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Desportes, W & Co Proprietors.] A Family Paper, Devoted to Science, Art, Inquiry, Industry and Literature. [Torms---$3.00 per Annum In Adv e
IS l'Cni.1i1 JsD WE.EK.Y l'Y
Termys.--Tim listpq.%m L; published- Week
ly in the Town of Winnshoro, at 63.00'in
varcably in uloaunce.
g All transiont. advertisemients to be
pniti in advance.
Obituary Notices And Tributes $1.00 per
Selected Poetry.
Fro theu fs C/har leston Mer',cury. J
Jiraver. now that tlopo soems dend.
Than when her banines, liecked with red,
To hostile brecz ms first. were spreatl ;
lrave Carolina!
Girander, now that all seems lrof,
Than when ,he reoked nol Cre not Cost,
lut, dwIn the gage of battle tet;
rand Carolina I
'oker now her childrenm, far,
.Tin ere ltho purple h:oils of var
)fad clasped It lpalli4 Sit hern Stnr ;
Pure Uarotina I
P'roildor now, whenl sad nid lorn,
Than in her freedoni's dawrning morn;
Tho foe may jto.t, but dare not scorn,
Proud Carolina!
Noblest, wearing sariow' crown,
Th0 tru'Ct. wI en dark fiortit nes frown
In faith oreet,-'toigh imittein down,
Great Carolinai
Nolare.r now, elichi 4on that's lain;
Al holie r now, eachi. - im,:oned plain;
Each life a lin in';:iwy ehnin;
Dear Carolina !
Dearept, ini thmie bour of need,
O)tr oiwn lavol *aet4 with thee we bleed,
EtornAal honor he I y inteed,
boved Caruolina!
Love, faith nl (ruth thy :rent heart ill
lIn Y inculis 1-unicongeired astill,
Still Car-olinai!
F. W. D.
Chaileston, S. C., Jan. d1, 13,7.
Woman'- Lo7.
DY A sorrsi or MaIs. J~mxA~s.
Mon oanot. love as women do ;-hoy may:
110 all devotedteess. a11 neem to live
And brentho but in tle idol's bight. ; nay
look I
Oin nil things she has toiehed as sanctified
Mity think of her nll-treii' all t.'h ught.
Of her f:air faio aiii iher rominboired voice
.11 9 vri sh---nladdioned into jealousy,
If site ha ve bilt a smiuo that. is not thir's
MN1ay ho lired baOk totI enderne again
ly a kin.1 word ; ma1'iy linger on her .etepa
Mang on her s:niles--buit. (ill they calot
As womeii do. Their lovo is lit, a dream,
A witohery-n enChatnient-and if tlie::,
Leavinlg, peurohbnn'co, romn- lingering light
On the horizon of teil' ihnughts. but not
The glory and the bcnuy of its dawn !
WV asaIro , Janitury 4.
SI.xAr..---Mr. IH-1wAt'.lh pre It el apti.
tionl for the inucreaste of lie t laril! on himor: -
ed wool; Relrred to the Finanoo tiommnit -
Mr. M" fain present. lol iii miar pet itiolls.
-Mr. Trmubulml Called ip the hill to rioleal
tle PiesiWn 's amneliCsty power.
Thie peniiling iottij on, wgr. upon .MIr.
1iisbury's amndm--yo:'t .o rlplal the.' en
I iro coalietoaion bill in8tobl oftho thirteenth
eootion of it.
Mr. Johnsoni being entitled to file floor,
addressed the Seiate upon fhe moansre.
M. .Jolipsont prgoded to miake a lengit hy
speeih on thec bill be'ira the Senate. lit
saidi ho hiad advised the lheduitive to issne
agenerali procla.nation. of amnesty, andl hadl
endelavored, s0 f:.r as he was able, to brjin'
it caot. bult the Execut~ve hard not seen
propor oi (1o so. S~ome1 of tho first jui-istsm of
t he count ry--manny of themon iember ofi (l ho
Repumblilnu party, and somea of' the best jn.
istsa of lanigland-haduu exprossodl 11h op1inion
lhnt the imomienit helligeront, rights woroe
granted, thie comiss4ioni of treasont wats imi-'
piossiblo. If this point wori brought before
the Supromo (ourt, what iheir decisioni
toubld 1)e ho 0could not say ; but on t he other
pIint, the right, of a1 State to secode, lho did
not doubt. for .ne Inst ant t hat it, would'-do -
olde that there was no right.
No proclamation of. annesty ilad bae
issued, and no trinia for tronson had taken
piaco. -The first wats duo to the Preident
b~ atr was inot his fault..
man o delicato henlth ism now held im.
maured in prison, who hluv hoen -onlled to
of popo. If thlis thing hiad happened in
any otheir country it wonhi hiavo been do
scribed as an t of ext rmelt atrueli y.
Mir, Il oward sid the opinuion at the law
officer of' Mr. Johnison had pronted the
trial of Mr. Davis fromi taking place.
Mr. Johnsont said lie was ready- to be do..
livore.1lip to the m-ueshual of the - court ali
thorised I o try hhln. .Theo prisoneri: hail
potitioned for a trial, bit the court in whoso
cirouitlho was rofused' toi roceive himi on
th ron that hoe ionid ilot be hold In
usoy. Itad ailso b'eon said- that (lie
Chief Just ico could not pi'dszdo, bocad~so
Congress hand chnnged the. oirouit. Mr.
Jptnsoni anid no maltteiwhse faualt it.was,
. ivA a blot on'American civilisantion that.
the prhsodsor wan riltained ; tu:14 If, in huis
dlelicato state, hte shouiild die, the natIon
itbtld lbe responiiihlo for hIs' death. -ie ien-h
(Johntsoni) been president he should havo
paroled him long'slnce.
Mi. -Hanishiury spoke in ihvor of lis
amiendment totepeal the entIrecoocaion
lull lnst oA d of theo Itirtoontt t oot ion :nu
upon the vote bolinlten it wai uigreood to.
Tihe .9enate-tlion ytog oggthobi~Il pnd pass.
edl it by 27 to '1.
too on the Appropriauiioni 13il1, reporte-. t he
pest offidoi stpro'priatiorn. Tfhe' bIll 'wp
ref'efleii'tfo thme dohmht t~eoo 't hd lol on
th6'smate'nf ihe Union.'
Mt. Hiiubbat'I;"6 t'otabe'flent ihtrodthed
a preAmleo amid: resoilti declurin'g' fthe
people oughlt not for Iheo prs to be fur1'
the fedtfotidif rof he' ~tbile dbbt.'" ot
to the QmsW4i t(o Wyt aii'd M etmid. a 'I'
On~dtdi 'otfM. i adeor~mfttleeif
Ways and Moans was instructed1 to inquire
into (ho expedioey of so arranging -tho
tariff ol ii upr, ni~oluses, colQ amd othier
nrticie, ns to diHinimae in fanvr of free
gmown as apdinst dive grown prOdets.
The Ilo:s weit i:n-1 Cotmiitteo of the
Whole, and- sever-al membolrs mande speech-es
oin lhe state of the Union. Nothig ofpar
liclat interest I trnmpired.
W in os~, .lJannary 7.-it lite House,
AIcNturg, of Alissouri, introdIed t resoli
tion sauing whercas Unonfedornto owners of
slaves werc takinlimg adrvantage of th1 Aot of
(ongress whic:.h paid loyal ownielr for their
sIlavesZ who were in United States service,
the Commiilte on the Julioiary Ibe instrot
ed I o itlnire into the expediecy of repeat
1ng the Act.
boan. of Alissouri, ttrolucel a reqolItion
setting furtih that.it, was tie dnt y or C )mgross
to iloeach the Presdeit and bidge itho
txecuwtie powra, clect. pertect r orgali
z Ilion of,11 the onthern litend! to stenre
by dicote. I ederal le;;isbati-l m he right. of
snif -ago to tihe igroes in the 1,it,(ide
ray -1 il ates. Th rCSOlutioln was ]aidl over.
lr. Ashley intro-hneI:1 ia Ii.pir and renio
lulom inpeoclling .\ndriw .lohns on, as Vice
P'resilint of the Unitel lafte , of high
Crimesl and misdemeinors, im tlht hle 1,anrym
edl power and violae-i laws ; thit he had
mae410 oorruptive use o' t.i appointing pow
or, the pardoning power, and the veto pow
er ; thato hIad corrpily disposed or the
ynmic pmrpery or the tiied St:: 4s3: 1At
to had 'ortilitly intiferfored inl elections. ami
v guilt y of other high cits and iiide
14 mioiirS. 'le reohtitiont insirne10 I he Ji
ticiary Conieiittee to ipng-tira whethir, in
'.ha 4:.udischrge of ik 'ldt les, Amdrew .ohn.
.ixi; Vice-Ir enilnit and an'Ng IPresilent of
.lhe- llnii iI: tAedt:t",. was uihiy ofalets designa.
'l it) to o-;-t t e (I o vrm orift e United
ta tes or any departlmnt, tlhoreof, and
wheelire hle hat b'en giilt y of snoh acts as
in tholaw would Ie don omI i nlat:ed 1 igh Crim Ins
t:l 4 iI mb:d morS,' which rredu t he in.
;tr;po~Aiion of 1.ho0 Ilono, andl[ that the Com,
miilte have po\Yor to send for poi.no)s anid
pail: S.
Mr. S ip-ni ig nioved to Iny ite rafoluiaon
oiIn the Iable, whi1h was disagreed to by
y11w10, unyi 110.
Mr. Ashley denanded tle previoits que1.
.1on on tie pa:mgo Of le resoition, And
it w T11O0) Th eColutin ai)I s Withon
agreed I) by a vocl of 1013 yeas to 3d nys.
A. mn I ho i raieds w-%o voicl in file ntegt
ie w re llavib. Dl i anI 'llaymiolt of
New York, Whatley and Lathlmi, of West.
iii,1 and Spaling, ol Ohio.
Nle, lK ttslon intrqdoed a joint resolultion.
dcltring tihe met an.tling .C tle thirteon.hm
timenient .) IhO Constittl ion, which pro.
hibl.'s slavery or in volmtia! ry r~nrvitude, ex.
ep. ans pn1nish1mont. ot' crii. It prontin.
cgs hint the irno m nin41log of that amend.
muent . j-ohibJS ilavery iniall firmas except I.
dStO execuntion qt .a sentence Uinpobing a do.
finite petlmi ty, aeotling to the 1-twq ; whih
phally canti i, witit-mI vi olning lie Con
situt4ion, impose any other sentence than
that of imprisonmet, and that allj trtinets
aut h ms- ai tou into eervc.nda zn in viu
lWtion of the anmnoni, and t herefore void.
Tihe resohtion laid over.
Mr. Stevens was called upon. and intro
rhiced ani andimlment to lime bill to provile
GovernmntilHi for the Sout I, providing that
no peron y hall ha dprivei of tho ight to
vote, by reai of conviction or punislhmient
for treason, or- si4 apiion threof. Ito Stat.
e Ihat he ored the am1ilenduent, becanse,
he hal been roliably informined that, hi North
irolina anlld her S et' te:e, in anticipation of
I he paisage or t he bill. (h people were peo
fcerring". el ch4 4ys :.l 444 ving negroes whip.
pod, in order. thtt thly ight, ho dquali.
Il -1. The Am enet. was mrmred tohe
pint ed, ani the bill wai.s further postpon
The President Iransmitad a message,
veoing tihe iieg.o nifrage hi.
Morrill contended that the while people
who voted agaiinst such franchiso were not
Irtre expanonut (if the principleJ lit aower.
I1ining the pop::lar will, bothk white and
bhtok ought to ho consilled. The white
peoplil hal nothintg to do w*vith lte quest ion,
thi DiIiic. jeing; untler the excetiivo nmind
Itgislative control of ton1gres1%. Others
yske in fnvor of pasin: thm hill over thV
volo. Johnmson, Doolit t lo and Cowan repli
e.1, o0ntnding that Cot.ross shonl resicect.
the wishes or the people here, and bneanoj
t h'y were ohelploss, should not. nct in a ly.
r'annical mnnmer. Thme hil1 paned overu the
veto-21 againut. 10. Ainonig time latter- wa
not ing VioceP-Pesidenm t Fot or. Fift een mem-01
ber3 were fbt.tel
Th'le liisoi is y 'I to nct. upon the bill, and1
It is not donibtod liha, they', too, will follow
time enm~le( of the Sonnt'o, the Pmeidmet's
objections1 niothwim tthindin1g.
W Atutrroacs, .Jamnnmry 9. --in time SIenato
Mr. Sitonert prosented a potion01 fr-omi lie
oitlizens of' V irginki:, aking f'or a republicant
formi of govermenoit in thlit Slnt o; whicht
Wats r'eferredI to time Cuinittoe 0.1 Itecon.
st inc1tion1. lie ftal resented al pro'ostl of
Miatlachnt I citi1310ngm aginst tic adlmis.
tiOn of Nebraska with a~ - onsilttiont dh
fr-anchiising coloredl citizensi.
In lthe JLis, Aleii. Chandlr (Domoeratb
arose to a quiestiotn of pmriviege, and sai I
I iht huis vol e oiin ihe impeaolhlmont. resolution
had4 bmeon in'orectly r'epor-t ed, and mtoved1
that, time reporlori to'the Associatod Prtess be
tmdor the samc railes and -egtlat ionis as Ilie
reportrs of' tIto :ongre-sioned4 Oilan. lit
oalncluision, ho slated th:tiI. hte 1had votel for
thle resohtions: iin ordier .(that .the- prelsmien.
inight, haivo an .ppmotnity to vimndicate him.
IA resohlttion'w: q alophted, Crcuig tihe
Scor'et try of thme Iteriort to infortm ihe flinse
41f:4apy mnojifmontion is neOCessarty. in them tiid
artibiTo ofihw treafty with t he Cherokao In -
dilpis, whi~eeby 8,000 negiroa- in limo connm
I ry' of sitild Indtinsntt1 hmave their rihts doe
A bill authior-izing ihd~-pulrchns of (lie
howor'11 porti (of thme Cily hlih Park, int New
York, for the stum of $500)~,0f-j, for ,a post.
oilico an~d lJniltd S3tatos,otitstm hIouse, wats
Tiie hilt, for Ithe admiission of' Nebraska
'was taike'n ny, amnd, ~after onsidralo~ dis
CInsuion, was amentded so an to make the~
Act fort'he admission of time Stat Lako
et~t't with tho cohditiomn that. thtero shonthi
te to abrildgemet, of t he elormive frainquise
1o anly personsw by reiaon of' tighit or' 00o0r,
en epti pgr~ I alianig nom taxed ;i und it was~
themn p ldd by a. vore -' !14 to il." Time
Colorado hill wa-1 Ihot) te. 'n up atmi passelc
imtheSo fi. k t atosin *hb tI~ oooi pl.
od olitions In the millitare sprvioo of to
flebiottivo Ashtley -tolls his frie'Ils l)e
Is cortain t o pass his bill to- -roconstruoitheo
Sout hern SLtates,
Simate, peti;tion vro ros~ltiTM for' L
4panAgf Ahol Ilonpe tariff 1il ,' r.
'Irmfo prceeted a potitirn for thte modt
firation~ of' to dty onl sogtr3.
Mr. Sum'tner presenteid the petition of
the College in Pennsylvania for a con
st.aitioi nalI amndmi(hilent, abolishing all
diitinctions oil ecconit of color.
In the Itne, Mr. Cooper presented
the credlentin of A. M. Branich. a lRep
ros(-idativo of Texas, and Thomaq J.
Poster, a itt rstt.tv' from the Third
Conlg ressioil Disiriet of A :amina ;
whihi were referred to tl:e Conmiittee
on Reconstruction.
Mr. Miller introduced a bill supple.
menit ary to the Act refilaing to the can
cellationi of revenue stnips ; which was
referred to t lie Conmittee of WiarsI and
MeaN . A 11 er somediscuson, Ife bill
was. passed.
In th1o Senate, among the petitions
presented, was one by Sumner, from
Iineaster County. Pen sylvinia, asking
iain -liati legislation t.o prevent any
diinetintion being inade in'* the District of
Columbihin, the Territories and the ten
unreconstricted States on account of
birth. -ace or color ; referred to tLI Com
littCe on1 Reiecol nruiction. Tte Smate
pas.ed a bill fixing the coimencement
of' Congress on the 4t Ih of Mal-ch.
The n elons concurred inl ti Senato
aiumeidmen11ct to the bill fixing' the ti14 bf
ievet ing of Congress. on the 4th of
M -rch. It prohiitst con'trutivo mi
lea. Albo copenrred in the sente
alieniment to the bill aneiini, tile
Act organizing the Territories, which
pr ovides that. there shall be no denial of
thi elective franclhise on account of rae,
color or grevois condition of servitude.
The vote stood 10 1 against 38.
The Senate bill for the admission of
Nebraska into the Uvion was taken np,
and tliort was made to pit it on its pais
sagel(. T 11his bill. while propo'sinig immo.ie
dmitelv to admit thAt Stati, alcComlanie3
it, witi a condition to annul a provi.sion
of its Constitlution which confinea suff.
rage to whites. Mr. Garfitld [inepubli.
capJ eartnestly objected to forcintr
through'a bill of this importannce Wit1ih
out debte. antid stated his opposit.ion to
the conditioti, rotnarking that it. would
6:eiinish a Iaigerous precedent., for Con
gress llight aIlit South Carolina or
o)t her Soithern States in tle siao 'waly.
Mr. Wilson, of Iown. said such a condi
tion %Vas wortllesis, and wionl.l ho of n'o
hinling for'ce. The Lotiso refutie'd to
layv th bill on the tablo. Tho question
will again be considered to.morrow.
'Rhot -k . I'a f..m r m30 111;imistonl or
Coloradili is accom1paniiied by t1h 41m110
com111itioni And Coisi.it Ilt ion. That StatO
also prechides iegrocs front voting. This
cond i tioin Was ndopted to alleviate the
o!jections or Suni r and other radienla
to thie nhilision of the States, ain1 to do
away with sn(frage being confined to
Taxiy Gmu-r TOnAco 10A~-ony oF
SPAIN -A sojourner at e'illol writes:
The10 change from the fhiry scene in and
i rotimd thu ilezair to Ihe tobacco (nto
rv ik liko nothiing oil this planet. Pt
your ht11and into a piteler of hot water
and quickly plunge i, into another of
cold, and the change will not be a wvhit
ilore sI range than to pass3 from the beau
irtil A l(iza. ir to the prosence of 5,000
young girls, nill in one room, aid Sovil
loinns, to, in the factor'. They are old
enong'th to bei mischievoius aid "put on i
airs " I doubt, if as many black eyos
cii li seen in any one pinco as in -this
fctory. T'I'li fingers tmovO rapitdly
an ie lir longis a lit tle fater. Both
consiumte 1.01 thiousani pouiid. per day,
buit yon must not suiplose -that they use
ohneco ill any shape ; bit, they must,
talk, and talk they dot witih a "rapidity
hnt, is am)az~ing. I have often heard
thiat a womu1tan'il weapon'~ is her tongue,
annd that the~ sex were notorious for iisitng
it, but, like muany other uinkin~d state.
meiits ne 'inst ILleaven's best, hist, gift, to
tlhe Flabrico des iTbaccos of Seville.
W hat, may be the weight of mischief
mannufnetalred each day along with the
eig-tra, I doi't. know, but, I feel safe ini
stat ing thbat it is at least, egnal with the
tobacco. T1his factory wais erected in
1770, is 660 feet long by 525 wide, and
is snrroundtied by a~ moat. It is thme
pici pal factory ir. tho kitngd:>m, as
ever~y one uson tohnenoe inl S.>mO shaipb
in A ndubtltin, not excepting the ladhies,
hut it is when t.hey are on the shady
side of forty tht tiey puff tad cogitate.
Stantt, eigars anid cigarottoa nre tilt mnann.
(actured here. '1The h~ost workera amovr.g
the girls earn about fortyv cents per day
iho p(orest about half that ahmotu,.
Every night, they a all senrelhed.
Mih,:4o PiaxoM;axox.--It' Ia a cuarious
f'act, connooted with deop iinlg, that fl'-om
the hours of twelve at night tilt eight, In thme
muorninag, the dhisturbing inlluoe in the
b)owels ofT tho earth obtalns increasedl notivi.
ty. At that time It is observed by miners
that water f'alls from places where none is,
observable during the day. The vohtune in
the whool i.s pecepOItibly Increaso-d, the at.
mosphoreie is charged with gases which ofitin
provent the lhighis fromt bturniing, anid small
pnrutiches of ear-th and rock uire observed to
tall-from the tops of the drives. Whtho'r
thib pronomnton is to be attributed l' tefb
diitinal mot ion of the earth or other eanaes,
it is worthy of' the- attention of theo urio ts.
G~6eelonag Advertiser,
-lhe very last wonder iIs thai-ofe aprl
mnptin Egypt. Ialhmall Pasha, old.1Ole
miet's grand son, is a mna, of, progrgps, .
has giver- E'gypt'a Codi tutiton, so 'that a
lIfeIs -lienosforthm to be toterndd Ised di'6ts
ed by WrrittWttt1 mateadt of the $16atmte
of a.m~ao~nh.'a--This grant Is. a. oy:
free gift, ad Its prowlsions ses it~ni
wa4 olass withn teirso i#a
At Waterford:N, I:,'Mi'f w61 V1' f
comprIsing sorne forty six mets of maoiaino.
ry. are runnuing half' time, shutting their
gates at onn in Ihn a(Lornaano
The Lato Firo iunigstroo,
Later and morea:'tla te reports i-ve
been received in reg'ar to the destrue
tion of the King4trea Jail by fire on the
night of the 7th, and thai death and safro.
cation of twenty-two of its inmates.
The jail had bWen vsilted, the previou
daty by Lite Sherif, M'r.'S. P. Ma .tlew,
in company with tha IAentenant comn
manding that post, and every thing had
been found in complete ordor. A chaige
of jailors was made on, thle 7th: Mr. Jas.
llarrinoan, the old inam mhenh h.m
moved out, but had not vet surrenidered
the keys to Mr. C. S. hock, the new
j-iler. About eight olelock that eve.
iiing the fire was disc4ve'red by a negro
who reported it to Mr. Beck. Inforna.
%ion was immediately sent Mr IBarrinenan
but ont his arrival he stated that le cod-1
not Anrrender the keye without the an
thorny of the Sheriff. ned, could not take
tite responsibility of releasing the prison
ors. At this timo nothniig wits observ.
ed but a small simoke 'a'd the delay did
not seen dangerods,
On tihe arrival of the Sheriffho de'on.
ed it, advisable to. have iho Sanction of
the Lieutniant comandiiaalingi and that
ofTicer vas'sent' for. Ito. advised the
speedy openil' ofthe jai'nd the flir..
door iva. opiil; bat 't t sin'6ke riashed
ont in suich torrents that it was. impossi.
ble to enter. . .
The SlierilT, Liieuteial?, and Mr. Mc.
Brido' went in, 'hut the fArst two were
forced to retirat. M' M elirido was more
fortunate, aid ace(.dedd in openinlg the
first door on tle right and releasing .a
white tuan who liad becp . confined for
debt ; but his humanity pearly cost him
his life, as hi Was insensiblae for one anttd
a half hours it, consequelco of having
inhaleduho smoke. Thei6ldier. a put lad
derto a whidowl, arid pa'asing tp anA axo.
called to the negroes to 1,reak down tie
bars 11and escap ; one of them took tha
ae, bit exclaiiming, "I is too late I"
fell backwards in the amko.
]Evory possiblo cfrort was made to save
thale nfortuta to freedtmen but th,isol.
tod naturo of.tho building, and tle ab
satnCO of all facilities to qffa.ct their es
eape, or to qviench the flafnes, rondered
it. titavailing, and tie twenty-two poris
oners were stiffocated to 4Idah.
The origin of tho firo ie completely
utknown. It orrginated I the second
on7 aILp.aEamtr- 15Owe -I. njurtinnn
the ceiling. As Ilto freedmon wereanot
allowed Li naso of fire, the wholo afflair
is wrappod in my.stery. The whi.o man
who escaped is ait prosent in tho cuistodv
of tie United States soldiera, and as his
trial will take place next weck some
facts may be elicated that are at present
It has been a most infortut'ato occar
ronce; and happening at a time when
th6 cotittry is torn-by'intestine fend:, a
conastretion,may be placed tpon it by
the Radical party to answer thi~r own
ends. . it. is a soirco of great regret t hat
by a strict adherence to lhe rod tape
prilnciple so much valtiablo titte was lost,
and hen tho proliainartus were finally
settled it was too Into to do noro than
wit ness .he destruction of the build
Tie jail was a fine four-story btilding
admirably adapoll 'to the p blut,
totally unprovide'd with water, ladders
or other monsa of escape or provimtion
from such an occurrence. None of ".ho
negroes *yero conflmted fur serious crimes,
except one for murder, in whose rom.il it.
is snipposed the fire originaated. The
white mqin whto ecapedl was ofbhad char
acter, and, beitng conafined lor debt, htad
the rango of thec butilding anad occiaiied
the~ debtor's rooir. near thte miaini en
Onaly the shtell of tdhe building. now
remnainsa, anad lawu vestiges htave beent die.
covered of ils tunfortuattto inmates. PTe
eventt has east a gloom upont thec comima
naity thae' will naot be eradicated but by
Taa.n. STrpvttas ItPoriva A SIIRRR Ilr.ow
Int tlhl onsao of Retpreasentatires ona Thurs
day Ma. Eldridlg,of Wisonsin, offered tthe
foll owinog, 'which the Nationat Raepubilican
saysa is ''a severe blow at Mr. Stevetis, froms
wichl ho c andt easily recover :"
Reaolv ed, That lhe following resohtion, -
introdnaoeod into tho iontne of iepresenta
tifes, Pecettbet. 4, )80~2, by the Jion- Thtad.
doits Stevens, expresses the conviction and
sonspa of this Jbotaso, to.wit:
"Resolved, T hat lf any porson in the em
ployameat of tlt h Unted States, in either the
legislaitiveo or the exdoutive branch, slhuld
propojo to, mnake o es, or should accept, or
ntdviie the acceptance of ay such. :prop'osi
tlon, on any otfher'basis than the ihaegrity
and entire unity of the (Jnited States anal
thesir terjtties the thef exlistCed at the time
of the rebellion, heo will be guailtyv oflaigh
erimie ;" and that Ilous, bill 1143 le clearly
in violetion of the spirit of said resolutiona,
add than the sgine deesin facet" Msert, or at.
least admait< that scossionists anad rebels
were sa'ecessfaull in the dividing of thas
Unilon. anal destroyed certain States of the
Uitod Slates as atjth in the Uion, degrad.
ivag t.)aom iato.torritories; and ,that tho lion.
'r haddoup Stevensa, in ail lay jhao inatro'dao
(itia 6ta'ltooacy of sakj bill, has aniflest.
d la stritd anlhoart dilayal to the Uon-stI
tuation-andl theUnion of tho Etcts ao they
existoal tth tt timo of the rebellion, anad is
gitilty of lao crimo specilead itn sad renohan
9 , a i er ~o o doeVs e Lte reprobation
"Mt Asll, ofV Ohio, objootedi t6 the tre.
duetion 6f the resoition.
Mr, Eltidge saidbo dhid not desIre to prolls
i4, as t p geuntmatinind in sheo resolntioni
Georg~o Gamble, a ettisen of Williana,.
burg Distit.,a. .fotindiby. the road
sideNodhaerd$nstan t,'frozen to death.
ble-gpe i gIcad nd on asa way
home,'in theo nightl, fa4lf Iom'a buggy,
and could not. proceed any farther;
hence hi, unforhunnino eld
List of Appoutmnouts of tho South Caroli
na Methodist Qonforonco.
Charlcston Districe-It A Mo A, P F
" TJrinity---E J 'Meynardio
" iulbe'ru1i'd--T'1o he supplied
"Bothel-J* T Wightmnan
Spring St-To b supplied.
Mt Pleasant-To be supplied.
Cooper Rtiver-M d Pennington.
Sum morv illo -ot in M relh ison.
WIlterboro-Johtn W 1McRoy.
St Bartbolom e-Thomas J'Clyde, J
J Snow, sup'y.
B3amberg--Charles Wilson.
Ravenl-To be supplied.
Allendalo-A J 8tokes.
Hfardeavillo -J R Coburn.
Black Swam p-Auottine V Walker.
Stato Nornl Sebiooi -l M Mood.
Orangchurg Distrid -A N Chrietz
burg, P 1.
Orangoburg-W 0 Conner.
i'Eastern Or ange-W V Jones.
Briiulhillo-T homas itaysor.
Upper Orango-J L Stifley, one to be
St Mfatthews-Willianm Hutto.
St. G1corge's-J E Ponny.
Providenco--J S Connor.
Blackvillo--3j"Y Banka, R B Tarrant,
sn p'y.
Barnw'o6l-Abroan Nottles.
Ailon- John P Morris.
G raln iteville Mission-John It. Pick
Lexington Ciroit-W. Carson.
Loxingto Misision, to be :mpp died.
Marni istict-RJ Boyd, P) 1".
Marion, S H Browne, T Mitchell,
Marion Circuit, L. M Little, T W
14unnocriyn, sup'y.
Black Swamp, JT B Platt.
Liberty Chapel, J B Campbell.
Darlington, A J Stafford.
Darlington Circuit, Simpson Jones.
Brownsvillo, M A MeKibben.
Georgetown, John A Porter.
Bllack River, J OStoll.
Kingatree, V W Mood.
Yaubance and Black River Mission,
A Ervin.
Lynphburg,D J McMillan.
Conwayboro, T H C Mclibben.
Conwayboro Circuit, G I Wells.
Waecanmaw Circuit and Mission, C
Betts, one to be supplied.
P E.
Columbia, Washington St and Marion
St, 1). J. Siminons, W. Martin.
Columbia Circuit, 1) W Soale.
Rtilhand Fork, Manning Brown.
Sandy River, O WV M Creighton.
Rocky Mouit-J L Shuford.
Chester, S Leard.
Fairflold, A J Cauthon, one to be sup
Camdon, C Thomason.
Sumtr-J Stney.
Sunmer Circuit- J W Murry-one to
he supplied.
Bishopvillo-P F Kistler, A McCorquno
ndh, sup'y.
Maniling--W A Homningwny.
Sanee-S J Hill.
S3partanburg District-i P Franks,
P E.
SparLanbur -W A. Gamew.L
Spartihnhrg Circuit.-J B Massebean.
Itich Hill-V A Sharp.
Pacobit-J N Watson.
Unionvillo-O A Darby.
Pair [Porest-to be supplied.
Caie Oreek-J W1 Kuly.
Blmdont-J S Erwin.
Goshen Hill--Joseoph Parker.
Ruitherfordl-D May.
Cherry Monntin~i-- to b)e suipplied.
Marion (N C)-E GOngo.
Mclowel-J D Carpentor.
Columbus-J A Wood.
Wouflord College'--A MI Shipp, Pro:,'dt,
" " WV $nnth, P'rofesor.
" " A HI Le(stor, P'rofessor.
Shelby Distict-J W Nort\, P E.
Shelby- Rt B A lson.
Shelby Circait-A P Avant.
Soml h Mouniniti Mis-to he supplied.
Lincolnton-S Jnmde~r.
Linecolnton Cirenit-John Finger.
Yorkville-W T1 Capers, f6 A Johnson,
York Circuit and Mission-MI A Con
Rtock Hill-J M Cline.
Pinevile-N K Melton.
Charlotte--W C Powvers.
Cavalry Mission-to bue sutpplied.
Charlotte Circuit-WV S hlabon, Rt L
D)utlly, J WV Ah~ornathey, sup'y.
Npyton-B G Jones.
Sott Fork-John Watts.
Lonoir-O W Ivey.
Ynidkin M is--to be supplied.
IHappy H~ome.- J C lartse'll.
Morganton-P 0 Bowmnan, J 8.Nulsuon.
Morganton Colored Chnrge-J S Nei
Davenp't 1? Colege-J Rt Griflith, Pres.
" " " S A Webb, P'rof
Meoklenib1:rjg ii (ollege --A-G $tacy,
Presidenztat, Charrlotte, N (I.
ML Jethael Academy, J C Crisp.
Wadesliro Disrict -F MI Kinp ned y,
X E.
WVadesboro-E *W Thiompsoii, W L~
Pegnoe. -
0Crawv-Robert, Hanrpe'r.
Peeq Deo Cklod Circuit-J W Cow
Ansonvilhi-Johin A Mood.
Monoo-J R Littlo. .
Pleg.ermt -Grovo~.d Wond.
ianioaseraeJ WuOs~ider,
Hannging Rock-to bet supplied.
B~onnetsvil-T Rt Walsh, R Rt Pegnes,
b M Hammor, supgy.
Albrnr-J 1,V Ptiett, oine to bsp
C ulO--At- C Davis.
,\It Ptlon1111101 . , A I immid.
Ca:rolia Pt'Xim~L! (Xulcgp-T A ]ooney
I I A U W'silker, ('honori Walker, Rod
J1 \V W 'lit iumi, trnfrred4( to the
1 (G 11,111d,11, transferred to Texas
P 1.~ )3~4~ rC~tlt~.r~43tc F!,.,id1 Con,
(.ikeisburiy..-J TI. K ilgol*0 S 11 Moest,
A bbevile-~W V Motizon, i M Mir.
N inuty-six-cT G' H erbert, &. Th S3'nith?
Ninely-six Colored Circit-3 A Atta'
SA liHvnr Miia.ro-A HV ILinivton
li'fil4l-li IJ I [egin.11.
Iiludr-AV A\ Mlike.
Newtiei'sy Circiit-J 11 Zinmerninn, 3
I. I:~i o icmk.
L~Irn- WrIS1R Dngnall.
(,r''ri/lleI4ll e A 13 Stevens,
(rovlo- J A~V Ti'unlert.
( re.onvill' e t1 G' Oliver.
1'ickv4ivi'ilQ 3 J ' Worknnn,
i.M.~~ i Is1ioll-to be ClipliI1ed.
\Vrdimhlit--J N1 CairlislIe, All)).
\V l~la~ CL-LO b)e Stiiiead, F? Mor.
Aii loi's.3ii -Psoi'go J1' lfi) it .
Andro i t''iOl -1...\ A H odges.
I4,iidleioii-- ) I)Iyrr.
Dna-, n 0Ougio' on llooonstrotione
as'o JiiiaI'3 b.--Ai.Iioigh (0'
day wa' s domed vlU to M iii'i Peoh-nink ilg, o,
dliIsits4ioll betel (4iIwe of the alestOt nd
clo.-t. aittent1ion. Mr. 6pailtliiig, of' Ohio,
enrii into1 all 114 p'imlenf to galggw tha lithe1
Sfmit.l-hei .4t110, by adoptin lg like Coiiivt it li
( onal unu iinit , ennild roiige lb i rcoii
IL'ill1 1ih roa iteir re.,toi-at on
woodl he complatn Onl a receit, visit to'
i'd criliirg, Virgin ia, ai gnOilh-ineii Wili 1
wh'lomi hoi congi'4rsel'l 'iiitill ' fliv 'lopio i)! of 1110
RIMiii.ti'liint wiouild bo it cogiduig lnt ion 01r
t heir 10li' I Or), hilt it'f OlVOC-rttlui of, 0 tli)
Si :t 11m W.),gill rai ty it, Ito 01414091110) would
Ai r Kelly~, tl' 1'elmoYlVr.lin, oba inedl
per'!'miio4 A4 Maile 11gto Pulbmance10 of lpt er
lie bit re-,c; veil t'iw Neih aind Sth Caro.
H1111. ilk wirti 111,2It wrii rg, eCxpu'cssedl Views
.igggig to t heme of Ihe genii ucit li Podema
nzot. to3 in'.ist oil ull t n :101imilr't, icil! h Ile
impe'im nt1 of (ie oPreiiiWg: , while onII
grem h~ it~ awo fhI b power Lvcr (th ol ion
,Tacet on ;he. 11luiihmn~i Imm'y. If, be zidi
ed, wte ti id biy Itie iT.Rh (Xeigr'ei (hil. Itile
Suth looz-I hiot rjtii y til o itiioi ii, thl
let, (lie g" i leinkain 1'ruin Pclis viaglii (Ste.
ye019) citiill)u him b~ill for' tti' rojoiistrioti on
of theo SooIt i~ Sltmo.4
,Ni r. S (cuopi, iil' I 'mn 14ylv110in, rcpihued
COli) 'iii F l Pit iiig9 iiguinirii. flint file0
ral tiflmion of (tie aniiic ioid 14101.1 ba41 til tie
!1121 ac i t) h wiiild leave (110 coiiit iry
1)tle1) Icl til In:fla ofX 01 iecoll ticti'd rehiel 1.
'Chui tiouin iintl public mighti to knbow file
goii lem-I ii hal tlii4)041 1tile miomt perii IOis
dji jile eif Itile i'eIbc Hympahizers ToM~' . 1i k
tied confidence antid warm friondhip of the
hero of Now Oilkais.
Ont tho adivent of pence, lie returned front
lho army, and his MCrices subsquaently
were frequenitly sought in our public coun.
On he death of IHon. A. P. Butler, Gov.
ernor Allston nppointed him to fill the sent
in the Uniteil Slates Scato, male lustrions
by .Iho goinls ot' Xi utl.
I is hitir 41:11ys hav beeln spoit in doms
lie retireitieni, uidutind, alis, by shariring
In tho t Irials anid hitainiliatioas of th sectioul
which bhad given himi hirthI,, nid wiin.'ssiing
tho fonandiuIons or ein itutionalguma
mout saipped and tro-iibl:11g.
In privato life, o'ulnel inge any a
beautiful exCIIempla- ui' all i hoso gentle 0nt
at Iraclivo graces wli-':h su siweeton ariid deou
rato sooial intercQur5se.
Of imprissive foirm and presence, hii de
mennor was marked byi a couttesy, distin
guishal atind elegant, awl consi(Ieraitioni tor.
ollhers, mnost scrupnlous nn l celicale.
.Fitt ing conto ence on t Ie <iny-lii re
nons will be oimiguodl to their final rest -
Ing ,raco. ina th tjemetery of St. Milc'apl'a
this oaftornsn--the ninniverse'y of the Bat
tie of New Orloans. -Charleaton JXcrdury,
8114 inst.
Our Prospeots.
Wo had n visit this- horngr, from a
highly respectable and intdlligeit gen
tliuemn who lins recently returned from
Ne w York. During lia, trip North, i
remained some weeks inl Now Jersay,
nid traveled extensively throngh Now
England States.
le returned home more hopeutllv,
than one would be l% to suppose, froi
the tone of the Northern Press, 11o
mingled freely with all classes of rien,
and is clearly of the opinion that a re
action is taking pince in pulblic senli.
mnentaLowards thu South, that, rndicalisi.
htas reached its last round on tho hidder
anl that if the Sonth will remain firm.
but quier, her friegda at 'the Noi-th ha-11vb
great, hopes that her rights will be, a
ceded her. Even in the most Radieal
State of Massachusette, lie Iet men who
are as willing to do fill justic o 1.0 lie
States latoly in rebellioi, 'had are as
maulch opposed to negro sutl'riigo and.
other Radical nensurs as any t-roi son of
the South could be. Maniiy freely eon.
flbssed that they were deceived in regard
to tihe loyalty of the Sonth, anl the feel
ing towird the Govornment nnd North
ein men. Having recently becomo
botter iniformed, they are opposed to any
logisjlationu that luooks to leeping ofq
firlier punidh the linfortunato people of
Lho Soth.
Altogeither, tho tone of fooling is
much bettor tha.n it anticipnted, ant
he returns homo greatly encollragd,
11nd lhinks tinl. our fiture promisen
much moro bright than we lad reason
to expect.
In time great buiiness centres he found
money flagitant, and capitalists 'rendy
and willing to seek iivestimlents. .110.
beL.nn to lear that we have been to,
n teh disposed to givto promineneo to
tie doings of Coigress and tie Radient
presa, and he feels that, our policy is to do
our own businAsi diligently nuad earnest
ly ra men, and to bring the varied nd.
vitintages of onr country prominmitlv
before imboied men, aid that n Soon na
matters are setiled, nlt the -roperty itt
this s.ction(en '-be ool readily to great.
advantages.-- Cr(Au Times,
- -- - -- S -- 9-. - -
death roll of the your includes many
namcn (1istinguisished ini polititcs, ini tho
chsuch, in nut hoshuip aind in art.
TJhec rai: of' the anthors have been
thinned. Fredrika B3remor died at
Stockholmii early in theo year ; .Jai-ed
Sparks at~ Camba~ridge ini Miarcha; Jo
sopha MoIry in France ini .Jime; ai~d
Count (.urowski at WVashingtona in
Amnong tie dcait stattesmens aridpl
tleal leaderIOs are'i D. S.Dicktinison, Ldw~
Is (1ass, JIohna ~ an Bren, Elijink F.
Puardy, MoIseisf F. ( leil, Jatimes Ilumi
phrley', Senators l.ot, and Wrighmt and
Communodoro Stoc kton,. P'rinco K4.
thierhnazy died ait R~atisbonm ini Msy, and
Marvuis dl' Azeglio in Italy ini .1aanna.
ry. in October, M. Thotuvenal closed
his long anud activo cnree'r in France.
GIor'don (ummin lg, the fa mons l itn
htuntor-, wvas accidentally killod in
Scotland in Marcb. P'rofessor Jlonr'y
I). Rogers, a dist~aigishd suvutd, ltso)
died in He 'tlnnd inm an. Johna bRo,.
chIef of the (Thorokce Nation, dited at
WVashington in August.
Theosculpttor Gibsott died in Ttaly in
Jaunnary, seventy five yoara old ; and
Sir (Chartos lEa.stadt, president of theo
Braitishi Royal Academy, died at Pisa
just as thme now year came in.
Tfho'most promsinent clergymen wvho
have died during the .year te D)re.
Cumminig andt Pino .of the lKonian
Cathotli ohiuroh . DIr..Eliphualot Nott
President of Union Oolege; Dr.
.Hawks, Dr. 'Whewell gfitd Rev. TJohna
Koble1 in Eaiglahud ; nad Ftathoi' Pr~ont,
in Paris--h last botter known b~yhis
psondgin than by his proper naamo
of emey,
Gonoral Scott diod at Wd iiih o
Paloonitta suicide,. ,Jelhn$
Rareoy, the horse.'amor, died-ivr Olt
in October, I
phoded, throwinmg him amgainel s Qlt
w~alI, tearing tip thme cellatr flo~~~
hj s gald~tng the npl ;n it the

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