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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, December 05, 1866, Image 1

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i L
%,-/V D E D L -fIIN -'- E
Tern -.--T I rn 1 i I I I ,e I iwe
ly in the Tom1 01 wiuiabor-2, Lt sjt.09 in
varrab!y in itn .
pW.Ii"- Al1 1n1 1e a.; vwie et eh
PaidI In a111 ncl 11 . *li
Obi ' oice s :1nd.1 T t .l S0 pt
NX I C 1 I V 1 i: r t T hat .
Grul en of t~it-'i c:n an I'Vqe 0i
iour 1nnuial u:' *dIg it the sent
of glovenriLnenit las hrtafore beinth
ne~dnof, conr -Ihi ih y thw M"
leuiv, u onIl c tn e fiappiOeSS,
prosperity aid improvement of thle
* ukin on 1 w11 ' thl;Iit. I ropret hliat nI o
onl the prem I:t(i). ye
blnger hear the Wh or mihin . -md
ourll people have 1--wap-1 Cl -m,
of that. terrible d ieas , wih itich reral
in tho ig eatrnival I dotht .
Whilst i h glnethea loth ai s n"t beni
good, lte viunm d and mlinty of
dIisase-Iat eoil m' iti-:Ited, a a
comlparatively sm-ll fa;ta.I tv- has1- visi..
- c di,) sick room. t. ii se bhci 1 -
. i'io r th: nk.< are du1 tLhI tret
111ler of leL , 'airI'rsa . [ h) t dO h
ofiui nili 0tion ao ic t rition, le : m
invok1 IWim to avort [he evils that :ave
upon1 us-t o stay the. haud o oo, wt pr
seqentorp, to tUrnl :n vr thie wvrathl,:.1,11
bring to ouI hlf't tli e tnit' f those
hilol would opptresis ald de0. tril a u,
.1an 1 t restore to us i the thappil and
pro -1wrify of 1'w mwr Y k:1- V.
The 1 toil at, (i Lt ' h l a nian h
- In -g t hlim a se rretturn1 from h11Iis
tite t g"in e icial i ngly
smal-thI iecotton Ie 1p in1 cA ney )i -
tions of Che State Will nt SUInO )io
Miii th, lintetts of mupplyigl0i:
Io1S--onr it ichwe i l w it awl (-()..
orel, are abuhmel d hiolomiu o s
and etUntry, 111 :Or impiraing .
ta g.! place.., whV11, er1an1in0
izo ll to' ) l ls 'l'i~~ )h ciii fil-[
broe. Wi'h tho 1.s of l1hor, 0ur
fa run" uitst 41ila pi( .t e, our. fiobds ro..
Main untilled, qur granari a conine
empt1)y, and our1 progress in develop..
ing tHe resonrcii of thle Stat Ilust bo
arrested. The failuire of the earthi to
thho peoklef
makei' a tlinerotrenain ithe istoil ofi
the mtatchit to regst, unis1hl oil Ilk
shl]ves-and kweeps the tool of' the met
chaiiie' idle-t learning of (,te pro
Fossiol mzlli tlilO ulie SS. 11 ipoiital
cndiittion of the country-the( into'lr..
ane1 of our oe mtirors-the proscri>
tionul to whicIl we ar sulbjected by
those who shuldi be our loving broth.
ers, and wI.> w1ield h cdestiniesof this
great naion--these evihs in tim idatice
capital, iatraly:. enterprise, disorg':i
ize labor, and destroy hiop anI co . uli
d]once. The10 l)norih,us tax oin cot ti o n
discourags poductb. * min, l agra
vites thie financialeinuarrassm ;a, of'
thep people.
Never, therefore, in the hi(1tory of
oithe stato,.hs a. Leigilciature assile
w11der.less favorable iuspices, to pro
vide for thle hanllts of 11th impoverished
and diseartepd constituey.
Bu thee' extraordnr tcn bali'rss
ments) cid umtioe cmet willh wisdm,' im-.
tienee and)oo h lteie t corgeuit ineg and411
. hope, nd a malyC rUot' isuin
ande ii ovromeic.: them e Ccm t kalony
our polaSSt., in there-wiei mus'a'tjl poide
lfo thir pree ntm ceCssi i t i---w 'must
stmi Aslai ou wite~ s.304n pulato to goi
easthily, for worki andtu lef them see,'
that ii rlab) utor ( honrblec Ia idlenes.
fields will beetCiterl enitivae h; rand
thainexe haestei t imoI wit~l id our i
garncer wecltll hc lc'od ith ie th '1rut
of th sollili. The staple wicrnions orwilb
barrasmentirs ofrte pe~~sofl wlr, by14
inusryshll meritili ~~'~Wle'' t he ulillment4
of thesno aicolor t 044ions.uiti
AaI theefor ncproceed' fo me~ii such
menirdt, prom of' the tindret (of onr com--l
c~he. ma mer uortuawrs ttii
The'1 fi'thirl Arh: of the Condctiond'
oftthis Sit, "inhe juirdi paragraph of
rt fr' Section dircnt thwh Gen.
('ral Assembily'shail', asrsonlm to posdh,
ietdestablish," Disnto the is a t,
e'lyDs r~ic Court'-- To. Judierwhortof
re t eliile--wc o n rt hall have j ri
dito i'l aue heenoe rh t
which thet wisdom1 of the I -n r A ;
emlllv aae -rnin. Iw!I-ther it. &e
aIll i Daa ra. i ' ,'la ('o~ mty oraaa E ia
(:a -t Co :t a i r , ih? la l
~i i 'giVenl to youl ; a ill su .1h 13:0bu110i
S ityh i y I ..:.a'c ; - hui 1b - !a I .
relyctf ll t(1- tttlid a t i heit -n--raal . a.
semli y Lt'.) "ia bii tt lica ieta(' ri
a l~a hit ! \~ ~ a'a it i'' t
n1i O the onsta itut IIcIic detat aa
p rl .iilanlaltu ta t .' i t lt i.' in th r i llt
i 01 r l b vi, -aedl. InI order~l .th"t
the b rg -A '-i r..ilo a nyll b, :aj w d
vitIy, I r ei -nli i that t C pl a n
Uen.-ru d .\ - :nly p r au .Ai thi
nnuait of itlr lilt. -i m. hv aa l )i I .n
it I thiri !ra :- !i inl cll- .\A I ftr
satid. Thw no.I. ke e~ .\:-A h ~
IIIns mll I It! thek a: n. lm n , : l.( then1
the. Lv' ishal I l, will b I It-!;, w l i r
.tcIt- ditaril ti on, to sa lish f ta
superiW aWI i nh-rir ( - I a , to Ih i..
al l ste- .! a fil - tt. W h ti! l. Ibi- a -
m tlli'a is ben i mnl It mat1 , 1WthI I r :
('oi r Ina beaIll 'ait iy inia o per i.I
a I n y11 - a' tal ta I ly
ptI!A % i W.hi y A nm I h- f ' u i it n.
practcabainalh -ntor- to-.' x.a n
ihir i [a ib abr u1 . aI i 1)t - b 1
t !mit bentiin a \' ar
j I Ltv It 11n \ ' I d ulIV . a l I i Iit
Callrli it lu, V i.1 vai Ca v%-\
le i-! i f tom y t hom n Iit -w w s;'
tlf.h C It w ir 1. t- id~s T IrI) T:e A'i1
t'aaaai d ill uat (-al,
( - a t t in I - i..luitr I. h -
a Ior lia i ' N, ! unmla :).ana :a
eail lna I ' i at t a','* i 1t ' '
ans pi of A nolitla r. A Al ha : .
pat : n. -ilth rl wi l t a i 'a Con. I1d 'ol .
ile' iscri. e J-h-Iga,% to auxantil nli li
catt't r f ainl o. .i t I aon. ivar' f irt l:..
hale lin , it w l.4 ti * . in ii atitih 1),.
t riet. n -t is ti:. a- d an l critt T. i a
etbl i i vriet (' lit i . Iolr . rI . .a l-l *I
esc(sid I n'altt m: aira i va ( :,tiad m--n
to! rv l. tcitt, xItI-In a n t - a 1y ite .
uientlail. o r an . T i . an oa
jm-s.i...& n aIa be or dIt s.
dlilad h e ua ric o l ,I t;rmi Jur.l-,
ah lh be~cc' ("a tw ! it 'A gh'aat . 1, 1 t Ilt
as' p :tficis m-ti r hhla l a .1 I
pon tl with; ah e ahlity c -ired'on
the is ri aj tiy. t' i an d
(ati Will hIW vra uIOlitrt 0tl;i Lla' 1)0 a 1a.,
mcia-] tatrio hi 'e sis rti en it.rs the t xa -t
andt.Ilp! Ich 1: I- d - it ' are
T A a a dI in . di in.' n t l a ' ba
t wenn'l maaielp:-un ea :u I e-it m r. fi is
crtt theMIia hei en 1 1 t o be i m,.a d a on1
ti'ny lar eny, t a n. ou t h e a pl. f ~ fljni's,
t 'jly b I tt l r hIla fa).' lui i'a, t at I lia .
dtl anor i niit a y itoh:t tri In wi l t titct
aSutli.tine l ir trn-- bIll fn I t"iafa t iti a'
Jnrv.t IaThe' tenro o r n-t~iti ' Juratiltt i
shoil be--'lll retici f.al to e latu' ei tn loaa th
Ditri et Wfac tilrt i ia o ld he alil'' i ltth t
play d witshld oi t ho in n la r,-tttrin fa .
Liid wil bev.:r oneous~ bo t d palat ,
an ,a th1 law.uit s iul, it(' ata.: over b a it
ornjtuds 0 a tall fxa l iu les~ait tal ('I lit 0
ututai dtlhiral's r,1 ann ium. h i'ti- n Ih
bh fla luprio m1l feru)iorit Iout . T
etxton, 'fto the 1 Tteaury f jrie ma' ih t
he ipn e tha t h en31i ofti fib ai ng ~a
jmyi tee ilt evlery ' a sI 'tri c'a. A l taver
giest ad s i patrlacul ls hoo! I e br gaedj
m inte Distr iiic Cou t;fand a l \(cindrieu.
.l i iig ho ti or~ (i t urt, ' n t dicq pol i O f. ait
Ind in whscieb'1iSt j (hlhui)n jti ct' IIn to th
the Dirictal andt mad'' alb, a t t if orttii.
init roirne tl o ctht (prt. Thc e o Dith
itrie, toaprodcs shoa bho reuialo wmet
thei1 ruad amn rea-turn tuo th puroe.
otihe ofte tio l a min th.~e an I
to nforcetthearagainhte them fore.
misfa atnco malfasnie, b or eglct of'
celor ; indernyh claivoi ori ctrimnl orf
wicho u hi cort; ascoiz wit it dh-lae
bha thserd Dito ~t S urior Courvt fotri
ltri. Theal catshth' b invic pstd wit
.exelnv juistim inteetd rt ces e on
boJ~. Th la&(i1l.-.v now proides ahr a pr.se.
iarly. Tho Civil 144bt .41t, 'asse4! by
th a tr of I hi' - ni te-a'I a 041 t e ii w tA*e
lhiw rm ofecolor thle 3 ers m i l
,b Coui, :I.:in .a w l :t I ral, a--,
1 Inlliyed by th wite rw- ; un11- .
1,11 a4 wi ,i pe r) 4 I riable uiv y
inm . Spro CourA f'or f I'ir h
* tle pri l1 in ' i't- necor.h--I I' p- r
Ii 4Ill tiii i-ti4 I11. v
'iI 'fIr no 1x l nt w I II il l'.
''i li- r~lt i 0414'i 4*'ibvl I lit- Sii
Ir Cn', l t. (i nt t,i ol' he 1ital
t,-, an. ih- 01 i t '.pos 1ed in it! hrnit'
hn .le l 63 nu -: tilo- l by tht .t
I t I i : 4 i4 1 L t%. M I I e rn it l -,: 4'1.. 4 I
pntl;\ i'i! hy ,.\w. k 'Ill
T!h t a m o a ii i a :i: e ih-I .
n.- ii eril c . g-. in hei' in'nishe nt s 1. ima trd
-, n &o 6 l1 o a hedl~ byIIo, w~ dea t Thel
'iii' I il Ii aao'-eo felo. '' 44 ie S a ' ptni t chi
>y di 'hi,~ s1 ..I wi44 b .d htir withl t h
:.I.i' 1, of :Y. h l- 1 e abrid .:d , wi l
>n ' 1 1 1 :11 4' t t 1-t i aher inl ite Penitnl til
yil h. * ih ii ii t t wj0ll. 1Te e--1'
Ililt .1:. I I 1ula I ral 1 I4 '1ltlov.
.,1 --! 10 it ;I p . l.is 0 1: , m wl , h)V'
u-no Iby, 04 5 ' di- l.,partion Ale t te t
.m 4 l. I)! sh 1.&I l .t d:-:t t I,: lil. w iIIh
he - i ie, n ih* ll -er L 0ai i V Chluiary
ai ' t n4-44 by - -:e 4 - i i) v .lgeii n
-bC I~~ h4 i p I I 1 ;1 b:- ml0 t in I
lo o tfo ic 1", ;11 ):w. A coInviel, who
r ."It I 'e;-m o i pri.) . nou inII II .I
ent'i e i 44 thiO, ;*4,I' tiLl inititil- I IS ,,'fl*,.lvl,
no44 l'', o- II .t - v.h 4 ' h:. h' s wht; i p l1.
'h \ ;Ii 4 ' b',iip, it t t11 ,4n 1 hit 01o1r..
'h 1,1 - 1 4h , a sen e olf h on' I pl
I -.- 4'I- ..4'. Ibn h I t : j i ani mI r
I 4 1 143' - -r. i nOble hii evel to
I :l t n -n :ItI ew ::I - i ill Yomt
0 ;1 fri ll 'nil l en . lv. ('Inwt
seapedlo froinl the . ko ii S;.no Since
It ei r eti .'ody wa I trneii d; h tve b1y military
a ho vivil --. hw;-;:ti.. 6,n of the
a m w 'e h..-.. l w th he ighest erinios
nin-6 - :4 -i -:y -v r y e4,1r1 to) .enforce
lil c 1e i Ia a 11i , les ' t he r1-: dti% it S4f
'4.4t !!nei wh o h et! b au res 'l a ii n.1141cozI oh
4i h i l l in're vigibi.eeh aull ide'h.
y., lt Th oxisting" 1:iov pr-onouncles the! mint
il..i 1 1t v ! 11 - l r rli,: II ve IIe ie
n.1l it i;s :. lidl w h!oll iy inl-. I l l.- t o . t t
hie gr w n -vil. It is siil4 ui; to satIi sfly a1
ra :1 .1 utry v tht hei1! r frl.ie , w Vhom il hII y
- :li 1-10 elect h I I w hi- a t lhe
I h4!4 . wo li 41k perl, I t a prci 4o 11er to e 0eI
hvitr g"' ).I w i 1 o 'i14i'tlw lt dielin, I I.4 lead;4in
41 4 to be ilI ly .. 1 isfied t hat - hI Ic sen8 pe
esube i from'the ,inse llni:y o t <p l ii
h ir e ofl l ry, ini "'tiling o 111. 0n let
ll o:re, and u 1 , th I I u .; 0'ffer
Vilhoul t arifen-d . Whlen at hill of inie~t.
0 is 1111..1, ii 114 ravers,. when fihe
lI'n- hino is in lly'11 bro1'gh t1ol trial, posi
ic l il ') 4 caIll1-) h - iFor. I1 t It lfte Oseylap
V.18 V.l I) 1 111'y IrII -g en al ihe defn -y
.att le net . The GenVieralA11 n iy
i:cI 11,h .b l al'io't ann1t uially3l pa ss.
.law , o en ors, h 11p r o r101m by 11'
hello- 's of Ilhle -ty inl civil aIII crimninal.
oi ter-, an I te (.::.I k :.o SI 1 far ts wi'h Ile
iltioll oi til bIlb, ( e1 c 44 d T h c r,
4ibnt I oi 1ei-- ti( ' .in .1 elm- to 041 is
mo ; d it i 1to p, ok id b, y haw f'or
Ih stuni ar4' (y r1n1o al of1 a 'Ohei :111 e it hell
brm h wh i licial or . eiiv Ih-dpart
eihCint 4st111LI I of du t, or for1) lisfea
c110- Th ho twslCt n0ow pide 11or te~ reio.'
111of1 a Shei111-tJ fron.01 o Ilice, o onvicto n
-forei~ a .h -y, but041( ilkis b o eved ' they
rol'w4n1t(beto enfrS~ced n1' 01 single, case, 11
inl', 1th hit no4)Itl, notinusitha seyne
Ihes oiiLer sohl aeletennomov
.ta:e .5s harl wluevtd mughan. r ntime oin
t he define'a s.ene.hlyt, ani aheroi enti(n
n' iheo ofech and hir nkleg e aloy,
ill16 AeciIrea repcfl conirti~tftof( his
eleoed.l, live tiot been permit d by hqe Coi.
gress2'' of t1e Unitf- Sl:tes to occulp thei
S ill 2 2, it is the <h ity-O (1he GenerVal .\~n
bly to provi de, lby gelnerl so21t2it!20, to - thj
holding of l Oelection:2 ,or &: -h eue0
Ceedi ng Tl't.. hecovenience II ic
peple II woIld inlival o I hat I iese e a i2la
Ia m 1 1hI or.1012r I iid uni:01y, on I da
C it i 1 211) of aI l tI G e':tI A i 'y rI,!
(h si 10 wi1', 12 i o: h eil thaird W Seli t' iVy :a
I l'ongres wonibl ( henl Ik.ta. 2 heir Se')) Ait"
f.114i litsr Dteevltiber, cilliting fi-esil .1rc I tIn
It,'()41, a1 repre'e t po II-, ' 111it . AI . 1' Li kic t i o 11
I le publilie q1 2uestiolI of' t lie day. with It 2121in
cet'aitly 1.2 i& WON 1. 'leeld as -lieretk.. O1n
I )n ober year lrecedii t 2he in I i ' )i -
grept,.A I ial ti~traJI SeIssiest of (ol ~ e
ni21 be called b&frMi h' La day ied f,
I1th 2 :l11 221ol, I he ( overn..l 1221 i e he a":
iz2I/1.) order, by Iprooula ina Il-m, 111- .'0
I ionls :k( it at .riler. 1:1y, allid AlhiIt e - I htII.,
re r : att im ot' Ithe Sta-te a t sl i . t ri
'A ! 1..i%22.
.11L'il2:11:1 I lar .\| 1 212Enl: YT2 1~ : : .2 '1. TA lOY
To 2222,1:11. .\ -1 li l.i I1 ::;
The A iised at the late exit s 2 lon
wer. tl'anisiieilid to the .\itiiiry Cnu m. od
A2lt of O le 1of' t e C mtolin ., at
Chal'aeston, and o1n tit fir.st day of' (1h ober
1a2:, 2y' (ileo-nil Orders, he e in2 l l' a ll
ca.ses i whici.: the ihlI.ibianits of 2hi. -otI ue
wer Conc111 rn,01ed, eivil and criminal. f, I lhe
civil :1u1 Ithor'ities. U. oi p.2tal -iti1 exa. . j1.2
liee is me 1ed out. t) :a1l l he inlurbi2 M3 (af
the Soae by coiurl and .iuries-if the hi:ed.
inen receive A it2 protectiion of Jpin al
prollerty which thie laws now gol 1nte2
2h1n2, w2e w;1I not 21tin be ad.injit' bly
l'rooi C"Iurim and Mtilitary (.ni:l:s
Iw22 w. will vimlicato ,b2 ' or the world (lilr
higih2I sen2se of' moral righ , by enfl'or2 -i2.1 ima
1 -tial utice, whethr e 1110 21it r b, 1i1
b le . 2r ex lted. -
|-xperiency Wp demanstrate IMe wik
Ll 2. 2 of 2i 2 .nit.1 222et22i. a t2 borizing 2 ''22.t
to tieN. ify in all cases. 11 1kea aw 'y .:
inmpotity which, had men' have !~ ell
i2ll. in2 tenp2ing 21hese in1a1nt1 p' p14 I)
pe'114 ':le a criim2e flot 1lt billA 2 of OI2the mp.
The resl t of [it experimentC d :,.I t' lae
FIi 'l erm2 of the Cou rts 1: h vs Il ,en ,I r1i ly
2I is.aliory, 22nd21 tuostf t h12e fraI dot-n who
1ave 1een called to the wines m2a"n . ni1e
inanifested a highly creditale desire Io fell
lhe Itith. The exteion of tile p-:ivileg
tilt.; hid ia ah11uary ifilu2ene ill enlcora4ing
ai'd elvtnS hi enr l ese. .M41y1 o
hem appreciate thir obigations to oiluely
212 readily asi9t in bringing to Iuoshmient
avil-dacts of tirh own col1. Thej 2iro in.
alltiable i to le productive resoulrces pf I lo
it:21e, and if 'h labor ho 10s2 by rhAihora
t other sectiolns, it will 'o2.2Ver2t Ili .Iv2in'ds
1f :elr'aS (I produt ive laud lint-) a <r2"12y
wildernes. For this reason, I have I it, to
2e mily dt2y to dicourago tho m1 tion.
[Hie shor . cropa of ti he present. yen' . I
;tim"ilate theA lnter And fi .1.
r and enterprise. lie will. h oNe ve l
ital his i unis of lIttl Value, iH he e1-linot.
-411n11 2d labor to clt ivt1 thei 2. 1r 'i
gro.reinains here, him labor in2,t Ie 22.ade12
u~hiruly emueraiveto Vkubl-ist and
lothuhim omforabh- Sch ol unt be
!sablishedl to educate 1. child 1-n, ai22
:hulrClces bilt f'or his moral trainingi .
The experimerat of. free lahor, whilst I
1:2s no) .ee e a2y is3' .1 ieiS 2') C
2rom2 provin hg 2a faillure. V I ere thle bli s
iavo been adequately compensated and
i2i1y Ir taled. they have generally Ilabored
'aithfui'ly. Sulddenly relieved fom1 thle 2on
rolling will of ohers, 1d11 exeomptedlI from
lie cat, ll:11sory l'hhor whicih had, thrliugh
iro, 1en exacted from them, tlhey have
w2lefoImled' , d2ring th presein't year1', 2222
unlounlt of volunltary labor which mnay wiell
mx cite s 'rprise. The inlIenen or- ome,
nd the improvidence of 2nany will doub21t
ess cau2se them) 10 underg iie lfelig
>'fore they 1r0 ed(cteld It Illy it Oh n :,
113y of coi)28:2nt and 1222tiritig NMho, 2id to
'rop-ey thrift and eotllmy.
it2lmaitily and sound policy 11unite in dle
nanding lhat, we shoubl prvovd for the
2 ged, tle i2lirm121 and Ilh Ihelple 91, 12221 1
heret'ore respec't' i ly reom3' end fih 1122 -
;age o an ALt inakiig it, inctube1,ni mn the
3Om2mi.s.sionlcrs of thet Po! to p. 'Nide -sit..
h1-liegens of' th LunatIl Asyhunmh aveI
d2 pal~ients, and22 theo Commt1issioners'. of' the
L2oCar inl thle several Distr2icts should2) beI 120 e
luiiredl 12222 mke 1t ho same22 pro'vi2In for2 Iheir11
utpporin2 th1e11 Asy'lumi as1 niow exists91 20.'
vhite21 pauper0l pat1ients iq) 11hat 2ustitution)2.'
rho idioia and211 epilepia ma be03 we1 rll Laken2
1:re o)' at1. lie Distric. Poor' 11ionse.
m2E1 r'IN.\ei KS F2 'I'l 21 sJ'a.\-P T.\XIIS A2 2
T211 22.\NK 0OF TIIE sT..\aTE.
Thea I~xe~s 1ovied under0' the Acl of De.ncm.
>er,. 1 865, 01aount,101'22 to 1our hundr'ed and2
'iyhal. do0llar2 21212 sevenily -one22 cents1 I,19 , -
Therha' s 12 een p20aid11 into Ithe r: is:2'ry,
'h1e12 hundredd ( 21wenly.svn housand2222
wonly-'live cOnls, .j3:27,637 25h
2f'2lee or'S comissions2212, 38,8P..20I
r2eedm22en's r021urns1 unpaj~idl (prin
(ipaj2lly3 cap ition 10)a2x ), 21,31 9.017
Choloor, 7.96(2,11
r'ax e'xecutions1 issued and4 in
hands1. of' She(riI. and2 hal
12anc0s du12 in1 hand1s2 or Collec
Tot~r, S1 9,688'. 7 1
Th'1is ostimato dues. not21 inchido1 exection0s2
1282a02 by) 1120 Taxi~ Collectoirs, against por-~
m021 wh'lo have Ifailed 10 ma22ke returns221, and2
whio have beeni doublo1 11axed( TFhe state
neut) of the Comptr'oler-nerab1 12s here.
(11Ii' trasmlittedI 'for y 2r1 if0ormtionl.
1''froi9sry fromn T1axes, Bills lleceivn1'ble. re-.
~istered nnd carrie1d to ciash and2( other 2221
102r sou1rces2 is, - $476,713 07
rheroie has beena paid out. by tho
0e1''in22g 2i lhe Treasury11 22 V 1
an2Ce, 0on th12 31st, of Oclober
1l1s1 of - 173,05 (13
SubIject to dlrafl, of wivbchi Iam
thero was in National cur
ronoy, -73,245.85
Lhe Act of 21st of September. r2It1 "to
provido-for tho redemption of Bill 'Re
)oIVablo, iasued by this State," prom pt
lyex~ohanged( National cuirronoy for
Bills Receivable wooni presented. This
will rapidly reduce the amount lhe
beld on 31lst Qetobe#. The -undrawn
appropriations, an~d such additional
paly, in it1 Q1 ivabb., nuntil tile
('thol t of i bll - r 1 . - \I b1,i
into th T r i
SIoui Ihe reinl niI., '. to -v m d i - th.
ColeorIs l.s e:1n- Ia ;hlun lvt . it
tho Genera-l \tb;h--n -- e1
era'sinu I .he Tl4 H ii f thle j, m
r pi.i ill .. h:it : ! e la he'p id
in gehl Ir .Ah-or, .':-. a urronov,
or lills I:1b. tile
th rity to the Tr r 61n- to .
t- n1 e tw \' I -t b f.ir No
ij~ii c~I cI i '' li 74
lcnlwhy te vl of th ' 1-r. a h
ndlIot hat a r i it; T V,
t bree h 1"Infaire 1-III, (!! . i.nmei ed
1111n1!(An:d id (. it d .ns u i.
will i re !] : , it, the nt .:iminijh,.
tion hereinaftrn , to l-\ ide for.
t he pa ym hIent t1 th piubli t debt .
hmldM bo adflPted )I.; youl. Th~e pay
ient of taei iaant al ims, o0neus8
to te publie, hPat i p V u nA - 1P..
pre! e to1 thl 'o! le t th pO ut I
t e-fdth malcred!it e i n :t n i
:i ed u nt:ri m i m i.
tlw only env lci~t ut. T., 1.!I; ih..
V E , b1; 1 ..-iy II, : :*.2 !.o._ .
i tll ie utjhe a !.a x : io I
a s:ol r .idi 1-: '1 II* i* 1 th- ' r. is::-a
rf ix 1 t t o~I1 ' re . 1 r itao : 'i 1C.
Ipp". ve A j.sir 4" : r e
0)'.Z (1 iltl Z ', V . I VL 0aA
<iaird t w1a I -w.
vI In e of u : i d . ;q. torn mini vit v low.
The Cap1I i t: .i Tt: i Un--nm:- K I to
not in iro ta r i P , . h :iir l .t:A!I
o I n bf. r dt 'd " o: i t i s ta; t
last one-halt, --let lt-bnh
shlolhl be bhtlic :'n - .:-e l.w ot
. ILmt hI iw .W \ l :
general sysei l f lil lo butv-;a
dIoctors, e ts ,m l :,e> aji
cries fOr toll, m rh n ,,a. y
tradesmenll auction) :i.41 livervy:al
pepr, 1hotels andt eating -i, s, nin
residet ' merchants andi drunimers.,
and thers saod be introdueld.
Tagetl(shold b lim ml on money at
tom i u 't n 14. a et rdi t..,
1)r . il e p a e iam l'I. --
rir.: b n-o~ii -cu
all incarp-orale ( I hpo e. hehet ing
ra~ ~ ihh:ds, fros
Ma ion Ie -:orn-i h *io,- i- :1 r.eTs
in. inteI t t, I ;It ., p *. "!la 'I wvi, ..
knives, te -l !.- n1 the ' .i b
profits of r'w , f-i ors .m d. bt iA ..
i al ns !;::n ll e e ed bi y the
f orom thehin e foniv j im h ew. s
Awl l'uanfoit, 1i.i ow by a ,i
h glv l n'.I , !!Iml h r .i a f
to Ta-Collartor ; anh Jtedky Eeth.ir
Diserie thas seigh 'fih art y pctro
Thn ason- for a inCe.o mreeing
uIllaeiPrth om- ea ihe te irrent, twantw
of t e S at, m l p ovi e fr the r.d
ihould he so modified as to elect one
for each Elect ion Dist rict. The add i
tional itumbers reittuire an increase of
he*booliks to be' furniisd by the
T'reasurer, and it larger nuiber' of re.
tulrns. Thle cotumtissions are insufli
eient to induce bnsiless in enu to accept,
o)f thie.;e sillall places ; in One of the
Parinhies, tle CollecAor's commissions
are less thanl fifteen dollars; and in an
i. fIvr (St. Jo1m's, Colletont), nto Col.
lect ions have beii 11l1:(10, because no
-m10, 'withlinI my kiowledge would.ac
' 0i te z11t. r iretoi llieid that.
She li w lie so imo(! ified as to provide
for the eleclion of one Tzax-Collector
I*')r (ellc Eeei> Dist rie t.
Titl. P'n!.l nF.T
The. Comptriollfer' (.enieral atid Treaiu
ter', pisnant to the ripqtireinent of the
Act of 2 1st Sep'ember last, prepared
andl( forwarded tme a statmenut shewing
Liti' aggregate atmount of' It principa I
and interest., caletilated up to July 1,
I S8', on the stocks and boids past due,
whiclb the Act provided for fundingz, a
et: y ft which is herewith commlunica
tI : :p1d imly proclamation has beetn is.
dcalling ot thes bond-li'-lers to
fiot theirdematnds, conformably to tihe
A or. A contract has ben iade to
h i the hotdis plinted, and it is agreed
hAi they shall be delivered here by the
Ih I'e)Qtmber, when1 the fhidng may
im emumened, Th.amomit. reported
:8 .liw, oi the 1st day of July, 18G;', by
iho lipt roll'r and Treasuirer, is One
ol!ionl t~wo hutndred andl tenl thansuid111
.ght hundr,11ed and twoG d1,1,1-ars wil
guyive cets, (6 1,2 10.802.85.)
'rovi ios i1 must. be made, at the present,
i- i, to piy tie Seii-attilal ititerest
on Ili's Stm oi 1Ilo ht of- January,
63. I transtmit their statement here.
T~-ewsno provi Sion moeby the
Act to fhnd the intere~st now due on'the
St-lks and Bonds of th irePIns Loqn'
tle prinicifal of the former. redecimable
in 1870, and the latter in 18G8. ihe
inter:t ( Ide on the Ist day of October
but, Ot st ocks 11ni1 bondihs,. was sixt y
iIt thousaid two hun1ed an twen iy
1 ars and filiy-fivie cenIs (*08,220.55)
tl rlec lonimend thatai.liority be grail.
ed to flind the interest nowf duie, and
tlhitl which viil aem:Inulate up to the
Ist. Janu=ry, !BOO.
Tmie wholhr amounit of the public debt,
i nintf-e't, ,f Ibis Stat,. not
i:ailiit, Ih d(Abt contracted for, or on
1, hi a( the war, was, on the 1st dayi%
(if ( N.t.oir list, five iiillioii two hulred
and live thulosi two huntired and
Vtenty-sevV-n dolla:i ri and seventy-four
1:en's ( '5, ''5,08.'74.) i[is n inonut
f tu huinireipa*d eighly.foir ho.isand
four I nired~ andii fott v-f'i wyn..id
:al fill y one ceit.3 (4s,4 I I.) is Ie
<h-'etibt e1 1f. 18GC. and thro'. hlrtted
-.1 vi "Iet-it' thonndl i .1 y thdred and
lit -n ion dctofars and twty fi.ve cents
i Rt, I.i ft.m ) i2 r, emb(i .
Tbe remitc- on the dehi, (not in
elu-img three hunidrefd andi ten ihonsand
dliars (:11,0) lrady provided fot or
by i he A et of' 2 1 st k4 -pi ciriber last., all
iborizing., its fimding) is redleemable from
'I'iml inI,vvredt onl the. whole, (except thel
lPire l"a,) is provit d for (ifthe bloltl
ers of the sueinrities will consent, to fmid
it,) up to t he 1st day of Januiiary, S10,
by which tiie it is hoped thie State will
be in a condition to promptiv pay inter
t as 't. fals due. '1e t a I tet of the
Co mpt ronl ler GIeer al thowing thi debt,
tid ihle several periods whien it falls duei,
IIti ' hrwithI ~t comim iicat ed.
it iS, hioweverq, eminently pirop-er that
smnc fitnanciail Scemie shoulhd be adopted
tu priepar th le Sta te-to meet ihi' princi.
p:.1 4f thie debt as it fatlls doe. If th ae.--f
It'irest is r'egithuly~ paid 01n the debt one'
hundredii ihonsan-i. <libhirs annuailly' ret
aipart as a siningi f'und for twen'tivyear.-,
invested iti satlf saeurities, yield ig six
per' cetI. pi rt nntiio, the priniiepal heinig
h.rthetr increawed hiv the investment oft
the inlterest annuatllyh acernting, wil ae
eim tilate t ho\ sum i of three noilIionts ei ght
hund'lred anad 'mneii!'' ityin thousand tliree
liaied and twelve dollnars, whIich wiill
be tiearly i aderpit ii to the pavmtenit of'
Iihi etir e det. ) ien iue, rand I recomi
mndt thaiit Piroper legisla ltibe adoptlid
a t thle prest'~i .session to inauigurtate thiis
Un1 der the~ A et of September 21st,
o fmund the iteroiost on stocnks issutei 'in.
deur au11 toity of' thie Act of1I863, to con-'
tiute thiecontstutioni' eftihe piew Stiato
If iiute. The wholeh amonitti issautd wias
twenfty -four t.hiou~a nd eighti httndrtod and
iwetityvc.i dollars (6.24f,8'20). Th'le issuc
waOs nit thind i until somei tite dtuig
th e i-a 183, t. whe l tht're wais Ii'u hevy
iifpicceinitioni of the cturrlency, ad whon
hibor arid materials were- in a corros
piinfitng de'~'CQ 11 pprletinted, liotur I im
I red thtoisand doihlars wer'e issue~d in
180it2, tuiiler tnhority of the Act of 1861,
wheni tabor and mater'ial hadn. appreciated
very little. Ini smy proclarnation Iex
tepted these twr'issues from immediate
fiuing unrtil the General Assetmbly mot
and determined whethter these stocks
sihiould be scal to the real valtue received
biy the.Stnte for thenm when issued. The
Convention adop'ted a rule~ for tha gov'-'
i'rInmenft of transact ions hotween individl
nuils dur~tieig this timo which wasjustt and.
honei t, an~d no reason is perceived why I
thle same rule should not be applled in
tratisactons between the *2tate lind its
If tIhe General Maernbly shiould di-.
terine to scale these clocks of eithero'
both i33fleB, a comniS~tan mnst he' ap.
Should ie Genal A s\emvtake nk-i
actionl up1)on1 this ro :t die:11 th, pos
eut sesiona, lteiedn wili be evetl
ill Cof0111r1mity to ite p iden: of the
.Act, aforsaid.
TinE i'.NIT'illtY Aia.
Pursuaniti to the p1rovi sion1s 0i the
Act of the late extra sossion, to estab
lish a Penitentiary, I appointed
IeSsrs. Nlli jam (G regg, of' EdgetiCld,
mi. I. Robertson, of Fairlicid, and
Arehibald Cameron, of Charleston,
'o1nin 5issioniers of lie Pelitei tiary''
"to --oleet and priocure a site and 'to
ecet it suitable 'emiIporary evnl losulre
and( temnporary cellts." They, have pecr.
foried the duty Of select inig and p. -
curing the site, id have oni lered tih,
Ifork on tle cells to coin neice.
subitmit to ou herewiith tlii report,
toget her .with tilt plans, eat iimats! and
rawings of' tie Cirilie est:lbi1lihment,
prepared by Captain '.L Lc, thi
Eniginleer and Architect. The sit(;
is within the corporate limits of the
City of Columnbia-a. Ilateualt of sever..
ilt acres of level surface, with a li
blufl onl tihe canial, rising 'omo ixt V
feet. above the level of t0 e river. A
track less thau half a mile, nearlv a(
grade, will counect tie building ivith
the (G reenville lbailrtoad at the point.
one-half a mile frot tihe depots of the
South Carolina and G'recinville m11"I
columbiwa Railr-oad. Tho wvater !Owv
rmillingp through tlh c.hanneiii1l w.l fLr
ni:ih all thie uti i' w po 'er tLat I'ill be
nee dec-I for ilan; year's. It a Les:
ility' froml eve'' 'part ofl the State by
railroad, and the facilitie. the(vby aQ
forded fir the tr':apvtioi of I AN.
ions and mnaterials, and for shipping
the suppflis imanufactured, mnake ik
at most aduirabie and ad val tageonls
quntities, can be procured, if nut.
within tie walls, ('ertaiily within i.
stone's throw of theni, withiut amv
costof transportation. .ts luntlk,
within the city limits, will allow the
number of guavds to 6 redneed gr'a.
1y below dhe force viihicl wiuld hb.
requisite for the Sitae-heeping of th
pi3oners i- reiote localities where
the popula.tion is Spars. 1t. is be
lieved by the Architect and Enginver
havinig hie work inl chargo tIht cells
inay be iii readiness by the first of'
Jaulilary to i.Ov
The Enginee-r and Arcbitect e.a:i
matesthe ipopfriation nwete f"or
tile rapid and succeestSfil proSCecut ion
of the work for the next year at tot
five thouslini dollak;-.
.1 ditod t I he CommIIII n eIi rs w i
W'ere ordered to sell tie bu ild ingi, ima
chilery, &v.,of tih State Worsc3 at
I Greenville, to reserve:inuch m11clhilnerv
as inight he meilliy employed in the -
rianufaeture (,f' wol and iron in the
Pv~lienitentiary, when fully in operatoln.
The reservlation was mtade, and there4.
will be in the tfiture only IL trifling
outlay inded f,,r the m hineiiry to
Operate muost branllis of mantifact-ures
of wood antd iroil,
'fill.: .ANn SCuIP FOR TM. .\GihletTLTu'
RAlI. A ND NCen.L NIe.iI. (01.1.H .A.
li obedience to the resolation 1of
the General Assem lyip' sd nt thi
special sessio). I appolinted . .1111
.llivh rd, Esi ., .Agent of t(he 1i -, for
the land1( scrip to wilihih this tn21( .',S
ent it led under' the Aet, of Conre
establIishing Agiriiutlt ur'al and 31e..'
ohantical Colleges. lie was furn'llished(
withii i certified copy~ of the-resolintion,
duly iautheniticated, and1( filedI it int the
Depiartmnenit of the .luiterior'. Fromn a
0011ilmml uient iion aiddr'essed to moe by~
he lHon, . .11, Browinig, Secieta'
of' the .intei-i~oo', ai copy of wh~iehi is
seciu tht ho (ldclines tio issue t iM
scr'ip u1 itil t he begis1~laturo accepts, byi
Act, tel~ e10donation inl cloforlaity to 'thl
priinsii of the lawi ot' tile Congre'1'SS
of thi liited( Staites, makiing the
;urinig this miuntiit dotmation (to ihe
causei5 ot'Clf idctio 1 and111 scice anC1Iiid I
rCcommend111( thi iun Act h be hiased ('or
thatI pui'po. Thh,'l I st ep ill cei'ta in.
l y be a1ccepted n; aL (comlianc 1 t''withi
iall (the trequihirements of ai tCongri'~ on..
al law.
In somei (of th~ Nor'thern'i Stateso, the
12abhIhinIig sch toitol' o thini2g the
br'ainches i'equir'ed by Act, of' Congr'ess,
in existinug colleges and~ii ui'er'sifties;
and~ if tis po)1licy should con.mlend~ it
istlfI to youri a4provail, the ogicultu'alI
anid picehaiial f'eatiures of the (Col
logo miay ho engraftted oii the Uniiver..
nity of' South Carolina, and save f-ha
Stalto aill expense for lands and build
inigs req'juired ' to4 be furnished by it.,
Thei bidiinga of the University are
commodc~liouiseogh to( atlcommodtCo
all oLtndents- thatmnay diesiro to mat.
triculate, and the lands adjacent to and
owtned by the Oollege will furnish tuf
$coient hand for an experimental frri'.
It is vecry importatnt, if the donation
be accepted, that sudi' kla~~iton shd
beC adopted.a itt he prcket- eersion, o.n
will make it atvailablei, indepenidently
for in conjunctiop witle--the Unis
.TIlt soucs tOtJ~,!Na ervLnmiiY;
Was. organizad de&rly, int Janua~ry laat, -
and has now about uix6y-fivo thudents,
butt its numnber of matr9tlate.hasB not
be~en equal to the exp"ectation. o its
frienda. The ut cit' last Deem 1 4~'

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