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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, January 09, 1867, Image 1

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. fesportes, Williams & Co., Proprietors.] A Family Paper, Devoted to Science, Art, inqUiry, Industry and LiteratUr'e * elm~$~OprAnuI daic
Is Pn1.tidt'1.) w Ettc Im.Y hny
DESPO{RES, W .L~ A MS & (0.
Terms.-Tus 11 FirALD is publishel Week
ly in the Town of Winnsboro, at $3.00 in
vareably in advance.
ir All tra'isient advertisements to be
paid in advance.
Obituary Nutices and Tributes $1.00 per
e 3 uare.
That day I oft remember. when from sleep
1 first awak'd, apd found myself repos'<l
Under a sivido oJ flow'rs, much wond'ring
And what. I was, when thither brought, and
Not. distant far from thence a murniuring
Of waters lssn'd from a cve, antd spread
Tato a liquid plain, :utd stood tiinoy'd,
Pure as ti' oxpause of heavu: I thither
With unexperiene'd thought. and' laid me
On the green bank, to look into the cleor
Smooth lake.that to me seen'd another sky.
As I bont down to look, just opposite
A shape within the watery gleam npponr'd,
Ilending to look on me: I started back,
IL started iack ; het pleas'd I soon ret urn'l,
Pleas'd It roturn'd as soon with answering
Of sympathy and love thore I had fix'd
Mine eyes till now, anl pin'd with vain do
. sire,......
Iad not. a volce thus warii'd me : "What
thou seest.,
What theio thou scest, fair creature, is thy
With thee it. oaea and goes: lut. follow me,
Avid I will bring thee where no shadow stays
Thy coming and thly soft. enibraces; lie
Whose inmage thou art, hin shalt. thou enjoy
Inseparably thino: to him shalt. boar
Multitudes like thysdIf, anal ihenco be call
Molher of human rne.'' What could I 1o,
But follow straight, invisibly tius led ?
Till I espied thee. fair Indeed and tall,
Under a plantain ; yet, nethought. loss fair,
Leets winning soft, less auiably mild,
Than that smooth watery imago; back I
Thiu following criedst, aloud, "lletarn, fate
.-vBe r'
Whom fly'st, tlhu ? Whom thou ify'st, of
* him thou art,
IS flesh, his bone; to give theo being, I
OnE of my shle to thee. nearest my heart,
Rub:itaitial lire, to have thee by :iy side,
llencef-orth an indivilual solace dear:
'art of my soul, Iseek th.o, nd thee Claim
My other half!"-With that thy gentle
soiz'd mine; I yieldedi, and fromt) that time
How beauty is execIlal by manly grnco
And .':dom, which alone it tiuly t'air.
List of Aoti Passed by the Lig'Islauro
of Soath Carolina,
The- following sums aro appropriated
1or the paynCtt of thej various oflicers
anal expences of the Stale Governmett:
For t.he saliry of the Governor, *3,500
Private Secretary of the Governior, 1,
200 Mesiger of the Govarnor, $1000 ;
Conltti tingnt fund of the Iheet' De
pat'tmntt, $i25,000, t uba et. to he draft
of the Governor, ani to h) ac-mn-ed for
annnally to thP reigislat.ture ; for rot. of
Governono haot in Colhmibia, :80
for' printing and preparing bonds, st ocks
and record book4, under Act of 21tt
a Se'ptemhbor, 1800, to provide for 'fuind
ing the interest and principal of certain
stocks and bonds of the State pa~st dueo,
*1,1Gb, to'ho drawvn on cheek of the
Governor; 'for printin~g andl preparing
bonids, st~ck and' record books, for l'nd
ing the lie loan stock and and bondls,
atthoristed the preset session, . 800. to
ho drawn dn check of the Governor '; for
two wvatchmon for the new State House
and grounds. $960, to bo drawnt on draft
of State IIQguso Koeper.
For pay of the membecrs of the liegiR-.
la e, Attorney- General auci Solicitors,
mlhtg thme p resent session. $27,000 ; faor
at-iest of the Clerks of the Senate and
Hodse of R sprcesentativest, .*l,200 each,
anl for the .services of two. a!slsstat
.Clerks, *250 each ; for salari-es ot two
Messengora and two Door-keepers, $.l50
each ; for Meassengers of the linso and
Senate. for extra aervcesR as mai carri
era', *50 ; fo'r Messengers' of Hoa)tt1, for
aimiinur services at. last extra session,
*25; for silhry '6f thte Keeper of thto
State lionsa and i-brariamn, 0800 ; fo
salaries of the, Reandtg (Ch-rks of the
de nate and Hlonse, $256 (,c'V; for tlho
services of four 1Rtgrossing Clerks, samo
pay and mileage allowed mtembers of the
Getneral Assenmbly, and $125 for sorvices
of etrai IEgrosaing Clerks at tihe pre
stcomtaigrn~ ; fr priters of the Senate
and,-f. taf Reprresattatives faor thme
p'reachtt Bossiflnl *I2',00, and that the
?.aberof cObi~s specilhed in' thea prop.
sale of the printer ns af:cted~C~ by tho
Id'giailature shall be printe.d and deposit
ea'i, the bc of thea Treasurer of thei
itate.f at, Colunibia, before thte first day4
of March next, anid the amount to he
paid 'etcling to thte proposails, wich
shnubR be asetrtained by te T'retanrer i
ey pnsesei ly eehton rtyyns, . t n
chtule thme. -sumi dnte Measongoru: for
bringingm and dusdiveringt4 ito .h creLa.
ry t SLta It* tot rs'of tdoction.L for
memtbg~of , ogoge *1.000 ; fortn'in
tinmggt egptjp'os ortr to Eglslativt i
brary, 4200 ; $700t for theppy and nii
lenge of theo Apocial Jauint doammitteco en
the baink, sittimg dutring ithe recess; Lat
the necessary expemes incurred by the
Special IRail Road Comm iion, appoint
od at the extra scssion, ;352 ; t.o heo.
dore Stark, k..epeor of tih Stain i ouse
Librarl'an, *5'28, appropriatled at last
session, for arrearages of salary ; for de.
fraying tho expoinses of Special Joi-i
Committee appointed at last regular .s.
sion of the General Assembly to inqnir
and report as to the disposition of cer.
tain public property, $300.
For salary of' Chief' Justice, $3,500;
for salaries of ten Judgs, $3000 eaeht
for siaary of Att.orney-Genloral, $1,100;
for salaies of five Soicitors, $900 ; for
Clerk of Court of A prealm who shall -h
Librarian, $800, the same to ineinde
expences of ful; for salary of Messen.
ger of said Court., $200 ; for pulciase of
booki for library of Court of4ipeals,
$1,000, to be drawtn and exp6nde0d by
order of tho presiding Justice-; for fire.
Wood and fuel for Court of A ppoals,
$50; for salary of State Reporter, $5,
500 ; for pay of jurors antd constables,
For salary of Treasurer of State,
$3,200, including the salaries of one or
mo0re clurks ; for salary of Compt roller
General, $2,500, includin g cltrk's saln
ry ; to Comptroller-General, $200, for
Imiakin-, out copies of tax returns in 1,367,
and a like sum hr like services in 18%;
for A.sessor of St. PhIlip's awl St.
Michael's for mnacing out. and ahlixing
assessments of each return. $800.
For mslarios of eleven professors of
the University of sitmth Carolina, $11,
000 ; for Librarian of University, who
shall bo Secretary of the l3mrdl of 'True.
tees, *000, to h pai d by the Treasutre*r
of the St ate, quarterly in. advance ; for
repairs of Jniversity buildings, $2,000.
For pavmeiit of contingent tacounttts
of the State, *37,000; for payno;it (if
uich claims as miay b admitied by the
Ji'gislature at its preseit sesvion, $20,
000 ; for tho education (f the deaf al
dumb and the blind, $4,000 ; for repairs
of the buildlings at Cedar Spring8, $2,
000; for support of free schools, $25,000.
to I distributed on the basis of repro
sentationi in the popular branch of thew
General Assembly ; for ptyniint of such
other claims or dmandsi on tie Stato its
iy be allowed by the General As om.
bly up-m the reports of other commit
toes,. *$0,000;j for..LImatio Aay lum,
For salary nadl services of Soeretarv
of tte, $500 ; in lien of all ebarge
against the State for signing conunis
For maintaini ig andl keeping onen
it Roper Hospital in Charloston, $3,
000, to be paid to tho Medical Society
in irust for thei Ropor Pund.
For the sutpport of ti Catawba
Indiang, $1,200 ; to be paid to the order
ofthit Indian Agent, anl to be expend
ed tinder the direction of tho Gover
For the rent and fixtires of a house
f4r the use of the CouirtofrApeals, $300.
For expenses inciurred by Committeo on
migrati on, appointed session 1835,
$500 ; to be paid on draft of John A.
Waguner, Chairman For Clerks on
Committee on hIneation and Acconts,
$00. For the purchase of artificial legs
for citizons of this State Who have los.
their's in the servico of the country inl
the recent war, $20,000. For tst ing
in the Coirts the cons tituionality of
the act of Congross by wiech lands have
leen sAlOl in S. illielna .unl St. I'ik,-'s
Parishes, $5 000) ; to be drawin subject
to the order of the Goyci nor.
Thlat theo sum of $~23,000 he appro
priated for the following p~urp~onna: $1 0,
000 for permanent jail for Ric'iland;
$4,000 for permianeint jail for Datlinig
ton ; $1,500, in addition to $1,000
ihacady appiroprititeud o build temporary
jail for Sumter ; $-!,500t temporary jail
for Chesterfield ; $1.500 in adlditioni to
$1 ,000 already appropriatedl for Barin
well ; (do. for Beanfort ;1 $,00)0 to cmn
pleto jail and court bioutw in Lexington;
I$1,000 for co.itpletinig jail in Lancas.
ter. For coveringt no0w State Honse
with a tin roof, $12,000. For the conl
struction of aL Penttontiaty, $45,000; to
lbe paid on draft of Govornor from time
to time as name may be neoded, not tde
bo dIrai wn until esti-mates furmshed and
work contracted for.
IUpon the followitng articles thoer<
shall bo an erdr vaulorem tax paid, au
property accordimg to its iasessed value
viz: On real estate. 30 cetnts ont every
$100, except such lands as may be ir.
possession of t he Froodlmen's 1Rarean iri
Jauury next ; on the capital stock o1
all goalight companies, 50) cents oi
every $1 00 ;on articles manufactured
for sale, b trter- or exchange, betwon
the first day of January, 1860, andl
Jan-ntary, 1867, $1 ont every $100, it
bo, paid by the mnutfac~turors ; on the
gross amount of all spliritufous li(ctors
(except on lignors muanutfactured ini thit
Stato from fuits in their season,) sol
from Jatnuaryl to Dlecember f31, 1807
10 pier ci.$it., to be0 paid quarterly to the
tax collectors of :tho sevoral istricts
Ont buiggias, datrietg~s~ gold and) silyoi
pilate, watelros, jewelry and pianos, er
hand Jaiatt~ ry 1, -f80j' acept those heli
by dealers' for 8sale $1 on overy $100
Upon allIgross icomets derived frors
the~ following AOureCos, thdere*halt hepi
a ax, of thie porel tomrein~smofld
the aggre'gato amioutt1 toonivod bet*Voi
the let..day o Jiisiy,' 150,. atd the
1st day -of. January,l867 : 'rorn em
ployiments, fatcnhies and pobsiew4
itnelding~ the profession oh dentistry
(whethier in t11h inrofi'non of- the lat
fth profs be <inved fromt Ie cot. sf 0
Suil, fees, or oh- l ources of prooal
iicomt,) eseepti cleritymn , 2 ol
every $100lo ; onl comlolissions receivedl
by brokers, vondto ma terz, factors,
0om111mSiin Merchants, daltrl in ex
change, (freign or domesti,) or int
motigligtS, bonds and 1 her negotiable
pa pers, $5 oil eveay 1; 1o theil ti grosn
aiount of preminit received by insur.
ance cimpni s incorporated WiLh in lilu
State, $2 (in every .,10!) ; n! tih gros.s
amount of premium reCOed by agen
eius oif inurance coipiws -. d imder
writers incorpliirtl withotti, the limits
of thi Sinto, $3 on every $100 ; on the
gross atoimtt of tile receipt.3 of OX I\rvM!
cotpanie-t, $10 on every $10, to be
paid to the Treasurr of the Sate ; ot
the gross ainumitof tle reeipts ,fr tIie.l
gripi colpanie, $5 Mn every $100 ;
on the gross aiounit of receilpts fron the
palo of pictorial newopapers 01' m:iga
zines, $25, oil every $100 ; on Ithe gro~s
receipt.s of newspapers I publi shed inl th is
State, '.*A0 o vry $100 ; on tlh' aniutt
of.SIles of g >oA, warot, Im --reha;. dixt,
embracing all the arlicle.i of trade for
sale, barLor or exchangiig, (sipniiuon
iquors and the proidui of this State,
an.1 the uinianufacuired prod ots of aiy
of tite United Statv.c-u, or 'IXrritories
,h-reof exceptel.) ~which anly porson
4hl:1 have m114iado fromi the ist, day of
January, of the present year o I ito I st,
diay January, A. 1). 1867r G) cntis onl
every $,100; for Sa0atie!i,, : tax of
50 emits for the nsi5ng y ear ; on the
gross profit of natiotnal balh ., $10 Ol
)vr $100; on the iem.msozi d.lrived
rom t he nrts of phnuoorpi n g aIl la.
giierreot.vi, $I on evervy $100 ; on
aill incomels almountinga to mlore than
$500 per nnin, d.i.ved from salaries,
rent:, divide.nd<i .11l ldloney at intLrest,
in excess of $500, 1 onl every 'i100
on the incotmes derived from ia w, Ilour
and grist. mills and also from cotton
ginned oin toll, $2 on every $1 00 ; on
the gross ineuomes of rail roids, (not, ex
epllt1edi by law,) $1 on every $100, blut
that whenit ai p of a rail roal only is
wit f.h in the li Ii its of- th it Sta to, the rentrii
of its incomo shall bear the simi ratio
1.0 its Whole incimil thait t.he -g!.h of
road itt th:s State beart to its whole
Th1o f1 dlowing prsions Rre to pay a
tax on every $100 of gross incomte; hto
tel kacperK2 $2 ; resltuirant.s or eating
honso!, $2 ; livery stables' $2 ; butch.
ers and htosterz, $2 ; biliard tbl,
bowling ales, $5; bar roims, whether
conneo:t.d wit h a hotel or otherwise,$10;
ferriks, $1 ; toll gates, $1.
Upon taking ont, a char!., excopt for
il'igion.i, cbanitnabtlo anid educational
Iipurps , 720 ; each renowal of chaner,
u ider tii A ct., $ I.
The koepers of pnblic r co courses
salll pay a tax of (,100 ; eacl piblic
bak, stagi comchi, dray and bagguige
wngon s1all bo taxed $10, and each
omnitons $25.
All persoiS representig puiblicly, for
gwin or rowat ri. any 1ays, conedy,
tritgody, or other em ploymont of tiie
stage, or exhibitin g wax.work3 or otier
shows, of anty kini w!tatsoever, 11) be
paid into th litnd of tle Clerks of th.1
('ourts respectively, (who sha!l h" boon I
to collect and pay the sIM into the
puilic Treastiry, excetin in cses
whiro the sini is now re(inireid by l;v
to be pid t- corparatuon or otlerwis.,)
$ 10 per day ; cirens., ex hibitumns.,&50
Iper day' ; dogs shill be taxed $j1i, int
for each phmittatlion antdi inhabn ed lot, in
a towvn or vilhoge there sf.all he one dog
ex4mtedtlI from taixution.
every mailo between tie ageus of Iwenity.
onei iandi fifty, residtint in te State, on
the first day of lAXbruairy, 1867, ecep
they be icapipl e of e'aring aISi spport..
1Every emp Iloyer shall miiifo ret urnui of
the namies of all personts that, aire em
Iplayed by himt, aind pay thIe tax of sucht
Ipersonl or personi, me which case the ta x
re.ceipt slhall he a g)od andit valid set -off
in atny actiotn for waigns by such ot
plOyee agaitist. sneh onmployer.
All taxes levied ont property, na pre
scribeid itn tlhsA ct., shlttl be pai. to the
tax collector fo te isitct orParish
in which said propertly is locatetd, oxcept.
that the tax levied on rail road, express
and telegrapht compiftes be paidl into
t Trenistnry of the State.
hThe lots anl i hmses on Sutlhvan's Is
lad shlUlbe retirnedl to the tax cnl lea
tor of the ta~t district, int which they are
anItetd in the Raimo manmer as iot~her
itownt lots andI houtses, atnd shtall bo liable
Li) t he samet rates of t axaitiont.
The~ taxes heroin lovieti shall hbe paid
only in gold or siiver coin, Ujnitemd States
reasury niotes, or ntotes of ntatitonatl
bahnk4 or theo bills recivable of thie
Staite, and - alo'pay certificato of jitrort
and contstatbles for attentdanco ont the~
coutrtq. T1hte tax colhketonrs of the Rev
ral collection dlistricts shall be allowed,
oni all suine8 of mioney paid into theit
htand:i for taxationi, aL cogmm~onl, ats
follows .For St. Philip's and $t Mi
chtoaL's.--per' cet. ; for Andorson,
.A bbevihlii, Kersha w, Richland, Clarot.
don, Darlintgtoit, .Lanreps, Marion, Now
berry, Ornge, Spatnnbuirg, Suttnor,
Edgefield; Union, York and Barn well,
fotr. per. cenit.; for Olgat~orfioeld, Green.
ville, LAncaster, fexingtoni, Marlboro'
Wilheuburg, sitiper.conL.; for f lorry,
St. Heolen,: St. Stwvoen'e Christ Chnrohi
Prlna d WViitnrt 'All Salioti' S
too anid Gooso Creek, At. Johnt's H~erke,
oy nmtl (Cllitn ami %t Petor't' figle
per cemt. ,for t. Anudiow's ntd St.
Thomas anld St.. Demiis, enu per centl.;
provided, That in all districts w here 1I,
taxes anounl, to uiore thii $30,00.
Lhe commissions ill be tWO per esi.
on the excemsm. Tax collectors to naki.
returns to i he Trensury in Columbia, o,
or before! duly. 18('7.
No tax codllector or assessor shall'
receive his commisions tiff their return.+
liive been received at tho Treasurer's
ole, and beenl approved by him.
Th assesaors f' I ho s8veind istricis
ale I<quired it) re-turn to tie tax eoilc.
tor lists of all persons in their Aim rici,
subhjuol. to the capital.ion tax, widi -neh
partdietnlars of resideice, etc, ;s 11m1V
serve to identify the persona. Tho ta'x
(ollector is re4}ired to pay to tl:e Slate
Treasurer thf- q w-rlt(iy ret inus -within
thirty days. 1,44.1 tax collector sh111
aMtend at. the courl bouse, - ome other
publicple,.dmly, for ono.:week previ
onla Ito I11in r his fill returni. All
taxes on1 incoics shall irefer to those
received between JaTnuary 1, 1803 and
1867, (exeept spec;i de4signatlion.
I 0forel ile colleclion of 1.he taxes
herein levied, an assesseillt shall be
made of the netAl valtino !)f the proper
ty Iraxe1 ; mill for that plrpose the lax
collectors off.ho several Districts anud
Ptrishes, et-'pt th Ptrishs of Mi.
Ihilip and St.. M ichael, are hereby consti.
t1 a s(31 surl. Each tax collector,
bef!Lo <-utering upon Ida dtes as ases
Fo11, hl take ali sul)cribe, bor4 e the
Cl-.-k of tho Court of the Distiet, the
following oath, whieb shall be enlorised
On1 his Comis1sion, viz: "I, A. 11 , do
promise and swear dint 1 will, to the
be-st of )v ability, execuute 11he duitiesof
a4se4s1or for my collctciion di tricl, and
will, without avor or pa1tial-ly, aee'r
lain andl s:us1 s the aitznal value of the
proper.y. real and personliI, up i-m which
a') adr/Orem lax is laid before., and fur
r.t purpose of laying such i x."
1The United Statos (!uproio Court.
PNmdoronls bodies move silowly.
hia is strikingly the Case with the
tribunal above namid. ft is tjpiito
otherwise with its co-ordinato branch
ini tho Glovernment. Congress is om
JILtiCally a fast -body, and gets
i broughl a% most, unconlseia -ablo amounit
if 1lgi. lation. 'h akeIalIg since
Cocsed to stop and! refloot whether or
not iny bill under consideratioin onn
stand the Cons4itutional test. The
ExLecutivo veto proved no barrier ; this
Caint oi-posit ioni being iore conside) 1ed
in the light of a stim11u1us to "over
ride"' sail veto. 'They appear to
have altogether for ottout that there is
a third ari of the Government, (,m
powered to decid between the E xe
cutivo and tle ConIgroSssOionif view of
thle Constitution.. It is only withlin
the lastfow days somno of theso neow
laws, involving conotituti.uit pIes
tions, have como before tih) Silremle
Court, and its deoisions being atgainst
Congress, and the party represented
by the dominant majority in both
Houses, a hu and cry is at on1ce set
up for a reeoinstruction of tho Su
preme Cot-rt. The New York IT, raid
comes out i a violent onslaught onl
this Cour t, and counsels Congress to
disimiss the old Judges, and get n1ow
ones wha sit dil approve the Act or
Congress. But thore is a diificulty
hero. Suah recon.Strict ion caI sn (only
lh otiected by anther amendient to
thle (Constitution. That, iet rumnet
doo~lares (Art. 3, Soc. I) that, "tile
.Judges, both of the Sup)reme and in
forior (Courts;, shuall hlold1 thir oi' 31s
(during good behla viour."' Th'.o Su
don~t of Con~lgress, and)4: wviill) romin~~
till tihe p)eopilo see fit to amendl~i the
Constitution for the purpose of des)
t royinug th'e indopondonaec of the Ju
diciar'y, whri olh wo iniclin 1)to4 thiink willI
n)ot halppon very soon. In the ean
timio, says tile 'lkn..criput, thiero is a
powerful hooh1 ini the nose0 of the0 Con
grossionatl Lovinthian, andi thle territor
ializinig of the Southern Statos is a
miatter about which more than1l 1uno de1
partmienit of thle. Govermoent will have
someoting to sa..
That our 'eadors maiy know who
these Judges are, wo give their names
and the date of thoir atppointmen0t.
It will be 110een from these dates that
the mnajo)rity, five out of nline, halve
been appo10inted. 811no tile commco..43
ment of the war,arid m)1ay reaisonably be
supposed not to be "Copperhead,"
have all b~oln nlomlinated1 by President
Ldincoln, and confirmed by3 a Republi
canl Seinato, 1'ightL of tihe nine, mlore
over, are Northeorn lohn:
1803-S, 1P. Chase, Ohio, .Chief
Jutst ice.
835i-Jamon MJ. W~ayno, (loorgia.
1 845S -Samuol Nelson, New York.
i1846-Robert C. Urior, Pennl~sylva~
1858-Nathaun CliffoIrd, Maine.
1862--Noahi E. Swaytne, Oh10.
1862~ | Samuel F. Ml'iller, lowe.
i8613-Stephon J, Viold, California.
-~charlst on News.
Hion. J. Medlf WViley. (ongros.
sional t'opresenltltiVo 'ke, from the
Montgomorfv (Alaika- SDismret, '1M
nast returned fromt 4 .auhington, 511(
Ie.xptosaw thgdaQViou I 4aJ1 .Alaltanu
tion of .t1('6i ''tlA hdl ihant
u ndhandiixa i~l0 tuld ee'pa1
sad ian'freroce to those of our peopli
who~ IMbr imder political disabiitica.
Ii'.ii~'l~ie 'iiiOwi disadvll I e..a' of "e.
i'i1c j -;. j~:IclI!d hby I IJe IIry \\l1.id
1Ilee-clivir IazL wv(' C?1OccoIT(A. t hu I~.d I''iV
1lil1'erileV, it is 1i:oially tile poor th ill'. i
Ory thle lot. 1 1.4ie ni imi filuIlt 1I-r
teor ct a dollar. 'J.'le toercIa t. ill iv locr
11:11111s it. Chance toC' et, tliottglltlv2.IV ef
(Iilir3i', (for 1121Ihltilts -11-02 a1! wyli h24)
('1 ! ) 11:18,ws it Io I he t :a'Ior, :11.d 114. m c
igit. loc'.4 niot loo~k t111,ti i'iptl, 1lo1. nort
lii! it, Iwr h wihi h' to seru1iiii izo
it choe lv, pmASI its to (l ie Irro('0I'; fild
looks2 (et iL o.VeI W hIIt Ilot w ll~ , )
ove(r jiartiolhr. reid j 1ii~ 'I look it.
n1i liiA. got ridi of air'~ ' it to Llue
to,1-e hIiiosl ; -41 ikep t s'It. 0Il g t 1.4
j v1110o tole no dl.it to 111i11 111-,
klo.woio . hat it, vn i! no r, hill d erso
that.) Fiii filly li lig I ,~ 8 rtl
luik1igel odi of''~ t t e 11:11 Ql.1vrei YI
!;11-w~ t''i1 Os 21111 it to F Ille rewly
mg-l o lnl i '11 i p i.4 p!rIV , mI t n i pt1' .) i
tha is al .'y poo i la.9wte
t11it411 it ol o itr~ it i.4 lis uiore s ito
(11.6 shit. hiiiiHS it. IT1, ;nd So i4 t he oil %,
homi'sI. one ami l.1Ilwl fhill~u. Ia", boll.,
1I-ll.,~i cIl:i4,n.2l, tki, a1St Oli S. ''tC
on Ldi [Wo'r at Lyn"
....................= 1de-.l:t lkol
.May, i 0111ii'.ng2 hviileii tv ('6111. ot
vah I'wn v (,mIfirIl i'0 ietivtil v, u'n
O~t!i Ch11!)", ill (I eol'gd street, Vi ere i
l ook plait'e, Wt(i' Ct'O .'Wit wi 1 spc.2tt .
i.(* ls. iiii.mIus nwtal Cliiut to witine.Ss tile
hlis limbths Sll,1 toi i(l ) bli:d1j1iill
il)it Ii 21ldierc'Ihieft nnel Ilik Iifll~ Fe-'
I Iee eet. H'~waq. c 'iisbeberii b! stioIIIIlnI
ted 11tid slistai hel . ay ianol wic'i l
11:1 nsed it ititern; nud ITy ponieS no.
d~uring,~ liii walkc. AtI. tio C2xpiiatiol of'
he tim 111 hxot, Ill eirciowd Wiv'? lit) fgI''lt
W le il t 1111 li! ~i doil 1 Wetll, Inid t
is rC'pamied lins wo ai' n otlher wagor to)
iuteoll~ hotri!, ill thu 8(11)11 imiiI.11e.
Av h',i ill the IRichuttcild I
M ill ITp. - - Lv.nI P1 'l.
3fobihv 'fime..r.
A.c'on'o fredlIlii~ot -r11 cmis~tii of
tliieai Iioiidtfed hteltd4 offti0l'~ UOiIIII
ru-ii It a lit tuwo I l-1ulih ImieFI, WvO'
ilell :I1.1(li'l!2 is; to be wilztt'lislual
west of N ew "4ni vrimu, thrti iiilms
qCoIIt-h of lP'rIIIndioa.. hi'y Cr'.lel~ uno
S'oui iroiI lia, find itl trr il chio go of
ti ClIJY ai. Tvl ol tt o eiltnitives
ihem lliloIIII 11y2. (eI: 0111 grolie. . ii
Imtll lollt , J.o4d I lev mi pre Vt! l'iuyill.,v(
1. ocIle i t NewI -I'llpe( nt, .16Vtol
j u n g i x 1 0 : M L A "~ ] ''r 1 00 1 'I't2 .
ivenclii'? mi iC''s o a moi bums VIIC(
g )(11cCii' : 11 2 0111,~2'I .~.ilitc' C
gomk areal' 1 s) o ''t b ie, tOle g~i('11 I. vi
fill.s Vrctifll Imi~tv1g 'i r:Iw) oItlt. bi)I1r'-,
1 )iIinrc ii Iimitcd demiiand~. Ctmit
nt'tl'(!Sar ulllie. Strillesi an :11..!i~ t'
ral ItC, wej~2I VVii 1*''C2 ' 11, 0
oiuI1' actiu for* icr liil 15.i'MI:~~. ~,.
nil1 prce. art fil lii. I- inta,~ :111 In,
lir flctiv'i, .1111 'L'.i:C I 1:
fir'ily 51. Dro dlkilli ar' 1 "re .1C~ i' h:.
the rn~eii I0c1 1 hllo i pivi. (I~tlit'
nrn- v'e2'V Mlo~ti4Om IIv- Wa &Kii Ii
dos"irllu~t. 1-1:11 i i'i nunl stl :1~ Il.vlr 11,
r~I' ted i arein'C~ v(.rv dil l. P ,111. i
are ili ut' I iii:!i P hi',' go '41, are5ii;)
vv8ilou a ccli , (Th' llip-l :11ll itIlr
gl.1aary 1):2' p ill ga'f winll 60il
ofel it woe lliro 1vA 'the 'l 'Il.
Sv' the I n~ k.4 An r0onal '':ud ' C!11 H
r . 111:ly~ 'Jal:' T *\'. fa l ill ' i ll
aft .llt(. II cliori\ lo11 i.t 1 lwi
.I Ctti f Iy W om1liI~ llI le f i t,
when they tiiarr Air bola , ir that
doling con Altl '1i' )111 . way vi1k1
"yu tio alln an t.he tbid til ro Ill
1111it t 111,011 it; 11u 1 1ifI 1a r lth i~
iv.' ha thano theou tppe (''ud t id g~vd KOw
pot ow thal the gllilo~ the) ado1ti
Iud itilgol thr :t.- I - b d tid.h n
[lint E!:11!'es Ln ti'mo ''im gI' I
1.1.e1. 1' 34-l .fcc mmlianu o .Ftny
.pkolaImt 1u rI'05.1 t at r t iot,
leu Ebt. ii L~ dinoe :t t1- lw ''li v4'Ol
I ) a. 11011l Jilli.1 t i t 'iC L II~I2 llt I 1)' 110
,)itnI y iotlie oxlc ri n t, tai t. A:i (221 I)
;culiii ()I i'f'a lor the~v 8i1)1.11)ualit
11001liti4 - W~'Oi C]O I 111211 1 1 'al i AHSik,'
LVre~ Nlattoc,o hucrevjOlIC oreml t~t
the nuortite .
nacohnvtitldovlar.d Alci) , t ho smae
edlv, (Jongro ])-il [ouisifi n tIdo thr
Onni4Ci 01' Mes. Svl-ayM Mtove'nen
0 %ilorysi, Cornkoto hmit pr1115 ito
thenhtrllc of' lito Fieun sh i
f. . JLl rtO I 'iNtlit i IV IlII
The Reorenid Radical.
Ve extract the following frot a let
tor in theo New York /;prdatvt
CAhdimbia, I)eembuer 10 :
. J,'ording to promise, y'oldures von
froit thist pine of desolation. )'iriin
my businessi tour tho ihte Smvih. I
had an oppiortity of leiarning uni wit.
nsin~;GIg imuch that is taking place iv
t hose States, Vhil the C1o1is are
dark and threalenin, I do not beliove
tiwre ever was in the worl-l's history a
people io .bear their aiflinenns w'iih
moere philoSophy a Chnlsti:t torttinhe,
than these Inforitei pepl. Th..v
know ',be dangers, amil their wr.
Yet, amidst it ill, tIhey are cherfiTl. II
ally one Lad told Ime what I have sLtn,
Sin1ce I wrote . oil, I would not .i ye
helieved it. I have seen I:ly litnie
Orph:m', whose ahliers.. fell in w h;t twy
th1onght .n gOOd cau se, bit what. we
know to have bei a very mitai.i
one ; whose wid >w somi) oft whom are
young and bit i, but. a close observ
er will see care an(l sit 'ring depict ed in
their coiIIIteInIceS. Mitiy are penai
lesnow wlio were nn-rl. inI the lap of
luxury. I'hiey fail y by (lily to spll.
port these little ones, who have commit.
ted no sin, who ar tle snIl'-erern for
other's errors. As a randieni. I alwai ys
lent a willing ear to fill stories of $no'itd .
ern barbirity. With ia fee ling (f hate
I took -li'ght. in ci-er nating all kiil of
tibstrl falshiods about. the.<z eiopl,
andl thorgh'~t 1 was dointr .Io senii. J
acknowlelge my error, a aion deter
mined hirenfler tOat no hypicniei1
preacher, no political denagigete shall
ever lead me agin by il the nose ; and
niless the Northern mases arou.s
thems..elves, these same imi"dmvi wh-!o
are now ruling in Conigres' , will nlot
only make Ihis, ut thic wholo North it
hell, won-o tin i n iev..llionm tlw
world has over seen. Pol'i:i-dl prench.
rs have aways beei, anid ahways will
be, a cur.e to anv country, wherever
they reside. Inst ead of preoauintg Christ,
they preach I Ie Devil ; but how enn
nlything l e x lweed, when I)ivine
grace, with all its beautv and holiness, is
far awnv Irom their hearts? Dunring
imIV tour I have not. heard one diloval
word from ny Soiothern man, nor hv:ie
I heen trieated in any other than a re.
spctidfl manner.
It is a faelsehod abmnt Northern men
being 1'ej oil. as thoetinids of lolenl
nwnel of thm North will testify. SlivI
lies are gott.'n 11y to prevent thie reconi
tirtution of thn Statel, and to hol-l
them nii-r miliinry ritle: ut. wii e
iliy ar injuring thl Sooth, Ihey tre
doing the samte to their own seelion.
.virnor Wort.h, of Norih Carolina,
las reco-mtiinld, in order to selo the
negro q(ti'lin, anfl to givo tli etnjis iXc
aid onial rights, to immigrato nll who
ar1t willing to )o to Nev Engliitd.
Wby shoi the.".. .saints ohjoct ? \V bly
to be Colistelnt, they should glailly Aid
in' this enterprise, in order to givo t h
poor freedein efrility. hlring this
S ilject before he 1peolb, and ndk New
1'ngland to do these people tihe good she
has promised. 1 will lot, you hoar from
m1e again. In haste,
Youri, respeet filly.
A Nouwrnisn, MAN.
P. S -T nm dul to seu in lie gil.
Lat it lin ate u' ot (CinnectIdient the cn--i
servatives mal Donijncrats are m oving
for a great Coivent tn, to itgtrato a
mtovemtil by whickh a N'.atiotnal (Conv uen
tioni of all the' thiirt v-six totles shll tithm
Ldbto to conisider' who, j i be-t t o be donte.
Kenutieky is fodlhaing ini thne gret,
mt'1oeent also. It. in ist, ta'oe plc Jf
enha Conve'ntioni is post puonil manyit
muothis, a!l is host. It, will be too lato.
Son-rn CAnorLIsA RA T.ROAD 1lO~ns.
Th'le .Aud itor of the Souths Carolinat
Ra:~ilroad, in another colounnt (>t the
\Kews tli s moi'ring, ann iounlces t hiat
the (Company is prepared to paty all
the inteicst diue on thteir couponst for
J1ainuary, 1 867. 'lThe foroign debt, of
$2,000,000 htas beon simtil arly prov'id
od for in London. We are sincoroly
dlad to bo abbe to record this. The
bnsiness of the (Comipany is steadily
improving, as our readers may htavo
nlotniced, from thie very last recoipitt of
cottonl daily publishe~d for some wookslc
- past. On Saturday last no losis than
1'-44 balos reached Charleston over
this rond.
i'Tho South Carolinia Railroad CIom
pany have had at lotig and( touigh sitrtg
gle wvithi the beriuest of debt and de
sttruction 1loft them by the cslosinlg of
thio war. Unte its frienids will be
pleased to learn. that thre damagos te
road, depots, stationi houses, bridges
and rolling stook, has booni generatllly
repairod, andt that too. without adding!
by loans to the (dobt of thle Companuy
wvhich, like mnany ind ividuals, put it,
shouldors to the whoel and worked
out-no thanks to Ilorculo.
Tho11 stoekhiolders, wo take it, have
conohwdod to lie just (to others) bofor<
thieyocani alYord to be generons (t
thornsolves). Another six. ynont~b:
tua~y put thomi in a position to~ trat
thonuaalves once more to, a somi-aninua
dividendo We should be glad to) re
cord similar suces of all our Rail
road Ciompanios.--Charesto n Ne~ws,
Napolon has at kidney diseaso; Vbettn
Ematnuel a paralyz'ed rIght Larmn; Ilemark I
sie'k; thle E~mpress Carlotta ornzy ; th
hi~Itrof both the~ Emnpejor of Anstria ean
rhe'Q$eeu of IIAtidvyO hW* tuh'd gEy Wit
a d tilr e rede di9Wa i
Sprofotnil melancholy, Who. wouh ttL wea
.a crowni?

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