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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, August 08, 1866, Image 1

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113 NI' t L H' II I1) W V I 1i VI fly
(Gnonrda~ D)esporQtes & Co0
.y in 1the Towin or wiiiibor,., at 193.01) in
vareat ly ill ad e .
dy- All transiosi aIvjrtisemenIs to be
pai in a~dvanice.
Obituary Notices and reilbntieis 31 0.) pa
THNE 1110;'.DER Ft t-AUTY1-1
flY CHiARI.l.5 If. DAY.
Many years ago, there stood a log
cabin close by the border. It. matters
not what particilar spot, but Le it
sufficient 'twas onl the bordfer .
A description of the e hiin is iseless
-the readeC , has, no doih, road hnn
dreds written by nu abier pen.
"'ass- say,,. Puss !" exelaiis a
ialn in tho Cahinl door. Thint man is
our heroine's father. ie los evident
ly just returned from his ionp, for the
pelfries hatng by his side.
"You, Pluss ! KiP
screalms tie o ld mimi. "TI are comes
the little jade !" lie contianus, its tlie
young girl came toward the cabinl,
bound ing or stolen and fa llen tii
ber like afright eieI fiwn.
"Hal1tlo, pop !" laughls the girl.
"Where been, Pits l'' inquired the
old man.
"Don't speak to mile !"' d Puis
looked daggers at her faithr.
"Didn't yon just call ie n ide ?'
"''Oh, 1 take that all back V" laughs
Mr. I10oustonl.
"All I-every word I I knew you
would I" and she threw her arims
around his neck aid kissed him.
"Why don't you gire Frank son
of your kisses, and not be throwin' 'vie
away o me ?"
"Oh, pop, I'll be angry again i f'you
don't Stop !''
"Puss," said Mr. Iouston 0arIIe:.
"Ui !"1 rejoined Puzss,, wail site look
ed 111) into her father's faev.
"Puss, I mu1tist plut a stop to yoiu go
. Jiagfalone so ; that gImig froml tihe Nor'
west ar' ronn' ng'n,--mo the- say,."1
"Whal t (o 1 :ire Lik'e to have
'em interfere with me V" exelaimed
"6What would You do V' aghed
MNr. Houston.
"What would I do ? Pd shoot 'em!"
said Puss, producing a pistol.
"Shoot 'em I Whiy,Ps, my dear,
yer eudn't hit the broad:ide of the
"I Couldn't 1 just, you see that
blaze onl yonder tree," said Pnus, mas
eiq took aim.
Bang /
"There ! hit it, sure."
"So ye 'ave, gel."
"Now, pop, you slia'it say anything
against my goinig where Pim a minid
And before her father could pre
vent her, she was off.
For an hour Pusa roamed over hill
and dale, now stopping to Cull tihe
sweet flowers, agnia Cliibing On to
so5:n1 steepI rock.
va a5tatled by a viceiS bolind.
Turn1ing,- she behioldl two men. Friom
their dr ess shte knew that they' were
fronm the Northwest.
"Say gal 1'" exclaimed one0, hp..
proachinig her, "let's have a kiss, miy
beau ty 1"
'"Let me1 paiss I" beggedl Puis, her lip
quivering with anger' anid fe~ar.
"Dlon' t he aifear id, ga I,"' said the
other ruffian. "Only jnst giln ns a k iss.
Wal,"' he conitinueid, "'if ye'r woni't
gin it, we'll take it.''
And 110 approacd the trembling
beauty to punt his threat into cxecu
"Koeep off, sitr !" shriekedl Pniss, as8
she prodnleedl her pistol. Sho had re
loaded it in a few inlutes before.
4 At the sight of the weaponi, the ruf'
Ban drew bock o step.
"Oh1, we're t .vo ag'nm wun, gal ;so
put upl your shooter1 !"
Anid he again alppr'oalcd Puss.
"~One step) nearer, and( Pil t ire.
Ho took the stop. Baing echoed
ithe report of the pistol, and the ruf
fin fell.
"Hlallo, herC !"' exclaiied ia yonuig
man, rushing uplon the. fleeting rufilan.
"Lthim go,"' he cont inued1, as he
A turnecd to tPuss, who had aipparlently
f ainted I Poor Puss8 !" and1( he took
her up in his arms and carried her to
ward her home, ''how beittiful !"'
minnd the young man bent dloi and
kissed her.
"11a I hao !" laughed the little witch,
openihg her eyes.
Th'le young mnan dlroppe~d her as if
she wore a hot coal..
"Oh, Frank, didn't I play possum ?
You groat nauighty thing !"
And she snapped his oars.
What'll pop say when lie hears that
Proe killed a man ?1 Lot's go back and
take his seal p 1
Tho roadl ack to Ilouston's cabin
must have lengthened, for 'twas nearl
two hours before Puss and Frank
reached it, and when they did, they
informed Mr. IHouston that, with his
"kind permission," they would be
4.'inn1 in (na una ays)\ "Padiloc,,
[From the Berlin Ntonal Z-1itung. July C) ]
Prti oiniil ferii ig tilst Fili c 1111ti 1115
A few weeltks since Aistria reflsing
to ced-- t i'' Ist1 in fill a fatir equivalenl. to
VtIi Irnmn undli ph11i10:ed O4 hr dy1111'
at tie hisp al of I 11m tIb 1. T41 d.1%i , I(a h
de pairs; &f her Gorni alhws doing her
orie ihr pro-eim, and o(feaurinlgl) Ito give
ny14 Veic, hesuj-ct, of her disput e
with I3Ilv Tv hTlse sorry tircks ar o
quite sortIhy of a en.m diplomeiy, Ohe
s~ole wisdoml Iof whiebl conlsists inl 111m11
had C elnirrd inl e th iast 300 ve lr- to
clanl(e th pect oif I wIo Wrlt, I)1
lapshurg r-tined her dominee-ring posi
tion at te huad ofrth 1101 J 51'y Roman viml.
pire of the Gernmnic naon. T-, trent
with 111%Ih was belowI th l.h git.y of a
coceie d Kais er il 1859, ill is lilkr wise
1ecOMit'd to be s. So int 1866; nl-' , as
L1ba1r I d' was ceded to hlis Npo-ili
.JOn, Vellice is now hande d Ivera t, I'te
samel( kind protector oif I1npsburg, bitI
oferly, hostile ts Francis Josep1hr i Illay Ie
i)Ito on who wa s ilhe- primar vis ci s of
his 1: al 11-mi ltlaio )s Pit llrsin, too,
does nit de' sevt e lth ho(norl if hitvln g
Itrodse lill-i t ~l. Iik' ip t vi v I it l i t~i l.
ayoveraires adrseddrclyto
by the scion I rOf (tel- isiler an to m ro.
Shew, loo, v; u rebl ignitist. Ow hereii
r claim,; of . 1S113 4i i n ., t1411, V111t
be acosted oly Ithrough thOw meo
of Ole French. Goodl h ewavenis it, is
possible tllat tL ( f lost . inve lr'i ch m
pion of the ml i olitly piic Ill he
gr ofital realizafi-m of' whieb) entails ruin
upon Austria, is regarded by ti- Kai tr
as the besit coill sel to comLI pondiwll- ith
the creditors of Ii IAkrupt concerti.I In
wt 1me114 way ias It au-mptd lit 7111 .
fran tole o) lbtain It'lle establishmlOent of a
mischievouls C IIill in If1dlgev from
Loulis Naiole-oit, tt,- 10mileror Franl i 1
Josph now flinrga Germany at II. fem)1
of rhe. f e rign tr, ilrd th t lei, IIe
11oig t , crippl herw exif-t ' n f1
$>ldl r thll(- le ttr ofom nt I ederl
C-mstiltion round her mangled body.
1,,L G t'irian b, organized Lto Siit t1s
inlterests of PralnUe-the .lmnperor Wram
cis JoIiphl i does n10o. eInr, sio lon]mw, as he
into prevnl t It. froim being Imied lud.-r
Prust' ian al19piceIs. W elou. d..llht, It'.hw
IvI. whe.hern i the obj(ets ihei I jmpetur
Josleph had ill View Ill t i this ds
p tIt Iev st1pt wi I ')-ti b atined. rW e doft bt,
Io, whit her thet min-iror of French,
rg r- its hec %an.i to umisol;A 11e1he pioll'
tred m Oiation, looks upon lll 1 mission
i ll t. Ii tl Ils cli111, wvisles him to ,to.
Naolr ( If . is nI lild' 11141(le1 l to
min itain the Treaties of 1"315 in 11. r- q
gl % a1 i) a lv. If 1;SIras, narrin i -11 1(
11than the majoit*y (of tle Fr cilill, t(!
never inilderra 01' id the advan-s
tages a Prussiral alingce wotis hiveI i
hi11t. Hitll. th alliance of Pvrsia, a
coutlr y idennlilied to daiy w-.it ht lihe unit1, 'y
cause of GWrmany, cakn be onl eciired
by France, if the proposnid do not in any
i sCall to mind the anoxsi1nl knw
dhocies of former times. Fk or France to
enttler ag ain ruo t1 1pthoonqust
an1d aispiro to the acqui~siionu of~terman
soi, would involve her inl another ee-n
tiry od bloodp srife with thi .ntion.
Thw Fren'ch will hardly like to mileciu
41on thbatflem field wheni our onily wish
is to rivaldi-a in promicih of M'ogr
pNce. Theor Fwh GovernmentA, mre
over,1 will senore-ly overlook te impor
t antl faet Ihl it its relaItio- t wil t h ,1PrQ44in
at I h ml( nsnwnt arefatr d11rilr .t r ,
Tariiblc Ri ot tit Newi Oleakns.~
vel1iin bro~w 1- 1) ll.1 IC3IVII)I1 riot I'(
New Oicmg 3y0 itei-ia v. The cit i
MCInS, aidedl !y tit (,j uii futlio'itic ;,
~e.-r.'u diitho M ech dlie c Ilii:W u e
lhvi-cr t1 h 'Onm o*et ion was ill soi nOil
prlottett"d by a Ia rgc iuioh. (M at -
temlpt ig to c~iter tilt' buildin" fl I k
I)A icn' Ny-mo fired oil A geinera I tilit(
viViit;I iii 31).21 lIl1C WereC
klledi andl "'woral Nvolui!osl.
lY Wyte&c I in lbrc'.iig up and1( ar*
anid Hludsoni killed.
It intrepurte (it at I '4'>id ct Job ;
8011l t Cl graph ( :4~lSleridall1 tio mista ill
tit(. civil .1 lit hii -t y. Thell nic-i lbum.. of
the coii e :ntim iark! kow ud:i r,
and( qiet pid a* U)
,N c. % .( iA N.-, - *J 'v %~)._'Phc lI.Ai -
Cal uJani-:tiou ttal.l: to unmv.yew1
tofiaiu, (Xhivi'ul lorioi met atI
T~vim Cv-sx" u H Wlo
iWllih--A IlIrs o1--Slt 1,: r -g giC c'iiiel
sion, Nwithl 61 lilti. 1;in and. niarcud
to Mchnc"I n U.'-' t ti te~~ th'! (4,1
teinse exeiIti1lelit. preva.iledl. I Iif I 3$
criint 111 iv in g occunviier in severalI
stroets, an114 1 iiiitll )id I~gi-o(-. WI-I-c
Ih i i.ed alld 6o u ewn hit s wvo l ud.
I'li 101c111 suiinia)1cdth (tit, uta
0i'doi. Oni1 th:! PinciC lg'13f iEol the
b~uiilding, '11A m d uwl) e 3!IIC3 nfb of lic
gr c1C ere btil i Ic i'e tla( oln t i.
llaTu 1the >je ad itile ini)ally th Iuilnl
ing was cie-el v lbcsi-g'od.
Tl)police iitteilpitii t1) vi.U:e the
biuildiig", whll~i tiney Vte'cru ,1-- lkinil
Th"Ie Wayin tiin voili)3iCei( 124;.ho
"pot)1 miituile tinl thle ii imadile A,
liinuall thne Imiaits ilm 1V hiK'wr
ini~ a ly.
t b.o lifht . iEx-t \Vk . .!) A~ r-au -
fully cut up. D~r. Js -and .1 11'.1
Ilvneud-;)Il - 'ICe :ikod . iil ho~ i
(ltnt of the (Conven'tionl and mncuuler,
an he r *l lel'-A lit(Milei lvo trk0'
jeh).qr 2111o %mi Ol~'o itnd. here 1
p-simol-it ntln l cer two mov.v)n -iidr's:t.
Male Colive 'lio oif ril -s,1-1la
NmI I o %II! SIIU'. P E No Ni .2 .- - 'ite1)
Snr, coi v ei-iiiiii n itC$ !Ci Wr i )w to
010( viectilmilieC Vo I - G
yte Atlnol Ic (1h
fi-1'ii -ro rni 1 '1 Ili'' i ii 't P I -A Ou
(Ie w ll 11)z (v -,411 t .1 fi l l 1 lit' ~ lI- or.). th h ~id
priii y. sm l it c ate( oli' ioiB l. x
1111f VowlC. ' i Mr i. 1nv. ('li 1 Il 1i)Ati li
ItS Will . 1.~I~nin I lv eei Itli' Cif-li 054
r \,.:W ytl', i ' U i A u it I l-ie r wit i-o 19~i
em-: nol fo1. Aiit1V1t1 'alt 0 orn llriiI
ill11ok0y (Thn-n 1(111l yein4y (4) 114'.-n C
glicicy l' it (if hen n - weirjll e nill Post.
Th Atntic . ('b anicc.
bdtoi 11111 ci l 13 11114 I hoe 11i i'
lltlj~tt~'''. ~ 0li. to E1111111-3. l
b.etweett outr ownt cOntry noti thle El-;aier
henosispnolre. Yo.-tra4. tlaithitilly,
[. (1.e 1 VIatl-s W . F ::1.>
V:tn..a.ros, July :"1. -'' Cyrn ,.
/iel/, I/arr's U itnt: I heart'ely co.tgr.aI
hat! ytt, and lrtist that Your veterri
Iu'At, n .ee-as .1tCcewfal1 as youril utforts, lilnvc
btkee e . May tlle Cable tilldetr I ith
: I .1A l') pro.lote hariIoly between thle
ej4lI ije t loc West .t io GoverInJIIn .t
tt i t'l 1'.: te II . leolelsjallte.
J ; g (1-2, j A N Imi r:w .1 oils:ov
Ib .g t'sl: - ril- Jlq-- ill (2.-''h //
W11.1 . I. ii a',lt :.i iui. In;I o : t. T ht le gen ri e
gre .t and * .wlt..unal n ILu. li 1 reieniol
us iow C ni, vte i 6.Mat it. tithe w ter of 1A ,
II -i I Sit %lw pleasure lkt e . peec h yut
tit 'Lie 1 I tte in intvkl t 1 1 1 I 11 11 11 b.I'.
ti ua, t y u y evet hllt ve ?'in t) i etai.
nii. , oui i Un r e to . etab, ishi co1an m :
(lonl .4ero~as like All:tanti is t.s .Illcere %%.;lh
f t i- ifraa. /, C iat vs . I s1.1i).
F1' , //farr's toatl :0 - 1 Acknoul l :.el
un-t u .igilht, it-.i ait hea~i. Il iat t'...i
hu-| Iot istaleil l ol .t he: o 'al ta
.lit. L w 11 tilltia ai th il e- t .i l i I l
. lVe orI tiiiil. a"i 1ep13lI e uri relt
atun It . cW ttISi. Ii atic , I i0 1- , IlO l '(ti e;
wJ iti- k '1 m be~lllV till Itl I ZA , I V l
t ei-..t It l t ta in1t 1 l ti ri Il y und ll ..ll .
[ W Jo It l t~~u n
..*ltiltnlg cii
A nl I~i,' L %V 1 1 VIIII
- i t \I .; i cs r, .oly 2 a. ---'/, (/. // i.
V)r~ 1.4ci h .-1l nic 'Pt"/,./Irap/d 'mp n
Ip. i l oil l0 heCu.lo
lIt Ilitile aptic coiunie 'tot.
I Itwon 111 re rd n t Iwlun . i, Ii i I ..pet
w :1 Oil t w w eks trout Ibis Itite lit l In
3" sthant the cale Io WEt year hub beena
rje -.e , naa in it a s.neor lin i's in "P..
Hi.:n ar se AI titij. I a EIt ) .1
that c.11 on board til e Itelegurphe. ileet w
do ni t he cant) accomph-lsil Ohisobe,
;Ynuu. W. Fu:..
.1 i l. ' : l July 27.- 1To the Di
n' I h. ., Folk, Sufudadua
In< T4C/1-raph Comnpany.- We arrived
Ili 11 y. The ca.ble hl been la 01aer OaO
the A in ie and it inl pe'let Work ing O
der A\ soo its We halive thaken inl coat r.
s all I 4 oc1( -.td I heItt t II 1 v'.6 1r I It Cable W..
ltI: I t a.1 wuen reI m erIIT e t d spht!, - it
v it in cable on ibard o' t he t riatn1u .
(1In :3 11d retlur to thi p1inoe. T I v ltd
.\' O y Wtil iroeet lo 1y1 he l cI b1. r
A1 !Iv 11 j o' S i. lwr 11It -q. I calltil v: ,.
1 1" -ti hoe l ilhv nnkfu1111l I felel to! g yPa.
%\ lit )I-Ow retnlit %1 seinet rel o -n for1 1 he moneliy
o1:! y1 litaVe Sp tII Ind l111 timI eI Y4 a haveo
.1o '.1drn thle hit hail, Year it) ounet.
by Iteig;;rnour own country with Greal
.4it i 1].* W . El1.1.
* inet c allowing ii, a 1k ofl thle 1)iu olir m ,I,
lhil .w York. .1 iF'mIntoband and will
Teh -gaIph :alnimll.I -. : l 1eer1 lastper, ty ra
.-V I ichti. .\lof s T'I or Mar. ul 0. lkob
01: . I isi% IU . Ih I t .
a Pllimvr of the ooilny nro : Peter
-r's I it e t : i 'is W%'. ) le l. V, iI
lent ;Vs-s f . i, Tre:i: urer; iots
.I'00o Ito (h r, .1ecre '1I ,-y.11 i ty
TI. Loondon '/Ys . flih 27h e:ys of llt
Aila e tell Ol; -A is ;a grts wor, tfhe
ol If :v aIo e f a n ul ol and they % h141
k. l n hivemt Ii t dserwlve to dife honlordi .,
\to raty nal hlrigodle halleenil signe I he.
S-.nA uAt vA l,l TI. . diaaolfo
Notl' A If'- I11 :o:4 , P l. A n3tI ' J
. irl,. i Iit, t elIt-;,, ti I% ;1y ; I h'a I e ha C -4 1
A -a t ice het wee nt Am 1.1a e :1fnd Pr.li ,
f I l 'lii l 11 t iti I ho ','. l.
T.wre are onire i.du i t C A, the
.togrianh cheimnga victoiy
.\ severfe naual engtiornent iook. phace onl
tie ihoffilt e J.whind at q .1 - Tle .ol.
pi claimoe d a vi-ry. hll y s , 111lt -
lt!'an (ironCl-Il , riltn di "ll one a i
Ilowting up Chioree.
.l.n F:..y Inly "a.'l be rt-,aunhi p Cr.'nam
bya Auordiro Cnfaceredte rooalso
Liter from urope.
'13 Al.!1IS9 ICI.
INWN ..vrl o ecii
wguIi- 11 v tPri9.3.ia, A\ si n, B~ava'riai
will ~ or (orn: 'I ates. 'Pliv llro)1si
'I'tko Irdi,111c spoc..939, d 9 lli Irid a\
3.9)xlols 1.) rtlmov9 aiv irriaion g!-)9
Im-wevitlie N ortlifill(] Soui.i. If Lhi
ci;I ow.-, Ow lEI liii.4i (09veui~tentI intvii~i.
The Atlantic Cablc.
--01viiag till A i bnt ic ('i,) ol 11.
29 1 ui J 'dv, I 6;G. puldis'iew the follow
it'il SCII.-ie d O'rg
ei I:~ , or hI li- ra Iii jiA'~ l of I9l l'r*
folfiv tlg.-rajl: stindii ill A\in-ica
to :II * v t've gns loll 4-ietete i Ge';eI 1'li
939111 F'i)I 20 xt Iirds or 1t'.9i1. 1101 991)t9g
ad.~~of* seneir anid reuviv vr, 20
ie;1'ill god: I la every adtuil imm'
Xol'tl hot, rx.'do i v. Id teir., 20 ,ii
hmIt ,t,-r .~eili( pa!r \0.()Id.
P'l)3)) 2)99) it 1IloI' ph sin,9 'imi Il nmr
Ur2-) \ords ror lv,4 mlel tidli g mldI ae
o! svtivtir 1 i'-1 rvcvii vor, 2 1 lolinds me.
ling lit gold ; for every addiitionali word
114Ml 'e'e11 fii ve letlarS, 2 1 sillinii ill
god per. word.
Pno i teegrophi stat1ion ill A uleri
ell9 0 Ally telegra p1 statiot in A (ny
As*a Or 11 ti , for 920 wiirdi or less,
icImtil no'1're.4s of sondilder cel (V'r,
p cteis349dli 9~ IIg ill.10 Ii ('vt' 25)9
46,11111(01A3 j1wr9 wor'd. 'I'mi 1leti eni ill
fill wo .4I, 11111.-' t10 filoa 20, \Vill li
(V '99111.t Ilid ili vifcteet hv Ii vo-acli r~v
Soll~rraioiicnt ri3991er wvill bp Cl'eJ'g(i
It wlt.'(I.
Mlol9Ltues inl cyphier \Vill he climrged
(I 'ikte il( Ilregoitig raltes.
All fgt ~ iiti-ndue'd for t ransmission
vivi.t bje wrilt en at1. ftdil length, iawli will
1.w chan9:1 9eIRuS words.
9 9t.-.1'gvs Ifsti~Vlle'9 v1 ili b eif'I'n3rld
11".1 aii . i-f r 111t s Ia
rvaei veci Itoiltill!11 Secrietry ill the
09 'I 'iilv at9 NI9uel:.t fto rli ill
wdl~~ I~i IS.1 I'u I' A Ii - Q1t. 1".F --U T14
391 jittI il tI. Noui. .,%, Y -ktnlOI
will: he d'rn erl o O Til Q-W.~qUE11oahN
2A I'cotk i~da afternoon.
lli')99 7 orm. id act flirdi, do (I '11Gace
lC ia t 9I19'ig OF1( THl 'ri. r-S ililli)
ns soon as the law was plainlY about to'
Ue violated, vigorous and decided mens
nres, as I acknowledge with the utmost
i gratitude, were taken by the Govern'
went of the United States to provstit':
Vioiation of theirown laws and the rights
of friendly States by a lawless band of
maranders. I Cheers.]
"I shordd hardly haVe referred to
those A merican F'enians, numerous as
thiy are, blit whose organization has
beei that of' a va,t tomber of dupes,
ie'aded by two or three arch impostors,
out of whoso credulity they havo ob.
taimed large sutmn of money for the
avowed pioseciulioli of a scheme so til'.
terly visionary that how any sane man
cu1l have ciitertained it is a matter of
astonibhmi ient-I should ntol, I say, have
noticed theso lenians, supported, as
they were, by a nuinher ofthose looso'
charaeters who, onl the disbanding of the
United States arin, were naturAlly
readyl to joinl in any desperate eterprile
which promised themn a share in the
phmnder, if it had not been for the ptir.
piOse, in the first place of' nieknowledgiig
the vigorons mensures which, on the re
cent, raid, for I call it. nothing else, were
faken lI)y the United States Govern
meInt, and. iu 1' next place, of poin ting.
ontl, as at snibji-et of highlest congrfiatula.,
tion, Iha1. thi iniroad of these maratietr
e'nlled for It I hrongliouit . the leingth and
breadth ,0of ie itish provinces a utianti.
mona1tt4 Shout of loyalby atid enthidiawsti,
and a resonimte deterimtiation- intiaji
the Governnient to which theY IJlong
tnd the h t N 11eh tiey owe alle
gianee--a lualty and dotermination
shat-ed ike by mtives of all provinces
tnid of ill com0iti4's whIo 111ad I ukin up
tin-ir abole in anada, and shared'a ibvo
all by Y persots of every shado and de
liot lion of mreligion." [LObeers.]
The irriat iBitel of Sodlown-One Hutt
dreuh Thousadit Men Killed iad Wound'.
Hvieryivihing that. reaches confirms the be.
licI itait. in tile bititle of' Sadown the Ans.
(trian army li s been neatly rtineil, no is
milu1y lce, For the presenti 001am11gn. -1 .
'he bravery o' tile inen shows 'i'i 11' p
in every imrrat iv'e, T'iey bielt t heir
Ions wit ih oasititcy; the atl van Teh celd ai
the deadly fire of the needlo-gniWi a'11 h
duvotion of the soldier. As long as
preserved a hopo of violory, they flt
witht a spirit worthy of better lead1ers an
botter onise.
Onr oor'espovden. writing three dut sit
after tihe little,' *hen th-o11 nittu on e I o
beginning to stb.'iido, when the men wore
finling their wa' taook to their regimonts,
anld regineis, or whtl. wits left of them,
were igaiin being ited into brigades and'
divisions, gives i he loss of i ho beat ea irmy
as possibly ilore than tiwo-fifthis of its
who! niinher. It n ay be (rie," ho says,'
''that 80,001) iinen Ivero killed, wounded.
taken prisoners, or drowned, and fihat 160'
ginis wee Inken. ithandoned or thrown into'
the river on ihe i rereat." Adding to these
losses tle nmtwr 01 min who ninst. have
thrown away their arins in ilie retreat, we'
iiist doiihi wihiter 100,000 effectivo nion'
were (o be founid in ihe army of the Norlit'
(hree days after hile battle.
The relrent was, indeed, melancholy and
disnstronii. As at Leipsio, we hear of' pon.
foons laden with hiunidalcd sweI down tihe,
riveri and over'inrsalt with their liviig car
goes-of nitillery and4 horsenen cr'ashiing
down tu11nt and through tle tiugglinig in
ieattry, ,t inminlig I hem lIuo the narrow roads
and biwinthig t0hem over tle bridges into
1te Vaters. In1 abont nll that is most hior
rible in warfare was concentrated )i'to this'
contest. A longstruggle, lastt.ing the entire
'iny, the mowing down of whilt regiieits.
)y (lie firing of the enemy, the burning ot
villages, at horrible incidents of a flight,
thlroiighian ininidaed conmnity, and, finally,
thmo long suff'erlng of' the disorgatnizedl
tm'ch dinltituccordeil, f'rom a comnbi nat Ion
at which(te imiaginattont is shocked atiiV
it Is duiitnit toQ bring oneO'.u self 10 helloe-'
thait usuch hiorrorts hatve been enaeted in siiI"
own Iiime andl in a region sc nleari iand so Ia.
mailiar. We li hieard and tend of' suir
fields of slanghter,. biut thy' seieed to be
long to an ngo and n state of' hiuman chiidat,
(er which conth never' be revived. Nine
milles or slanightetr, ending wjth thd di-'OWi-'
ing or a mnii" ofl I irrorstrick.in fugaitivers
are ant event which, a few years'ainoby~ ti
wisest. would finve pr'ononnbed' imtposwible
in the E~ur'ope of' o-dny,
Tit P'ctro R Atti)Td--Thn first
'idea of a rnilroad to the iti t'iit origina
ted more t han thlirty .vears ngo, and tho
first demnonstrin in iti oi- of thle .pro,.
ject w~as iln a pitblic mteeting at Dn.
binquie, Iowa, about 1 83~8. A marn- by
the name of' Eli Whitilcy ptltionledf
Cwtgress to rvUih a gr5itnt of one httl.
dred mtillionri of a-cf41. of' lhnkl to him- to'
ruable him to constrnet a railrtoaf 10 thme
Pacifie, anti ofl'oered as~ seenirity for the
fnithftni appldication of thland Ito hat,
object, the pledlg of hii bonuir,. ho baing
a broken doewn imirchant at this timue,
I [is application was renewed every ses.'
Siot), until fmuahl' it became a piarty'
measure, endot'sod both by 4epuhblicaia
rind Demnoerats, D'inmfyi,- p$nssing botih
Houses of Ootig'ess, the bill -became at
law, the regnsito Govecrnment aid aa
batoivedl,for its commencomnt and
the work is now stadily prgr
sing to comnpietion. Such~ a the skle
ton' history of an ornterprise which t mpy,
h Ie' welIl considered as .f,bo twinl brolo
of the6 greoal Allantic cable.
66 aov Mus, Sunn '.. wa.
p h0titively proved otheo einithu.tIon of
Mterritt,, diaL the 8cortary tf War, E~d
M. 844.en,.paidN Mor'ritt, betwoon five
und six thoutsanid'dollas~ for hils beyvibe
iii a wvhinoen bImtnoth,' nllitiuydnrii.
51ion. Dirty work, bitt well pdhd-B o4
ln Eagfl,
Ant Astrian regitn
contains fouri bttal~1ions of twI bone
dired nmon each, tn~;g eI~ItA n~
as stin tot at As t oran b1te
ure was swept away. 'I'le violence c
the storm was beyond descriptio
Nothmig inl compariiiot with it has ev.
been experienced inl this viem nity.
wias not lung in dirattion, hit tho' dIam
age done in that short while was im
menso. 1, will take millions of dollar
to cover the lose.
-Congress-The Closing Rcenes,
The Nationa1(d l tel/GyCncer, of Mlln
day, gives tle followinig graphic sketel
of t ie closing Scones in Congress:
A Nwr Imidiight, in the all night ses
sion of Fraidiay and Saturday, a wik
sceel was priImesented inl the I lonse. Dii
ring the earlier hours of ltriday nlight,
o enHlstomlalry i-asits had been pirepared
by vmionIbus sl ubord i lila to oflicersq. In tlt
roons of tle psitmast.r and door.keep
er, extensive hosiitliti's had been dis.
plaedi --la vish I- '.iiclies, wth every d1e
Siralule portable with which to wash
down he eb.irming v iands. Sceh good
cheer had evidently 1ut. tho lonso inl
I gomd luuir, anl for several houirs
Pj1''rpu'lrntliig prica' l *uokes. introdetiing
idliendons r,-subuiins, maing funniy
1'iuolls, muling 41114e anlothr with iper
Il It. ikling lim' iousirils of na'co.
eusi sl'epu-s, and pha inig sill sorts of
Iriks (eciliar to schnol bss oin t he(
eve (W hibiity. were I Ile orcher of the
'tight. E-;enI v iiin by tellers was
irneu'ul iic 11 ;yke. I lI' 1u-mbers passin
Iml sIuiads so ats ito defy .1 cotii, somne of
0h4-1m p:w'siig six orII evens imeuhs yIli
lhe S .Im. luoion, and ting idrint
ly o l Ii - ides as; 11,11-o11 as posible.
At (ne time, :he h11l had Ile allpear
;neP Ohla vast reoa nt .11Il l.mi h, fiv
houxqe. A ditnmIwd member fr-oml
()htill, awll mihor rm New Yolk,
w..r cnplacemht Ide(-vouringi an erly'
brenltfsit spire..d inl gr.imiil ariray o.in
dwhir re-speivev dvsk A miliairy
mher Ir-mi Now Ilampshir.- hall
druppu'el ins hi''11 i1mt'um his kniies anld
imud'- tlie hl1L. ie''tumiigi with siemiormn
sunii'ds Otiwrs were i'rhniing inl lihir
0b1ir or spread over. Itheir <h-sksi fact
otkt d inl the emilrace of Mmph11111-11s.
Tillc sohls were all oveInpi.d. Rail ie II
;il colilerlials for the Iimo bsrgot dif.
f'renes, aind were entriusly interminged
s0me1 were laid out like bodies at thil
Morgne, 0somo gracefilly disposed inl
sm Ittidiile's, and Others dobiled ng
like victims ol a severe cramp.colic. Thr
scone truly itiiorous, but good, huImnmu
prevmled, and all business was persist
enly votee down, excep~t ilhe reports o
th coiference com I it Les, I he lresiita
tism of which was the signial for nrons.
mig tho sIlmin h'i ig heroes of the lmons
long-I enou1ghi to vot~e.
The JInte//gencer gives the rump Conl.
gress the following parting, but well.
meicrited kick to its members:
The rump Congrests has adjourned.
fis t s.'ioni of eight harrowing mont hs,
houing ill like aim i mpinl ding pestile'nce,
hlas Iut. lenigtl gonmo pIst., and is of the
dismal things that were. Convolving
eloud4 have diarkeme'd onr skyq ; the
lightning- of a fell revolitionary purpose
liave flashi'd across the gloom, but the
bolt has not Yet tdescueiled, anid tie
wild sweip of the storm of civil war is,
I I 'In-Iks to 01ol, for a lime arrest.ed.
This Congress will ever be most con
spicuously infiamons iii tihe category of
the worst organizationii having govern
mental fumnctions that have dishonored
and shamed enlighmtnnd society in all
thme wvo:l's history, Ita dispersioni from
the Caj~itol to widely separated and re
mote l'calitie's is a weltcomie relief to ap
prehiensioins airusing fromi thle boditly pres
onCe' of cor:coentratedl miochmiel, such as
in thu mateorial worbil takes to itseclf the~
formi oh Lthe "pldagn that, stalketh at
The New IBrhti Premier Onl Pr'esidet
Johnsonl antd the Fenlins.
The Earl oh Derby, the new Britisli
Premier, in his openiing speech to Pai n
mient, says:
"Pym from Euirope', T can not, but1
turn fori a single' m~omentt to congrtuatedct
the wvorld upon1 lhe cessctIion of t hat
fe'arful si rmgge whlichl f'or several years
Idesolat'd t hei Unitd Si ates of A meia,
[hear, hear.r, l wjithout remiarksing thas
though the posit ion of a neutral ii
al ways one of' considorableninba rrasi'
imenlt, is alwmuasicn whiebc is looket
upon woh Iimnh jcuisy by both the
iconlteniding parl i's ini a wvar, and mort
Iespeiilly ini a civil war ; anid, althongh
.our e'xerctise of thant nentrality may havi
* ben questioned by one sitde aind th<(
-othlier-us I believe it. was-I do earni
estly trust that, the restoratlion oif peace
iad the wise course which mihe Presidtu,
of the juniteid Stantes appear's to be0 tak
ing, ini sei'kinig to rs'concile and 'bring
back to tihe Uniont the vaniquished mom
1 bers whot secededi fr'o it, masy terminlati
>aniy feeling of irl.'ition wvich yet pro
vails aimong the ettizens of' tho Umito<
State's ageiinst this country, aind tha
. nothinig wtill i~inrrpt thio'friendi~ly aiw
hariimonions rit:ions he'twoeni i' iw<v
colliesei b'tween who'm subsist so minm
I twea wh iih oughmt to bind t hem logethel
I in ind ihitioun in. [ fAoudt cheet.
My lords, it, was also that wvith nou Ilih
igrsutlilnion thsit i. hamv obseirvedt thaut
a mlhough nuldonhI : edly t hohat itudne whicia
la1 givoe inl the UItilled 8mamed to all ex
preusior.s of pubhiti feeling, adid to any
thing short ofan ttotnaf Violauion of IhI
tawv, may have kil many persona in thu
coun~try to be somewhat unmpatient al
the~ progroes wI loh that absurd and mis
chievous conIspiracy, oal led Fioitianismi
w as alloweod to nmakn uin A anion .-a

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