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SA I L A 11), D NP081ORTES & U0.
T.:rmA. -T 'll: I llA 1.) i pL.lishIel Vuk.
ly inl Ilie Town ot winnusbr, at 93.00 in-.
-iarca!,/y :n '((Il'aOner.
I"A transiei alverikemenl to be
pairl Ill nd linneo.
Obitton y Notices aud Tributes $1.00 Per
The Impoachmoit.
Thv! New York 11'll has tOho fol.
~in ii! nnirble article onl Bvitler's
thre~ened npeacmentof, the-,rei
Thi~igenusfallaeyv resis u1pon anl
a innplio wihi ith little eru'Itiny will
i ie r mlr impaclment. siands inl
Lth! S:Mnn! rl-Ii.m .i thle tribunaivl ap.
I. mintd in.try him that -an-. ordlinary
(r1im1na doei to ain ordinary court. Be
1ans.a ir it j iStice never tries a
criminal iilt'As it, hm.a cistody of his per
, i iinfrrel that lie samo I-ilo
hol: ii the It rial of -tnl impeached oflicer
by the IInate. Tito alidlogy fails in
0 > -neuiIIe (if i tota diferenice inl the
I biiy of the pirsons iccussed. The
* on iitultiml declares that "judgmienii t inl
(it'. (I i'j)Puiopeino ilt shall not extend
-' n I' it Iit r 'mov)'.l from olle'" and
d i qua lifieat.ion t o hold any fitt tir' oflie(.
i i : not llecSiaIv for- the Sna to to
Ihave le cistody of tle aceused in or
detr to iifliet. thisptmi hnwlsInti . Unt, an
onlviIry crimial, o1 tri-il f)r th Irft,
num111(ler anld other cimie, is lialo b lie
piished by infliciions on his person,
IL t olid be an idle folly to go through
hw lorm of passing a sotence of death
o1r i-iprision t if t.hi eidprit was h).
yod ile rea of the oflicert of tie' i w.
A pernl imponehol of a Crime othr.
wie nnsabeva by depositionl from
oiei, is -also liaib- to .the-ordinary pen
ail is of I1 Ia'me ernne y O' judg.
Invi; cIb, 'llv wdints I e~i~.frr
mni fh ordimisiry tribiInal.t 'l'
impencinnent having no otrert ailm t1han
o imphllIl vaoelfe Il office, canl accom.
plf' it pupon' jstas well withouit,
hl w f.is p r. as wit'hl. lie
'eun':ned to appaor ons the em
I i t the in a civil
utit IS ,:IIIIIov-d to u.1ppear. .f he stays
:iNII.', Ih olly 'w* i 1S bl. opportnltilty.
(.f d-141c1. A n oflicer sniiniiioed Io
noWene mtl anewe'lr to ain impe'nchment
Ihailmse three aberaivs, witl per.
fect freedoit of s1e1i11o]n 4 ame~: le
mayt V -1)taeiar im pers-i ; ho may appear
oIly by counsel ; or he tmay Ceineo to
apear at. 11l. In le caSi of Jiistico
S-nnlll-l Cha):se,oof the lillited Staitesl Sit
preml-e int.-impeaChted in 1805, the(
, ofter 1'niing as a high. court.
f itn' pincimeim, ad'pted- the following
one Of it ruils of proceeding
"10. The' person imopeacliu 1 shall
I hen he en'lelI to a ppe: sand .answer tht
;rki loes of ipahetaxiie
ngabiwt. hims). If he appsars'S or any -per
Ssn for hi, Ithe oppeIarai:On shall be re
Cor' 'd, si aing 1tiarcuilarly if by I.imsulf
or if by agIet or at toriey ; ning 11.1
the per m ap-paing, al tho capacity
in b-.h hIIle app' ars. If he doews 11o1.
pp f 1n'-, eith er isonall v or by aget. or
a I-lriy te same shll be recorded."
It, i.4 ciTir, feomlt this weighty and all
Ihortiive pric-ident, ihat'Gen. 1ie.lr is
wholly IWrn" in hIis law. 1nssted of'
Iie Pridens tIeiot being takon into enstody
1n.1 ipiiisonevd, it. deponds ol his voinnt
ariy clh ice wI htr hse will appear. abe
fore th couri055. at all. -If' lie appears, lhe
isi just as free to a ppear by attorney as
Itle Gonsti InIliont, descri bes at, lenigth tho.
format.iilies obsseived int trials for i mpeach-.
mentiiI WeT, cite lte follow'ng ,psassage
5iSs,'corroho..-aing Ihe ini riies.o we havye
dratws fromi the rule of the court in
J1udge' Chse's case :'"If he"' [ter per
SOnl im~penehetLd] '"dor' not a ppear, ini
person.t -0or bv attorn'-y, his defeult is
re(cordled, aind the Seniato may proceed
eo prteI to Ithe Irial of t ho impoachme-nt
TI lhe dlos inot appa ~(in personi 'or by
sat born'ey, Ihis appelJar'tned is recorded."
Tl.here have baesn, inl, or cases of
ini peach msen. since th beginniing -of ouir
Go)vernimenit-li namely, thast, oif' \'VIV.
Blonnfi. 1799 ; Johnu Pickering; 1803;
Saueil (hase, 1805. ; and( Jtimes IH.
- P-ck, 18$3 I.. Thel laInw govorinig such
I rias, us at a~e by J mslgn St (ry, isi fouitd
ed on thei prec-cet s Ion ih~hed by thies':
fiimr eares The nrgumtsoi of Gehneral
B utlb-s. in s'ippoirt. of t ho -prosliton of
\Venud-llUbilipsu, that 1.ho0 Pre~esiet,
ns ~.lt'ftnetssaily he. suispenideid fromi ofli.
ce dursing the Iiia, falls to the groundJ in
I im( fntc of thsis unifcirm usage. -But.
i-ven if tim ex plodod astsumrp.iont of Bit
b-r were colrrect, the Itaking of' thie Pre(si:
deni I Int.o e nporar cu)fl5.3 tstody woiuld not
opet ast. ia flsusnifon.ii fromt omco. If
heso hiosuld he disabled for si x wveeks b~y
Iyhu 1151 ever, we supp1.oo niobody is aib
sorud. (nonghi to say thaI, hse wousld coas6
o be0 Pyr-a'denit 'during hsis illness, And
Ithat. tie P't.identi of the Setnate Mould
he insdtledinlto thso onetivety chair.
lThe versnen wonid, in thbet case, be
admisti eredC't~ 'Hy thio -hdaids of' depart
men(ti S and papes0 requlirmlg tho Prest
.densts namo1) wotuld remain unisigheQd utntii
his recivery.
Thlat flis 'flmeocould not he filled by
nuot~lher person during his transien4 dis,
abhhity,. nmay be shown by a conolksive
anahlt. v. Siupposo() Chiof Jnstico ChaI(
-. shuonhi he imnpeaghled, would his olId<I
bea vacant diniig liis trial? If so;' th<
Pressdenf. could send to the Senate
- sombupiton to fil the vacatcy. Th
dea ofr his doing. so is utterly prepostor
m'is. The ofimice can only bc vacated af
ier a con victin, and in consi-quence of
:i sowi tonet'. To make tihe oflice vaca ut
is 1he only penaby which the Conistitu
tion allows against an officer impeaclied;
aid it is abstrd to sutippose that punish.
Igent cln Ante from the accusation in
siead of from the jIdgnent.
If we were to hazard a conjecture a-4
to the cotrse of th.- President, in caso
he should be impeached, it would be
that he woild object to the compoteney
of the court, and refuse to appear. Ir,
when the law gives a man the benefit of
I welve juryinen, - en iniqitniIs court
should attempt to try him before seven.
ho -would reise to plead The ConsI..
tIon gives an impeached oflcer the right
the be trimd by seventy-two Senators,
anid r'equires two thirds of the number
to cotivict. If the radicals attempt to
Lry the President by fifty two, he has a.
right to deiny ihe jurisdhiction of a court.
o iinpeacliunent. so composed.
Go'n. Hampton on tho Crisis.
We cotract froin the address of our
distinguished fellow citizen, recently de
livered before the "Soldiers' Associa
ciation" of Walhalla, the following para
graphs, which we commiend to tho care
ful perusal of our readers:
I have placed before you the record
of the south and that. of the North Let
the world decide which is entitled to
honor-which to shame. I have drawn
in dark colors,.1 but, alas, in too true
ones, tle condition of our country, and
I now ,ttrn to the' discussion of wha t
shoild lhe our policy. In the anomalons
condition in whien we are placed. it, is
a mnalter of great difliculty to mark out
the proper course for us to pursue, bml
I here are certain cardial princiPles of
which wo should never lose sight. The
first of-these is, that as we accepted ite
terms ol'ored to us by the North in good
faith, we aro bound by every dictate of
htonor to-abide by them fully and hon
esily. They aro none the less binding
on ts 1ecause tiht- dominant and unsern
pulous party at the North refuse to ac.
-Cord to us our just rights. Let is,'tt
least, prove, ourselves worthy of the
righis, we claiim let us set an exanle.
of good faith1, and we can then appeal,
with doblef)1 eflect, to the justice at:d
magarnimtly of the North.
T he~m virtues, I would fain hope, are
not totally extinct among that, people,
anl there are brave men there, who art
battling for juislh;e for constitutional
liberty, for the equality of all the States,
and fur the rights- of the'South. The
only hope, not ajona for the South, but
for freed'on itself, on this continent, lies
in the' scess of this party. We are
thefr ta a'rpl allies, and I would sacrifice
mich where honor an'd principle are
not, itivaded, and then I woitlil not, yield
onejot or titie-to strengthen their
hands in the great contest which is soot
tIo decide' the ftt.e of conistititl ional lib
erty and repmuiblican instittions in the
United Stite. The Presideit of the
United States lis le -the' great influ.
ence which his Iligh position, his strong
int.elledt his ifrrr ipurposo and his indo
mitalbhe vIl ,.give to this -rmw' conserva
live part y,.aid to his support every
Southern man shoild rally cordially.
\ve may, perhaps, feal that he has
not gotle to the extent of his power, or
of our exnectations, JII carrying out his
policy to its legitimate ends, but %o can
not forgot that he has been the only
butlwark to s-a-d betwen our unhappy
coutntry andI certaiin irretri'eble and
everlastintg ruitu. :Uut for him the hi
rars wre endutred diing tfte 'xrnv ouild
have -been' far. stirpassedl by those of
peace.' And, thongh differing with hint
jn many points, I cheerfully ac~cord to
him the hiighest praise for the brave anid
patriotic stand he has taken inl de'fence
of the South, and of the Cowtstitutionr.
Tlwre is one other point on which there
should be no miisuindletantding as to our
position, no loop on whioni to hanig a
possible misconistruct ion ae to our vie ws ;
and th~at is the abolitioni of sl'rvery. I
htave already iniiated that the mode
by which tlie North secured the icqfnies
conceo of the South it the consumnmatioWt
of this purpose was a breach of faith on
ber part. -
*Of all the inconsistencies of which the
'North lhas been guilty-and their nanuj
is legioi--none is greator than that by
wvhich sheo forced the Southern . States,
while rigidly excl'ding them from the
Uinto ratify the constitutional
nlenhdinnt abolishing slavery. ,which
they conild do logailly. only as States of
that Union. But thie deed has beon
dlone,-and I, for one, db honestly declare!
diet I never wit to see it revoked. Nor|
do I believe that the people,. of the
South wottkd now remand the negro to
slavery, if they had tho power to do so
nniquestiotied. Under our paternal cAre,
from a piero handful, lie grow to be a
mighty host,. -He came to uis a heath
en, we made him a christiatr. Idle,
vicious, savage, if his history as a slave
be compared, heron(ter1 with thdit which
he wvill make for~ -hifinsolf as a freedman
and b~y the ofthat compantson we
are wdfhin ~ : fdged. A greiat re
rponsibli .~uAfrom our shoalders
by this emndi . ' i~ andi wue willingly
commit his' destny to .hi* oivna hahda,
hoping that he imay prove hMmself
worthy of the new'leisition in whichi he
has been 'placod. . As a slave, he was
faithfutl to: 'is;" as-a 8Iflefna, let t.:0
rest imt ast friend, Dealt with hun
kly, kindly, anidf any Wrord for it% he
wi >d jrocate your kindness, clingIfbg
tohl'' hi - e, Ii own .cotr,! nn
his former masters. If..yon wish to sec
him contented, industrious, useful, aid
him in his effort to elevato himself it
th! scule of civilization, and thus fit him
n1ot1 oly to eljoy the blessiigs of free
dom, but to appreciate its diuties.
The essential ' points, then, in thi
policy We should pursne, areit ap'nira
to tne, these: That we should lifil i
the obligations wo have entered into, to
the letter. keeping onr fnith so cleat
tat no shadow of dishonor can fall on
us ; that. we ?hoild sustain Mr. Johnsoii
cordially in his policy, giving our rup.
port to tiat party which rallies around
him ; that we shoild yield full obedience
to the laws of the landI. 'resorving tc
irselves, at the satie lile, the inah
enable right. of freedom of speech and of
opinion'; anl that., as to the great qules
tion which so inirterially atllect.ed our in
terests, the abolition of slavery, we
should declare it, set tied forever. Pur.
;ue this course steadily ; bear with pa
tignee and dignity those evils which aro
pressing heavily upon yobu. Commit,
yourselves to the guidance of God, and,
whatever may be your fate, you will be
able to face the futuro without self-re
Mla Op)ra tioS - Defeat of the
J4Jlyptian 'I-oops-Turkish Massa
CANKA, (Island of Candia,) Sept. 17.
I hasten, in a cursory way, to sketch
the present stato of matters in this coun
try. Last Sunday morning (28th Au
gust, o. -.) at daybreak, milit.ary opera
tions began at the same timdallover the
provinces. The 'principal engagement
took place at Vrysne, an elevated sitn.
ation near the village Vamos, in the
province of A pocormos, where the Egyp
tinn army under the direction of two
Pashas, were encamped. The Egyp
tins.-complotelv defeated, have beenl
con*pelled to capitulate, leaving on the
)attle field about 500 killed and wound.
o<l, two guns, twelve horses,. and all
tents ayl. fur ;tire. Among the HlO.
lenes tie loss e;;amparatively small
Olly fourteen killed fild forty-five
wounded. A mong the former the Cre.
tatns had to deploro the loss of one ->f
their clueftains, called.Dinet-rios Neran.
zos. The Egyptians have surreidered
on tie condition lint theylshould be al.
lbwed first to go down- tot.Kalyvac, a.
village near the shore of the A mhimlni
lie Gulf, (Suda;) and seconidly, that they
would send beasts of buideii next day to
remove their tents and furnituro. - In
addition, they have exchanged ten hos
tages on either side for the fulfilment oh
the terms agreed to. . Tnfortinately,
however, just. as the ]gy'ptians set off,
two letters arrived-oie from tim Prov.
ince of Heraciion, (Cndin,) aid the
other frqm the Province of Malevizion,
announcing Ohe direful sufferings and the
indescribable atrocities to which ibeir
fellow brethren, women and children of
rhe two villiges have been submit ted by
tle Imperial Turkish troops aid by the
indigenous Turks. This nppalling leWs
so much exasperated the Chrisiiin peo
ple that, in spite of the'reitorateAl remon
straces and exhoriations of their chief.
tninls, they puit to (leatl the ten hostages,
unmoindfiflsof their own hostngen in the
hanls of tke EgypTian, who, by the
way of retaliation, put to death two out
of tle six.
In the ptovince of' Selinenf the forti.
fPed twa of raddanos, inhiab)Ited by the
worst set of inldegenionis Turks, has been
strictly blockaded since the beginning
of the hostilities-i. c., since last Suniday
(29th Aiugust, o. s.)- by the Hi
Ini tile Pro'mee of Kissamos, t~ho for
tifled towna also- of 'Kastelion, is con
stattly hastsssed~ by f requent inroads on~
the part of the Helleiies. Three' Otto
man steamers are moored to the harbor,
and-ft~om time to time bombard the in
surgents, but with very trifling restlh,
owinig to theo dist ance and want of dere
terity anld gkill..
To-day the town of Malnxa, in tlie
I5rovince- of Kydonia, is constantly-at
tacked by the insurgents. Tihe combat
ants are within our sight. More thlan
thirty Turks hlave been brought into this
town wo'unded. Last night the gates
of Canen were throwvn opeI t nside,
Ibastily.coming Turks;' askigg for admis.
In one wvord, up~ to the present timeo
the fortune of the arms'has been-favora.
bh13 to the .Hellenes. Thley are fully
conivinced that they hlave on thieir-side
everything-protocols,..trea ties, nation
alihy andl euesafilV proivess. They
liope soon- to gain the sympathy of the
,public opinion of. thle civilized wvorisi,
and most especially of the Phiil-Hellenic
Biritish Press, and on.tlhat~account they
are full of hope for,. the attainmnit oi
their sacred aim-thleir "niationtal nnit.
with the kindred race,, the Hlellenes."
Cor, Lonidon ~Sar..
A TaRLNOUAPn YAnN.-A - good story I8
told of an ambitious young man from the
country, who,. ou a recent; .isit'to Boston,
was anxIous to- send a dlspstoh over the
Atlantlo Cabl.o-just fo the, sake of th
ho entered the offic and expressed hi. wIsh.
llaving written his message and handed it
in, he laid his "pile" on the coonster,4x-.
claltning, "How fa will thismnoney pay, th4
gerator replied,- "About an lqoh." . Thj
would-be sendeor 'departed a adder anU
'wider man.
TIqr6 aro 80,000, Shite, ,on .o
Tennessee who cannot vote un'der the
prasant 8tata laws.
The Great West
Wo-tlip .the tollowiig inJ er Ling
itens from the Chicago Repeubcav
The cit)' or Cairo is rapidiv pt fling
the grmat work of its "inteirnal iinjve.
ment." The ' itsy, as is well knoq ( is
built. tipon reclaimed land-a s I , of
bayou. lt thn confhtendeof tho Oh and
Mississippi, surrounded o) ill sides ind
rotecuted from ovorflow by an oxtq -V0
eveew hile the land insi(e is at RAst
thventy 'foot below the l-vel or its t r.
riers, thus preventing draitinge. ie
design is to build all the streets to de,
9omet.hing alter our Chiengophan. .!cm
Imercial A vekslk"w, ; piadpal bo iets
street, has already. buen completed and
the contractors w;ill hnow ait. oneo I"ein
on Tenth street ; also, two feet must be
added to the grade off the st.reet betwieen
Ohio leveo and Commercial A ymqme.
13ilding lots, especialy on the im10 'ved
streets, command high prices,' and a11lsny
buildings of a substritiial class arouing
Up, for which.the demand is proessi tg at
good rents This youngest, city of7julli
nois is making long stdridhs for the eMlond
place inl the Stato. Datmugs its *birthi
from the completi>n of the Illitnois '?en.
tral Railroad. it. has now a Imsy popula
tion of a', least 15,000. The o nmiier.
cial situation 'is decidedly in its f(vor.
Wtth a direct railroad to St. Loniiaid
another to Vicennes. and. with the cam
pletion of 1he Cairo and Fulton mrld
into Arkansai, Ciiro will conmmab,l a
large inland and river trade, for hich
no other cit.y offers better fiq es.
While St. I'miis iiand Cincinnat.i g . ro.
Zen ipl) two or thiree iiiomithis in t 4ear,
navigatior. soutiward from Ca is
always open.
A Ifeena (Montana) letter Sep.
tember 10 says: Mining opor gs,
stampedes, and oxcitmnents nra "ery
brisk. One stampede is going oni the
lieadwaters of thi Sahnon river, .9 ther
to Snake, and others to Wind r.
the latest and most. excited to
river, or rathem- La Barge riveDtt lat.
ter emptying i lito the f(orier," 1c'h
empties the'n imto th Colorado..' 'rop)
$50 to *100 to the pan ar)rp to
ho fonild there, anid unidottbm'ql g 'ro
winter sets in earnestly'son ), llng
will hmve be0n discovered. lbA, of
water would make mining il pih.,"
or slow at resent., owing to th
ed Ary ..4h an
even that is pr'evented by brinii v4a
tort ditches into the gnles to waush the
dirt. Oiie ditch of 10 miles in 'ength,
at an outlay of $160,000, is nealii.com.
pleted, which will bring water inteo Last.
Chance (1 llteni1) and .dry Oiluees.
Yoll may toignr ani idea of tle uiiss of
people liwrev from t6be fact t hit this town
is to dtv as crowded as two mntlis go,
although from 6000 to 8000 mon left.
for the differenti excitemen'ts, States, or
Pacific coast.. either curAing iAe country,
or pone home loaded with yellow . stwrff
or going to winter in a more congenial
climate to ret urn next spring. - Quartz
miing is going ahead finely, and before
six weeks about w'lve miles will be in
successful operation in this neighbor
lo.A. Produce is -getting -plenity and
lower. Ten thottsand Mexican cheep
came in last weok, and are selling at $3
per head by the drovee Larger herde
aro on the way. Large drovem.of Caili
fornia and -Mexicancat lo aro'on the way
here, the n earest estima te bein 40,000
IeAd, and by all appearances we won't
starve to death this winiter, having be'
aides about 45,000 sacks of' Salt Lake
flour stored in this townr asiie.
-BAItI..--The Emperor of Brazil,
who, as we have said on a fornier oc
casion, is a very olover and onlightened
gentleman, is expected in the -United
States bo'fore- a groeaL while, Bnoh of
joui-friends as have Brazil on the brain
shold osssstheir soils in patience
huntil his8 Majesty's adlvent, when they'
may, possibly obtain important infor
mation in regard to that onntry
ivfo 'oeid niot bp readily -'procured
through any othei sonrcoo; While
'every onie has the' utrdeniable right, to
oleot for himself in the matter, we are
Sapprohoeusive that emigration to Briazil,
like oemigr'at-on from this I 6ountry to
Mexico,-#ttli result, in A nnjority' of
cases, in disappoininie'nt and mne~ry.
The late reform domonstration at
Manuhestor, England,- was a "rmonster'
meoting" affair. .Mr. B'r ig$ .made ai
very able speech. I~e was soyerely
person'al to Lord Derby wit~ ~ rd to
his politieal career, :and ose 'that
if thro pogle of Oldi Enlauid wpro
'halw Ignoran1k 4Oiar 14i581. and
un11 to be intrusted wit10 the f'ran
obieo,. o - alleged by thy goy orning
-olass, they~ had beconte der I, fnimthe
effoots of an1 aristocratio..tulo iyhichi
controlled allihe powei~s of 'tifetatu
for.ontirips.; for the peeple .,of othe
same shook were moral, 94 atedy hypv
p and exptroising. .411rnohu380 in
Neow Englamd, undog' an r formi of
JAt. Dst.'vay,-.Wejsar Jlo4 jail iis
Chester ha.s kepn ag~Iled .of n~e vailued
cont te--th hai.4ng
lija *li bf lb .dt).'d F6 'renok
-leavse. ' Among *ea~ot. ab6Ve the
niurdere!. of M;s*ig qho' ,apposdd
o e tkew spth nu t
--Carltuuan 17th.
The Life of a State,
The Now York Journo/ f a 'mw.-re
under this caption, lins t l lto 'o:
forciblo reiark :
Will aly Silcerebliever in the pro
priety ot' the plosition assiiited b1
Coingress towa rds I h 0 Souit0hern Sta-IteC
undertake to geo himsel', Inot ,:, .
clear oxplnua tion of the p.resent p.i
tion of what is Called West Virginia il
the American IJion? low camec
New York to be equally matched ii
(lh0 -United States Senato by twe
Senators reprosenting a new Statc
withill tihe boiuidaries of Old V irginlial
If secession and rebellion depinived
rigini a of ler locNlity in tle Union
of her repreQXntation, or right. of rep.
resontation inl thle coiu cils of' (te 1u..
tionl, hiow 00111( l she give that. co1sent
wiliiebi,by the Constituti on, was Ieces
salry to the.creetion1 of ia niew State
within her boundaries ?
No better illustration could be need
od thni this, of' the inconsistency of
the radical politicians. Virginial was
regarded as a State for all th Pir ' -r
poses, but is regarded as 1n State
when they have another ptpose to
carry out. She cortainly is no uMore
out of the ITIlioll now thall sha s in
the timi1 of-war, wihen Southern armiit
ies hold her Nottliern f'vitier. 11
tho policy of' Congress is to he nade
tle law of the 11141, does it I)t. l',1llow
as a matter of corllse, t hat the St atl oI
West. Virgin ia vanished out of exist
Once I How canl terms ot read ill s.si4Im
to the UIJ ion, extra-const itutioiml, I
imposed On Virginia, withoult treatilng
her asa ititfit from the himr' of her pre
tended sece.9sionl ? low C1 Rho be
Icept out of the Inian a8 11 relbel
State," without keeping (1 all u11, i
The only possible a1swer) is revolui
tI Ioairy. So110 of the ml or violent
raeldicals acknlowledgee that. We~st \'ir
litia exists only by the effect (i' revo
lut.nay meas5Iles, both in that Sitte
an1d in Congress. Ono Senator 1is
tilctly declared that ie voted f1,o the
adinission of West V irg inia, know ing
it to b 11nconlst i tut ionl l1, 1eeau2s '10
Constitution wa1s sus1pended by file
wNar, and 1111 thiigs wWe in a revolt
tioniry coidition.' But evol hat
bold plea for rad il legii v,-Ws
denied by tile majority of t1ie radieal
leaidors, .and there is 1no proouonee for if,
now. ' All is ioece, and the Contituit
41,s ( s o ra O' 1,. 1 .2t.T"',r
ginia dead icause the war is ended 1
Ias she ceased to be a IStte becaue
the SoItheri Confederaey is a thiig of
fito past I
In tile hasto witl which muen 'ollow
political leaders, the~y 'orget tie iiju
ry <done to great prinaeipde, --n whiclh
the Unlion rests. it is tine to regard
law aid es)ablisiti (s 1 u 'm1. o
aill the. landl. it is of v181aipon-t .
to tile North that tile supremailcI y of t lie
Constitution as it is should be mnce
41ni1ore assured,- andt] that without dely.
We drift along from One grand'l errorI
to an1other, and urO .rapidly los4ing
'sight of' tile 011Y 82a10 achag for
the ship of Stato. InoniStencie.
mark .the whole courso of the ra d 1ica
polities. It is 11ot l aw, but innd de
siro for success and power, which
scots to gide the couiso of those who
so foolishly acIto-1n Ihole 'sroslenlt. of
culsilpatiol,)" whilo they advocato
nothing but usurpation.
Pn-or.Eit Al' F1111..-Nhature is con-'
aslantly dra'lwing froan her storec-houste in the
bowels of the earh, whe-rewithi 1o relenaisha
tha ate on its surtfae. No soaner is on~e
flIter'ial exhaaused , than~ anothier is supj.
plied. Theo discove~ry of Petroleumi sa nn
oxcange, is the great ovent of the day.
It is onaoring rapidlly into0 the sullpl of
many)) of the most. imnpor'tant dom)aestic and
mehmiaioeal- wanlts, Already the rival of
gas foenpajness randt brilhlaC~y .o' light,.
lad a. sutbstit~tq 'for' animo.al and vegetabalo
oils n/ra iunbrientor, it begins to take the
place of wood and1 coal1 us a fatel
We see fr'oth the Alemphis Avduanche. that
a comlpan'y lhns b'con formedu it) tida city to
lest its applicalion lt ithe use~s of steamni
boats. 'Tho'boat t'o which ii Ia to lie ap~
plied is thaus descr'ibed by the Avalamnchie:
It will be says Ibid paper a 'sido whaeel
boatL of not loss ihan fifty 'horse power.
Thle lower deck will comin~i theo boilers,
ongines,- koithen', work shopls and ber1thsit lfo
thea (leck hanuds. In athle f'orepartl, the place
for'nar1ly oonied by wood anid conil, will
be a ihuping-reoam of sitabllle size. TVho up.
per dleck will conlti t saloon, a ser'ies- of
:State rcoms, and a sit ting room for thie la
dips, Near the~ whool-hotuso wvill l'o theC
ttlIrIS, fr'oanwhich) thie reservYoir of the(
boilers will be supplied will h optroeanm.l
Theose tnnks will be iurrounded with water'
supplied froio thle spray bi' the wheel, so a)
to keep them 'always 0001. 'rThe otieets'
eabin will beo on the hurricanoe dlIO:.t Sil
mountd by the nilot house. PTe whle~
boat will be lightoca ith gas supplied by
pipes from'a roser'voit onl the rapper eok.
The dining-roomn will be. healed lay petro.
leumn stovos, te stato-rooinl bps its own re
guiaaor, whtilo not .a stove will be 'on tic
m'alid deck. Ithe caokin1n will likewise be
d.oiweby pl)Otl'ou~in. Thmin r'eservoir will
be qtder ui look aand key, so tlint. none1 buit
ths 'rkspor persons dan haive access to ii.
There will be noe smo~ko stroks, anld tim boil
or will y y fulliy one thlird smaaller thlan
thos eofa smatler ydwor of the ordiary
Iiid.: Altogether there will lao a gain of al
li#it je-1J rd of' ipaco available fe
freI hkavni 'her pt~rposes, 'Ivdie the cdte
pay tive lighitness of the f'uel, and tlhe con
a pt lghtdraught, of the boat,- will en
e etopssoer shaall~ow places whalll
oti14V Ost, of the'same power and capaclity
11it hfdtyr veditore to pass
I IFn, Jaeo Thrpo',o the Confedgrat
Ar *ltetiited Palestine 'an alb t
a IaidI Missisipp, in whhh hetin i
jh1 i.e Is no countrybhalf s5'904 ?e thu
Uafini Biaf em.
Prosidollt Davia,
O 4 PiE1- U NITED STAr.3:
.18T ii ICT A'r-roiRM' Eyo \ is IXI A,
-NouvoLK, Oct. 18, 13S(.
Hma. llenry Sta nbery, Al 11"ery. Uenc
.rlof III! Unite*1d Stt : .'
S in.--In cont-pjlinnelie w th your re-IC
q <- I si tllttt lieeiwiti the sllt!a e
of tHilS verbal slatenit. I m:1lo vou a
fetw days sinlce inlnse to-vour qi..
1.ion . '\\rhy~ noi deman~id hadl ie'en niade
uponi tho tailitary nothorith- ' ('or t he(
surl'retiielr of Jel'orsonll avis, inl order
t ha lhe ni!i ht. he tried uponi ithe iolict.
noit. 1,01un1d nluainist. him iln th te Uni'ed
lite Ite RfCirLCttit , t the terI htbi at
Noiilk il il L.et " t
Two ielason' !mve0 infuhenced mI ;in
not. 11hlrg anly stepls far'm retnloving~ himi
Fromn .their custodyv. The one0 relatesi
to tcj he It othr to his
OWn1 pvrsonal" colinibri. nill hwalth. I
hav veu lie an t. dothe but 'I lie
wouVlc be diEiverd'to tile hdhie h li l ttS
.\ 11ar 1ha1 of t-he di'strict, whenlever. he
Fil eott liiet dItnamled hun111 on it ''apias"
or any other civil process.
lut yol can11 lee, areily tier jsta nd that
so ioonl as e. goes iio the hialtIs o)f t lat
.olliea, 1i.pon action had11 by 1 m! hisot pla o
(if con findielit wo ild be ' >. of fllt vhe Iato
jatil,; of \'irginlia.
Ai l'o ir w ontion till ece S!3:ryI
preenCltionls c:ln hle, are takl 16 provvelit.
hi Osvp. her 'iho intal"l po~lice of
a Sile 110cil tho hir h 1 e1:1! no athori
ty atnd ohe sah- hieedy of the prisoner!
co'1.4Il), no . h emcued Savo at a1 veryN
re liivi:u ii 1l1w h tii li fo P.r it' rtl lo
iarers "a" he uost (1oi Ilose occulpied by
te litrl oiir s o0 thi frt.. Te locar
Io i at ialthyr Ion. li,; family lave
r acces to him. Iolr 11i1 ha1fl oppor
tiity for exorcimlo in thill optnl nir.
11 hi.s health he. feeblle; reino11ve hinm to
one of ith Ste jails, at l hli.i oliition,
insitadii oi l tiing ott red, w11o l1, il ill
Ili cun-lpr.,hnh~lurors-tood all 11hi4,
anp], I thinlk, will t ht. likely to tilk
1ny stps which woulid dietrinso fle
po:-I mal inforts3 or. emlangr the lifec of
U lavo ihI ino u t' to beUo Ist re le L.
fillyv, youlr obilienitrvt,
U -l tes Diiitrict Attorney' or,
V irgi i -
.. ) R h,-'. 1t Ah' t tl ti idA Wrb tt
Tim b /,/ ri r Ie : i l i a ritoosi
fact t lea111 f I the lad i to yi'nr' nt im nsnlon
which maI:y prove onle of theo Inost, usefuil us
well tOw ti tuoAitthih w ton rful of thlis woner ..
w awhing a te ha: bee on vie w w-.ithinl (in
m' I iv(it o atPn i. The geltwr i'mbliep I
lie at hi1 mon mIi i eni t tuwar t h loti ,.
Jo:li iebr, c te to :ai . t'y vi ge lof'
Bi~ o i ' h 3 i C.o ' p iihl y of wit.
" - ivry Stolky the exiranordinalry
of i I i k w.y Iraill th ve i se ino g 't sloi 1
tgin din' ithn i oifis i i tisienticnus ate
dlitlieiteieor 'iiiht iti cit n i l J hodtii
ca tiag-of hichnv i are de riple wh i'i na.
u'v M~il~ lit, etig 111. dp tt iota Is n w Iy ii 4..
ITWi nvet u'ti- ld lugt fi V t , 1it'
Ieer, M. I .I a Iti i o unild on. a
new appliention of an Oibl prinwcip-l, VIZ:
Tiat ia lityert of' water inii roduitced eitweh
two 11n111 a l rfaces, vetmblesl them to glido (ln
each.I oth r ilt h as lit tle fr-iction as a,,, lab
of ito o n polished face of ta froze la k1io .i
.\lr-. aiard las Con 'ived hie iIe of apply
ing this prin ciple to locomotion, an the tx-.
prime he o cbeeln carlry ing o . for by t
lat.'iour yec, asuct-atully demonstrates'
1hnt1 it isA aplrennIe io thgile propelling of
riagilwty train l Itn 111 his; system who1i R'
dipnel a so i'Iand here (anl bo no doubt.
(ham. Were his invyo tiont pplied of ot . or
riwysq, fin. enlgino whichl Is nlow onily-ntblo
raN'Ura tl:-.ItIt -
to da ao h tof the wenay to a ie clanbotr
lwt'ld, wiet~ fihe Iaolic xpottlur of fueon
babl to drtttatwi' dobl thnI weiht It d ioble
to dIsar steam~ch'l nt vativo tower. This
s (ho weak arof his inentono --t valui
bot whih consist of th eg up li ton Ia'of
foeil uie criage ton whcuc'I..l Thegle ear
inges narioe itet lt whif lit, upon
turning a tock, ns trseam of wat i iot
duedit wate th slidonl wandi ut'''he ail andta
generag mth ivio'power:.it. bengialit! elinr
ringo moued onh tag so'~l io, hotis f'orward.
writh agsetd hihI. reall n li it bto-ii
yondfsi* th conideti~ion ofl safety.offio
Max. Jurs-r iat l.-et'ha 'it' heatep befcuore
Ias aon-ii ot lvo henred foun ofti cotttol n,
isto who~fcr col frtn wlheey its gron;
iad . maniunetule spt- o it.zet h oln
na Js)t Chundrupt, hit ahto lod he In (to
A'otuht Ctar ll ew at'in one orde is ablo
andls jusly obots, h cnoelon ail has~
beene tohie bean of bouild i'up the largest
lSoho.Cark ~oliw a an Chn
witho hern 800naplicnts atr patirnhso la oI
lowngtonmCo lesui LeOongirdtAla.
bomt ae (l~ing orward ins t goo wIrk
Thellugsto oa.) tatirn-y s .ilcing teca.
edutt ibon 2-1 . -uell tdiio de I fivo -e
centLt su s nhiot bies ehi ha Ter isc
spa gad operonigaero 'orIcaital iston
he wllho -.Icesirt wienjoy th io'
Abae --urhte public siiteamitinu Colone
Iraeitd will be in-~a~ o? running orde Iin es
thats Fran he ipotd. Alrotu ro
Seventh Regiment,
The Augusta Constitutionulit in comment
ing on the prposition to senld the notot-ious
Seveiil e tegirient of New York to Paris, as
U mpecilLnn of (Ihe citizen shliery at' Ame
en lIos ilie ollowing anmirnble parng'aph,
to whiclh every O e oe snihi of Masou and
tiixon's Itlic will yelch harty assent., * By
all znien, gi -o t he gray jnkets a sholviig:
I)o not go tho wholo nninil for your
elves, bretiren iof' the North. Give us
ltebviels" a el %-.cc to see the spires of Notro
1)me and Smtilo oko tutt itudinAs Nipes with
cluisseiur ai zoiiave. Iepresent lhe wholo'
countrv, while about. it. Send Whatever
boys it bti you plonso and lot the 8outhIt
niriiih spyeeimeniis or graybacks. There ar'
pleity oi' ol jackets ant pants still left,
miciel with et tyshng and Chancellorsville.
'Tlint is hil. filir. ou caln crow over tho'
on we will crow over the other, and both
(ai yll fit chorns. Scnd 'what, regiment,
y3oit please in .hhue, foreignore will not.for
gt'.- he regiment it grey-f'or both are types
of this gre. land. Send what corps of thd
No't hern eIost you imny, hero cannot fail,
to itsehe ht1 ialtlitge of your own historian,
to "alrieo the14 iiaJo otf that. other arily Ihat
was (lie adversary of the Army of the Po
lemno-utld which Who onn over forget that.
ile lokel uilum it.? tlint. alx'ny of Intlered
uniformis and bright muskets- lint body of
incomparible itimtntry, the Army of North
ern Virginia -which for fonr yerrs carried
tie revolt oil its btyonetS, opposing it Coi- .
sinnut f'roti lo lie mighthy onicent ration of
power brought ngnilst. it ; which receiving:
terrible llow.s did not fail toagive the like,
u wI hich, viili in all its parts died 'only
with its anilnililationx."
'h'i PIni n r wir.r. Atitns 'rO nTs
Pot.iv.-tThe Washington correspondent of
tll New -'ork 'mr"1.1says
Close iupottn tie heels of' tle earliest. r'
uitrlls ot',t1 ie lectdons on 'lttesday conts (1ho
revivet r'port liat li Presidenlt soes "the
hatintdw ritinaig oti ile wall,'' and will at onoo
Illltd Iis positiot. Nov I do not. speakr
by aimithlrity, bit. olty monke this statement,
''ron Whalit. I know I, 'resident J.ohnson's
Ilraiit'ss conviclt 1111ti an eoity of purpose
--mitters of which nity one may soon be
convinced who choolies to know Mr. John.
son--- hit lite does not. contemplto tany aban
tlontnt of the osi ti1on.ho has taken on the
yIttst ion of 'rosoration becafts fI ho elections
harve resnhted adversely to his policy.
Should tIhere he any chango at all, it, will
certainly not be intti'esteduntil nfter alf
Ilh Ilectitt 111o hard from. ' tut I am'
liritmly convinced, and this is also the firif
oniviction of intimto friemls of the Pros!.'
hint, tlint. ther will ho no abatemont of the
iner'gy with wlthi he will continne to urgo
his "p1 lcy," 1o1r in the tonaulty with wioll
ie will clitig to it. event I hongh the Cgn gros.
<iotml pln tshlouit provnil in spito of him.
Thliis mlay )lot be wis0 sato uhplIut;t
i-.Al.ire -w .John-itim.
oi i lie contla ry. I h IIerut's correspon
lnt mentio-ns it rumivor ihal. ,Ilha President
ba1s wriitell to filha Southern Governors urg-.
lig,1thqux to convene lthe. Logislatures 9f'
hbewrolnectivo Statosl and ti'reoo6mrned
he r iaeitt ton or ti, il.'-I,n l ,,,, n,
11iclit .'
. - -. e e- .
A nilizsia t1;N1' Ti Ti n: PiOVO'ST CoUn'r.
ii : cortaniiio Wili ala order rceived fron
;eAnernl 8ick1es yester'dIly, (lie duties of the
'rovost ('mIlrt in this city ced01 . They
ill only be contiuiedl lin order to conalhflo
ho tilul of one or t wo onses Tia recent.
etiln ot the .egislatire, and lth10.o,
i.nlOiso power" 0ahi thl'ey gralleil to ihe
I)i t riot Conr-t have no.doubt indua. tthli'
ltmiiui.if thr -U. 8, nuthm'444As 'Wih the'
Ieat I of' t ho. Provost ott, i itary law
rives ine to hil, nndt the jail ad other
ipblio buiblings belonghig to theoity .will
10 tlurod over to tlo evil auhoritles. ,.. It
in a enlbjeot of mnuch0 oong'tulation. that at
n wo dre to be allowed .thepi'villogo of
I',ing our own dripinnls. This Stato is the
inly one in (he Inte Colfederney , that lis
prtirveld.P'rovo't Courtm and other mIlitary
Iribunala to this time; * Ti am ple canoes
sion and oqual la*s passed hnvo lnd their
ffecot, und we hopo that the day otbnyoneots
14 forever passed. AMaj. aOorbin, the lato
Provost. Jlldge, will oplnfor with (he After.
lito General up'oti tIe sublj1t, of turning
Dvor the prisonxerm, jail, &o., to-day. Ma.
ior Corbin hi beoont dmorvedly poptlar
while ill the diseharngo of his -fanotions, and
we would part with him with anoro toretL
itfl i were not t'or' thte dttwninlg.of the bri't,
lny at' civil res'oration, -Cha~rldeon . tw
Cr) n UNi' hll r.naAnn.-Thec NeW York
rproesm ba the folloing?
Gont. Bcaur'egard. dIned on Sunday with'
llo has lately rotur'ned 'from Enymop'e.- Tho'
lyr tty conslist %d(, beeatldes Aadams Loo't.
lindf hoer two daugteratt',tof Gtii..- Jioddiy', (of
ti Sothiwesteon-n Cavalry,).Col. iIlt.l and
Mlajor Mlanghty, Thi. latter gentlemen,
who resides nt.i he hotel, $fafo huii-onrd for
wine to thae waiter, but, it. wias 'trtned, and
a card was broiught to Maldame'Lefert, from
I to-proprietors' dourtonsly regnostiang lien
to oruden any winaes shae plonsed - fon. Ire'
guosts. As the pltity fetired lto tie 4f6s..
lng rdom, t he- corridors -wero -pitoked . wilWhu
sptctal~tr. Numhorets pressed for fun intro.
dttctiont, and the donnerat -saw many. ofhis
Seihern frienids in thIo titrong.
Ghen. Bleauregard, like (Qon.'Lee land otha
cir Sent hern . emtding mlen, we are htappy to
b'l ieen~a desires ponce n'o.4 gooil, rellowsihp
with the~ Nowh, andtf is glad to sgo so mxany
of his countr'ymean onjoying-. tilemselyeu
here, ie hooves for the $oth on Thnudiday,
having been angtioOlssful int hlis nisstdn to
Euriopon, which wats for to extfetio of'opr
tt Sout horn bonds.
'The Now.Yoxrk Tibqr e of ounit' aWtis.
about thet post paneoent #f . ,6tip' t~Ia1'
nfter the following elegant f~shIti>
T1horoa is ta coglottieVrtioof sh'tfileo,
oham, shairk nani stonIr hthtta trentment of
tis pxrisoaner which isi oploittatedto niiujwtm#
thse civihizedl world, and 1'qi which *oD4e6ot7;/
will yet he hold to a ste6rno rinsibihl y
Every manhy instintet .(d'omanlds that ar
Ilyvis shioald bo, prompttly tried~; if hte is not.
to btrio I, or is oputy to be'vuhjoeted' to a
costly aid nlhschievoust shtm' trial, ('ith' no
oxpec'tationse o' desire 'of 'onnvictintg hiti, Ito
should be liberated at; once: . .Wn d, if b'o is
lobe tried only for tenson, thoen oohnt'go
of- nasasslmtttionshould be I't'inot dl '6 pub..
Italy a~s It :ns' mo gAnd ft6 ie 4inly of
thoa.Bgetive, hruhhis 4Ioi4..Geno
ral, to -ntt pronIly anidtltky jb the
'romiseg.', so an to relleoe ,l o oyuimj I~
fi'om'the oimputautlan of eulmnlatng exne
my .and -hold ing for eightoon inocilte a ptiS
opher wh'Qrm It duri's t pta} oil Irish, Tho -'
Amr canpople aire dftiggrde by. h
acte oflther 'mrgri d- ay ad'ts
u i #dy qfrxngo-- --' .
tn. 4raven~ai~athor of '"1rnho dt 1 .of
Jf'rsen.Dtivle," hal ?een aphint iost
asteatNdark Nei ,Jessep':..

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