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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, November 28, 1866, Image 1

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41 OLN VINNS111ORO, S. C.)tv WIIN I S 1) Nit-lIEI 28 MORNNG, INO. 24'
T'11 iE
TVernll .--T Iu1; 1e IF . ).I i tIi,bI I.IWIeki
ly inl the l'oii III Winnsbor 1 :t cvin .09 in.
i ' ll at ' i ' tt*,
Mill in ni va noe.
Ob(tary NopticeS &:nd Triutes L' n 5I r
To",. 0,7'!,r they i*lw fly t rive,'" I.,
A kniight at -i al '! y ..-- y ;
Ai n they w .Iietl I Iho deep ind el 13i ig t i(le
IRuill iL floAwiry iislet stray.
A114d, ohi ! for 1hat flower of' brilliant lalte,
.aid (liu tIo laly lie,
'To hang iy ineck with the blossoms blue,
Ani braii nmy nit brownt hatir.
The kIight hia: iutnged.l in the whsirling
All for the lady;s sitile
ihI- h10 swiins iho staI' with Cou)trago
And he gnins yin flowery ie.
Awl his fingra have crojit Ite blessumomsI
Atl tie prize they bem wart.1 boar,
To fleek heis love wlit h to brilbritll. hue',
Anld bttid FI.*1 liir u-brow n hai'.
IlR the way is Iong I the ettrntit strong,
.An,, alas for ilert goillant. Imight ! -
For ite waves prevail, and his ntutni im3
Thutigh cheered by his lahly's 4ight.
Thena fhe blossomas blite to fhe 1:intk ie
iEre hI sank in the eddlying ide;
And I'l'ady, I'm gone. thino own knight
I tie,
Forget. tme no(," Ie criel.
The farewell pC'Ize lihe lIIy caiuighI,
Awl thence. As legcids Yay.
The falwer is a Rign to a waken It hought
Af friettds ieho Iar fi away.
For tle l1.y air of her knight ma Ite
Mtil re a n ee I il k-p%; lut.
AMi he christed the (lowers of irillit
Aniil sh braitledl her hair wift the hlosms
b ile,
A--nd she etfltil il < ,I- r tile It( !"
Remarkable Cao of I'right.
A MAN iI T u V:m,' win I: :: x
A. Paris cirrsliidh nt of the No/j,>n
I'el'ated the caa of aL wll known tutitnm'
ennewho isi v.o.ideed for as bingll w
mn io talit an.1 e. iouet.i',n. of cool and
ilethodical ;V lemp r.. o1- , a', d about Ihl...
ty years of age. 4611l at becoile, mttt:,
iuepectod to ltims'-II, tho' iero oI a nine
days' :t of wondert -ut, on (lit part. of'
th111rC ins from11 the fa)Ct thathis hair,
'.1ack and" usua1;lly 1 xmliont, hasv Uwenl
WIlen i nIt v41 ' a I ~ Inight 1under th!;
impre.ion: )If a drea u.
'Wo lihonhl not give place to f1o
arti tfve of thi.ts alar advenare,'
-sy. the eitor of Nim /'K.n in "u
thetm 16 illeble'. t wa r mn~~vten
lio ed "w reit notL that \. N -'1 - is
p ontally weYIV! knows 0 oi as na tilth
fi and'. honoi-ahle mwll, and~ has1 himself
furiniishted us wi.ith he I etinnt Iwe mit
hli, aflitrIming on oil thet a.1solute ox.
act.n'ss of eveV dIail herin g-iven."
Fromt theacconuit thui gientoth
public, it, aIp.a"ri thatt .\ r. - ,w n
insqpectar, ceroinn minefral tracts inl Br1it.
t'uf, stopped on4e night it a litt!et road .
h iving walkedI many i.' los in th. oCtsIel
of te da~y, .\f. C ---, on reachinhg the0
inn felt iiired. lie neacordmtgly' went-to
bted early, f[ll a-h-ep t on 41ce anid dremn -
td, lie asserfts ht folloin;g d ream:i
lie thought het hadl just beeni appoinit.
ed to lho~ tnagr1hip of thie mitn in
qluest i n, aid'hie was~ bus~y itt supermten
inig the wotrk of the~ mtiners,* when'i
gr ounid. 'thtis itmn rough and ill bred,
addr I(3essed tt new manai ttger rudlthy,
V re.proac'hin~g himt wiith-his ivnactivity,adl
'Insteadi of standling thore. wh hil youtr
armIls folded,. seing~ti otlier mn work,
you had1( better 'gu downt into tho mlhino
* and drawv the pantt of' it. as you engaged
to do.
"I. will go down and btegini the4. diaw
in a nce'," riepliedi thIt young engineer,
r10and annoyeodt at the m1annfer of' b s
Placin g hiimself furthiwith ini the h~as
' ket,.hIt orderedvt the mten aL, (lie winidlass
to let himi dotwntini th1(le mine. This
dono(1;fIlo basktet .reaced~! thel bo:. ttm,
and tJiea summ1Itonini a couletlt ,of the
wiorkmena to Drecede htim with their lamips
he cx phered o varionsq galleries of- Ihet
neifl, andul .iv'ing inadelt aL plan1 of' cie
workhg.s rettuned to-t hie bottom of tho
ha, tinte) bas11iiket., aind g tvo sig.
:ial foer (lhe ascent. As hol placed'( himit.
iielf' in the basket, he remaruketd the great
thicekness of the rope ' wicht srOved1 to
hoist it, 1and( caje La1ted thtat, the inell
being Imusnatlly deep, the ascentt could
itearcely be - ccomidihetd inl loss thanit a
qmar'ter' of an hour..
H e had been ascenidig thtus two or~
three mnutes, when, chancing to raise
his aye., he espied svhait seemedii to him
~to be ait abraslon of the .rope by widch
he was bothg drawn up. S3tetfod by
-this appearanice, he fixed'hisi eyes oni a
pobrtton of theo ropo which hasd attracted
lhs attentionl, and sa1w distinctly that the
rope was cut a fow feet above his head1
just out of'reach of his hand. ,Rfis terror
at this discovery w~as such that. he near.
ly finted. Rousing htimself, bty force of
wilit.fromi t estupor of autsplenjdo, whlieh
Io nol ;i h wa; iot mi>ekI en~. 'l-ie rope~'
hadMAWI robdaiasme pLgteo
lim l roc N I y wall h :Ih Ilm mi e.O ni.
:I i P su1 ndw I, wero" toT::m l owly
buht vii.uiAtc idel injrt ptint th
.tl kneVi.;S i'o ltt t m enisocabpi l w u.
r l r to l e t han :m b? I lt : .
do li was so- ldedl ;. the ) oniim o
mn o l1reli ei If l~ eaii :11 I p kinct' * 1P
Tipl h c ottd ee ! ~ I Igt I u1tv 11 11 f t I h i
th ut i te IIIr hopelI . - es of h IIc. 4 IIis p :osi !t )In
v hile hb III;it(to- the very unu-lrow '1f h' sI
I ... It t rie 7d t 1 cII It, bI u t I
Sa u, I fe otue . Moevr, h I e
fl t that, i he hM Mia himslif
heard, (which was ttielly ii p osible,
a heP'was now hlalf way p,) no hinni
Iolid rell him. hookInlti up
wards he coul se daylghh P t (6 h
iuth of the shaft, bright, but dis
tantl, like a star. Ga*.zinlg downwards,
over the edge or the basket, at at
path that i it ad himI.dizzy anud ick
to look down to, e Iould s See' like so
many glow wormsi, thle lamips of the
minier.. And the ba1ket inl til t mean
ie, mounto I ihIead higher
evei n thelly i lg fit', rope c ra tkilng audi
dy 11 m er tI h incereasin)" tA rain of t(lil
a c ylt. le ul u fo ta e en-.rinner
alw ulearl that, thIre wa oi possi
bility Of eC.apig the horlrible rate
Maing him, and e h i almkost iount
fhe seiond.i that woub11 14 ioaple. ero teilt
breaking of the r qwe mkuia preipit ;te
him inl'1 thiet Iearfunil vidi blo* w . Sait(pb
waS thl intenhity "f his; an..qiih that
he wa. theilptodl.tbid its duratimi
by throwing himself dmn ut lnee in
steadl ofa i h te JinIw ievi
1ab1e1 instant. 'A i'hestated, long.
i i , yet, rearing to take the feait i itI
eapte f baset reace 1d tile Ioith of
lie shart. 1i was saved ! Wiii th:a
h4id cry it leaped from tl;e baskt,
awnilf'?as lie felt. Olve lre tie s'.lid
earth lbelnath hi- fee t .
The horriha-:f..ur was <6lv A,
(Ir'aml ; laut 1 - w t roih i g
V eN l, fl i l tw inl per pira til:ili :i00
Ip hlT e 4 tli a auom i :t oir
ntor illhi a s1t1 0 nd. Afttih: a 1 t Im h o rl
Cove, h 1.4 v 1 o u1, n ul w s fa r
1) o be al to ring Nr help. The
peohd -if the inn h en'. to bY 1'.
S oI hS but !o old 11.1t. at fir-st. r
ioe t their cutolmer Iea 0-4! previ:l8
evening, rot is axiariant ravEn Lair
11md herolnne perfectly gray. All!,
tran1gr thanl ev. n thi pIhiyit ! er
d :ne of the violence of the* em>ti m*
ho hal ilr dul-rring-his trole kbed
sh.er1, her l1y upon hiS ed1, lnd
evidlenly drawn by his owvn hand, a
plan oflthe adjacent mino.e. ht, wai te1
visit the f lli n day, 'i t whichir to
had never szaen1, and141ofwho'.. internlal
or lngemli en ts lhe had no i .:- I ; :add
tIk planl, so unlaceountably p-ded
proved, onl examintion of the 11ninuei,
')Ito. l a utely corret in izdr par
So mneh0 for the dsory vouhi ed for
by one f, the five "fleadinlt jurnecials"
i f t h i sc n a pli t a l ; i ts p11 l a a t io l I l e a v e
t the Pnlgnuit of yot re er ll
The LincohiAlhninOng'ts
Of lhe N. Y. e/dh wrtesf.
A unitswain, fortiv r of the ree
ino, ship vSeiod, fnoi larogden, who
d h'ijO DrAy Torl :.--,~i an d vs eentdly
tailed wasi fl51ta onu th)eNewbern t
Ot. Key West.0 I~eies ta very in[el
ligt~i, and no~o dovirenngot ractet
aconutb no d(nio, af tIii prl tI c -ltio
ohe incolni~i115,h asa saon1conspirator
Coind a~tll~t Dryportgoa-Dr MtudJ,
Sp anglerami O'boghhn and oA rnbl.rA e
-choito hili staltnt lir. Mudkd has
reovr firom theiii ldigratce pintsi whieh
ht~e ell longhmil hrl hisate pai ep
i0it thi stae inne S gbli'iy Scotrt,.Iaill
byhes. mr.ha Safter tist fu ios
attr pemptioi tn tae of hiyl~fiai free:- n
dom, heik was rmoved frthe mo dtedisa
dirpnitr lfine which' he adl gets de
liaildis anl o assitanto, and toledto
doienr~ii the rpmenial work ath p'ri'
onemr. li is a retroe o hisd o'i-p
stio and'enjoysgevn gldAratler coni
deo ltnevr arcs ainwr. to teir .l
eniln edno.s,'he actsol na S ied.
gisoo ner hi ofased prnkn
sas 1[tment and Reposcomfortvs of liberngty
altloe tim, heisalthoa ha pkendno. upn
aminglyim s Auchnso. thts altin*
hvarrsly uitr helt nwrthan when hce
believes that h willishot be pardsoed
i Rnn of a M odan Exhutied.
ui. coure ercionv tie' inl iony
.\ lft Ilttuing Con np~y, 1"Iaw-bn,
tIrty I - be ti6. m :-m. ;f I r CfthA
*!ar'.h. T Jis relic of( th , 1 :b : 1!1vi-a
ago il of in n -ne PrO)P>nin ;. 1" I has
aorietel AP9 n umi of ol iN mi
stlnsof' Nati- Ire fro ail 1):ii-t- of t he
citOiry---lIters of inliptiry respecting it.
an(l po'-, ,-ml exaIninI:ItionIl he Ing bee
I-:Ioj! byv Fome~ of the wo-, (lislingnli d
v o . o t h e ! : h 1 i t .1 - ).i v "
ter~l:y een t.his~ wonderfI:d ii ..ve
was) eciIdb he excavationl of sil
" I I 'erouI" Lais.o. I.; whieb c':,
p'M! nAe:- Liy th'hones or framework of
the tiiaa:4odon. . hAghity five fet below
the carth's surfice, and abouit fifty feet
b -low tihe place (if the original discover,
the work:nenii yester1ays caml)( uponi the
remailinii ig boe, consisting as Foilows :,
-Two tsks, back!ono, t ie upper j:aw and
cralniimi, a imii.nibr of ri b.4, tihe hip bmieC.,
shorthler lhoiles, and2 thie bores of thu
hind lg.Thuo,lusksj were e.achl nearly,
six feet, long a lI about nline miehes in
diaie-ter. One of theim ipon exposur )
to Ih I.. crumb114., d o plices hike clhy,
r-nii tiet sub.tassce in appearnee
Th f rib. of whieh there were. four.
Le.- femnd. are aboutour feet lonw, the
larg' blln:, tCno f.-Let. nin. inlc!es The
;,t.-r j k mb ! is fmiut --i ,iniie i'n in.i
!aui''from th exin-mnitv of thue blow5i to
the m'nonia i:,: :acron tim forcoead
W Vua1Ie,; ab11 tnt uhr..- fuol. . heav y is
it Ih:iL i. waus wViWith dli ti .Y four labor.
e s oluild IvIE! t!e maviss The sockeots
Im wli;ch originsally wore located the
eV0 of the miion.ter are almost la-ge
.imoigh to :nit Ohe 1h-:1l of a1 tun",
'The. hil-hon i e s iv f iel.- f n and weigh-s
('ne iluttired porsml ;.the sho~'si'ler-bilaes
(0'11. : H 11111 u *. hoil ' I 5( ::. ij \lv~
T'~fi ~~1 Iol oif,
io : I !o- Iw 'oin i h d
about ':ei -nol. :'rb. Te hi..mI bon'
5te ln at le 'w~ iiwe n::irils t
Ar 'il: l i:tr !e' in ea 1 r111 ; : ,i L.s.iuI . .b fv
ofs it h. L b s ,r A1.0 mat in
are cins ei ha:i-rs propobi' iu t se
ilr I n y n i- m lee l. I
M'r:rIrob. (A Y .11 Co.) -ge,
jemlio :n-I(n .tn : h is covery was
andl ;ronrommed it, th Iost re.
nurkab se niirl Ive-n1, of the 1at.
\ zur~ufe w nw byte melted in its
S.:VeWra.! 1u).% melva of wi::v. am 1111h
a1 -vtory accu rat ideoa can lit :eormtrled of
Oft- . 11.l1isl \Vis rI ne"el'ing, 1. ai0 to
Isie i* :.line weiitl reortm i oe.nst
whichl it, b.hmg-..d. A fter1 o ,pariation
o r fI Ah I ce osbabl, '.he Seven
parts willt be re Imited..
e :.New York /rrA//, of the lith
A Iespach by the Cable, vesterda y,
iftnforms usitat itei Tory di uvernment
its .dienelans is prlsering a plan to
11h11k dohnight reornovoeent.
It anoedorabiiatchm
for ballin the reformers, inl thle omay
eiy .t overinent refori imeasur,
which is to be l aid hn dte table until
Ihe snceedi us on the Ministry
genrously AMrin the llubse (of Com
IOns, An opportils nity of conJt(idringrt it.
in the me an'tim. Whenever th To
risohtained wer, they wee ah ays
acscsonlo g~to makie aoy highe' hidfor
doar o ~ fav r a the i predesc essr
tsin oili c sb t thir attems in t.'jhis di
reaotioni wlaee usuay cot nse orm
pedi. lo i n the p tad anc e acond(i
fretionofpubli intflligne, wjuickenede
as iiist byed toh agtlti of igh andI s
dhi coll-.ys,;to ther Tory ' overmand
thepdeare to) demand in theu ofte ofb'
ithe moentiitate o crisis bwic ver
aroratc ond land-ose wg Gven-n
miis placed0 t gistit a nst tmbarrsing
hardit ii, hotwevet-heaopula clemor
forntit of suerage, writichn tlhey
cannot, acde t- j o witot ign ain h
dniwrnt of the rtir ownordor wridh
the deis ito the retain' tingdo offfi
Ahich, withoutnsoe' otice1stsionymst
in-the .rtist stat f affi'e velry
The i obect rof~' 1 thisne y Gbve-nmVet
~isI doubes ori rio andt to weak
en thve efecs of Buprgt'os ofittion bytst
stoe assuranie of prsa oproise. W~(,e
ernm et will scared oieflaingeJohn
Bri, nd nto Cy re mor the hcirt airn
that nof trefor masur wic-te"o
ro dare introduce wll'sI at is thl
mandst of the Bvrnis phi woiothte
pre~sen ihsru- etentnnto a. .lihd h at,
prevailts~ i thsoe teakir ndmsccc
nd o'ae fastda beomnge'ced to o h
igin Couert. pror ion si thae usr
tsmaabi''doivesosnolerpcir. oe hi
long thg wl istrcard lonnes abtoget
toey lin.--We. isearno thateis.n
['em FEurope
Tl heT nmian .stenmer' (Vty of !;ta
' ft Li erpool onl tle 7th, a ahIt
New York on S114Id.Iy. 'l.h1 6'.lh- Ving
a suunniaary of liews
A depltatioil Oil t .isulte f ti ie
Atlantite and Paciic liailway tin ugh
Nicaraulla hadt waited oin tho 'F Aime
Mallister (t tihe.. Treasury. Lord Der
by Said i at theundertaking .p car
:I to11e a mod-4 imaasportai t iatera"It on:
IIne.. Il" .t ronigly .tlvi,isl the le uta
ti"on to briln tle, inat.ter at once iore
tha.' J'ireigII Ollice, and v-rid tOv 9 iu
tle mlweaitile lie would brilng e.
fore his colleagues.
Tho Star rumor Ias it tilat the I, v
erlii11neIt .a re! :11 ranginIg a brillianat !1ain
for thi lt lin of .Iin 01e
conIing i.ts'ii. A Ieform hera I of
.Ao1me sut. or other will, it i: a, i, he
shaped out and laid uponl the t.,lle,
the (Government generously offering
the house a full opportimity of Ooni
sidering it, by undertaking not to pro
ueed with it until the following ses.
'the London. 7Yimes understands
that the British Government have do
termined to withdraw their diplont
ic repraeastnitive from the Court of
Saxonay, and to break upithe estab.Ili
encait of' tie British Legation at ) ieS
dcI. The ineorporationa of the xaQ
Kingdoiml inl the 1.tussianl monarch; is
thus formally acknowledged.
'Vte Tiows says the general resul of
the exlerilicltal cruise of the Bii.-h.
ir.of-clad .quadron is satisfactory.
Tsqad1 ron included . nin iron-,
lads, includ ilig. ill the var itti of
the fleete~ and they successfully kept
the sca for a ioith duriug the 1
aitinnal equinox, showinglaod
weatherly (iualities and high Iates of
'lpeed, aind it is claimed that tile res.
sets represent a combination I iim ak ita
not poses:,sed bv the iron-clads of' aiy
of hair State.
T'lhe Emlparer (Af Fr.Ialicc - lac iNV.
I the Impelrial uard oX the .19ris
Aa I'i4 on il iihe Bois d IBoillolge. iho
a i lIipsscd off iln t II iIost bri l1;% t.
Inutell igenc ~e fromt Jiokhar a e o3s
that tlie lam ir has r-eleaSed t . s
sian mrllcadts' wholm lie had ell
ed, but had agati iiiade prep
for dcfcncQ. No 'Co ienllllatioi e
ing forthcomling fa'roin t lae Emaa1ir at t0he
Oxpiration of the torm fix al by the
11ssianls f1o rli a reply to thiel proposals
they had made to the .11iAmir,the Ris
sian (lovernor-General, Kryschanow
ski; crossed the -.hikharian frontier,
ad, after a seigc which listed eight
days, took by assault, on the2'd Uit.;
the fortress of Uturbe, capturing six
een guls, four flags and Iaany prisol
ers. ThelI, Russians, it is stated, lost
throc Iilicers and 100 men killed and
wounided. The cnemi s losses were
The London and (hiail Telegraph,
ill annouicing the declaration of war
by Irance .against Corca, saye the
news con firmaas 41 - previ statellelt
tia the Frnch Admiral pwimlt wt el
tirely onl his owan reponliibility aid
without tiae special instruations of his
Government. Ile has tliss, proAably
pIrecipitate-' S-(Wilal (oca-hina hilla
conflict for w.i60 tlh-. %flperr wil
not thaik him.
The Telgraph hi s also receivtd
news of the Amariean schaoter G ein
raal Sherman haaving run ashore, O)cto
bier 5, on a v'oyage for Co'rea wilhI a
large crew. Tflac telegrama says forty
persons have beenl miurderedC by thke
)h'I.. Cnora' nD I11(m1 -Paluas. --
Byv tiahe retrn ofm 0hn e 1ropis froml aull pa~rts
of' thec coriry a it. app)ear s that1I abaun Ilaco
prevakil everyl whae'e. Praovisiaons of evtery
diescriptionl waer 'e nleiver so plentiiiifullasi
in view (of tis fact it maay he askad why
re(tai l ices of all artite in ehily1 coan
sumplltioln iln tile blonchihils of bo0th iebl
andl~ poor~l should bo so ligh ll.-t ween''l
lie avarlice of the~ speeniat~aors and ofi uthIe
uanw illigess of r'etaiI de <h-a's tot relinI
riish the.e(xoriikant profiis which they
lh vibeenu. realising sine~b the war lbegai,'.
the liaiblic uA com)pell'ed to .pa/ pries
for the necessaries of life whaicha are little
better than extortions..
WVith thet except ions~ of cottoni, nyery'
other prodtuction of the cotmutry has
been most beatiif'ully devemaped. Ian
the items of meat, poultry. butter; and
chaeese, we hauve the :aoaly-of a gint
I eda artket (and high prices. It, is triue
that thero is a comnpa rativ'o dim0 inutionl
it the ehnarges of butchlers andli gricery
nicalersq of late ; bait. , n n will. deniy
thhi. the prices dlomanuuded are Still en-.
tirely abov4e what they ought to lN,-doa
Mierinig tiae immne supply on h'anud.
'There must he an chiange ian thais sini0 of
things be'forec matay dark, and no' one
wall regret to seie the specnlatoras sivere-I
ly bitten.. In iae di-y roods b:Aiess
there is a considetrale Pstaiglnao, lar'ge
stocks-n hanid arnd thae failure of a mar
ket in the- SoullIi to bjring doiwnI the pr
ceis, and~ they ha ve,accordinagly aba ted.
Theli samei condaitionl of tingsf maust soon
operato im a like inanner with the pro
visions markets. Thao prie -now d
lAndied are athout o-ethird. moire thjal a
rair vle facor lho staple articles of coin.
RIim p1iop. Consumerg, thleremfor, haVe
ai right to expect speedy relief.-Na. .Y.
Ilkral 10th.
To drlalini lanldsi-drinlk whitkey and
spend( aill your timok at the village tav'
ern. Th~lis will dirainl you vf all your
lands-i a ort tiaaa...
'fTle Squire ard his Wif.
The! Sepair. hlo arin visit hlim
on ies nilni wta N Ikv. mnech :1num
4(1 to ht' in , - 0 4-d I ..v ; f* . it)
cam% to lil wha he wanted tor
'G a ay ! let I alone !' ot -impatien'itl y
said the .Rinire0.
Husinessdined hi frind till dinner
rilne, and the( Squjlire urg~ed Jii to re
Innin. Thel( Hq~lure wa.- :. genecrous pro
1i -rp otl at. 1i. 1 h ; .a1i Ito coimi
phle-(.n1y 'scorted hi; frieil Io li 'eIt..
A lii III tIeI Sulr)pri.4 4f1 4bth, 114.v IV
nlothing' 'In Ow he b ard butL a h d.. aiil of
bl. which Ihe goiiJ n if. bwg:11 q[tieily
to av uip.
".\Mv der. *hi the s''i-tr, ' vhere.
-Teeare.nonec to dhay, rel.dhi,
'No mets !' w hat in the. name or
poverty.d Te vegeables then I Wvhy
doil you lve the vegetables?'
'You didi't order iy vegetaile.s.'
'Yon f*orgll-t,' coolly answered thet
'I asked what. we s"Ainil Ivp, nnt
you .:aid Lettace alone 1' 1 Itro it is.'
Tho f iend burst itio a tigh, and tihe
Syure, afte r looking hirid iidl huigbri
Olis a n101e113t joiined 1111.
'Wife, 1 give it up. -1 owe you One.
ivre is thfIy dollhr, y{m wanted for
that e:p , wieb I 1i 11- a111a.' 'Phe
SIire forkeitd over. 'Now iet's have
p 10ce- am l ' iSom e d i Un -r.'
T Im good woaa plocketed11 lthe paper,
rlig the bl-l, nd a sspinols; repast., of
fi1,, pontitry and vegetailh, were. brought
A hew da A af-rward, ile Sq'ire rp.
Iluailted workit fng it kis:1 l- smnile lttlme
niier thle usu 1l h ur. ini: wif. grew i
pntient of '1itLy, and w ntto !i i him.
lIS exMno, when Alhe aaked wita lit
vas waltiig f-ir. threwl her into a tiltter
of e>-eitemt:i2
0114 s enha.t: i ;)pper 1 lit'
exlimd '\ y ;W i o teAl nie?
I decla:e von aret Il. ' rovtkingiL
lint wilof. askin..dwhich of hi.
frwnds vuas expe ted, sit hlateined to
phangeo her dres an.I .lich up' her hair
on the occamon. This done,- .:hio came
out aid fuiiid thle Snii- sated at th
..ble, reading its iews paper.
'Where's your. comip:y V
\ly compaly ? I haidn't any compa
'IV. W
'13 7 11sne voit D j)'lCIl -:41 4n1i(hodv4
to supper ?' exeilaimiieJ tim indiganui
wli ('.
'My d.ar, I said no :,Ih ti41g. You
sked wIt was it'itig foir. and T
said, 'Sum inns' to come to supper.
That's what I was wailmit for mny duer
A id I C1le atn
'And( yout havot- fl ma on me > ln
cliang my dti .r ('), 1 pay you for
lhis !f
'No matter abli.u ii, Im. dt-nr. I owed
y0o1 rememlie11;r for thaitlene.
A Toteixost Y0111:-r.-- \111111ma
andli iini wife vrb 2't'prin~1 'itoei- q
('IqIt 111 44 1)1Vi3 wJ lle liii'1111ill! l 14iid,
1br1241 u itnry i the honm) e ol a i nd,
1 n nile d41 ' rt'e ry, my diei2 . r .hi.'
iud 1, in'dink oI 1me:h1 al the par y
l i y; you wii pro aie' l 'te. w ua t pil . "
I idshei, pliting her 4'n, upon hsebro
niul raising Wer eyes in his l'ace with n
pi " t m .ing nde. , ' :No, Millie, I will 110 ;
You y, Itrust Ine." fil l Ohe %ra pped0 b et
lifit ill n lf: bh kli le, 1a11l Iey desecended,
The hornm- wcie Moon% prnneoing Over ithc
tuirl. and at pleensant coversation beguiled
thei way- v'N 4w L'idon ' 1 foreiou r i prom-ol
pasdipte wn'ier'a.4 tI' hishe wasbuku
thve wtife oan who ~'li ilve tolli lho'k upon
1the wie' lihen red..4 41 i'f haIc i p~l paived
pienrantly; 2 th ti me'll )414 for dear mik drow
near;le the w'ifen descended41211 frim'th aupper11
through helrk beating her henr: se selye
himu,Ife ahlwa' licted;1', hie chad brokena
hi<l prn' ftilenxtlyey'e rode thomewned,
bsavel whe'n~ (h na bt kon ma rEh sinto
clo. 10 1.er gaehenrI..no-bive ma there'I io
h~ed'id.i lhey lippr~elan-d ai drmken
fswolene tm. .A wiler s me eitom shie
reine her ie him, --11 l her i'cdarli iab
cN lomel.rapp e i blank--ters, alms.
Olferf'?~n thedkwatr the~d noe stee fe
boreoIthe an.1ihe o t hey rahed 4,4 he
llanksoh of elr'aked fior ha chd With
itei~t'iriI- Ca qoendei-re.'I -rne k
iit hr heart1 no bab wakti tere;' b ithad
farbery kn(41 o Auvwrild hreiek for h
011111r8s im and b~ e rone rund
just in me te the alittle. osy0e ofs
one momen ove the darkit waer, then
dury yo Thletgu 'ofte n ofthe andre
meoreo the fate arbtteriacgknd ha
desribd. -ago Nee
"Who'r thre aw on, Geogia, by te
na me ofnA ldeoffn at tnonce trouor
thA corumnd, Wo the paper.bg W
"overy o a.hereigllnigt."y o
"Qullr and fter Wet yreprodn't is
For nna tadult bak a tiable spoo tof
bnonter nexy aoi w or
Cholera Iientnt,
. iOnrinig tihe prevalence f ithe epidemu ic,
from which,, happily, we are now en.
lirely freg. m1an111y bra vea learts vre
zilroek witl. terror lest it, shonid enIe
their own domestic circle. A lil inl
vident, has just reached our ears, posses.
,sing stullicieit of tOil strange and start.
ling to mnake it worthy of otite, tih rou 'h
both fnime and space admonidhi it- tIt
brevity must be observed in its reci
tal.. .
On own of tche streelis runitng iad
;el wit)h, and ?lot fir I&o itroatlwayv,
l ed a married couple who had ot
I rare'ld togthet.r ..very sillooile inc
theY hal been made one b:-li. ''Il.
hsband, tiougl not, a bad am,. 00".ca
-itn1131y tookl a ir.opl too mitteh1, .a1tl oil
uich occaiol.I happilnsCs w'a.i the ex
ception in' the homivirodl. The' wili.
had a thousand dollara in greenbuticks,
which she had saved and alwayvs ea-ri
Id vith lier, and beinig mast'-s pirlit of
tie firm, she would ntot. allow it to Ie
-neroacled upon, but, onl the coitrary,
"tndeavored to augmetnt it.
Tio wife took th' cholueira, an:1 her
huuband, obtlining a pennit., ai I er
.<ent to the Cit.y Hospitil. It ii not
known that ie accompanied lier thither,
though lh0 must have v~ijied her. (I'le
morning, , the nurse being (it of tic
:owM for soime timil, rettilrned to tihe bed.
ide of the poor womnm, and discovered
her, to all appearale', dead. The iue.
tor was ftO tllud ad nade his ol'.tvAi
tion1. No pul-ation of the hieam
turetit Tig 0 e it I sitt tt it ot'pthe I li )t 1
breathin, -thing-to dlisipate- the W11..
'tionl and ae.' ion thittt the piatioi, . as
dead, w.a discoveei, and the l-arni.
disciple ":f A'Qculapisu. plotnouiced ler
-dead. Site was forthwith dirobed,
placed in a rouigh ephu ini-Auwd by thet
city, antd conVilyd t t 114 de Id IhouI se,
lOr rather dead-too:n. Fl-r hotirs ishe
iay, apparetitly. a corp-, With all the
r in of' death. A fler tht shaid
ows of night had closod in, the walch
matt took a look it.> the room to se e
that all wAas riglt. Fromil the iisido' of
MW2: of tibe Collins at perptiic I,:tecin2:
w:I". heardl. Hu1perstilion ned hhnm ; hiv
shnamellud the door aftr himt alt. wet.
-to 1!tblrfY uther Iirlies ol O1. Vnystejriou
I'llp Ping1;, at11d se'veral accomipantie.1 this
tmatI to tho teiporary recpitaclu of the
W hten tie door opelpmd, a nght mlt
tle ga. of' theI party which tmado the
roots of tLeir-hair tingle aild caused
theim to feel at weallkless in their k nees.
The "'corpse" had ra'sed the i lid (if tihe
coltir aid' was s:1in1 upight't in it.
"W I here am I ?" qa vi she. The nua Iter
Was e!xplained to her briefy. Filled
wil, anger, all ihliess havitg steoeiintgly
departed, slht let, loose tlilood gates of
her pa sidti a t tie i.lea of 'eing.r cnelo vl
in sttch a'colitenidtilti rec'ptele . Phe
hail a thtonsind dollats vihen she wat.
to-t I u hospital, she said, anid she d,.
tmolded to know whero it had gme -
the atimMt woUld have g Ven11 Let dr
ecimt sopulture. The attenlant's were
.immblo to oxplil the w 'hereabant.u of
thel utissi ng-I1oney, and tho vomuan de
n1lan1dd.1Ito ho A!torld to herself once
more, that sho might liursiu tho thief
who had robbed her, and secure to her
body, if' she were to die, descent, htirial
The "resurrected" ono was helh ied ot
of her narrow prison hotuse and aken to
a more genial cambttier Iit. here ia
othier dIlhlcuhty aimc---bmer clothes had
beeni destroyed Suita ble a ppjare.l ho w.
ever, was fuirnishted, an:d ott hiningtt httr.
self otnce more (of. t he flesh lIeshi, aid te
bjloodl blood)'shte insisted 'ott st atm ng at
ote mt salrch of leir Ifusbanid, whIo1 she
thought -anid -parhapis edtrectly.----was
consolitng hunshlwith the tousan diiell.
har.s, atnd the i-a ,It. somt it heir
dlaughtter of 1'vo wodhl contsole hi lone
ly htours
'T'ie-Surmgeon, observing that tm'lain
was9 compartiively we'II, anid thitings it
m'ighlt dlo her tuotu haiu to retablither
t-hna'iormnit, her udeparltureX, hiad the iron
ga te openi for he'r ex it.
Dariknes~s htad set in era shte teachbed
herhubad's pla~e of dottniiltamo. Shte
opened~ it. With eyes fairly startinig
irom thoir sockets he gatzed-wordJs io
e!d'hibftL-hae w,as' paralyzed w'ith featr'at
then [email protected] a~litlion: AL longibh
ie wife~ demarti.ded why he had robbed
her, itnsistinug at, the sattmo titmi that shte
wats not deald as he no doubht boned slit
we,-metd'abio had comue homo - hts wottld
RhfduL harder t~tuan that to-gEt riud of hetr.
Thebc huttbnd waus too tastouiishtiu, lioni
fledt, to believe his eyes, tad ho beggedl
theit "ghost"' to laos -- -shte mnight Ihasvn
I he money, but for God's sakes go ai wai V
and not destroy hitm. A,, his lihe imaii
wi,hu fear tad Lrembaling, handdedi her't t he
meissintg monnyj, wilich idhe took ; biut she
wvas (lot. to be dri'vn froinihr hiome10, andtt
entered theo house. She hand no stootier
dono1( 8o thant hter husbantd, miinus coat
and liat, rushled ott ->f tht back .door.
;nto the yard, and over the fetnce, anid
that is the last thant either his wife or his
friendsl have seeni op' himt.----StI. Loukv
Aingular casec of suicidlo occurrted
near Chlictago on Tuesday evening. An
unlknlown womanti ea's seeni to s~tid so
near the tnrck that the( train. as it ldas
appiroachintg the city, brushed her dress.
fShn.waus qmite sober and appeared per'
fectly saint in 'lter atw'rs to guo.
rica addre-sed to h~er. A lht tie after 1 0
o'clock she'succeeded tmn carrying oim
h ier strange resolve, A freight. 'trami
aphproached, she0 plaiated hierself. i e
way-, and, as a conseguence;1was im nt
ly kllul
jpiaIicl. T1o go' if' iL %i'rc possble,
Ii I(4 1'o II I thisJ woluit of illL'11 wioldd b1o it
.:i .si~o (gc'-j ':s lIiit that of' explor.
ilig Illf whlo wa~kinig w~orld ; fur ill
,Ivo o' verv iviw eim wio is n poe~t, front
' Ilk, 6111111 I!:it. vhi''w-s to Its tOicaii: to
ItoI''.1 .1 14od-l. v."44!, to d) C~ 'l111zA 11
Aiimiit Paltl,d atL tile Iievs of so.
. i V 1)ok 11 .!r h41 :1II4. i !4i~l
\l)il. i ii ill ' 14 hlI lt i i ll'~ OwI I ctit
fesol' ,( Ow fi'aiik, Ihiiig.i whichi cai
niot, ;m l iiv'i't'ote never''l Nwill beL SpokenI1
'-1ll01iglits diltch 'Will tranudEni.V 04'i
iI8 of' wa~i~-b~''hidlj' 1 1i4
poli)' of' no0 Iiry cotild mtIitd -'ea
Ihi I "'.i licit'er himisi(lI cotild not,
('xng-gvr~i te. 1 I' this porFtion t OfOir life,
whih ii at least subocteri to ouir own
olisevval ion, em~illot ho fluthfully IU0.
hillv esri 1, st ill lt's'; Cal I i t other,'
tIll.* '.il( IH into ticre spjt.ctoi o '
otil'.-,',v 14 , SIs ive 011'lir 1)1 frontl Ow
coo i rol, of 0111 r v~il 1 11d114 tawfornil.: wt
into4 ,R4) 111:111V p:4S:IVO F110lU23 ill ill I 'r't
w h 1( ~iii: y14 i( .4 o' I Iv v.d
it if, lI'' ilia 1, !I('4'j pr'1'M'014 tOw Loult'
Ilill lhat('i, I hrii' l~~ inlto irrevioi'dial1,14 ('*oil
t'tion b(11y thei foI'ct of the iu:;,iuat jot'
A- \\r 1, 1. I: 10 it' '~A tit
.t~ .i ' ' . TAv '.I S t 1 j') i
( t(1111. . lilti t.1 good,154 -.
atdIiI lli LI.) I11 10111 o41. l~S0lther'
rent'i~crli lt']h pool 1w:i v . (Jibt51l,a whici
inJ ii IhoIt.1.,1111 ntii.i wld~i';) "'in lrl
i.t*Vii1 WVa(;It, bt I~;.\,i44! Ch t '1 to athir'
KiI.N -vatchd iwr' ' .1 1 a nd (11,111Y.
C I Inii H herI1 , 11.31 .-* Anr found 1 It
renllu fiiitl illt Li: m'.1).Iv to (hr
'Ii!do1iowl t her .44 d shll iii'XLte lQ110
auig, vwlft l. .. I . lhttat 104:1 1iier" pa
rent was( alled a( lwbI il bugilli. w.L'ai
'11'4'alitg wa.', iIiviedi 1.110 huh ll he-ioft
1l aII Shor tICiiliit beav4 :-4 v stop~' - w 11 11 I
CCljlC.lani4''Ol1 iacrete1141 Loll' be -
1114!- itoo 'int ittise, in- ol ,h mie
- 1114 ,1i l dhl. It.i n of ti' C !harles had:
bet1i h ere:l , I W;,.,o~ ,rolw.n 1,1101 shiu:1h,
4nni( ucla :w41ilOa u'tg. (ram 'Its .lltlie
I4imiy llciv oa, %%ti :!Ioto whc ,iv %hq ltouh,
('ltivlir m~ii ]I,,!42( I ni t hle whc b'l
T!,l- do ol Io o1w1 t tI.Iill lii"X 11110111
111g lt. IlIe ';IL 111.11, oclock th Ilidor
Sv'~l o , b d, ~ a oig al timb l of 40S1
IIN\01 111-f 1 ' if-'I lhL' trili I t l'(ae1( l 1,F
Cohll ide~ (t du at 4vtl'. 'i'ln' Lour.at'iiou
thi( fvilhiof the lof n omei agal,'
WI iiiop. 'th 1*Col)Il it' lail utia alti' oblAoelit
oI'i4i n;ided tat uh llof IllemN *co pn dmf-1

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