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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, August 01, 1866, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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11, 1*1 R,
ly ill h T no 1! 0" .n
'uAitvv ' t t A 'i
A . 44 I I.'. ui .\ V:..n . .
. 1 I. . lit' - 4 4I
3 .1 lit '. I 44 , : k. !A$ it44 I 4 I
S- l it 4
I 6 I. Vil ..
w 1 1. I t 1 0 inli.t ab j 4. to ilLsI ar0 .
W 1 ll I 4IVe1trio1 b ;I d IICs j Ill Ll I .
' Was oeenpill..1 bel.'-w liarper0 S
fore rblo s, aIld therelore n) . m
Thii proved to be true inl ref-e'toe t
dinary)3 44rain,.. Nut : '':I pc4.'i"i' wi:hl wla nI
"tas Ihe, I ii. \Mr. 'tirponi I ar it a4..w ohr
n3Ot:h1,,lillu4s, liiad j.is.ei 1t:g1 t lit
ea the li .ack, ant'd k4as; thlereer, alilliki.4C'.
1lug. I)?' intinlic'y, I 144to4nd the enit4gmeer if'
ite Col4iing [rain:4 had beell one o1f mty (w4,V1
uAnos er Ii1.I1 diheirle cnginle drivg' r
-r a it n Ire ., 1profi1abl buj i niiV ess. M y hl - 4 i. (I
Jpe - w s a cool, ii sk:Illt1 e
ginuer, and- as- genetrous ats rcecklvs, ot dhin
A I il'ted, I nit) soiiner inw him a1-1
Statled :11y to gul p 1 it rload, tan lk
sw lt'. thai l4pe"4m11 1r64 1o p a sho uli
ridle Will i~ e It* for1 no ting bt %Osee flte
Q0 film lttlie his enginie w n i ouil.I i k e.
As wt; <Ishedl rap1idly alongl andi wenm
iroti gh BI t aek tO k 4 iltom, 1 cioih tit' Ill.
ooking fello s ins citizns drss li d at I -iv
n114gineer, butl doilig Io. dau. 1e1 mI ly
provoked aI lugh ' dIri. ton rom 11-11 hil lir
the watnt of* iarksimanhip. (n. r i% ing .t
Oakland Mh1 , we wero agrI.- -: ! .pri :Ia
by recei Vinl-, ai .elegram mo 11 ig 1 a
party4 14 rbl iwer44 ma kinig yrea ! ba t1)
reach4' the na.haiy lit at p i, inluly 1111v.
a :head if' its. .4h gO, they Sevied II 4 it4.
Wh 4 he Spr eial co11144 i- 411n i d hi clhe4
fore se 1 a llideavor o 1 - re9 411. 411i .
There wa., bill one cool 1hl (helnk
an~d ill it Was brb-ely diselus-esi Ins41. -Al
to 4 tor s iy, wililt- i lt! %v: .s h V ij.r the
ten ilr rtilledl With svud 41an % i , 1..
.\Mr. Pi irp ,il's ha lie S w, t44 Urgen1
to ad .1 it' ifa y p- ible dgl 1.' I w- tr I
ot hers cmochvied Ito risk Im t!Iri p. mid
4wal. ir*W i s nt rt) $ .,,4 ,;.. . .
hadil tl risk(6 on railways toot oiftpu oiat k
out because there was danger4 abe h
thle rest concluded tO tay -
v"Wi-W fr lT e ittU I tn
bou 4, ell to tho ground with su1ch 4ore
n 4in brek his ar .. Joe hu .el pick44
Up fit - f4low. l t I imile 43 -. preiou.4s
testil lett1. ,:s o nvity 1101n ill tait If he gepl
1 't im tn v.ht l I d ace .p i t s, Il e rI,.,
dir, tily (ow4 :mi me, aski 'l me l c -tne "1141
rto " bu lr in, a i is h 11vi o . (r4-1 an, h.,
Willi e rie1 v Il r W . t1l.10 h,- 4 . . 10.
him 411.1%, v: C3I li '1 11, ill(,. I nt. j; r i fiv4 lt l Ay
.r1 lIn-e 41 roft iny, as :te Was! he. t au
14clinlted with the d ith .. 0 11 40 it ninly
roee nh id Ill Dy till . W j g lly .01 ,
ai* aw y wiv w II. pa: a 4 , 4lit h il'g
4 lkvi dow h '.S ill, at a son 'l lirel c gn ie
iuo I ' - I adi " iin.4 g an eay 4)tak Iti
g0'g. and ifequn esle 144 v414.44ineang lie
b4 -11,g01l 1-i 3 I fr 0444 Iof ilt ho Awh ll fli
f .11iJ, it 11 g tile Ai)11 14434keg'!.1 4 )0
whi tlIV, w4 ile iled .110v was Si ing as ita.
,? OI lutol. w% if. h h4 le i h 1 41 oi I IrVb ill o It
41-- r. :1;1 :1 .y body Oiout to 0 ,ht Wie wiu ho,
of' h1. 0 ' 1h. 1 1. iight h ll 4-41,. k 0,
.o ., W IlII: e g..tith ( if thlt , i 1iu% i t i
vivelr b-nItye .s a ; dueep gorge, w t 1h pj ., *'ji
fouis rocky.n ,
11 is sw.p1 takino in hur. 14 2. wide11 ;4
e lei; er., ut1)P0 40 ih ering .ene.. ,1.Y 04
nii6.1:e. '1 b1 ii ck rimn- I. qt ;. n 4I. .434
a olog 0nt .4..-. of t he g.I I
41 . i , ,.1 . en- Ily pllI d 11, h c is rope The
Iloer snk eed noarly .1 i ,a
tat .. a ,y hudsdled lsci oe 4(4,41
\.' w a jeeritchjilng, hng nwhes h 'i. en441.
* srec the . I ilbna ti:s. Tphed p11 .,.; Ik
t.noa. e-ia le wdead ut . -11g, rge - -Je un.
be b of .tehe eise w :S alm uet u,.aik
U 141'1 11 ti e k ;gi li Oii 1;0 ra.
loga. bitt a fw' yard ahead of 44m wul t he
rudabo arra.de, end bofdb ai tli
toe baille then, as heo braed hisel orh
us---"t.hed rongshiod r-o of tecun!"he
- org.Oursingle brakermanhseeingkthe
JagrI upiIfo.hbtwa o
Wood Cra1141 -- ly hokd didn't avail nm
iatal I was4 pitchae1lnhead over heels aigim
the fire b)X, sit iit flat oil liy Itck onl tih
foot boa4:A tor lloor o4f1 1 Ith eli gitle.
,10 wo as nit siti lenly jerited hll' wa.;
I VOr uol. kie h-t4k :-triking Ia hille lor i
o .- 4 'on4l. breaking 11 h doo
t4 g111 t(4 aIt I11S. tIIt w
.4w. I co il[Jn'l t.-Ii, excel
ji.- .-pr 4 e with the o4
8,; -n1 Exi I len ,nfg 1intose11 itllst aH sili
- . a1-1, I'i, n t'i h 41414'ilI(.I iin the litII
" ".~4 h . , 4, 4 a II il frIta hi
j44)4.-.. II':u t; t.w 1.., I' lh tendei r, an
. i- 1 t-. 4. ., . 0 , at Ilki U)e. 8ien
I g ... 5... 414 si t i. f-. t
wat 4.rl 4. o :n54ted.ii~t '-y .
, : wh w a in
l't . * i . c ., tt , . ' } tg >4 4i 9
.i- In1 htnit -. ns they didno seemi to .
hitting at.. h".4y.
.\t( 4r . itg. in ite o' sore hon". por
1or'i .4 1 4 hi' bti. extelporizerA for lth
OCIc'alsiln1 1,40-1 lhe ex press e1 iliittion ol* th
rebs Jot- e . s. Idedk 6, -mi hlis perchl, and dt.
ysh iing oil' S103n111 84Ioppesl
e w I. C .4. iIi. I - -igli I I acmfII1011. (Itoa I 4 11
it loleranl~y saf;te 41haiuset, and niow I saw :
g rti oI' ni ii im tiC' nr i bevra MCI
witho 1.a,1 !e i wongele'l, perhi4 son 1 IiiI , 4
by 111 --n-represbe" stick of Woot.
041' 4Ii.1144a Lt.S w ier a '! 1i 1 bruIe4 4 (11V
but 141 s rIti4tu4 ht111.,4. Onr enlgin .4ulfl'ir
Ghls . too pilot, or cowt-catei r -t.:
hewl bh-a r. the front of' (lie sinok 1, < % ,
siove in. bmsidet min4l4ry dlets fit 'br .
on th 1 4 inlis eaisti1gs 0 ot' the cylind s.-I'4 ; h,
witst. t'or' riilning purposes. Ih-osloI y if..
inijlr1441, #h-' rebel haItoving poiledu 1 .110 I.
lIrtt-ely atcrossl he top aof th tnk, Ill.
point o' I he cow killer IIad gonse uainder then
tnd I ltogh hroken by I he iock. had ratist.
the siolliejtuly to kee. Chum from undei
the wheels. while the en! i'4 o dtIih.l-1 then
right fi le'l into the gorge.
The rebls s. aeing nm mg, soarted in par
"t6t, bilut as we rounnd milhing serious; to )ImI
10do 41'1 ' itr Fur h ' progress, tid, as in Ith
enSO, - iiltintne lmIds enchaltinlent 1o 11
View." We w.wle I'lf again inil high spirits,
Im I Ii wohon01 t bit 4Iv .I I 1 4 - 411'l Iv I' L
con in2 lig. arrive-I l a1 ' tl (ill.'1 4ilatit 4
Ploor Joe. beir g 91101 al till l 1
to h'ave tnequllire.l 441 i itCII Cilli' :::j I' m
I-l'-i I tl' z,. %104 s-11,11 dead41 so1ln j1 :1
w h i le rtunntl a o tl in a.
.het'al al on del initi
At4 ('4Vim vrti n canof 'h i old Sto,
CV1.41 tI n11111 .1 sh ie r m 11:i 1in arftlr
latlely livid itn Ric'hmionid for Lte ti lrp(Jst
10444'el I 11143 dangrs4 of a S.;m~ livn'i R.'pre.
sunl~mihi hagonvnent eng l ne
lion4 of 41111 0' | 0l0. 1t 1 41 . ill ( e'l.
tI li' pr 1p .itiu - I hiat. (Iiegaitem4 lie in
A t 'cocnt he 'th ofld Suit
'e''iIrn14 ean'Iniul)44 r'fin Virin i.. I 1r4
lately held i Richmondi fo the urpos
v nri''a gov. ' l ir.'ll. -i l n atei d tI Is
lessen.'t iih dange1141rs of a104 Sin hern R.-pre
Renatitio ri iat Convenio adfic
lioin o, aour pepl.Thd s in emidat etofi
sm ir ip r!d----lii.
irt nsionr the fir ti ofthi sag
as a n it I llS 4 4 1 ) illi 1 ,111 4t
icait'111 l -T; olfn' t dNort tha
1 ra11 gIt.i v ne, , the bi of' 8
tion aln), and Akinr4ep, 1i all''
proeii - 4 4 tes fa 'hs." l.41;-lg
tiN- full 1;'. Nf d oh- liitl , N rth a:i
8nh, I Il , 1,3U mS 3ollow-., - 0:
Alnhmnta 28; .\kansa, 28 ;nifr
"1".411 12 '~netientL20 Dzltinware 2
ud Ar, ;0; lwn, 2.8 ; K a i."8
K-un -k . 40 ; .14iniani4 (2 4. '\. i4
.1 \lair Eand, 2 1. .4 vii. .i 4.
28 ;N \ .\? 4,t' 2 1 \'Iso) r
. 1 ; \ N I l'.4 bit .
-,t ; N ..w \\ Y-rk. 12D
giII; .A 14.4..4 h2; d ithV ('irili , fl'' 0 i
4 ; ~ .a t'lo m4 li h. I n-rof''j
r'yt 11i-41 1 -nIa, rri..' ) 4) -o N. 11 l.o
4.' 'l ' sl l 36. 1 i ..18 ltal'
A11 141 't iJ v sod b Irnh o ..-i4 yu
g'"s' a"9*" not 1S word needibe
sid.L1411 T 11-n- is1( frt , ciiz.- (3 f by us
Wu-siitool i'rntll orgid by caeri
t11'Yhi.C4 fnlgrio, inil11epCesettfion.
VuilliaVd haf dot a manyl ai good thin
befor1 hm t his ais oe cIo her nov~
1o11ns1101 ti hat ifI wes i4 i to.4onvend tion
we o chunung~it che lllltie.on od r
of Rep fre-nio, wonl the haps'ofll.
gusa l 'i~t. fslioatlist ltl~fr't
T e indfr iaiitns lnow ariei thait bo1il
the ll 11whpdelphi o tons illgl b(4
seciloal;0 thalt t first, calld by te
members f GongrLessow, wLla be. orpos<
ectsivlyNor t ~lUher)n. nd Wreter
"104'hl and irhntlat )Ir, caSlle byi bov
Haneulo 111)and oteri ipnnds tb
hotlnlits The llonly thin thdat. onb
gfai nioal il.characeroteCne
tAn . Pitlof Souhaeroapisapor w
dent faors thisone ton His frivend
t tere, that perhaps tho presence of late
e r i rs antirbli." in their eiv. is
linore4 than11 Phlh.b ale
W e ro-t'(WA It(-inmt mfoh) law%. W t.
hadt' to o eh (If it duiing the ribellioi.
If the. rebI, is thetoy called, shouhld
I V 'i Piavivanlil againt Iwth ey will do
wai iini t r t Il, iilr ilo.s
iY will ntil r in thegre11 . lol, tur twv
W il 1111 i t imin 'ed t s it I Ow Cl ;.
ei :11,tin, will reitnr with chang1i.d
Tle Rici Olnt i i ili-.' och it- i
b Slwer poph. go, ill,,) (,l
' a, i - l tbmii to Wib i-t o h pro.
IS - . liht.\ will b14 ".disgra ed-t ondl i n.
i-ji.reg il i tr I t h m'l 'lil>t' - I hi -
- ovmin rom t%1-m114 nd
era, ~ ~ ~ filo ' kl f e g ,j . fotl) Mr.
- r a s u -l1 a-r .,, a ,i ;;o v It 1ail,
hoe colvitio iL ll tbe a tstt.oat h1bo
1Y :
"I desire that .ac, o t. w Io I
CWIgr 1s will 13 r ly th conlstitittmitaI
J dg, Ih flite I u r . e Ill b., .
I0' Oif P8 Itr. nold 1h11 o uiit It-n.
s a' d i ,( repre --t S i tv whoi me i- al ,
IIII j.4 ' -J' ,'o..'" y I hI t I .- 1gainst:1,% who')Il h111
zmIe o dilOyalIty shIII nall be 4:, e d
J dalg ilugi, of Indiani . mini-rsi.
he i.!'twng huetir to Gov. \ortin It
'-z ae l ad seasonlable. mioni
Goy. Alom~o.n : Thle propo~se-I PhilaI
elphmi o v t n t edtslia. 1' to111 t Iei abriopt.
fo bv it Dmocrati party of tihe Con
SvI al ivjte (Tiiotl mnth if the N th . I
uamt01 It prieent reiady for slie h a f.t
s m, ifl if' t r i to bi. ~let Ithl Devnmo(ai
pa ri v rfsitl rt iriiet I' S ctiotin o'ti m re Will I
warla era - h-i niliem timie rebiaso
fhr ite cI'ra4 t v gr w o h gravot of'
,he ryi ad'o. Por the presmenit 1 il.
viqttall Uiont meni to remainl steadfastl.
i! their owni orgaiiization, hlopinlg thlat its
di ensionsj m y ytt. be n -ld, mnd to
keep aIr fronm proceefilg Whieb Can
only resu t ini tib t lection of th i reri.
ar Democratd ewit.t inl Iiiana. I
hearuilf appiroveof thePresidote poli.
filly pariipt it n anty meeting to
express appreciation of his measurs -
int I am not. ready to fernish material
to thev Radlicals by returning--a power
on.wo win i.vited rei.stiace to I li ws
faflit t fill o the ra ks of ilt h a, f rmy. i
I spwakc 41nly for. myselr. andl no othe. ik
respli yil te f i.r tis fo i n ention.
Wev are glad to observe thait the
meVeiiti of our citizis, ilcaled for the
pripose ttf i ilcttinlg dt aigat.s to Ite
coliventlen nt phlial. .phja, has beeft
po iponed t.o the 26th instan, for thi a I
will grive tunor C-ar thfe formnation of thiose
ShIt s CIND THiOUGHTS" -hiat areI
gen ially -.w fra t wit nisdJ.inl
pulitical afliair.
W e ni otice) ii. inl lith local cll ca lli
Ithed, "the adherieit of President
Johnsoni, inl this Congressimaml Districi,"
arti d e signa'ed at' 11 r those addresSiil vind
Ixp e it.r )I in ri t:ic itt iii xehcing
dietlega t. We vii d toe tit o'ie i otir
sort ittis -m e i 'jvigith outiirytia from
thepr' oelK hai' r'uiib-' a hi.esiret ie
* h' ii; wettl'it wi t', a far s a ii giing
fotIns he an 'amhstraii'i and m2eau'irs ai tn-er'
"Tpot; u wOe~ mhUst NOTs wEDit al
bet powe wAIE anmuter, teI~ presece
-otahs prop'Iosed ~rC mEn IfN SI.JOmh
tIer re ifte reogitizedt tfieia ofrganl
ofithe'sa get iaa.-u'-n who nad mail po a
frit lhe e' r Ih Cneto in l.
follo witg lain platfyrige of;t.Natta
ITixhese ar th ters itien of Ithie
Cothttdngrtessionralsiina distrcuo'hc o
bem expectedetttbe represemed in tha
Lionven ton band mnne oit-r yet aito
fio waithg the pformdito of ahea Naa
Uion Cluboat, Wahingatn, frm whach
i t eanatpie, we iht takmitt iha
batlw d eas ondidforus thanthewil
nxld h ersnationve w a'.is sonun the e
Mr.tc o Jhnson maygpossboy dirth
Sount to e represntin his Conn
tCIn, so the fmant tat aailalo
torblaymg the otmdtion of ae g~reat Na -
bt swe haetn raso for qrearioning he
to betin the ionfend of the. roaldnt,
this very mat-ter.-Memphis Appeal.
From aill tho recentnera
those Woil iiangiate.l, hii will I t
ankd cotrol-iI th action: )I of h C. Ill eint I,
no) doubt now% remllains~ that an1 emb111r
tion of the principhlss enotricisintedI as I
basis of aion lit that convention %u
Commit till who llarItiipate in any w
in its dhelil-rationi.-, to Ilihe- recgni
am! support W ho abu~minable tedlt or
it w.
\Wre1 putrpos)ely omit tiny tntl:g i
than aI liion to. other very quim
-- proposiions niellitcdaI mA te 'e .
for tie civeition. as wi' thik liit
imr hir m thnl gool i. i like-ly to ar
froi ii-ir disvission, 13111, -'v ryv in
caiion now points irresisibly to
coniclutsin tIhat iiemibership in tihe e'
venton,) 111d adllherenlce to thle pIn'
can he s -inre ilb the recot Yi it
ul ilw Collist il nionality an1d le gahity
Ill. I'est ail Lr:v. The'lse.' a ignt
whieb elmracterized1 the phraseology,
te nc mts lte in thir originsl c-ll, .i
bted1(1 d;irkly sit such a constricitc, I
th more otspoken ut terances of
pile tltm ofVI-t5cOF tile org nizatio1n ii
Call- bii ItIo cleairly lt t in- ilel(
low i li tn elad oIh." - Lynchny
(V.) jady News.
Tut.;Ama-T00: ~t r:uo\ Ti -
i-:.-A-: -week will pribably do
min1e Whether thte genteiral coinfiduet
n teriaineid thatl the efort, nov biut
ismad) to Jay tie cable is to be re
A few facts Ie condenso from v:
ons st emtii s in 'nr exehanges. M,
present, cable (lifers, fromi he obl h
n110 (1r t.wu partieilars. The codut1e I
inl ibi is composel of setvent c1pplNl
wires--six arondi onte-each wire s
rted Ot a ieded inl i cemicital ut
poind, and101 Imll whole serr ioled y
layiers el gItta perch, so nas to ort
core half an int h hicik ; this u sinq
stlill fiurthe4r prolevted hy f on ironl wil,
-smel covte-d with livo strantdsh (if N 1
silla varn-tlie- wires being bu spiri.
irndtI the Core.
The company have eitabubsb1o
tarif' of charges-- forty w P
hondon to Now York, esit
o t I')
nated Pressi Comiten have arraugie
or two daily reports, of not less tha
AVenity wordIS fach, andl~ as many mlOnl
Ii 'h inportance of the news ma,
The dilTierence of Ltile et weens r-a1
ion antd New York is a bot firo biom
it favor of the bitter, and will allow
al ge, hmairgin feer the recoepil (I of new
Qo the morningand evening jomnab
I'he reports will be prepre-e i-spectivo
y in Lond-ni and Liverpool it 3 A
M. alnd 3 P. M. As 3 A. M. Lnede
ime is egnal to 10 P. M. New Yorl
ime. te de-spach of that hour wil
rrive in tne For ilie morning publeca
rons in New York of that dlav's bnui
w1S inl Liverpool, aid hi ie English 3 F
Nl. bwing 10 A. M. this side-, the el
tranis will be in time for the afti-rnooi
All -his will be wole-rfuel--provide,
ie cable shall be sticcessfilly ida.
JKyr. DAVIS AND Gt -.aY -T
;ulowing cori-spondnsce is publihedi
Witikegan, Illi:noi:
To lon. Hiorace G'reele-y, New York:
.i:A Siui: I would respen eiuly ats
f it be triee that yout have oIfred to g
'-ff. Da via' bail feor lis. release ? A Is'
fe lhe abo ve be trel-, why yoh tdid its
ry lto ohbtain hail for Wrzr, keeper I
Je-i. D v is' sangh ter pret ? I sssk lihes
IltlMtionls, tnot fromi impetieeo or idl,
:etrieeot y. but11 for the- purpose of ob tirl
rig yVoir vie ws on so, imiportnt ai po0n1
[n1 the mleaimetl I remastini
Y e-s sir-; 1 wetl bail Daivii, or yma
)i ri nv Ithet(r elprjit that the Goeve-rt
menlt wouildl shameltifully ke-ep i inil mior
I hant ai v'ear, resistinig and( detltiing hi
sint iid li-gal d~semandl tat lhe la~erraigt
sed ant-d tried or.1he-. go.
Youtrs 'ruly,
To Mi. J. W ti.soN, Jr., Wanikegant.
The Portlandic Press says : eOtr e-st
mte tof yeste-rdlay, i ha', Ilt iginmber
bnlibhlt gat de-.troiyell was 1500 tee sat
sati-fied is Ltot low. Wee thinek it. wi
c-om0e ne-arer- 1800; arid 3000 famrilie
emrtaticmig 10O,000 to 1 2,000 personi
lossqes'will nggregate to upward of $ 10
000,000. Some persons Aet it. as hip
as *15,000,030. We leharn nf insin
hincer tol the amount oftcpward of$5,000
000."' TPhe Posrtlandl Argus says:
IS estimated tha~t aboutli 2000 buildinig
werpi burned, and- property dest royrd (
theonloiant of *h'2,000,000, which
~robably insure~d for a bout oiie-ha
'oSaevalitatioen of the city w
*28,000,000, antd thto real veabiatic
mnust boe or *30,000,000. Fully on
third mnust have boon dest royed."
WABH1,NOTON. Italy 28.'-.The gana
Itas Conhrlied lIenry Stiinaliry -, eo
A~ttorneuy-General oflth UtedISt ati
atnd Jdhn A. Olin. to be dalette
Ou~Eoms at: VidksbiW,' Misa ;Andlrt
McDbwell to be Assistant Treasurer
United States at(Charl1s.o.,
Later frm Europe.
N-.Yonia, .Illy 2I.-The Svoliat with
biverpool daiten to the i I . th lo i. u i-ived
The GreM:t last een i i lag out thbo At
hlii. Tele~grsp Jile-lble. The lIst. reportls
'frontl hilr qwe tht it 13.' les :t ha!~ vv bev-n laid.
SIgnal. pert-,eet th Ir o u '.
Th IPa W/m'4ur of 1I 1 1 I hf says ne
got itiorns art' Still Ienililp. :i111 thU lest.
feekling!_ prv ailLled1 b-t 'en l'rnsill an~d
Iloll i nit )J l iter lvijs liiena to Indicate
I'lat 11h- war will com11inlie.
t1ill rlvai ngil"'
I'eeik's arinky i a erabeAnd is
10000 I)strong excluv' of' eval:-y and ar
T I enssians tnil lor ibin'erff attackod
Ihe Ilhvarinusl, near) Iusson .n--. The hetefr
dh.e-l hId .b p ,o io' i we h. ir., attid ro
t'.ltIkred Iintakko pin iwti ll o inl-tinl 1avar-iani
Cominlninder. Zoller. wasf hil'ed1.
Thl Vietinnt Press1, of 1h14 hIl. says t hfat
the pr.i-used mewdiat tit of Napoleon is
fnded for I th JrS::ait I an11 Austrint mit. trust,
t I) her o n itt 'rengt h it e1 tsoires. Shte is
resolvt Ilit fight to uiunttin her position as
at great poiwerl.
The l indot Panm,:s d !elaro that England
cnnuot. follow Nialpitleon itn an intervention
valtulatel to ig ivi:teC ' presvlt evils.
Th Moscow Cw. , iavs that Rutssia,
dto.8 not want a chaneu in -iiropean boun
dIe andi. cnt ubt nto the dictatorshid
usit'ili ig des ipatchil-; troopfs to tihe Sile
o i w i lHii q luil lig a 1.41101 tiet ltas gonte
lo Vie, Dtaly'e pertists in advatcing to.
wards Vienna.
Coil rgsiTloli,
WAS isoro, .July 2 1. -Tit Presiidet.
-d iiined joint resolihutin adiiitting tile
Teitie: Ait iiepreietilaytive, but. says the
preamIl ble ontainis st i tuet k'in en, some of
whio a an' issureil ; while thi! resoltiion is
mortify IL declaraionl %.I' opliliom.
11 toluprisw n1Co leg itl I vtin , nor does it
confur any power litieh is bituling upon lie
resp dvo li e., tIiiu E xeiutiivo or Ith
Ife fait.her says -'he right of each
Iloutiso, under the on.tiiaut ioi, to judge of
quahhant1,11ions Of it4 1wn Inlellnber'S is Jun
loubitd, find that Ik approval or disapl
nroval of' th resolution coild not, in tit
Sslightest legie, incre:l e or <li ilih thi
iitth-rity in this respect conferredI on twe
vranches of Congress, lt -:ien1otly desiring
to rtuttove overycaeuse ( riiither delay,
whellther real or- imaginlary, oul thlt part o.1
;ongress to the allmism.iou of the loyal Sen.
..tor -and iepresotttives fiotm Tnnlessoo,
tt.wit hstiatiding the anoimalous charator o
lie prococodings, lio nflixs Iti:< signature
to the tresolution ; at the 8am1 Jitne his up
ot to be constriuot'aii ila ao
Nq pt-cittaia, 1t tho admission o
,opresientatives frorn any of' thu States, noi
i it to be consiterid i 1.4 cotmitin
him to ill (te Statom nt of the preamble
sotne of which are witiuit fiundation
aimong them Ie *lates there is reason tio be
lieve Ih.i it i Tentnesson legislature has no
ratitled the late aittiudmnt.t pas.lt by Conl
Pat of the mei.ge w 0 greeted witlt do'
risive laughter by tho Rhadicals and will
appluso by Ihe lh-iocrats.
S Itbe(qi;untly ihe oott ei ol Election!
repteod falvirlably oti creielials of Ten
neie m-mbiers, amwl oi invitaion to cono
forwtrd tli be sworn, .\aynard, Tiylor nni
Stokes. appeardl and took hto oati. Thh
Wis tillowed by In ucl applauso. The nov
C friellora reuoived th cungrattilations of thi
I Speaker niil others.
'ite Sanaoa adopted] a iamni'.,ittenmn. to til
in3itellaneous appropriation bill, increuinj
1 11he salary ol' nmmors il' Congress to iv
I ihotsand dollars per year.
The Soniato did not take nyt the Tennesset
Mi ioli to 11ilftle,
Wtuissi.uAly 21.--( .it Sickles hai
doelind fhe miion to Il ige and e(lon
Dix hnots been nominated for the,- pos.ittion.
. N l. ltirll.
I'nYLtAttl '. u, July 24.--Pour oitsos c
chiolera: reporLttdt to-day by theo Iioard o
lleahh I.
Nsw Yotuc, Jutly 24.--T'he Board o
' loalith reports onl~y t weo Cases of chlto Lra to
FromLi lOjIC.
f Thre 00rent Eaistern"0' had laid near'l'
three tinidred tmiles of' the cale lil to tlhi
evening~ of 15th, and wats progr'essing f'avotr
INot hinig fturthe hio e 111ran spired abut. th
-11eace neigottia: itn i between Napjoleon ait
the contetin~g P'owers.
T1het Prusstianst defetated thio Fedleruals in
santgttinarity conith ct. au A~~cha letthuntg, an
rrarchledl twardst Frtantkft't, whih wa 'y
evacutateid by tho Ptotorals.
Th'Ie Dite t had reomoved to Aulgustinburg
Prussan hedquatrsathlriun, Agniri
S'The innlo' ''iw's thitnks the Prutssian'
woul be b)dforo Vienna by Iito 17, am in
dout :ithle Auti 'I i n w I Yithsitantd t~he viu
t ories of th Prwnitns.
Claldini has occupie'd Padina and VOicenzer
townts oni the rail'oid to V enace.
Ii is ideclatred in dliploiti 1 oitroles aL Si
Petetrsburitg Ithat lisia htas nio ptresent, ir
tetiotn to atbandoni~ her' noutralt attitudo ano
will not. ec eptintg a foeg power shltl ini
tervetne, in the affir. oft Gern'uty.
'iA ~ From WasinIgton4
Wastt Nioo, Jntly 20.-A board of oil
bcert hasbeeton appoiatuid by t he Comnmissiorn
yf~ of' Pr'oedmien's afifaira for' the purtipose of re
vIsIng regtlations f'or the goveranent
lite llureauu, to mfeet, thie reqtuiremtents<
the recent tnot tof' Conigtes, exteniding tIl
r'duration of the IUnreaut two years. lent
-Tillson, 8pt'agueo and Gregor'y constitut
[t the Board..
Fromn PhIilIdelphia.
IS PutrA t tc,rit A', July 2"t.-'--Tie hiilidit1
for thle accomodiai Ion oft thte Nttlotnal hJulo
-r Convention Is boling cnstr'uated ott the coi
is ner1 of Broad anti W.llae sttr'elt. It wi
n'Tie of' monustrotis se.
e. Three eases of cholera reporfod to-day.
~Nw Yona, Jutly25.a'-holera docreasiti
tI .sutposed to be on accou~nt of, favorab:
R' ~ ailroadl Bridge nest royed.
ArsTIoua, July.29.-The great railros
bvlU go ever the.Susquehanna river, atlHavi
deilrace, was defstro ed by a tornado hai
i nigkt. Lesa nena motn tdha..
became the great merchant and sent his
ships to India. W hat a row he kicked
up in this city in 1808 I It was at a
timo when the embargo of Mr. Jefferson
was in full blast. Not an oystor boat
was allowed to go outside of Sandy
1look. Every nierehant did the best
lie know how under the circumnstances.
llauey the astonishment of the ship.
owners of this city, who had ships lying
in the docks rotting and idle,-when they
took up the Commercial Advertiser
of August 13, 1808, and read -
"Yesterday the ship Beaver, Captain
Galloway, sailed for China."
There was at this time eighty thous.
and people in this city, and good old
Marinus Willet was Mayor, -and his gran
father had been the first Mayor of New
York before him in 1662, nearly two
hundreds years ago. Every one knew
that, the ship Beaver was built and own.
by John Jacob Astor.
There was trouble among the mer
chants and ship owners when it became
kno<vn that the ship of Mr. Astor had
actually gone to sea on a long India
voyage. Why should he be favored
and no one else? Finally it was ascor
tained that John Jacob was too smart
for ordinary merchants. lie had obtain
ed special permission from the President
of the United States for his ship Beaver,
navigated by thirty seamen, to proceed
on a voyage to Canton, for the o-temi
ble object of carrying homo to- China a
great Mandarin of China.
John Jacob Astor had picked up a
Chinaman in the Park, got up the story,
got the Presidential permit, and his ship
to sea before the other merchants smelt
the mice.
A rival house then wroto a letter to
the President (Jefferson), and told him
that the great Chinese pcrsonage was
no Mandarin-that he was not even I
Hong merchant, or a licensed security
merchant-that lie was only a comrmon
Chinese dock loafer and that he had been
smuggled out of China. It was stated
that his departure from China was cuti
trary to the laws of that country ; that
wheu he arrived in China he would be
put ashore privately from the Beaver,
aud very likely his obscurity and low
condition of life might afford him his
r onl... Flnce of aoidig" sunnta
ermnent had been surprised at giving
this permit by the representatives of Mr.
- Astor, that the error could be corrected,
r and that the transaction could be vindi.
ct-ed and the honor of the administra.
tioh be matained by Arresting Astor'and
putting him through a course of sprouts.
It is not likely that a Secretary of
Siate, in the time of Jcfferson,could have
had his hands greased. At any rate,
it is well known that. Mr. Secretary of
State Madison wras a friend of Astor's,
1 for he furruished hini with copies of the
i letteis and the nmimes of his mercantile
Scaliumniators.-Ncw Yor'k Evning
-ome Light on "Loyal."
Ex4Provisional Governor Ioldon, of
North Carolina, who returned not long
since from Washington where lie had
sonic conference with President John
son, gives his views of the political
situation, as thus derived, in a late
itnbor of his paper, the Raleigh
,Standarid. After opposing the iiovo
of the "loyal unionists"-lBotts,Under
wood, Jack Hamilton, et. als.-he
goes en to define the President's policy
as follows :
- ThePresdentis firm in his deter
he is equally firm in the opinion that
Shis policy ought to be carried out by
~loyal men, and we knowv that ho feels
i embarrassed and grieved at the
change which has taken place in the
- so-call ed Southern States since May
a last. Hie feels that these who control
affaziirs in those States should so aet as
ai to sustain and strengthen himn, anid
- not say and do things whieh are cal
Sculated, whether so intended or not,
gto aid those with whom lie is contend
e n g for the admission of the States on
a loyal basis, without any further
amendments of the ConstitutIon. lie
still holds that if there be but five
thousand loyal nien in a State, to
Sthem should be specially confided the
-work of restoration ; tha~t those loyal
mon should constitute a nucleus
around wvhom others should rally i
that in this wvay, and in this way only,
can the whole lump be leavened, and
the States bo placed in a condition,
,whern presented to Congress for ad
milssion, to make their claims en -that
body irresistible. While he wpuld be
glad to see all who engaged deliber
Sately in the war acknowledge their
*mistake, and pledge themselves for
the future, and show It by their acts,
to be unconditionally subinissive to
the national authority, yet his syinpas'
Untionar chiefly and warmly with the
eUonmen, .anhd he looks to thern as
Sleading actors in the work of, restora
. Now "the ad-ealled Souithern States"
- in the above, is good. And then mark
Swhat meaning Mr. Holdeona-frosh
from Washingtog "intorvlews," as
e ribos to thme word "loyal" h him
i ensability to tafo' tle Te6s
atadthat, a tr~li a l done,
eS is just eoxogy thme N rthern Itorpre.
tgtion pf th6 terro,- dugusta s.'nCt,~
Ths.is a natural oau~lg nam gaff
* o, N~ew Yor-k, from who .asuppoed~ 4 '
suipply PI0DI10 with b
As inany of our readers may be In the
same difficulty under whici we labor our
selvea, vim: of not knowing what Prussia
wishes to have tho world consider as the
cause why she went to war, wo take pleas
ure in publishing the
The following is (ho full text of the offi
cial staitetnent as to the policy of Prussia in
underiaking the war : To clear up the mis
takes promulgated by the press in judging
the present political sitatttion, and to remove
the uncertainty amid disquiet thereby excited
in the public inind, we (the oificial Stant
Fenzeiger of July 13) ari empowered to
mtake the following decloration :
Tho treaty obligations existing between
Prussia and Italy rendor it impossible to
c)ctitde atn armistice or a peace with Aus
tria without. the mutual consent of bo.h
states. These obligations could not but
prevent Italy from acceding to the one-aid
ed delro of Austria for peace, expressed
solely for that. purpose, by the acceptance of
Veneti a as a gift, and from termainatlug the
Italian participation in the war.
Europe knows that no sordid desire of
conquest. is the motive of Prussia in the
great contest into which sito has been forced
by Austria and her federal allies. What
Prussia wishes to conquer subserves the
highest national aims, regards th9 noblest
untional poss.:sgions. We demand for our
selves only guaAntCo3 for the territorial
seirity of our future. But for Germany
we requiro the establishment of political
unity, at least amiong tho majority of Ger
matn races and States, to put. an end to the
unworthy condition of atfairs within her
houlidaries, which has so long depressed and
humniliated the reputation and power of the
nation. In the fulfilliment of this national
mission ths majority (if patriotic (Jerma
princes are upon the vide of Prussia- Our
people, however, sacrifico blood and treas.
ure for this lofty task, anud our sons in thc
army, under the leadership of their royal
niamter, ar inspired by the ncredness cf
the great contest like our fathers in 1818
Wherever our troops penetrate into th(
enemy's country they afford a striking proof
how strongly, as bearers of European civ
ilizatton, they are imbued with the con.
seioiness that they do not made war upon
the peoples, but only against the Govern.
inets which have in v iin endeavored to in
ci o their subjects to blind hatred agains
Prussia. Wherever our flags wave for any
period this hatred gives place to noblei
feelings towards us. Our armies, however
accompanied by (lie sympathies of th(
nation, sustained by the consciousness o
their lofty inission, well know how to con
quor and to die far its attainment.
.M r.hpresent,_lejyqgs tgpro,
tonor of tho, menorablo letter he wrote t
M. Drouyu do L'1[uys on the eve of the war
From what his diplomatic representative
have lately given the contine utal Govern
netis to uniderstand it appears that, so fa
fromi approving the Bismark programme
which does not diretly aim at aniexatioi
but divides the military forces of the mine
States between Prussia and B avarii, h
at ill adheres to .he simpler plan of aggran
dizing both Prussia and Austria, at the e:
pense of some petty potentates. The ret
of the petty ores he wishes to form into
seperate union tinder his protectorate.
lit one of my precious letters it has bee
hinted that were this Government har
pressed by France a similar project migh
be embraced by it, and rendo-red even mor
acceptable to Austria, by including lite de
struction of Italy in the proposed alliane<
To such an extremity, however, things hav
not yet attained. Prussia romains as ho
tile to her Southern rival 'as ever, and th
only result the mennoing attitude of Fraie
has hitherto elicited is to accolorato th
march of the victorious army uponOlmntz
and to cause the dismembermont of (lie an
cient empire to be received among th
avowed objects of Count Bismark. By hi
acte atnd words he is positively beginning t
intimate that if more severo measures wer
employed against him he would not. scrupl
to call the dissatisfied nationalities of th
Kaiser to arms to reali-o their oft-express
ed, bitt still chimerical, wish of breakin
up the realmi into a nuomber of aeperato an
strictly national States.
This scemoi involves so Oompiefe a revul
sion in continental attairs, that even a Jil
martk, daring anp lucky as hto ever is, wduh
hesitate to take it in hand withtout the me
litperiative reasons. 1 really believe tha
the last, commnxications from Paris nmm
have been rather disqieting, or we shmouti
not. have seen General Kltapka and ethe
M agyna- exiles, famous among their coutntry
men, treading the strecets of Berlin at thui
*moument, and pr-eparitng to form a Hlingari
an legion tinder Pruissian auspices. A
thousads of their couutymeni have be
I miadoe pr-isoners of war, men will not be want
i ing.
The official Berlin Oc'zette has a shot
statement. to the effect that Italy, havin
engaged by treaty no. to concluido peat
- wvith Austria except with the consent
Prutssla, cannot avail horrself of any ovel
(otres relating to thme cession of Venetia
i Perhaps not, but, though ltaly may contth
-- ie thme war, her operations may fortunatel
fail to embar-rass the enemy, now that
. lit the Is to be attained by them.-Cor. LTo,
den Tames.
jThie Old Merchants of tiew York,
- Under the pseudlony~ni of Walter Ba
retLt, a vetoratn clerk ini a large mioreat
tile houise of this city, has been putl
-lishing his reminmiscencos of the mol
r promiment merchants of New Yorn
.whom hie lae known either personall
for by reputation, The fourth volumi
'of the series is just issued by Ctrletol
e Mr. Barrett cotuld never have a livin
merely as a writer, Hi-s style is thi
of a fluent gossip py talker, much of ta
life and mutorest gf whose narrnatives
lost in th~e effort to put them in a shar
g for the printer. Yet his book has in
Sa host of facts whichl will 'be read wit
'intefeat by Now Yorkers. Ho has es
dontly heard a good share of tim me
cantile gossip of the Inat thirty or fori
years, and has a wond1erful memory
names and dates,
g Traking his book for what it Is-thi
a is, as deatitute of literary merit, but
containing rauch itnterestirng gossip.-g
make a few extracts:
t Be commenced advertIiing earl'

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