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Tho Eluoation Needed No.,w.
Thep f all-> wr:I aid anab articlo we
fin'l in ant ex,:hang, credited to at New
Orb-:it pp..r. \Ye me c a mrq i it to hIIe
C fri d1 cosidei :tion of' our reaIera :
T114. peoplei of .r Stato are in a likl
predicn iaanwnt ri with the maonl who 8Is the
h-1i' s d..14 , 0 yed 11r0o11w Over lI;s h.III ad.
Wev e' to rbudd'a hovme for ourselves
ai famiie . Tht old lome wias a
migha y emfortable onae.,its low; hipped
roa, Ir kr'- wry 'moroi atai xletnive pi
hai.iered parl-icos, galve I: It (itrajun, anaid
yet com)fortabteI,. appearainice, as well Is
The comifonts wi. uxuirbvs of the past
are iencefotth oily the .weaihn of ;the
tuaginration. Memtory maly ltiger with
fond rt**rospective glairee-, ail revel inl
iden lit.is io) lingi-r to be realized. 1 't
the stern realoa ies of Iisw presenit ardse
usI tt ;Iviinal ile- :aml hi I Its lay asil't all
roild fm.61les." a.111d ea 1 j w thg 11
ItiCaa"aa I( i#of lohv hour.
t bIi etilirely altered
Coahe at tal.
.11 I Ih r
- n labor, ' it l.
! w l e 0 i 4 . 1 . W , i ia '
rlv.-. e hol0d of ilt plow, the
1ail ad the lm. \Ve mu-11:t. eilajvate
oM, lo111191gi'Cleitinuel', aiUa final, in
vigrouks vextrei,61 no0t, only weah.h but11
a - 'htofote tiknowi healtha) I appi
U,1 wileij we, who are now arrived
rat. le ib ge of mnhttrood, may do mu1 ich
- wo may rebuild our long enterva
'm:41'iris upon tihe mutscle-developiiig
--while we can do imich to repaiir
otr hot i ri hopes, atnd regaill our lost
.'Ieetnah an ad inflliince, it. is to I.he risIg
g r'in harr11 tiw Smln looks for tirait,
lsIi'li evelop (titof wiar resourggt'r, rrd
Iiat coim) plot r.and fill regeneraitin thalt.
shall 1, ad to her economical succe'ss, and
her tultimrate, relativt end complete in
Tlits nmst li. thst great indtstriT low
epr oit the zdouth. This is thev grealt'prac
tical h-ver by which we shalI overtirn
all ob-a :ios iii ouar path to national
.greataess. Ipasmi the mu1tisele aitl lind
of tla voutith of uitr i1td we in Ni ..|
for help li t 111 here twlawt oif I Ma
ty mlaW u ! s :A u r.sil.Ih' las b -
he ac'om iad by . . Ira it,
accolnphsh; sucIe
'Phw IIusel.s a b
uportaindt ur a '
mi ;st, be crlivis ' a -
atia," tri al 0:,l ; a 0:1i
be edfu!:5iai*d '
weloa '
. a 1 l.: a'
ofa nast .n I 'shp au-i de ;i .
jul'f7 'ae \oI ;nwhe are gt rtcl
- lyandss' ii . a wrnee ato b'a igt
tens, thso g'rat lesisans of' life-- tha school
of .expevrne. .This is tlIe only surccetss
ful teachner tiho world' haes ever f'otud.
Ina it tintst bo tauight, the msasses-tatu
funadamnatl bastis of a nlatiotn's hope,
power antd .weiah. We hatve hiad
enough of thet old systema. Wo mutst
anaow ~try the, touis, naew, thoutghi it is thne
onie radlopted bya te world ariotund us.
Our children tmulst be tiaghst noct only to
"aread"it hook, btut to read thte great
-book of nhatutre: to "wi~rite," tnot, only
e'legan tt epist les, splienadid titionas, and sall
Stho laackadelisical ~nonsenase of pe.ri-ertedi
literatuire, bitt to wr'ite~ threir inaes higha
otn t hae scrLl'~a of sucvess; noct. only to
wrpei, buit ti' do'ig~a ; ntsi only in "ci-l
Ih. rishrough ti't p's' af trithetic's,
andl the ab.-f 'roe worik~ ofentathem its.it,5
bti tot ephser 'tir ~L wa : su:nh la,
over' aull obascha-, ts r intIepa'.endence tand
su cci'ss
et lihe ith ofl thrI Soth, thetnt.),1b
-s moncea pat' N -a'hroul itmdetr tis gr'eat,
usan a i od mat i-atchiri.- At tihe -plow
lh auae, o athea forige', ant ithe bench. in all
thi. varios d.-patrtaaets of practial bat
aitess Iife1'; la't thlaemt le'arnr ini ch'ilhood
sud yonarth lhos" icessonts that ii be of
' priceles~s vahwte to themrt thrro'ugh ire.
Let. uts htave mrore -nsle, nad less of
mtird-at ~least, sitmple, theore.tia idea
ality. Leot thre inad anid body ho (d0
veloped ist hanramonay. .Lat the boy orn
girl Ilearna in tihe liing, ibreauthing,' reni
. pract icai w~o~ald; Ithose lesns of' lifei r hat
will dlispel all rthe f'also ntotions witha
w -- nrovelists and rsunch mrstnrctors of
apoi~on Ihow mind, corrurpt theo mor
.al1. sai I compltLely wreck all just haopol
a tha.r patrentts atnd. coutntry. Edgeato
-h sa It nil ef ur htalaio mr thre reahltie of
pratt ldife, atnd youet will htave a people
euoce'sfsl. haappjy sad frep'.
The Ooloroa Educatinal Convention,
Quite a numbiler of delegate's fom
dif'erent prti.<n.a of ite State are ina at
tendknxce hero iyona tio Thlucationmal
convention of tho colured' paeoplle We
. epart t.haat, tho huianess has so far beeon
condutad wit' order and proprie'ty5
anie H Harris, of tis city, preceda
an w aeglad to beabl t say'r hat
webleoit is hais prpose, as wiell as
thdt of"hlo'ae wiho tet withs him, to peir
(Nlae a coau'seas wip, maet the tipproha
* ioP' of the citizes'isI the Stato
* ~O~a -.esterdsay, sae i'eral genith-iam were
invited to *aalain the s'ittinrg of' tas
1 afterioo, w:ls warmly and yihtely
rI'c e vived. ui1 callod upoll, n1:1,x i i
r rlire.. Iv th Ikinduess of lthe
G Ienr \\" suoh h briel siddres.s;
delhv redl on i. tCim eil said in
I ha1VI cono Ii-r ufon your invita.
ion, to giv.' y.>, by my prowiese, wla-t
C011nit4,-1ance amd vieo'lrageI-nent I couild;
mI niiderstood tlt, a I vour procetd.
iig. ve.re conducte, in a hecoming I I
ord irly mainmer I was not, ntiiled
itiluy remarks (were exp-eted from
nn, till your president just inlfor-d ie.
'Tin' few words I shall say aro unpreme.
In the first place, let. me assure you,
that I am disposi.ed to do overy tiling I
cOn, as a cioimIl and as Governor. to
protect. you in all your rights, and to on
cou rage yoii to be indusirious, to edu.
cit-e your children and to make your
selves respectable and happy ; and while
yoi umay expect, my protectioni, Whil
you do right, I shall he eqii:lly ready
14) havi those pimislied who do vou
rei ;i very poor. Your lirst..paru
bI, I,., hv industiry mind econoly. to
1o-l upphe of, met. anld bread.
i :1: Y.,u ca!m spare Lo editente
VIVO t o: I'll ;I k :l I ojuo beri t it, is co -) .
I'lllivwyd trow uip heto woi n them.
A. l-r a . ii kn..w, :ll- ge-r-al feeling of
v mir lh ti nsters is kiil ioward, you.
Th-* whi'i Its -I e.l that, they owe YOU a
dbi '., grat-it ude for qie' and ordierly
Comiiet diiring the war, and you shoudd
Ienieav. -r 44) o4) i) ict I to- keep II this
:iml .y fiinii g be-tween iele two races.
lAt ilt ml vise you. not to mleddl in
gevermnenal aitirs. You know how
few of your race alre now Ca.pabI- of un.
de.-stiading mn1a tters of this4 eurt, ii
yoit See the st rifes iind troubles in vilich
party politics havie involved tho whites
Avoid poltacs. Practico industry, vh
tLu, and culhivatim the kind feeling which
now exists between races, and you will
tbus acuniro competence anid Clevato
your coniion.
This hort address was receiveI with
apluise, and with evident, tokens of
pl-asuri e iad grattification. Wl'e shall
give otr readurs, hereasfter, anl uptiomne
at least, of imo0re ilipornit action of the
body. -- Cirolina (N. C.) Times.
W IN.S BRI , S. (., OtT. 17, 1866.
II. A O \ ,. rro
pris~es, 'f such a .nat u tre, if' carriod out
as will odd groatly to the wealth and
p)ower of' the eeutntry. Among thaese
important indications, the -manufae.
Lure of' cotton goodls, for which the
South is most peculiarly suitedl, ap.
poars to be rccoiing more than ordi.
nary attention. Perhaps there is no
single branch of indutstry that this sc
tiont could more road ily tako hold of
with a certainty of success than thec
production of the various 'kinds of
fabrics which are made of the cotton
wool, which is so abundantly raised
throughout these States. In England
this pursuit has reached gigantio -pro.
por~t ions,-and the cotton mill~has been
he meians of building up some of tihe
largest f'ortuneis in that counie? Th*
saimo process is now addling hea vily tc
the growth of Now England,and in botli
oases the advantages bestowed by na
ture are not to be compared to those
which have been bountifully given tc
the Cotton, States. .' Columbia, the
ICapital of this Stato, a town beautiful
ly located by naturo, although at pres
ont presenltinlg onlf an evidence of th<
barbarous ravages of war, might, i
few years, by a judicious use of caps.
tial on the water power of the Blroac
and Saluda Rivors, immediately adja
cent, be made a beautiful city of 50,.
.000 or 100,000 inhabitants. Our va.
rious exchanges contain notices al
titmes of' the progress of this branch o
induistry, and in the region. of whiel
M~ontgomiery, Alabama, is the centre
wve see the following establishment
noticedl: At Prattville, fourteen mile
from Montgomery, a factory gives oc
cupation to three hundred and fifty ln
borors. One mile above Prattvillo I
the site of a now factory, the~ machine
ry for which has- just boon receive,
frtom lverpool. At Autaugaville
tweuty~fve miles froin Montgomery,
factory is being erected. Thaero ar
also two other establishments In Au
taughrl, and the whole give omploymnen
to t wclve h undred maon, wnmen anm
comupany of capitalists
a exatinining the Falls of the Caosa
above Wotumpka, with a viow of
orecting arr extensive f.ctory. At
I'alhaseu a flourithing manufactur.
lug comprny is incieaing its imach ine..
ry, and it is said th.3 Oiis part of
Alabama ah,o !:;o w . o,.r s-uf.I
cient to run teni tiu the ointdes
now at work in 31 nbo i.
In connection wi, lh tihe i..v'e. we
would call attention to the splendid
site in the neighborlhood of Rocky
Mount which was pronounced in the
earl- set. mient of this District to be
amo.1g the very best for a manufac
tory. The Enigineer who first survey.
cd the locality, now lies burried in
that part of the District. His name,
we think, was SEN F.
Gubernatorial Appointments.
We learn says the Carolinian, - that
Mcesrs. William Gregg, of Aiken, W.
R. Robertson of WNinnsboro, and Ar
cihibald i'uuca'ron, of Charleston, ha vo
be!en appointed by lls Excellency,
Commissioners to locate the Peniten
tiary and to preparc pblaits and spici
fications for the samec,to be submitted
.to the Legislature at it' next session.
These getleicin Vill 'meet in Colum
bia on thie 15th inst.
LHon. D. Wyatt'Aiken has been a, -
pointed to negotiate the purchase of
corn, ordered at the lastsession for the
relief of the destitute.
Wo believe Gov. Orr could not havo
made a better selection for the impor
tant purpose of locating a Penitentiary
than the above. We do not know
Messrs. Gregg or Cameron except by
reputatioi as excellent practical men,
but we do know that 'Mr, P-ortson,
Judge of our District Court, is a gen
ticman Qf the most excellent practical
judgment, a quality so much needed
in the duty assigned the fConmnission
ers to locato a Penitentiary.
We do not know any better appoint
mont than Col. D. Wyatt Alken, in
the important umatter of buying 300,
000 bushels of corn in the West for
the benellit A'' th nteedy of the State.
Th- Constitutional Amndtomnt,
''is amime1,U' o the '.titmionl
are) coceb '' i Cpd e~a'.,a w our it.
* Seeralpromnenti thel
South we ar'tld are about' o advo
eateits atifcatin.1I w i Prouir
weit chra to .5 bj~ing2: us4 to the
pos'iion1 that wocn the least, Lt
Judge Aldic'sChrg.
TscaregOiei to4 the Jury ~ ite cast
othe tte ol Sarin and top advo
be gound dea or counserdayo. oft
poitio nthabatow ai the repet oe
tr forstele diny an imariacayo
shpo h o.Judge Aldrich'sOhr.
hris pehuararl toee urom the ese
fen Staen vs. Starlider tand Poe metl
withun itrngor oeatmnt, to say. t
east nof- abt the rars respt oprne
ioay the iy andriimpatadt was
on~e'oftdhe femeer of th e rlia COure
tion pwhity aed lateyearwoa partisn
thof etherem radg'e ASouihrn
chentm. peuial reve from Northere.
Jeiudg whaedn e cosidelr tationme
could strangeiratymaintsa the.n
or n it of the Judiciaryo th Cof his
tbe Tey rmadiai Southern
suehtiset the eievf ao Norhaer
Judge plished by. R. smila sutio.,
of heolumb aS oTher&unern.
a weekly Agricultural, Hlorticultural,
Mechanical and Family Newspaper,
cnduce by a corps of able writers
adpraetical farmers. Terms, $3.00
por annum, or $1.50 for six months.
The &outher'ner presents a beautiful
form andl is well-Ailled with useful and
agreeable matter..
.Remember Gia Dead'.
1 In some of our grave yards we db
o serve some recenti improvements in
the way of renewing the mnarlel slabs
t and head-stones thtap~ markthe resting
I places of- tihe dead'. We nudertmn
Nho certainly is waster of his art.
Would it notebo well for the conm
rnunity gendrally to got Mr. McKen.
lie to go over the inonumionts, &o., of
Ihe. deceased frieiids and relatives and
renew thom all. -It would not only be
ionoring the dod, but extending aid
'o a worthy citizon.
Radical Triumph.
Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania
iavo gone the Republican ticket,
without doubt, by large majorities.
'his result places us of the South ab
lutely in the power of the faction of
l'had. Stevens. Coung:ess is sustain
ld triumpliantly, and there can be
ittle dputbt, that tho President will be
nipeached and the whole South taken
inder the tendor mercios (7) of her
nost bitter-oacinies.
The facts below wlhich need no argu.
nont we clip from the Carolinian.
Jur readers will observe that in the
>aragraph headed "real .estate," it is
xpressly stated that "all of the above
ands was thin." With that statoment,
t is easy to infer that there was no
rreat sacrifice "on the auction bdr"*1r 11
But observe the second paragraph on
'sales by the Cminissionor." Ex
,ept two'tracts in the list of lands it
vill be discovered that the lots averaged
tbout thirteen ($13) dollars per. acre
i currency, That does not seei to
>e so great a sacrifice "on the auct-ion
'The following paragraph, which we
md in the last issue of the Carolina
S'partan, speaks in trumpet tones. The
;ruth now comes- home. Property is
,poimg sacrificed on the auction block.
MIore than that. Tie widows of our
)rave soldiers, who sloop in natholess
iraves on Southern battlofields, have
been thrust from home, and their
lousehold goods-their all, been
rnocked down for p paltry stim, while
:he poor womnoi, weeping with their
ihildren, hayo stood among the syi
,hizing crowd, implored in vain for
relief from the law which made them
The Cainden Journal conies to us
with tho :imim .in(j stor). It says tluit
:he property .doldl saloday wont it
iow privex, aid argues that it the small
ul1unhth ofl'reOd c(oul1d iot find pur
h rAMj ,s at. il'u! its eashi vr: lu, wh'lat.
wntuhl, k, th1t" nhm Itf theV
l )a IsT D T .-TlM '( I .:ng)0
Y \do inl". :vnsby iwzt, will
111d iu1 at.Whinsboro, the
it Bllackstooks, lately occupied by -Mr.
Ienry C. Nichols, deceased.
% 1 ALSO
it same time.
2 Mules,
1 Cow and Calf,
18Spring Waiggon and jiarness
ii. E. N[IOLS8, Executor,
Ternm. caa. - Columbia, 8. C.
oeL 12-xIto
District Court of Fairfild.
1INNSDoRO, s.'c., Oct 12, 1860.
DRDEtDRED, that the Clerk of the District
iCourt do give notie that this Court is
mow organised, and ready to sit in Chambers
it the Court House, for the tra'nsaotion of
mueh business, Within it~s -jurisdietion, as
inky be brought before'it.
Also ordered, that a special Term of the
Doust be held Id the Court. House on the
rars Monday In November next for the par.
pose of arranging the Jury lists, and draw
lng Jurors for thie irst, quarterly Session of
the Court, whiolttis to be held on the second
Nionday after the fourth Monday in January
next,- and that notice be given that, the Re.
Lurn Day for the irstL quarterly Bession
Falls on Friday the 1st daywof February
iext, By order of the Court.
. . 1B. CLOWNEY,
Clerk of the District Court.
oct 18-jaxlawow
Oommissioner's Sale.
rhos. Yarborough'and Wife, Billi for
vs. ~ .Partition of
A. J. Hamilton, et. at. -j Land.
B y virtue of deoreetal order made'iha this
case,!I will sell at, public auction at,
the Court House in WYiaeboro, on the l'at
Monday in Novemiber next, the tract of
land mentioned In itf' pleadings in this
case belonging to the estate of Win. J;
Hlami~lton, deceased. Vontaining,
2.190 .&.OcPG,
nore or lees, lying In Fairfield District, on
Jackson's Creek. and boundtd by lands of
Thomas Stit., Margaret Nelsoni and others.
.The Terms of Sale.
Cash, suillict to pay the Costs of suit
and expenses of sale, and for the balanco a
credit, of one, t wo and three years to be
given. in three annual inst.allmnents,-with in
terest froin day of sale. T'he purchaser to
give hond with approved security and a
nmorigage of the premises to secure the pur.
chase nnaey.
ce: ( I. . ?. F. P.
vs. Decree for sale
John R. Harrison, of Lands, &c.
Eli Harrison.
IN pursuanco of the Decree of the Court of
Equity made in this caso, I will offer
for sale at public auction, at Winnsboro,
South yarolina, on Monday, tie 3d day of
December next, (being the first Monday in
that month) several TiOUSAND ACit'd o
thle finest COTTON and URAIN LANDS In
the State, belonging to the estate of John
flarris'on, Sr., deceased.
These latids are composed of the follow
ing several t,.acis or plantations,' vi
1. The tract kno,--4 as the "RivOr Placo,"
containing about 3.333 acres, inore or les,
lying inmediately on tle banks of tii ii a
tereo River. This pla.tatiou contains
about 1200 acres in original forest; and
several hundred acres of rich river bottoms
now in a high Mtate of cultivation ; and has
upon it all necessary buildings, &o. It is
decidedly one of the best cotton and grain
plantations in the Southern country.
2. The tract known as the "Dutchnian's
Creek Place," containing 2,482 acres, more
or less. This tract is also i No. 1, cotton
and grain plantation, with a largo creek
running through it, ind ls upon it all no
conamary buildingis for laborers. stock, &a
3. 'T'he tract known as the "JBryatit
Place," coniaining 545 acres moro or less.
Oa this place is u very comforiable dwelling
house, with a number of out-houses, &a.
. 4. The tract, known as the "Sandhill or
Ilomo.Place," containirg 308 acres, mnore or
less. Most of this place is in original
woods, and is a high and healthy place, and
is the homestead of tle late John farrison,
6. he (ract known as the "Concord
Church Llace," containing 1613 acres, more
or less. Nearly the whole of this tract is
covered with a thick growth of (te very
largest and finest long leaf pines, particu.
larly suited to Railroad purposes, shingles,
or anything which Is mado from pine [ti
ber ; and it lies wihiln two miles of the
Ridgeway Depot on lie Charlotte and
South Carolina Railroad, ,with a good,
level wagon road leading thereto..
6. The tract known as the "Salt Pond
Racetrack," containing 100 acres.
Tie terms of Sale are as follows: The
purchaser of the "River Place" will be re
quired to. pay the sum of rix hundred dol.
lars, and one-sixth ofthe amount for which
it sells, and1l 4h proportionate share of the
costs and expeiLses of the suit and sale IN
CASH :. and for he ialinee it oredit will be
given until tie 1st of .nuuary 1868, with
interest thereon from tho - Ist. of January
1837, ai which t inte possession will he given..
secu~rel by Ionlt willi Al ltast Iwo approved
snrelies. ni.d a moinginge of th prenmises.
For all tle s:he tract.,, one. sixit )f' the
amoun it at wiv ih t11y are bid Mt, to-'her
with Is .m as ui'.,y he. scessary I nii
tIe "tiver lnc'" in dtraying the cost S and
e- pu''e? i 'iiit alid mtahs' wi1 he reqtnh-d
to b5 i l mi pis t i da) os .Ih-; a I tor
the( iaIhtm I- I e..t I 1 il i t l. ot .i( .
Ur i lR. , ,i...re. t'io %Vr I of .h mar
al.i i whi Iv . itl WilovP
.J. i~ nnusy Cognac Branudy,
Old Norton Brandy,
"Tnolo Bob Lee" Rye Whistey,
Old Doulri Whibskey,
Monongahola Whiskey,
Old Holland Gin,
Old Il'el Sherry,
Duff'Gordan Golden Sherry,
Old Madeira Iine,
Newton, Gordon & Co., Madeira Wine,
P. M. Morton's Old Port Wine,
"Pure Juice" Port. Wine.
These Wines Whiskies and Brandies are
and will be sold only for Medicinal pur poses,
unless bought by the case.
oct 11-tf LADD BROS & CO.
1363 BOLTS (1i lb.) Dundee Bagging,'
80 Cols Rope i inch Hemp;.
25 Coils Rope,' j "Jute,"
60 bbls N. Y. and Baltimore Flour,
16 '" Sugar 14 a 18 'cents,
10 4bble "Extra' New, No. 1 Mackrel,
2604 lbs Best Rio Coff'ee,
6 Bags, 120 lbs each, Old Java,
600 bushels Corn,
Terms Cash ; or Cotton at th'e market price.
Apply to JAB. 1U. AIKEN.'.
O N New York, or Baltimore, in sums to
suIt purchasers..
Advances made on Cotton shipped to New
Yorik, Baltimore or Charlestone. (and Taxes
paid if required0.)'
.)0,000 lbs. Bacon Bides,
4,000 lbs. Shoulders,
6,000 bushelse cf"Corn, per month, com
mencing on 1st November next, (In quanti
ties-not,less than 100 b~pshels.)
-ocot; 0-40x8
VERY housekeeper k'nows how tedious it
Ji is to take down and put, up a bedstead
with the eld-feshioned bed screws upon it.
All th'at annoyance can be removed br e
moving the sOrews and substituting the pa.
tent PASTNING8, allof which'.ean he donle
at-the Oabinet: Ohmop of'
N. B. The-abofe remedy 'Is not' only a
proof against the tfral of patience othouse
keeps, but alao~against dens for bed-bugs,
oct 1s-.10
BY Virtno of an Execution to me direoted,
t will offer for sale at FairfIeld- Court
Houeti on the first Moaday and tho'day follow.
ing in November next, within the legal hours
of sale. to the highest bidder, for Cash, fite
following Real Property Purchasors to
pay for-Titles. The lands to be sold in the
order followi g.uUtil *0 satisfaction of the
Fi. Fa. stated'.
One tract of 1850 acres, norb'or less, of
land in Fairfield District adjoining land's of
Colethan Boulware, Juo. &h Peay, Thos.
Jones, and others levied upon as the .pro
perty of John E. Robertson, at the suit of
Thos. McKinstry, Eir , vs. John Harrison,
.Sr , John Buchanan, and John E Robert
One tract of 3 acres more or loss, of land
in Fairfield Distrimt adjoining lands-of John
Parcell, and (Gardntt, Fairflei and Vander
lorst streets, of the Towia of - Winnisboro,
levied on as the property of John Biuchan
in, (now deceased) at the suit above stated.
One tract 6f 1 acro more or less, of land
In Fairfield District adjoining laids of John
iklelaqnan, deceased, and Oardan and Col.
tcg streets, of the Town of Winnsboro,
levied upon as the property of John Iluohan
an, (uyw deceased,) at the suit abovestated.
One tract of 560 acres more or less, of
land in Fairfield District adjoining lands of
T. -0. Robertson, J. N. Shodd, John Bu
clianan, deceased, and others, levied upon
as the property. ofJohn Buolianan, (now de
ceased ) at the suit above stated.
One ract of 800 acres inore or legs, of
land in Fairfield District adjourning lands of
Mr. T. B. Madden, John Wylie, John Cath
cart. tiohard Cathcart and otlhers, levied
upon as the properly of John Buchanan,
(now deceased,) at the suit aboye stated.
One tract of 125 acres more or less of land
in Fairfield District adjoinirg itinds or
ticlhard Cathacart, R. E. Ellisoni, Sr., and
C. W. Faucett, levied upoa as tle property
of John luchannn, (now deceased,) at the
suit above stated.
-One tract of 181 acres more or less, of
land in Fairtield District. adjoining lands of
John1 lluclanan, deceased, .J. N. Siedd and'
nithaer4, levied upon a.4 the property. of -Jolhn
Buclanan, (now deceased,) at the suit above
stated. .
One tract of 221 aores tnore or lerss, of.
land in Falirfelld Distriot adjoining lands of
10chiard.Cri.tcart, Gen. Jolhn Bration, W.
8 tabb and others levied upon as the pro.
porty of Jotan, Buclanan, (now deocased,)
at the suit above stated.
One tract of 47 acres more or less, of
in Fairtield District adjoining lands of Dr.
Elias lorlbeck. Dr. John Braatton, Richard
Catlhcart, Charles Catlcart, Dr. W. E. Ai
ken, C. W. Faicelt and Fairfield street of'
ttoi'own of' Winnsboro, levisia upoti as tle
pro >erty of Joln luchanan, (now dtkeasco)
at t le snit above stated.
One tract of 2 acres more or less, of land
1li6.< in Fairfield Istrict. adjoi .iAg lands of
.1-lln lainotaanana deeotased, Jolin Purcell, and
V:sal 1'irborst ail (,0ll0g streots of t he town
of Winl:1-iao'ro leviem uion as tite pronerly ::f
Johl Inluit.-lm (now decased,).at the, suit
abov ated.
On.' teetof nee< ayeorlssof1 nfeflin
'ah-ieldt i tticit &:djiiing . .ots or liichltn-d
c. i' Joh't, Jo ( Mh . lat -r, WtemeisV l and
(Sbean-.1 zionl .1e~ rteT~uA
Ott In 't, h b d i tt It 'a ' he, proerty of'
l n w e at the -mi
'o:iht. in Nuvetah---r u , wviatin the legal
houars of sat,. to t he hiighi'st .hiddler, for
t'asha, the f'ollwig Real Property Per
chasers to pay for Titles.:
Ondtraet; of -8050 acres 'more or less of
land in F'airfield District a'djoining lan'ds of
John HarrIson Sr., dieneasod, N. A. Peay,
drased. John E. Robertson, John Robert'
son Dixon And othere, and the Wateree
River, ievind nnon. an fhe. properly of Jas
E. D'aby (now tieceased) at. the' siit, of T. 8.
Duflose and R. B. Boyleston, IHars. Vs Jolti
Harrison Sr., James Hlarrison, Jam. E. Doby,
and John E. Robertson
.a - : F.D.
.Sherift's Office, 10th October 1800.
W ILL b'e offered for Rent at .fthe. Cotr
House in. Winnsboro, on the 1st
Monday In November, -the Plantatlonas be
longing to the Estate of Theo -8.'Duliose,
deceased. O)ne known as
Situated-en the Waterqe Creek, about ten
miles. abovo Winnsboro, and containing
2500 acres more or less, -On this place is a
dwllng herrse and all necessary plantation
Situated about three nhilos ab9ve Winnas
boro,-'and con.aning about 000 sores. On
this place Is. a dwollingliouse and all neoeu
sary buildings, .ecept a gin loie '.
SIt{uated aliont four iniles ahore Winns
boro,.and contjaining about 600 aecs, and
all- necessary plantation buildings.
-These' plades are oliered thus early be.'
catuse from the failure of the .feedicrop a
small grain orop may be an important eon
sideration to the planter of -noill year. Al-.
though possession cannot be given unitil the
?e, of Jannary, 1867, the pri ilege . of sew.
ing grain will be allowedbypsrihodr
of the placesyprnthldr
JNO. BRATTON, Executer.
s"- Charlepton Newe eopy'opos a week
tantil day. - oct 4-1m
T H E PAVILLIO1 HG'O'EL, so long at'ud
..ably conducted by.thae late If. L. But-.
terneold, will still be ke ptopn for the ac
commodation of the Tr relhn Pulilio.
And its former frietids and patrons Will
end, the eistal accommodations and alten
tions bestowed on therat as formnerly, and
the public favore already so well establish.
ed as tiae liotel of the Trravelling Mierchant.
of the Southt, will by earnest' efforts yo0
faithfulily preserved.
Oct 18-tI x1
JJSmoking Tobaco
not29-f No Hote .tfV
Wilnnsiboro Prices Current.
Corrected Tri- W'ekly by Cathecart M lathews.
WINNsBono, Odtober 16, 1866.
A piles, Bush-rl, $1 75
Bagging, Gunny, $] yatd. [email protected]
,o Dundee 11 "- 36
iale R6po, Manilla,- %t 1lb, 28
- " New York or Western, y lb, 26
Blaeon, Hams, TI' lb,
"'6 Sides, %t lb, 25
-6 Shoulderq $1 1b, . 2.
tiutter, Country, V, lb, 25
Votton, Yarns 't) bunoh, $2 60
" Ordinary lb,
" Middling,
C'andles. Partine, lb, 50
" Sperm, lb, 61)
I' Adioamntine, lb,',
l'offee, Rio, lb,'
"' Lagudyrn, lb, 4
" Java, lb,
C'hee~se, English Dairy, lb,
" losimho, lb, 2 5,
I Iides, Dry, Ib, . ,
I ard, lb,
A1OIIaIses, Muscovado, gall..r,
", Nw Orleans, - $1 25
Nails, Ilb,
Inions, bushol, $1 00
1il, Kerosine, gallon, 1 20'
" Tanncr%, -1' 1 70
0orn, White, bushel, 1 60 -
. " Yellow, 1 51)
salt, Liverpool, sack, 4 60
Uards, Cotton, doz, 10 00
" Wool 4- 9 0u
Sugar, Crushed, lb, 23
Powdered, lb, 2:1
Brown, ib, 1.1, 1.4
"~ ExtraC, ,is
rea, EkIra Ounpowder, lb, , $2 00
" Hyson, lb,- I A0( )2 00
" Black, lb, 1 25( 1 51)
'obacco, Chewing, lb, 38, I 5o
ipeolc, Gold, . 45
" Silver, .33
our, Country Extra owt, 9r.9 1
! Ohio, Extro, bhl. 15 Oil
kxes. W.-J. Teneyck & Co., doz, 24 00
'6 Collins, Warranted doz. 24 00
\Veats, Pork, lb, 10
" Beef. Ib, 810
"9 Mutton, Ih, -
'oltry, Turkeys, pair, 1 6002 60
" Ducks, pair, 75
" Chickens, pair, 60
"9 Geese, pair, 1 26
gga5 [email protected],2 5 -
College. of ChArleston, S. C
11E Faculty of the Collrge of
ihrleston would respect
uily inform parents and guav.
hans of young gentlemen diesi
"" of oblaing a Collegiate Edu
abion', 11- Cis In1stitution hans been re-.
>poned fuder VOL. rableA ausjpices' ann
,t a Ereatly reduced ra o. U51 tl
erms of which are only Forty Dl11 4.
Annum,.payable quarterly. Sttudents. fr im
.he interior can oblitin board at repsonable
rntes, in reispectable private fihallies resid
ng in the cily.
A WMD.\%)-lON.
mnn Cla m i. i..b h ble to itran IaltOc ioto I F .,
Iih e whaoll of C.saf ' s1Com.men) I a ,
Virg. icero's.it ehl itOnn ~ital a -
1tad biio'e know ot' hite LaIt Ora,.n.
In Gre theys will bh- apmted to a par.
:profoough1.N LL.ag Dt' \reidahL
a~dthhe iiaewr, Poliens til onony he
iRbE V. JAMI nti. a *iu.o with ead linca
Profod'frtb of LHl..m Gre Ln
guage n h L.\nraiem and ofIodent
ad Gr atee f Aitiia ntin
N.W8 1 0.- 11udent wi. b., itd oepr
tal ourso uof secialny appltyon.'
POIfN CE'IO, LL. , Peiet
rtand oMthem '.EIitcal Enoy
'~ A.rr POrofIEEo'.., hrsiniyn
Phiosrohy.ls:ly Aen andoia
Professor of Geogyatanmotoreek Lan
'olguae ad Litrature, nhel ofsoman
Professo rotrofy hys ac ndy
LumbN., LuRnber,,LAber.
Pranddformer platronemath hss. sm
-ay PrSo Co, 12-Iles outh Ancinadboro,
F. n. Omediael on th C.&S,. .E,
Professorg ofin Gelogy, saontobergy athed
yadZoolg' anIs tro theirorderum. \
LE 0I R PlE. OM--.
set 4-tx~m'2w-,,
LTumber, LumbeLr Lumbr
(' OL' E-subrtrbog oinfrm Pistl forends
andryfbalanc anrone thablhe asd dessm..
Pate S.poo'nis ndFsoho. nsoo
an gmdatlyg 18 th es. & .CR .
A fewvine senots of ewnryr. nth
yrg, oi.s hi ore se S2
iLTS nvibrted too Painetodayu the
bokvf ory balanc hat thabnet der
Pla..Teypon ayndeeorkns.tin
moraonal arhs.Soec ibok
.r Pain god Ras ew Kar s
. pe Ly asortmen o CdrenE a.
rongs &3-I'fp 1-m
ralya invies tso ovier 2o0d0 lb.
book, Coffersd ofolr a atles Caer Wro
en They'a ay Brownd of ponra grades.
nCats Amondbleo brns Soeofte oks
Sar asPoder a o. .alszs as .P
.Oct 1-t JAE 0 INR
Starh, Pwder Nho,l siel Cane.D

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