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'/'ermn.--Titu- It flAT.D is publisied Week.
ly il I lh" Town of Winnsboro, aL.3.00 in
vqreitly ' inl advance.
"All irnnsient. adver(isemnnlts to bo
.)bhiItnry Notices and Tributes $1.00 per
F 1inar Ie.
From Wasluington
The T'I ue, i pbishningle 101
l !winv, .ay: "\e print, th mnvs
:mc \:hinigum ' with some degree of
. itace. . 1 Iif so impoi~rtant a nn..
itir that wo shoinlike to lin've oflicial
I~an eo its; I rilh ]:"
Th'.ro are4 importatil. rumours inl cir.
eiation to day, that, I have traced to
in authority wihicl, if not omlilcl, julsti
11-S mV inl qeidmg t'hem to yon. The
l~'residentand Cabinet., ini ' ead of d can
ilig tie domiastic policy of the (d in iI
taltion, inl obediccce to the will of the
v ill of th people ns expressed , i. lie
( )ctoher el'ctions, are niow inctended to
eirne a iw ani d popllar foreign policy,
to nfifet the November lectlions. At.
I i- inst Cabinet meeting, it. mas resolved
i , demoih paymeit. at tIh hands of l.ho
Hritishi (-overnment inl fill] for nll tihe
olrages committed by the rebel priva.
?veri Which were fitted ont Ii Ecogilid.
Th1is is said to have been Lite dncision
,X ite Cabiiet, nid to carry onit this de.
i'sioni instruct.ionl weo sent out. to. Mr
.\ .11n1 st. Thuccrday. LIf En'glalni'sug..
gwts tIe propriety (ienliig a commlis
ion, onr (Governcna nt will not ' no
It. is alio stated, on the saie good
Itihiority, h-it oil Wediesday last;
Pr i':idenct. Johnsicon, G ineracl rcant anid
-reary Seward i-!'d a meeting, nid
it was detcrmine ud to recon mmen-Il as' i
mon*ciiurce of thiuA~i dministatLion, thcit we{
.Jhoild pa y the irenicl claimli in Mexico,'*
;1n1,d recei ve Miexican - territory . i . ex.
Chaiig,,probably ini Itho nhi;ihbori6o.
( inymans. Le wis Campbell wihll.cort.
ly depart for Mxic.o. The Jparen Gov. I
ernIicmit will ho recognized, - anId n '1
other. As I have 1nid, I do. not give
thlisi il foruiituit as oficial, but, as rimors
c.ing from high uthiority, and g--ier
:illy imtlieve.. ' Th Adiniostratil n
hope, by c bii eimige of policy, to make
acmencds ;vithc Iice people for is diagrace.
fi emrse onl recomstruelion quiesti.oncs.
I cin informed that, Gencerai Sherman
:1 ade a sec.iml surrender to the
rebl'c , mor disactrocns to his fune thn4
1.i. ck(. -brat edl sIurreIielvr to Joe Johnsto.
We l' kiow tlicit. the Genermal is Col-i
serlvti, hnc eIs.pito Grant's or'der not
-to intorfere wiih poilit.ic c, lii aikes i his
collversalioll politicAl. lie ha-1s writleic
tIo ihm President, .endir1ig 1ho policy
cuequi vocally, aistaining the Presidecc,'s
' i.i ine nL's suder, nd maii 111
In 4) ii allusioi n iic to i l aiiendcl.c'nt..
Thci letter it ield iii reserve,. and will
bie piried jusc before the Nv York
eci l~i, in 1.11 hope of carryii over
somic hafi~cand-half Repubjicllicns.
'itt Honl. Lewis 1). Calpiell, ig4f
Micister to Mexico, arrived hero t.o-d:cy, I
iavio., been) telegraplhed flr by thi
Presih. lIIe has been, closeted with
ilce Preiident. 1an1d Secretnry Smard
)Il the1I.- eveniig. It is evidenlt' that tho
exicn quit(estio will. soon bo definitely
icettied. Minuiator Camclpbell wvill leave
hc''e 8101n to carrcy into( elfCet the new
sitatlo of acffirs~. T1he hcolers of NAlexicacn
hionds are jucbiianct over' thd sta'.o of' af
N ouvithstncding the- petulenct dnciacl
of theo Press, itn Philadelphia, it is -very
cerco tcciIhat Mr Stantc.occ will retire from
* he aincet., bingcc relieved at his ownc
requces' . Shcercmanc w'ill gn.into thbe war
ollice Stntocn is sauid to have expressel
a desuie to go to Spain. . The omcreacties
iof his bcienids may incdnee him to ohango,
* his incd, but his retirement- fromn the
war' omeio isi fixed.
'Ouv. 3Swann, of Maryhbcn, acrived
hcorti fromi Annaccpolis last Sauturdacy. Ile
i i still hcero. Onc Saturday, hce hand icnter
viows5 with the .residect, Geneiral
iranct. and( $,ho Secretary. of War.
Swanin is iendeanvorng to hauvec the~
Pr~reidetnt-silstainc him in ihnc reinoval of
the ol(icaOC: iiiioners of his Scate.
tuchta of' the interviewvs,. but is itimcated
ihat time Presidenit.rfcsedi to interfere.
'Tis is nlot cremcnin, hcowevor, and noth-.'
ing canl bo kcnownc nntil the timco arrieca,
There'is-a giiod deali ofoxditemnt haict4
owinig tio thce condcitiocc of-hrncire -in'iWh
tinmore. All kinds of rumors are icfloat,
ancd there is N painful unenasmess among
It is stated', ucpon good acnthcority, thcat
.ihe Qciartermesetr'su Departmnmt lhns
r-ieceive'd ordercs to prov'iiio qnairters8 inc.
this District fo~r 10,060 troops. 'The
r~hipmtent; acid saleR of' commcissary stores
thac~t hatd been accnmulated hcero dulriimg
Iicic war has' cerise by direction,, within.
Sthe past two >montis~.
A commni-80nsthritor of tice Soutic
sanys, "we cany o longer.aff'ord to buy
wvith roady money ovory hicifor miatolh,
nacii, ax0, 81ho0 peg, saddle, wagon; hat
and overythinlg elso we nood, from the
North? T hat's it; moko suc tings,
d:1 adaiihllee hsad
Tho Permanontl , .peroased Powor, of
Two years-ago, when the Americ:i
civil wir, Ithlgh nearing its oin.l. w:tS
still raging with indimniished firy, the
Imajoity o t.hiI Northerni peopl! rai,.'l
to the sCconld place inl th1 tiion a mani
who wsunirsilly looked upon as tle
incainaLiol Of the fiercest patriotic spir'.
it.. TI I e.iedral cause lad Im() 11 more!
single minded advocatle, no more aetivei
aid resolito champion than Andrew
Johnls-m. .* * ' ,* ffe' WAS nomm111.
ted for tihe pos8, Of Vice Pident amil
th ene'rial a pplauso of the zealots of
the iepliblic'., party, .anld his snecess
W:a.1 u. keti : a.a remoarkable proof of
Norill.1:n drm.:iirriinationi. It ma1iy ho
that i i I wI#4'% propose1 anm elected
Iil h-1 kiowij' tat the wis.so sooint)o
take ibi higuce oIlite in tie Sltle they
\voild have Ihesitated before tiiy r biose
one Im w hos.e charnetier eiirgy ap'proach.
i llmiio6st to violence was the principal
f tore.' Uat when the assasiin's weap.
onl deprived the Retopiublic of i- la
cel, and1l t. was kiown Iht Andew
Johnson wias Presideat of the United
States, there was,. perlaps, not one
amnoig LIlo,:c if illions who i an.tici pa te.d
the poliuy which has since S .ev'ealed it.
s01l O,1 tie: cointrary, a- thrill ofanIxi
ety pass'ed tirough tho mode-rate me of
t t iCtorios IItty-thonse Vhos1 e opin.
ions were re'presented by Mr. 1incoln
anid Mr. .Sevrd. When one of these
lay dead anId i' was thought carcely
possibl that. th other should sirvivI,
men feared to see the high -handed Gov.
ernor of Tunnisse invesled with a pow
or almost siipremn. Only tlie fiereest
ndvoc.ites, of- punishmenit and eonfli.wa
tion for the prostrate Sombh were inclin.
to rijoice thaL tie geinial Lincoln hal
fuinsl a sterii aid relentles.i suOc'.49or.
This i.. the 1.1 man again. whoml theo
ie of Northrii opiniion is e very day
setting strongiar and s1rongei. IPresi
dent Jolunon is tino oger r.ailed against.
in the Soutithi, . but tie plublicas. of
New .iinglndeuid thm3Vatr have-ha Il
ly any terms harsh eniig Ito expi ess
their dmt.estation of him, Three-fourths
of [lte Ien whi'se sii'rags gave himi.i
proselt losition are now his hititer oppo.
Inu ta . ()i t m other haud, hi, o*rI (I
raithle wai till a-few wee.ks ag.vo, the
hopk I thos whoe i rebellionh hail
iniottiued and so boldly si riven against.
Yet t1,erd is .no reason to suppoue t hat
h. 11rosident has ebanged hi- reed, nor
i Ie onie to allow th possessioni af' oflice
Lo modify li i conuilt. To ani atltitive
Ibservei ho is Ihe s'io Andraw John'
Ro who carriied matters with so high a
hand against (he relbls, and it theso
were to rise again ie would show him
self ats npairirtg as ever. The trilth
see*ms'to be that. Ie belolngs to a party
which has a setled doectrino with regard
Lotlbo rights of" Amuertican States and
.itizn, anid that li0 maintains that. doc
trino wiitt. regard to the cireiimtaln
ces of the tim or the h:unigs of.piblic
opinion. *Tis- doctrine is "the ConA
[i:ion as it w.a-Ihe thiory that.
i ntigh a Stato has no right to leave tie
Ulioin, and ml ila.-hocoerced if it at telompits
o ido so, yet there is no Federalnithori.
ly, not even in Conlgress itsell, -to initer.
forowith IIIthe interial affnirs of amiv
State, aind that when any 'Statj a;
kuowvledges the Federal Government It.
is entiled to ail its former rights. 1Uti
it oighlt to o. evideumr. V any A meriem
statesman a.9 it is to observant fo: o'ni
ers, that-ono of fle chief resulti of thii
atwair is thiegreat. increase of t
p iwer or Congrness andi a gener'al mnoifia
cation-of l.he - '-elation~s of the Stiues to,
each other and to the Tetleral Govern~
meitat. fliefore the War I he most reimarika
le Jeattire of thin A merican polity tyas
Elhe weafkness oethe cntral author its'.1
Thie Const.ittoni is une'imigid as to th~e
letter, blit its spirit and.practico are no[
longer tho samno. Anmid the conyulsi')ns
of' four years the cont rollin g fiorc .wa
ucecessary for tho safety .of the republie,
and Congress assnmed a power n~hich i's
not likely again to be seriously dispie~el.
The Union prcieely as it -was can hard
ly' exist again. In' all importaiit miailters
Congress wvill be practically alnost, as
supreme as the liritish Palianent.
North and~ South, thuo0Atlanio Staten
and thao West, wvill probably have ini
tun to.' how ton the colinisal. apthority
d'oriveid from thn ent ire Untiohi.'
preOsenit it is ithe tnrn of the Sonth, and
whate'ver' may b~e thle ltter of [lie Con
stiution ~orl 1 t.h. glosses wicih law wyers
may put upon it, it is certilin .thiat Con-'
gross mutt ina the (n'li vo its own way.
J f. thien, the forthicombiig elections rom
~it in thec defeat, of the Presidenutiaul
le ict will ho uiseless for tihe Chief
Nl'ag (Nte and his adlvisers to p'.rsevtro
furtler ini op)posinig wh'lat is mtailestily
tho will of tho maijo'rity of Americn.*
TUNNELINO TIIB - ssi'I.-;i'he
Amor'fean Rugwvay famons says
The rojecl of l-ging the "ath.-'
er f Wter" t , St. Louis has met
with s,uelh stronuous 0bjoOtion that it
has been abandoned,.aind theo railway
comnpanies. whaop roadst contro thore,
have-'conocived thte islea of tuilnoinug
thme river. Consent to construct the
work will beo asked of Congrosus, and
~ipsoon as it is obtained, it fis proposed
to hogin the work. The cost is esti
mated at $8,000,000, and tIeo timoe ro.
quired1 for the completion of thev w~ork
Partio at the North,
The smoi (f (ho coittest has not
clearod awai I entisyl vani, Oi io,
Il y ;e cliarly the s:n:te remarkable
st-It ol affair., wl.'ih ls.: beein 'ween in
(to North f'or fve :,oars. The people
avejtuit abo't ejT'llly divided on (tho
great qu. et of the da1:y. There is
n) sum !i-up leranc itt tihe votos of'
0i;,r w ue 1. 1) , ty as to h id iento any great
nIt listiiig iajority. It is oe of the
mlo.' :4 arve lou. thingpA inl history that
for .o lon(- a ti tlile f'roim election to
lecetion, in the idntst of the utmttost
exci(emeI ut, throtugl wIr', a1n1td peaco
follovintg war, tlmt- Votos of to. im.
mtetnse gvering population of a th
Northern t Slshou I riainij ntd
ab1)n( e allIIY divide onl tho granIe. 1
Ti4 !ins ever -tib'iitted to Cho decis
i.n l of a people. lero are lessotns l'or:
the .- wrld to leprnl inl this sitateof af..
fir. i1s. The'ro .ara also lessotns for' the
coluntry to len.
It ik phint enenIh that (ho majorit .
of th eit izh of the United States are I
nppoet!d to-tIhe court:mo taken by 'on-<
:e'e, uatii int favor of' tho policy t)0he <
Pr'es~liden I laf ti pedpic of tie
North, and alln. the peoplo of tihe L
Ithare! 1,W a int thi:4. On th I
other h:1-d, it is pln that tho ttlinori- I
ty Of th. peoplo, ttnd a very decided. -
ntitm;rity at that, tiow riule, -atnd will
cont inn1e to rule tle Country. It is
tt. a Itrul of teio majority undeiior
wiiolh the inhabitants of the United
S tates, alro to live.
Another I'iut is pla in and ought to
1) d(iinetly seenand recogn iaeu
lien-ceor'oth. Neither tle liepublicant
nor (lie Democratic party isdoad. It 1
has beci v'ery often sail that the mia
sioI of tic Ropublili party was ac-?
compliohed. Politicians havo talked
btlont the disjecta membra of that Ip
ty, and imiagined that a now party I
could be fornod out of (ho Conserva
tivo portions of tlo old. Tho lesson 0
of this,wo.kis, that. tho ftopublican .1
par ty is not dond, but is firm, united, a
antd trong, and theroe is no such thing
as Chiots'vaftisim it 'it. * w w . 1
The Democratic party is no more
dead than to Republican. The fires e
of ali eon havo illy warmed it, and "
the blows of' successive defeat have t
only welded it into a moro compact
inas-.. It polls its ingo vote, just as
herctot'ore, gaining sonmc in one place,
losing soinio inl atnother, but always the I
S1mo chl Gi party. It i: arrant nonsonse,
in (te facm of such an election is this I
inl Peinnsylvan where Mr. Clymer t
polls one-half the immenso vote of the P
State-it is farra'nit tnonsense, we say, I
for nny mttan looking at such a fact to
talc of the Democratic party as (lead.
As it L., the fito of the nation is to do
pen01 on the fluturo netion of these C
two - political paront~. They stand p
fiac .to face just about even in 1n- f<
Letrs. They are fiercely opposed to p
each other. The-y aro bent on direct
ly opposito piurposes. They are
egnally determined in their claim of
patriotism. If tho party, itt power at- 1
tempt thel rovolutionary measures
whitchol have boon threatened, tho othor ,4
party will unpcst-ionhbly stafnd by ti
the Constitution and the laws.
M oIris -ro Com m. -,Th following dis 14
pItch was donbilss dictated, or atleast f
suggested, bty District Attorney Chani- t<
dier, and mayi, t horefora', be cegarded as n1
F-ii n.e:ss Miioiiinotiir.: Ocoe.4.-or
ho ptresent, att least, and perh'Iaps for o
mtoth s to coime, (lie caso of' JemIarson |f
Davis will occuplay3 just the ramno poshlion, '
! anot.hn''r erim of' the of' tha Uli~ ed( (1
S'tates Uir'cuit Conr't will bo siTered to
by l~ wit hon any actioni to tr'y the ,.c
pm'~saer-being taken by the' judicial an.i ti
thaoritico. 'lThe legatl difllenities in the p
aof haolding~ the court at. Richmiond, a
ol coniseaqutec (of the adjoutrtnent from, g
Norfolk ini Jin last,, are a serious detri s
sen to)t roceediny, an shrdly p
->ntIful now' that (ho court will not as. a
tembt~loat m ont h in 1Ntchmnond, asi wats i
before gentera:lly suposed. Thlas i
k olv~es a ftther postpfhonmet .f the .
irial of D-tv is nnler' thao indict ment of
I re(asoni prosent.daitat thle Inst: Lerm) of' tho 1
sil heIt kept it utcolfi :emenat tho cintir'e
,vin-ter antd ntil thie itp.aing I erm of' tha.
'iremtt Court , unless% lhrentivo elemen
sy grantt hunt a piarolo,- anid relaseso him
r'om his ~ conlineent.. int. Dectmber, j
'hont the S3upraemor Coaurt of th l-U*lnitedj
'tates mneets, Jatago Chasec wtiI! -be t)ooc
>nsy to attend atalny othear than legal
nat ters, andi( t ~hvocatecs of a speedy
,ial of Davizi, bot h ini thae No'ri ta nda
3ontha, ave niothiung to hopo for from
ihe presenta . act ions of the. judicial ant hor
itie:s. 'Neither' ir~it~ likely that a writ oh
habu&ce ci-pus wi ll be issned' upon tho
comadan~1,t ofjibo F~ortresa, demanding
hi is dleli verancoe cIto h United States'
Ma rshal. lora incal'ercationt in a Virpgtinia
FStt jnail. As long as hao remafius '
pr-isonar ihi the hands of the Unaited
Sttat Govconmnong ho will bo retained
in a~1overnment paison,' atid guarded
beyond tall possibthty of osetpe.
Japan adv'ioos to September 12,
have beeh reeived, and ib is stated
tha, thod are rumors that the TIvoon
Another Circular from Soward.
rIt SCIll I- : TO IN)UC It F. 1: )t E-:N To
EMItoATS To omo onottfm (ouNi'l::.
The14. followiig froni tle S:11! 11i
p1ar1tment ill rebiation to thl -:hlvmeW I0
induac freedmen fronl the United S' a
to eiigrate to foreign ut.it:h- ' has bei-n
itist issued
Waksuixo-rox, Octobejr 17, ISO'('.
To Itis eclhrncy th GrQOrnor of the
Siit: i the t in histalt I had tl'
aonlar to address a lotterr toyo, lifom.
nti velt thlit.Rehlenles wrl.- 0l 6,rot t1)
lidmeo free thnt to emigrate to f rei to
:olinll ries, and parlti-d1ldy to Per-, aidl
:ng.esting that. tall lgal ani aora
necuas ni, your Cotatntnn1ld ahaonN'l bo Ied
o prevent t w)Iat Was believed to be an1
atj. m t noer speciousr; pr .on tpf -l.
moni, I pretice. imposit lonl ipon th
g ran'at. reinenil of our coril rv. .
.rrin1 to (haL comunlitituication, I h ve
tow tho honor tb tlranmnit. f. tor in
1alration Ixtira's of the dishpte1 a.1
ressd to this I)epartment by a Cif: aul
I lhe nTijiteml Stntes in Pen, P nihtr d1t
,f il 15th tilt ilo, which prompted paf.
:e.Aions upol thie Sibjecl, rolrral 10
Shich have a lready been nnle. I be vo
li ht onor to be your E xcilleney '.,
Iit srillt, I~lt
bWlat H. S;.:wiu
I cYmsidtr it any dity to tade i he
-rVO mei n tlat. a person naed .\ Idhm.
Inativo of Chili, rosident. in l na, l.ui
opated for Ihe Lited -State vith tha
iject. of contracting for two thoma-vntId
imilied of negroes for t1hia coanilry. Tihe
atention of the party or parties intereo.
I is to givo - the Sieculation the color.
ig of free colonization in that. comr,
tat here the negroes.are to bx aol int
to same marnntor as the Chinoso coolies
>r the terin ofeight year., for the m)
r $t375 each, uuder the rretcd of re
muogainig tho..speci f or.-paagO
iiI advaitCe Inoney; the negroes to ro
,,ivo during the eigat years twenty
V! cents ill MHolivitgn cnrrency daily,
pial to thirtyhree and one third per
mt.. less ill latd money. There is no
Cisily for n to enumea.late oir dopict
le horr-id Crieltics and stings ani all
vatmont inaflic-ied uilpon the Chinese
borer., 1anl which would be I t fate of
i0 delided] people bro ' ,nhtI. ho ,ro n ol r
ais ContnIet if permitled to be cariind
it by our Governiment.. * * * *
will only add itlat the greater part of
io negroes aro already col raciled to
altt-ra oil the Lermts above mentioned.
leave the matter to vorti botier jildg.
ont. anld decision, aid remain, &C., &c.,
AROLINA.----T'e ChUarlotto i)iMOcrat0
ablishes the following, and votches
>r tile trust worthiness of its corres
mident :
Octolser 11,1866.
V. J. Yate :
Dean Sin The following is a de
aription of a very novel and destrte
ye hail- stormn wlicl occutroed at
alf-ast two o'clock yesterday oveit
tg. The pieces, tnot stones, Were of
very conceivable saIpe, with -hor.ll,!
gs, arms &C., resembling big i
>rl, Thabs,.otsh, ry)zard.l, chsntiturs,
in.Th ao down le so rail andc i
utt so that they hitced uplont the cot
>n atnd othler tings, strsipping pretty
1eegn of leaves and limbs. Sotme cot
ml fields tire ruined. . The he~aviest,
art of the atorma was betwoon1 hoi'o
ad Mlount Mourate, coverintg tile
round from three to fouar inchos in
>moi places, and to-day it still lies in
ilcas two inches 'deop, theo pieccot iver
ging two and a half to troo ones
i woight. Respectfull' .JL'I
II----. . ?---.- IIiPIS
Roses zx Fakxot'.-Thec tradeo in
>ses, as welt~kuownl, is of conasidere ule
napurtnooce in~ Franace. Rosaries tro
iltivatedl ill dhiffrnt parts of the' coili m
'y, in open fIelds, jraat ast lurnaipi or
abbuages. Thunsthero are 500;000 r ,so
-ee anear Orleans, 200,000 ntear. Mefz,
,000,000 near Angaers, 1,500,000 ntear
Iyont.4, 2,000,000 ini thte niighborh'oul
iParist, and 2,000,001) in theo 1.3 Com-,
tmnets of Brie Conte Robert. Tihie
arieies ciallied thec Tea rose, t Boatr
ont and1 thie MIonseltz. Iloaurisht partl ou.*
irly it: thte ciuvironas of Paria atnd Or
R A noat, Dianmi.S.-- A stpeci..1 de
patcht to F'oriney's .Chn:onicle, dated
lalt~imor.,, Octuober 21 ,sa :
"The al) hold.stttof thte Uniionis of'
3aim~ore in opposaiiont to the plants Alf
ho rebels i's prodiscinig its tatral (rolla.
'heo Mayor-satnds firm in anapporting
heo polhee commisstoners in refnsing tiho.
rders of Gov, Swanna. Thei whtole stafl
f Swantn have resignted antd Leken Aide4.S
,ith the radicals. Gens, Konly, Deni
on and Woolloy lino repor'ed' f'or duty
( the Afay#.' 800 policeme~n 'tnd 3,.
~~O1'~ ;ti ine e in
facal11Y1. the' Gci g'i 11 (A1iu II 4
Oath oIf A/'1n4 pp v'I Gev roi' n
Icill till. on'll lit a
ill th l wn a; gh v T.: ar'
I"Pll0oV3 P i I P:1., ~,
111. roia'ga ii Iiti'
I Il* f ('iai
Ili's family midi~ :1 e ' a n i
fl',Ivisa. Ti14
,;howii hliut';iii ; Ih v I! i.- v 6' 1
I'4 1111o a t1-e iii 41Jpr 44e'iv11IM 1#[,,. 'I
Zv. I tar'''al 'ini "-'1I. ti h.) h Ial ii~.i
Ii'C 41 1 41U1.g kA (I (' '; 1 I'V .I b
1)1111' of Nf -11 e 1.4 -d010 I tv I'; loc (*
w'i. Ch' I'oe,poai - 4:I i a Ii 4114).4 v n
001C:1i l (-I .4o !2, 1 44 J"' , ,
luouiil A m- Jw l !..I) --c I ' Ih
Ih1 Iii ...~trd t l i ll. lw n, *rcii ;I 4c
M-v )Il h aV.-:,. Ijd mi'ar. v ' .) '
Ia ~fil laler. d i(- Til'' E1.i i o o l invbeau
r:I Chnva4vIi f weii [:,c iiI- a c of ('444li11L I; I ll,.1
body or 4.4.111014 to1)1 e~aliii lier ( ;-! :
11101 1 11 o. 11 o Ii la 1j. 1invaI uIl1101!4 1
.han lbgaia LI e' sr gi~l Iii'r W
bututi.19'Vai. .1 I 149 f 11 01 grea: V1) ae ( IL l4 ii
iiaihie1v Il al taol f ai~i .'
umaril II ; a mnt : 4jha.N aii',14)411A ]()
1:1\% rlla le nai I aveeo' l im- thi:i ol it)'
[i:heris. 1401)? g, K ora viki hs8" iii'111 'm
ww ot" Ialo,(tIl'l'h '* 0. (o 1111 a11w I
f-Lo l.. gr'411 tii.tll Io n L (t t I.p ay i' I
Illolgmo. Ic',vie lttjil ~d~ h44 lm .
hI1. i' 2 et A of I ll, 4 ( -Ii of H'lr i i] 4
1- 3ro 0 iV 4Ot1111 i 1 411 old : '.!" \ I*- -
I11 114 MrItlig aioi i t'g 11 *h l ako441 all81 (. 1h
Alide . H.it~' i ll vaad ll set take oIi 111l
Inliga. I al 41ol A mlll ,
Anughmq, 4474 abI rowd'( my-ill I ui n ON~ 4 al)
FIlin-d~' :ia'1 of~ ;ie' Illykiia... I al"!
tr Nii'4itiol 0I i Iill
NLo r, fo tho-' m iy iie)i3 oarmt:b pra.r.'I 144 '1
T411ifllEli vo c ;wi' l iim -i vae t '; (d)- " I ;t
Jqltin l T I ) ceive I-I vli l'-- wall of j4.
i1Oeiano w Wi 14-1 grea t. S ld' (1i b v I tlaV o. I II
raitvm llt efa,m on 1.110 i l(1I( (4 111 I
11;on nt CivTcwto day, hot eodila , owl v!
loho 26tido Angnti ('r(71ial 1114 1 -te wbv) t I
ilr!l t chia oldId'ias vi hlc''n Di r*~m
A1iCe~ nr'ous i Ids ipil' 0111 in Ow
Znlo'~ iiLli~i~ of te k A. l' ll hf (413, 11 , i
10 i; I) r ,
ai im 1w war, il l in
Ii a it) N'It ' i o riuid
Til h . 1 I beii' 11 1 I m
<C,'3re( e-l iihie' , '\.le r n L:
:I rv e. . is ! hi Il hv I be: n burn!(I.i
i'" l r ' i s ug 0 m1 i
--\\'hW i . er ho It v -Io .h rin,. li ,
vI r 1rt ,;.h . lie d - i . -ntI t IIml .
h i an 11. I'Cr h loor. wol o m1ret
1- Yt l r r h,
al i:op 'n, 9:ll'/i.t . ii) I i. e \" lt
il:'. :;'0 ~ Iiv b,1 qu ;IV,1,1
private et ' I ti h : 1 di o nlema l ()I
cw At, ra a l cIt 4 Il ! :a I : . l. "I IIl',
I :)1 I al k ; ,I ' I w- h :t' (:l'O I 1 -rl fill of
he i 'ihin 1r t I ly Nii ml I1.
invu'-~arldy. :an1 'N- 1.1 would
1e:dk,.dC V : dwl .h I.t night,
n *tl. - .I it, ' h ' i he p ro1 r hio
prti-:nltt' . Iioiinem' ibt',rh mhitE Ifl
i tI' , in t u 'h ' t i , to lwo
':m b' \:VI him IIry I eroi 1, or. , Ihoeo
bIeitv lr .A Ii0 ill!uish. C"on fede.
(l 4 Gen-ral enid 1,i1:t "his plan1 for do
re a n utarmyw t.o lot, theml
it t1h 111t r11( t I - ,,:th I trip on the
.t3'il ton .\1 ()r i it (wh'gh a sl ali ::0
itn -: m .- honb)l. we ld tarve to dlon'
I r. o h .Ig r, tIn l
V!, ke4", ?. and friedJ mat of, n imenb ,
'(11T. (l vile.Jr1ld. will haw Iit' FlIgil drel
.11, 11 1 oulr m.'a.a,'f wI h e sruchti dis.
n;;idd oiorasDr. T ---, of
V t iL P01 110mWO, Vom :1 alon; IaI
ounld,!vot b10 iried with less.
"ch'ahrr whiky, which ahho g'
11a.111;:1 ir it en e cis destro ed
tchinme i n the Sy30 in 1in d mande n. mnall
bli- to,-4..t ing of 19uN,- cold
P loml Ior its weght in new ish. And
youl did not, Oile e Inc-aim1otlions
Tor-lcd IbY No 40, y-ot conl lie dt ownl
Wo 01n0 4 Ir vlept.- except t-Ihe dead in
rit. Inown inl thIII rngo(apdae
tr.- 6hat fIrm the eit v..
"At is said Oha Merlilian was Lminunne.,
-vlctdb the :%uhrit~iies wg Ithe
.a.! to whih ar -lIo: Id a~ of' hopeless.ly
ek Conif-ra.,1ir were sent1 to die0, asl
eoy volt! I 1a:ve! O' worH ith e.
gret frinl IhMt .epot, than anly other In
v Ck,.dor1h-racy. Gfoodbye, Meridian,.
11y w\'( hvo threeon veore anld 1'en, anld
v\er1 111zo 1 3upon 1 you Ire hill, black
ek.., ml' yellow rutts 1ngainl."
Wado3 11 ampton's Speech.11 iot 'XtCI
ch a1 !'pe chl :1, m1ight, ho ex pecfvd from
mn. lI be 'tlieved1 SUtlh Carolina to be
ht. nml therefo hev fo tght for her. ;I
ihli ,ra her :i ill to ha ve boen right,
ho! r soI-t. H e hel7-icyc that1 when
warI wa., pro,30C1:41d for a .spiecific ob
., am114 coul oly n-v the ( onst;itu.
. eproswel 'l for 11hat1 Specillo ob
,, that theo ree:,iin of' anned resist
wv (e l~k en idnc o .vvih i pedge',
mutllch thw mloo bolindmg upon M01n of
>nor1 .11! it resu~ for execuition entirev
I Ferenpn thw Teame hw o What
it compldaintL nglas W hno I tun pton?
of 1h1vh a ohe-:n the law, not that.
- Ireiv-n DM-inid For Our Cotton.
'T'Jih i 31lnt 0 'mer'y Ad'l'rrtser says)
tit :i well -la ' r'ibent of that city,
u%1 l has jut.4 re't ilrncd from Elrlloplet,
Ow th pinliv.n titl Enghid
:1111 other f rans-A thrutie nationuS are
1-h4)st the amoun111t (if cottonl
rai.o-4 ill 11hk 1outh0, o'her Cot ton pro
hlvinl, re:'-lrvsbe o exten
d eve iI4'itlopedI (u1rir;- tho late war.
The .drtv(kiver1 tllipar to be greatly
imtlpr eted wvith thlis v iew % ; but the
un-ut giv.; 1ire tMhat. teil a very dif
fI'(t tIali. 1hiis report, ay tht. tho
:111141mm11t, fI raw cottoll ex portel fromti
thic1 t eiy to G reat Britaini du1iring
- I mlnt.hs of' th1is' yearl was equal. to
5U%,(:2i hatis ofl four hlired pou ill
ench--hingn <uanity dou1ble VhA,
brouIdht f'omu Ind 11(1in the siio period
n1 n.1 1n1110h as tha1t1 friomn all other
n-s ( ind Ia. inlcludied) for i he four
months. UT report estimt 1es till
cotttn Sen 1t from tho United Stat1e. i
Amite four ionthis at the value of $70 .
ni, MlO--ittroly a colfortablo l -lii
tof vhiih wo fear the lion's hiiro.
one11 into the10 r poohcebs.
We leod not foar India nor an
other tllltry, ill the production of
thi:; i11p01ailt stAplo, if wo caln only
procur p labor and be relieved froni tho
present, opprossivo tax.of threo cents
per pound on ill exported cotton.
Our cotton is not only the best in the
wOrld, but it cn be grown cheaper
tihn elsewhere.
SlnAnA WS)'TANTON's Po'S rio.
The ' hiliadelphia pnpers aro gottilig
notoious for "1canerds," as th Fronch
Papers cIl them in t.heir own lnguingo.
The1i Ihl ilcidelphia in.g'rer 1i published all
articlo relativo to the resignation of
Srerotary Stainton, an1d the .Lliohal
1Jndlifynce,, of Santurdy, in short
articlet, aultIoritatively critiiss it
"if you are aesured that the whoth of
tho abovest nlwMrist i- refbrnco' to Mr.
.Stqnton is it puro fabrieion, and that
no-.Sitch- arrangem(;l'en't hin"isever-bobbl'sug.
rested or invited '>)Y 11hta nod that tim
tIIeory of his roignmg ihis- saot il the
Chabinet, is tt War with his own ropot.
ed clccnrationq and intent-ioils, you may
wonder what sort of spirit it, is that juts
ill circulation su1ch charges agailnat a
ieatesmni whose entiro -career has been
one (nmselfish and horoic tribute to his
ountry, It is to ho regrott.ed that oven
the LEdqor, after its recent sovero expo
riunce, should also lend itself to tho cir
ciintion of thin statetinent. That paper
not only copies the telegraplh despatch,
hut a-, to day, (1 editorial reforonoo to
it I W hot lin Mr. Stanton donio that
io shlould b ho thus porsistoutly and bit
terly nosailed ? Are the mon- wio tra.
diuce hin aware how mich good ho is .
doing i his present position, or do they
desire 11) iliticiont and corrupt man to
uceeed hlilm ?"
Tui RI.rAL, GovENINoUn' fNVoxa1'
TI Ilcis-r Tu1 IA.-\VC haVo good
reinso) to bolievo (our authority boing
one of tho first men in Connecticut) that
Colonel lrnuy, Pecretnry of the Uni
ted State Sc enato an'd ditor of thn
Washiington Ch/iron ick 1and Philadelp hia
/rss, is .writingto to the radiCnl Oov
'i 1101 Ors I lie SttC to be reldiy to march
ltate troopsi into MarvIund1 and put,
(11wnl (Joverlor Scvani by force orarms,
inl cano Le ,iboiild -hink -propor, aftor
hiarinig am112 , removo tihe parti
zanLI p~ol ice com: a ior:erI of Jbiltim'ore
for' violaion) of the~ la w.
Suchb a letter ,wo ore usarrod, has
been.~ sont to (Go)ver'nor I iviwly, of'Con
neelient-. WVe should1 bo gladi to knuow.
that the stalemeont is nt,~ true, anid still
more gratifid to believe, ol n ut~hority,
thero woldt ho no responsels to a onll so
nnCalled for, illegal an1d re volntionary
inl it's purposes0 ; bit thesoe yl meni, who
halve lived an ld thrive Vupon10 the horror .
of warl, and( who are ready to sacritico
right, reason, f and lirty, and( every
body's property butt thloh' own, to tho
pasonsIO8,of the houri1, are ripo andt ready,
for ie wor's, eua. can1 be coltnteplated,
and( it becomnes all conservative mon to
h)6 upon1 thie watchl for this threatened'
demnopitratio.-New York Exprcee
. C~b Seon ' Tutnos The ?"-W'o
know that, it wvill sonnd. straunga in the'
ears of thi8 communlIity espieemliy thoso
of nta iwho hn vt) beni Javish ill expend8v0
"get.llpi" for the oporit, to know .thaw
t wo fiumiies of agod 'iand slestl1o f'o.
imaiile ave been perishing wih iiunlger
inl til h iightL of our revo r'y ; atid ycot
81neh is ti e fat.. Some of our .city ofti
ce, iln their rides 01. :the oItS'kits . of
tile cit y, discovered'tw' familieks di aged :
wvhite famates in n shianty belonging to
'the city, belcow.Lbho 19ir GrQ1mIlgynnd .
niear thokwinp, ando wigo-had notptasted
fod or nery thytoo days,. and who
wee doifnri to inake thie destitu
Lion ..knion I -
As sogn aq npprised orho faog May~
toho ti lloapita), wher0'thes ilWk rO
John 3i th doilvorod a~ol ng ora
tion' tt eo $htVi rioo4
suftrago w a n o1 ';t
poN o I 1MWrrp~

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