
al single grain of whieati a stool of sjven.
ty stal'cs, averaging twenty-rine grains
eachor an aggregate of' two thousand
lne fitundredl and seventy f~vo grains.
Woro a bushel and a hailf (the ordinary
qluant ity) sownl on an acre, andu produce
ml the proportion this.grain hais. done,
ihe yield would be 8264 busheli on the
pe.A s tho hnd'6tedth part of this
quanl~tity is a larga yield, and tmore, than~
<,inbue the averageo crop in the state, an
mterostnig mnvestigation would be to do
termine what becomes of theo whoat
sewn. Who can tll ?-S'. Louis Rc.
publican. 7
The want of correct tiding. f'VSml the
field of war in Germany ati pl yig
cleverly 0zlamed .by ,a. Oerrespowint
oanEr llhtjournal, wYho( bris boen
huntng rGenealJialdim's as
without 1 iding it. and remaurks thbat if a
diffleultj indeed almest' imupossible, for a
"correspondIent to give-any really trust
Worthy account of ov nt9 n a cotaltry
Wboro the pregs Mye bhnA tpo 'COW)
ry peoplskno't. noi)jh ndyu1
nc t 1JQ9c tok ab~ e
~thing foryora
e -b~
3dio is P in
'/) Mon. AMes L. (hr, Gvernorof
As there seemts to be conflicting tes.
tiionly of an oilherwiso trustworthy
:aracter, a to sul'oring for want of
food iln South Uarolin, and as General
d3ickles hias disrapproved of thle ration
returnS, u'pon yourl statemen.lt that the
want is very rtuch exagger-t-d, and as
heso returns have been referred to tne
or ofiial action, I respectfully request,
rom1 yolu E*ome1 stpatlifent.tlitt will justi
Sie for widihold ing supplies, for i0real
y it is not thu purpose to give where
here is not absoluto wanit, and in Io
anse whatever to encourage idleness, but,
hlue direct reverse.
0. 0. HlVp.Am.);
En~ w iv .:Dr.EVARTwNuT, S. C.,
ColMIMMnA, JuOY 9, 1866.
General :-I have the honor tL ac-,
now:m" the receipt of your letter of
hIo 3d inst., inferming me that there
was trustworthy testimony as to the
mitering for want of food] by tihe poor in
mh)'li Carolina, of botI race, ad that
Genvial Sickles had disapproved of the
ration return upon my statonint. that
1.1he want. is very much expptod1has
jutst buii received, inld 1 hasten to ro
ply, with a view o' correcting anly mis
tpprbunsion on the subject growing out,
of my conversation with General Sick.
les. There is it great need ot distribu.
ling rations through the Freedmeni's.
Ilureau in every district in tlie State.
il Some, th1 necessity is greater than in
others, and what I intended to impress
upon (Jenerlh Sickles was that applica.
tins were made by many persons, white!
and colored, who were not fit subject of
relief, and that, if all thei stories which
were told of the ofiers of the Dumrea in
different sections wero to be credited,
the distribttion wouid embrkc3d t6d
wide a range.
.I rgreth.at:ony Sioklce sl.ould havd
Iundersanod -frbnvr.i tv, hat 1' te jat
for i:stung rations W0 very maiY .opll
winli and culored; had pase. *
eatly as March last an estimite was
mitt in O!hsterfield District, and it was
found that, there were only seven bush
els of corn to acneb posron in the district.
\V if hout, feeding any portion of this to
tile stock, the stipply was inadequate to
bread the people. Other districts are
nearly as desutitute. In Pickens, I an?
informed that romo 000 ramilii are.
wi Iout. sujlieient, supplies of breadstuffi..
Tle scarcity is also great in Barnwill,
Iealifort, Colleton, Clarendon, Wi'
liiansburg, x iiLm.on, Spartanbnrg.tLnii.
caster, Itichiland, Fairlicld and Kers aw,
and lie local alut horit is, cainot possibly
futniiish tile necdy. The tax levied for
the support of the poor is a direct tax,
anid it haiuppens that in those sections
where the searcity is most felt the Feae..
ral populaiou are least able to pity a
local tax, and hence there are thousaids
in tho Situt, whito aid colored, who
must sur'er for the coumonest means of.
subsistence min-ss rations are issued from,
yoiur Bureau, and I regret extrenely
that, any opinion of mtine shioudll' ivo.
been so understood as to justify or re
qtire tile suspension of the issue of tie
rations which it was proposed to distri.
buto in this State. My object and in,
tont ion was simply t'o guard againast the
issue, (o perusois without a chaim, and
thereby increase id1h,issi and v'agiabone
ism-. IDobtless I didi not, suleien'ly
explain my view.s, aund Guin. Sickles was
juistifieid in reaching the conclusion he
did. . .
, month ago it was eon'eratlly believ
ed that, abont, Lhg tirie of t~he wcheat
harvest an everageu crop would bb nade,
but smeeo the trop hais been thrashiede
out it is found not to exceed hialftin
average cropl, and far less relief will bo
furnished ito needy fromn that sourceo
thtan I had anticipated. I thiereforo.
atrhneqtly. ryqhest t hat, you will hue V the
riationo icsued as estimauted for-by'your
aigenits ini the State, and which wa's dis
fpiprovod by Geni. Sickles..'- Propor -
inistructiotns to distribuating agent s~may.
be, if they have not already- buen: given,
to guard against imnposi'tion frotn those.
who are not proper subjectvtnfrliMsrd,
hauve written to-day to'Ge'r Sickles,
and have explhainiedtohotn the extent.
which 1 ititondeud my convorstItout witl'
him to go. -- .
'CGovornor of Sauth Garojisw
found v;-itit; a iio r~hj* ihoorsx
year% of age, of~ in gn noe
a'>d pleasanit wi ~ v 3Juy el
bred. hog th p I:4of)o~
thiem fromn Siuth (
thb house'c~ -t ~ i 4~egr:~
of Aearlf't ii
Il tte onues. ;bC~f
" ttsI

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