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WINN SORO0, S. c'., OCT. 10, 1866.
'. A. G A I L LAl 1), 1",IronI.
1). 1. McC11f lIT, ASSOCAE Ei n.
Thei o fol lowing gentlemen are re
questod to act as Agents for the I [.nI
Major A. 1)- HIt-LlAnn---ROCky
Mount, 1Bosir Parish, La..
T. P'. '-,'LIDER - lliftris i .O
R. S. DSnsronfis-R idgewa y, S. C.
Major W'Dr. Bal-Mont ice)lI, S. C.
I. B. 0)cMasan-tussville, S. C.
Dr. J..L. iIARTIN--,J lCkSol's reck,
DAvin Er.KJN-Allstoni, S. C.
. J.W. McUIAIr-Sitlom Church
Tho District Court,
The illitiitory Stc) towards the or
ganization of this Couirt was tiken on,
aituirday last, 1-y the lion. Wat. 11.
n vERTsON beiing CoJilinissiolned as
Dist rict Jidg.
The jurisip0tion of tli Court is ox
tensivelii u important. it. has e.re/
die jurisdiction1 over all crimiijia1 of
Iiences"except, Ilrso, bu rgliry, homi
vile ain4 rape ; al1so inl ca.sQ of vagrani
(y,'Istairdy, amd in in attoe i' of' con
(racts betweci cmpil(yer and em
ployee, Imasto1r'aid a pprenitice, Where
the ainoulit involved is over at \lag8
4m .4 in-rid iction1. Itl has cone lcr
- -:111 (oi'-t in
-l h I( i Ith"I
nI.. - il in ".. of I' -
-.111or E , :and toll. t
. A I o, it b - . jnlrisdictioni
Iia?tiers 41f listi ict i licks, 111d is
1"S11der the Prison lUornid Ail.
The .Jud'e ofthis ou rt has 1ikc
-6 i.: nperv isory pover over thie Cro
Ner, Mlgistrates andl d i l'eron0t loards
of' Comimiissioners ; and the sa1me pow
or a a Cir c uit fudge under the //a.
I.k 01 Cnpus Act, except in non-elorgy
bII felonios af''r truO bill folind.
'Thei Attorney-floneral, tho Solioi
torn, Clorks ald hleri ffs of the State,
exorciso tlieir respect ive funct ions' III
tho -District Courtq. These Coits
1aw tho l machinery of ( rand
andt Petit Junrios, anid lawyers, the
smil uls of'p ractico, and the same
courso of appeal to the A ppoal lCourt,
is th Circuit Courts. Th14y are like
wiso (ourts of-record ; and -the .iudgo
bns-tho s'amo power over all oieors,
to enfore order and punish conitempljts
as any other Judge of thie State a
in his particular Court.
The Courtholds quarterly sessions
at the Court 11huse of the District:
nd thlesalary of the Judge is niado
independent of any fine or feo arisinlg
.in his owni Court. -
* ronm tIWos and other matters,
Mhlehi jung be gatho'rod. from' a' peu.
-sal of tile Act, (which we puliish to
day,) our~ reader's can judge of the
very, impllortat1It position this8 Court
-wIll hold in our' systeml of judiceature.
It will be. observed that this Act, un1
like the former ioentakos nO change~
- in tile oivil jur'isdiction tand cr'imlinal
,powers -of the Magistrate's Court. A
dlefoot in the Aet is the not providing
for tin ap~peal to the District Court
from tile M1agist-r~te's Cour't in civil
- Thte tunos of holdiig this Court
have not yet hoen 'designtited by thle
Appeal Court. Whon this is donuo the
(ourt will go into full oper~ation.
Wor con~grat uhite the Dist riot in
* having for our1 Jiudge one so well -qual
ifled as Judge Ronrn-soN. With
over hvonty'years praciltiec as ai law..
yeor, his extensive acqluaintaneo wit.bi
.the inhalbitanifts and loca-i par'tioulari
ties of the IDistrict, anldullis well known
:soulnd~ and1 practiCal jludgmon t, wvill
enablo him 'to admunimstor jusico in a
mannler satisf'aeto-ry to-a-ll -good .citi
* Pulio Meeting.
On Monday, October 1st, a public
* meeting wasi hold intho Court Ihouse
t >take inlto consideraitioni the host.s~ys
10'no i0ldopt in v i'ow'of' the nIow fea
90'4o labor sto exisdng in the Dis.
.1, ''' ) was called to the
ee eto act aa~ Secretary.
* n, a commliiitteo of five were
. F~(iited to. javepare buit.eness l'or the
Iiooting. That Commiiittoo conisi~sed
.ot fthe following gentlomnon : 'B3. E. El.
hin, Esq., Dr. J1. Wallace, ('ol. .1,
.MjIe, lon'y Gibson, Esq. anid Mr.
- .The Committee reported the follow,
ing freamblo and resolutions, (exeept
4WUthwhichl was submit'ted by Col.
TtI% . W oollwara,) alj of wichl
yer.0 tunaTimously adopted.
:Wi . T1hie present systemi of
lakli - ...o con1u, involves more s0,
r"in .onda oionees to al~l classes of thc
noati.v than: any othler, affootingp
qIit, doe ria well being, pr'osperity
ba~i,<the* ver1 'life-giving principle o1
usAll tend(
- WTH E.s, La can'aideration Of tlh(
gra~nt chnge~s hait have taken plao<
* **
in regard"to this labor, and the ontir
failire t) make it profitable cithor t(
the laborera or'the oihilioyer undo
the various inodos and -forms now it
uso0, and1(
Wit-nI'.As, 1Te proselst scarcity o
lillior il be ilg greatly increased 1)
injudicious managem1ent , and other in
jurious influences all tending to diver
fiom its legitimate sphere, (Agricul
tur,) profitable anid pr.actical lise
thereby throwiing a large prod uctiv<
(elment u1ponl the boun ty of tle gov
erieiilnt as idle conisilmiers for t1whosi
141 pliort we are to be taxed. There.
fore be it.
lt. Rero/ved, That it is recoimi.
Jnended ' dat overy citizen who desirem
tbe welfare ;nd.prosperlty of the DIs.
trict, and who wishos to promote ho
interests, eindorse and support sie
measures as ill the judgnont of thi.,
moect ing Seenlm 111.4tepdet
2d. //,;solea/, Thati it is the.' dutIy of
every Ciizen to adopt the most practi
cable anld ecoloi ical sysIIm w1rerob
the greal est amount of labor may k
giveni to the soil inder judicious la.
Itgolnlit :1114 the (vils arising ftoni
nipe rim a nl appeals for Stite aid
be obviateil.
3<1. lo-solon/, That in the opJin1011h
of this nieimtinig th1e 111A, efliciei t a ndl
only practical mod for hiring- sich
hib~orors is for fixed and stated wage'
uI iuolley, nontiy or ainuailly, p-o.
vnii hg al-so for nuecssary an11d conifor.
(able snbsistolice.
4Ith. /--so/ecd/, That we regard tie
system of ''.ena nting them in theiir
liaesen t deim-ralized aid p01I-le.s coil
ditioli ts uni1wi!e, that it. is fil evil and
ill albiost. every instn:1eiWo destructive
to th l'est itersts of tile coiltry
Moll i., ii apleot 8ocial nuiisalice.
5th 1. / 'cd, 'la t tie r ent-ig of'
huul tiois (ne11i'gr14oes wh-re lit) white man
is pre'sentf to direct, 11111 personlallys
supritednot, onIly the planlting al
wirkilng of the erop, but to detuect an81d
revet'l. thets(, ami exercise that
wholos(Oil inflinceo xer!ed by the
wh it uliul fIer tie blue!', is n' alar Lm
i)g and incvreasig I., evil, kine that, is
cabt-nilated to IrIing about, a state of
thingim.s not oinly revolting to Our nu
tulres buit threatiilg ourt exisAtnce.
B. Ii. COOK, Chairmalln.
.1. 11. lIoiiiRi'jsoN, Sec.
Cau a Northern Man live in the South ?
'The quest ion and14 tlie aiiswer to it;
both of which will Ie foinl below, de
VOlop tle fact that pur-blind editors
at the No111 still thinik it, dangerous
for it man Ir0111 the North to tike up
his abodo a among tlie barbaiiinsof tie
We adimire the spirit and justice of
tile ew -11 ,een Register in its reply to
the Iar.;ged Courant, and will add to
its test imkony' living-.as. wo do right, ill
th is ben ighted mla nid, anid as itn appenl
diix to our addenda, wvisit that the Ib-9
in the South, be t hery "properly be.
haved"'. Northtern mon or Southeirn
If our testimony canI add an~yth1ing
to thtat-of the Rlegister, wo will say
that wvo of the South want Northlerr
m11n.1 to como-I downi here, bring thito
money', go inmto business, anld help n~
bid ui ip thle b~roken fortunes ,cf th<
Southi. M\ here~ these ihavei taikeni tii
manllagemaent in i heir own'1 haids, thci
are~ bound to fail, hocanso they knnv
niothi mg (of the diillienlties of enttill
cultuire. Loet, those sao emeni of' cap1
tal froml tihe North comot down heie
bring their mioney) and1 "go~ in"' will
hliost, 11industrious (and1( we' hiave plen
ty of $thoe) 1m101 in thle South, in t ho
cuitIivat ion of oot toin, and they wil.
1n0t on1ly be0 k indlyv received but wol
comned. "There is life iln the ol lant
y'et.," if there were capital toi resuiii
tato i(. utermeddl1er- 1 and cut
th1roats we 'do nout wanit, but then 01
ellarn'lotOi and busiloss wil} ho wve.
"Does tile Recgistehr contend that ii
Illinoisan has n10 righ t to tamke-up bi
restdenee mn the Soulth and advoont<
prinlciples of liberty and equliity ?"
( IIartfordl Cour'ant.
Certainly not. A'nybody lras 1
r'ight to take upl is resi'donce whieri
he deasons, if ie hohanves bimself pro
po y: ut"Judge Warmuh a
no0 right to travel through the~ North
relprosenlting hlinimslf as a .Southeri
mlani-wheln all he knows' of tl o South
orn-peoplo is derived from a war' resi
don110 in New Or'lans of a few mionlth:
-who hits no 'idea of retuinhl amon11
the0i-.and whoi 1 i ped ing Ils brent
in tradinlg the~m, and shadoering 'th<
P'residhent. This is whallt 1no "Illinois
ant 1h8as arighltto -dt, and'Idhat n<4
hlonest 11nan will attempt dloing. Thb
stuft about is bin~lg "dr'iven to till
No'th for safety," isi fatlsohlood entire
iiieinuli e is a fugitive fronm justice
'iiohe aro' hiundrods of' mlon from Nov
Haven County dloing business
Southern eities--ntny of' whom w<i
htave sein tile palst summeillr-and aln
boar11 lest iimony to thle fact; thuit thto)
aro at. kindly treated as5 if at home
We hlavo Yankoo-born1 subscribers ii
evei'y Sonthlorn Stalte-anld ini nearl1
ovei'y iotter n receivo is t-tljsitndeo
poinltedly rebunked. It is tile onoiOiO
of' reconiliatlin who aire sowing thos~
tares.-Neto Iaien Reg'(ister.
The Pennsylvania'Eootlons.
To-dafy tho electioins-in Pennsiylya
lila bqgin,and1( while there will in
great exeitomionit, itf not. somiot~llrnj
worse, thoi'o, the whole country wvii
awa it wvith so10111n pauls tile result o
those ceooionis. They involve tro
mondous01i issttoa, nlot onliy to its of till
.Sout'h, lut to the 11hn0n of tile JTit
-Statcs. It is a conflict between rgi.j
cal and conservative detoeraoy. 1l%
foamor seems to be inl the ascendancy,
and if it 'prevail, our gloomiest tintli,.
r pationis will be realised, we fear.
An Accidont,pon Well'
010 (Illy last week John IM4,
jr., while covering ai mAini.thed olI,
slippod and fell nearly to the bottom,
a depth.of about forty, feet, and lodg,
(I upon soio curbing which had boon.
lb t dowit in the well. I came notir
proviniig i seriois Iall to tite young
luni, althoig li escapled without any
broken hon11"s.1
In this connetion it may lbe proper
to call attenitionio th) dan-(111ger to the
comuumllllity from11 thl( openl wells in va.
.1iits Parts of tile town. Alrl tady n
holrse and14 it cow have falleIon into these
pits, atil it will be fortunate it' sol e
pe.on u F 6 n't m t. it h a sil ih,...
oidelit. 011 iothing 11 d(me 1t .
cure our eitins against, thit dagr
fromt t iese open wvells.1On vnantit lots
Gon. Grant's Politios,
1 ft his~ hon-comuu'lli.di-fron the- (lou
:::am 'rof thear e ofim - . 0~
"'rie copy'' of lis politic.1 ptoSit.totn, 4tis
n(ot i go(d Copy 1,41r a1 similt.it seeking
it aicIl i (aste ivl and - currerit nit .-i
The followiiig is (invished
liI'uW; A n ti i.:s o F U. S.
\Washinigton, 1). (., s8'jt. 19 18t66,1
I vee from the paperis t liat you hi ve
it.n. mallkintg a sp-e-l it whic-h y'.mp
me to a politienl'pat-y. 'I Im
ii-t hirt' int ric'ijt or a lIt ter from ..n
t:ul1 reshan, o(l 'Imliaa. ;in whie-li he
'ays thtit L d ol 'menitt. for CongroCsQ itti
pIilih 44 1nt ex t lt. from it lett.er re.
Ctivel from you, inl which you1t pledged
mi to I lie supporl of President Jolhnsn,
an as "Illm-si-d to Oit- eleeliont o any
.- "di,: who Jovs .i-,A ,pi. his poli.
cy. youl, nora ll-j nlml liing. is aigller
ized to .-ak f6,r tile ill j-i-liti l mlatt-s.,
a il I aish to dsist ini t he fiturt. 'I
watii every imani to vote according to
In s owi jil u Id ietl , wiliutit, iifinliltive
fromll me. Y ulrs, etc ,
U. S'Gutxx
To Tlrevet lrigadier General W. S.
1I...m4t, New York.
A trute copy.
A A \tI3 1) m .:Au, A&D. C.
Judge 'Aldriohi's Chargo t- the Grand
Jury of Riolhlanud,
W republishi so tmuct of Judge
Aldrich's ebargo to the G rand Jury of
iilliland District is rclates to the Iu
ty of colored penple, to tle1r truie
frieids and to vagrancy.
It will be a sattisf'action, to ti cboI-&.
people of this- plae to know they
have anticipated the gootd zdvid of
the Judge in regard to "stantdintg up
for the impr])ovemten~tt and respectabili
ty of their race, and br'ingitg atll vio
lators of law to just ic. - - .
r oal T- ttr.n.u.n.]
Improvement of Lands- Economy.
.'The subjects which, ntext to the la
bor quiest iont, demtantds atItntiotn is the
tupr'ovemten t of' lauds for iagricutlt nre.
[t is trtue thart mutch of the ltidit,'ha
once contributd largely to thiewe h!l'
of the countttry by its prodtlttions, is
ottirely exhaustead. '.This, tini o alone
will redeemn, to atltit t .it8 immed1~i.
ate improvenVOt+~t wt\re. worse than
usoloss :it is to lhmds timat have nov..
or been tso completely robbied of
I hirt forW ity biut yet possos l'nucht of
produlcti' oneoss, anid to tose that have
never' beeou sub joatod to cutltivittion,
hait the hand of imnprtotnient should
be d irtded.
It is the part of writers for a r'ioul
turatl papers to presoent to''the p llt i"
thle imtthods of pt'rtmng-I sad - 0,i
ntiintg (Iho best fetilizot , aou
plying thtemt to the vaiitouts soilI
proper seasontt, stage of the ropse &~
'This left to thiem, It tmay yet be pr~
por, in Conntectjin with the subject be.
f'ore,us, to recom:n~td' thei savinig of
all steht substaneos as conttributo to
fertility, such as all tho partis of .nead
aimals, ashes, soap-suds and -urine.
Every farmtor abould~ ha've cotmpost
heaps or at least ddng-,111s, where all
such things should -be deposited. '1f
sttraw, loaves, ot- some such material
were mixed witht stable mannire dr.
even earth, and suolh as I have tmen
tionted above careofull'y -collected and
thrown inito the mans, a great addition
mijght thus be made to the amnount of
valuable fortilizevs. I know that sucht
thinigs htave beent laughed at, b'urt we
have laughed at them to our cost. It
is tiumo to ~n a new leaf. If by
mentef ln..rcA anid 11hose t.hat may
be obtainbed in1 the market, the better
lands could be brought to double
their fertility, and twelve acres were
cultivtedo itnstead of sixteen, this
t welvo, thuree-fourthls of' the formuer
atmout, would produce 50 pdr cent
more ftan the whole. I believeln
,practice the foriner aptouint would be
doubled, for one-fourth of. the lands
formeorly cultivated produced almost
p nothting, and- besides, thto - labor that
I tf~o whole received could now lie 'es
r stowed-on three-fourths.
Manty mon are had to eohvineo that
I it is a .rintous .practico to apply their
if fertilizers to the porst imd., -o
sA is I fact, and much value has
beti thr-n away in this mannor.
Lot any to doubt it -make .oneo'a
fair anqi toroughi experimnent.
in Ilition to the .improvement
o )tIs V4ry itqn-producer that is
,zo.o become a tprodicer, much
1dded to the grosa products
of the c otry in -its time of need.
Bosido tl gain from increased pro
deIio 'Ailmch real advantage might
result fri economical consutmption.
-The1 who gain of shavry inl this soc
tion,-lay the nodo, of proitatblP
co Isumpt ' which it furnisloed. To
blatirce a want of prolitablo con
sinnti~on ,)rmtertly av.a ilabla, it; is no
c ry ii r t to cut off ill the inprofit
b I. Ev.y hirse fod, but not pro
.ititbiy enl loyed, adds yearly $75.00
to unpro ablo consutmption, every
' r 5.00 nd other luxuries together
t.s mauch a:both of thoso. Aiother
ilttm of u1profitable expense in the
way of hilar and material -would be
oLbdated I rejecting worn out lands
and culti ting less, for much loss
fencing we it then be necessary. The
propoaitt~is brought up tho L'gisln
turo "to kiq) stock inolosed" .in ight
if :carriid bto offe-ot be useful in this
wlty by onlbling farmera to eultivato
good sjiotspf.gro und wherever foutid
without thdexpense of inclosing them
Alher Aelirately or together with
lai;e tracttunfit for cultivatiotn '-Any
legislation tonding, directly or idi
rectly, to Icoutrage a the industrial
clas9s by promoting economy or
olooking" txury, should not only
at the plrueont, but at all tiisCH
receive .th< cordial suipport of all
thinking n~in who desire the pros
perity of the masses, which is the
nrosperity 6f the country ; and that,
oncouraging and protectig- labor and
capital alilk, not fostering Qo to the
detrinmont of the other, would receive
the suppor of till patriotic In n.
* (IVES.
I ) 14 NTINO CONRA.c'rs.-Tho fol
lowing official circular 'Will explain it
Bureau' Rofugoes, Froodmen and
Abandoned Lands, South'Carolina.
CunrAIs-roN, Sept. 28, 1866.
ParagraphI. of"the Circular issued
from tko95. adquarters, dafed Aug.
S 6 wT ien. the cotton is re
*i aht'o, snh O" ed as
to~permuit tht . patesmto divido at 'any
tinme thtey tnay mutually agree upon.
Jy order of
Bvt Ma~j. Glen. 1R. K. Sco-r-,
Assistant Commitssioner.
II. W. Sanir,
v't. Lut. Col. and A. A. tP
ANOTIIFn ER-rHi'IQUAlc..--We lhav<
the pleasure of recor-ding anothoi
"carthquke in- theo far West. At
election took place int Motana Terr'i
tory, on tihe dIth liistiinmt, andt( thte Domon
er~ tie ticket was carried, ever the radi,
caJA by a'mnajority of 2,000. Th us il
is 'throughout the Wet Kentucka
gnave neal-ly 50,000 agatinst the 'radi,
'ohus. Idah o ceot'ed an almost unani,
nious9 Demnocratic Legislature. Catli,
fern'~ ia, tmade a cleani swoop;, except it
Sant Francisco. The ibliddle States ar<
natutrally conservativo, and they wil
follIv . Konituck y and .Ojalif'ornir
in giving un procedeuted mnajoritie
againstt'adica lismt.
Diek Pointero y, Ih bric'k ouf all bricks
says thIat wihep~ "Bet,"t't Blutle~r dlies h(
doublti be cut- ro in em- Il' chimks- an.
buried iln difl'ereut ,parts of' the cotmilry
that.-4rm'ig .the ontly way thte num'eromt
ibh 'v cetered 16, himcan be suppress
B [v the -way ' "Brick" writes: iTh
n 'uing witor we shall travM throjjg
'al ii- ,Southern- States 'anid wri e a
r--f"u'tl, reliable history 'of that section
~tz wants, enfiering.s, .abuses,- resource:
an prseds'and'.ihall alsb follow ti<
t rail of our thiev',os antd offieers. and pub
lish'.to the~ iyorfd'ant akonne - of thili
the'te, rober-des', and cowardly acts.".
.OATruoJTorrv.Severnil new Episco
pal Sees are to be established by th<t
Roman Cathohc Vhut'ch itt thiscotitry
and glishtops appointedl to presido ovei
thew by the .second natio'nelecouncil o
tiio Church; -which is to meet in Balti
more on, the 1st Suntday of October.
"oMothier Goose". weten she wrote bei
famous melodies, foretold withI thte cor
ltaint.y of one inspired with prophecy tht
conduct of a certain Now England Gen
eral whon she penned the line:
"And p3ulr ran away with the spoons."
Tye Hluntavillo Independent says
"Tihp papers In South Alabama ar<
disepmaing various plans to preovont th<
merI~oo of, *ioperty at forood legal
salog,.es Js now bemng done all ovoi
thoe uthern States, We see n<
roudy and. no i-l eocet in a bank
rui4 law by theo Congress.h
Mir, J. S. Kellor, of Pennsylvania
sWho went~to Sothi Caroin~a at the re
quetrof a company inteonding to bug
land for agricultural- purposes, gives
favorable report of the fertility of th<
soli, .nd of the digposition of the:inhadi
ta 'ts toward emigrats.I.e ays h<
Ot l-the people kind-hearted and aiffable
a rtoding a heartf" '*elcome to all gooi
ci izent who home to settle amnong them
-wlh to kttow . how a solt
eaks of you to others, mark how he speaki
of thoem toyou. '
* ' * *
Goi.-Gold -has recently gone up
to 1484. -Thte oxplAnation of the rise
is the fall of fiVe-twentieg abroad.
These five-twentios have doelined
abroad, not. in consequonce of the p
throatoning aspoot of political affairs
in this country, as we of the South d
are rather prono to believe, but sim-.
ply because the Europoan market is
temporarily glutted with these securi
ties. The high prices they have been 1
bringing caused Ameorican holders to
send thon over in vast quantities. k
Lr.O-..-Tho Yale law stud ents have
founded a secrot society called "The
Justinian." They have adopted as a
hailge a black stino, onmollod on a
greenl leaf, with tho word "Justin ian" s
cngravedt along the leatf ; thius comn
Ilmemnmorating those thrce distinguish
ed legal "swells," Justinian, Black
stone and Greenleaf.
-- . - -*
TilE Put.:slnsN.:T AN) Till. 'Go)SsITTU
TIONAj. A.:xomx.-The veracious 0
correspondcelt of' thle aktimore Ameri
can says 'T'luiirlow Weed, when in
Wnshington, received nssuraiices -that
Presideint JoimsOn woild come out an(] 1
nrge the constitutional amendment, bilt
adids "t hat n, i action will be taken lill
after the firt of Oc-ober."
NAITInsnX El.:trtoNSs.-On the 9th
I instalt, cictions occur in- Penmylvania,
Ohio, indiana and Iowa. -Besides the
varions Stato officea; to bO voted - for,
these States will choo03C at tjat time six
ty members of Congress.
An American correspondent writing
from London, thinks that the reform
agita'tion, the Fenian troubles, the
terrible famino in India, and the con
sequences of the Jamaica revolt will
tend to haston a revolution in Eng
land. ~
European news by mail says thlat
there is every prospect of the speedy
and com1plete succe.i.s of the English
Iiborals In their efforts for an exten
olon of the franchise.
Wendoll Phillips, in the Anti--Slave
ry Standard, urges the im peachment
of Mr. Johnson on the 5th of next
M arch.
Soventy-five-cases of muskets were
8hipped from Buffalo last Thursday
night for Dotroit. and supposed to be
a Fenian investment.
United States Treasurer Spinner is
now prepared to furnish saniples of
the new perforated postal currency.
News from Japan says-"rice has
fallen two boos per picul"-whatover
that ncanI".
Commissioner's Sale.
Thea. Yarv6bi~h~, d -Wife1 ' Bill for
vs. -Partition of.
A. J. Hamilton, 02? al. L 1aml
B Y virtuo of deorectul order niado in thisi
.O ase, I will sell atI putblio auhctionl at
t ho Courit 11louse in Winni..oro~, on the 1st
Monday inl November next,- the tract of
land1. menione 0101in t he pleaidings in tis
enIse beloniging to -the estato of Wmn. ..
llamiltonl, dIectinsed. Containing,
more1 Cor less. lyinig in Fairfieldl District on
.Jacson's Creek. and bound. d by lands of
ThmsSit, Margaret Nelson. and others.
The Termsa of Sale.
C Uah, suicmin to pay tihe costs of,suit
1and expnses of' sale, nnd for tihe balance a
credit of one, t wo and th'ree years to be
given, in three'~ 111anual itllmnt, with in
ICees from day1 of~ sle. The pulrchniter to
give hiand with nipproved accurity and a
mairtgaige of the premnises to-secure the pur
citasc titoney. ,
[F lOiUTS (l) lb.) Dunde~e Bagging,
O 0 Coils 1101)e j inCh Hemp,
.25i Coiler iUne, }t "Jte,?'
60 bbls N. i'. andl Baltimiore Flour,
16 '- Sugar [email protected] cents,
10 } bbls "Exti-a" Now, No. 1 luiackrel,
2600) lbs flest Rio Coffee,
6 Baga, 120 lbs each, Old Java,
600 bushels Corn.
Termy Cash ; or Qottoit at t):e market price.
Apply to - -JAS. Rt. AIKEN.
{\N ow Yrkor Baltimore, In sums to
U utprobasers.
-Advanees made on Cotton shipped to New
York, B'altimore or Charleston, (and Taxes
paid if required.)
. 30,000 lbs. Bacoen Sides,
4,000 lbs. Shoulders.
8,000 bushels of Corn, per month, on
meneing-on lst November next, (in quanti..
ties not, loss than 100 bushels.)
ool. 0-t8x8
T HE nderignedhavethis (lay forpneda
09 Patnerhip.Titl, Ladd, Dros &
Co. A.W. J ADDl,
'C. H.-LADD,.
Oct. 1, 1860. U1A. BUChANAN.
'DROSindebted to LAUD BROS, or to
.l .W.LADD, Agent, will please pay
as all debts BYCONTRACT are ue,
oct 0-tf LADD BROS.
1E have received a fne lot, of Ready
VT Made Clothing olComnisesion, cheap
for the cash.. Call if you Want bargains.
oot 8-'tf ADD BROS &90,
Wimdng Done for the Fourteenth.
and 6thir la les w inoth se t th~erson.
Otinding done on Wednesday and Satir.
day. T. W1 i OOWARD,
nco. LA-t
w ILL he offered for Rent at the Court
House in Wbnnsbor,; "on tlke 1st
londay in November, the Plantitions be
mging to the Estato of Theo. S. guB6o,
cocased.' One known as
Situated on the Wateree Creekabout ten'
diles above Winneboro, and - contal int
500 acres more or less. On thi' plae is a
welling, house and all necessary plantation
Situated about three miles above Winns
oro, and con aining about 600 sores. Un
his plhace-is a dwelling house an all neces.
ary buildings, except a gin house.
Situated about four miles above Winns
ioro, and containing about 000 acres, and
11 necessary plantation buildings.
These places are offered thus 'early be.
auso from the -failure- of the food crop a
mall grain crop may be an. important con
ideration to the planter of next year. Al
hough possession cannot be given until the
tt. of Januaiy, 1867, the privilege of sew.
ig grain will be allowed by present holders
f the places.
.NO. BRATTON, Executor.
lCharleston Ncws copy once a week
nut tiny oct 4-1im
-' ltoo
q lia tiol Joio Cutua nu Jo o .ta a Jtr tju.'.oR
M111 OJ1J)O l30t O7JVAI t. ,Tr ouMf~jo
SaImpauIl 'Fullo-tOqingl 'JOtpUjor opeg
111013 opuP SpIo-g jo 1uon10g1ss Ou V
.11111 utoSuAi 1111t 9112ng1 Vsolppus 001 'suolI
ON oosuA n -i ) p 'H9311 -,ptr ssuo
:'81"i ti l fl 1 t08,13 p ('O U 1[v' 2111111
-,CJA0 titladtio), apof) .c 0ui *CZo
huq oi Cq sluoo g1 .u au2ng aiogoa s
q) U1 Oslo Ru : tol puu odoU dutl 12ut
9~11 'JOAIqOl lo o tal s jq o @2
W11001s 09)1 1 'UO lirj 0Z J~
*NNY anl Dundeo Bngging. For sale
J. by BACOT, ilVl1lls & CO.,
2-tf No. 2, lOtel Range.
0, 8. 10, 20 and 40 Penny, Pots, . Skil.
9- lots, Fry-Pans.
Oct 2-if . No. 2, Hotel Range.
Coffee, Green and Ilack* Tea;
(IUS [l'EDClaritled and Br~own augare,
J .Sda,'ugar Wine and Butter .Crack
oct 2-tf No. 2;.iotel Range.
AN.\UOTc~. R IVE RS & CO.,
F1ine IJacon Sides anid Hams.
Smeoking Tobacco
oet;:2-tf ' No. hlotel Range
nm ow reeivngand opening om
. FAL- angWITi STOCK, whdih
is l aige and att ra t ivc..
Embraelng a large l:t- of French Merlnoci
and Delains or' every variety anid styile:
also a large lot of.Prints of the best brandi
and siy te; 1lso.Bleaoched and Brdwn- Ibome|
spun of every variety, also ti-large 16t' 01
Opera, Flannel, of all colors, also Red -dtd
White Flannels at all price's 1 a. Afne .9t- 01
French Broad Cloth, French C 1ufim'ere,
Sattinets, Tweeds and Wool Jtirns ofeverj
color and price ; also a large let, of..Readj
Made Citthing of every style and pattern
also a large lot of Mens' an Boys' Felt Hiati
at all prices, also a large let of Ladies'
Mona', Boys', Misses' and Childrens' Shoes
also Hosiery, Oloves, Perfumery, &o, alat
a largo lot Ladies avid Mjsses Hats..
All of whioch we offer at reasonaible p ricos
We relturn our thanks to opr friends -fo
their liberal pat'ronage h'eretofore.
ot 2-Im
. J'wine, &..
Conststing,- of -the followitig b rands,
Richmond fride
- Plny W~ods,
Big Lib
- Weed.
.A fine assortment of Drier floet Pipes.
A large ssortment of fine brands.
Terms ocash- . sept 29-tt
Lumaber, Lumber, Lumber.
{H ED sulisoribar begs to informh IdA friendi
I.and fermer ptrons thait L4 hssesm
eithe "LUMBEt BUSINEA" t.1idg
irg .C,12 miles south of Winnsbo e
au mmdately on the C..& 8 . .
a e 0. P. IZOFFMAN~.
Local Items.
Now Aoirtlisements.
'..Mr. James R. Aiken advertises Et
variety of artieles suitable for farmers
apd plvnter# espeqially. It gill be
seen that he will fiave on hand, after
$ovember- lst, corn in .quantities to
)huit purohasers, if no less. than 100
bushels be needed.
Mr J. S. Stewart gives notice of
application for. reliewal of certificato b
of stock &c.
[email protected] Bros &'Co. notify the publio
of a now firm. May their 'sliadow
iever grow less.
LaddJ3ros under same head call on
Jebtorsto "pay" up. May they Itll
be able to "do juet so.
" If the reader is not disposed to
trirn this paper up-side down, ho call
effect the samo end by walking round
to the head of it, wherd he will find a
partial list of it thousand and one de
sirable things on hand at Alossr.e
Thompson, Withers & Co's. The
public have already bvinced their pre
feronce for many of those goods, if wo
are to judge from the. busy crowd we
havo more than once observed in the
store since the arrival of their new
It will be seen that Messrs. *T. W..
& Co. offdr the best brown sugar at 18
cents by the barrel.
- Gen. Bratton. advertises several val
%able plantations to be rented.
Col. T. W. Woodward is prepared'
to gin cotton by the lain force of
cam. -
b: W. Williams & Co., Factors at d;
Commission Merchants present their
G. 1I. McMaster, Esq., advertiscs
for rent the late Steamw-Mill Building
f Gen. Bratton.
Commissioner's Sale.
Santa Claus Ifead-Quarters may be
found at Mr. Von Santon's Bazear, as
appears from his advertisentent.
College of Charleston.
On Conuinipsion Iadd Bros & Co..
This firm has a fino assortmont of ready
male clothing.
Extensive Stock of clothing rt
wholesale and retail-B. W. McTur
cous, Superintendant. This House I as
been established over 25 years all
Southern men. Captain B..W. Mc
Tureous wIll be glad to see his friends.
[uHs goods' can be depenided on as
being wvell made and cheap.
*R. W. Gale & Co., a house of long
experienee In theirlhin6 of~busirress, .
'advertise that they aro still prepare'd
,tp fyrnishi carriages, buggies &c., of
itlhc bost make and of good mnnterial.
We have seen several -vehicles fromi
this house, and knowv that they will
qdmgare equally with thi of any.
other establishmeint in.the South.
Laengnielk & Sell keep constantly otn
hand Millinery, Straw and Faney
Goods. T'his is ,one-of the finest es..
gablishmenta, in Chli eston, and our
reasiors-wh,- desire to supply them
selves, when in the city, with articles:
I r their line, should not fuiil to give
I ba~sh ro Prices -durrent.
do l~ed.Tri- Wtekiy by Cathara.t)j Ndachws..
W IN NsnDoR'o, 0October 0, -1866.
Apples, Bushel, $2 00i
Bagging, Gnny, yard [email protected]
" Dundee " 8
lale Ropo, Manilla, 'W lb, 2g
New York or- Western, 1 Rb, 35.
lon, TIaras, 1 b, -...
.'.Sies, lbi 26
u County,2
m t nYrs bunch, - $2 60 '
4' Ordinarjfib, - 27
$.andjes. Parafine, lb, 6
. Sperm, ib, . . 6 0
-Adramantino, lI, 85
oif'ee, Rio, lb,. [email protected]&r
" 45 Laguayra, Ib, 46,
6 0 Java, lb, 60
t'heoso, English Dairy, Ib, -
" Gosheno, ib, 28
ides, Dry, Ib, [email protected]
Alalasses,'Musoovado, gallon,8
Sorghum, " 60
-" New Orleans, " $1. 26
Unions, bushel, .$1 06
01ll, Kerosias, gallon, 1 20 )
" -Tanners; " 1 70
toern, White, bushel, .1 70
" Yellow, 1 65
Zfalt; Liverpool, sack, -4 50
C.ards, Cotton, doz, 12 00
" Wool ." 0 00
tluar, Cranshed, lb, - -'2
Powdered, lb, 28.
"-ExtraC, 18.
Tei~ ixtra Gunpowdor, Rb, $2 00
3 son, 161 [email protected] 00
"Yfo~k,'ib' - 1 [email protected] 1650
Tobacco, Chewing, lb, - [email protected] 50*
Apeied, 19W, . 40
"Silver, .82.
t1lo.r, Country 2xtra 'c1t [email protected]}
~'Ohio, Extra, bbl, --15 O00i
Axes; W..J. Terioyok .& Co', do, 24'00.a
*' Collins, Warranted do:. --24 00.
Meats, Pork, Ib, .yO.
Mutt on, lb, [email protected]
* y,)I.~ Turkeyn, pair, 1 [email protected] 60
Duok~s, pair, . 756
C' hickensi pair, 60
Gesse,'pair, 1 26.
Eggs, dosen,2
166 br st o to repajr Fur
~Lniture of all kinds. .Damnaged:Cano.
5eaAed0hairs made 4.aegod as new4
A 1W Dodsteati on band
@0J44t D. B. MeCRIEL0 HT.

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