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'1, 11 lei
Sttii It I ihpOr'te & Co
V'rmccs. - Tir I :I.% I.i is pit W ishedI Week
ly in, tie Town, of Wimbor-, at @3.oo ins
teacall in advance.
U" All iraisient aivertiseticuls to be
Oltuai y Notices and Tributcs $1.0. pC
IMPoSc> Bv ACT or Cosuu:Ss, To TAKI:
Errc-r Auous-r 1ST.
The fullowing is at n lphebet ic.d list of tlie
staip duties imposed by act of Congress.
passed J ily 13, 1861), need to take efrect to.
Agreemeint.-O licet than tihose mentioned
in thii sciedkuIe. o (Oranly aplpraiselmnict,) for
every sheet, or piece or paper oct which it is
written, 6 cents.
Bill of ,xclancge, fo'crign-Drawn inl bct
pcyable out. of' tie UnutiteI 8tsls, itc drawn
icngly or othet wise than ic it set of threei or
more-same as inland Ills ol exchaige or
promissory ioltes. Drawn inc sets of tre
more, for every bill of'etchi set, where lth
sum incde payable siall not exceed $100, I i
the tquivatlenit thereol' inc Ittcy foreign cu
retcy ic which such bills ncaiy be expressed,
2 cents : for Overy additioctal $100, or frao
tional part thereof in excess of $100, 2
ill of exchantge, inland.-Draft or order
for te patymttit, of anccy sumttl of IcmoneVy, not
excediig $1 0 v, othcetwi than at sight or
olt Ilemanttcid. ocr prom0iisso'1 iit e's -excetlpt batik
notes an.1 chck s: Or ctnly ienemotratndum icc,
cheek, receipt, ltr- othtr ricitten ur printed
evidiencce of' tn oicoccc of' miconec.'y it) ie paid
oct de'cmd or t it a ii e desigiied, For at
101cc itt e Ae -'.ncg c43. 5 vcnt ; c every
atdig owil . . r tcracitinc.1 i tt int exce'ss
Bi. il' Sall. -cill c .- by which anly
sliip ic' vessel, Il' aey IaIr Ic thereol. shall be
coccie'yed c t:-vesed n antcy ote pe.rion
or pers.ons. wi %-even t elit cocsi-lerationi shall not
exceed '$5)0, st-imtp dtcy 50 cents: do.,
When tihe consi'leralions exceed SW) atid
does not. exceled :;l10. $1. -eceeding
$1,000, foc' every ciitioncca nmccouncct. (if
$50, rt l'racticnl part Itereo', 50 cents.
Perstiial proprt-uy ther tIhan ships or ves
sel, 5 ecics.
bill of Liadintg.---For gpwood& an cd eect tlt
disc exported t toceignt picrcs, olicecr Iltan
caite' part, ecI I) cits.
ionds.--Ut itndlecci ity-where tie Icocey
ltictely rec'overabl thereiupocn is $1,000
or less, 10 cents : where ice pinalty exceeds
"1.000, for every adlitiontl $1,000 or fra.
l ional part in excess of . 1,001), 50 cents.
For tle duie exeottion of the duiics of any
otice, I. of any description (clot'er Iha,
suchit as nay be iequired in leg 0 proceed
ny, (ir uised iniconn-ctiont willh mortage
deedis. anctd not. 0therwiso charged ict thi
scliedutl, 25 ce'its.
C'ertiicat-Othe tinin those mentioned,
6 Ceccts.
Cer'tliete o' Mtcgt--A all other
4illiwints iLet1y anly purl wurdien Or
* Icictriice stiv-y . 25' s-nt.,.
C.r ii .:Iv' ol' |}g e - -- o. -' tr:atitle 71
"X .u .~I 2 ccc..'; e.xt.'i'clcig $100t,
"lt 1Illy. tr it i nacc t b s 11han11 $10.
cciv ct X .g.il r !, it, esls: tromt S-t3 0 o
. 2.tc. ' i e' ti- ; i xced:ctg 1.n00, lot' every
Icltis tititnal $Itco, or fi act iotil part I hereif,
2t cen:s
Cer iticat e ol Stock--incorporated colmip?
ccy. 25 vencls.
Ct'riev lariy-On any letter or ieno
a u icrelhitig to tie charter of' ay ves.
mei. it the registered tonnage does not exceed
150 tons. 81; rom 160 to 300 tons, $3
frotc 300 to 600 tons, $5 ; over 600 totns,
Checks, Drafts or orders-For any
amotint oct aiy bank, broker or trust com
pany, at sight o2 Ott demand, 2 cents; for
amiount exceeditig $10 onl any person other
tlitn a. bink, bctanker or tru'st company, at
stiht. or' oct demandtcI 2 eent s.
Cigcac lights.--Acade in part of wood,
Watx, glatss, patper ort 01ther mlterias, in
par'cels or' packatgos, I cent; int patckages of
mcore tcat 25 cand unot more iccan 60 lights,
2 ots ; for every acdditioncat 26 lights, or'
Iractcionaln part of thant numbtter', 1 cent.
iotra cccts.-Cotracts, broker's ntoce, or
m ~ co'or indumti of sale of'an ty gcoods or' tmer-c
ccchdito, stickst, bconds, notes ofhnd f'or'
tacit note or mceimurantcdttcn of sale, 10
(Coniveyances or Deed of' Grant --Whtet'
theo considecrati-on or value does no1 exceed
*)00, 50 cetnts $500 to $1,000, I dllatr;
ud( f'or every additional $600, or' fractional
pat t herceof, inc excess of $i,000, 65) cents
exceedincg inc vcalue $100, 25 cents; from
$200 to $500, 50i cenits: excetding $600, I
dodlar ; fot' the withbdr'awal of goodls friom
bionded wnarehouse, 50i cents.
Fr'ictionc catches-(r htacifer ntntchecs,
made int pat' of' wood, n patocages QI' 10(1 or
cntainincg moot e thcacn 100, anod not mtore
tn 200,reachtparcentoexackage, 20cents
endtor everyina $200,it'onlo fractionIal epces
ofere00, 60 cent; fo ax cmtapr. oubale te
rattecsherein) imase o pon fric on adtlhes,
erachtf acrionag$20 or ract'~ o' oct ecess
(See Contveyitnce.)
.\lnifesct Entry Cleasatnfce.-Ofcargo of
-vesseilfotr. lotelign purt, if' tonnciage does ncot,
..exceedl 800 tons, 1; froma 800 to 6,00, $8;
ealcas, Fish, Frutis, Sauccces, Jellies, &c.
'-For' andt ilpotin ovecy canc, boil t or othoer
silnglte pacckccgi', con tinincg ntients, fishi shlt'l
fish, frutic s, vegetaties, crc~uces, clyrups. pre..
paredi mcuseotd, Jamus or jeilliec, ectacined
thterein, pcicked or coaled, made, pre.pamreil
anti sold, or~ offer-ed for sale, or remioved for
consutmpt ion in the .United 8tactee, ont or
after the 1st day of 0O2toberi, 1866, when
suoch cani, bottle, or othter single package
wit h.its conttcnts,shtal exiceed two potcn'ls In
weiglct, lot' eery athdl.ional potundt or frae
tionacl partt, 1 cenct.
Mor'tgage or Piersonal Bonds-Given as
security for thce paymentt of acty defto
tc nm, fromt $100 oc 600, 60 cenIs ; exceedIng
$500, anti not e i4ng $1,000, $1. Moe
every additional 0~t, or frctiloncal' part
thtereof, In excess of $500, 50) cents ; pro
vided, that upon ech and every assignment
ransfer of mortgage, policy of insurance,
or the renewal or continoauco of any agree.
nient, contract or charner, by letter, or
otherwise, a stamp duty shall be required
equal to imposed on the original instru.
Passage Tickets -To a foreign port, if of
less price than $85,60 cents; front $86 to
$60, $1; and for every additional $50, or
fractional part thereof in excess of $60,
Piwnlbrokers' Certificale.-For any a
mount, 5 Cent s.
Playing Cards.-For and upon every
pack. it exceeding 62 cares in number,
irrespective of' price or value, 6 centgi.
Policy of Insuranlce.-On atny live or lives,
where I he amount insured does not exec ed
$1.l00, 25 cols: f-om $1,000, to $6,000,
60 cets : exceeding $5,000, $1. Fire and
Mariate ltisks. Premnium not. exceeding
$10, 10 cents pretmium not exceeding $60,
26 cents; exceeding $0), 60 cents; Acciden
tal insurance policies are exempt.
Power of Attorney.-To transfer stock.
bonds or script, to collect dividends,interest
or rent, 25 cents ; to vote by proxy, except
it charitable, religious,llterary and co-nema
ry societies, 10; to sell or lease real estate
And perfortm all other nets not specified,
r ; or aniy o1her putrl.ose, 60 cents.
Prob.te of Will, or Letter of Administrai
tion.-Where lie estate does not exceed til
valtue of $2,000, $1 ; for every additonal
$1,110, or fractional part in excess ot
$'.000, 50 cents.
Protest of Notes, Draft,&.-Or marine
d lest. &c , 25 cents.
Proprietary Medicines, Cosmetics, &c.
. oet over 26 cents, I cent; not over 60 cents,
2 cents; not over 76 cents, 8 cents ; not
over $1, 4 cents. For every additional 50
cents, or fractions thereof, 2 cents.
Ileceipt.-Rceipt for the paymer.t of any
sut of ittoney, or- for the payment ofany
debt due exceeding $20, not being for satis.
fctlion of any mortgage of judgment, or
decree of a court, or endorsementit. on atny
st, 111obligitiolt itn tcklinwledgmnaitt of its
fillfiilhnent, for oach receipt, 2 cents. Pro
vided, That. when more than one signal urt.
is affixed to ite same paper, one or more
stimps may be aflixed thereto representing
the whole nmoent of stamps required for
51uch signatuIres.
Siles-Or contracts for sale of stocks,
bond1', foreign exellnge. gold and silver
bullion anl coin, promiissory notes or other
securities, when made by brokers, hantiks
bankers who pay a special tax, require
stamps equal to 1 cent on every $100. 11
there is-a fraction over $100, tihe sate to be
siamIiped at the full rate of $140. When)
mad:tile Iy a person, firm or corporation not
131 ilig special tax, for every $100 of value
Scents. A ienrorandum of sile or con.
Iraet must b made by the seller to the buy
er upont the sale or contract, being made,
anud the stamnps affixed thereto.
WrI.-Writ 50 cents. Where tihe amount
clitned in a writ, issued by a court not of
record, is $100 or over, 60 cents. Upon
every confession of judgment, or cognovit,
for $100 or over(except in thoseCases where
the Iax for the writ. of a commencement of
siti has been paid,)60 cents. Writs or oth
er process on appeials rrom juwriew' uvats
or other court of inferior jurisdiction to it
court of record, A0 cents. Warrant of dis.
Iress, whenl the amount of rent. claimed does
lint exceed $100, 26 cents ; when exceeding
$100, 60 cents.
No stalp duty shall be required on pow.
er ealottrney or any other paper riating
to ippliention for bounties, arretrages of
pay, or pensions, or to the receipt thereof
From time to lite; or upon tickets or con
tracts of insuralnce when limited to injury
to personls while traveling ; nor on cerifi
ciies of the tunsurenent or, weight (of ai.
tmilt, wood, coal. or other articles, nor en
deposit notes to mIutual insurance companies
for tile insurance upon which policies sub
ject to stamp duties 1aVebeIen or are to be
issuted ; nor on any warraint ofattorney ne.
companying a bond or note, when such bond
or note shall have affixed thereto the stallp
or stamps dlenot ing tile duty required ; by
and whenever any bond or note shall be
secured by a mortgage, but one stlaip duty
shall be required to be placed on such pa
per ; nor on any certificate oft lie record of a
deed or other instrument In writing, or of
the acknowledgment or proof tereof by
attesting witnlesses; nor to any indorsement
ofta negotiable instrument.
P ovideud that the. stamp du1ty3 placed
thlereonl shall be highest. rate requtired for
said instrutmenits, or eit her of Ihiem.
lteceipts by express comipanlies for the
delivery of any propert:, for trainsportation
ni-c exemtpt fromu stamp duty,
Penalty fotr malking, signing or Issuing
any' instrumlient, documlent or paperI of any
ki'nd whatsoever, or shall accept, negoiliate,
or pay, or cause toe be ex.eepted, negotiated
or paId, t~ny bill of exchange, draft or or
der, or promissory no0te for the payment of
money, wit hottt the same being duly stamp.
ed, (denotitng thle duty hereby imposed there
on, $50 anld the instrutment, shall be deem
edi itnvalid and( of no ell'ect; or for counter
feiting stainps or dies $1,000, aind imprison
metit to halrd labor not. exceeding five yeatrs.
For lmakinug, signing, issuing, accepting or
paying any bill of exchange, draft. order,
or' noto- without stamp, $200. For scelfng
property, cosmet lea, matches, meels, fIh,
fruit, saucoes, jellies, &c., without proper
stamups, $60.
OTl~iR PROvisioNs
Instrutnents are not, to be recorded'untss
No istruentInvalid for the want of
the part iculat' kinds of stamps designated
provided.) alegatl sismp of equtal am~ount,
(except proprietary7 stanmps) Is duly affixed.
All oflicial Instrumeits, documtent s and
papers issued or used by -officers of tile Uni
ted Stattes governmet.t or by the officers of~
ally Stato, counlty or ot-het municiipal cirpo
In case where an tadhesive statnp shall be
ulsed ior denoting anly duty imposed by thtis
niot, tihe persotn usitng or tatixing thle samie
i'iall write thereon the initls of hIs name
and diatd upon which the sante shall be
attachetd or used. 50 thait the same-maty not1
agalin be used, under a penalty of $60.
Instrumen~ts .heretotore issued wIthout
stanaps, not to be void where stamtps are
subsequently affixed. Postage stamps can
t1iet be used as revenue stanips,
Any person may present to the commls
sterof imorpia.. revenue any instrument,
and required hIs oplipn whethier thue same
Is ehargeable with any duty; and if tl be said
coomIssIonier shall be of opinida thrlt It Is
not chargesable with tqny stamp. duty, he .1s
required to impress on It a part (otlar stamp,
with words to signify that It, is not ehargea
ble with. stamp duty i ad every ibstrumtent,
on which said stamp is Impressed shall be
received in evidence in all eourts, notwith
landing objtnsn on the go..d of ...ob
istrumenit being without the proper stamp.
The party to whom adoenitit i: issued
Irott a foreign country, or by whom it is to
be usetd. AIM. betoro using the samte. aitix
flitreoni the istamp or stupu indicating the
duly required.
Proprietors of costiet ics. medicineq or
proprietary articles. may fuwnish private
dies, and are tillowed 5 per cent on all pur
chases o' $500; over $500, 10 per cent.
inlilwitys In India.
The stipiduits works ol interil im.
provemen t Vich invie bueeiin pished for
wn ard iito remo'te parts of' tie great
Ind(ianl N 1mpire. spea-.k eloquentmly- of those
qu1talitics which everywitere distiniguiish
the Anglo-Saxon rce. Th. total I
am ,int to ho expendeid in the current,
year in the public works of India, in ac
cordainco with the policy long since
alopted for developmg 1he resources of
this Vast dmtin, is estimaLed at X6.394.
730. Duiring ihe year just expirmd, the
ten'tgth.i of railway htnies wis extended
hrom 2945 to 3332 miles. The pro
rss mtking i.; weli intdicate'd Iyt a sin.
ZV pat1ragra pht fromt the st.atement, or ohe
hI1ist I nidia reventn aecomits as follows
There is a bright side to- the accouit
whicb, even if the state of Inodin tilian
ees was nore seriou.s than it rea lly' is,
woulitdh be a source of sat isfaetion-1
nnutn tuhe enormot sicess of Indian
railways . Last year we had to spend
as tle guarante'ed intte'rest on railway
capital, over a million of Iotlney. This
vear we have only spent, in this way
?533,330 A. Very large portion of
oir outlay is now repaiI to is trmt the
varnings- of 11he railways ; an1d Ohwre aire
rew thittgs more gtntilv'ingi 1th,1n Ihe x.
treme rapidity with which the'y aire re
pavitig this outiny. Take the Great
tindian Penins :l Railway ; alth1onugin it
large portion (if tihe capital of'this coImpa
fny I expenddul pon a line Wich is ot11
yet. open, and is thertfore inprthietive,
it. pays 5 pe(r enti. after- senting aside 50
pter cit. for working expenses. Tie
Great Indian lb.0ivy nnfortuniately cost
tnetch more per ile than the Great,
[ndjian Pteiiisnilit. It cost X22,000 a
mitei, hut, nvtheless pays iearly 5
per cent. althoigh it is ntot opn t It roigh
its whole extunt, and thenefore has iot.
the full advanitages whitch it wonld
otherwise enjoy. Of counrse, a railway
which is not. opeint throughout. mayv ha ve
a large amotint of goods trafie from the
agriculitu-ni prodiee of the district
through which it pansses, :1nd1 that Is thev
Case, with the Great Indiai Pi'nini-sila
lion. Bitt. util the greit ituink lim is
complete'd you cni neverl-xptect a lIar-g,,
Ie'veniue fromt ISseTgris. We have
therefor to Ipe iot only for tlm per
eeit go t' which tihe existing lines ailready
realize, utninly fro:ni g'aoods tramffe, it.
We tma11y look for a largo increase to tlie
passeng-r as we'll its I ie goods I raflic
when Calcutta, 1311tmbay', aid Mndri s
are all bruitight into com I ntmica tie.
In t.he last year a co-ilt railwar
connection hti 1nestailisied bet weten
Calcutta :,nd Delhi, by opni r.g a spleni
did tiro bridlget winc'h spalns th.e J1nnnuma:1
sit. Alilieamii, redncing a journev of 1020
miles to th' Compatliitss of thii rt.-vseven
hours. The Godlavery tnvigation is pro
greasing with spee'd. New works lire
ibout to be cointmiced, for increasing
the- e'ffciency of the Ganges canal, ren
derintg it. nre capabile of' perforniiing its
mi i f'rtilizitg th' land and fanciitat
ing cotmuniention through ti whole of
Northern India. The Dob Catna1l has
alao been improved. In the year 1 8(7
the Jiubbelpore branch (If' the East, Indiat
line will be ready for tranflic tatq com
mnunication betwel'n Calccutta an nd Bom-i
ba v, and from tihenee tot Modrnas int the
folwinig year. The demnnd utponi Eti.
glish maciiists for' loicomnotiv'es to sttp
ply thte growting wa'ents of tine East. Indi
pouisessiots is qitei formidable, tio less
lian 480) locomotttives8 he vinig been al-'
reedy or'der'ed to be senIt outt witini tint
ntext, founr years. Thne greet. drawback,
hioweve'r, is I th watlt of coal. whtich niowv
must be transported Cfromt Englandt at
great. 'xpe~tne, the freight alonet arnvouit,.
ing to Cour' tiniest thne value of the enial,
whent mined for deli very. Relief is
anttitpted from a radlway cumntetion
sloot' to he made(1 with the coaitleldls of'
Central Ind'm, The- totail e'Xpentditure
of caipital on the linets whbicht arel openetid
atnd in course of constrilet ion amiounts
to' ?60-,645,000, of which something
more thanr onte-Lthird was incurred int
England Thte policy of tine Intdian
Govern memt. ju in~rg from' presenit indi
cations,. i emaietntly a peancefuli oine
Lord Grnb tiorne1 says :
If India can increase the enormons
mneans of production at her commend:t
i site can draw forth t inemxhauistible
elements of wealthl which lie int the rich
ness of he'r soIl end in t teeming mnt.
ilns of her popuklitin . if shne can ime
press uipot netighbi)ntg powe'"'I, whlether
otside her' boudary, on' inclnided withitt
her own dotninionis, thnat her rule have
abandoned forever that policy of atnnexa.
1.ion and of territorial aggradize'ment
which formtetly spreadi distruist and caus
edi disttirbapeeos around hter ; if she canT
difrat, atmng tilT tine popeutions tinder
her charge the blessings of English:
civiir~ation anid goverunmeot,. atnd can
impart, to.tiwmt a ,eulture which will
enable thiem to appreolate tftose blets
ingit, nnd to render thtorit perpetutali f
all-these thinga can he done, tlien -tis
period of peace and of .apparent stagnia
tioni will' be turned to. the best. possib1b
. use it can be put to;
IIf these are really the- objects that
animate the Government of india, then
her rulers have on hand a work worthy
Lof their most earnest endeavors.
Telegnitphic Cables.
The ne xpected success which ias
atteiiled bti last expedition of the
Ango-American Te'leigrh;ii (om1pany:1
iivests the whole! anh11ject. wiii ilh irts
We therefo re pbtilish the followiig note
for gmeral inforniation.
Ini re'pl' to- he objections urgol that
thw cable- will not. prove d uirabile, it, ik
staed by *Mr. C. I. Valley, :nI elnlinenit
itnglish electrician, that, there is n,
int111ce of it deep sea:t 'eable thiai was
perfect wevii laid having fatile'd in deep
water. The best preservation ofgtita
perchais is sea water. Failtre of ca bles
already laid proves ito deterioration of
ithe gitta perela ; it hats proceeded from
imperfect. joints and imptrfect mauwfac
ture. The Dover and Caais na ble, laid
in 1351, is still doing its d Tlw. The
Multta and A!exandria line i.s laid in
three sections, anid the one laiid in dei'i'p
sea from Matlta to Tripoli has never cos
sixpence for repairs. 'le injitries, with
one0 e'xellption, have :fl! heeln bet went
llingazi amid A lexandria, where tle ca
bl is latid in shillow vater, aned where it
has lind to be repaired each tim it. lms
beeni clafed by it rocks. Inl Llti inew
Atla ntic cable the siiore enl was er~rried
siucce,'ssfillV far outt of reach in to i
waitir, and we have nto instance oi
record of a cable a pyrtetoclihing to tlie
wveigit of th is shore end havinog been
injitred. It has ben uirge:d flit. the
high price cliargeil for miessange, iname
ly A5 per word of five letters savors OW
oxtortion, but this is exphrined by lie
directors by saviig that. it is to prevent.
the one line from l'eing overrii with
btisineiiss, that whi'hv is alrelady olTered
being more 11than1 sulficie'nt to keep oper
tors at vork n ght and day. The, esti
matied earning of thlit cable for he pre.
seit yvear is $1,500,000.
Inventoirs are at worik iuo co(les of
sigiaho11l< wherbIy to increisi riailyk. ,I'
Tr a lifiv fii r submari
graph cabieles now Il seslICCV9 fil welkiig
rorer, the insilaited wires feor which wevre
mauitiifact ured by the(iGitta Percl Com
paniy of LoIldont
The first cable laid was tle lin. frot
Dover to Cilti., 27 s!atitte miles it
l'egth, with 11.3 miles of i nsuilat I'd wire,'
which Worked suicces.fiully for wim ht1
i ve.i t(ItIVvaIS.
Th longest is the caile fram Malt
to Alexanlria. I, was laid itn 18(11
As I have already nited. it is )aid int
hre' Sections. It1 is 1535 miles lotg.
a nd li.s iii .120 hitomis of water. I. h'
31nl ineit(i intitnica wiru. It has worktel
well for live velirs.
Tlhe Ilit ne icross lite Persiani Gulf i
1.5" miles in tigtIt It, was aid il.
The l tro.; 'Englantad 10 Demirk
^ tmiles in lenigth. It hIts I 1041
Imile s of insnaled wirie. It has beene inl
operaion seven vosrn-r.
ie line from Eiglind to ianover is
280 miles in h-tiih, with Iwo iiinlat id
h'lei shortest litie is the ale from t Ie.
Strnit of('atiso to Cape B1reton, Nova
fqc' ia, whi I is on1ly 11 -ils ini ltigi.
The deepest laid enide extetls from
Torulon to Corsica. It is 19 5 i i les long,
tnd lie'sin 1550 fitoms of water.
The toti h-nglh (f tese viriois lines
(54) is 6811 miles, withi 11,0801 miliis
of isilated wires.
One hut worked 15 enr,; 5 have
worked 13 year.1; 4 lave worked 12
y'ears;2have worked years ; I has
worked 10 y'ears; 3i have workedi 9
years ; G have worked 8 years ;8 have
wiorkedi 7 vears; 8 have worked (1 years ;
E>It hve wor'ked 5 vyears: 4 have wor'ked
1 years; 7 hasve worked for 1 monithIs lto
a year anid a half. A note t~o this~ list
tdds that "a great many cales of shlotrt.
lengths, not inded in this cat alognte,
ire now at. work in various parts of the
svorld ; and other cales, the wires in.
airlet btlIy the Ott'ai Perebahi Coimpatty,
ImVe beenOt laid by Messrs. Febion &
Snill'eaume, of Cologne, diiriing tite last.
B years, amoniintg to over I100(0 miles,
which are now ini workinig ordler."
TnF. SioNtFICANCi'? OFl JF.'i'tn30N
DAvIs' lTmiAL.- 'The approaehitng trial
of Mr. Jelersoni Davis will test the vas
lidi-ty of States rights irn a manner wot'
thyv of the immense inmportance of the
prIniciple. A gr'eat defendant and at
grent cause wvill ompeljt' a great ~er
dict. rThe Southtertn theory, anid it uise'd
to be the -Northertt theory unitil thte Eu.
'>peatt elemntt been mo predominnnit in
the Puritatni antd despotic secution of thte
Union, is that the first aillegiantce of a
citiz~en is due to his own State. WVhe.n
the Stato of Missisippi s'ceidedi from the
Union- by the legitimiate aetion oif its9
Liegisature, Mfr. Datvis wotnid have been
ai tr'aitor to Mississippi if ho had refused
his adhesion. UJponi tat isstue his trial
wvill depend. It will be a gr'eat ciaso
in A merica atnd throughout the world;
but greatest int Americn, because the
verdict will holy to determinte thbe ques.
Lion that lies at, the root of A merican
liberty. If the first allegiancoe isi dtin to
thle Federal power* iti case's not external
to the Union, A me'rican democracy is ias
dead as'Ameri-:an slavery, atnd the fit
Lure dictator htas but to sharpen hais
sword and bide his timne for his inevita
lo tr iumpkt .--lackwood's Magazine.
Srie forrowing~ Noteowasfbund ost
ed on 'the bulletin of a Western Post
offoce: "Lost-A Red Caf. Heo liad
a white spot on l' of his behind legges.
Ho was a she kaf.- I will give thre
dollars to everibuddi wat will brine
him hum.
Int1/e/'-)r, thE. I 'I',win.. extrtact i
taken. i i tlea l .Ih'ein .duIII .
thr Ow xious languag' 0 Iis C- Ill w.)1as
vo)te- wit h w( Ia t t I, !-*. Mr. ;I )oll
.1 w v~o~ , I '* VII' !I It X- "I ml
it eltap-t tI.p , s I .\r . I)Ti.l ibu .:, hx'a'e i.
iut. ay -t hat. i.h S ut hi; lw - d,-h llion.
ho is a chiE'f eIginer of his Conveion
mnovec and~ h is utterances a re ent itledi to
"I a hak o, I1!ow-cit'izen. is it. possi.
ble, by:1) h'a iys \Iangn).bg, to .:Itp,.ard
r cearlyzt nan oe eint.l h
soltogin wich e ry m' m takt s ho
itmel as. * e ener heC nvn in -h
aledge that h is oyI alti Io)I th. li., lnd
loyal to the Unionund ayal to i i 4
Itrli n . a tha hhief endorss t14 hi preio.
emole wn is tritid <nown jre. ethile(I t)
(%%,eihrs.) And y thre are sono men
from11 tis funzdamenta111 creed1( umaler' which~
It assemls Suppose ne, or' i i. oi
three,!'w or lv~- lhousan Cnwn assemb,.<
unedert thil i-is l, is the , .mgn a nd
thlil wh wtillnot vote foir every i l.
eiple wctaine i td who will not, Cll
(liveron And ovrn-nntof art- snit,.,en
Stat i goal i thi, cordaliv . aithl
hs whole hat 11 ?411, 'ii i llv4'II lor
W hy, thit nfund lenadl g.-ol-imil--n h..
i o nam l ':t 11114. ? I b or' ~v I =i or
Ilro l i l. l4i e ecius lli Inii'i Ism1114 uti
alarmed them h-el , and I~r tal allais y
ilnscn rol m, amouototi o mvry pii.
andl Controedl it. e11i4 .14 i ll are
W onto r tan . ot i'n !, cn 'vni -I
uii ig I a . Ci isrui he'1 14 x w r i - tin
tal . t hivl -they alwa a w i th - m
\V I. t' I
ulottcill will h t conat,.m i l..
titota ti c-1 g (41 111 ''I, I 4 a 1 1( I 44'v-o 1kI s
ea in a s. I. Ir l il4 ofi t IIQ Ib- ( Ir
Cp hers. II j ltI~h'~
A114 n l 'i- I tllw 11i4.n11 l t m 14 1 vonventi on or
rnoe, ti;g. T oh s ih womld wi I b.I(
li i bo: . whVich 14 e 1, ,111, 14. (I s;J4 ..ill
II e t. a 114 t lo ' i i o 111be1 p silbh h' Itn ,.1.
gag I i n n i e l J 1 1 'ml i I ".> <lr-1,.
u ,Advn d, andHo ciin , o inw tvi youb~
not1.' hi tgnted w o toevI . y, ahlI4.v.'i(,
litllf l(Ie l :11g host e i 1)-4 Gt'14I':t *Jfl
wor oll hat rcl (m. ?ilt-'-#-'11111-1, here ill
rillili -.a, Co.11r ll k Il iIeL, 4.411 Still
tle motinoing -i," Gor ihe wK -
a-"n, mill iha th. doenm - ~
n i t of :-- . \01i11 I n h oF t:' tI ee
^ I o r ..uc IIl.'\ Oi ;d'pi-..
tin.--Tlimg (fllown ingula oac lin.
proivvicl U! cIt*'hcI 4slw sg
- c'4.'ci''11, ttad i ng factl is iit'r ,' r vi
laIhdI bly Iho An - e C , IIns 1 i- n
sp. aking f lt ebolera:
" I i l hl(11Ille ( u mowir 11o1(f 18- , ow rdll
ltm (Ind of done, thw epide-mie reached(
lirnssels, whril it a ki ..ll , one Sllood ,
inl 1(11 ofo - , ei iltnral C (azal, Mili.
islr. of, rIII, who grailn lly n an
by% .I, ve ' t'IiL wasi mli an off rtiii
hip h-s sl i t 1111 wit hpIlanding lid at
mlne th f' milk medical ank, itineimp,
1r. so ni', Il he first sogi-o' <f ln t
Sels, il Dr. V .4., ai d tleh-braed honne.
pat hie practIi'ioneir. A t vight o'cioek
ithle f'iowing morning .ll was considered
ovr, Ille face lmving the 80151d a ihw
tingU, and It dng having ceasrod, so
A111S thle G Owral's de)t as commn .
cated I" Th roy'al family ai.'ItromIced
ir the u. bie 'j ..na. - oIn .. i. w..s or
coied''tr of'ghuror I IrI Maywhlet,
anl ancdenal re f'rnd b tgna boam
Noinxieoetym wateolndorsoin tihe sck
chhiere of threwdvi'hairemse paty,
binfr fu~ivays t-e saoks l ld wnotb
dscwsvered patid whn foundyi loy t
sca ethat the ndiafersi om-ns
~messanroperlsvernto there.d
[Spec iA to New 'oik Hra 1 ]
News by Atlanitic 'Telegraph.
WAS. iNoro, Augist 8, via LoN
noN. August, 5.-liefo the armistic
had been exteided to Bavaria, the Prius
siani arm1y had Imoved rapid!v and secuir
'a good footing. They arc forcing I
p:per ciirriicy upon the people.
ly agreement, the Pruisians are 6
y bit tt lavarian
:ire to retain dhe fort.ress oif ,~etz h
1 hden1 troops \will 1eave On O the 8t
Th- river lhini. is re-opened during th
last14h-v days.0
A - trian Iroops have becn pottrit I
int(o Alh. Tyrol via Blavaria, to the wn
w1-1 tiof j').000) .
hlle lIali navy is to be reorganlized
A court. martial for the t.rial of A dtmiral
Pciesalio, who receiiv coillmanded ?!,
Italian fleet., is progrIs~'1 IIg.
A new Italian mloan:1 habeent order.
Sincle the be ieroing of ilhe tr11uce, :a
P;rt. oft e Sviss trool. whicb were
g~bn 1t0he Italian border have been1
d lis lid l. ns i li \, (I ll t.s,
L 'INx, . I\gust I - Cnsl, M7K .
I stvriotrtl' . A we 4I - t .I :o to a
it) da:r, 8000 ba - \ Lirk--t, flit, and
It11tr frin Europte,
N iw Yol1K, Augitut. .-T steamer
dLva aIrrivel t.-thly, bringing ilates froill
laVIpool to tile b11, and QuteIIstown
to the b2!.
TI'lre iris bweeInl n( flrt hetr distrillbanlie
o *I'' pence" ill oi011n01. The lw- iIrm
I ag eIms vai-111 a mei'tilg at Ilyde'
Park 44n lw 301th, with t1h allegl .lo
44 lit i I lht- . GOV I111e1ntl. The14 Minister
di-t'lart 44* 11 l o siell Ioll t.t ailt 14 beeln
ho(q hh 10 th e eimn Thl.y admatted a
int ttd44 s4tdi. lga , anid resolv'Il to aball'
(1,1 1'. i le ' li'il a w l Il-le it, inst adl lit
th,- . rie iur~a 11 111 a:, ISlinIgton. Th
( o'l4 l 1111 ll . 1 \'('.i i ' u.'4 toIl es l0 h l
nol ung a l'rin'ces' 1 11il or other appro
..3.m4'I bla t I 1 10 Ilot, al ow '
t ~ ~ ~ 1 a o e is'd til ril -vd
.T. ht' hkAostillities betweenl
44n ,ria and I taly Coll nieio d on th
4L~osno, .9y , vi, QuE:NISows.
- 1 4 I 1'renlch gunlnIot.t D;U o ulfan i4 , 1 1
r1h eI'd i4 ;et r"o IVdy or 5l.- illiliediat
eY. D.. till-ltioll linlinow 11.
Uonorsi a e Ctint i ll.t if PItandfrt
don't pay the lorced cotihmiiion imoe
dianlyv, the town will be clsd, aind 110
(11" illowed Lo (lIteIr Or depIaIt.
The Ithanl Goverinet-lt has deter
minled uplonl a full inqiuiry inito the LLAe
nalval1 defe'at'.
(oveIinnCIt gaIvt iotie, illo1144 seIi011s4
ofom(. nonls, of the neucessity for tile
11114e'li of the Suipelsioin of tIe /cas
('"rpus illI rebaind.
The truce expires oil th 27dh, was
prol!onged to A lgIst the 2d ; and a four
VtIks' arif 1stice, c(o0mIcingy froma the
1A M da4I, Was concluded.
It is Also ann1iiolilc(l that, peace pre
1minaries had been sigled, and had been
sent1 to Vienna for ratification by the
1Nmperor of Austurin. The Union of th
a rmistice', and1( hos11iIIties5 be4t~ween them11
anld Prtssia continue11.
WVASIrNOoo, August 7.-Generals
Steedma and11f 1( I"I'ulb-rton had11 a hogth.I ly
inlterviewv wvith 11he President tis morn-Ii
N~o Nxe'cuiive) alppointmentI~s ha41ve
been21 made411 t~o-day.
Kentiucky Politics,
CINCINNATI, AulgustL 6.-Return
Iromi Kentuicky indlicato( a Dec'ratic
ma14jrity of fro~n twenty to) Ihir ty tIhou'
First Batle of New ?0otton.
N Kw O14II'aY , A Ilg4st.7.-Onc bale.
of'n1(w Cottn1:. ha been1 receive'd4hIe(re,
chissing God NI i'dlig, growni in Jeul'r
son1 Palri4h, L.41
*Later froln Ettrope.,
N ew Yoax, August. 6. -Thea Germna
hasi arrivent, in~ginbg (dates4 1o 11h. 2.5th.
Austria has1 a18Iccepteil the pre4llimtiariest o)
peace0 submlJinetd by 1'ruia4. TheI( Mei't~ poI
Itntiarie.s assembled143 at. the Prussiaa1 head
quarterl to4 negoiate11( the armistice.
TheI~ Prusian44I propositions11, whIichi na ap
pr'ovedI by 1'4France, are, thalt Austria isI tI
rbcoIgnlize. the0 dissolution of the0 forme:4'
Grmilan Bundic, anid thtat a new Confedera
tlon is to be organlized, from whtli Austrbi
Is excluded. AustrIa agrees to thi1s. Nort]
(lerm~any Is to formn a UnIon. P'russia ao
cepts Shole~swig as part playmeInt, by . Aus
tria of wanr ex penses. 'rT integrity of Aus
tria Is to be maintained, excepting as re
gardsl Venetla.
Prussia itenda annlexing territory con
taining three millions of peoplo.
Manateuffel Insists on the Imrmedlato pay
ment of 25.000,00O0 forins ($10,000,000,) I1
dierautlt of which lhe threatens to deliver ui
Frankfort, to pIllage. Tile oily has solleltet
the Intervent Ion-of Napoleon and the Eng
hlsh Cabinet.
"7 The latest accounits fromn the soon
of the disaster of the steamer Lyti
reports fifteen killed and- sevent
wounded.- Most of theo lilled wpf
hands.- Ten of the wounded died a
Minn Indiana. tay.a
Froui Ncw Orleifs.
The following are the latest disp6t(of
from Now Orleans :
-*"atn," the onterprising and trustworthy
u correspondent of the Baltimore Sun, sends
. the following correct. coplies of the most im
port ant cominunications by telegraph' relas
tive to the New Orleans disturbances '
WAshsovots, August 2.-As showing'
part of the history connected with the at
inpt or the tisuirpers to hold a convention
inl New Orlaiti, and tho riots that resulted
theret'ron, I give yon copies of the corres
poideice by telegrnph between the Presi
Oent and olticils, Statt and Federal. in
l.iisinna,. This correspondence lts not
been published, and is now for tihe first timo
printed exclusively in the Sun
E XrCUTIA'. Onan:Tu, July 28"
To10 J.isExcllency (Jorernor iT iels, New Or
leIans, ,a:
I have been itlvised that yoti hmve Isstued
a proc1mti ion, convening tie Co'avontioni
elected in 186 1. Please inform me under
and by what aulthoriy this tins buon done,
nud hy whuit anthrity th is Conventiioi inn'
11ntu1 to represent the whole State of Lou.
Wsllna. , ut.wJolNssox.
N uw Oni.xa ss, July 28.
To A ls J .nvi!<n.y A.dreu- Johenson, Presi
dent o/ Ihe 'nited S1tatue :
Your telegr:titn ri-eivetd. I have not is.
iled pt'buntion conveing the Conver'.
,.m of I8O4I. 'ills- was donke by tle Presi.
dtlit of th:' l ho'y, by vir 'tue' of resolhi iot
nillo rn 1ing 11h1e (soulvention subilject Io th1is
ord-ter. :111- In 11ha1. enso nut1horizinig him11 (o
eti i t hll (ie proper offier to issno writs of'
election in unrepresentod Paris es. ,\My
prclamtiont is in response o ( liit enilI, or.
dTciong it elt kion itl the :ll ot Septuntber.
lect ion ill be held it) till ltem, whlen it
ent ire St tdte will hejrtpnsen ,'.
Youre obledient1 Servantl.
(lovernlor. of' 1.onisin a-c.
I. Orrie, Agust i1.
.1l!-ert l'urhers, f..icutnant-Gve r or ..n.
dreS. I/erronl, .ttrr.erl
Orkan, .aa :
Were the civil nutoittiesijC, Stat e or Fed.
v'ral, coocri red'v with 13' General Itlird ho.
tore lie declared mtia law ? CoulI not
lite civil nuthorit ies, Stato anl Federni, eii
fotrce the law antild preserve order, with th-)t
nil ot' tit' iilitary, aind witlhout (lite neecs.
rity of liitial law ? I h1pe that, order lits
beei restored, and1t tle H'ot tot. as disits
(rous its representt e. Plense show t1his des.
patch to (leIl haild.
- ..I..S . 1onNsoN.
ct. , .sw i ti.4.ANS, A ugust 1.
. .7runi, l'ashingoit :
ol' n1- donht less aware of lie serious
iot Which *ocicurred il this city ott the W0th.
SA liotliitl body calling itsei'th' Coiveni
ion o' INti-, imet on tihe 1 I0h, for, as It is
alleged, ite iti ('puros of reondeling tie pres
elat Colnsfitution of' lihe State.
Thue lenders wero political agitators and
revolut ioatry min1, rind (he action of (te
04nniventiont wan liable to Prodluce breaceis
01' ti f '',,1%. 11 '-lieon 1 t inadou my ian&i
to arret the hea u(d 111011 i tle lrboetuings
of tie Colveiitiol wero onleolated to dis
urh tie tranquility ot' (lie department, but
I ald Ito cttuse for fietion until they comilit.
el tn oveit nti .
A buit forty itos and blacks wore killed
tamI one hundred and sixty wounded. Every
thiing is now ttiet, bit I doem It best to
maintain a niilitary tirtpremny in tho city'
'mr it few (ys, tttil the affair it fully in
%'est iga ted. I believe fihe sent imnout of tho
generial coiiunity Is great regret at this
unni1ecesaar ,ly Ctielly, tand thtat, Ito polio '
could' have iniade aniy arrest they saw fit
withotit sacrificing lives.
P. P. SIru a~,
Major-General Commanding.
The followinig is a special despatol to tho'
New York Heraild.
W~tsauoros, Aug. 1.-Despatohes have
been received hero to-day, both by the
President. and outsido patiies, stating that
Cen. Baird had iefused to obey the Exeou
live order putting iis troops subject to (he
civil authorit lie )I o I 1ato. (ion. laird
himself soends ar highly ctloretd despatcht to
the Pr'estdent, In' which he says (lint the po
lice were the primio catuso of thte outbreak,
ndl thien adds lthato hits thoe samre po
lice in his omptloy. Th'le l'resident has (ole
litons to (ihe mil itary commatindnt. to rest 0r0
the control of af'tair's to (tho civil authorItIes'
and to use his trtoopls to ad1 te execut in of'
thea lnw, and for that purposo onuly.
Thle desptatches roocivedl fromi Gon. Blairdi
miake thie total killed and~ wounded' tifrty.
five, all told. This Is a wide disci epanicy
fronm lie statement of soni' df theo specIal
scnsatlinal corriespontdents.
I'Th stiitemnent thatt.liay and King dleclne
at tenintg (the Phiiladelplala Conventiotn be
cause of the riot., Is absurd. Boith these
geitlemoen ar'e now in Washingtoin, antd aro
moi'e anxionis thun over' for the ConventIon,
as a means of heading off' radicalIsm, to,
which they trace the disturbanoe.
TncoA N) iHEAn-r DI5EA5E,-M..
DetCtiaine, in at commuuuicationt to the .
Aendeio des Sciohcn~ o'xhibits tint
-other clause itt the heavy billl of int
dI itent agn ainst the tibuso' of tioacco.
IHo sltes tha t, iin theo course of thi'eo
years, ho hats mot among eigitif..thvee'
mytctotrato smokers,. tiwonty-ono-' in
stanices, of itermittotied of the puso
occutrruig in men from twventy-sevon
to forty..two yoatrs of ago, and ntot to
be explained by orgatuio 1lgon of the'
hteart. The absonuc of Auch lesion or
othter condlition of' htealth capable of'
inducing intermission of the action' of'
the heart, atnd theo fact that; hiin'of
instances, in which ther u~ of tgbacco
was atbantdoned, the norn atioCt'ex of
the organ was restored,- M...J40'aislno/
-lheliovos, ill justify lthu' i~n 6enolyd
-. g thtatyi in cortiain- s'ubjecfs, the abus4
of tobacco' may give riso to conditions'
. whicht ma~ be termed4 "naircotism- of"
the heart, ' charaetouizqd by iatermnis~
-sion in the moeen f ta or'gan' i
and the p ulsation of the radiel arte..
r~,and that in sonmc oasoe, a' pe
ston or dimmiujion in the' jitci of
smoking is sufficient to the optiro'
disappearance of this frjrity
y A dortain editor lsdelighted at iay.
e ing nearly boon. oallod "9aoney" by the
Sgail he lovesbocauso Bhe'saliated him
at their last mootinjfda o1l 1eonia~

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