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Obituary Notices and Tributes $1.00 por
Joffuon Davis.
Eight een ano1n1.h.'1 have niedrly elapsid
sice Jefferscut Daivis was mado it stat
pIsmoner. lie had previously been pub.
H tly charged, ty),be President of th
United Siv,. with conspiring ts) as.
L1nss4inate! Presidenit Lincohl, andi" *100,
000 offeed for.his cqmiure thtrtuipon.
The captitre was promptly iii*itde and
the Iuneoy duly paid ! yet, up to this
hour, i-.rei hts not been even an attempt
made by the Uovernment' to procure
his indictient on that charge. Ito ha-:
ilso beonipopiularly, if, not officially, ao
cused of iplieil.y the viriual mur
der of' Union soldiers, while prisoners of
war, by subjecting them to needless in
human exposures, privatLion and abuse;
but. no oileial attempt has buen made to
tidict, him on that chiargo. ie htas
beoi indictedl for simple treason ; and
even this indiellmcint has not been( oh.
bwine'd at the instance of the Govern
nitt.. It mny be so badly drawn that
nit coivictioIuld be0 hal on it, what
ever the prdef advatced; yet 4.he Ex.
Ctfiv Coud14 -ny, "-I am not respoitai.
ble for this. Tlie indictimnt wvas ob
t'ahiid without the a.Cent or p-ri vity of
nv Attorney General or Cabinet.
Ittpeated attempts have heon made
by the-prisoner's counsel to bring his
case- to trial ;, but to no purpose. The
Governnt. dos not appear to prose
cut.; tho machinery of tOm Cot is
always out of ori~h. At one time,
Martial' Lav stands in life way ; ,i len
that obsta'ch- is removed, thore is a. ca
vil as to-thi i snf(hiinney or- completunss
of its withdiwal'; and, when that will
no longer serve; i4 is fbund that Congre-a
has somehow ditu.reanged tiejudiciallis
(ritsl, o thathoase cannot dafdly 1,6
proceded with. Xmnd Congress itself,
hiiving most inconsiderately mmiled
with the matter,.never took pains to, in
quirn n%1t hact lion on its pa-rt, il-ant, Was
re qlisite ; s84 titat now Congress. 14esi.
dtit "t1i Cinef justice, are l now in- i
completeo notdldlo on the suiject ; each
seemmgv inclined to throw all' responsi
bility for the delay on ono or bot of
the oth re.
The uphot 41 all this i4 Piat tlio
the pris'aner is not tried,. nor likelv to
lit ; an11d that. if'tried, he is morally cer
Saill not .to be coivicted ; if convicted
not to be punisled. There 'are still
inniv personi wha would like to have
hinxe 0'\'clttcd; but, there isn'ot one in.
tellig.-n1t manl on earth- wh->. has tho
' faintest. notion that ie aver will be. Ior
I lough Govelrnments sometimes infiiet
capital punisltnent on conspicuond rebo,
LIhy inever, at least in modemn, times, do
'so Longr aftor their rebellion was stilp
lir -ed, Austi-a, in 1849, put to death
thirteen of the fungarian leaders be.
I rayed into her hands by the miscreant
Gorgey ; but she tried them '.)y drum.
head court-martial directly after their
sirrender, and had thom ail hanged and
buried within forty-pight hours. Had
Ohe waited eighteon months, and. then
ex0cqted thonm, she would haye invoked
the oxecrations of all Christendom.
-Since it is notorious thait Davis is not
to be punished, why is. he still kept,
wiaiting a trial which he alone seoms-to
*desire, aIud inch Iho can by-no moans
obtain ? What good end is subsorved
by persisting in a menace which still
servyes to irritatg', though it no lon'ger
fpiplls ?
O. vngress, at its la~t, session, evidentilf
-:cit that it had the Prfsident at (listad
4antage with regard to' this prisonor
hat iho wais atrele'phant whiicli Mr. John
on hah1 too easily acquired, and was
ow unable eithter to keep or dlisposo of
ave'to his own loss. In the state of
coling then pr'ovatlent, this aspect of thbe
aso, 'as rogarded to ixany with ovident
omi concy. 1Tad tho Prcsidentt been
mian of high conniga, and called on
~ongrr~ss to demanid, if that were doom
d advisable. Ijiat he should be' surren
ered and tried, and to prescribe the lo
al oonditions of such trial, since the
awsa as they stand seem inadequate *or
'ofoctive. But he should first, at all
4vents, have publicly. retracted the
barge of comphieity with 'the assassims
Sf President L~incolnm, since ho blis virtu
~ y abandoned ithy. not attempting to
nud ant indtict nmnt - there'on. It is
ithier just nor wise to send lortht a' prie.
v er of state wvith the brand of murder
his brow; and a naked *failure to
osecnto is but oquivalen~ to tlie Scotch
.! rdliet, "Not p rovent." if Mr. *Davis
ve'l probably guilty ,of complicity
'th footh, lie should have long r-inco
n intdicted and tried for that crime;
1e ia not, lhe'should have,, ere this,
mn explicitly frood from the reproaci;,
ni though he'woro to be' executed for
sonl 6n the mnoirow. A groat gov.
mntt mniy deal sternly with offent oes
I. not imeanly ; it cannot afford to seoon
w.iilli ng.to repair an obvious wrong.
wv . York Tribunc.
A comic paper has printed aoarica
e representiig' the other planote
king with, jealous eyes upon this
IJ, bec.tugo it has got. a cable while
ha Ve. nonW..
Tho Plot fit Washington.
AWe take the following fram lihe ltichnot
Wo percoive from fihe C/,.nice that For.
ney, true to his nst inacts, is amttmpinig it
in111m31te ple 1aubde nit by Calling utou l it
Loyal Lengteras, as (hey tare te-rnrel, to or
galize themtslves atnd como to Wahton
for file putrposo of pro'ectinjg anad vinudica
ting te Iower of Congress .over th1e aanii
tuttonal rights of the Presidant'' which h
nothing more nor lesa than at revolution
which must be met wit i decisio: an I firm
noss. If Forney & Co, are dotormi'ned tc
persis; ili the course they Iave marked out,
It Is the boaunden duty of lthe friends of th<
President to taccopt the Issue thus presenti
ed, and preparo themselves for th stig.
If tle (iane las arrivel when the legisla.
live department of the (overnment is to aib
sorb the co ordinatc br:mhes, the i k um
also arrived vlen it should be resisted at
lthe point of thlae bayonect. We tire ian favor
of ithe consttitutional rights of every depart
mont of tho Government, whict oani only be
naintailnt. by eah actintg within the pre
scribed limits of lte Constilution. Whetu
Copgress shall transcend, these limits for
I the purpose of absorbing the powers of the
1resident, it is revolutionary, antd ho is
justified in olling to his aid tie contatry,
whicl would be responded to fron North to
Soth, East to West ; aid, when this formi
dable array of fglhting matoriel slUll pre
ROnt lahomselvos in vindlicalt.ion of the Coan
stitntion, this grand artaty of "Loyal Leag
uors," as they style the.melves, whaose oy
alty consists it plundering tle publac treas
try, skAulking from tho arny when their
services wore needed, anl now oxciting tile
country to relvolutioaa. will -1aever present
tlamselves in battle nrray: Tle wate will
le for tle ContItittion-tot. for plunder;
for the indopendenoo of tle tLhrec co-ordi
nato brancels of the Government, and
againast either one absorbing the fuictions
of tho other.
If the programme presenated by Fordoy &
Co. is the tate tad legimattte ground upon.
which tile riadical Congrews intends to plat
itself, we say 'to our friends of tle Presi
deant, let ts necept. the isste, and at once
organizo for tha striggle. Let our friends
in every hantlet and villnge orgatnize them
elv03 at once, and be re:ady for Ile con-.
tlict, Let their watch-words be tlhe Coh
I sattation-the indepoealence of the Presi
denat in tie extact-aiona t hais constitutional
rights-and an united coutry . upon terms
of vquality and justice, and proent. thaem
selve-also in Wrslhington, where these Loy
til Letganrs iaay have n. lair opportunity of
looking upon the naterial wit i whom they
will have to lock hornai if they. alttimpt to
1absorb the ;donl.gqitut i4ta.1 I OAinrita.40. Alls
Uovornment. The impuaolnent of tie Presi
dent is a sine guia ' non for wa, and a lae
fvientds or thte Presideti.'s accept. O issue.
Welcomo to Congro, .
The following card has been is-ued, and
is most. oxtraordinary. Ii. s.ws the des
peratto detigns of lahe radicals:
loeing profoundly impressel t- w'th he
imepurtano-of o'trtugglo ahrough which
th conttry ISapassitg aln of the tacCessity
of prosrving the. reaults gained by its tri
tmpls in tle field, and more recently at
thte poll, tle tndomAignaed, i conaniaceo ap
pointed by tlae So.diers and Sailors of
Waishington, D -C , do in t.heir n.imo.earn
estly invite thee co:anarades, the loyal veto
aans of tle repd'blio, with till other friends of
tle great cause of Union and liberty, to
meet. in a national mass welcono fand coun.
oil, to be held in, this, t le Fcloral capital,
on.-Saturday, Decomber the 1st, proximo.
Weask your presence to honor and sa.stro
protection to the loyal tnajority.in tle thir
ty-ninth Congross, in whom we cognizo
fatithful. guardianais of otr assailed iastitu
lions and able supporters of tla principles
Como Ii your might.. Ily yotr presence,
show how sternly loyalty. can rebukco trea
lion. 1i-ovo flreTy that the throats anti
insults of a treacherous Executivo against
tle legislative bratnch of the Government
cannttot inttiiidante a: free people. Hlore ini
thte Fedoral capital must -our great strugglo
culminato int wino and eqtitablo legiaJatlon.
Hore, ten, slhould We assemblo to enotr
ago t~ndl strenghens Congress-to wrhose
hands thte Constitution iaely enatrsa tljo
power-to sucht just, -action as will mako
peace peramanenitanad liberty tuniversal.
. T 8. -Cutras,
* ~ A. J. UanssxT,
* $ -W. 8. Monasa,
. L. EowaN DUDLEY.
Corre-spondonoe Is invited, tand saay 1)o
addressed, R 1. J. Iinaton, Washaingtn, D).
The Natilaa Finance,
We o'arni fromi tiho Nittional Intedllign, er,
thtat Noveambetr statemaent. of the putbli debt
gives a roenowed assurance of thtd fatot thant,
with wise logislation on (te part of Congress,
the putblio credit-can -bo sustained nn~d im.
proved, thte nat iontal .Indeblredness-gradarlly
andc wIth certaInty extinaguishedl, the bur.
deon or taixationi redttced antd produttoive in
dtustry revived and extended tharotaghtout thae
country. Theo 8ecretary of Ithe Treasury
htas gonte just as' fair towardst 4Iho redua~tltin
of thto onirronoy as Ito couldi dIo under thte
Act-of Congress of last Aptril, restricting
that reddlotion to 10,000,000 for thoe first slit
mionthas, atd 4,000,000 a month thereafter.
Sonmc 7,000,000 or 8,000,000- of thte eoma.
poutndlanterest not es hao also beotn a-elired,
and several maillions of thae gold inaterost
}earing boands puirlhaised for gold at a tate
bolowv par. Thto national ourreonoy has been
Increased, maeanwlhle, uap to thte liamit allow
ed by law--8,000,000,
Thte large aooumtalatioat of ourronoy han
the Nori~hogn contres of commeauroo lase led
to tin lanereased domatnd for nthonal sonri
tis tat onhnnttoed prices.
All sceoutiets of a stable charactor, like
railroad asharos, have been, andl ooatinue to
be, In great. domaand/ Thecy are on thte rise,
anti must, necetsser-ily bring haighter prices,
wiloe mioney for regular buaslness purposes
will not bring~ jn'oe thtan Aive per cont.
Any stocks In oompasales thtatpay dilvi'lends
of eliht. per getao len per cent, mtt noe
os~arily rIso mutch above par,.
Theronev er wtisaoountry so bsodovilledl
In botr poltieal'affalrs and so party-dd-*-n
as-tIs oountry Is at present, whaich oould
make such a maisfuetory finhnolol exhlbit.
The payment of (lao -national debit In thae
coutrse:of a very shaort timno, wIll be all ac
omtplihed fac't.
- Theo Jackson, (,Mias.)Olarion jpi-ntt
the official census reports that, hat'o bece
returnted from forty-four count io.i Mis
sissipapi for- the yearsa 1866. Thta fiurot
show that theo whtite population In tes<
counitios 0709 sinco 1860, and the blacl4
pIopultaticoi 45,295. -
brains as rtrdy as wlih ifs sword. i7will
nover boa King Log. It is vitally i lor.
tant, that his steps toward the Prte i ney
should ho vigilantly sortitrrised. Lon' 1 Me
a a resident. of theS6uth'; ho has all then row
jprejudices and'absurd opinions of If as it
represents. Io has nothing but ours eand'
contemptuous critiolsm for Massachu ts;
not, of course, the geographical Stat 'but
thio principles, ideas, and purpose ilh
ithat name'sii s in the mind of exOI I] man
who hears it. We fear ho has learne ottle
from the war. Bigotted, halr-infot 4o,
intensoly scotioual the moment, armed r'sis-.
tonee ceases, he is just the nuan to dorve
the South in her offort torggain by intriguo
what she lost try arms.- I h'o is our jolt
1Presidont, he wili~carry out to'its fulfilment,
on a n-Itional scale, that dgraoeful Idil
wholesale surrenderto Johneton vhich 'nly
a Northern grow4i that drowned .oven the
thunder of Niagara, frightened him and kts
comrades from completing. After. lidIAg
twenty years at the South ih intlimate rea.
tions ivith, her leaders, after sWooping
through her territory at the head of a vio
torious army and taking (ie latest. ur'vey
of hr mood and resources. lie proposed to
treat the war as a frdlio, and let, both soc.
tions resume, substantially, the relationg
they held before tho rebollion.' 'General
.Sherman Is too shrewd and capable a man to
allow of onr explaining this on any ground
of credulity or misapprohonsion. Snoh tin
offer could havo come only, from a mind in
ourably Southern in its bins anil opiade..
If the hot-fires of such civil war could not
burn this-folly and wickedness out. (f him.
he is past curo. Ilis oloar,- logical comnieoi
reuse taught him what honor and fair play
demanded, While he had t rolish for the
plan of allowing negroes to.fight, -and'fintg
his-influenco against it, Her confessed that
"to taimit 'the negro to this strugglo fo
any purpose was to give him a right ta staty
in it for all, and that when the fight. is over
the hand that drods the musket c:nhoi be
denied the ballot.;" still no man has since
heard one word from him'in support of that
rule of Justice and fair plav. His narrow,
sectional hate has moihered his logio. Ills
old, bitter aristocracy. of 'he skin still clings
to him. There is na old proverb that "an
Italianized Englishman is a devil ineak.
nato." A Northern-born slavoliolder was
always the worst tyrant. A Northern pol.
tielan steoped in Southern hate-is the mo$
incurable or i, bigots and most dangero
to trust with power.
WYaxDHLL PaiiLt.res,
Wondorn of tho Tolograhp,
The annihilation of- tuno and space b
hrl b in firi n ni
have to refloot to take 1' its full moaning.
The Now York Independen! gives the follow.
ing as an illust rat ion
"1,O Monday, July 3D,. Mr, Aiold receiv
ed a message of congratulation Crotn. Mr.
Perdinand do Losseps, the projector of the
Suez Canal. 'It was datei at Alexandria, in
Egyp,, the same day, at half-past.one p. l.,
ands received In Newfoundland at hialf-past -
ten a. in. Let us look at (he globo, and see
over what a spane that mossago flow. It
cano over the land of the Pharoalhs and the
Ptolemios-it plassed along lie shores of I
Africa. and under the Meliterranean Ocean, ,
more than a thousand miles to Malta, it t
then leaped to the continent of Europe and
shot across Italy, over the Alps aull through
France, under the English Channel, to Len.
don, it then flashed across England and Ire.
land, till from the. cliffs of Valentia it. struck.
straight into the Atlantic, darting down tie
submarine mountain which lies olI the
coast, and over til the hills and valleys
which lie beneAth the watery plain, rest irg
not till it touched the shore of the 'Now
World,' In that morning's flight, it. had
passed over one fourth of tHo earth' sur
faco. and so far out-strippod the enn in his
course that it reached its destination three
hours beforo f4 was sent I ''o understand.
this it must remembered that the earth
revolves from West to East. and when it is
sunrise here it is betweosn 8 and 9 o'clock in
Alexandria, in Egypt, and .when it is sun
sot here, it is nearly 9 o'clock In the even
.ing, there.--American Arlizta.
RoMAvto STonT.-The New York lerald
of yesterday says : A somewhat remiarka
blo change of fortune has occurred to a
young inan known by the name' of Georgo
Olson, and occupying theo humble position of
lamnp.trmahor and "Jaok of the Dust." on
board th~e United Stat es st'eamer Madawa'aka,
now in port, by whieh he has suiddenly come
Into possession of $800,000 In gold, together
with the lHunagrian title of Edwvard Louis,
Count Batthyanyi, and the extensive estates'
atlmehd thtereto. 1t oppears that Oison, or
thm e unt, left his country isl '18]8, when
ver.7oung, aft or his father had been oxe
eutod for b wIng concened in the rebellion
uinder Kossuthm (to whom lie is nearly ra
lated), and has siuce -been ini the Unit ed
States. Heo know lit tle of his fatmily ortheoir
real position, and supposed in -consequence
of his fathers disloyalty all- their.- posses
alons had been" oenfl-otted:' Finding it
ditilt 'to gain a livelihood he joined then
United Staates navyzanti wak dziafted:on board
the United Slat~s steamer Madawaska as .a
laanan, was employed as a lamp trimmer
amnd assistan, tto thie captpin of thhe hold.
Hlapponig to get, ho01d of a newspaper. i',
short tIme sinoe, ho discovered-an advertise'
mont. requesting Edwdrd-L'ottle Blatthyanyi
to communlcafo *t~itrtain parties and lie
wioulde'hml of something to his advantage.'' 1
0Odr yomug 'blue-blooded ;J.ungarianm lam p
triinmer lost. no timoe in somplying, an d
haping proved his identity, reeocilod a~n in
si~aliment.of $800,000. Instead of Informing
his comimanding officer 'of thia strange' vi- I
oissitnu or'f~rt si, Mbioh' had meotathor
phosed A. Utited States nawft lanmp'.rjmnfor
and "Jack-of the Ddttl" into a Hlungaian
nobleman, with a rovsnue of upwards of
$50,00'0 a year, BDatthyanyi ot- Qiuon; do
sorted from the liadiiMeika.- 114i Is now in
Washington,- unde'r the patronageo- of the
AAsrian'4mbegdor, ondeavoring to pro.
cure a forntal.disobarge frota* lhe service.
That'he wihleieooed we have nol, the slight-,
esl. doubt,
'the No.orc r' s' aieslhngton cor
respdnddnt. says thiat It is . understood that'
Thad, 8toven~s, at 'theobening of Congress,
,glll tnevOthe apintmb tof a joint. odin
$ng' t 08 off loiduot'of President, John-.
son,' adppoiting what, ation, if any, is
requir by Congreeu,
"My diar' boy," said ,a young lady to a
proobous- oth of cighiteen, "doeti your
father dg'n that- you should tread the
hrya intricate path of t' pr-ofo~sion,
the straightiandtaertov why bf hd ministry
or revel in the floweryBolds of lIt'eraturd "t
"No, n~arm ; di says hie's gylne to 6et me,.
to work in the tatet nateh. '
Labor for tho South.
We 1o not know what to say on thi
subject. 'l'he labor of froodmon, a
the close of operations for the seasoi
has proved to be an utter failure. Th,
Cxperiment of int roducing white labo
.from 1he North is nearly as bad. if no
worse ;so that the Southern plantoi
nist.be at his wit's end to solve thi
problem of labor- .
At. Beach Island, in this State, tho)
[have an agricultural club, and tho in,
formation there (eveloped shows that
thu great q uCstivn of Southern laboi
has yet to ho solved. Mr. ,Jonathar
1. Miller made i statomont to th(
society, wlieh would induco the lan.
ter to bolieve that foreign white laboi
eannot.be relied upon. Mr. Mille
says :
"At the commencement of the year,
I employed as inny negroes as I
thought noieessnry for the cultivation
of n i of
ofmy lads, but in consequence of a
portion of them being dissatisfied, dis.
misscd them, thinking I could procure
others in their placos. In this I was
disappointed, and after repeated of
forts to obtain other negrocs, and fail
ing, off'ering to pay themi at the rate
of $12.50 per month, I was induced to
try white ' labor. Consequently, I
wrote to my- brother-in-law, Kaj. N.
NW. Smith, in New York, to solid- me
fifteen white laborers: which ho did
thirton men and two womnen. They
arrived at Augusta on the 15th of
March, I paying their polssage to Sa
Vanifth by steamer, and thence by
railroad to Augusta%, at $25 dollars
each, and was to pay thomn at the ra
t-for mn, $12.50 per month, and for
the women, $8. At the expiration of
the first month, their wages wore paid
them, and they insisted that their
wages should be raised, for men, $15,
and for wcmou, $10 ; notwithstanding
that, they had made a contract for the
first mentioned amount, before lcav
ing New York. I agrood todoso, 'as
ty worked very faithfully.. Their
rations nero corn bread and bacon; as
tihey were not accustomed to thecorn, I
. e. thom occastonally rye and wheat
br) d 14RI--.-3il ;J e &sh beefViWj6, oet
bles, slch as peas, turnips, sweet and
Ii-i potatoes, .as soon as I raised
then i. I also furnished them coffee,
like~iiso their bedding, they furnish
ing their own clothing and paying
itheir doctor's bill. At the end of the
second month, several of the best
w(orkers amongst them insisted on
their wages being increased still high
er, two of them $17 per month, and
one who nicted( as a gardener to $25.
1 put uI> the wages of the two to $17,
as they wero 'the best hands, and the
gardener I d-ismise;d ; several of the
o'ie left ; one of the women I made
ciok and wash for lie men."
Mr. Miller goes on t6 say that the
plan of introducing foreign white la
bor through the agencies of New York
emigration cdmpanies is all a hitunbug.
These socigties:, when they got orders
for laborcW, send out runnors and
gather up the dregs of the city of Now
York, and all such as they can pick up,
and make from three to . ten dollars
por bvead for each thand furnished.
They chargd both parties, and em,
ployer and cnmployco-tilo fr *mor for
hiring him laborers, and the latter for
getting situations. They bind both
parties in contracts, which might do
in tho North, but as we have no laws
to enforce such contracts-in the South,
aid aa thcre is,no honoir in such char
noters, Mr. Miller looks upon these
companies and most of their laborers
as more swin'dlr-the sole objoet be
ing to make all the mnoney. they can
out of the South-the sodieties by futr
nishing them, and tihe laborers Iey ob
taining a frea passage to the Southi:
P/uen ix.
[Fromi the AntiSlavoryStandard.]
Wendell Phillips on Grant and Sherman.
"The day has' -gone by," said 'a friond,
"when anman can be Prcsldont ef the Uni
t0od States alareoly becauso ho-koops his mouth
Rhut." No buying again a "pig in poke "
There is a reticence which li'idos nothing
noss. Sut-o'ey that is no qualification' for
responsi ble office. There is a' reticonce
which lfldos something/: We wish to knew
what that domething is before we trust segch
x'etieence with power.
-If General tirant's friends mean to ask
tho country's support of him as President,
they must allow .us at, least, a man must,
wear the unif'orat ot'ono p arty'-or the ether.
Th is General G rant ' declines' to do. 'i hen,
like all-. ubmtrah,, he inst be -watohed andi
pr'evented from mischief, but hev6'r'trrusted,
.Tih is conchusion we roach, judlginghhiin only
by his words or lack of words'. Whoa we
comoe to aetions, hio lots himself be the tool
Of tihe roaotion' Alike from' the duties
whloh he neglects aind from the subsorvlen'
of which tihows when-tie does act, wo-infer
that Grant does n'ot want to. have any opin
ions on the groat nratiotial problom. . i l
content. to 'be ho -'unrensonitig tool of men
about him as his own guns Ia VirginIa. Ini
thoseo -doys, heover, we nooba--men, and
not. merely a figured-heoad, fov"Piosidonf,.
Ie who, .holding the:thstad'orbolts oftt.he
Go ernent in-his hand, allowed theo No~v
Or aine-moyssaot'e 4tid the Mnmphis riot
theocommaitdoer whp lets the world sdo thbt
in 'the territgry ho professes to Ilave .con.
q'torod'law cannot be executed, and po one
of le own soldIers is"linto beneath the Seig,
e oither incoompotentor dhiuloyal. Jf .hs-id
ii sp~eoimien of his' ftness ' for'office, the na
tion has had more than-enough of him. is
future should occasion no surprise. The
routmno. soldier, like the routine sailot*,Is
generally unfit for anything else.
Sherman can hide under'no usoch rettse,
Thpro Is no doubt he has -'genius. Easorsoi
tells of a Colonel Buf~rd, at, WestPoint,, wh<
siruok the trunnions of a'cannon so tuan)
thousand blows with a hammer that at las'
ho broke themn. Just, -so Grant broko thi
rebelliona; Sherman conquered with hhi
e!O WAautsooN, Nvovinber M.--Meirs
n. Ilillyor and Lon ry callul upon tO l'rai'
alent to-day, by appointment. havinqg pro
- viously sont to him tihe resolutios th I!,
0 mississippi Legilatur'e il relat ion'i to .1 ed.
1- Davis. They also prencutcd an C.e.mi 'y
of fog letter from Gov.-Itnphrcy, l (,ie ei
the ilen that there will be no0 trial: biut lh
flays that, while they believe iha.-t this itn.
rit onn MI01111,Is Wot niecessary to s~couro his
A* preseno whenl desialed for I'. tri.i, and ei
lo only. be attended with fatil resultzs to 1ia
t. health, anDl that tile enlds of juticoi will be
o reached by admitting him to t.ail or parole,
lThto President, gave themn a courteou4 ro.
10 ception, and promised to take tle ertligeet
- into consideration.
There are in New Orleans 2,00
I Mahtys, .who originaliy camo fro:mi the7
1lillipino Islands 'I'laby Speak Sp-in.
ish, and aro of a -darker comilple'x ion tian
a the Chinese, aro sinall ot' -statture, aid
o gain their living byl fishing. They aro
a. sensitive as to their hlonoar, and quick to
r resent imputation upon it. A few. days
r ago, ouno of themn stabbed firo of his
I companionls to denth in at .bar-rooin, be
cause 1ho was accusedl of a slight broach
of etiqUtto.
t Tlhe Vernont, Lgislatute has in ifled tle
Constitutioal Annedinent--the Snate0 by
* a votoof 29 to %; tie lous11e by 199 yeas to
- II niys. All honosjtn I to two Sonators and
cleven representatives who, even in tle
Radical Stale of Verinout, hadl norene
, enough-to stand out tagaiinst the iliquilots
-The late elect fonls r, t Ilad one point con
olusively, at least. I'm' solue tinaie to coena-n
tlao onstit lotial antetimenl aaaa-t will iot ho
adopted. Neither lite Legislature of Mary
a land nor Delaware will as:uaution it. Them,
with Kenittucky it iei tenl exchideil Statem,
ntake th lir ot i opposed to it. Af it reip.1inlCH
I I hreeo-foul 11, hs of t he Stat es, the la olit i.)n < r
I rejection oft lia anendin eit is n'ow likely ito
i be 0lo rallyti groitmd of politicl larlies
for file next caipaign, and it i:4 barelly pi
sible i liat he, radicals will ho able to Croato
another wave of popular feeling which will
blind the .iaaigment, of Ito peole by intro
Sduing extracous issues.
Tair PENITnNTIARY.-ii.o Commis.
siolners of this itnstititioni mer.t last evenl
iiTg to receive the report atd consider
thai plalu. of- Majnr -o" tho engineer
in cief, who has jast retuirned from a
I thorongb 'and critical oxmination of the
prisots tat the North. Wo learn that,
r tho contracts for tlho work will bo
awardel prompt And tle erection of
tle culls commenced at once.
h is confidently stated that, untader
th auspices of hanice. aaegotiations aro
now pentling hetween the Pope and the
Tatriarch of Const antmople for the tainion
of the (Glreek anad Catholic Ch1urcelis.
aThIu movenment is looked upon vith
gieal in'erert ill Eulraope, from the im
porta at, itnfluoneo it nay lanvo Upoti the
settlefnlo:t of the "lMastent10:tion.
Y It'E11- 1.YN(lIE) IN UTII
("Anto 11 A. ---Brunel, V174e, S. C., Nvorrm
ler 12.--ThIe1 negres awho killed i rs.
CGarvin and dauighter, near Oratgebur
were itaimg oi Saturday by the citizen..
Thle froedmen were s- iancensai against,
the perpetrators of tih outrage that Ley
wanted to burn the murderers, but wee
provenlted' by' thle Wit es.
-.0 - . a -
A'nv cotton factory has been start
ed at Prattvillo, fouieon mailes froml
Montgomery, Ala., whaich gives emplo
mont to 350 persons. A. milo Ie'yond
is another mill, the nachin.ry. for whieb
has just been received from Englnal.
A t AtaigavilI, Iwenty-fivo miles 1 frm1
Montgomert1y, preparationsanre bein1g
made to resumne wtork in a~ factory al
ready built. Thaese faactories will givo
camploymoant to I ,200.)oparnatives. Thecro
isa a prospect that othe? nmilas will 1b0
Orecte'd in tbo came locality.
f U)tsAskD 'Vur.:A.-A ne w. discaso
ehluip attackpad the wtheat, near Avon, N.
aY. The husks tnrn brown, and dieay
begins a~t the end-of Liho berry nearest
aIhIo stalle. )4armers in' that'section ate
-* naarnod'by the appearance of'this newV
enemty, whaich thecy do not uanderstandaa.
' $8IE FOR THEt (JAitDEN.-Wood
ashes are excellent fot' tho garden. i f
applied with'out reference to any special
.for'th'ty' woul bo0 beneficial. lUnt
theoy are spalt~~ly tadapted to thae straw.
-berry pliant, and to fruait, trees, and biush
:1s ofwoody structure.-'
Sihde, the prtocosa of phtotogap)hiig
u~ pon silk ahd linen hats been perfectedl ini
.i France, many pesn have their por
traits upon their linen instentd of tlaeir
- niamots or initials7 They aro niot inijurOd
by wftshinig.
A Radicali pae says: "aCoafedolnto
, notes are agpin coming into clziculation
in the remnoto.Sduth, anad thao 90ost cause'
is so fair revived in North.a brolira that
nitorokcoporu tadvortiso thant they will
- receive thema as ourrency."
-Tihe estaiated Reopublican, mauajority
f in. Missouri, att the recent election tho~rn;
eIs pttat between twenty and' twenty.
'ive thousand..
Alah citin'saije" *t'o ii'i'rie~1ot~ nonth
was instatlty cxainguishaed by the barst
6 ing6tharoo hettles of' esuphnrie ether,
thte contents of which mixing wyith thec
-atmosherio air, put' an' jsnd to Lto
0o Ef.aaorioN oP A UuB~nrsaNTATlva.-Jainou
a~ -M. Csason, PEsq,, was elected, en the 18thI,
. to fill the vacano~y occasioned ina -tho Char..
lositon dlelegation by the resignation of lion.
F. D. ltobaroon."
tp A needlo latch has been Invented in Eng
- ad. IL in dabth in hurlars
?k'.ots of pork~idi~fl . icw 1,:v. , w 2',y
payil bee fha 4h- I. tin amoi~itit Ceti LO
$!Alii). pon iiii. 1.I Ini o~cr Nvvord R,
tii'he i: ill. a. year cdl shill wetiglih
r6eat tir Nvvig!! 1. tI iii this eilli beI pro
duo ('.tit Civ ticros wwiOSll'- tpa
i,.. "2. ( lii lmcIwl (if :rood shliivi vortt,
I will fioill fretIi ig ftw 111021. WvIll pro-)
duriiing tie i iiwili oL andtji1( No
Nvnltyer. A Peor t bl o~ i ot' theo year
more feed is t ivio ic it'l leo Voa~r ;.ow
3.i :.mol -Ioiil t p lt, Iis t (jiiifto' f1 e
'lli~o\Vitl all 111 iio l- it. S! irvlll'
tliin to 11101% ILLr fiait'i (i, ri thc
oitY ('iidv ontl thn i1-i val of 'I
(- 1-.tl~t 4. ieLe sliiiii 1'. up i i tk uil i n
tkl ha Qsg. maly avil 1 liiiives. of
tlie alittila;ov vIori 11101100iei (ho hiog-'
AMitd ho poilied fOr good .i1 read, fA
, t u,- lier.
Abou tirt iy I.e V() CIWS ngo, ai IndyI Was
inull otIii IlIk !till Chuiorch, iin it heavy
111l13 wasi Ilepe.,ili l %V.14~ (11-Y 1111 'ellow, as
it is foi. (Jie moisit pa:I ini 0i11 Iuiatily. O~f
liio byo ile Itrieit u leo~Lit .1311 gri 1ii il
thle ou being cccrasiii Q roimu ii the wlios
c win'g to thle WL'uil'tion or th li-avu yiiri
envliosiire by tito Feilevnia armay, thle grave
wasB 11ii ) tiei .~ ii'Ii to tho ul-sorpr cor,
thtu ggar, whoioi11h liaIi i'oino0VL thle up~p.r
ollin, hot pvtroo(ved wj1iii~ o( 2rai', :ao
1"es of' Mlt'eu Wit. Thie lSt hei take LLn MYl,
010r-6 lijii~CaredC It jerfect roCqC1"bI11 lii Itf
hum iian tigitr, Mei eyci' the~ """uSe m'oih,
C111'.4, 8111iii 1 ti icWet jiiirtii, ii very u iii.
tilel, hut front1 the crown oif tie hceil to 016e
FcOleli oldite feel, it wa. Cover-el Ivil It very
I out:, U1111, hu fr-in t' Ii Ji-j-. Tfli 1,1e
tligger UNiti tNesiiiii:r iN (or' Ylime it, hapj
oeiicl to lunch file upl. par't of Ilho *head;
No ia.' iii oe c s-tiiied OuIi be hf'orv, on
siini Me tivill ire 1i04Y Shrinik, aii1 ntot hing
titi lawt iei"Awuc in hiis hand hut a bandio of
rouiglihu, iiC. infieltiixiy 1Suiteiio it,
Uruivit'b I.:d coli
I R(RW~iIaxt i3 6f (11 ho oii~l 11111 ht,
&w. , ItLI- toOh ing IluL vogul ale, uandl tat it
iAi not, I lierofori', iiigrg t oi Fco thuot
giu', Oil btedic if alliuiui 9 iftel Owrl I lrted il
Ho Civ f(t'so Or -4 in y thleme jiitiiunotl
may tiu Otvi-m 'iici as v egetable~s, and unoy
iii-Q a1 0 i ''I)Iit uCO from dint. whcrt%
i.i hQ!p) p ltiui.t livo for
moull eil(5oai IILuld %V166 the r
30011 liS3 ojt of it,(-~i vurl oiillc ;fin r"O
wro1 iii i .:," i. -jI. ~~ei. aod 1biy I liosci.
"-h]Vto i flio i ( s, il fIlloir fi-oil I lio
NVo0rry alit v j. Ii I W; Octi ive. I ife.
When soie(ty Ve ti o linv 1.11 illea .0: is:
oif Ci' it.1 iI.-; 1,0 is, it tuni Miey
Chi iiaioc; i .::' ' iililwo
wealthI 1111',~uU fS 10 11 x-,i aii il (Ii ro
Exij.t<s.-A lut. letter from N exi
gven the ing iOwformnon conceI
Iing e"x.CXont erndt~ies in N\lexico:
"Among the ex-(Cotilederates still r
man1ing Ili thits c,21ollst ry miay be men4.1tic
c6'ex-Governor Thonas C. Roviuolds,
Missouri, Who is engaged itn the practi
of, Iaw, antid as ie sneak no b-.Z t I:
fonlt dil'i0irit ilmgt I&:Igep, the Govel1u
is driving :I very thrifty business. 1
has also rebently received the 'appoin
ment of General isluect.or of the Muxi
td Chalco . railroad, representing - 11
intermst of the Gjoverntnlltt ill tle swin
General Joe. Shelby, of Missouri,; h
jIst arrived inl IthA city. 1 1 is at pre
ent, otigaged in transport ltion betwe<
Vera Ur:nzand:tiho enpii. Aijor Ge
J- 1. AMagrtuler isalso here uld Say'
Tel my. frioids that I am sdil proud a
lucifer, and defy 'ing misfortute.' Ti:
Goneral's family is nis o hore with bin
Iajor Ltwirece, of M\isstiouri, and Nlij
tK'1wn.rds, of the saie Sftie, and Majo
Leorgo W. (Ihrce, of Texas, nro a
tere, notno of them are getting decided)
icl , they are all making a. oomfortabl
vilig, and have 'great exp(ietations
1enerns HindIman and Slaughter are it
.)rizaba. N. 0. Green, Esq, and (Ion
['ion, and Jtldge Perkins, .and Gov
lrriw aro at Cordova."
Am.NrST.-Tie Turkish Sultan, a desp
vho acknowledges the Mallithedanll fith
ins issited a decree in whioht nanieRty hia
>men offered to the Croinn inmatrgonts. Tiem
non re at. the mercy of Ttirkey. iind miglt.
f the Sultan choose to do so,.ho sent to4 tih
2XCClliofneand -heli' laCes be Csily sup
>h(,so, that. in their daith the coutr I'
volt -situn'er bi'ito leloss. The Sultan i
thlat iho' .Chrit101lans of the Purlton filth
Vho live inl tho New Enlnnd States, wol
inl a worse than henthen. Ie itt nor.n
!od1 nn idlea of i ru-t h11 of 4t h lhr'tin:
'eligioll as Ihe mnom igloralit of tie egtroc
t the South ; yet, with all 1tis, he p'o,!sse
he Christian virrtnes-ohnrily--inerey
Iilmanity----ingtinniity. and exercise
bom towards his ignorant henthen subiljects
Look on ihnt. pictilre-.nw otn tils 11
n onlight nei coutry, wh'ere Chrictialnity
s the only religion, and whro a p ty
ormeld on a pInit form of grtef tnorai Idoat
S hlpower, a- nn charged with the 01rimi1
If hiiving totE'an insirrection, and whosc
k* A 4pfaqne...haugh.asked to
S ' Iimny I me, Is lield -in pr11011; ttill
hore is 11o voice lifted by. .any one of ti
enlers of the party of great moral idOn:
iaking for relenso. Christ intis though they
iretentd to b, yet they permit. a follhwer o
io Prophet to excel thlem in tho sitiplest o
I m11111an viIln s.- Wilmington /Jie .
'TAKE: CAR:, Ont YOU'L, GMwr Su~ol
-Ottr frien', ,ohn Wilsot, E'q(I., hom
iavented a (Onn, for tho dotectioti an<
l-strnetion o buirg1:tra, whiclh f.t sutr
)ns'es any thing wv'e have ever biefor
men or heard of. It is so constructed
lint let the btirglrt enter thte hot
vierever to nmy, nil go itt whiateve
lirection ie mny, it i.3 impossible for
im to do othiterwitse thanl shoot himself
J r. Vils-on will, ive SItppose%, nt: an ear
y day, gel, a patent for his invention, n
noal. perfect safe guard against burglary
-better than half dozen Penitentinries
It will pay you to call at Mr. Wil
on's office and examino tis wonderfu
utvention.-Andeuon A ppei
ITon- D. W. Niddletol, Clerk of th1
3suprelo Court of tho United State
,,ives notice Ilint at the ensning Decem
ier term, thib general catuses brotgh
nio this coutri by writs of error or ap
Ical from the Circuit andt det riet court
or tile severnI di-tricts witihin the State
l-clared to be itt rebellion by the procla
natoin of tho Pi-esident, orthe Utnito
3tates, (dated Antgn~st 16, '18601, will b
salled and1( disposed of nntdolr tihe rtth('
11nd1 m reglar ordler-as they may stat't)
Theo itnst reorlt of lihe Comtmissionter
f~iImigration1 shto wc-h,ba th'e unrnbter c
)migrats wvh' hauvo' rived at Nt
c~ork dutring 'th' y'ear to Ot-tobbor I M
Was 194,492. The arrivals to the sani,
atelat venr wvere 1.49,2W1. The il
~reaso this year' ii 45,230 so far, an<l
vill douibtleps OXvCeed. .50,000' Ieforo th
doso of tho y'enl. The totual otmgrn
ion of 1866 wvill probably bo a' litt
mndor a'qua rior of aillion'.
.Dgnr.xsin.-We regret to learrn thait Hfon
F. Wyatt Auken, whto was oppointed by lh
loern~or, as the Stnto Agont Or (he purI
bhase of corn for -the poor of' Soilth Caroliun
tob'doolIned tiho appointment; In const
tuonco of what hto and othier prudent bust
1ess men01 heliooto be an impossaibility im
>esed by the rtooht ion of ihto Legislature
inmoly :That eh dollarW of thoebonids ls
tuod should boe o;nivalent to every hushte
if corn'ld down fn Chnl~oston or' C'.lum
dja. An oxtenslye corres pondenice with
p/aln-merohants, producers, had demons tra
ed that corn cnnnot bb.bought, and deliver
d within thotforms spooified by 'the Logis
atureo; and tho Coinmissioners has wisel
oft the0 matter t o be fturthter conaidered b~
ho body of whlich ho li amember,
FooD - 0on FATTF.NING PooULrn.
rite cheapost and moet' uaiauoou
Food -to uso for dt tnilui' every desorl[
af poiltry id gl'orhnd oats.;. the .whole c
thte gram is. grounydi to'nAneR liowdptr
tnothmng ,of anty kind is tak~en' from ii
WV~hen it 1s p~roperly groutndf one buti
of the meal will mnoro -elfectuttily fto
poulary than'- 'btshil End 'a haltf'ofan
other meal. -The greatest point in fal
toniii poultry is to feed thtom attdig
broak .,
JThmei, Irookcs, -proprietor of t
Now York Evingq Express, has b10
ltdfoCoftgress by armajorI1
This isa arebuke to the RaGidIcal
Congress, who ousted aitr.' - Boolt
fromn kis anat to giv-placn tta Dodg

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