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I8 l'UnLI,81D w.1:KILY nY
Terms.-Tit. i inALO is pubi 3l1ied Wedk
ly in ihto Towin O' Wininsbor.), nt. 63.00'in
tjrraiblyin adrunce.
j1.-I) All tritsient advortienents to be
Obituiry Notices And Tribulos $1.00 per
Ohargo of Judge Aidrich,
G:MI-ruT o-N - TiH JeUy.-I 11d.
momsh you it) 1 bear inl mild the ciroun
:tAices by Which y-oul ar suirrontied.
1 call .. I you to recollect that the law
,.4 S.tt Carolin-I is nlow w11 ht it always
has been 1t:nmely, that the n0gro shall
be protected from viole-eu' olfered against
his person. It. Is beei a lav of our
State for many year-;, that if a negro is
8us1anitted, 11.0 purty cominitiing tie is
suiilt be punished ; and if tho -life'. ofi a
negro be piken wit th malico afori't.hought.
tie law has alwa y. regardi thtt i Aut as
m8urder. It ii therefore i..) inw thi'fr that
i at nt should lho indicted for tihe killing
. et u''ngro.
\hlie informint VOlU tiat riu- 11as8
Ilways been the law-of South Carolina,
i ebmonish you to avoid another ex
t rome Do not allow your-etves to bo il.
dinenced by any excitenttt, hecansem! of
the peculiar condition of tho socity
now exista. Let. us mete otu.
jist ice 1o theso people as we havd always
dolo. Let uisnot he unduly prejudiced
' or or again; them. In t he present in
tLance, jio. iii view tie cao according
1,,) th1 facts Ithat have Ieen dotailed-, and
ithe law as it shall be anno.11e1
.Thre c:n-be no-don 1'11ntth
. io -negro,
I. ....lnris ali s John Dawkin . It
is very probable tht t.his man Counts
was one of a party Wh coni mitted tie
nok brtaiid and atrocious murder of an
inllainlti.ve man b y til.h natme of Ii ntitel
Snie, in Nowborry, anw robbed him of,
nlargo amoiint of gold and -silver.. I.
have no dollbt th prisoners knCOv tiht
I his cri htl'4 been conmiuted, They
heard accident lv, throigh a little yellow
bay that thte dVeas(ed was in thiit io1d
. tier the A;i him ; that Iho thad nskvd
the boy to show him and 1in3 companizulion,
th1 way to . I tie Cthirlotte Depot, and
had given iI1:1 a quart..r of a dollar ; and
immeditetv woit to Stari g an Pope,
itid gai them ntice of thi Oectit reifei..
These t ivo mi-n foir a perfectly legal pur
posw, prepared for the arrest of th1 ie
The only d'llity inl the , gentile.
meni, is wh'ether they had itnly rilit, to
nrret this negro in .the way they did.
TPhat they had a rigil to arrest. -11', I
have n1OCJout. TWey had evo4freason
to believo that. he. wts oe a party, .if'
iit thl iden ical .". nt
tui robbed Od*lal )ll,'-f ill New-'
ni'ned. and came upon
berrv.ri kil deim. Tl o qiteston is,
whether tiWtWSwasa exctsuble homi.
I tcink that- the law was properly, stat
eatyyan, wheni i yn were itiformed . that
a.,ftlcar armed with a ivarrInt ior the
/rest. of a persdsaacensed of' felody, has
/no right to take tho life of tho accised,
unless there ibr aich resist.ance to- hisan
-thority, tliat the act -becomes absolutely
ni/tecessary. Ut e-very,'citize'n htas a right,
wthere a felony has been 'conimted to'
arrest the felon: Trhe only 'ditfet uch
b etwe'n hinm and ttbo offlieer is tnis that
if hie-anpts1.0 artesd a party acesed1
neenlsid wvith' fe'lmy, not.ibe'ingo airmed
autthority, whnet evee tie does
is at his ow peril,- If it be. provialthus
the persont arrested is ho felon, thten is
t ho citizen guilty of a - breachI of Iteo
peace, and it in tihe proess of .theo arrest
3h the aconsed bo kIlled, tito citizen bet
comnes guilty of miurdei . If' on the otiv
or hanud, it, should-appe[nr that the piarty
to be ar-rested. was himself' a murderer'
and( was killed ini the -act oIf.arrest, thenm
the qutestioni cometis up, what- degrco of
guilt shall attiach Lo the citizen.
The Lawi has been tread by the~ learned
conus~el, who, had so ably andi cJoitly
deifentid othiese unfortunato men. Youj will
perceive that in otne of the authioritics upe
onwhtich great relinnco is placed, it is ata
tcd that privalo persons may arrest.
In tho lanugiago thee used, "n indict
met found,is good cant of' ari-est, bf
private person:!, if it may bo mnade with.
iom, thle dleath of' the fa loni" bii , is said
that if rte f't hnn be killed, their 'astifia..
(ion must deuprnd upon the fatdt of' the
parties guilt, wich it, wiill be'utirn bent
utpon I them to imaike ont ; othey wiso, they
will be guilty of manshingifter,
It will be veisy danigerous, gentlemon of
theajnry, to allow eve-ry nt, who hearp
thant felony hias.been comtnt ed, tojndke
whether there is a nOcV. .ty for himt'.tif
arrest tht suppiosd elon, or to take Is
life,. If' thils wero allowe'd, itere wvotid
a great unmber of casos ofntiurder which
conld not he reached..att'all, S 'uch e
privilego might hte mtdi~ an egense (br a
crime uinparalled in civilizoi aoicity,
v lien an ofilcer of the lawv is sent.(orthIi
to arrest a felon who has .shocked: it
mahity by the cnormity of his oflbh00,
he is compelled, by the law, to. be cau
lions how lie takes human lif'er le la
not ;mtthorized to do so eI~ipy becantsa
the felon flees. Buit, .whenf private oiti
zeni undertake to arrest an accused par
ty, although theo motuyes may -be hoper'
-fectly pratsewortlhy and is to boe'ncoura
~ed, they must be ext rentely cautions
a. 0
how they shed hmnan blood, becanso
they tako upori t1m111'1ilves a very Ilighl
respoisibiliy. They taki'eill the risks
61nd all the consequeicils.
Now, I have no dobiiht that tho pris.
oners at the bar, acted 'viih perfect con.
ecient).iotstiess iin this imat t er. I ida not
think tiey pmrsmed that.nugro with tho
hkople of' reward. Thev were siiply In
formed, that a horrible mrd',r h-id been
perpert rated, aind a wholo fmi: imly'throwni
into distress;.and under the generois
impihe of youth, they weit forward to
arrest, the imrderer. It is for you to
say, whiether0r they exercised 'in'that nr
rest, a degree o violonce Which was not,
iaranted iby the law. It is for you to
'iay, by- your verdiot, whether tIese
yo;ulg mIIe, in attempting to mak1(e tlis
arrest-, were antihoriied to jilelge, vje't-.
or theys-hould take life, in order to top
the muanl who was ruInning.
I do not find fault with the 1..arned
eCaunsel, who, so forcibly aild hl(illntly
has urged thiit a jury have the r g'it to
judgo of the law and tih fict. I thinI
it, likely ihat, the old barons of 1n'gh'it n,
intended inl their Magyna Charta, t ia
.the jlury- . t.. peers of ai mii should
possess Ith(e right. to j 'lilae of 11111 ha w
.and the evidence I and that, when' they
wvrciett that charter froiti the tyranI
nOus King, they iitvested i jury. with
Ibis pri vihge. 13t., this is 10o1 th i
quest ion. 'Iie.questionl is,hwhat is the
law noiv ? It lits been decidei atguin
n111dg n i lv 0111 Courts, that jnries 11re
not the jud g4?34 of the law. Jiiries are
jidges of t-h1. faet, a'1i 1i.oy 1unist -take
the la1w as it is ex pounild.-di by the j tlgi..
That is lii riule in Sot Carolina, w'hiclih
11as prvvnistd for many years..
Now g.-nltILtisoi Of this Case
is in a very irrow compasi. Vais
there any necs.iiiy for this yoiing man
to kill di:u ttL l'gro? If there was L, i1
cessity, did th ey. llive inty authLaority
simply as voliuteers, Io shioot ilun down
in th roal ? -I think it my dtiy to s:ay
1111. his cae can111ot possibly be inu1r
d-r ; andl-] hence, thl point yon are. to <ie
cide i", ;yheiiher Ihiese citiz'ns commiuit
itd anl excisable ho-nicide. If yo
choose to ren(r sich a verict, -ayo
have 1111! right. to do so. Bil, i Cyou do
not com' to that collchilsionll itIi1er 1l1
h:a wwhiebli has betn e pouided by the,
Cour, youl will bring it. a ivrdict n
cordinglrv. I say to you, however, iliI
COt -j hsion, I lint, Y 1. 'r .
tilt..s b egoi
Th,-' j'iry thenrrtin1, ad as *a:.I
(.l in a former is'sue, a ftee i colisilta- I
itip oft thr.. fithis of finl hour, eI'ered %
at vealiel or "no ' mw y '' nt
Afossrs. Stl ing dol3 Pope, then re
uired.amid IhIo conlgratiulationis of their
(riilds ian'i of the largo andienceo who 8
tilled the court room.-- Carolinian.
A Paris letter of 1S-F tembr- I8th
says: - ~ -
"In cosielnco. of smne ihiportant.
news received from Mexico On the 15t h
tie Eimperor of Francei, io had already .
dispatclied GeneraiDe Castleaini, his
aid de camp to Maximillianl selt 1111 ali
order by, telegraph to comp back to St.
Climd,;'whoro his instructinas --were to
be reyised and - iodilled. Mhrshall RI.t
ordoin, tIe niinister of - war, W' present 11
at this interview, whi-h I ssared
w as-oft lie inost inportant eharalcter- a
4ecoriniig to the v'orston : nerally aiC. e
iipun the critical conditiona of affairs in ?
Me. 10, lint also .upon; helrnssofI
tiroiat.titudo -r'cemily . ass'aud ,1)y the .
cabouat of WVashingtorn,'ths intiniion of a
tii .Tr'entch' Goverinment is to L. bring e.
albo'tt a s.p(eedy settlementil of the Afoxi- *s
can quies.t 0on, soas t'o got rid as sQofot asl
p )oe oIf theo ptipatnaul subjet. of-aolic- a
ttilo and annoynce. To thils effectIhe
flect of transports collected~ qfj'irest ai. o
Chgrbourgh 'is to be hlaglIy.dtergased a
so-as to -be capable of'carryin'g.tlho wvhol' ~
nf' Franco cotutingeni.t, and to evacuato a
Mexico 1al1 at: once. -All that will re
main of' hb. French. rmy -will thiou be0
asmalh garrisonini eh of the hiarboi-a
.whior~ i hiiatn1'hotse dfities, cticod
0(d to stadiihe ly~ Maxirnii, Mille .t *
colleeoted~ -
"Sij re, Ia;Wasireil : the mleas.. I
tires jllnt ad~fed . i oagine . cotucdiflr*
referent1oQ'O, iuo, I. emV iaay how- t
ever, that th o"Paria larttueiS Wot 4iito
of 196t o'piaid) Cand, aser~s oilthe con-.-s
trary; that Gouieral . Castleman'sa mission
has trot for its object the putting dlown
iinnicte'ily anl ond 'to the itervecnt'on
oFraico in Mexico,"
orTTON Tix.-TheO 'NeA 'ork t
Chiami~e OFof- Copftinoro, on'iThursday j
(1ppoinlO t 'a .eofdu~tieo to. prepahro a
momcnoi-sl.lto' (hpgts'ss1drilling upon 1
tlat-b'ody to've al:thabshyd and .rtie
inoui fa~ itipcT bdttoff. Now that the: r
neoio l e'oninIin'it.is ound that
thecn roemrnitsottlie'tax is surround- i
fgl h dinicultlos. It gives thio 'as
sos*N uorl1 fdr u'blto, 'omb a rraass
th4 ladelat'sil rad ' uts theoJ
gr f buottn h tio' ~' of the"i
ladn-t'd fora a premium tiforeign t
ootton-grdoers. T'he tax, at he~tart
was foolish; and upiteful, and was.
tneOlOyjntorided .t8 injdreithf.South. 1
We htave the fnest ott9ii-patb.:in the I
world, and if we are wisejroomaf i'e
gain the -vitnal -ionopoly of this i
grehbbusinesaf ' but to do so' othugt e
onoou1rage, andI not hinder, -the produe d
tion of that valuable fibe.
A Frightful Orime.
BY NEORU ln AIIS-I1s [lOits:
SoU0. or-E PIxxT:-:n Tnani-:1. &Ol.
One th e Imlost brtal tlki amfairs which wo
mve had occasion to record sincO .the
tunrdir't of Lienitel Ittne il* Newberr. y,
icettred oni tile outskirts ol 'ohlimbia,
im Saturday night, il, 1te oresidencoe of
dtr. John Davis, onec of our moost re.
111(1 0'I eliLiZer1S
Tho labors of a wreek brought to a
Iose, ni thought of dauger 3is heart,
mil over t tankful of the km tid Proi
lenco \vbiebt alter the dkistruct.ivn of
himlbia, ha ie i ven an hami
de shtehr, It was aboitt to sok repose.
Ahe little ones wvere already sl -nmnhoring,
sAd the wife in it adjoining r* Ioom, Was
n the act of coiple-tiig the hotshold
ities whic'h alticipate a peacefid Si-%
lay. Suddenly 1.he door ol her room
va's diathed open by four black villains
vho dischargkd a gut as- I Ilw(y> entered,
Ilm rushd ti t Io thle mljoinlinlg ip tn111i1ent,
vhere MC. Davis w.as lying - upon the
>(Ill. As It spranik up, Otto knock-1
lilt down with a chibl. The blows wer0
-eppvt-ted tfil the poor 1111n laty weheor.
nig inl hiq blood and( inlsensibl- uponl th1e
1.>or. a n'gro hohli-tg him- wihh hti.s face
lown. The wifle sutpposiing that heor
mashand had been killed. an.1 that, her
iwt fate was seale' irnplorel for nurey
0olher childiren. "Glod daiu yout, bush-d
,Our' mlonth Or wo will kill you anld the
'hiile tool ," was theit( fiendish reply.
'hio wretches then sacked 1,ho0hous1e, an1d
Mle every thing ot vi. inmelding
;lotht ing. it gi, watch and sI veu phle.
)tle Co'lly took oil' Is shioes and put, ont
he bootk of Mr. Davis antd antothro
iotned a clea stin;t a hall at hour or
nore l ty passevd etre the)' Saw fit to
akle their deparl-itur
Then-l follow -l a1 lon1g and f7.-ai-fail nlight
Q th1 wife. Sh'e had heard vi)ieus Ot..
ie ; she knew not, bit I li lln ,.g'criIesI
i) tlai ''ce w rt o it ph . in i ho
rimel ; she wasI afraidl to call for help ;
he nearest, white neiritghbrs were som0
ice away ; har hub w s stilAl on
he 11i )r1. blo Ai t an l ile , sho
canew nott at. what. ni m th li. .Nt
night reia n id iNish t work bImgn I ;
no.srdetna ys ihtSeven lthe.b
:,oring uponi her thrmigh th-: ido
'elcoe laghtme; te Shace o "ven
nred t nao a colord servan.t andfa
it h ttingt , t' her iw arItl oeltire
reol0rvg, Davi' ienhds arrivi,1
he ield mlan was1 t roved , ed tnh
ere informeiy d. and Captain Green with
p11s1 of oficers and citiznst consisin
Nhmlesrs. Coope-r, A heo, TheodJorxi 1,,(
tlatar . . . M:r
haot, Mr. alip, Dr. Templeton, 1t
hysicianan. Dw Mr. Gvuit -ttOvittn
A1 and toumir ttihborord ; but
lie itarch was hissucceisful.
Theg 'oes oil ithe pace were 1,1exam
'edi it strit('t o "Ay, lldough tite
un shot waibeard thre-fouribi of at
iod a sla they itnIw othing of th
YerSterdav, wa cleor w it ass ob
Aied. On SbidJay Foster a fJreedmno,
formperly tihe pripurty of Mr. ihoms
avis, and nlow in hi3- euplov) Was
ild by a n igro-"Somea fello\s. down
e10 got, some nice thmngi to sell--some
ice Spoons" Fostl r went to the place
tid ther recognized silver spn ns miark.
aveItIo hisrcftrmir moattr. Yestirday
gesrom whom illiono madeMo t h prca
tC negr1 o-lie itenti it c in o any
opo ttarros thomcs hefollod funtil'
totil ha santiy ntereart tof in
Iieettand lthn huroriedawa to inform
'Nr. Davis Onh reuing wit s alis.
rillins wer eod onditipois- haow
ioand aknioenodbthy
ppea N o now thing pofB~ the mat'Stter,(
ndt implyne idetfy oewftoundrel pss
l a ot buito, cl~ shave oobi.',
it ightu colredpnts and 2hi0 shirt.
Endotherd i a aeo ote ngrost Ith
lukebreechosranf fifty bril ntcke.it
Thesarcht wagcntud actively aohou
etray. bye hisoor e Mayo tho
ndice and som. citizee andit istoone
oped, ht 'onte rascltos n ot, faf
ho willr be n speedilyuh o jsire,~
rtsill. anding Ac ig oa w.
tiling danetos o hngtion.-Caol
oin 9tinhoil ppa -nou tr
ultua-Neatm.'Aotlmnyprsn udra ndr
hate the linescitn Nofpoundand . pass
atioon a omstbisd eryf
OItAMg03 in Wostarn N{orh CaroIIim
A eorrel4))01d4it vwrites to. the U-.i
cigh ,4ounel f rom~*~ni n .ila:ioii
Jo unty, N. C3., Soptember 23, it~ fCot
is 114)iil.l' *udgi l~ RIipp III4l eo'a't
ill (ihorokee. last. Ick ., Bit, low do
cisl5s1 Ot, 1 Ii 1o'thalCoo Were itoid~c . 'l'o
coilrt 11 a'1 it-; dcube -aia oni 4 ye ivi'
or' s01110 14)404. inldivhtl1 I'li jul Tlli
jiessoce, by tOle mnico ot' Mlorrow, we!l
arme d. '.fhcy mlada atac o'il l .
Illi by tile n111 411ioi Taiam fiiii iil a
act of b0aviy Iig 1), the 1,11
llim 111l11( taukiuig Offect ill the 110'A It,
IiSix l1.80. Ta'i'tll.ii who~i4, it- it see lilA'
Iwlt 11#0 f11.i( 0,1, ml * :
kill ing iiL~italtly 011a of' th'. M r.',
iti id .ro d o oi . r11 ')i ,.i o "I
short d istmaieo, but niot iii tli6 rio. ot*
wh~oro h is hrotlaa-1w' ly-1 i 'leoa t, :nl:
de lP bra te liiv cei ~ )f 'il e 1, diI
Ii Vil4 54$ ~eeod ~l M-wt~k. A ki'or
kCill lug 13iooii, 1w fli-oi al .1t IIIIl thle
11,111100 of G..oo, ci, (fiitod 1, 1.l l
a111( iuloffll sivo mlil tnot ei~tIill tlic
yf'r , i'aiIiet llu oi lr t IV' SM*01*0
II'1t1(ls, fromi Whiichi hi :; r004)v4ry k'I
dtd d01(otlbtfiil, anid 'Ml~m4I thoia
ollttnl(*te, hy ivua f'romi Teleiti('$e ". avt -
il- ti 1111r flip aduvivo or (1 o' . i ~iWO
101%', W110 jaublilild thlIIjilii)I Clhlt, iL
W11tS rlight to kill thlit rch.' wli never
foand~, a111( that 11 o Wuldl bwidloh thli
1101ive a htdo w ~ o i'l-1iii tou
lIm (10lor8(h
A mtil by thlt 11:1111 ot Ciino1, ro:-i'i
ing' ill the- 0 ovl pa114.r ft. (of'I~.-i
(Comuity, mmsshot diu i a eodl l'lo'e1,
a. sho4rt~ tCilft Sinie, by a blilid ,' 111.1
iludeis tl'4i10 .I'milui)M~f', hiim:IivaI:; I Iu'
1111d1 jd'0t'1e1.'4 tbt .h i-'lt('I to
tralde 'with him) h~,r ' loiai('lii,
loite~red :ii,.. 1)1di tii' pre
tailded -It t Jill cjii to o
tle C'M 'till (':411., 1( Ot'0~li
.word1, (%(i l*4 1tlieo Ahot lii iii tc bia1:l1
talcinig (fl't 110.'i his lie lrt 044' 1:
ilstailt &eidlt. JI..'l lean 's a wi~
11. numberiilt1l01 of' 5)11411 chilc "'31 to
thoubl'l t.:o le thei (1:40,1 1141: In: 41
l'1.e, :t.Ri B toc le doIiiow~ , u14t 41:0v
s30110 t61116,4 pelictraite4 into the hV
por)it imi of' Chlerokeeo un .:1 v, tv~:
tile4 hiouse 0of a4 Mrs. (J14ten, ;Ii1fe.1 ap'111
1101' t-Wo Salls, Woiuid 1li!. 0,10 ol t,1e0i11
scr~uuhy. 'J'ay4tov., ii ade tl t beii cs
caIpe1 to C ho sa ill? rea1 '1411
WVill thlelc 11110 '0$ol--otr1 pci 04'
1 cioil -ln the0 I .4Vh ~1:4 ill tilie
(lays of' yoi'c,be surrenderl ced lad U'1iiul
Over' to thee ivil iiiitlloity f'or tial a'.xd
flS i (:i ri ti i rt;og%,.,i
1d. "Tl11 'd'1(R o~ I') hf' 01 11 rI2(1dA
The ('ity of Norfolik is a New steamer
and was buIilt at \\'IhI:-tm Dol. It
is prloplosed, als .mon a.- Ih- linev gets
to wor.king, to pl.Ie' (in th' c4mom an..
1,ther steamlier, o44) that pmllr ca
leave Norlt.1k both in the morning and
evenieg. Ihe great Lelnetit, to tihe
traI veling imblic a1t0Vm-ded by i6.1 line
ofl itocamker.; v:uun-tA be overst ated.
TweIl tirl Iointn lmI will be Nsavedi
in trvligto NOW Yor-k frlom No
follk, and' afl t tell dollars wvill be sa
ve'd in tr-avelingepnIe: 'The rates,
of faire ethli- lhed iv the Old Boy
Laine of* 1-t emerS, 6-om11 'NOrfolk ('o
.tlimore l, Imret been :ased sine
the vitdi-ava'o* ilhe( I. -y Line, and
this will tniil lt d ih et o a lrg portioll
ftlie tr:1v l t'rm i ti, ol :nd well
k-1n ro".te.
IxoN.4:.AS.: 0,- IN (Isriis ~ s . -The
llimnr Wl+. ..1 \\' edn S'says :
1-0 11 :1l :ru il i, t. wove , l Scveng
Ill 4e t iIV , or wi' Crai r Mil
c ths, ainin .II. i . T' I - /)qnI. Iae
iv I vys Cit inanv of e mot tklllful
wohHnare (-ng:lgo-d in the hisn.;
oil -ll'lV o-W l aeeo4illi, a ltd 1in':1 Y lito ut4
1111 lr pav b4 f Ilm e I'o . I loriolll antI
.Ince:i/ii. Jll. ill il--l lt I 1 0 (nt 'li iV' 'ifrnc . l
Tho it i 4'tl t vll of I Omy v : io of halik
noIi w aid it Coll I h. ey ai1' . .veI tunl
in his- work, ai' j11,i1ies a vei-y la rg, I
o l y .1v filr Ih- I g in,! uptil of th bleIm st Inm -
1-hi y Tli e liaI o .eS 1ity IY I II whieb it
pl-liv cant bw ahelied froill one bm 11 Q k to
another is such as i).1 r tir11 m11lt
wat thfless tl guar llllg 1 i in ViC
timoized. -IThere il in dih employ 1f the
nir onthe ilent a .irged corp ofl th mllost
exer , dtctirVS, wh:oie soe bui)
i4 tof) . .411 tin- ou e vioh 4tor:s of lie
I 1ws ; mal abhou~gh Khey are very sue
css.,ial il l r 11.f.1 ns to arre'st mad punl
ish, ihe b111iAAs - t.)o 1 to he I
CIaSe, for therwe is o' t %v w,t ,- I passes
thi. tilw. annoirmevimi-ni. is m of an ti h
Vir uItw t'll 1111Itil, -il') l1ftr of til ern
1n , 1. national 11,1 1i issu is. i -
Mvinirmn.-We learn that onl Thum..
BY nigh Ilnn, in the mOndibrt of,
Halurhy inPia~inDistriet, a1 y-oung
11(01 -ms'!111 i JoiTcph W illialt, o this
Di--trie, wa killed by at feedian.
It semthat tIhe y nann11 I icodi
palmy with ote-,viited the homso of,
the1 fr~eedma C"af.. Calbumi, f'o. the
ingltg to e c s ad wInchvet YulS
the oof CaIto. Explai ni
the ohje!t of, their m pO tart
the - a se:rnmee, when~ the.ndoor
wA pe U' .0- th Iver dma firel
iym t1he1 pary.the 1 m btl ahing Cl
i l e bIl e I st of (d 1 illia i, tvh di-d inl
a :'m hours hmupraon The mar !ar
er m(Ov/dhis cream .) u 1ihe e'arn.ion
( ~111, ~ hi,; il 4 11 1 ofOwp
whicb en (-Ii , a. !iS I (1; lt i 4 I -a p
plrlonded 1 p) t is oitin . n -
011S hefloin 1411iilli~p~e
1.X'm.st T:- IVOr. N1 A aE IwN
Darn--A oarul accident, took:
plac at 011try, St. 14 1 .-y, a littil o
.bver0 shireOwn, on .oony St.
Tot longio the ton was visitedO by
Sdestrutlive fir," hl ivn -nd11 cr out
Ie people by whol streek, making i
haenied ruiin of One riualtrl of (he
ruital, rliet 1 plac. A fellail preac
e, eomnected -with St t 11Pymonh
Cretilhr' took helstand inell utreet
amoniihg the ruins Oil Si~iuday last, ln
Aiddressed a Congregation o the wrath
got (Eodrm anpassage i th Apojc
oy psoicho dWcies rahe'wie alu
."ialr gousn hiderts nfrvnr thf faco
of hime thats siteis fon the nthrone,"f
the motino castrold felrp upo to
rmaing aboen more, ntd litteuring
to 'loietent forcee or bi spvent.e
otero. Ws le se tov aIin moiro so..
ninn'xhoatieoryfoer ia .somondor
tiL~heds aodt'hinks himselath?"
smiod'e 1'preenaivy of Francever
0ur0 th bfllowOing reakh o'a
graph: .
The only paper.in the Sout .l which
WO halve yi-t. sen fFavoring t.he adoption
(). ) h . ons~tiutiolit] amlelnment is thle
.-tvanla lieqeican. 1 L is due ti ur
people to saiy that I lit paper is condit -
--I by Northern moin in at mlild waly, an1d
tiat thcse raical topics tare lianidled Is
gingerly as pos-i)ly. Tie editor thintiks
that iothiig mort' thanl the adoption of
the Constiiitional amendment wil be
reqiuired, anld argues that it is "Ia. smai1ll
bodkin of reami ready at hand" with
which ti.e more bhitati radical wind
bagA may bo pietired. Tle Now
York IIorhl briefly shows up tie
aietdmtent as follows
The white citizens ofr New York, II.
litnois, and othier Northern States nuir
vot for an d repwsent tho alici popula.
tioll. InI Tenniessee, one third the witto
citizwt vote for and represets the other
ltwo-1thii rds. In Maryland and Misouri,
oti 1tlf votes for and represent the oth
er half. At the North, todor the
almendme'nt, popnlatioti, not suil'rage, re.
mains the test of reprscntaltion ;
while at. the South,- striking ot from a
third to it half of tli Southern popula
tioni, the snfl'ago is mado the test.
This imlaimonts swinidle was driyen
through tle Senato in its midnight cau
eises. 'Repuiblicanl Soniitors; protest
ilg against its ontrageous itfairtiess;
put voting for it nder the party whip,
becauso it, was not intended or expected
that, the vould agree to the amnendmtent
It. was so fratned in order that its pas
sago might be impossible. Yot now
the repiublican party, wholly given over
to its radical leaders, has tho efirontery
t6 call it "tip Cotgressional plan of re
untion," and lie pseudo-Consurvatives,
who are snieaking back to its ranks have
the measurlesi baseness to cnll it "impar.
tii aid fair."
Probably the conceptions of the Sa.
vannah editor onl this sub!ect are in a
haze.-Crolinian 9.1h .
This inscot iIIh just astonished m1 'by
its vast strength of body. Evory Otto
whio has taken the ciommon bootle in
his liand knows that its 'inim, if not
remarkable for agility, are very pow
orinI; but I at not prepared for so
Samsonian a fot as that I 'have just
witnessed. When the insect was
brought tolme, haviig no box imme
diatf ely at hand, I was at loss whore to
oteo of mni'eitAhlaor'ti ing~afPrt
placed tio bootle for the presout un.
der that, the hollbw at the bottom al
lowinli him iroom to stand upright.
Preseintly, to my surprise, the bottle
begani to imiove slowly, and glide along
le siooth table, propelled by the
mtuenhir power of the imprisoned in
sect, anlod conitiued for soe time to
prramtbula to Cli sirface, to ti aston
isluint. of all who .witnbssed it.' The
weigh't of the bottle and its conteits
old hot have Lon loss than throo
poiuids ani1d a half, whilo that of the
bet ho wits about half an oune ; so
01h1it it really mllovod a weight of one
li drel anil twolve tiies its Own.
A bettcr totion titln flguiros can con.
Voy will be obtained of thiis fact by
sIppoS, ing a lad of 15 to be Imprisoned
midor the groat.holl of St. Paul's,
whichi weighs twelvo thousand pounds,
iailito remiovo It. to inld fro uipoi a
smooth pavonient by pushing ithip;-.
AND MAnKINo 01" COTTON.--The Com=
mnissio'hoer of.Jntournal Revonue, with
the approval, of the Secretary of the
TIreasnry, hias just issued additional
r'eguilationsR concerning the woighing
and mnarlting of' oton,.in which he
states that, sine.the publication of
forinor'ggulationsi on that :subjoet, it
has htocn d eterined to proviilo a ;tno
tall4tg, tobe used by tho' assonsor,
or undler his over'sighit, ti6 the timne the
cotton in first wtighied' in place' of the
"tax-paid" tag heretofore used ; and,
also, to appoint 'weighers of cotton in
certain localitIes.' Ponsetjuontly, the
aiforesaid regulations have been ,,badi
11bd ila sovera-l important pairtloul~arsn
to which the attetIon df assessors a
collectors is dire'eted,' The a)]oonp.
monts of weighors' f cotton will' be
mnado utnder tho 'authority oonferred
by sectin eight of thd6, Ac6 of Jfuly'
13, 1860, upoj 4the Secretary of the
Tr'ioasury,' whlo will appoint, on the
receommnendationi of the assessors of the
renpective districts, suitable persobs,
to weigh and mnarkc cotton at thos4
designaated plaeos'for weighing, [email protected]
the quantity of cotton anda amount Y
labor may be so great that the .assist..
assessors located at such places oannet
readily aod promptly perform the worlk
required.-Ntaional Rpulican.
Montgomery (Ala.) Mfail records the
death of an old, eccontric charaer In
(ioosa County,- named Hlowohl Rose.
By boarding his meoans'for mahy yoars
ho had been enabled to accumuitlate a
prpryof .nearly $300,000, all of
wkhhpasseas-by his death tosthe use of
his wife . for i fo. The MAail 'say~st
"After the surrender, a body of Yan..
kees w4nt to the old man's hougo in
soai'eh of gold, and-'threatened to hang
him unless he produced it. The old
mian coolly told tlaom, to bang, -and4
that .they would flad hiis a pr'etty tougli
01(1 neck. Theyhtng him up three
times but nrndiaaef no annfannindj/
S-AT!r.:.-Teio London Review has the
follow'ig I
"T'h *llx of gold to the United
States 11:13 contin1utted on ia somevhat
itger scale th:t: hiul been 1).)'c,, for,
althItouu~gh, il farct, aiiuntiing to 'IQ ' n-at -
stnif. After Hi enoritii.as recei fro lt
that, )iou ttt v, a 1110111 It or t wo b:-k, iI
not too titlh to rettirn oim. X'.24)0000
or ?300,000 in t wo ar- thar. ecuniec'itive
weeks. ..The most st isfietory - festtire
in the movement. is the coafidenco it h1t
it shows in the pe'rIianlence of peace in
America, anld t hat as far ats itvestors are
concernod, the renewal of to civil war
is considerel in ile hIigihest degree re.
moto. As we iave already had occasion
to observe, this bel-f is not ouly felt by
Englislimeri ani Gerinans, but hfIs lat.
terly been shared by lrenehimen. The
five-tweni.y bonl.41 Which these ship.
ienis are mado to pay for, are as eager
ly if not more eviterly bought in Paris
as il inLoldon an- Frankfort. Not very
many years ago, .scarcely any foreigrt
securities were quoted on Iho French'
Biourse, and it is signifcant . to notico
how great on alteration has.taken place
in this respect. Except on our own
stock exchange, it may be donbted
whethier, iir any other capital of Europe
-not even in Frankfurt or Amster
dom--foreig i investments are now so
largely held as in Paris. Formerly, na
tive capialists would take nothirg but
the rente-;- now, they are ready to in
vest ir Ital'ian, Spanish, Mexican (un
fortunately and many athor similar scooi.
rities. Except, however, in raro instan.
ces United States bonds havebnen in
little favor, nd. huceo the significance
of the present demand."
GErN. SICKLOs.-His Honor recently
hold court at Yorkville in the place of
Judge Dawkins who isill. In his ad
dress to the grand jury, which we find
in the Enquirer, he remarked that:
"It was -his privilege to stato to thont
that an orddr had been rooontly is.'
sued by the Commfland~antof the Statd,
restoring to the - jurisdiction f the
State, all matters coming uier tho
the cognizance of her courts, with one
or two exceptions. The Vagrant Act
and the penalty of whipping for cer
tain ol'enoes, were not periItted to be
enforced under this order. While
he congratulated the jury upon this',
near approach of the P ohtoik as. -
ie must express the .'hinil oa'il
felt thatwo were under tieontrotof
a power which could still.saddrese -' -
odicts to the State l)ermissfvoly a ra-- -
1ardod the enactment of laws , for ito.
proper welfare. In relation to' the
not against vagrancy, the militry ai
thorities required that if upoi i nalot.
ment, the defendant offered proof that
he h,ad made reasonable effort to ob.
taini omployment and failed, tha'ho
should not be. subjected to theo pn41.,
ties of colviction. This, in offeot -
nullified a wholosome law. It would
he easy On ugh for 'a bad' ian to
prove thatio had mado.applicatio'for
enploynoiot.- It, was a wiell knowi
fact that persone of a notoriously bad
character could not woll'rooiir. 0m111
ploymen't, whero others coidd,.'and it
was against such pergnps that the -act
was ,4ainly intonded to'opi'anto. -Un
dertlose teying Oircunintau'#e . of. our
condition, lie counseled . ptitioico,
'There w,:sa~hlghar degree of' o'uage
in subnuiittig 4to what we,* confd niot
avert than In -growing restive under
.In relation to tlia.freedmon~ thrown
upon tile protectiori of' the laws of -the
Stato, lie urged .the. Grand, Jury to so
that strict. and lmpartialjutico.b'o ae
oorded th'om. In some, communities,
ho gogrettyl to say--and lie hoped -not
in this one-nmany aot4.of lawioernos
had l~eon committed .against thieso
peoople that called forp promnpt and deo
efsive punishrpenta is expbrience
had boen-. that this class of' persons
(thg 1reedinen) had exhibited adispo
sition fin regard to the laws, that bad
entitled thiem to, their' fullest protec
tion, andr he was unwilling to aeo a
*spirik of proscription mnan ifestod tot'
wat'ds them,
how To DO P Sntn BIfosafd.'-We'
have of'ten hoard hadios .exprpils a de-'
itire to know by what' process the O'Gn
gloss.observale on new. If lin ashirt
bosoms,.& , is producedp i order'
Starch': Take two os, wht -.un
ft'abio powder, pttf It .~ # f,
Alt'd'pour *i it a Pint or, bYe ofa'b .
stfngt yo deireddthen haVlng
coverett It, lot ft set all niight r adho
morning peut caeulyf~mt iregs
into geoleen b ,4oa~I m 46p jit
for use. 4 ta t o ~Iw we.
in the us)(a4 bo
white 'or printed la~i~1o~d ~w
the~m after .wrs o1* .4
i1' fe,glo good for id melt und
boblno .
jitr ~I o 6 or three add tial yogI
tio ~ ited 5Utte r~glara. 'at
ofasi.hipcroei apparent
alrn u'hnk ~ i i, bey, affect
plaes rsa'sp et o horeass b
ling of Congress.

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