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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, December 12, 1866, Image 1

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; 't'r~ns. 'rna lima.n i,4 publisheal Week
ly inl tile Town of winnusbora), ait 8:.00 in.
j 'r14 fI4 in* aI~I~irane.
Li-;V W i Iru'ioint. adver'tisemenklts to bo
pai1 i in ndvncet.
boitatiry Notices andi ri:ibtcs $1.00 per
qu IrcI:
Ml E SS A (G E
ort -rnE.
Pi l I lmNT' ( Ti. ; U. .STATES
Tw> Houses of. Congress at tho com
monoenout of the Seoond Sessibn..
After I brier jinterval the Conigress
of the Unitedi States restimi's its an
iti:l legislative labors. A n all-W i'se
:uld m4ercifil Provideniee hai abated
the pestilence which visited our shi'res
leavilng the cahimitonls traecs upon
me lortionls 6f our country. Penee,
order, triinitility , anlld civil aithorit y
have beewn formially declar ed to exist,
ihr ighout theo whole United States.
In1 all (of the States civil authority has
stIlposedel the coercion of alrlls, aiin11
the people, by their vol ititary actio11,
are Ina int' ainl- their govec rutnil. .nts in) full
Smy nd coillete operation.
Th-- oil forecen it of tho laws is Ito
longer "obstructe.1 iit any State by
d imbinationstoo p)owl'fu to be sup
pressed by the ord inary course of jili
-ial proceeingll-s ;" and 0-he anlimiosi
ties enigeidered by tle War are rapil
y yieling t4 the henllieenit iniflun'iir'es
Iof ori frete ilnstiitLti!)ins, and to Ihe
kindly e'fects or nutrestricted sowill
tirt restoration of fraternal feeling"
.nuist he the earneist wish or .evory pa
Ity i riotie Ieart ; itn1l we will have aec
comiplishel our granlde'st nat iolm I
bIliovelielit when, forgetting the esad
renIts of the past, 1d rm bei
lyv thir Iistructiv i ssols, wtt re
o our onwa'd enreer as a free,
I rosperonls, anid unlitedl peole., |
.i iv Ii nuissage of, the 4th Deeeh-I
her, 1865, ( ongress was iiiformed iiif
he incsres wic hadl 141been.instItit
eii by tie l eeitive with a viow to tile
gradual restorjittioit ft the States ill
whtich Ohw insurlractionl Occullrred to
their relati-Vis with tle (Iebloral G;ov
erillinent. Provisional Governors had
been appointed, Coiventions cazlled,t
(.overlnoi4rs elected, Legislatures as
sil, and RepreIsenltatives chosenl
to the C(ongress of the United Stattes,
(ourts had been opened for ' the on
fircemnii t. of Il 1s lolng inl abeyanliec.
The blockade had been removed, cu1s
ton-houses re-established, and the in
lternal reventio laws put inl force, in
order that the peopllo might contrib
lite to tle national in om41e. Postal
operations lad 11been rellowed, and of
fort were being made to restore theiu
to their former condition of eflicioey.
The States theis.lves lad be(n i
asked to t al part in the high fune,|
S tion - of anmending the Constltittion,
and thus sanctionling tie extinction of
Af'rican slavery as one of the legiti
mate results of our interneenestrug
gle. .
Hainig progi'essed thusi fari', the
.IRxec utive Deopartmeont fiiund thatt it
had atccomnplishecd nenrly atll thal~t w'as
wVtith1inl the scopeC of' its conistitut ional
anthuority. On(hin ug, howeveor, yet
remamedii0( to ho done before theO work
of' restoratioln could~ be con) ploted, an id
(that was the adinissioii to ( 'ongr'ess of
loyald Soltnitors antd Retpresetttives
ftromi the States whose .people hiad reo
1hol10( against~ law'fult author'ity of the
delOveId uipon thle .respectiv0 Houises,
which, by the Constliutiont, are' made.
tha judges of the elections~, reOturtns,
anid qualihicationsi of thoir own liom..
horis ; and its, considerationi at 00c0
enlgaged tile aitteti on of Congress.
In he uoatiiothe Exebutiv'o
oparmoh-noother pln havitig
bicon pr'oposed( by Conigress-con tin
uied Its efforts to perfect,.an far as wans
pracltiobl~O; the irestoraitioni of thle jp'o
per relatio~ns betfweenl the citizenls of
theO respect ive btates, the Stte2s,- and1
the Ftoral Goveornmedlot, extendrlng
frin timto to timue, as'the puiblito inlter
ests .seomed to require, the0 judliil,I
l'gvchge, andlt pos!tal sysiiis of the
couintry. With thto advice and( ed11'
sent'of the Sonla to the nieceissariy oili
corn were appoltited, and ap)ropr1ia
tions diade Ji&Cong ress for the pay
muent of their stelare 1he proposi
tionl to amliend the lio&91
tion, se as to pre~on tQ
sinor wI7 ~ithinuithe Unit
'tany place sulbjtOet toI t11
of' Stats', .indon t (;i"a
cornhoi',l805, It9 6#'lld
0(d to'ha~vti boeonftid lied asa pa~t o
the Constl~ttion~ oftilo TUtpd Ilte'
Alr-of'those Statd is' hiah the 1i0ii
r'eetioiaA existodprounpt1l tinaddd
thecir ConstithLeo f oasjke eac~
'confte'nitte l
IiJand'las oIf sadhe' g '~ etuMt ijl.
pr'etenided delts'a'nd obl itlons dion.
ted for tile revohibionalry purposes of
n res for the protedt itiii anid ailneliora
tion of* the condition of the colored
race. Coingres, however, yet besitat
ed to adiit anv o' these States L re
presentat ion ; aintl it was not. until the
close of the eighth, moitii-of the ses
sion that anl except io wis ide in ra
vor of Tenne 1.1, y. the adinisioni of'
her Sentators and liepreseitativus.
I deemi it ia suhject fi' profounl re
gret thu tCoiess has thui ar 1ailed
to AdMit to :Ats val Seiniturs and
Hliprsentativos frlo1 other Statoes,
whiose inht biits. witi those of Ten
no0.4see, had uniaged iii te rebellion.
le States--ior& -iln one-l',iu'ti of'
the whole ine-ean withoutC
representat ion ; tlie seals if' lifty mem1
bers in, tle liouse of lepre.iet.atives
and of t-wenltv memilbers-in thue Senlate
are yet vaeat-inot by lhir own eon
ment, not by a fa ilnire ol' eleet ion, .bit
by tle refisa1 of' Coigress (o aecept
their credentials. Their adimis.iun, it
is believed, Wo uld have aeconpished
nuch towards t-he rie ewal and
stirngthenilig of our i relat ions as. one
peopl, And remov'*el seriols cause for
discontent on the irt of the iihabi
tants or those States. it would have
accor~ded w; hI the greCat principle
0tee1inciated il tlie Declaration of Ame..
rieani iiieiniliee, that noi people
ought to bear the bnrden of taxation,
ainid yeut be deiiied the right of repre
sen tat ion. It, would have been in colt
soianlce witi the express prUvisiolns of
the Constitut ion, tint "cac State shall
have -it -least one 1epresentative,'
tiil "that no State, wilhout its consent,
shal l be. deprived of its equal QlllsI'age
ini the Senate.'' h'liese provisions
were inltended to secure to every Sb ate,
inad to the people of every State, the
right or represe.ta t ioi in each Il use
rf cungress; al so impoituit .was it
de.' emed by ii. f nuer's of' tlie Consti
tutiton that 1the eqiality of' the States
in the Scitate shoutild ill preserved.
that *ot even by ai aamidimit 4 thi
('onst it ution cai anly State, withiou
its cimiisoit , he denied a voi'e in that
bainch of thie N at i :iml .1 egislature.
It is te, it :,s bee a iaI that
the existeinen of th Stat. w bS teri
Ilatedl bIJ1' rbebellioins acts fi I thir
ihinhal.itaits, aind that th iiisu-rect iom
Inaving beven suin.w , thy were
thienetof wai to be conisi deir ie mer'iv
its coniiereI territories. The I,egi.
lative, Exsetutibe, -and Judicial .lk1
Irtinients of th (lovet'inoiet have,
Ilowever, Willi gr..atoli~tinetness tAnd
uiniif'ormi cni.tiecy, ilried to sane
tionl tin asSiunplltion so incomp1.1atibleo
lVith the nature ii fi our1 repuiblieiain sys
tem, and wilh the professed olbjcts ofr
the war. Th rouighouit tle recent legis
lation of 'onlgres.e, the inen iable
'aet inial-s itself npinrent. that these
ten political comminnities Are nothing
less thank States i'of this U'nion. At
tle very coimiieilceliet of tl reb!..
lion, e'wh 1Illious decliaredl, with. a
Linanhniliiit y as reirklableas it was i--.
Witieaint, that (hoi wrt was not "wag.
irpion ouir part, inlovy Fpirit or oppar.
iion, nor ftr any laurpo. of con1piest.
)r subnjugat iu,' ,not purpose of over
tlrowing or interrerfeing with tile rights
ir established iistituitions of, those
NItates, 'bit to defie'il ail ilaintain
thC Supremacy (if tle t'onstituitiin anI
1l laws mad in luinsu ance thereof,
bud to preselrveithle inion with all the
Iilinity', quial ity, anid right s of-h
1everal States uiiimipa ired~; and tha t
is soon1 as5 tlhese obeats"'~'t4 were "accom
pliishe'd the war ought toi cease.'' In
somie inistanc~es, Senators were permiit
ted to continue thioir legislative fmiic
ions, while ini othier instances~ lepre
senitativ es were elected atnd admitted
:o seats af'ter thiei r Sta tes liad formal Ily
leela red thieir iright to .wi id raw ftrom
ho I 'nion, anud were endieagringi to
uninutain dihat right by force. of arms
illI of the Sta tes whose people werei
Li'urrect ion, as States, weyie iinclud. l
nQ tho~e1apportioinnieint of thle direct Liiax
>f' t wenity inill ions of' dolIlaris iiaannua1ly
anid uplont theC (nited States by thie
tL aipprovedC~ 5th August, 1 8(.1. C(on
gross, bcy the act of' March 'I, 180'?,
md by thie aipport ionmntil of r'epr'esein
dieir prtosionee as St ates in theo Uniion;
'ad theoy liav~e, for juldiciz'l piuriposes,
beeni dlividcid into d isticets, as States
lonienn be divided . The saime tre
sogniition atppoears in th'e r'ecent legis
at ion ini referience to TIeiiiesse, which
"videnttly rests upo'n the fact. that the
iuction's of t he State were hot lest roy
'd by the rebellion, bunt mero~ely sius
rgended ; and1 that piipleil is of course
ipplicable. to. tQhosaStautes which, 'like
I.Oi'4nesso, at toirgted..to ren~iounicO tihelri
laces it thie U~nion.
iThe ntiion or (h he EnottvE Dpar'imeii
)ritho -Governme~nt. tiloer' this subject ha~s
iiu pose of jhie wary wits 'dplCileahly died.
i hO i'rofaminiit issiiud-hy iiy.predeILes
sor on ith '2 1d day AfOp1hi emihe, .'3. 1.I
h~atye t'(4f'ore as ho otofore,'o ihe~ wari. wil
Yopsooqto4 Yot the -objocL of'- prnf'o iically
Eat'oring ti ho ns't jtutloztal rehltin .be'
tiQleyQa tsedi o ihioraof,- in whih
8($tate Iy thxe u
Id it thepeso f ti teLiio f this
eoub1l nt. happ'l when tle Consoti ittin
ftlod t Ih. aw:1 Il.a (r enforced by a vigiain I and
liuthat i C:agaess. l'ocha louso is ailnute
lie "j uidge ot' tle elections, aeturns, faul I
'nalailiua ions o1 it s own lniotbers," and
ninty, ith the onlurent e of itwo-lhirds,
exe.l C a iithIeII''.'Vr." W hen a SenatoIr or
ibpr'esentaiive presents hIis certilicate of
electiota. lie maaly at ance be adinitted or
reecto-l ; or, shIutI there be' any <tuestion
a1s to hti.' eligibility, his crtAl'ial uts i11ny b
reelrreol For inve.t igatiot to Iie agropri
ate couittee, It' inaiit tead to a seat, it
utot be upon evi'lence sa Iisfactorly to tle
Iloimse of which Ile thlus becoinies ta iember.
that i tssesses iho recializitea constitutional
tanl l'g-il itiilttientlions. I* refused adinis.
si6n as t i alne fi or Want of' tui allegitatice
to rue Govenmtiient, nitil returned to his
coltittlulps. t hey fire adiinonishead that1i
lonie hiat perns loyal to lie United Sate4 I
will lie allaav.e'l a voice in the Iogi-lative
iCineils ' 4),1h0 \ationa, atid the political
power :111al maaora'al infliuence of Congr'ess atre
thus eltt''aively x0etd iin the interests of
loyally to tle Governtnenai land fidelify to
[le Union U:on (his qtestiQl, so vitally
attin ag Tihe rest rat ion of the Unin'and
the prettianICy ot one preseit. rmIa or
givernient, ny convictions, heretofore
expreSsed, Iave ni erl'gone no change; but
otn the contrary, their correctntiess has been
confirmed lay reflection amd title. lithe
ai nisaioni o' laaul ii hors to seats itt tle
respective l vises of' to!ngress was wise nd
expealient at year tgo, it is no less wise and
expedient now. If this aintalous coniilion
is right now-i, in the exntL. time, it is
lawfil to exc hide th liron,11 repescui lition,
I a- not. see tht tle at.its ion will toy clinig
ed lay the ellax o t iie. Ten yeats hOnce,
i I thesa States remain aits hey tire. Ith right.
of repreent' aiun ill be no :t rtoiger.-the
right. ' e-xeluioia will be0 nii) Weatr.
The Coanltiiltion of, th't Uital States
makes it tle duty o the President to recoum
iaend to the consideation of Congrens
"uch ineasure'c as lie shall judg.e necess4y'
oar espeitlint." i kInow of, no rv:islue miore
iliperatively denlontleti by every considlera
tion itt national inttarest, sundia policy. tatnd1
aijtil jtsi ite: t han ithe ia-liission of' loyal
tuotabi'rs M'om the now unt-epresented
Slt ate. This wouh c aintniiate the work of'
rei-l'tn i. tat exert a ttiat salutary in
fineriif'o iliir lotn- .iishmet of peace.lar
lioti y, :1ti t'vatii t n e-itg. It woiuld
taud groatly it i-:awwv tle' oifilence oj (lte
.\m i.ci1n pe'.e, in the Vigor P:tmit:thility
o tl ' i-a ii. Ia woubl bin.d its
':, cl tih a. a nation, and
itt ~ i ti 'O-w to t' writ the inherent I
:tl ii' alav pow'V;i' oh it Utoyeritinetl
l e.l'to, u o i l t he wiitl tat' f ile l pe ple, and14
e lall'himo h nil. of liberty,
I ilav inreased
-Aretigth .uol enhance1v t prosperily ,woultd
i'taefragi!y~ <ba'tmmuiaitae ia letilhui of the
iait'". t'inst 'ree ainttions dan I
t'"o'i t 1ur te1 n tttital di.der, byo' the
cXeItit" of' r-10in gVer'ilent* The
rebtiva:Ioan 44 ieopal wa' 5-oin the Statlen
it ny extCilde Irt in CIngre's. by allaying
doubIIl andl apprehension, woul 13.nrn Capi
tal, now iwait ing :at opport'tiuni'y fir inavest
mtitat. inlo th< ltua:nels of trale ind indus.
I Iy. It would alleviat e ihe presetit rouht
1t. condit ito it to Stat es, And, by iindu
ing emvigral.ion, aid in% tiIo settileaent. of
lei'tile ret't'itis now untillivale l, aid Jead to
1 11" in cIas'i proa1ite ztcon Of Ith'o st staples
which hlite tablilt sa preat ly to the wealth
of lie nation-and the cotaimere of ae 'world
N' w ielI-Is of eterjrise 0'ouitil tie Opinedl
lIa our progressive peolie, and0 s0ool tihe
-levistatifns war wotl tie r'paired, aind
Ill 1ii aes of our doiestic differences effaccd
'rollt I lie mintis of' onr countlrytiten.
lt tar e'torts to presi've '1,110 uify of
Goverinent woici c ontst itltes us one peo
lo," by resltoring alth States to the wndi.
aion which they laeli prior it 11.0 rebellion, 1
we shiut be caut ious,'loet, having vi'escued
oa. t-at iota ron perils of thretened disiitteg
rat iota, we resort lo Consolidation, and in
the end absolute despotism, as a remedy f'or
tha! reCirrieuco of similar Lroubles. The
war having ttmhiaetd,-and with it till occa- a
ion i for t Ihe '(xerciso of powers of' doibi tl
constitutionaliy, we shoutild hasten to bring
le'gisltion wit-hin lite boititaries prescrib
erl by le Cotsit ltutiont, ant, to return to file
ancient 1natnilarks established by oilt faith..
Cas for I he g id af I tI oh sifecceitIng geneatifions
'"The Conti tutioni wichti at t'n'ay t imte .ists
untitil ebatnga'd by~ anl explicit tad at tetict
atio of the ii'hole petople, is sacraedly obtliga..
I 01'y upjon tll. "Ifi i hela opaiionm of alto
aeopale, thle - disatrli butiot o'a miaiticaitiona
of' a le Const itutiioaii powers bo, in talny
pti et', wr'iong, tl. iit be vor'rectedl by iin
rinametimaent ita ahe way in wrhichi thle Cotuntli
tttiota daesignates. thaIit. Y thaet' ho tao
ch!~angc lay.tusurtpatlion ;fill" ai isala heaus.
Itmtlary wieaiponl by~ wh'ich fr'eo Govier'nments
arle aostrtoyed ." .W'atzhngatn . poko t hose
wior'ds 'a hais cutryml'1'len,' iwhen't, followed
hay their love and grat itudiae, lio v'autatatrfy
ret ireal fr'om thea cites tat putblich lf. '''To
ktellp' ill thlinags ii ttIhe pa e of ouar
clonst ituationat l) pot'rS, andta cherlishi thet
F"eeral lUioni nii tile tanly roLck( ot' s.a fety," a
wuere pir'eribeid by ,1ielfer'son alt ruiles of}
tactiont tom endeia' to his 'acotuntrvmeniaa. the
truae tainctiples of' their' Const il ttion4 ,ad
pro'mto ni tuitn of' setimehiiit atand acion
ettualuly tanspiciouis to theuia' hatppliness tandt
safe'y."' Jacksoni buebi ahiat te tactio oll 0 t
I lie U(ie'eratl Governmenltt shioulid aliwatys la
strlicly contiined to thle spihere aof its appr'o
praiaae dtiosza, antd juistly itand f'orcitly iurged
ahat. our' Gov'erilnmen is lnot 10 be mitintt.C
oat nor1 pur l~Union pr'oe'erve a by inv'asi ots
oft athe -rlighit andl1.halit' t power o several
States. Ia'a taus tat temapainag to tuiko ottr
G~enleral (ioviermaau't sa long, we itmkek it
weak. l1l trute hI rong th contsistst ini leavinug
IitditidualIs tand Sttes a nmtteoh is plossible
ano tomilv~ieii; in maniu a it selft felt, not. ini
itas ptoer,e bu ain i its pr'tectionu ; not. inl(
bindaintg thle S ala's moaire clo-ely to thle can.r
Irle, buit letavintg eachl to miove atuobsi c'uetld
ini its 'cotast itutttinal or'bia. J'Thesi ar'e he I
I eanahintgs of' meln wihosie deds andt ser'vicest
bIav mti'tuade themt ilaustrious,~an tiatwhot lonig
sinte wii'ahurauwnt fr'oam trio scenes( of' lifo,
hat% left t a lt ' a'i costttry I t ' 'ri::h ' Ie ac~iy
ml' Iieir examtaplo, teir'ii w ita, and(I i' a'
hi 'ei"t eisoatt, let' t a aialdt t at lahenai in lovie f
of efibult t'y tau I'rdspect lot'r hue Contstilluio C
raitat hie laws.' -'
Ti'rep. . ort of t be Sectrelnr'y of the Tr'eza'
the fciotuait a tt commter co of Ithe coutry.
Iis 'vioii's tapoat Ilgo. onurani'p~y, sud y'it
rdfort nocato a proppi .'ajltitni' f1on1'
r'evettuao-yasQu,Jiternsel'as well as imposat,
airo cor~ityld (q-Ithe carefnl conaldeation
&frgangres.' Tar my last, innun.l nIlossauge I
stilhjoide..t. Ineu npornly 411 adetitlion to
hy'neosalty of oafrt' Ing ite9over'y d arut..
mnof the overnent, a, systopn 9f l'gid''
4n~b~lity, .thorough ref ronhibotit,.and
nlj ec~ioy. W~Ithu no exceploi'notir
ii isnta'tepetIturei~ Ito opprossi'o bitr.C
lenla at' taixaition aan bilelie~oned bay such a C
nitikajltina of our r'evenne lan-u ats will be
oistentt %wit h the pullio faith, and the le,
1 inate and neessary wants Ofhotdovnrn
The report presents a much more sat.
sfactory contdlition of our liuaicas than
mie ye..r ago the mlost, sanguine could
lave anticip av.ted. DIuruing the iscal yevar
maling the 30th Juie, 1865,- the %ast
tcUar of the war, the public debt w'A in
:reased 2si 1,902,537. and on the 3 I st
>f October, 1865. it amotunted to 12,.
T10,854,(350.' (- the 31st of October
1866, it had been" reduced to $2,251,.
10,00G, the diminution, during a priod
A Firteen montlis, commencing Sep
emwr 1, 1865, and ending October 3 1.
1866, having been $206,379,565. In
li last ammiai:1 report on the state uf the
iniances, it. w :s estimated that durmng the
bree-Tuirters of ,the fiscal year cu ling
he. 311 It of J ntte' last. the deb, would be
ICreaseWd *I 12, 19 1,947. During hat.
leriod, howeve'r, it wias .educed $81,.
l96,387, the receipts of the year having
Jeen $89,005,905 Ulore, and the e.prn
litares $200,529,235 less tian the es, i
nates. Nothing could more clearly
ndicate tian these statements the e.X.
cnt. a11nd1 availabihty of tihe national
esonrees, aid the rapidity and sfdoty
vith which, under our form of govern
lient, great. niliitary*and naval estab
ishmnts canl be disbanded, and expe, -
es reduced from a iWar to a peace (ot.
During the fi.eal year ending the 30th
>f . lune, 18GG, the receipts were *558,
)32,620, and the expendit tres 520,
r50, 9.10, leaving an available surlus of
37,28 1, 680. It is estimated th'at the
eCeiptsTor the fiscal year endlingi the
1th .une, 1867, ivill be $475,001,386
mnd tImt the expeniditiires will reach the
111m1 of $3116,1123,078, leaving in the
Pri'nsiiry' a surplus of $158,631,308.
"or the fiscal year ending Juie 30th,
[868, it. is esliniated that the recipts
sil1 amount ti $136,000,000, and that
he expenlditures will be $50,2.4',G4 I,
-dhUwinlg an excess of $85,75'2,360 in
h vor of the Government. These esti
mited recei ts may be dintinished by a
edction of excise an'id import duties
..t after al ne'ecessary rediietions shall
ave been make, the revenuo-of the
,rent and of following years will
lohitle be siitleiient. to cover all legiti'
nate charges upol the Treasnr, and
cave a h liergo. 1nnalid1 surplus to b. up
)]ed to the patylilt of the prictec'a] of
lie debt Thero 2eeis n(w i t a 1o
;ood rason why taxes may not; he re.
incel as I lite count ry advaices in popn
ation and ealti, anld yet t( debt bo
xt iishe'd within the ne'xt quarter of
The report of the Secretary of W'ar
urniislis valuable and important infor
intion inl refereice to the operations of'
is De pai I ient din ing the pa t year.
On voluintpers now remain in the ser.
,ice, and they are being dischargedas
apidly as they can be replaced by regn.
ir troops, The army has been promptly
lid, car'tfully provided with iedical
reatment, well sheltered and subsisted,
Id is to be furnished with breech loa'ld
ng small arms. The military strength
f the nation has been unimpaired by
he discharge of volinteers, the disposi.
ion of unserviceable or perishable stores,
Od tie entrenchment of expenditure.
iflicient. war material to meet any
eidrgelcy has been retainedl, and, from
he disbanded volumteers-s.tnI iding ready
o responki to the national call, large
ries cani be rapidly organized, equip
n the coeast and frontier have i-eceived,
*r aro being prlepare~d for morepoeri
rmiaimnts ; lake surveys andl her tbei
ndl*river iproivements are in course of
nlergel ie prosecution. Preparatipons havo
'een made for theA payment of the addi
ional bounties authorized slurin~g the
ecent sassion of' (ongress.'lunder nucih
egulations as will protect the Govern-.
'ent from fraudi and rnre to the
oniorabhly dlischarge~d soldbir the wveli.
arned- reward ol his faithfediness anid
alhaantry. More than six thon'andi
ined sohliors have received airtificid
mibs and other surgical apparatus ; and
alrty'one national comietries, containing
lie r'emains of 10-4,628 Un~ion) soldier2',
aver alra~ady been. kstablishied. Thel
LMafl esitimtate of i)tary aippropriations
It is stated~ ini the repurt.of ihn
tecrtavy of the. Nevy tl.hat lhe flavail
arce at tIs tIme consists of two hun.
red and .seveniy-eight, vesselsh, armied
rithi two tho'isande three hunadre~d andl
fty-oa.O gnha. Of these, one huind.e oI
nid ifteen vesses carryings oneth+
nd( twventy nine gunls, are ini commission
istributtedl chiefly -mamogeven squadl.
mns. Tihie i nmber of meun in the service
lii hirtee'n th.iisandl six hundtiredi. Great
etivityi and vigilance have beeni dis
layed by all the squtadrons, and their
liciently) arrangedl inl suh mnner as
~onld best promote American coannorce
ad protect the rmihts anid iuiterest.S. of
tir countrymien .,broad. TIhe vosre.s
tnemployeti are un dergoing repairs, or
ro haid ultp umtil theuir-services may be
equtiredl. Most of the irnndad is at
eiagnio Isand,-in t he vicinity of Phlila
(ilpiibi a place ~ihi, tunitl deLcuISIe
etion shoutldbo taken. by .Congress,
flas seleCial' by the Scrprtary of' the
f'avy as the )post, eligilelo Ication for
hat class. of dessels. It. is important thiat
anitableipiblic. station shtould bo provi.,
ed fot' theo iron cliuu fleet. .It 'is inzteol
d tliat'fdiese vossaissshalbe ina proper
o~nditiont for aniy cinergency, andl it, is
esir'ablej that the bill accepting 1seague
sland' fornatsval putrposes, whikh passes'
the Ifouseof lR firosentalives at. its last
Session, slmuld receive finil l action at an
early period, in order tmat there unty. be
a suitable puidic station for t I l ei'4 la's, of
vesseleras asiwon as navy yard of ana
sufilirt fir lie wants ol tihe service,
on the .Delawarn River. The Naval
Penisikp list amotnts to . I 1, 7 50, 000,
having been increased $2,750,000
dirimg the year. 'The expenditure's of
the Department ror the fical year ending
30th June last were $43,32-1,520, al
the estimates -for t he coniing yvar
amount to *23, 58,13i0. A ttention is
invited to the condition ohfour -eani,
an1d tie import iance oflegislative mteas
tires for their relief and improvement.
I'lic susgstion inl Lelialf of this deserv
ing class of outr fellow-ct li ons are earn
.tly recommeilln-ded . to the fivorable
attention of Congress.
The reporL 9f lh Post master-Giineratl
presents a most sam.isfactory coutition
of the postaf servic, an id suhin rem.Iti
mlen~dationls which de'ser-ve theconsidera.
tion of Congress. The revenues of the
Department for the y'ear ending June
30, 1867, were *11,3!46,0119, and the
1!xpenditures $15,352,079, showing an
excess of the latter of' 9G02,0 93. In
anticipation of this del'iciney, however,
a Special nppropriali' 10n1 was mtade bV
Congress in the aet'approved July 28,
1800. lueliding the studing appro
priation of *700,000 for' afree mail matter.
Its a legit itate potion of the revenees
yetremaining IiInx penled, tho acto:1i
de'ficieney For ti 11:st year is only
0265,4193-ai snm within $51,141 of IQh
amoiwL. astimateI in the a nnual report.
of 18G , The decrease of revenne e u.
pared with the previous year was oie
td onto-fifih1 per cent... anui the inierenl'e
of expenditlture, owing principally to Ih,
enlargement, of the' n ul service in the
Sotwstwe~lve per ent. Oil hite
3Lh of June last, there were in opera
tion six th1ou. an d nine h 1t1ndrd and
i.hi rty mail routes, With fni aggregateC'
lengtih of one humidred and eighty thoncts
and nino hitndred an tlweuty-oie miles,
an aggregato aninual. ran1siporta'.ion of
seventy one Inilli.an eight htunhred allo
thir-qsevel tllumiil ltime 1Inuilreid atl
fourtetries, and it iiagregate annuaml
cost, including till lexpnlilmtres, of *8,
410,184. The lengt h of rilroad roituti
is thirty-two thousanil and 11niety Iw:
imiles. and the anunn I ranlspallta lion
thirty million six hundred atil nini
Uhnd four linedirea nul sixt' v.even
iniles. The lenglh of stma tna. rout I
is fointen thusamld lre-- hundtIi.d nad
foriy six mih-, ahd 0 th nmtai transpir
tation three million ur hundred -nnI
eleven lhlonsand nine hundred and sixt y
two mihcs. Tho niil service isalidly
increasing thioughow'. lie whole coit ry
and its ste.'Ilv ixteniin in the ititl'
orn States in'dicats their constantle im
proving condilion. Tpe growing it 'por
t alee of tle for-i ser'vice also it rit.i
attent ion. The l'oitollice Departimentii
of Great Britain ail oir own have
agreed tipon a prelimiary basis for a
now sta (oi 'olini which i!.h
bglieved will prove em-inninv h-lici1al
to tle conttv-r'ial itest ,t t.hU h 1ici
States, in aehlt as it. ont.-mplate~ t a
reduction of' IhI, intiernal ional let-t post.
age to one-hlf tihe x isting rtes a
redntiOn of postage wil h ami other colm.
tries to and from which correspondence
is transmlitted in the liriti.shI mail, Or ii
closed mails throigh'it. the United
Kingdom ; IIthe establishmiuent. of ntuiformn
and re'asonable chiargne~ for theseaan
tert itorial transit of form~~fotien'tce's inl
c.losed nnnius ; ad an allowvance to (eaCh
Posth'lico Departinwnt, of the right, to
use nil miail comntien tos esi abllished'l
uster lie authority of the ot her for' thle
dispatch -of crespoidi'nt;c4 eitheri itn
Qpetn or closed tmaiI'is, on ihe' same ternns
as those applicablde to t he infhtabiftaity of'
thme cottntiry prioiihug i thei mfeants of
Th-~e report of thp .9erelnry of 'the
Inuterior e~hbibit th e coniiion 'f Ito-ae
-br'anches o'f tie- pitbhli seryicn which tire
the. last fiscatl year, (our imiillion six hun.ti
dredl antd twienityninem Llthusand thire'
hnundrt..d an md tweive necriip of pmublic' huu1
d1red and(I niinety-twio toiisand fiveP hec~n
dr ied amti sk'i tei' :tcres of which wieret
etere''d muder - Ine hiomtnc ad act. 1Te
policy originitaly ado pod 'l re'at i v.to th
publmeitc iaaii. hats unde~rgw ats~remiI
muodilicatLionli. Iinnsedi.i' rtevetiuit, a inf'
nul theti r.rmapit- eeitteiit, wa'is thle ar
dilti it ntire ofoumr lanid sy'stemt. ]long
'fepeince tilt. euarnemst discussion bilrv
reoulted in thnu convt 'ion thtbe ('ally
de'vtlop'titt, of our ne~rlcin ittural ri
souircos, amid th~q j;frtsioi of ain energ'tic
plOptllatien over otIr Vast, terriito-r, nare
objects of far greteir imuportained to t lie
htatioitn gr'owth itd (r'osperhc.y tiltnI the
proceeds of the stale of thle humtl to I he
tiglupst, bidd ter in opent miark,'. TJhi'
pre-emtpt ion lia wis confer ttpn the pioineeri
who cotmplites with ihi' tcermis thlm-y - im
10040 the' privilege of puirei! a li Iimit Iedl
porIti oif '"unol'..reih 6. tai" the milii
I4InWi pricP- 'J'to homes'vtead enactoittis.
Fehover lIfe- settlc' fronm 'thq paymnent of
pswribtso money, aind secn-o hitm ai per.
tantltt home, uponi thet conition of
tesidenco for a termn of years, This liib.
eral policy itnvites otmigration front lho
old, gnd fromn ithe n)oro oFd~odportionrs
of tiie siow woriti .ts '~pitionms reathlts
aure, tndoulbed,' and 'will hiKrmo nighalhly
manifested 'whentim ern 1I hko givnit
to it a witter.desvelopoinient,
Congress b&,t nad'isa;#'gt of
publio lands to corppraiions, in aid of the
canatrntina uof raiferoals and otha ilmt..
nal inoni enl11.) 'l Ct .- Sh l th ;
Ireferprevail. mnorestienprv
C 1
ions will 1)1' re(CI' till'rd to sCetIe' at h1to
applice tion (of Ow fuil-1. Thit tit: t
lit:I il d 81C1,11111, 1' C l'' 11:1.:' N.~ 1 ) '' 1 IC
Woh rwise, butreinC t u IiCh . t ovI
Cnitit aw C subi ,-t tI, - ;"- I
somel( portion ei ihl. ro~eim h:,i,.n:
co p nto ,lit n, eri -
tC th' w hol' 'I..it v I n I
?lll..C Co v CIC i I !.,IC )I~' m ' 1*jC1 4 t
ati.1' II CCC' i I W i - ' ' V 'I I
JtCie lliII e I a .i 1 I I
p rvenot . t rI tit n w c I )
Mt MIl prI' C Il Co witC I w ' n'C i n n
title 1:dil o ai i, Ii I IerC t
sCe 'hC g ni. CClC thi: tC'o x l b V 'hI n
eeption of a::1odhv subsequent : 'Iv-r
Ait breech o p'. th co -Itim hc
Should CI I l t'1''C Ill :.,Z 1CC 1, C C' I.
CCi I t is Cold i CClI).' Cil CL.p; C 1 C;11
greiv iy l m rl,- i i
bi:) 'i! Ow'.C'CC'IC o offI C C O'C'C'.'''I C C
I iC tr1w1 but nC'& --mv.'
t:ile to h.,' :In. ong r
Op ai on oni C tll (--1 1 v r,i 1o b. C C
.11 C I 11*1 v I holJI'CCICC I IIC ;I ,. I C I C
itvie cnt i le 1'y :! V.~ -
gre~~~t\. th nv v'ia w l b
bdefore :!-l 1x1ir ton1 f th
ti 'IIg IC C IC C ICC I .: T
Iit r IS l.'C! I w 11C 1 x C v 'C
-a L
t.! :1f it I'I CC t . C! - ' N\ 11 ) .It. 11111
pL,14.l to 0 pe llr' ind P- i
lSCt.- r ( of f!C: ' (' - I , C l
fou'Ir CCC e: an I I I n I
nine luit- nd
anI d aCC I \ c t I <I I h I C I n '
AAnya All * uC..v., . -
lI'elCI:iCCC'., ,htne1, :'), 1 " C CC'
f111C4 i Ow. .'e CI maCC 0 1 Ii
Ct! l ' I ' I t! I CI I I
Ill'ver 4AnIntII lw I1, !,. 1
Ios e Oy-> 1)::. '1r1,n n
I vi ' Isti II t I Ia CI t,
11l0vl of, awll I ) St 1'. - l I I tn A
'IIin Cth'e n' x I C I v. I .
In'bI) fl' ; I CC ' i - ' n hC ,
r le kwl:C .l i 'nCf l r t. . '
:nCi~C'j L''Ixt Cp: (IC '. fC -I'h'-e to
l 1.C CI (C ' I C' ' C' I CC re'? aIr CC ICYIC' .
CIIrIel:IandC.~ I'l en I C'.-- C C rn Cd I woC
ICune'ea CC mI C tfI t C'CCI C' roIln t I e
I)nCr'iCof.th-- ~CuCtr CI rI C
Il''lCC1I C VIICC ''.C M Cll . 1 .
stCCps CI hol be~ ICI ,-nC . nC otCI 'CCC''.
ICth eli,:iC,-CI ,>fCC~ the ' C barri,'. CC' ' n ~
sl tru ti e ininbi Ion b 's[o
niovalC'C'of ICICCCCI Cl.stIe fonsCII'; 'II tIC C
Cl 'C Ife CC iC' CICaI iI' of C '- C rC , CC h CCI a
ne o C t riule'3 "CCI dI con'CC rC .1 C
Th'' e".'Il'~ ie of C'ob'mbin 'IC exi-Ci
IO '1,' iIs not. \ en ih' to' 'hn repreCsenI'Ci C
enCCar eiCC. ('II'n'CCC i~ C ImCn- '' II CCClI the.
iCn CCienioI IC bCt grainCCC C C I ' C wer of C x
I9 a CuU~i.ij (lIf"r Ul'el1lo et/ CICCCC Ces1. CI
inC~' the Distr (icCt, 1 whoe int--rC I'CICaC'CC IhnC.
confCided N'to' theI C'perin'ji. In'n--C'CI h 'I''..'
gresI',iceC IjCIl 'n numb' r CC I I - pC II uI I '' fC
wICveraCl of ourI~ 111 ' Cer iIIriC CI CC-' 111., IC
IhC Clim isC , 1ChC.pCIe e ICiv'C'.'. C 'I'' .CI I
local leg laiC IC'' whiC(C I p e-C ' o I C bI . (' ' r' .. j
thorCCIiz Ci Ithe 'ClIor.I ' l f IIh lir'C. riC'I I- -
.yCi, l' unCICIIL1 i I t IC.-that. thC'' Cs i ofI 11 he'' i
III,:1 .C1 CI'C['ICI. dia ll riti I It pr Cny'A. jig 1,.. CC ,
CL'ei'ty3 of' the' CCI na ional ineC 'Irop'Ci wliCll ' I'. '
of Civongre It
oninralICI rev'.iews (hoI open'' irm C of.' hiC' C IIIC -
paImentICCC durICing Ch past year .C'111, and.1 asks' thle
Cthoseo SCtaCe hi c hI (. seCIntgI I ny~ C warCCII, are'C
CLIn of domesI~CCtic industy.'C'.
ri i.4 aC .lCnhjr (Cf of~ I(ongratlCer CConIaI nCI
pecl'1I nl t safly3, orI ALtr legithnal : infCCCCi.
01nce1 CInonCIg Ch IC ationi111, havCCe been.'I f'ormedI.
0o' af~ Jompted~i. WhilC' 14entiment11C .1 of reco.0C
CICli'ICCIC, Ilyal, and1C p1:1ri'ismCI.~ Chavein
IniIIfcCte bCCCy forc(ijfC II Lation.
C TheCi COInt lII'iresn Cess. oftheo AtialCnti teo.I
graphIC between-'lCh LIIcdast? of .IreOlandL andC the0.
ProDyin'e of.Newf~'ounlandI 1s' aiC ' ci.
nada~'t wv1k'hasI~ boen juiCC g .lrebr it, in
bjoh hebphr.sa IIIIIICCO'. e~ Chi~pen In" o-C enoira.
0'ao oepdetf tia g a l enecess:will at.. I
OC1CndC Iand even OOIaCCor JI C(s'0 CaCtlIO1the
thronlgIa Chd-c'iIo Odoan1by~ p 99lL
lino <A Coo riiph boLereon 1 o ec d
I~ fLha.i. . estCICpasIions. In Aniri, - n
. Xheo'gsol4 (10% of Cougresi fro(rnfIg~
ngaist pardona~f by fnroI~~1 43OVer'lnmenlt1
Condit Cin CigIon' rCCiUIU ft:,O'Cy-, hd
bees coentaoa d~tothetaI' ithh''
-e ~ ~ I to ii- b ' n ",11: - lu r ti e
:=jitt lilty iht a. l, 11M."mi1-0t I'In ot%
. i 'n 111 v".. I t' lilkl
. 'rl I u io. hi4.1 :,i:4 : 4 ro,.
hlnpe a iiatoniht-i o-n m e
ii liIh t ' Clu' ! n 1- 1 coi t e s o .
!I I VI.-nis... . 3 w ' "A:-.pr o 141 oit-l
The.4444' -4-. Ix ! 04 1. w . Iu - ' 4 .4. ,
I I o : I. n vy , z.t. it d .
p'i -N .1 ih i 7 ee - luni e d.t
b ~ ~ ~ ~ .rl i r h, th:wi oe e rn io-e
- -'I4 I t.-.: l ::. : a w O w ,h44.' :111.1
' I I l .i 11144' ! .%! \).4
I v
'4.4aI . 1.4.-n mil rum, h
- r 44u.4 :u t 4t4he 4're
- . - - d.k 11 1 4I 4.,r it C I h
' I'. i e i 4d-0 .' ; I
'4 .'4 '' t \ nex.'4' : 4n44.h j4hir4j :.4.4.
n ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 - , ,- lnnela lu
*~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1114 I . . 44 44 . '~ ,il 11
. lirt m 11111 1 t
''tV ' h. .y:e.
u -~i it t , il l -
4,, 4.,' 4 V W4 Ih !Ie lil. .
- 44 4 4d , 44j. th 4 '' 4
- . I u I Cl' ,
- - houM 1e atoa ~ to
t'l Ii tle I.c le
a I I! o 4 ;1 4 4i .
Oli - ~ ~ ~ Irta IIVI I -i w l -
1'44-41 hy ' 4:n.t n4.
IN I tin 444in1
-4.'v4 I : I I..4 , I- i 4.44. l 4,444 44 1
i ~ ~ ~ ~ i %')0rn w t ll.1.1. 11 Na;. ith the
C . inter4 ted in
44 .~' I t'' 1:4:' 444.'t' .4.1 44.4 % ill
I I '4. 44It 44 I lol :.iI ...(I4.'lo,'4. Y.4. -1. u
i !'I 14 . , n.1 1 1 4 n
I t I Oi, . . , I.1 % 1,th :.sn
k i .I 4.4. . I . .. 1 , 444 I I I it ' I I,' .re
I s I*. ie c N Io. It rt
11 11 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~24. vao4liI 1. , 4 I o 1 . I lit exp-!
- u . Ieive.. fromI '
[ (I Frut bI n :I h:I. I0,1 i Inti,
' 4. . .4~.'h 444 4.44
%'I' 4.4 '4 b. w.4. 4 ,44 It h ptI .
4.4. I~ 44 4 Iw.I , .I4,'1.. 44.1k ii lq%.
vmu: h My aw 6 sp. i in bit 00.4
-r~ v an b .1 er, I"A t'at~o- .i
M li 14 0 a i vo 'lir .1 rl Q ~~ ;- d ir I ( w a .
I I . , I 4 4in 4I ,,e m . :, a ke4.I .n to 4 n4 (it
I il 444 l 1 q 444, lint- 44U v': \'4 4 . -IIII I.44i4 . 1141 *
b i h.-4,44 n4444..4'n . "74.e .4. I. I t hus4
l4'-t'4. li . 41'' 4444 4.44.1~ih n 4. ' t4. oil,.
i 4 I i. ' ''i 4 e u p . I i ' L' .li v ' 4 4 m.4 ,
4,h.th44.44. .4n.4.4 I \ .- il.'by the'~4 exp44
4.4.n. 4r o .4, 4.' 44ub4,-4 for444 4 . riu 44b4i4
4mw d 4. 44' '.4' T'. exter44444 4...
4.44 the4...4 44 in 4e. - ., ,4 ni in ma44o
'e. 14l'''4W.41.u 4. '' :r.44 4.4444444!V *'4e.4 1 4.1 44
44 '41 of 4.a e 4i.eir 144'4.b 44.ni4ted 4.tates44
.44 ine'l '44.ni 444. ! .e 4 4 i4.'tions4.444 44rn.'4e444 4j4.
w.4hi4'h 14-4' by.444 444he 4: 4.4.44 (antl4. 4ih-4444in
4. 4- 4 4.r'im 4.4-a' bellig44,j44j4 4.'t 44.4w4e .44ai4.
4n u i '4.4 no nl4444 conser1i4 ion4 fl4r .he a.44.
444.4eemr '. thi:1 44'4nthient44, 4.4hall.4 bo
-r,44d 444..44.4 ::4.' 4.wo.4. on 4' ies44..4'4. TheIi
.4 44.i 4,4'4 -i ''4444444 . I have.4 444,<h.n4abt,.
h. ruhject of a4 I4. .such ~4444 'laim . il en4.
44.4u4h44 a44 a-' .444.,e44ig44 '?44I
14. . 7 : 4. '4/ i'(egre4' 4. 4. 4.44 44444.4nsider -44
4.Il ' w4 w':i e.44 b .; )i4h 4,4 bj' 4 i s, I in4
;- . 4'Th.'. ,'.ay, hmvergr, may44 4.'4m44
4i4...4. 4 i er.4 ja no.44. tuil 44l44.'e4.
in 4. '4An en4.ire chan.4.'444' ' m 4inistry occur4..
P5 . 4iame. Tho'nit' titinu)4of4t te4)1.('49 -
44444.1 I 'jriendly 4 ii.44 The4 I t ro tno of)44)'4' 40(1
4.. 444.' w 4,44ound o-a4 e'4d444444 he e4J1tablislye.id ua.
.i1h an.d 44eUtr. 444 y, shall41 be restored be.
reen4.4 tiIbe ro'01 eli(~ c nat.4:4.iorl4.,-4
OnLtho 0th ofL .JunI14 last4in1 violadon. of'
r'nn4f r441its 14.4, a moiltey :e~ped4, -o
merical.4441 4 t4C'.. w~..44 groico4(ed antl.i at
mpij.l(44 t< 4... r:4'j ,' .Whi4 the lerrito '
44.4.44 uy.4. i'A4II9t Of 41't 1eIi4nited Slates, 4
edion4or44A o theg'~ol!4.ptIop' 1r{n sd upont
in Exect. bji' Costih -, t6'ose
e1 ith444m4p.11f'&i \4l4y ,Ie eaid, all
f1/44444.yt.'J4 wariigid, by. .p'oolia,n
Oft'4tpatin -r lding' s'uihun
fl4.VaI et~O)'rp t
15 4 9. 4s
'ot44...,. 441 g

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