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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, September 05, 1866, Image 1

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Oialline. Despotel & 0
7'ermi.-T-T - ihrit.i is published Week.
ly in the Town of Winnsboro, at 63.00"in'
tarhyin adiraur..
1:.1" All tran4ielnt allvercis ellt s to be
Obituary Notices at Tribumics $1.00 per
Siri'l b.y 1he President of ili lintilci
- wais :ofg ;t 4 1 4.; I i In-a Io - e~
Presidien: 'MIn lepone il> R..Nvenly Johnt
sonl, whol pn-.,vinl-d the lli-a o ed
il 4,?. 41 I C(- I -l! i1411. :11- l i w
ings14 ofI i I L '4i- r 1r
rTmen lui i., .nir t o . h - -. In p dwo~
ted of So t '4'r4' n :44 .\' ebn-I WI 4u1s
w4.'4..'?iiasiovercomI, ralne ' t ov
rti ng. to rig1, w iT'. i , l wir han-e
men ve performed the eesi :h
but ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I~(I (tnn Ge~ in)h o
pIta t (oil s t"!rIn .ma hiew
h(.16.1 :ir c-ra it'lm 0he fild
Tn .1. 1 . . Ii 111 4e a r n t. 'i c ri t
* tIon11 111114 ' u I wtiA-l -'! of tilt, (r1o .
er.1n wion , i 1.4 i; b t1211, ; : r d * ned!or
4 .e- ' :144l. W , o hm. e h. h in on
<h-p wra !Yn 1t - o f o
vI - } ' n (-' I b of | !rI
:mio rm1' m in*j ' u-i 1 4 14.1W e 11have
-sect,. i.a 1 'I' I V vel,' ' 1 i4, the'iM Nov.
ernm ni-as we -, bm yi l ld r
IIll 4 II4'I44e'vlv40mlv'4o ., o
wh y m l- o b. h- ('.o1 gr.e ela
4 the l lo.' ited4 4 :..t --' w i . o m w l , 14 4
eli lt1 . T l 'It 4) 4:11' ,4. il iI l ]I--') 44 .4
('n --e ofis it ly aw :rt M im ot .
1~ 11 41NOtiI' 11 'til .1 - il 2 III
I hIn 4 tO .' 1 4 l ' unIV t I I y 4n e
ind 1pn-:v d 4 IlI 1-l t -1 t he w l r.
C l l 114- 1 i t I 44 , m. . ; 41 1 -1 .. '.1 i .
Itlo din8 p l . v V '1 1 44r1 Cn ,d
pri ? '. to ' i. .. dt h1114 monll t.uS
le~1:- .Con-I hhv parak of vh rae
t . r. illitin and r Iev Sngc
4)1' II I ll) s114:12 (PPI'Swil o. devv14'
Thi, 0' i ' .: I I4 r iSe al(' tlh plicye
The, lu eindyiviib d w (.1 Oist now
shall no.c 114 'i4,-' It. n thi, o1. sh 1 ;0
1O) lic e ' it t .nr 11 h S l .-. jilb
h (o'. tIn4. o n w: :!,- I iit
rligio n 4' li y I- ll ' : .n tl it,
h(b' t. a cred,1')s rlgl' : Wi11ving p1ra1Ctil-ok
fp it'l'1 durin t12 14y l44'ill. mi (; ar ler
IyI 11n'd I de e tleSm ion -51 :lre erc the (1gtlg
onstin01'11 n oJtflemy. h tb.-r: :aneemake it
;i tl e . It 1141 t.'lyajT d'ctise. Iy h
'ieblyl.- i ile i..-o Wrcedd :1tv denied
nX1icl S (ra lep 1,h lI.aid1 th t ne
chagt wre.'aimply sn-n-It epev
antd deh'le ftdampulit mrcin no3 the.
liJlthatlllmelt is Om hao in ae Co'
.i 111usur i42!andt to ra ('ltn 1.111:: ie
i pup4'fcoeig te~ -4
sion. I repeat that I shall atlways b e
guideed Iby a concientin ::on vict ionk (f11
lntty, a111 tliat altways gains one Colic
ago under the Constitnion which I ha v c
mado my guide.
At the COVIluSiOln of the10 President'S
roiiarks threo entlnhsiastic cleers wero
given for Andrew Johnson. and thIro
moro for General Girant. TI - President
then took an seaot n12ear tile door opening
into tihe, lall, with General Grant by 1
his side, where. as the getilemnii of the
Committee and imemnbers of the Conven
tion passed out, he grasped each by 1,he
hialid, an11-1 hall a smile or a Cheering i
word for ill; afiter whii thv passed o 1
to talko Gluitenil G(alt. by the1 inId.
'Tho President's To ur.
It. Seemsi that Vorney or "onto of hia
crev were at. work in h'lillade-lphia I.oi
I wvit. or. insgult the PretAdiden. on r.eaebing .
I hat city, en rode for Cicago. Th '
Board of TrLde rch il to allow their
roomsth 10 bit us-d P1hr a 1 1i1.i ig of1 eilizels
een th1 (1iry (iouncil look no 0e il
E.VChan~ge also refaid 14o alpointl a C0o11.S
1mie. to joinl ill Ihl.- nooeptioll n) 1 Ctemlo
nies. The tichnd 7I'm h-ig il- c
followin -m"Unents ti bhis A. lther
Piesi'lh-ntial totil., in whi-l it. pays, ti
Corn factors of dhe cirf of broth-liv bovo
1 h[itiling Compium
Pres-identialplrna eodin n a
bll%- Sneenv.4:fl. a .d of Pyr.,iin
.lohnlson to the lon ofWmd hio
liyely to pirove except i i' i ihni nn
p c . A trv t.g Presi 14,1t ;11:1 hi(4 a
compan :111)i art ever T win1r grtVd 0
wi lt Igh roar of con :1n, thest
m J in? iul li lt-' I Ie c r of, till* .;Wb
: id Iho h..avo .ratory of depunc1.1ion 4f .
w i~ e rs l-a~p r. n.yi 1 d. i.'.n - e
i . h'In 1 ].:: I
d tI Ih., 1 1; A vorv h ! . I ., .d.. %v.*iht i
unI ntI r of Q l e IP lel- ,oil I ,t
ney. A few n outhI before he wai do.
V. ,ed by a -r Is "-: . ..mj-(ri t,4 1,Y
prOdIigiousA de411mnstrions1 of pou~iv
d11uring ai touir through the Nortdher'n
PnaSShide-1 nto y nr alsokii whn he!rb
tainst him, inl conserlonIe id dh- you
of m8 t1 was e very wret .eei cved nab
demlonstirationsi of Ht Imoitnamh
re'spect duringp h1is IIr;pl 1-1 o ,wh
.\r. ;Igar- a n mbe of hi . bIn.
w.: 1*. g
o l croiahlpl~, ! al;~ I hp i:iVn, l4:i.dLi was: i
0he opular biol Il th .\meri.:an prolh-. s
(ir, t- S Ihe ani.tiry :l - levaion o i.
ogied 1hve ut.yd h esi:t mh o Lhn "
(te ungiselS. \Vhile I Itt S th i e CY a'l . h
sutice Mf tiA py-- imo. of v;
Lile t Presid ln s viali. I4)t ticag' ile:i ,
sAInI of radicalis has engenld Aneh
SWitao k rI dnss mon tihe Corn ut crea
of PhHidelp , that hey have nf11ed tL0
do honor to tho Pre, int, whi n ho p- h
ses through rile 6t, ai-l oIer rth, 9
.h ..e.. I t e , lia n r'm't .r4 . -- (o .I
sttin na pol.1, ta I capi, and4 l ... 14
fors as umnittigated h-.gt ande bick (123C
g111ard1s.i nThe nurl (aic ii, to Iannoy toe
reinsnb a.1Ire imed Het~5li very' properl fi c
attrofibutejsuhy coduttolJ ill bred ilng a:
ThIe combger t bffthe Phadlhiwcrn. b
(lsorskd deatlers, will be l i n~1(4 1 l st iing I
intrast, 1.01ta of ' o1.b e i len of)n fa l I he
oher ities tO1:4on an vlillagee, therog "
whic ttv he Prid Oetill pas11 1.1 The -
iiori Vh amritoe o u f soial 11ife. Sihc
the were110( piosstie, 144hwever ofk tihr p
uloe, spiri Io radcoi, and too d~o ;,l
readmgL' 'the40) dr ThPrs esae t ey hvS e
blecolmoll eplovel dmora ld ad ilo., e
The41 slitr aper s;1t on11 therpin I
(lenting,~ with dognity derler lronhla. e
dourt uner hie lcv Ifhsblvd
Theptsinger ep laior theg hloer-her
decke indow, tabl singh heroeatios ti
inthe naew ofher lovser nleasmres C
her sitght of aepan trete, rol.
me antr to thatf man dve. With- e
in harmonyr oflove, an hyeoudno
Ul10luru. Iii U1llilal(I,
:scINiT, August 80.-Only. threo
enthM fr.-o Ch1rayte'riy. Disease
casesl to excitoaprhni.
Tle l'fresdtieuijl Pirty i New York.
Nrw YouI. August W3.---In responfe tit
ho Aayor's addres yesterdlay, the l'resi.
tent, in a voice evidently aifocted by ein9
iot, remarked as follows:
'To mako a reply to what you lhave just
;ive uit etence to, under te ciretnstanlces.
vond be more hat I could undertake. ..A
m over-whehlned am fihe reception you have
iceorIed to me. (Applause.) Langmige
s inade-quatte to give expr.4l on In Imly feel
llgs. I n-ee lil. yourl invitalion, and -1 iow';
eg yvn will in retrn 111c4140p1 tIy Most. sit
CI intl 1 lilt b it hanksi, Snteth tin inivita.
ion r-on this great1 ienl opiilis ought it.
410r1g. 11nd.1 it doles enco-iurage Itet, ill tie
althful discharge1-9 or miy duly. (Cheer,)
t is prticabirly neceptablt. at this4 io.
resh as w1e are, Iro-n ilho battle.tlold : bit
hiier ik St-ill it greater bnttle h1oi4or41 11t.
Chee..) - 1a ieferee to whilt I lalvedoue
i.. "'re ym. an4d it i.s for yo to 0 doteri
ilue wThat iy conluct has been. (A p.
lit" - v. ) lit c( clusion. let siletce speatk
,)r melq, wha111 Ionghtl (o say and What I 1.1,
md ito do. (C Ier.-:.) It. neceting t oh 4
racettlly kttered, I again ret'urn youl mq
AI ihe- eoneltiont 1o t Preidet 'sr
larks. ie was gre.ti l wit.h tee tmel t
bivers. Itut te'o l i the im' o foi
veretary Sewani, hoaidl: ' ,,
"I i m- ihl i' I !in Im 11.-h1mt , a l 't thn o
it for th welcon.- y6 ou have extebolok to
i. (.\Ip .) I l 14t or 1 tt h i t .
I I havo li.roughl t with 'lie tIl you, tI h I
id of t h f ie t inteol on i veityed h
ie arms of mn rou. by the viritt or one
itizenls, and- by lthe wvisdom and1 energy of,
lit (''hi -." .\agistrate. If aI:nythinlg ik wanii
Ig. it ig (lte c rtl-lio1 which wie look roi
I ite com1in:. polls, 14o hear 1.s. ouit in 0ur"
pillion, 111m1 1 he Uinited S8,at10s sholid conm
-1. (Of thirly live instead1 of' twently-flV6
ataei. (Gr:lt pplqnue ) In the city ani(
lit(.- of Nv York tile people shoull.d to
biblt n ith . i i -i .-' l t-it ln , ' a
i'll I,)
I lai 'f i ll.h riv i ; t t i i I pri I
eci.il ...-e 4e.:n ,a ! itv
'i 9 % 1 m ;.lt u-y ::,. :a-, U mj
.4 , . .re 4' t i .: - u o e ; i
e re-a ind a o 1.,- ~iry " V- pr-ovid"
Loh don ih tI l llt l e I P i
cive : n. i4io hs e e i
o . *oi'... i ::t :: .\ Te n,-.m: y~., i t'4
ne4.sp d . 4. 4~ 41;,4 -.i'i . am m-y 4 . l..
i ves 7:'.
la'.' r .n - Ih., t 4 I .4. 1 -- 4.t (,s (), .1 1 bt'
aI l (' c ttlu.n ai' 1:" '; 1 i'. :)ia .. .;
:wo n dedaN W"- leny, l'rOi .":"on Ma
:1 n chr , except j,: l d, wit !:il irt ali
4.. e : . it'il ! ttil l~ itii' .
-t114' U .:','* .\4 3: 44 : -lion b4.:n st tr,
*' si : :tg:' 1-:-4 i ni 4:i vii':: I sp..ii affair,~
1>towrd erith . A aT"se
k t . : i l - :.t e : hl. a :l i in i i t.
nn Mh rematrks thait the Govenmm-n
el'. 1: t hC i t expre. purpei pl'pre.
rvin : 1( 0h .1141m or lit) slm. i , :1:1-1 Iho
0V16 l i'.110 01 s a.. hall 0.lie t 4i lit gre.nit fa.,t
lat( the e I:tes ha ve Iot tOe power Ur the
ht, lb r by fo:-ildte or p3. iech mld ed.n lto
-p11aae from1 v -hI othe11r ;, bt'l Ihe Cong r--;
ko praolicilly om and i y to,[ u hetpr -o -
it ti o-l, n io:-io-i .:lt I t Op:ntnO , l.:4 u(m
- mt1 w. -V: 11 - 1 , :4.1 :h1 It nIuW1i
ltl to 01 e i11.4.11 lly cit t 11 .
fint whe It o . .' eo 1gain :?) 1-1
Cy their p hin with lthe Union
V -sell-ndingi repreaatrives to Congre ,
lore n ta w:n in that lotly, wh , in vi In
an of our great ebarte of !&berW refuse
ni4.t~s:4 lth.The$i) quet'n sp, 11l'tw
:th1 4.1 wil- ( <d.ttiIhe eia n p aepe i'-ihmit
1o unal11444 wI l teit m na cot: fderone
my~tl rpia-1414d4 aweighatuo 41,y :h.I w n-: .'
hattt iu: is befencou ic w, i t to1
isi 0w03 gieth lifoic t o very position
kuedjin~ the spir'it tof cisteo'inoS~'ityti isun
tI041 one'' porton ofgit toe h cUntrya arrye
inl4l1 w mak vyefot to uni4tetn cm hc 114e
4itferring.t to hPil adelphits 1444 nver 444. in
twnlof '1ioynjiiy, no 0:oyal9p.olessions andtii
itiflin Convt~)etion~ fem lte North1 and 3I1'I
CLOtht ome tewn Itndt profess ievo:t44ion t
e Uion Y41441 and onthtfieldo, and when (tig
milyr gol donh.tihem ?ll allae we14 reach
detht. po1113 int tha anlly conenolia.
all itn mn of? Itf we have,~4 I Otl y.ont ta
ieces t e adhes~tivei p4 owr'br hiCotv.
al eted0 t ait r mnt of he sw od. iand
ame ho reaur t'agan Ito lholi Unio. i e
oraedl nnd debesedibut wtnletha m o
ameiitht al1l: ahei manhod.of 011ey have'y
lint takentto p teI Cosiui, and nskl10 h
nilrt i tshe enforcd. f (hot wao~ ohf
oem? Therg tisvi noi cae. I lololoi
lonrans and mihmyl adr fuh for the
ion gratonend ofl bhe linann to e
ranit waoono id the odiflie swa doinglb
ti the demonstgr"aio ion No York con
9mdhmi i ptto httepol
legiatiW. We have seen a Congress
in a mirity aesumne to exercise power
wihich, if allowed to be carried, would
Test, mii d.iOl ism or monarchy itself
Ti3 K tr h, and because others as well
11 inyself have seell proper to appeal to
the patlriotism and republican fooling of
the country, we have been donouned li
lite severesi. terms. Slander upon slan
der, vituperation ipoi vituperation, of
the most villainous elaracter, has nmade
its wiy through the press. What, gen
lemen, have teen your atod illy sin ?
What has been the(!canse of' our off'end..
ing ? I will tell yo n:-aring to stand
by tie Constitution of: nurn4thers. I
C'iider the proceeding-4 of this Conven
tion, sir as tor important than those
of any con vition that. ever assembled
In the 11nitel Statest. reat applause.J
When I Ilook wit i my mnind upon
thlt collection of cii'.'n coling I.o.
gm-her vom ynni ) -it ting ill cielluil
witi ideais,, with principles and1 views
eman-usiatewith all the States .und
coextelesive with I'he whole. peole, anld
contr1 a1st it with thei Colliction of persoll
who arm Iri'ng to isiroy elit countiry,
I regard- it, as nmore impor-tant than any
Clonventio hl (im: Ias sat, at l-ast, since
1787. [liwd nldaln.) I thiik
I imay a o say th:t. tiht. decliarations
thmt, weret, hero :nht arit (.q ml t'o thm
Iehitration i nd f epe'ji'nce itl.1lf, aind I
In-ro to day1 prononne theI m a1 secooll
Declratio of Imidiepliie'ec. [Cris of
"glorin, and a imost imilsiastic and
prlge apphauise.]
Yout addss :awl dclaratlions arte
not hingt ilorti"nor less Iian a re afiariti
aiom of the Coistitution of lihe United
S' tes. Yes. [ vi!l go furithe-r andil say
11im1. the. d.clra ions olt have Ial.,
l Lat, tlhe piinciplt.s you have emmiated
in you -obirss, or- a s 1on )(1puebn
6i:1 Iof I al:Ic; p:o li ., ihe4 pnople (d : ho
' it ed . .2[r mw5 p la1) o
roc! . I fi : a u I r ,. thii'' t .'
:a I rn*h a have a hw ai -AJi ein.
I:t com11 a t e n mi . I t . 1111 it I
nltha .. ei vationofi 'i GoverSInnent,
wiI Iout, refeen'11c t pI I"artv. The I ies
tion only i3 the s.Iva l e ioln of I t c atII.'ry,
for oir Country rIi !z -e.1 ab ove all y con
s'i'kerationl or mf111luee S. H1o w amuwl
are therelC inl the IUnitedl Sate.s that nIa
require to be free ? They havo thn
sliackls upon their hbS, and are bil
as rigidly al thlough the(y wore in faIct in
.!avery'. I r:-peat, I'.en, Oh:,t your do
clar:ion Ki.ie second probumain;ion of
nnuI2iptfi -n dite peopIIlef of thi Uni;:d
S ates 09".omr.; a connnonI01 groun1.d uponi
whh-h all pat. in cm a sva :mi. [.\ P.
Ij's .u Im
' rC r : a gentleinen, let ei
a i l -(n .ciona, a,k WIa t, I haVe 1.,)
im-n h ti the' aIlwVamw 1t1wnt of Ih!
pub' w pbIre ? I am2 as 1on218h1 up;lopoed
to1. u inge ceof vego! ilm a.<ally One(,
but hn-, inl a vonversation: u1atmtwr,
hilformall rt ceiving tle proceedings
of' thi Convm.tion I. inv be termitued
ain;1ti io uIsi w'aIhat y:e I to g:iwn. coai.
sin!ing hmn: unhlionl, m1on- timnl I
avo 'ained. except in one timlg? \ly
racm is nhat]rul. I haive held from thle
l(we'st, Lo I ite hi-lwa.t. abotost. (ver p
shion to which a ma imV ntain in (ur
ennu ndt aii rl gm.ttf tleen, this
l ogratify a reaona
li 'w-d mahlority, or if' I wishled
> I :pta Im !-.y orwn power, how easy
n . AIM' Ivi e.' is' 05 htoIl, and~ with
s' inIc wasI'I ts i mydhais byt
n-i Ohill. [I Lanigh IC'ter and a pplanuso.J
W\ith anl arm~ly whiich it placed int my
dict'L .ilout I could haiive r'emainied at. tlhs
capital of' the nat11ion, anid with fift~y or
sixty muillionts of app ropiation at my
disposal, withi the miachtinery to he work
ed by mty saitraps and11( depenldents iln
every' town and village, andl then, with
aniliary'~ [hmgh1(1orjl iln connect~in withi
alheohr a pliaunces of' thei Go.ve'rn
dfictttor. Butt, genltlemnen, myl pride and
my ambluition ha~ve been to occupy that
positionl wich retains. all powecr ill theo
hands of' thte peoplse. It is upon thtat,
haeawy.s rehed'( 1.t is ition that I
reilf noiw, and1( 1 rep'eat. thazt neithert the
latirels inor thae jeers of Cong'res.4 nor of
a subsidized,,i calumnniatinug press, - can
d rive me1 fromn mty purposo108. [GreaI t ap
plhots(.] 'tacknoiw ledge nto supenror' e'x
cept, liy Goda, the antdbor ofr mty e'Xist
entce, andis 11he piopti of t ho "UnT~itedl
States." [Pruolonged and entthuisitticJ
cheiermig) Iior tfhe one I try to) obey
all1 If is couniisels as best I can compatti
fble wih my13 pooJr humanllity' ; for' tho
(other1, ill a1 political and repre'Lsentatti ve
Sen Usi, till high behotsts of' thle pe'oplo
hav1 e alw~ay's been.'l respected and obeyed
lby me.I [ A piplaiutse.]
II !'inede to say. F'or t he kind allusion
to mhlyselfi 'ontI aIited in your add~ress, anid
in the restlhItionas adopted by the (Con
vetliloll, let mo15 rear k thalt inl tis Cr'i'
hs, and at the present pei'iod of' nmy pill)
I ie hfe, I hohld, above all prlice, and1( shall
over reenr wv i teelings oft profiunnd
gral ihent iont, to the last relsohlito, COn-'
tainting the endorulsemnent, of a conve'ntionl,
Clianat.ings spointnoulsly from thtagreat
mass of the people. I trust andtl hopef.
that my funtur' action may be suchi tht
y'ou, anl th colnvenition you represenit,
uuty not regret the atssuranttce of COn(fi
dence y'ou have expressedl.
Before separVing, any frie:Ada, ' and
all, accopt mly sincoro thmtnks. for the
keind rnianifactationao nregmard rm1 t-n.
M1y salva1tion, let. (I y si-'viint delvirI in
b2.221g 21222(2. 2ily 2121Ii(,2l i., 1I2. pil. v. I
as.1k noh Ii ng mot22 I vc~4 aite live in2
til fe t'is m l llem 12 - it 111) country-1
I 2222112 no2 1222v12g u i; 111:1%. 1-1gIQkI
I2112111 2 Lv Pre 121Q 22 t 1, 1 i.- 1 I i it -;[:1fO t-11'
repl'vdlibl2) burstd of'2 j!22.) ittI fin2 tile
(1221 i I s (I ell. Sill:I, F. eI. *j-:1 1; vo.'t .I:'c-ri~a tll.
AndrIiewu .1 1112"i22 o . fiI 22)22ii22* Ole 2122) l 1:4 )
.Alt'i' 2 it divv I it i 22gi Ci.ctlicim Purk. (lie
1'llm'.I222 Il22 11 1 1:2 tojit 22 12)2 ill NhI1212:11
utt22iille f'or Al bitnIy.
22~k it 2i:2n2m IN l Ihi ihil' W1''~ aIi . 1
1111111110AVV11'1'. llie '32 i Ilini 2122) tir-ti :6--t (.1
12.t2Ild 11.) 10re ov)I 2.21V 1 .i .311 'imi oftile' 23l
llnce o.22. (' I livil. own12 112)22 ill2!;is 12:t.
Presideitt 3Ih1 til ('11 r ille fill. ('Iieigii,
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Ir'iW'Ilit' 31p ;olv. elivs- It.2~l '22, .I I
lin ite". ill :222 pur.x:12': toy2 fill 111 :1 ll
Ilot wlit for12' Illoi~g 22,1 vi 2 11 .-; :22
112):22 no,'' l i m list o h .
il lil8$2! 212 2 2t 2x1.111 1:4 p lii I :1
2122 . YIi: i All l v " 't 29- 1 ', j i l2 12 1 ,
mom 1 (i~ 1.22 r'. i l :. 11 ( TI., ils '. N 2221
I! red.)11A'2 I I)I ier It k. w1I2 . t'.
T1l II
lisi to222 hnu i
A2 A
:~t '3.21 :1:a~ tor jam.1
U pld~"S" ALU IO I Mph hc':
1 2,22)22 , At2ignst 2. t'1 13 : .: ll :' 2
-11A Al:i' (i .il.1&2s .' beq22 2aildlv h-Nn
l %m~) , 1.i3'i2. 28 :1.IV, o 11 1 22122t.
!ic Malsl ' .j fr..2110: tilt2.. 33 1 12 i n.. c':~i'1"2
I E ropc Ii fli' 11 lie by i i e ;")d'I Lil I .,
Csso3ste Prf% '4l8.i
(II." ti..X..I2n1 w2Ztil
I 2'22 1, of hil:it )il22. it 3:2:1 r211
Pl 2'2t''. JOI 2.2222 IMn"A
221 ''r~1 ~4~1,2.1 in2 t,'22t1.Z:21 of reor
Awn.?t .12
h2)2122 21222.3 Al222i1~ )'142.)2 I- ': 2 intie . 1,
llos-ros, August, 28.--Adviec.9 frot llayt
Atgust 5th, h1av beeI received. A ver
lA tucive Atre uIIred at Cape lilaytiti
II tIhe Vth1 .1lly, the daage being ectimi
edl at nhbout $701J,0110.
Tie i si -n I.i, ha.t 4ndvwinied upou Cap
Iaytion. h'. n ei repii..ed by the Govorn
iteni i.toop:z, inlder Gen. 9lttez. A I la,
Ycannis t hey were in fll ret reat, into Hn
11rite Tc~'griipll t0 tilo Iftst licsic:
Wsia ia rox, Augist 28.-Oflicial infoiu
luation lais been r ivei front Mladrid <
lie stmit'ormation of the Royal order grant
niir Io " ajor-General Wml. F. Stilh, Pres
liint er tt- International Ocenn Telegrap
'vyin ll the right tt establish lines <
INiIlntio telegrahi between tie Uitel
nus aunI tlea West India islands by way c
rerrilry Mlcrillfor i o i the Filillices.
Serreinry 3MCulicl, beiag on a recen
isil 1 his na'ive New England, wias livit
1 t -ine %ilih the solid mien of llo.t*on
I, liter failii at t retcIli im till after li
-i.n li W.:hidnton; l'ot on the 18th in
1a ;1 lo ies Iponelvd, elowing why ho coul.
and S peaking of (he ntatioan
iauce- n kilouo :
't it was hoped that ere thi tt
tul-rency ot- Ilhe Country wouldd laivu bee;
T'rought nlearer:1 1o fihe specio sinnid:&.rd,
!1t lrv I he ieople have calse for conlgrai u
in Iint otir finanues are it so heaihby
On-litionl -,s :h1ey live.
".Since i arch, I8;', the wir nta hee
voight. to it Finec tsial conclusion ; ini
i1.1.e .I:Iie v hem i i:tnded ; ver 10
fobtier. hn.:< beenl paid bofore being1, mu1ISte0 e
Li II' lie serviee ;all n a il ring ob1li'I iili
I ihe (Itovernment have been sati ti'aclrii
rovi-led f'or, While I he inional (let i1
41:ily $.iv0,000,0001ess ilt estitimated i
i,1 he at the present. litine, and the ie
oio' it has averaged tor the p:(l
iir, llore thnn $10,00U,000 per ionth
I no ot her naition ever rolled tal it debit s
piiy, nune eeil atinly ever comtnenced th
Ion of its debts so soona ater its Cie
ii our etareny is depraaeiitedi, w
f*-Lr eenpjed tho tiatineial trouble.
i! ally occur aliong ut:i'ir.i tit Ihi:
erxPpemive wat-s, uind wich,1 the:.,
ni : i ncelain h-a
ai e litivy, (1r 1 e aeS
Il o i e.l. W hitile tif' . - o; i.:
le 11) 1ito b echeerTly ti irt i--.v i
cu'at i evs ni ht hoto ITO !.. h i tI oA
t* t it lliyn in 1 te he oo. -
fre popleu.. tInviei' any a il .ii, c ('t
r' Mh United :MUS p.re 1.> n iO: liepubli.
tatil. tifi-itt lt; iiiL 1i.aIng ate h1 ill ty 09,
i'c:u; oI ilbetiLota' n prte iatiosi by os
lishtter il eial ti he uil o a securit'ie
eiublcan Gioviere a ae the satl of aI
cam" AleA andi th: 'On people who imipom
is ul thet nsalmct- nro tie iiosi jeaillon!
l' i r it i t c relit..
t : d:> howeve, dis.guise h i inef t tht?
re al i as ndii aillicu ti c a ' :ill In lta
VtOit ; thart our pr,. en t prosperity is
:i.hel. al -el thima renii Ic b't ; W(in t w I"r mlitea
u-ig niines by a iflte stantd rd; i tat w
r-:,in faicf. cponda t et d ivth Owad :i er
7hich attend an inti-ied and ihrnlomnabt
nraeny, wiuh dim, aai ll s tinsobr--h tt
iurce oft ninaliw wiahh-an4 siinlaa.e
peclations and14 exomganel whwa(e
1.-)nl 1,> trinioness ::. demorali
tr in Heire the 1; 1011ry benmnes llg ii
en.tly prospu r 'u1S, 1:11 IIn n d- InSI
L resthoeti, rice-s sii , ain tratimoeal
cei, h1 . i aIIIt'aa ai try 'inl rea s
d. thie 'A itol between tho Ui te
ite. naid (11i oo, its ciatte to bo agains
S-il se giee! intrests of the c6otii
: tod et'- :ii.a proleeted by Wine andi impa
ial egi1latinll, and all sections of the Con
ry tn be brought agaitin Into ia rtoioul
it practical rona W. wilh Ith General
Tat tie coutry will le again thus real.
i proasperous Is as certain a anything bi
at- future. That It should be so t an ear.
i day. land ihat, too, without a fmanoint ori
is tisol neesIy-huat there shaoul<.
J'paope lteigis a'o Conress eocon'ot'
I i'te pubr sxpntrurebo, and fideiy o
at rtot oL' hos w'w are curasted wi
ae miaagrmc-Ut or Sh~m be, evea.
r'~tjistiohr youaaae will padona fo
ri Ting solong 'Ia lter'l in y [a ackldi
w rce8faipt of yortr tvecutieous aivits
on. I'remait~sner uly, yourin obedti
eran f t , 'tdt eiI~cr. McI'Iioc1"a.
Teo Caaias ao ialy rteovera C
ahe lreain, i hoever, tait deep-seate
u>vco t ho'atti aninvaiont.-'I wil tk
!acot next marnonh Then ti' fixhe i
re I aith ofaa t.angs wanoa~i resuta froni
mu arhodng ofer ariculturgl exhibiio
i Toron tlo h aHeradr say that evi
No ovrinces reotating o t h i:
rd branct sofearoa rpily, ticrasin
ud oey icls for thcoin hberallynt
eern. Swetenti mornina,, mene Atha
hao iheoiuwlng poand anxiousd th roe'
nicty Yodkharony aenong iheradher.-ut;
Ii Ibh ings.e~l(aa th rumouedn ofat Ct
(1weeny afo'rminppopiaoILho.
'ho att oreissuent ode o .te 25t
PtlChich los tk at prtation fors .ars
tlo ornr the Ireoranizaaly- ote nih
irybrnc tofteachb Cirle, andt~ for tha
orgseohe calp or the apointmen, o
leo tho~and tpesnstteded the a"
ian piop no te.-vn Garde-nu nea
heorishol n the mgt f'uencof th
hiancrspodeunti~t oth.oiLond
A Pot.n orF a bA w A si.;.-TIm.
1Mngomery Ar/~iser says, te follow
ing is a literal extraLict lo e t1i receiv
ed Ity a lawyer n 1 Oat city, describing
a poillt of 1:1w ili ea --v i!I veiCite iL.)
e writer wwa i it.tested :
'l lipro! lis Peil- ia ca.:t' of 1ll1(b,.
nu cop. cIu her0. inl whieh I aim
s iteni.ted, :11i11 tile judg e bromii the other
(oliltv n l- it.-i Il lNus It ? niffbni s oil
Lte allida it. Tho tt pali rl I if'4s chtih
At.t t ' Ili e cath it to' t ni hi-i fro11 )i1l
colitity to aniotlier, 1ti4l h., i.; a frNlve
- On tLhe hilie, ail wil re Ow 1a1li4e3 i o:1
- toot (f ge, that tlie f 41l114-1 of the huty
hvin~g 1.1 the( next neies own havinig
otlier cullinet tll.4, whlo 111:1/ %wv:il
that t his fitheoit f lit' -tl boyN. :,i: th-i5l
te ilt o-ier V i 1 al,! iil ld wde li n i
ie saie rch iri ', I-nd -, i: te Ite cgs u lt.
tullel ioll is 11mi.' r ;wu jo1:, -. //. 1 lol
t. wotil l l lit nt ow i ll t wo
n . I a quite c -ure Ih a ighl t, ,w .
oile worl %.()It call sl l id y ile. Say
and. 111)(I ll 1 .11drrrland il,"
I All 0xcli:ig tIhinh te liegislat iro
of Amiativ will ha to he tt a lI
to '. thmt ea-, which e caills One of
4~ul I 4 *1, '.i4,
"'h ternal 1 ug1.lions and(i O'* I l juri,
c so.
*I C i ll :: la ll.;:i:N u t I 1xi 31i .:) . -
%vv;eh :iwite froin l'atis to (L~e New Yerc%
1lie nt' oll l l It s Ile fi f.-; inat(I: ill :,
hla t h .e f j. hi, pror .o!.!b- :1111 .
\ org i'n . i.- i t i t a. ' ito : w i. e .
,ii ew ni -. mu ialg wA d il~ ilt.Ii.gi ' CO tiol;'
vin ly .Awn thas t he were n; thinig tmr
1:is .a k - 'n 1L..,hilr ul e11 . A% cOlin
hb le l it-ck hi in in the 1.thi as ; it finut te..
Ai tn 1 '141 don t hit fee : hie picke e it,
upl nmd showed il. to thle ..p1v nitors. rutl hie
of his:4 1 01 11w f t,- . Lavil;. yei ci lrtrel hir:
padent. Ii- fo llo wl: 1.e : ct i% n e covere i
wilh a pon ca- : anei l 11 t -1 il irtn't.-- I')
iter ti rl.sp keh i:t'l o b ' iic e~' :
I lit,) fi- h., Ciovertne1i, to: .
ai- hin an lf 1ji~l ri novf, 1 4~
\xroa hi .i tu *ht aUo s WII4
t re
om~ ha , n i.et n : I h;% r ., . a -np
Ofls e It r he w, iw - :' a Annovs i- 1*h.
i aex probabl- i .-t t d, -hafso~- he
Th Ia.i ih the.. .0 - r
Rt. atr ofluoroP, U nion coputy,
wisherss informalion of i oant, J. A .
Rome-, VIoI wa a sohile 1 hi .,y'
trigita'dl, oUn Sldlival's \nd. He was
last h rof j n 114...t. prior to ln battle of
Averysboro, mis. State, lfter whie,
hn was nmiing. Aliy% intelbigene !on
gring lim) he w ib gtefny recee v-dl
aby his dsrd illher. Will the preuss
ple10.as cirC b hi ti; c 1106 0?
1x-rSTINoa Virr -o Mn D.mv1:.
A vpiity of-o Aniit It.n Ahx -
11rin , h o 6. 11d ir1 D lvi.; t ; i 'Woroirei
M11114o, a fewn dayrs sine, gives io t1h.
Guate ilete following .scolmt of i hthi-;
"l1r. Da1 waiF .11 1 I I. we i
conceive of-co ihal r l iit!om-- hl.;
irbitmiL and amtiabilit-y werlt charaovi -
is ";- itHe spoke *l o Ith past, :- 14.1
prest of thei of Illk Gover olonment tow\v -
ards himail n :d Oill otr prisonetro, ad -I
eprs his dlight Iha ll of rst ' worn
itj was proper that oLthe cief soud e n
th eaitim. B repj Cqt th rC1otIven
tion atge Phirolphi, he satd '1. hop'
-Tee a n ol~eu o'~Itings of copan of
jusie oaisa emis -, an. its a ppureiin.
that the Sthat i., generll~y.hv heldiol
boudntillya bkt..~ n thk Nothw'est .h
graLinharvest, las nooever been exe.d
leave a mJa rg-i be .t poratin. r

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