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p. n vesanre~uena94
1. 3. McCRE1I'T, ASSOCiA'ft ED'n.
The following gentlemen are ro
quested to act as Agents for the IIsn
Major A. D. Ilin.i..An--Rooky
Mount, Bosier Parish, La.
T1. P. Si ia-I Charleston, S. c.
It. 8. 1b:ro lTrE3-tidgeway, S. C.
1. 1. McMAS'ELL-r-RtossvillC, S. C.
Dr. J. I. MV. inT.iN--J achSol's Crock,
. V.
DvnEI.rKIN-Allstoll, Fl. C.
J. Wv. M\cCanawIr-.Salemi Chureb,
8. C.
___:_.~..Yr' T rr.FrsuXrgr
DClegatCs 10 thie Conveittion1.
The fllowiing genlebIman were eled
.Monday hist to l~nift th District, in
thC St.ate cIonv III ion, viz:
J. 11. ION,
Dr. 0 1EN,
Tht A 1110ric it Palrlot and 0 IO'lPositiot.
We Continm: tihe objections we have
to souling delegatei to the Conven
Lion. And we now urge some of a
11101 ser'iolum and wighlliIy elarcietr.
Our first article in this coninection
showed rather the nega tivo el'ect upon
the Soulti of the action that Conven
tion is likely to take upon it matter of
great moment to u-s, and our arguinc.ut
Was drawn from the propor.0i-ms and
principles already set, forthI by the olli
cial paperm emanu ating from tho origi.
nators of the Convent ion.
We now subilnit an argument to show
the positive evil eifect i rellresentiatioin
in that Convention will exert upon the
Wo wish it distinotly uniiderstood
that we annt that Convention to meet,
aind if it project at policy ttht g ive ny
hI)ope to the South, then let the Soutih
r nlder all the Issist ance she i canl to tthe
furtheranee of the grounds of, tlh:t
Our first proposition in th ie way (if
Objection is, that a1 represeitation b y
dologates in 'the Convention would
cm111iit (te South 11)to measu5res t011hat
would bo oxtrenely huniiliating.
Say what they may, bit our con
temporaries whlich mitain th ti wo (of
"the S;outhi cani be no-wise worsted, eirr
We hav~e shown thaiiIt lhe inv it ation
is not extended to till th S'outhi, not.
even to thle ma11jority of thle Soath.i
And woi have Vhow tooWI 11 that those wiho
count so highrhly on eifect ing thie suocess
olf tho Presidlent's plhm of reconistrue
tion, are counting w ithonut their host.
Th~leir is a catch ini the promiency
whliich the mnovers ot thiis Conv'nt ion
give to that plan or policy~. Theli dete
gates of' thie South will fiind it out, we
tear, before thiey are long in Philtadei..
phie . It isusohess to say thait upotn
the North will rest the blame11 for' thet
rejeotioni of the Southierni delega tes, or11
any of them, ifC such shoul lbe thle case,
and we fear it will. The blame with
not r'est upon the North, but uiponl thle
Southi which seeks represe'nta tion
where it is niot invitedi. We knIow this
p)osition1 will bie biootedl at, and we wilt
be gra tilled i C it shioul d pr'to incoir
reet ; but we w, ill fear thle result, unlt il
the iss;ue comecs.
Now~ we aisk the /ktr/i't wh'at will
be the pitin of a~l0k Souithr deii ~legalto
to the Convoutiono even sup posinig is
admiission ?We w"ill ref'er to thle of
liarl lZpperi for thle reply, Anid it is
in thant samio umf'ort unately inseited
i'tsol ution1 ini thle piltormn of the Na
tional Unzioni Club, whose Presidenlt
Executivc Commni(tteo issued the nal
for' a Conivenition. Iloro is the first -
olause of thast res;oluito~n
"i'REAsoN 1.s A C1Rlt Tii!AT SIIOU~i
IuE rUNISll)."
Now our' t d' (V:Ie are n11o t ini ited
to go to Philtadelhiia to .co)nsidier the
j ustico of pr1oi'ouncing such condiemnaisi
tion upon1 tiraitor's, that is, w'hiat is
meant by "traitors''therein ; but they'
are'1 expected to go there conuited to
thuat pr1opeoitio)n, and theirefoire (lie ae
cepitaneo of theo in vita tion, and( espe
ciaully when admihtted upon their cro
dentials, implies thint they sanction the
prop)ositioni, tha~t treasonis a crim
that shiouldl be puihe~ld,
Wiell now who is tho traitor 7' for
tis is no me~aniingless phrase, or the
simplo ebullition of' over-exoined pa
r iiotismn. But it applies somYewha~re.
Welhl it cannot be to (lio mass of the~t
Shouthern peopIo,.for they have boen
paurdoned by the President, aind you
know that Club "cordially endorso the
policy of lr.JoVnson." 'Ph len it can
nut bo all of -the fourteen exceptedl
ho6~lassea, ter -thousands of thlia hae
a '~ridonL. Blat woecn toll you who it
~r Theora ksbooii Jmiutone agalnst
m*6n e r0 ba go i9 preferred,
Ij~p~ tb4 q penny,~DAvIe.
~ , ,~rg~nent of e proseou
a ey~ are thl ddt~
who adopted that platfori,) nar
rows itself' down to. avery small poinlt.
1ere it is
p n ,,,/. J il*I-nISON DAVis is guily
If l a ason, o ni I/wrere .o o)ughyt to be
pun o:I
Observe now that delc:.ates do'lot
go to that Cnulvenition to ioiliulgate
new principles. )h no. Tlte p1r1i
ples ': etuli 'biol i'4 :atvan. e, and all
Ihley do when lthe g"t there i.,
adlopt the plait (,*f." w j:t llar . Th:
riles I. v. a r:: trc lxoi y 41; o l i'eatl ,
AIo oif& the(! p i t Id11j41c f
that war 1f.41-o is*4 the eo IIoli Captive ill I
l''ortress. 31NIroe.
Wilth ,; ut!~ tuir il ...ii~tu
tliont l it sayW~4 i is tiv hu e
i d ; uV w t Iii: I I
Wu.a, aletus Ir hat, whon I,. tit A
re-ld thw !. 1vlnV-llm0!n 11t,t V N~uion..
al Union ('!0b h':1(1 he n .0i , a
W iu1u IIt e , t a t u 4 i.,. i rit 1h d
(0 fv1n r ie Vit'. i ti --Irc... e i de t of
it) (Oll Ilea It. la wiith i I ijo an li -P
Ithat t l11st we wo n to ha I ),IV ( li...k! : .d
pec.;tve. t when lth - .ml<t 1.1 w .
ehat le wt-ere tnl in -1 it o tio I enh .4
a111d qe it lit I It'! (Idread 1,11 char rt
afgainst vur. he te l'reidte, tiittI h is
a traitor and uit, to ble punihd, w,
Coul ot ,vieldt m:et, an1d neverl
W hat boo.vt11 it o saty "neIver ) fll([
" .that, let tot into IIIt on uI n,
"for giod will coim e uit f it.t'tit. T
desm'd ofhe SoutIL d' so i'rea;' t anl
evil that g4meli s, l' -, grr w mat,
o tt ii u W: oer it to ,0n i h rWl tl
.4% mtep lim(Ill ay mw(]eI. t ta ri.g her
very heaort wi! h rem ,r.
W ith e li t t jin t'l to d1 lII
WO the11 I'm. (It( .'~iv (lrl: the* .lt
tt thio ll mll ih Ia-ni'm tio-r 1utOier,:n
soiding to (lte dvimmofittis 40f m -il 1-11 th,
we still r erve thw rigt i t'-!( I Vt
rats xVtOr V t not to) rlc m on.lvsi
ey ouill own 5O. timiu'll t v.
W hil h enr .I*l 'l'n VON 1)% r
lies in a f 1rr 1es , ItI 1 110 t '1i' Samh
no1t comml it (:)el e t o l v Iy , v
whicheb t ive n em tely is- 4'm wil!eil 11, y
11 him. tI us w liti(ho ite If his
trial,:11l in theo l etwo dime, it Itt e
NOrth11) , r:m11 V -irtin (df Ohw Nortib, (1r
l'hilad'h. do ny Ine ii o1 p!lIol iy
ot'~ ~ ~ ~~1 4A*g'(S I11( hot. ItCii~ Vi b
Wtieh. fir nyit Ii p t of whi t, i lI! Go .
Nva d 4 11 rI I I to iOtt t 8,.000~ .111OS 111,11
wbour intperiest ,le n heldaly me-mx
exlti levrasitnew m to thatiai f aiiso
dfera ce, n tvhi wigthout coit
'n ahel of rwonf ie /io now
no ne onh7. oneiros tota ell fohr
thare idritw byoi the recordta. sh
except "sgclool farims," shall be sold
for $1.50 poe icre, only "to sul per
sonS asl have aeypiiredi ain- nosy hold
11111 iniler SJIM.:ui. order of Jan
16th 1865. .hit such lands cainnot be
alien1ated by pireluisers within six
yeirs fromi tl( i:assge ot this Act.
J etioni 8. o I ovides for I Ie sae at
II4I)li4 aetic ion of the "sehool (.arims,'"
tivwnt 1.t- in PoAt loyal, and town lots
ilo 1))-anf' -, ..
S.ii '. D) .2ine how the~ Assi.s
n11 procee11d to d is
III this
fil Ill.l
>w b
v I I 144' i
or* 4 o. - -n . r [ th4
4i n k. 54 44. I4'- : 4 4? i.r 0 III of
i'; It :i
I I I ' .14 . . . . ,4 d i..
iZ44 I ! l h lt ' 1 1 1% (.1-11iii & lw ilt
14 Iii I. I * v$ 41 11 01 Imo 4211
. t, , t ..o ..
14b t I lle
n . il be i i , . l ' m
tion'' . i 14til4l1 a I.: li o il (ri 1t
t I. I l : *i t i : i 1i,
t' -el ll -.:2 u i :.:.h lt ', el
:412~~1. I ;OIi. '~ it
o~~~t 11 :1lsroa
i I lni o epia
a n enestiu
.1 II It
vt 1iti
it - Il w i m
ilr.j i ., j' an i .i -a r
eligs ,'1 *. ha er-p I 5.,- the
(thore2 of the' I'ihed State:, the
1414 41 i4 ide : l.,ha ,, r 1;. 1 the 4'4 ionanis.
. i 'e'r4: e41 the o'iIrso the ' U t-u
na th l'isde t itro I th 'inlt
jui sdie 4.th1.'1i o Ir : .''2 en- a d ue4.
l.iio. .111 ioncerni :. hi e 1n iin n '
inehi I in n i : :nd r . , ma'l (n
'4na4 ty i11 ' 4ii( I -h'.4 2445 ' h i.
11214n o'f hw :!.4a ilk. I' ' 1- - -
nwa to i -l - I loI 2 ''i11i i i'y tlos
sh:lnibt , . .1' 2. 2v N ' . \r f u N ( .e
r4:- ien, e 1 j.' in lvery
The ' Ill heIII:)a iilr
t~i c.4 nn 4 m:,m ofi 4. 4 m4 ri:1. , loni
4thers a111 in4 4 I u itain.i~ ' h tkih '
4a 4. rt" i i.; -':.- : ' . 4214 i i as il4 ever
inr th:- m 1. n .n n i Iiho Ixtrjy,
It is e44s t a thr i "oso
upon it; 1.: lin' .: i4l1r wav ' , lboth
'1ri 1 f.4. thi -441 torra~ l , t 14
Et la :411i.t., , in th :h 'tio': ;C tOfn Iis,
14rom.12 iheiei t(1'111 l iogi Ihe Dvoi..
4.41gue. In n ! c 111n to its lunriv 'ionI
t at i l r i n~ thf I a ppie io:f a
that tht itrgumen4t of) ihe wh~eo, deny
itsIi411 connctio wli th m ias c o mesou i.
'-iThi pt hoi ato lhe testi1mony"s
(1t h unoultein the prctic fo har
monds0 muiit y1)h0 ab~lthough the1( oicey
cie ran ng hof iula ws. git.o Ia
-Nil4dot th d es no tto1be(hoededibu
tlaw antt etimo osn. Thato ihen
faho known to him, I even if it estaba r
lishes the contrary to is bound to I
contend for a veijot according to
fact8 In testainony.
And it is just at is point where
tho strain upon th legal acumen of
the Judge comes i If after hearing
tho evidence, ho ei or omits its bear
ing or is indifferen 6' it, thon he may
be, impo.ed upon, b plead ings,not do
ri vel from eviden< bit directly from
opinion. If suel ioulties are dis
coverable to the n re spetator, what
imist be those of t (d isciples and ser
vants of* law I
A . Woldr Prisoner.
T' er' is, :. iI bel n for sme
bua yin nuby the nml' of
hof':tIf coniii tle i the. Mo ilr e jil,
who is a inrfect i4digy. SoiI, timlo
> th Mobilet/). published anl
abt Il intredibb aclcotint Of that
. prismer's genlt ity inl thrlmv
in-'lly anly lnube of uit ifs and
s ckles in the inuites ter the is
all . Th I I b ie ti .tr ue
th is o e publiatie a the
'ior re-iCived eOvral letterws iig ir
it" into Oh truti- of th. htory, an
: V Qr1(le I that - , it It It a i,
att - e It I a I the truth had Inot
mari .a isgt. I d$ e tros
"'Ah tto hng "1 le4 il.",cs i lti
(on'*doulble culffs Wd douible shackles
wi It hthe Iasta i th a snatk sheds its
sV * hin--p rht s e . Thi ii Ino
h- 10V 1VilI (3'I) V (tI UISC a.1 Vtit01
It I ; . ' ist, i the ior. 11 l1. iy t
Sthe CourV b' apiit lyi it
it vident to thee who heard thear
umt in 1th eC th a1t ilhe opinions
of tieettors of twil i utitirelo alWa.I
formet upon the is argun beat.
In ,;aid case, whe01 the fir-st colunsellor
conludedk~, the olinlionl of hearlers was
ill fax v or of relindenrt. Whe. the
had arudritl, that opinion turn
:1 i it favor of! complia innit. And
whewn thiet 14ast ilishod, it ltten algain
it wvond III el Iio t Itioa alyze the
90 nihr if 14,1!11 arguinenclts have
upon utsiers.Ini case the hearer
1!l i) knowledg< of the pmreet t t iliti
*'Ali ., it is thm.-eevidenit that thie a-,I*
Seent, i simply received as an int-e
e 9cleft, a i.; fitthe more enj-yed
the mor(ehuel ochleal andr wituent
Buta if t he hayu to thwlde of b oth
pties e will irresistiblv elaedwr
tih etW conicn proof1 orariguet t is
Ai! i i i. nrtlin r dic t tion.ct t~
llnl'germanyi thel~ Authsbu rgG e
its puli h in' djoseres tter bytone
oli thetost histtrius German physit
lyis,- w.diar prodntin to thesid
erahe s5Estion. tl The iiiteralirms
hat of re isi th regslarl mae
th a ifwr shoulldbreak outat would n
rine ibly ed osqneo h
ohit to11 nifevfoi fiu and in-cilstru
h~~I efei of cler usever witess
We; ca'~(ll attenton; tor te above ; not
nor'l thauti we ae n'lear enough to Aitu
tri to be ll1 affetd by th1efl pieic at
riuded(31 itto. ittuis from terftt ttil
th d brenk iing f 1wa ma eeul win
(the mst disastrous ffeatcis. We te-c
lyretedpaluttnioot hen
rot fvhae engacivst thgeni
dsates Wo atenewhsel warnings.
wi iteo ~e i t Boar d of leltiotAs
nionaluseaof whtesh and f00iiln
:ertion otf pee egultatroy made
nov thet ealami'dttivesa wuld e onr
ofhoal 'i~ Trlonbe ofhead. uter
oitical, evil tand inaialB strms
arey brit whichpu'iu my si fear-l
curthior t he mn lpl ofrs anoe
whlfe eAcupterticet itnresdly
outerfi enrronTey adetiv hnge
reerin'( twhe bodyit poic tatfwing
rauatne, inta 0pasm under which arye
in conl cutand itd oen e-l
iruado therfollowingan soo wh1 at
ofmthe auble~u our fintancian existenco
rtjseiupon :pntemny o
teporhve hoo n risceiverd a that
Taury oneatmeta theircne orth.
wicountereit icntodae ot.s.
totes of the various Ikues and denomi- t<
ations, all the denominations of frac- s
ional currency, and quite a number
& counterfditg onl nationitl banks of
he north and west. t
A postmistress in one of the South.. s
.rn State's r'coitly returned to the 1
reasury $42.50, which she had re- d
cived from the sale of internal
evenuo stamps, and upon Oxamina
:ion $20 of the amount was detected
is spurious, which, unfortunately for t
ior, she must make good. 0
The rodemption division of the
Preasury is also receiving large su ms
)f these issues from all parts of the
ountry but particularly from the
outh.-WashUiI. Jald .
The W:a;p W*, h,
'I'hle win4-ol 4lution wili he foonnd
Ldiscus:;ed Utile" the' head~li o'ytiiinmni
-ti.mmw. An ilitelli nt, fli-n14 tind
orres]iMldenlt solids the c!olt iilliiUz
tionts, on1e too who motl'orstanlds the
muiutiale o nallIde,:rv 1n1101 btter
[han we do. Ut eurt frienid is cer-A
tainly it falult. in sonle of his notions
of the principles upon wht icht mita
ciinery is made subi servient to tIe
uses of man. We have not the tieic
inl this artila to answer all (1 poits,
but upon1 the sevr! positi-ms of our
coUrresponlden ; lituc a;.ainl.
'Ihle centr of tihe hub, we don't,
deny being the eitre of the wheel,
bmut. assert that it is niot tle centre of
2. Our correspondent, mistakes as i
to what is the resistance to be over
COMO. We will show that the ground
is not that resistance;aid that the tooth
ed wheel is not analagous to the wagoii
3. Wo will show too that the wheel
is really a series of levies, and not a
ingle lever.
41. In the fourth point in:ulC by our
Qorrespo"lent we will show that the
linger wiii no)t be rubbld,, as badly at
onie poiit of' the whit,"el i at another.
5. That the larger the wheel, the
asier the wagon is moved is a t rue
p'roposition. But the application of
power to the wheel of theO engine
needs some cexplanation. That, we
will give again.
Our correspondent irgain errs inl
supposing that the same weight. (or
power) is rumiired to move the wlieel
whe lipplied at tlie l.top, which is lie.
cessary when applied att the bottom.
7. But oir correspondent yield.s the
wihtole quest ion, when lie grants that
moves faster ini oneO pit than in on.
other, f'or we wiiili show that the tae
caise lie admits is the very one appl.
cable to the wagon wheel.
Weare glad that our corresponiident
has (lenied the position we haeta' a,
and will be glad thait lie will give our
reply to him~ full considerat ion, f'or his
thorough knowl ed g of. pratica ima
chtinery, if he can refute it, will lead
the theoretical mainiiist to closer
Secretary DEnNNmsoN iresigns his posi
tion in the Cabinet b~eeanse (uone rea
soni) he is opposed to the Pihi delphia
Convent ion. On the other hand
issu10 a (irculiari thait the dhelegaites to
that Convention will 1b0 expecte~d to
he icoen fromii tihose whvio suppoherted
.JIillSON autl IINCOiLN ini 186.1 ! Now
where is the consistency-on whose
side ? D)ENNJsoN resignis beeailne h
oph'poses thec Conivention,-.IIA Nnu 11
wilh pr~obaibly suIcceed him bcauii~se he
favors the Convention. Aind yet both
votedl for .InSN n186., anlnow
split because theo Coiivention meets to
end~orse the principles upon which
,JOmiNSON was elected in 186..
"Timco lanaos et dona Ferentes."
"I fear the Greeks though bearing
gifts," may well be applied to those
who have sounded the call for the
South to Ocno to the hlp1 of the
North aga inst the mighty.
D) mocratic Congressmen say
"'coime on, aill ye of the South.''
The Ex eutive Committee say
"comec on, y., sluporters of.,JOllNaON in
Leading pa pers ini its faivor say
"come on, p~roubjle/ you can pr'onouo
our '-Shibboleth."
Thei Platform says--"come on, if'
you heartily and cord ially agree that
JE~r. DAvis onglat to be hung,"
Who can answer ? M'C.
Somnething Rlotten in Denark.
Already throe official dlocumeonts
have been issued from Washington
relative to the National-Convention,
and now we have a fourth. That the
call for the Coivention is not an in
genuous one is established beyond all
doubt by those oracular papers. And!
tha t, like oracle of the Delphi, their do
livorances are 80scptible of a double
construction, we cannot doubt. Why
(lid they not issue at first a full, free
broad and National Call 1 The wvbhoe
interval of time fromn the eall to the
meeting will be consumed ini declaring
whb are and who are not to go to the!
Convention. The South w=l11(10 best~
> stay-out of that Convention. But
to who is invited inl that Circular.
I[ow nicely slurred over is that por
on of the circular addressed after the
ylo of a side-wipe to the States "late
( in rebellion," that they may choose
olegates yencrally 'rnAr is, lfthey ac
pthe p)inciples stefi[ in the COill / I/
Cool, we declare. You many go I
Iier -if you stand where te supporters
f JOllNSON and IlNeoI.N did in iN I. !
Ve wanted McClellan elected, but. as
ho same privilege is not extendeod to
is sympiathizers in tle South as in the
iorth, we don't see our way elmar,
'with these 'spees," to go up to the
!ity of irotherly Love. 'C.
Sntil 1
Nearly all o'ir exChanges have I.i
ately advarutiing somie dootor's pil s
Co., under the captioni of *"Pact:' es.
teories." Aren't th)v mrsold I . .
mlps tih editors read the Leoginniaang,
mut not the ending of the article. It
Rimo originally t'roin the W//!y a-nli.
. soles, Esq., Agint for 1i1V liroli
Mir. It. 31. S-omKs forerl eIO iC Or
and proprietor of' thle lFarmer if!/n
er, no0w e1nvasr:ing for the ('"a ' uawi , bii
S il town stopping at 3ir. M hiow's.''
[r. S-rok r.s will soon introduce a new
louglwith a. planting apparatus --
ached, called the "buggy plough.
Phoi Mmiediatebusine of 31r..' ron:s
s in connection with tle Carinien
Vilich is iio we ll huowi to requjnire
recoin ianen1d1(tioan hi er.
Ntmilig iK.L
An exel!mg says t sawing Sik,
romt .0 An i ia e'-ornl, I.< ni1:1wfI:.
d in DIclware.
WN have :r. si as prctty sw.
ing silk as cibl he delired inanufne
Wired hare in Fai:-iel.. The raising
if silk worili in this District has bc..
:(1ine iuite prevalci.
Tle Paris Exilbilion.
Inl another part of this paper will b!
ouil a latter fro i Gov. Oluit to the
people of the State on tle subject of
the Paris Exhi:>it in.
Tle funiniest p:irt tf the inat
tar is that n ir contempor , the
A.inerican /atrio/, objects to .this let
ter of' tov. Onn, on th grouni that
We arc iiot yet recogii-z'ed as otie ol'
the Uniit ed St ates. We di Te r front (lie
we (do endorse tis letter.
'P.here is nao reiohiutfai8:i '-. u .
neighbor has1 nto do ubt heard about
certalin efforts where a gnat alnd a camel
are lbroulght inito juxtIa-positiom.
We hiavye received tihe first inmber
ot ai very ne atly grotteni iup paper with
the abhove title, pulais'h'md at ('oinw;y
boro, by S. E. Mr MilIN.u. The first
niiube r is certaninly a credlit to all
concenedl, anid we hopje the enaterpi's
will be well sustaiined.
Heport the Streligllh,
It will be well tor thle palpers in the
Staite to ireport how ininy atteod thle
public tweet ings ini the Districts to
send delegates to Cohnnibl~ia.
The Weillher,
F'or the past week has~ been very
warmll. Th'le meanli temaperatuarc for thle
week wais 90 dlegr'ees. On the two
warmeil1st dlays, 20ith and 21st, it wias
92. degrees,ea~chl day.
Vei-y Ilight rainl on Saturday, 21s .
Better showers North amnd Elast of
W innisboro- iDistrict generalIly, suf
ferii'.g for'rain. Cornl looking badly.
A 'IT~a ~rsnous S-rnts .--Thae drins of
specie to iEuropo ini large (natlities inaty
no0w he' iassumted to be over. Sixi v mtilliins
of dotlIars at Ieast went over' the waltr wiah
in the lasbt sixty3 days', ot' which t he greater('
W I was taken alway3 in..\l~iy andi .J in
S pecie is now con tag ini from1 C~alhifora,
annd thet weekly tranl~spor a' to PutopO et ve
tudie to thle tli average. if' war. brieaik on I
;n the (ide. as tere wilt be, a brisk Inirket
fot' .\ moerican prov isin late.' il (iliur im!aiipont
Sahlitsi for the comifort of lie paeopte 'vhni arel't
tightI ig. Onr co ernp013 wiltl, be.1 omi g
tforwtrdt hefore long. and' whlea bier it is
gareal,. or sma11it i(i it Comlin'itd ai gootd
prlice'. Ii '. ai mal11letr of ontgattul-i n it hat
theUn ite1 St ates~ have st0Ood IlAgr eat Iest
:suah "n-r m111.1 upon) then with so ttich
Ease. Ior wh'len we Iook ai thle s'ilaiennes of
wals C retjiall, Ito iatbject i Xl sta';' ag itl
mltaitudelt. andi~ thea eaise with! which we mt
the ieqniremnents mulst b3 asitnishaitng to
Fr'oin a priivate letter 'eeiv et t by a, ltrientd
front h'is tathei r in tine oft ihe ltargest citieos
of' Po.4en, we aire permined(1 th tolilo-,in gox.
Ire :i "i'The King is too tmuchl of a solier
to 8s111 us. Ont t he !5th Iofa Juno wo halitveI
ani electiott for' Duty. and we shall seec if
the King~ wili aot yield ;faor we certaialy
shiall eloo' thea samtio represetat ives whom11
lBismtark has kicked onti orf tho ( hmeir andil
senat home. Ui thle King is very obestintato
lit has set his heart on Schaleswig- hfolstein.
Ini his recent addaress to the army. he said :
'Eit her Schileswig Iloltein or' no Ptrtssia Il
[a'oder kein Preonspen mehlr.' 'I' hese are
hard words, and Inovita'oly nmean war."
An e'xchtaiigo snys we weie ceil1
ed to refuso an oiffer' ofjlb printing the
oilher day, t~y a man who innoctly
enlled to ge~t somno poslage stamps prmnt.
ed I lie war- quito disappninted b~teennso8
we could not do the wor'k--ho "wanted
'em real bad to put on the letter when
he wvrit to a gal, and they cost, too darn
ed mutchi to hbuy of them post-oflico fel.
60 111111iticlatioIto.
The Wagou Whelrl 4105tio1.
M3ssiis. l'iIDTORs : I ani afraid (d
venture to express anl opinion onl the
subject, not knowing whether your
a rgu ments may bo taken as Crious
or only as a ruse to draw out exires
sions of opinions amiong your re~adeCrs.
[ will how %-r say that. jour opinion
is aogither based upon theory, form0
ed pi assited or fas!3e premiscs.
I e::Iinnt e(elr into a detailed argu
1mnt. against the position you have
takeo, and, will evenh confes, at [
am IlII,1 JI to reolit a. ot1 i o o
tfa "llmvi, wa luffI to I a a t V In
Iina t ]i vI e - ut. I t
mlost ( pat cly that, thelhe or
the hub is the tu leitrl of the wheel,
as llmuch as i1 i., il n .iy who l usedi 1a
iev b,"h: orlrcmi, tI4 as oni a
toothid whi it ik at th. point ofeoni
ta wet wi another w Yiu!, o r whore m
A:nt is ued it i , over h"Ilf o its eii
emneteei'.. iinc again you ii
iak! in remnt! to the lover ; for if the
fileirumi I' at the gpou d, it is at the
sanIte ti.0 at evory part, of the (-ir
Cu IorInTIeV, the w being one loer,
Working e11mtimun111sly, ::nId not n ninu
her of leve:.
But tihl iiost p1raeticael, Coninon
sense, i lilt " rat ioni, wolich ym'i addluee,
is n) ilII! ratioln at .a1l. For you n% ill
find, th:it, thoe will be the saic ru!
Jing at ay i art of tlia circumiifei!mee
or the whe-, top, Uttom or tide ;
an1 it' the <;uestion w re, whic mI oves
faster, the Iody of tl buggy, Or the
ireurirence of Ihe wheel, then youn
illurntian wold do. S1.,ppose yout
lock your rw hl , it wiil t t!en not rubl,
yourti ald til 0Gll m1ove onl as fml te
as the body, l i teheeby the very
.bject. for whii te wheel was Ilmad ,
iluit of a levr, thi e extremi ityi of which
i at the ente or ihe wheel, where
your Iwer is al hi to overcm tLo
resistaiwe. Inl a vehi< 1 1 dawn hvy the.
body, the wheels. i t i the e'i e
h o moved, becauis (he Ove is On t -
ebt inad hotnt(ive engh)ie th
p Xower itl t 1lied to t0e wlheel, it
i:45the rIever*0e ; ande nimplI for thi r
reason tlt the power instead of being'
applied at the Centre ot the whe elor
of ytur wheer. mth yt iu. the ween
bfagotherfth o1) hOm tl~ im lentr to
wards.1 Ci c iienmeenct thei powler t,
be ncrased bunt t heg~o1d expnt woi'
ped t hegn I revre till bes t
casplifd tho leank o be~ near the nre,
wihit. i lle do e if fied aic t the centrl,
which4111 could isst the eas ii the2 0r1
eofryour itver w(le topunii frthce.vh
Agsalin,(! ifth top h'rlie theil endtof tieu
oleve, a ctin egt en ufiin
tomoe he Vgon, i~ aied ('r'em
iipiok. nerut the gr e t'ound li- wouh
move~ the~'~ lagn iho greate ease if(ol
aplied to le top wofte poke, wereas
1)it wfits be the amheter will be ip ver
bttThe res10S~i0itne o 11 ali1e1on
Ni~ow, rea geionate l s.
Mvbsply th irois : n any portin 1110
anser iovcIe w il acher (!1t1u te af
fionwhr the whel, Juis (u ccearie,
ort epoit thich (s ~eles
ahi roipoinlmotio, Wislur-h as i ec..
monXnsteam11. enlist y whEich th1e5
toid valve s101 wored'I. uit. wh 01
runderngh aoe itcent r, tly every
pargtos, inmillene wll frvers
lthen same space oi in the Iametime
ridgeway., s . C.egte toCn .ia'
1 011 ort the11 IlStril foh, n
Mra.its Eml toont: Doutlsin teve
fa1irs ofl the wor, Juin Cosar wasui
tus;d soity omusg Washington1 and
oythe r~ h whoea effected e
eitne wan td desinySi of. Emplies.
The sameo thasto bre rinead to huag
hart od Iteeme s rciurgad
'-o er other crren"ce. Untij ant e;
reaing inohen n de of Igt iSgft,
Scld nfiot hep moetar Lil felin
hti ae o ae haig ee

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