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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, September 05, 1866, Image 2

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[F ronl tho Aterienn Patriot.]
Sp4d of Gull fla'JIltlp0o.
We copy fr*rom tiho Anderuti Intel/i.
gencer Lito sp-vchk o f i t i !ns dlji ingi isIed
ani of Carolinal at a1 ImCetinog or the sIo.
dier.s of O.c co 'd te lrat e aring fi oin A n
derson diitrict, convciied for the ppsil
of opmizng1 S)Idiers A--oebluon.
G~. laptnwas oin l hog the
village oil h:is w. * !., l ili t m lms,
ati wa itiviled by the mec- i Id
dress them liis Ipchci may tier'fore
be regardled is the spontieou.s litter.
ancos of thal noble senLilienit, of his
heart, alld wll be respond'ed to by thec
piople of t h State.
IL havilg beell aserltlilodi that Geln.
Vado I1utillaptol was inl tho vilhage,
ulpoll ImIo)tionl a Coimiiiittee of tlron, Con
sisting of Ma j. Johni 13. Mooro, Col.
Silniel B. Picckns. and ). K. Brea
zeale, WOre pp-nhteId to wait uiponi and
illVie h611n t.o alltt.i alId participato in
the metn.A fier :li absen-Ice of at
few m'nute1.m. the 01:>mI-Ifitteo returlned,
e8corting tho General, who walsi receiv
ed with enithuiastie c phis. TheI
Clhairmanl hing tiltrd hhn:1 to the
assembly )1), ibetore hIk in bia seat G (en.
1'lai p'.oni deli1ve'red a ini.>-t aIpproprniat
and beautifid speech.
1i'EECiI o1 -11N. WA I.; H.A\I'roN
.ytrothcr Soildrs of .d : I h11m
myself fortunato thalt accid,-nt. ha- givein
TnO thie pleasire of meet'tiNg witl yilo
to- da y, and of p-1rticipating~ Inl thel laulda.
lble objet s contemplted l by your meeL
lug ; nd that. pleasure is greatly en.
chanced by seoing arount 1111d m 1 m1any ok
the brave mlien' Whom it was my good
fortunei to comman1fld dur11ing th~e waitr.
Tiese iouitain re1giois gave to the
ariies of tihe Souh Some01' of our bet.
soldier's, and1 it is dl :) I hell that, I
should dechu-e, what. I do 1re with if,.
fioito girailicatioll, 1that. 1 iad In m
ra nik tim e ' t tIler, bavl oc m n.. 'le i.
ed than hi%, b lion of thi :i t11 pii w ll
inge Distr:es.-. ',:Ip e,.e ia.
sireo to r e d rto vii mt y b i tt11111
for their cotlto I t. i s l lt i . T vrI
havet tplrud con1i)1 ! O lidn
performed their dut11-y o Ith, wnd i
this wdl be some comp nins I ionl to tlii
for the result of tle- war. A nd, brlotbell
soldier , whilst We neIS liesce. in lIhe re.
stilts of this war, let 11s il oL adinit Ia at
the cause of it, was mu1.is iliable ori wroigii
l accept the terms upon w(hih we htlld
don o our aroms, ill good faiii h, awnd i11 is
orse it.y to o1erve these terms fail til
Iy ; but whilo 1 d1 Lhi 1 I hl11 novvie
any ha11, w ha not right. O it 111 I(!
u sll i v.r h,thl iyi Sialki o v1 va iot'
<r herson aig t1railor. Tm cale o ti
111SA to be j by e o r fl I i Mi i lr.'.
Success dolsi t e I Il . v rig hlt
or justice, ol osfiueaw ahp
evi\llllol g or* 1 dshi ood. If th1' ii'de''
of,1 ailt alway s ir.d' 'tse el
la(d, H un ariI lhire' n wil mo
IIOW groan oirder ohe hl of I.I,- pbprs
nor, nor woild the Somh h. ,.Me ito
the sad condilion0 inl whiti ie Is he')d : !r
self to day, ll t i ad .1': i i-11 he c mi
tion of our belovdi.1 land, wi mt. not
il os. You kno thaUt in ypear thtI an
high' esti 'dt i to st~and by ou ic'oio
iltt now t11 i urduyio s' 'tand y Lv'omI
State. ie oosaenie o'h
mast,.l1 and le 1t orl~ fal ithe
GivCle ther all1 thuiai you I'at, and11 If sh
mak0 aIII elast bet ui' goI (' down'1 wIith her.
Frorst th rebson ilt lai e di)uraed
e'Indullatin hol belve i is tou h~ iIlo-s
adt toat in teerte esitbl1ithno'.l dI
law, vord.er, pee;t~ol hel lt wido11
anrgd orui madot Le',yl the warl:i,. of
elno to lx rai hldt'dpr 1nn oal e
do beh idaitrs. Nloe fosrng h sufhr.
4fan at last take'ou har othm, and
thues light the genenaILL' burien b dItlais.
tr'libutig Iit. l a o t, h a s l l.i hTohL'4 :hr
accomplishm 11ent of'a theset01 11 objets-th
L'ghestly(I thut pawotlim 1 0enn ip ir
brnvok yourh'l tieas 11o1 operati or. tlu
wailrire yornrac tlolI110flino destore
hoVento or peoploav boe vialiety t or
the lhs'nl iit xei thing~ fr!,l'om bte
ever party (1m21 ho'ue ih~ in power. 'Th
werio . reest able~ish tO erty, equlity,'eo
frTer~y -haseduptu de le the pLatform
upon whthe c Ihi oservativ ep proposei
to aenter theirx cas.l 1 Inlhe e
*lartion Iof~ riueti ls wbach con111 ostl
hbrae soldier ostandb .nis whol sup.
possed1at. threbelio tiare glniouled to tnh
"Thiks Iot na tion11 ; ia'. thdti.
Aurd inthat hoty cadelto~v istesard
ad thtM ualConedete dae tonl
forge oo fettibu thos e sirs o
the touthmt wvi hav l1 emitt leevfto
now-ar; to we arbranded s utawo
. a atlers ilaui-oernmint, spitth s ori~
wicQOho heyfog, like thirl pe,.r
familiecord thsewh k~l inO os defence
thcus in w ihte el.rmme
folght for us ; pe.. lit."ato the histo.ry
of - b 1- g-i 11t troop; g ven by onr St ate
to the conIiii eniui : to tient aid to
thosze who 1art0 ei daleAda, anid to th11os
whose pnoian-et.r 1-il inl thet war. are the
"q pl)"l'p5s of y".1u propos-d A \s.ioci;a
ihl. I wish von (" >I-speeid ili fik
wor~k. i contgrt.llblue mivseuL ilt I
It be4 penniua tl anicipItia.t I
thease hly objects; andl I pray t hat (Ul
11n:y b l -Se, thll-il to th dh ext out of
Yone wislis.. . Ihiuli von oi ialaa
for ihe Cotllsy yn pllha lmv aXie .4-b-d i,
im, :aid1 for th! k:ndiinsj wi hi htioi you
ha1ve It a. l tiwi.
Whnnsboro, S. C.A, Sept. 4j 1866.'
I. A. ( A1LL11Il 1), I-InoIT.
lTe folloin'ig get'i Alemen~i are( re..
<1iet'ted 14) Ac(t aus %4gents folr the Irit
Mfajoar A, 1). I.MIRnn-- RITkv
\lobunt, iBosier P artilh, La.
T. im 13 ruwn-m.e'11,nS '
1(. S. II ibroInn:"- It idlge w ay, 5. (.
II. I 1. )l c vwr iu--liassvillI', 8.(.
lIr:~. J.L.. MI n-riN-Jactksoni's (Creek,
. C.
I vin 1) Is-\lstonl)S. C.
N. 1,.
-l11phin Co0vrntion.
c must be at Iiintter of real eilanest
regret t tho great ailijolity of tle
peaOple ol the South to rea tile per..
Itent nd ve thiki thie inlconlslaidr
ato 1altnks that anly iidividlils and
;44)11'.iou iials are li ming at I his C(Ion V
lion---:1ai1I lie un mier inl whil w hr
journa.''ls that hnit all tiw a'ir i i n.
thw fien1-1tionl of* the' Convenitiom, 11nd
sol Abrvw-ly di3 , r a molre .
Mann1111 Alr "-. tilb 6) the, whale'' In P
re~ Ially anxiaa'is resoluitioni or I wo Il
llthe ri.al call (to (the Convent ion
have broiht the procee.-dinjgs fir( the
ain$80iibly itsl ta rigil scruti,i
1in111 whil t Ihev dIo n1oAt co Ilmit ihtm
selves to open host ility to it, lose Ito
chanlce of "huainining it with fitit
p110ase." What. good is exple eled to
le ll'Aeted by this voure is 1a.t (,(1n1
(t'jpt ion, 11t. on tha ther lid that
its 0ti1tin.v it n4tiivoral is i-lafet
I cVrt , ii. N. t.A of hih'-e objt.i.
1r11a,1dupo tilus as linpili:'n 0that
t1ilt- d~ ii Iqti l 111- i~ iiljl11 i
I the digniity' ande self..rehin.et aif
t ll Sout It ive ltreby Siferad ahs
menti~ . l..t. tns -iee i fthese' objacta Iions
othe co-opertion loll(if Samth
I I1m) is ehiiiraized !aas24 a peiiea of! obl
syUaltA.w ait ft ftit sloal of p-1we,
c., i., bly in isa wha do ot perie ll
bietwteen teS lsyinpahet itc e lmntot't o
hese State upon11a thle groait vi tal is
siues of t he fitutre. Th'le whol e aIltair
howa~eve'r is exit:mltouls to thle ('ouiven
tinisl--amal w hile~ w.e believe't it
yo t hat atimelsure eng~:aged iin bya h r
l'rty, bhamii iin:00 Wtard iil aw~-.hauldt
iiat 1 lihtly be. denomwediii aS ~ ite un..
al' at I imk seemiis to be the nl~i int clause
ila thet daclarath iof p'lriniples, dtlafii
itsi soaliirs ad sailoris. Upon his u
been inade of this declat it on byi the~
object'to(rs. Sathlerni del egatets havi e
beein inalde toi join ini expressionbs of
alalluse of1 thir conquerors anrd in
besto1w Iing upo ith tIem thle than~iks and11
gratt itlnde1 of a grat I ful ia zt !in. Thr
is n sheu calclil fto oflind H2nt h
ernsenibiil, 1(1 whicvh this5 hasi not
'lbeeniitthiaa reue .1 ar , 1uras of rel.'1 iln
IlIuentce and einntitt speakers haivo
ision. ILet us see whazt, it is.
Ninith---lIt is the dutty oIf the naltionl
ill Golvermut iitafIo reoizeIX thle ser -
vices of' the fedeiral sthdlers antd satilor's
prontrpt ly aind tully all thieir' just and
right ful tclims for' the serv ices ftey
havwe rendhered the ntioni anid by tex
teinding t) those$ of Itemt wihot have'.
ler'vedl,iand to thle wiidw nndai~ ii orpaniis
of thtois who haive fatllen', the imost
I generou tand con1 a~ side'rat e supporat.t
1s flhis a1 fallacy ort an1 ant aitlrout to
the' Sonth?' Is it tor is it not. a dutty
that inhetre's itn the very natr of
atli IGovernmt inrtIo pirov ide for its de a
f'etnderi'.' l it, not t he duty of' fte
Prusiantovermen to rlco)gntize hier
ptnnar bligaition to hevr sold iers of
tho late wair ? is this principlo~ a fc
or niot, and if' so whait can bie wrontg in
aflirmuing it I Is the South otfendted
thatt hier old htoroes atre exeludedi fromi
this proviisiont ? 15 it a par~t o' the
vagary of the wilost dreamuer in the
landi to expcet it ? iDo we not kntow
yet that their solo recompense is ini the
affections of' their grateful coun.try
mi'en 1
A sensitive, vigilanit antd punt li
Ouls self-respect and dignity amount
in~g Oven to a venerationi in many cas
es. hans heen tbe mr~mniu ca-t. i
Ac of the Southern cluracter and she
Iast been indebted to it for very much
that lias been most excellont in her
iistory-but it may becomoi anl in
iluenlce of real imlischief, it' it refuses to
recognize our impotent, utterly sutbju
atAel aini impoverished condition
imd actuate4d by its own theories will
tlrow obstacles in the way of those
who are striviig to realizo our true
situatiui in practical action and to do
sole i hing to arrest the irretrievable
r:in u poll the eoxtriemest edge of which
the coutry is treinbling il uncertain
It, !n o u.< that the declaration
of prhn-viples; whih ix.4; the. real platt
Ior'mii IlIIIsI which% the 1hattle iS to be00
4fo.iug 1t rea.il' 0 nV a bl y ' ojeled
to). IIn the, lengthyN address which was
lladie bef)oref" tice tI- Colnveit ion anld
whid hivs be1 ' ll 1,1bvll ish ed inl oul cil
11m1n1, thro areon or mor0 i 9.OChauses
that h-idlw tt-er haiv- bemii omitted -
hut. that tlw(.y wor! <hI-sig d to114. nni.
i:111 0."' Sntriooli"'ld her dlignlityF
wnneitt' 1mhwh. e by anyl, on 00Who,
wilf 1-11(i !th, tr "l to :n-guaint. him.
elf with tIrny ! good will
(11.11 controlledl (the Comention)I-andl
celtainly tl h y 10 not jillstify the :i.i
adverllsiuns of its elelies, an(1 still
h- will ,ervv as 1 s11licient pretext
lipol wihell to ia4se a rulptirl.
Froin the inollel t, tha (4, Gin. Lee
striuk his lolors at Appoinatox alld
Souther Illel took tte allllestv On tI,
(ite issute lils been ifundamlen(4tally
cln~.since. then (te strulggle onl
' Yii par111 has been tl t ilecue t vollc- ini
thI Oritet- lp n th.a ril tile
Pr id t-l h1.m plantad iml l' t nd he
I'lo- cont A. e have! tilh, as.-suit lee
of le- u,.ensarminnal whi<-h the ni11ve..
ne tiS esadih d -d h snl lit-'
tie, &'.,- :IeIl their devo'i'l to this
prillcile, that no4) plriidl i.; designm,'d.
TI ugad ro htshown Illir falith am dis
interestedhiess by thinr works---for
men~l 11nd( still fesa4 poistivcian, do4 not
in1rsule amb11itcion anld 4etnohunenmt 0oVe0
1hm 1.4rited road of ap1parenltly a1 hopo(
less oippositionl.
Surely our saf'ety cannot einsist ill
1n estrange lt Olhis sIlntilell anl
at reject ilim of this prolieredm fr4,1ie Shil
The tipp onents1: of, Ohw moIvemen kllt. htv
eintollns of ti' evil that will flow
Ifroi it. Prophcly i. n dallroml,
thin al n '1 . we trilI its 1.0 pel.Ii t
hiliy wVill ble realizel i'0 l in his il
SUtnl. The frell e tI: of th e l -real. or
Oe1nnly wa~shted thleir ilnnlihs ot' tile event
woull let its fr'ienlds work out1 4110eir re
spon ility in10'1 5e~ls i S141 therwy
(inih, rllliel 8of1 thelw,1,nd Pitple.
liT iir WhI b -enl fo)1r4 te pas four een
w'ars~ an rgaization 11 mean tolre pe
ple4J404 in this wn ltn 14s( the lue..1
t'-indentSietyi N'o.i 8. Th object till
th1il S 'O W et.1 Vere chaitable. I'They
'1mle lately11 iptd ta~ ('redutoiieb
showe 1hat they'l hav('l'el ot good~ piur21 14
poses lin iew be 111iess thet of11 Illlearin
for each1Vl 'therint itknei it :.i now t
car' for their god~' iame. Their all'j~ e
110n a een 18 apprvile i by I th e cn
cl, is' illg bt'e he bel'o, and it, be
hooves11 evelryi?111 wel-ienig'S ininag
sty mannerhi the means therein'
adopted) bytisScit nd saontii
ed byp theI T'w1 i C~.oucil, i'sid tha.h
Thato of the acoloredOi people
ier hastl bee re eded by slimilaroo (II
tion in (l'obubida,1.' andC8 othe pOhee
wit~ thc$rdial aprc1ioalic if haoth um
nicipcal niniitaryiguth1ritis. T
following is the FreeSoi alunder th:
o"reo/fed, Thaeky anh h alproval
wed andreeri ue vnce and tusstill
bettornaing beioreis theoer. Wunc
hae aothiies, sahol indes w~orkng
ayo tsith at thmuity."sa or
Aon ugu ter that Isno8a6al.ppe
inltod to a degro cominensurate with
its merits.
A.+ will appear under the head of
Communications, there is an appeal
made to the merliantits and citizens of
this community, which we hope will
be cordially and liberally responded
to. There are children at that school,
who but for it, would not unlikely be
roaming the streets much to the an
noyance of tho window glass and other
fragile parts of public or private build
ings. But this is a minor considera
tion. Those children are undergoing
a course of instruction to fit them to
becoue good and worthy itizens, and
it is to the interest of all to have them
such. It is really a valuatblo invest
ilmiat then, adl we hope will be freely
Madlie, as tin opportunity will be af
forded all (soncerned to do it.
It will be seen that heretofore this
school hdus been supported exclusively
from thealms-giving of the Epi.copal
Churcb, whille we believe there is not
onte of that denomtination in attend
finle it the sehool. The solhool isem0il
plutically : free! ont, tuid and it should be
ireely suipport ml by this commun tillity.
A miit given for the increase of know
ledge, wlere the opioritinities f'or
iiowleodge are witi a comiptent teah
or, wVill more thmi repay the giver.
it I vs.
Cowd jtdges of horse-flesh n:ay get a
poilit tromt the extraet below ias to
what young mules will sell for here
this f'all. The ILexington (Ky.) Oh
sOVTr of the 15th says :
Pter ( enttry, of ]ioyle coinlity, sold
to ("lag 11isholp & Co., on the 10th in
s int, 78 extra t wo-year old naties at
$160 per head. (n the 9th, Dr.
Mloore, of Meroer collunity,-soud to- sante
21 two-yvear old mnies fo 1:1 30 per
hte1ad. N ine good tv o-y o l liles
wer sld o111n ti st reet il this ritv at
private sale, onl Moniday laist, at. f1:30
P head.
Alknowicilgett Favors.
We are under obligationis for re
newel fiavort in tle way of aipers ill
aadvalce of tri ct il, both to the cour1
COu1s Agenm of the( Southern Express
(C'ompjlany, and to INMAster WILtI: Mlon
iLife und Cumpaigns of Lieti. Genleral
Thos. J. hickion. by Prof. It. L. ahibury,
1). I.--Illistrilted with steel Portrait
tfid elrien dilgraiuits. Pp. 7,12, ocitiuo.
. We ha v reeniveel I'rom the Nation
al Publi ishing Company, No. 214 Sov
onth street, Riohmnml, Va., a copy of
the above work. Agets are called
fort t hrotughout thle Soniti h for the sale
tof this viatlale book.' Sec not ice of
this in ur 1 ad v. rit1ising ooh unns.
As a work of' merit, we canm heartly
recommend thiis biographily to every
one. It fol lows then illustritins hetro
of t ho Smtah fromt boyhood up to the
day ofI his death ill a manner eharmi
igly at Itract ive, and scruplnly ex
act. Th'Ie atuthior's atccess to all nieces
larsources of iilnformation, as well as
hionpeenliari oflicial relations to
his subject, becing his (Chief-of'-staf1,
ant his chtaractetr uand atbill-ty, putt the
fa ititflniess attl truth of' the record of
*Jackseon's life beyond all conitroversy.
I [ence t here is nothitng extenuamited.
As Jaicksoi n was thinhero of tie war,
it wais essential to a record of his part
in it, tha thi Ile bat Iles in whtich he wvats
engatgedi should bie propeOrly brought
onit. This hits beein doiie 'in a mnatn
iner ntot excelled( by anuy dcseriptive
witer ot bat ties we have- ever read.
'IThe pin of every such bat ti'- and the
brillint tractk of Stonewvaj JIackonm
throumgh it atre dra' wvu itib masterly
We pubalish this moriitg a report,
o'f the pualio mtving held in Winnts
horo ont Motnd aty bist .iThe nature of then
Piroceeda igs nmuay 1he best matderstood
1by an xaiiimation of the resolutions
hettselves. Tt. mst hs e coited~ed that
int comtpariison wi th other tmeet ings int
the $Sitte, this wats tenmperate and1(
moiidetate', aind wve wvere relieved at the
emaphatlic and earniest manner in whioh
the- labairman of' thu commlitito pro
tested uga inst any idea of repuditioni
aitd recogntisedl the just responsig
bility of debtors-but we think clear
iy that the tendency of this whole
mnoveimnt is dangerouis and that thoe
&liiest, security wvith wlHio debtors
nit he itnvested ini view of oxisting
conistil utionail h~l)~impe iets, conismts in
the forbearance, patience and1 spirit of
concil iatIion and coimtprotmise, that
imost ltndisputably has existed on the
paiirI o(creditors, andl whichi with~ pro
pter encourage ment could be elevated
int a controlling putbli cs~entimont(..
We think it due theo opponeras of
this mtovemnent, to st~ate (lint the last
regular resolution, the 6th, is the only
one- that received the entire approval
of the assemblly. TChe others were all
Philadelphia means "brothetrly Jove"
whoen rendered in decent English.
When translated by Radicalism, how
ever, It means "Probident Johnson
hater": Vide the reportof theonon-ro.
coption of the President lately on his
to hicago. Philadelphia Is die
A Proposition.
It has-always. been a chorished hope
of tho writor thit the Mount Ziioni So
ciety could be induced to afford to all
white childron- the opportunity of free
instructiou in its primary department.
That Society never entered into the
spirit of such a plan when it was able,
and now that most of its funds havo
boon swallowed up along with "Our
Lost Cause," it is not able to do more
than it formerly accompli'dhed; that is,
the preserviing of the College build
The proposition chrefore is 'that thi
town of' Winnsboro through its CU)n
cil establish a free shool. A smal
free school is now in operation by the
noble charity of a few, who should be
aided in their generous work. But
lot the town establish a permanent
free school.
To this end, lot thle corporalt.. lonits
be edtended one inild eVery wAy from ni
the Court I[ouse so as tW inrew.ni th
incomn of' tin towin by increaiin- it
taxable property andI tie number of
tax payers.
Then lot $I>O be yearly appropi .
ted out of its treasury for the1 supp'rt
of a -teacher of a sAI))l t' whielh all
children rich and poor may g. with
out charge. .Th1 Mount Zion Soacity
would dOubtless grantt, for this pur
pose, tiheir lot whicl lie.s north of Mr.
Jordan's shop or a locationi tip-m tihe
College groon., and a school -iouse cain
be built by subscrit.iunn whichi will
answer the- purpose desigmnated.
An Appeal for 1ihr Free Rhoouul.
This ai.ppeal inl aid i the "iW*inne:
boro Free' School," is mdiressed to the
liberal merchaints aull citizeiis of the
place, in the hope that they will re
spond snmeiAIent ly, to keep the school
in operation until the Close of tihe year,
when it is believed that a r-ainge
Ients linay be mnade to citabhlish it Un
a1 Ilim basis. The school wuA corn
illenced ats all experiinenit, uan1d ha11s
proven e-nitirely sneers'ful. It. hIs
heretofore been depenlent, upon a
small monthly contrib.ution, from the
Elepiscoptl Church alm1s, IIt this
means Cani1 no loniger be afforded, and
unless the friends of education will as
sist, 0his charity, which is an honor
to the townt anid ])istriet , must be dhis
cint inaued . It is hoped that none are
indifferent to thne ihmportancee of the
subject, and as there is nothing what
ever sectarian in tihe establ)1i.ghment,
all cain, it so dlisposed, cont ribute to)
vrards its support. Contributions cai n
he handed to Mr. it. A. CmU un or
D1. B. McCnnmowr, who will receive
and( promptl acknowledge them.
The ilexictin ~'Tus.
~\Ve innve. receivred, says Itie lItinmnd
Enquirer, fromu GJenerai J. if ?nh.grtder,
iiihrouigh Mr. St.epheiQn I. Yaner-ctv,. of
fliehmitond, (fonrmenrly oh ilm GFenteral'
sltali,) several- numbolers of 1Ye MexJieren
im~Ces newspaper.*i. puiblishied ini thne city*~
of Miex icos. an n' ow edit el by General
Magriuder. no Inumb ers before us conl
tain the news fromt all parts of.ib liMIex i
canl Empiire. anid eitoriais of ability on
va-rius topics.
'rTe Tines is published every Mon.
(lay meriting, at tein doellars a year or
one dollatr a muonth. Th'e amount, of
ad vertising in thne pa per is not, harge, hut
inclndes some of greant interest to Amteri
cant readers who desire to purchiase lands
amnd es'mtate's in Mexico.
'fie following cardh froim Geineral Ma
gruder, we take fromn tine issue of Jul-y
23. It is nobily conmceived, and nobly
MI axion, Juliy 23, 1 806.
I htavye read wi-th deep inte rest in in
New York~ pape~r cnpionis extnrae-s freon
theC "Pison 1 aifo" of MIr. J .1rson. Da.
vi5, ats ptreseted to tine worl by Dr.
Craven, who, as an enmv (lu-ring tihe
late Anmerican wr, w*ais rejttdieed
ngamst line hiead a nd le-ader oif thle a rmed~
Confederates, but Jurinig a~ loing profes
sionta attendnhtnce hy time sick bed oft t
ilistrionts prisoner. bnecamein his friend anad
admirer. Tine style of Dr.. Craven is
admnnirabiry clear, tna Wectedl antd free fromt
pedhntry, antd the Scenes ho (describes as
an eye witness are si dheepiv interesting
that, thecy cannt. hfa.ii to awanken tihrotugh.
(ttt thte world thle .symipalhy ofaldl wiho
appreciate trime ntobiliity and unde~iserved
sin Iothg. I have also been pircsenited
by a fhiend with a copy of D~r. (.raven's
hcok, and regret ta fid, on readinig it,
thnat Mr. Davis inidulgesa in nufriendly
attnitiad versots on thiose who, at the
terninan non of tine wa r, I ho mnugh. tproper
to leave tine counntny. I believe thmat
closely condeited as hen wans, Mr. Davis
remtamed?( in elntire ignonrannco of I the cir
eumnstances wviich muade this comrse ott
our prn not only correct, hbut pautrion ie.
Bint, if linere at-c any wino enttertain- a
diiferetnt opinion, I thnnik I but represent
tine feeling of outr compatriots abroad,
when 1 requnest a sunspension of that
opini-on until a release of our ex Presi
dent fronm confinement aind his freedom
fromt persecution shall have ennabled uns
with propriety to defend onrselvea ; and
should this be niot conceded, I, for one,
would prefer to rest undeserved censure
rathier than add tine weight of a feather
to thne cares which already so cruelly
oppress our former Chief.
Late Major General, . S. A.
Good News for the fHngry.-The New
York Journal of Commerce, of Monday, tihe
20th inst., publiseis tie following, which
will give our reade's soie ideler the inex
Imustible fertility of the Westni conntrv:
Within six weeks, that is tVo say, by the
1st of October, will be harvested one of the
lirgest corn crops ever produced in the Uni'
ted States. Nothing can look more luxuri
aut than the fields of growing corn that
cover thousands of acres in the VallieS of
the Ohio and Missouri Rivers, where o.
half of the entire crop in the United States
is produced. A writer in one ofthe Wes.
I rn papers calculates Iiit, na ia bushel of
corn contains sixty-solid pounds of grain,
the crop of' lie current year, even if it.
ahould not exceed 80,000,00 hushels, will
anoun to four thousanl cight i hdndred
million (4,800,000,000) pounts of grain,
besides an eqiial weight. in oddier. The
value It the coutlry of such ni aggregat e
of agrica'llural wealh, spriniig ft'roim i
single crop, is not easily conceivei. Though
wheat reali .1 a higher price per biushel inl
the markel, iis posiie value as at life sit..
lailnilig prollulct is Incith ilfrior to that of
m'alzixe, since ihe t wiler averages bu. little
more1. thanl onle-1hird as- mnuch I., thle nteces inl
the qllantity growit. Tle statisties or lie
prodnuetionl o corn inl the Unlitedl Slaltes for
tie laistt wel y-li ve years ark. as fullows,
In 1811, lal crop, 1 377,5: 8 75
in 18511, total erop 5'.;71,1 I
Ill 18t60, totall Crolp - 90 -5 ..
In 1 'i., totalI Crop (e'stiinat -
l he writer. whow eldenLion-- we hav.
lnot.i,'1, itein: Ir s 11j.on llis .hi.wi l ,1.
lows : '-Tie illerol .e t l :11 2 ; o. 2nte , .
four1 11 er I' at. Hi.t-nm. 12h 2 : l- l.;.. e
crop of !811 wi over ( I'l thon2r i ilii
lions of huli l ite lliS li 'I y
Cent.a per bushie . :1u11 coniceive, if youl can,
ty ofh udiani corn."
No wo-refer(,. t hat Iht- firners of iieWs
exuilt inl the-l prospwets utf1lordled by their
huxiuriantl fields. They harve sulrely h.-en
disappoiniledl, a14 nit staple of' ngricuhnfre
sem so well:IApe to resist Itho chnnges
of our climate. Taking the last twenlv
years logeo ber, Ithe average yiel per ner'
inl thle "ljuttekeye State" is not1 far11 fromll
thirt v three uliisli s. C irn is a comiriml
which shouild not he despised.
bi '-m 1.r -r 1oro .i0.' :.' 22 .\12 e.
r ipnIent of the W hl Tr n e of the i b;i
Ewan ln-ronzs: -1 nwoix- umiier g.
re4tfli1:lth01S .f Ill.. Tlv-laill letit,
w iich n;-p.-r-in Ow Y~ G m- / . I.,..
hlit 111 t.1 by 1 . 2. ' .. t.
jie r.li th t ny cn no s ip . b fr
S iosm. s:2ml miy 125'p''2l2 l ie12
(fhe firsi c' ta b-- . ' . Iij li iit h 'ip
ped t'litlit i i. : tl Inor e b2y e v
4ri iI'; n al : 111. . 1n.1 2 ' til tit, own > 'r elll's
into hotl 1' til btlainls a1 p;rn t. ,Ir l .lyvz the
tax, gl ts is recip t iior el' 211.e 1 l he
p1e121mit to Ship. Th ..Ieet of-this h -f
-ele is to say to those per21 . nj in the int.e
'ior a 1111c.1 o 12t'on HIhM by,.- 21 Iipin2 g it bll
f'ore lite first of SepIvlltnh r. they ;_- rill ol
this trettblle. Steallnerni 11 railroads81: are
0uvi0 fu onl after. thle firl-i of Svptembllr,
unleshotielI ad d wih
perlinit : or i thie tax s ahl. and cai ntil So
lma(rked ?n10 plenI12it '..e it- tral'siorlbi' ionl.
Three eS l a MV aerni s till till vol tl aI Wer
Auntfirst, 1866. exCept ink certainl casc4a
nliamed ill the 'rol.
T I: h .u e.t I Q ', 1 :. GC' . x-r.
--A Wasi(niu to r- d w
rTile pre inc oftb..falt; a.l his'
chif tof SgiT ' t the- interView be1t2 wen
22st si0.ht f. 2 11 ha been~ bit ~ 11 pmintem
toriel of' convtrsai mi to-t.l~ am illn
1%pted'by al pat sin"1(1' 1l2 i-41ivt. of (1
Ylitigusi.edt enr', l t' 112 tep -hy wii
thidet-blimiep i mov m ./. /1r li
Nalsu'ioit. iig::i:hrew*~~ hi hiverboar'c
1:11 positgilv anaviibbe toiin- T
Ils $oril) by11I',11'St2 ihe inononen.n 211 thuti
hel natioell ns ti A 11 I tliral l ,,rrtat- ', lill
'leio ipany the'113 lc Crsietion his tripeg ato
Pi, ant~ t 'uiNtiy 1 'i i i.; . 1111 \0 m ill'
ce --f in poliit i'CIi 'ittah'l er e 21 ly;iml
t2f i'hu rint ie l 'u 32. lft ni r i i i 't ~ l 11 iu
resn110s pho un flltl h tlt' (St'11012 . ,or
lol tl.he andat et ii I'ol 2t ' iat i ist 2v
ofo'giti . 2 e In lirte t ll' jit'g. Ii. e in i3
aml IIn( were blSdArngl 1nt directlI.I clili.
sion it.2231,I' 1.2h te a le I'hl''Si(. to11
houril whilst.1 Ith ennIai-s werelci 321 IV 21(
25,00. I whe yea iekIO Napole. 1111 oiiipo
poraon o gthe 2lili- S 1 o-aslImln it ii
tompa nuonit o l'iitcy of111n, h 101VIsg 1f)1
Sltiingl$ Ilour latiewar. ltl'1 15, llpceO
tldse wiagct ttere prinu ofn iiin iiast.
nty, whlit.Ete in'twra of' oi h10uesnt -
nyths rooched asIhig asne0 l'llt -
whose deCllle [ a alalel,;aple.
evatr~t hat ay daountd lerei aere..N
Tonltan rotesf it cirulaint.rol.of
thercountrorAut we ubihlh fostgas
toefut-sgot the back fthe ugmtl> nts
f$vora00 noe.ahding a rt. oft
west '.nd prinots. elo of te8thwinde h
pUlmience: l.argoe.,ga
\VINNSBORO, Sept. . CowoIn
Nono offerin'g.
Coutntry lour, $9 a 91.
Bcnltiumiore Flour $15. 10 per bnrre.
Lard, 27 to 30u per poil(.
Corni, $2.00 per bUiihel.
Peas, $1.75 per bushel.
icoi Sides, 26c per potiund.
Shoulders, 22e. per pound;.
Meal,'2.00 per bushel.
'Sorghuim, 80c per g:llon.
.ali, $5. n- $5.50.
Yarn, :2.50 a &3.00.
Butter, 25c. Per polll.
Eggw~, 1 23 n i5 per- d..n
Tb:co. .15 10..N I; per. patmuil.
(hcl, -Ii).
C IA t. t r , S111t. :3. IN61. (',1ionl.
Noiii elliniir. N,; cianige'c I,) iiak in;
cpict at ioni. \\' iconini. tc ilolt. '.
at, 27. 1;.for cai hilinig, 1i1 jany.
Ne W lIlor, .1N.Oo Ntworvir
S :..0 .1 1 1. 0 p r Ibc c .
IBicon. 18 a 2 It. 1ir p1nuni.
Cortn, 1.50 a 1.65 per buisli., i:I do-.
I 5-asI .-i5 ai 1.50 p-r Icnsl-l.
M.\eal, -1 9) a 2.00 p 1r 1. 1,(.].
, 7.1 p r U I
( I 's l:' t. .\n :0 ' '- , ' t
2!.~~~~~~~ tb:-"ot 1,marn
( : r i, to11 i8 I in- hu .
(Jhol, -i 0 to 1.80p r h ril
h it , 1.010t 1 1 0 p r.h.
' . 1 to 2.25 per i: l4-1 .
I Iay, 82 25 io 2.o0.
- .cingooi. - priin 12 1cc 1 I-;
'-nliii 15 to 1(;,.
Tohnacc, 1Me. In 2.00 1,4-c- ponild.
c-( c in, clil -17 17 I .
[.l' i :cc1c1:'c c:.Nri]
W:: nclc,, IA nu-ii ic 1Di-rur-. S C.
I! - v.n i I Ihh a oicve pulIhed in
i 1i A;~ v I i U . ,14, Ii c I Ic i ; II I I tii vl l . i I Ic
he. 1-'irl~i'd //. r /, re iestiiog a m inciccg
.I* the cit /.izeis cl tie icli-ii it. I Wi ph -t
ti-i t c3rd ;ieptember, ~;ini,, a hii zi mian
her el1 cutizenls se bb .
The In, clin w. 0 gan'.e iby thIe, ip
I I n i': of it I ?. M. c 1 c.> h ':mi mii
i-y t ha.\ie\le in :cv i i v. Jj.\"m , e eIII, i. 1 .
tj c lutcc ir ccli ic:cvilicg i~icene liice hino-ii m
. oi I e mIaris I-0iI vce 14, tie m c ers I I
fi s : iv I I ml.ciinlg. ml icicolini III
1. I l.1 i.i e n:nij of si c ncii -
incg as fllow., : liir.Je.c W r: .c. tic. .1.
'W GmleciN Ni.\te is. I). it. hi .;;id, .1. N.
Shed-i, G . 11. .\i -. T . w oi lir-l . w re.
appo'linted by thm chair. 1. I'lrepr- businle.",
lor fil c Ini .-rl tion of teil ileeingl . Ai.
er e reliring a shiur: ime, the. cieo[11ii Vi re
tirnel atl pesented the Followiincg rcsmii
% een he people-qdf I-air-iield1 District,
.o -nu1 i'apresolve by lihe complete diio
!:ii io i chat uirrou d ihml di 141 i Cli not. Ikno -
i. i h w it- hi i theie reliheved I frolit their
I lc.c-c -nIcccaid Icam l . Vcticn, 11os resp cfuly
thir behll i fclcw (ihi poweri can. comoi'c' to
thieir aic 'a.c9 [, i fo the Lgi s r i ncO-ut -
their c wi..c,.t deidi . Wi , i the pelii l of Ic
lii c--'ai i cii ccl. ietc .iie ion. r ii nonen ic lii.
that - hci rlei i~lc cclc cilg' w c cnc ic-c-.,
niei g. thccccI peopl ofis, c i ieli-cregardi
c-cii iti ol~itci iccc c ith /cigifc;li. iii ireitt.
cicic, cildcic t t lii ito-ls ti l i9 lii bii eni
ia e ijic i, c tciici Ic 11 Sigh csitinjicl ci
prIivcli les, i icici- l i ii to hely tli he. ( icn.
Sout i ('arii lina.ii i it cote mlaing if , ct-idc~
prision, (ebi ve I toi-Iccvi) t the c i iic ali -o
th , say I. Andcc wheeas,Iicldi t e idiiciaryi
ic-u-c conscjcitiCttioti-ci c thaciecpele of'
his Ii ricc t do 1no-, mrneisi t ily ei. -,
the il r'''.econs cir cceu/ ir ii irer deiin
tirdc /1ccIjcleied~ ,.ers theccci-. tcn1tinion9
ofl theii~site of 1ioltuh-c I crolia , disticcly
caiillim ,ciinc.gci thiLc gcciicitur shac notiic pcc'
a bicrwcp c-li inc he l ig ii onc io co ta -
lint~~'i ciciarnitic y cit li jc-p icii. I cccw makim
licic, it ic ciint Ocos~ideracition~ thcc~ aofma.c
ccicni. ic iii m ofc afirc not~ cic ontemplatcoeii by
che fra er c-ic- heiioisiiition.
5c cich. ci c Thei;/re /lc/cid T-cchat ihe pepl
of hilj iti-c beict cvc 11cc iqity, ja 1.'ic
andebaraici er93 diand, ithat wii shold Ibic
torne e-ticaoil particcipantsh cinc all th dio -noiviens
(hic h.-c- /le/,T hat-c v hicy we askiiiic it Lec,.
Ciiiicri- toe i>ri- iciti. Wh ebo o nil.
rOier scclci cc IofE hii rpirt, at ith W-ia
tun iect i our ~i~ o iin tha the rigts of ihnic
eredicit-cior c i- u cid t be prlice lit- by c preventini
debci- from nutking~. cfcrandulentsicc dposiitii
of ci the gcir orty. clcv cei -IIc- c
inmtono ti.JhnWlie.~o eo
fiO1rth resiniic why cichi aftr ouc- d.!iso
s ton, casiwithdrawncby the cra ofth
2ileii/t cd, Tha acgeerlcmingofh
icitizens of the~ isctr 6ict i eriy reh.co
Oictcher iccnex cci 12- 1., Ia t . o cyne. Ilo'isl
forite upolicei for dii.o unifmn
placy n toreguat o the employimenti fifre 1ccg.
11. B COOK Chura.- Jiii
J~ U. II OENN. {VL!M SpeclaIys
maroa ll) it abnt. 16ciicti hAa hi . D
Lontgc,&c wnh itieh cl Dsricti.'.
ficg 80CfetrSadrChmi ~x

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