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Desportes, Williams & Co., Proprietors,] A Family Paper, Devoted to Science, Art, Inquiry, Industry and Literature. [Terms--4300 per Anun, In Advance.
7ere.-Tse llhftAm) is publishel Week
ly in the rowit of Winnsboro, at, 63.00 in
varrtaI2t in iadmunce.
10jy- All transient advertiseinente to bo
paid in advanoeo.
Obituary Notices and Tributes $1.00 per
Selected Poetry.
Do you think If I'd a haby
Tliat I'd let him pull mv hair ?
Do you think I'd put on collars
Just to let him toil nnd tear?
Do you think I'd call it :iretty
Whon he bitos his litt.lo toe?
Yet I have known sone silly mothers,
With their babios, do just so.
Do you think I'd set him crying
Just to meo his cunning frown ?
Do you think I'd set, him walking
Just to see him tuu ble down ?
Would I call my baby prelty,
When he'd neither tooth ior Iuir?
Yet. ['ve known some silly mot hvrs,
With their babies, think they aro.
Would I buy him ,irtims and rattles
.Just, to hciu- himl mnake n.crash ?
Would I watchl himi me. delighted
Break mny nmirror aul I . ?lla I
Woid I sinot her him in flannols
Jlst. heuonnue hisi voice was low I
Doso him up with helhltonizna I
Silly lhier babies, think just so.
Wmoild I think his brow Ryronio
J1nt beeanSe it Was so htero ?
And his head Napoleonic
In its shmle, .mogh minus hair?
Could I Irace the utarls of gen ius
lit li. eyebrows archel aid low ?
Yet I've kiown somec silly nothers,
With their babies think just so.
Would I think my bnhy destined
To becone a inanit of imen
A nd go to govern and control them
By the iniyht of sword nnd pen ?
I dare say these noisy bahies
Plny the very deuce-I know,
'And I'vo sei the wisest women,
. With t heir Inthies think just so.
Aots of the Legislature.
Be it enactcd by the Snisate and I totse
of Rotpres ntitiS. Iow met and sitting
in Gen i Ass bly, aind by the an.
thority of the same, That from ind
after the passage of this .\ct, all deed
or other written in.trmets, coltVeyit.
pers.mml estate, and creating a trust in
-.1gard to sutch property, shall be re.
cord-d as mortritues of personal propt-r.
ty are now reqttired to be recorded, anl
unless so recordmll, shaill not be valid to
All'Tect te rights of sOb-..qnti creditor
'or purchaser.i for valuabi considetion,
without notice.
I the Senlate 1ouse, the n1ineteel'th
ldav of Dcember. in the yar of' oir
Lord one thousand eight, hundred and
Sixty six.
Wt. ). PORTER.
Pr (iin f Ohw Senlate.
Speaker 1-33e of IA-presenativra.
Approved Decemnber 19th, 1863
JAMES L. Oin, Governor.
I. he it enicvtil by the Sentate and
Honse of Re-presntatives, no0w met, atut(
sItting itn General Assmbsly, and ay I the
aithori'.y of- the sampe, That fr-om and1
after the paseiage osf this Act, the lifnit, to
the nutmb)r of eureties alowed upotn
officiali bonids shall be not, mtore titti
i~ Tint hv approvipg or disapprov
inig of theO sulimCIency of the surties'
up~onl ofii-ial bonds, the Commsilonerst
to approve public sectiritics shall have
roggaid dnily to theO RnfileienIcy in thel
ntggre'gate of the obligors upon stneh
II[. That the penal sum of all ofl1
a1bondsh, given duriing theu late wa'r,
sball not 1be enforced for a larger sum12
thn thec penal stumiS ol such1 bonds immae
<diately preceditig said war..
IV. TJhant wheinevor thte security ont
any official, bond, execntod before the
passage of' this Act, has b'coen, -i in ihe
judgmntn of the Commissioners to ap.
-.provo publlic seenurities, insuic~ie'nt, the
isaid Commuissieners shall require, and it
shall be lawful, to addl approved se-enri
t~y thereto, and tQ substitute thle whowle
Rnmber of sureties on said bond, not, to
etxceod twenty inl nitubor.
V. That ailt Avts andl parts of Aets
inconsistent with the plrovisions of this
A ct, be and are hereby repealed. ta
of D) 'comber, in the y-ear-of our Lordl
onelt thouisand eight hlundred and six.
1'Prsiudent of' the Semnite.
Speaker House50 of Representatives.
Approved December 20th, 1886:
JAxxn L. Or~atn Governor.
AN ACT TO ES8TAf3lt181i AN. ADtioNAL~
B/ ut e1tdete(l by the Senat,o end,
House of Rlepresentative's, no0W me)tld'
flitting in General Aemibi , and.by ,hte
anithority of tho same1, htit an) Act.
entlitled "An act to .provide for tife-Ipi
spcto of' lior," tfled on th~ eeMnti.
e 4th day of December, in the year of our
?K Lord, one thousand eight hutndr'eI: ar
fit.y. and an Act entltlekd "An actt~
aniI'nd an act. entit.led anl ict. to provid. A
for an iuspectii of flonr,- and to) repeat
ani Act. allidlig the rsama, ified oin
e twhint iet.i day of December, in 'be
year of our Ljorl, on thiOtuand v i eigi!t
hnidred and1(1 filty sIx, be, an li-he 1111it.
arm lireby ramended, by idding a class p
of flmr to those established by the said
A cis, to be ilistinguished by the desig
nation "Pam ily.." And it shall be the
dilly of the lspector of flouir to place
the brand "Family," on all barrel.j or o
sacks of flour ascertained to h of a i
4alhily better thal that ent itling Ihe
s1m i t he bratad "Mm ' ra," and that
the 1 nqpector be allowed not more than
two and a half cents per pack- igo for
imapet tI og.
Ini the Senate Holse, the nineteenth
day of December in the year of our
Lnr.1, one thonsand eight hundred and
W. D. POR11l, 0
President of the s:mtlate. A
Speaker I lonaso of' iepresentiuves.
A pproved December 19, 1 86G : J.u ss
L. Owl, Governor.
A N A UT ToA -:I EN 1) TH i. A CT E.TA I 1i.iSII -
1 INA. I
I. Bie 11 enaela4 by the nauile and e
IHleInse of Intorsentativs, nw mt. and Il
sit i ii! i1 Gtoltral Assollitiv. and by IhI) It
ntl1.ority oK the samiii, Timt. th.w fifith
section f :rit Act. etitled "A "n Act to
catt.lsh the University of Suti Caro. I
lina," ratilled on t.hie Inilletleent It d ly of a
Decenhaer, in the % var of oUr1 Lord one .)
thiousand eigh.hndred and sixtv-five "
be so allen1d am to reire tihe lon'rd"
of Trusitees of the Unliversity of S.mituth
Carolin 1 .) t i ablisihl, 11. 80011 S practi. Ii
cabl' afte the rali tient111on of ib is Act, a 1
Sehool of ,:tw, wit I oIe PI fessor, ald "
at school of Medicine, with two 'rul'esI
1I . TRhat LIo Boa Id of' TruIst es sial I t
deteriniao anld regulato I.e the cullrse of
studies in the said schools. and the du
ties of the Pro ins-ors in i.hw re.spective
depliartlents thereof; anl shaill, as soon
aR practicable, select compelit piersns a
to the PriftesorshiLu so .alishied. A
11. ThtIM the Prolfwors id said
cho11o shll be elltIed it thle same sala.
ry as is provid-ld by ho:v !or the oiler
Prof'ssor of the liversity, and shal! i
receive such f!es of 0he S'uden1ts who
enter their schoob as are re(uired, or
liay, heraft.er be re:p1iired, umiber and by
virite of the fourti sve1on of' the Ac t
aforesaid. of the .ni vdeiur who enter thei u
schoos by said Act, provbled for.
IV. That. thie si Profsrors simil
I iieilimers. f the PaUlly of tile 1i. 8(
versity of cSoith Carolina, Im like iman. ,
Ic-r U; the oiber Prosss, and1i sim1 ii si
all respf-ets be, in bt liimim1r, sub6je i
to the provison1. of 'e f. >ire.aid Act
and 1o 1 he rilets and reh dmtions impsle
by tile Blird of TrPstees.
V. That ti l Board (f Trusts (' f I he o
University, Oillifi ,e Irecomm i m 1 1
the Chailimal Of lie eilt.y and of OI.
Profrssors of the Sclmis of Law and
Medicii'w. shall confor the. degroesi "n
lhehOor of IaW anld of lDoctor of Medi. 1i
cin1 uipoll the grad.4mta of the said ait
ACo, for saLtisufaicry a1ainnts inI
all the1 subjects of insirnetloll inl their"
reslecrive schools.
VI. That. the gra(Iuaes of each of Il
theseV schools, 11pon whom the Said de.
grees may b. eonferried, shall be entitmdi
to pa2ran, mand pracLt ice their' respective
prolfa'ssion I..
VII. That the Fan!Iv have an.
I hoity to license at D nuoatrat->r of
A itomy andiC other' personis of silitablle E
allainmelnts, character nu a ibits, to
give' pivat' Ie instr1utioln in id of1( Ch1e
pulicj I enchintgs in anhy of the shiool s of T
the Uni versity. TVhat, said Ii::en11tiales S
be not, at lierly, w ithiout speci~i leave' Il
of the F"aenhyt, to rceive pupils who ii
are0 not.membe~l)0rs of the sc'hool or schools ni
for which they nre licensed, nor to give w
iiistructlioni on1 subjects niot ombraced in Ic
t he plan of' thp sramue. The emflploymen~~t.
of the licentiates to be at the 0o1.ion1 of h.
the st~trdents, anid theo competisation ' Iih
matter Of privatoi airr'angemlent. s
In ther Smnte Iiouise,' the twentiet~h dar I.
of Decemiber, in the year (If our Ljord til
onp~ thousand eight, hundred a2nd six- fI
ty'-six. .
President ofithe Senate'. a
Speakie'r()ouse of itepreso~lnaivo's. I
A pproved D~ecember 20, 1806: J AitJ.:sI t<
Li. Onin, Governlor. - ti
AN AOT'Io rnovhi'i LEols PORL AlL! c1T17iZNs
OF Thi#s STATS WilO 11.1v' i.OST TilELI LL'os
I. Be i! enacted by the Sonale anld Ihouse ii
of lIepresentatives, nlow met and sittIng In g
General Assembly, anid by the authaor'iy of
the same, T1hal the Gov'ernor be, and11 heIr
baorby authiottised, to f'urnaishu all citisens' of
Ihis State,.who hate host thaeir ;legs dlurIng C
the roenmt, war, In the serviceoof the countiry, d
willh artiflohl logs ; and the suin or twenty n~
thousand dollars, If' so-mucl ineicessar to g
pay for the saine, Is heroby appropriatedi for
that purpose, and all other purposes neces. t.
sary tdo avty dntt the prvisionis of thIs Aot.
H. "flit all Ralil'd Companies in 'thi~ d
State ba requested t~o transport, to and from
Colomba,.Mdy. ~ol-hr bulae that may be
dehgnated by the Governior, free of chat'ge,
,iznsof tho Stateoentitled to arlIncilal
RtOenaloe!ouse , n e 1 ayoel
Deemboy', 1pl f~ onrS Lord one
thousand elgh If~ and shir six. y
Speakeor llouse of Repiesentativyse
Approved Docember 20th, 1600: ,JAx:ta e
L nan. Governor. C
N AC To P1v011 r'HOR THiR A-0-1t1S0lsoN c
E~ it.
Be, it enacted hy the Senate it d louse <
.epresenitatives, now Inet. and sittig i
cieral Assenbly, and by the nuthority <
to same, That tto probatlo, before tle pre
er ordinary oftany last will and itestamite
r a feme covert, heretofore, or hereafter
inde in fihn execation of a power, shall 1)
tod, suaflioient and ectuootal in law, in it
tine tinanner, and to the same extent as .
e te-tat rix was a fene sole, andi a devia
r belpaest, under such will shall be ndmit ei
i evidence in te same manner, and ias
to saie eif.-et in the courts of' laws in Jail
it((!, ts if n,) ooveritare existed it the til
I' ithe making thereof.
I the Setate H1onse, tle seventhI day
December, in lhfe year of our Lord on
thuusaid eight lundred and sixty-six.
W. D. Pol il'E it,
President of tihe senato.
Speaker itouse o' Itepresentatives.
Approved Decembor 8, 1860: JAMs I
ait, Governor.
1. 1ie it enac/edby tle Senale and House
lepresentatives, now tmet anitd sitting it
(ienral Assembly, antd by Iho authority o
e samne, That front and after the passage o
is Act, in ill cases of contract for the hhl
g, lenling, 00 use of money, wherein, la.
e terims off the origiaail Cotnttrnet, Ito aipoei
3 rate of increst shaill havo been agree
p1a. inl writing. signed by tle party to bi
atar'ged therewith, tle legal interest shal
o nnd renntin at, the rate of'sovon per con
aim per annumi .
IH. 'Tit in all money decrees mnn- judg
ents of courts or lmw atal equity, ioreaft e
trolled or entered, in all cases of account
etfer at slated, and iat alt onses, wherei
iy sutn or sums of nioney shall horeafte
:iscertitait, and, being due, shall draa
tere'st, accordiang to law, the legal interes
tall be antd retnain at the rate of seven po
-t11111 per i n.
111. That all Acts and parts of Acts
niting tlie rate of jittre't, recoverabi
on cotrtacts for the hiring, lotaling, o
10 of mtoncy, be. and the same are horob,
In th- Senale House, the sreenli day 0
December, ih tlie year of otr Lord, on
ousand eight lhandred nid sixty six.
W. 1). 1'O1T-R,
President of te Senato.
Speaker 1lou1so of Representatives.
Alproved Dec. 8, 180:. Jmmnis L. Onia
oveinor P
.\ CT1 To t ?.1 ti-t.ATI: Tn11 Sta'iNxs OF i
C('UltT ir AtPPi*LS.
li i! enacted by (te Senato nid 1lonase o
pre setat ive.?, now liet and slittig it
mnoral A -setnbly. illa by anthltority rt' t h
me, That hert shal 1 h1Irafter' be two rC
tlar terms of Ito Court of Appeals it
*y :art, on1e to begin ot the third Mon
iy in April. and I ite other on tle fouritl
onaiaay in Novebnher, and each to continn
itil all tle causes standitg otn tie dooke
all ie disposed of, atit which lerms appoa.
oia .I tOe Circuit Cot as throughout th,
n ' shtll be h, -rd, It. the said Cot'
[l n loevr Ieat appeals fromn any Circui
hilst ite Courts of Oii Ciruit tire in sex
on : /'rtwrded, I lit I I Court shall suspent
s-itinA fit, (lhe Neivnbler Term, fror
m l:ay prCeedit.g f aistmas, nutil th
caa0 MonIaty it: .1-111iltry fllowing
rorld d. if iny k' thle Circuit Courtas ar
seissionk durta'ing I lae sitting of tle Cout
Alppeals, it shall be lawful to dodket It
.e Appeal Court, atny Cittu's of appeal froti
cha cireuit at any aitnte whilst the sait
art of Appeals may be in session ; an
'ride-d alo, ithat, the aid CLntrt of Appeal
ny hohl a siession in Charleston at suel
mu int each year as the Chief' Jistice ma
>point, ait which ressionl lt elnuses froi
:tr-'0.,t4oat, Ieatort, Goorgotown, llorry
illiamsburg and Colleton, may be dockete
id heard by consent of the countsol otn
god in sich causes.
the Senato Ilanse, liae tineteentlDecem
bor, in lte yotr of onir I, rd one thousana
eighthundred and sixty six.
Pt'esidet of Iho Setato.
Speaker House of Rep resent aives.
Approved Decmber 19th, 1800: JA11E
Oan, G~overnor.
A L AnY Ray.soua~n nlY A Dagt.,
reams are idiJo gletams { T'ratnea in<
hutume,) says the proverba; alboit .t har
e peoople wh'lo know from e~cperioec
nt, dreatms tire dot talwaiys without sti
ficance. People wtho are quaite truast
or'thly gauarantee the trth of the fol
wintg niarruative:
A latdy, ont the night of Friday, Octo
rI 26, dreamed that, tihree peoplet neal
rI were sutll'ocitaad, ad the dream wva
vivid itad atgoizied hter to such an ox
int that site spriag out of bed to rescu,
to staferers, She smntelt gas, baut slht
tud that in hter room it wats turned ofl
bae then woke her huasband, who arte
amtining thle gase fixtures in the hall1
ad fintding t hemt all right, went to th
or of the bed roomt in whaich Mia
atctie YZeiger slept. Putting his nos
the key htole lhe was at once convince<
at a strnog stream of gate was pouria
ihI. H-o t.hen awoko Miss Zeigler'
0:hor, and by their uaited strength
toy suacreeded in butrstinig open the dooi
here hay Miss Zoigher, nmotiontless ani
isontsible-tthe whole room so filled witi
is that it seemed imjtosatble o nottot
radelr the inifluenco of fresh air and otl1
restor'ataves, site however, soon r<
>vot'ed heor contsciousness. Tihie lady'
roam htad saved her lire, since htadi
:at, been for that, she must have bee
ntothtered int realty.
W~ahri'la's/reund, Montgomne'y co, Pk
Nothinag strange. The dream was irn
ueed by the Qdor of the gas.
VIMTFnAN EIIOrts.-TheO Lonisvill
ournal has been published for thirty si
ears, and the Boston Post for thirty
nur 7ears; and it isasaid the editor
hao controled their cobnns at the be
inni'ng- Prentioe and Green, botl
minlent wite-oecnp'tihesame posltion
'sw. There ar few American 'edit'or
tho can point out to'so long afid sosuc
unsful a enroer.
F Resumption of gpeoio Ptuymnt,
VASINoTON, Jnunry 4
The resumtio ofspecio paYlliits ol
o0 beforo July I, (188, as has been sug.
f gested by Mr McCulloch in his late re.
port to Coigres.i. k at startling propoosi.
t tion, and is well caleulated to shake the
confid--nce of the commuinitv in his fi.
nancial sagacity. Ii is tru' lhnt it would
be very pleasant to hiindlie the coin in
e our daily business, and ilny at the low
At prices which prevail when we have a
C currency redemable at sight ill coin.
, out tLheso pleasait dre'ams have serious
obstacles in the way of their rvalization.
r It is n0cessary to bear inl ndtiuI that, we
0 have Sotme $300,000,000 or moro of
short dat oil Government liabilities, which
loll duo within that time, and some three
to five hundred millions of six per cent.
bonds. which ar6 payable on this side inl
coin, principal an1l interest. W hat would
be the effeet of at rostitnption of specie
payments in July, 1868, on Iiem ? .These
bonds have cost the present hohiders on
anl average not more than seventy per
cent. of their par value inl gld, And we
have (he privilege of redeeminiig the
.hort dated paper in currency at mnaturi
By. But if it i.3 once understoo-, that, by
- holding on to them until July 1. 1863.
the owiier can draw gold for their faco
vatte,*is it likely that we will continua
14 fund them into a six per eeil. five.
I weity bond, whose market viiie is only
.iboit seventy-nine in goild? Anud ihow
long could our banks and the Sill) Treas.
niry continue to pay specie with ho large
qtintity of tsix per cent. bonds always ait
he dispo-al of the Bank of Eingland ?
r Get the drain of $37,000,000 of our gold
in May and June list answer I 11 the
banks i Now York had been paying
Ipecie at that time, they would have
been compelled to stipenid payment.
'ithe two pre-rcqusites, thereforo, to a
Ssafe resumption of specie payment.s are,
first, to fland the $800,000600 ('f notes
ilto bonds, and second, to convert, if
po8sible, the six per ceit. bonds held in
huarope itito five per cent "iterlig"
bonds, or what is the samie ihing, into
bonds whi'ch are payable, principal And
interest) in the coin*q4 country .ill
whi ch they are held.
New can this b), done preo ions to J,;.
lv, 1869 ? We think notc- We ato
thiin-k that the less Mr. McCulloeb may
say or promnise about resuming Acie
. payments until after thiese obstacies are
removed the better it ivill be for the
' country and himself. It may bo sani
Lint, it is unreasonable to expect Etro.
peans to give up their six per cent.
t)bond, payable here, for the five per cents
p tynble at hotie in their country ; blt
we have numerous inniances of five per
cent Steto bonds selling higher than tihe
six per cent, homue bonds i the Euro
pean market.
We, therefore, think 1he Seretary's
-plan of el'eCLing the Coiversicu is pacti.
cable, and we expect to see Congress
aulthorize the attempt at once.- W'V'ash
ington Gor. NYew York Ikradd.
nuCT.-Tiho Kational Intelligencer, re
ferring to the estin. ..s of tle Commis
mioner of Agriciture inl regard to the
crop of the year just expired, says:
The future of the cotton prodict Is
now all interesting m:tter of speculation,
fr it involves our finaicial anld coin
mercial future. The prospect for the
next session is very bad, as we learn
fr-om various sources. Neithier capital
nor labor from the Northern States or
Europe is flowinig in~to the cotton region,
but, a considorable pollion ofthat which
was employed in the production of' cot
ton in 1860 will be with~drawn. The
politicail and financial policy of Congreco
is hostile in every way to the cotton
piodnet. Congress will reject any'
scheme for a more eqmitable distribution
of national batik currency in the South.
They will retain the cotton tax as a
means of encouraging thme wood-growers
of Vermont and Ohio. TLhey agitate,
' alarm and incense the puiblico mind of
the cot'.on-growing commnities by ar
' bitrary acts tending to the destructiont
'of confidence in the security of property
Sand industry.
IThe Oolnsbts, Mississippi, eSentinel.
-of the 25t.h nhtimno,.saya that if the radli.
cal policy, as indricated at WVashington,
succeeds, it will put an end to the pro.
Iduet ion of the great Southierip staples
cot ton, sugar and rico.
A peculiarly poetic pen furnishes
inalilly. Imagine apaceoivr
.o pfal.Wi hplasofgle n
capitals of gold, all exhaling such per
fume as never arose from a censor,
Faney again the fun of tuoking yottr
a self up for the night in the foldsof a,
,rose, rocked to sleep by theagentlo
Ssighs of the summer air,annohg
to do when you wake up butt to wash
yourself In a dow drop and fall to and
o at your bed-clothes.
DurIng the rcent session of the
Teacher. Institute in Rutland County'
, while Professor Adams was endeavoring
c to illustrate the manner of teaching
-arithmetic, he took up a small globe
a standing on the desk, and asked : 'How
many unit. in the globe ?' Answer-m
' 'One.' Takingnup his hat, 'How many
a units in my -hat?' Answe -( . y
m nauhtbha in the andinnq) ak
"Tho Com missionor from South Carolina,'
[Froini the Chalesuion News ]
Not a single d:ty ha v s passel, dlim1
lie past, four weeks, in which we dii
not find somethintg about Col -Weth1
ery's 'mission" to Washington inl aI
most every exchan ge t1hat coies to oiit
oflico. The name of South Car.lina i
fast, becomintg odilous inl tile Sutibl, an,1
an object o" derision in tho North,-nm
all becauSe of wlmt ? lteautse lite C,11
ricr, inl its over inxiety to obtaini a seI
sinlonal paragraph, puiblish,-d what i
was pleased to call tin aittlivit ic stlte
m1tetit of lia viusit to WasI lngin, giviet
to it from1 tho lips of Col. Weather)
himself. We have refraiied froin s, v
ing anything on the subject, beca uise wt
thought we knew something of the gen!
tiemen who compstie the Senato o
South Carolina, anid more especially be
ennso we have eijoyed at personal
acquIainitatice with o1. \\reatherlY ; al
wo did not believe 1ith tile 'Senan
would send to W ah.intguoni for tie I11.
pose alleged, nor that Col. W. woul
have consented to go on such an ,ias
sy. We were antisfied to wmlt tiiil w(
should hear from Col. W. himself, anm
we are pleased to have it in our powel
this morning to furnish a [till an-l com
plete contradiction to th maniy fils
rumurai And so enlle-d athden~e state.
tents thaL have gone fortii inl rofh-reicr
to this whole mittuvr. Tho fullowimip
from Col. W. will explain itself:
To the ditor ofe AWNI Chaleson Dai
N, ws :
In the Courier of the 251-h Dcembeg
there appeared An editotial stateiveti
hede1(hd, in capitals, "Th4 R,-'portel
Commisson from the Sinto of Soutli
Curolina to Washington," and on th
5th Jamumry aiothier editoriatl lied''(u,
"Col. Weat herly's Statenwnt," it whirli
i, is said, " W sought an interview wihh
him" (myself), 'an1id from his lipi oh
tatieti he im inportatit intfo rmation which
wo had the plnsi-e of hying beforu ot
readers the following morning."
To all this I have simply iad 1.ri,-ly
to say that I tiever n1'tlhorized l te p 11..
-.ation of an y stuttenn'Il. conieu1it g Mv
visit to Washligt6n. I was appeti ' .
for such authority, and expres ly a n
positively s elintsav.,
I have further to sav, that. the state.
ment tire, in some esetial partiendars
inacctirite. For intanice-it, is nt)
correct to say-nid I ntever said-that
my visit. ) Washingtot wats 'to coifet
with the President on ilie probability ol
tie State beiniig rest ored to her plac'e iii
t ti nion shool she adopt the Consti.
iioinal Amendment."
Nor is it true that I was "a Commis.
sioner of tho State of Suth Carohin,
or of her Legisha tire, to confer with any\
onie upon1 the subjet of I lie Constitution.
al Antiment.
I did go to Washington at the in
stance of a number of Senatori for the
purposo of satisfying my owi mind. al]
to.give them tie beniefit of such infor
mationi ats I mijekht be able to obtt.ini con-.
cerimig thp condii ion of public affa irs,
It seets to mu that this was a verv
proper purpose, which ought not to
have attracted any public attention, and
which cert aitly has been greatly misn.
derstood and :nisrepresented itn every
'. C. WATtr:ntty.
Bennettswille, Marlborough District,
Jamnary 1, 1807.
Untit't FACTs 01F lILMAN TLii.'.
Thiere aro on the earth 1,000,000,000
inhaibitaiats, and of those 33~,:333,333 die
every year, 91,824 ('Very dtiy, 3,73
every lhour, anid 00 overy mmaute, o:
one every second. Thiuso losses are
about balanced by an equal number o1
births. Tho imarried aro longer lived
hatn thu single. JTalh mont li y longer
thatn short ones. WVomen havo more~r
chancesc of life itn their favor previous to
being fifity years of ago thani meni but
fewver afterwaurds. The number of mar
tiiagis is in the proportion of '75 to every
100 mndividuals. Marriages are more
frerquint after tho "qinoxen ; that is,
during the months of of Junte and D~e
c~omuber. Trhiose'borni ini Sprinig are gen.
oralh- more robust than othiers. Births
and 'dtu is ea more freqtenit by tiight
than by daiy. 'VT nutmber of' meni is
about cotnal to that of women. The
avernge durationi of lhfe is about 33
yeOars. Of every l,C00 perso- a, only
otie rences 100 years ; of every 100,
only six reaches the age~of 65 ; and not
more Lhan One tn 500 lives to
80) years. The number of languages
apoken in the world amiounts to 3,064,
and there are more thanit 1000 diffe~rent4
religions professed.
Wtur r. lhsT FJ.)uR ts Cau~r sv.
--?T'wo dollars extra on the prico of a
'barrel of flour will seentro a much sntpo
rior qu lit y. A uiy one who will devote
a little observation to the sublject will
notice that with poor bread peouple oat
from three fourths to onto half as more
butter than they do with that-which it
of superior or extra gnality. If -we
reckon three-fourths more, it vill be sees
biy .the calculations of the proceedingR
itom that two dollars caved int die price
of flour involves flvo dollars and sixty'
two cent. moro expensos for butter, or
other Meoneittetite, to make theo poory
bread palatable.
The oalo telograms annooe a do.
oline of 1-4 per oqnt. In flye t-wenties
in Europe on account of thoe threaten
ad iwpnammt of the Prenidant
Bill Simpson's Legal Exporino,
Illany years igo the Legilatiure or Tennes.
see passed it alet. to organtize tihe cottloy (of
MeNairy, alios Stinke. At that time iho
cornitry embraced it the limits of'Snako was
oceipied by a steady set of baokwoodsinen,
toltally uinequainted with courts. jalh, etc.
The coutity itseinbled at the nppointed sit
for tile purpose of outting logs, making
boatrds, etc., to build a court hotiso and jail.
The only thene of conversation, when tho
men rero assembled. was the court, etc.
None of them had over seen a court in ses
sion. as yet. developed. Ench tone would
give what his itden was of a :ourt etc,
None, however, were ent irely'antisfaotory,
uIntil Bill Simpson was called on to give his
idens. lio said lie knew all ait a cotit
-t hat lie hia di a law stilt I North Carolina.
Onto of his neighbor's hogs kept cominig
whei he fed his hogs until it got fait. Ono
Iiiorning he got, so d- d mni that he shot.
the hog. lie thougL:t. it would ntot do to
throw it, away, so he oloated nud salted it.
Shortly afteorwatrds his neighbor and a man
cano to his house, exainiied the smoke
house. and took him to town put him Iin a
little ollico. About three maontis after that,
I his matn atte and took him tip to a Intgo
room. A large maiin sat upon a high bench
-n Mat was sit ting at a desk -about a doz.
en tine dressed nien sat in a place that wts
lialed nroudil. The man put me in a polt
Just behiidthem.
lie then oallod In twelve mon, they took
seats in a box in front of tie fine dressed
men. The man that was writitig gave the
twelve mncit a book and said something
about Bill Simpson aid State. Then tne
of the fine men read something about Hill
Simpson and tio hog, and lie and another
one of the fino dresseu men had the biggest
quarrel you ever heard-I thought they
would ight every minute, but they didn't.
It was Hill Simpson and the hog. nilnd ho
hog and Bill Simpson, and someoines Mr.
Simpson, but d -d seldom. Alter they
qit quarreling, Ilie big man I tlked a while
tio lhe twelve men, and then weit out and
slaid a short tle, and cnmo back, and said
something to the man att lie desk. The
mat1n oil the benlch snid something to the
mnan that put. to In offiee, and he took mo
out anitd tied me to a tpersimmon tree, and
comncinoited tightling tme withl a cowhilo, ail
it anndo mie so d---d mand that I shook all
lie persiiions of' the tree.- llinc/cr
Honme Journal.
sntous Accomnsr.-Mr. C. F. 11. Brom.
er, a compositor of this otlico, while pass..
hug throigh the composng room last night,
with a lighted ndle in his hand, inadver
tantly walkod to an open trap-door anti fell
through (the diatance of Qte story) $a the
basement. Ills manoAst soon attraoted ptten.
tioni, ani the services of the Drs. itobert.
son being called in he was promptly cared
for. I n falling ie tiust have st ruck upon a
poriion of tle press, as his skull was it
jurd and his 'Ot. shouldor was badly frac.
Itirod Ai examination proved tliat fihe
kttill was not fractured, aithough there was
a seyere wound on the scalp ; but the inju
ries wore such ts would conflto him to the
housh for t wo m1ointths. Ili wouiit woro
dressed by Dr. liobortson, and Iis shoulder
,nit lit pinoe, but the intuire of tlie fracturo
was such tiht it occasioned lintense pailn,
and will require the greatest, care to perfect
a curo. It is foritato that Mr. Biremer
only glanoed upon the press, for If Ito had
fallen upon its iniequaltities and projections
his death would have been instant.
There are few typos who were not ao.
quntinted with Mr. hremer. Ills genint
good hunor and frIendly manner tade himu
imay frietids, and his unfortunato nooidentt,
will be uilversaily deplored.--Charlkston
Rce 121h.
Jlotnnii.m. TAnnDY AT Mrmulttn, Tmr.
-A horrible taurder wits petpotratedon eo'
steamer T. It. Alc oil a ili 4th Inst., whilo
I ying at Now Maidrid, Missouri. Ai old
mai nanted A. Wilson, trem Illinois, who
got aboard the boat during Ite night pro
vlous, took great offonoo at a fellow-piassen
ger anid called the latter a robel In conse
ontmce of the color of his wearing apparcl.
kester'dny rorning, while thti boat was
lying at. the landing, Mr. Wilson loaded a
shot gun and went en thte hurricane deck
l'evelled tho guna at Mr. Browe, ,whuo was at,
that time conversing with bir. Enankfordl, of
Atlanta Ga. But as lie was in the act of
firing Mr. BIrown stopped naido, and Mr,
Lantktord r'ecOlAed tho shiot hn the head,
killing hitm instatntly. Wilson then raved
like a manilac, saying that ho had (lone God
a service by killing a rebel. One of the
passengers aitemp ted to arrest blam, whtet
ho attem pted to fire agaid, and several shots
wore firedl at lim. wotunding him mortally.
it appears that Mr. Wilson tad Iot a son in
the Federal army. Latnkford served ia the
same army.
"Mack," the faoteclotw correspondent of
the Cincinnati Conmmcial, relates the fol
"What book is that yout'vo got'?" said cite
Congressmatn to antothter, the bearer of two
volumes jtust obtnined from the library.
"Itoseamu's Contfesslonts," was te reply.
"Confiessions I What did the Infernal fool
confess fot'? The hiouse passed a vote of
censuitoon hum, anti couldn't do any more."
"Oh. tht ain't, the ltosseau. Thlis is a
man who lived in France a hundried years
ago, or more. IHaven't you ever hear'd of
"No' I thtoujhst you m eant the fellow
from Kentucky.'
BII GAnarUr, wlvrt P'INs Ann NERaLE,.
The placing of pins and needlest in the
mouth is very dangerous, and there are
constant reports of fatal accidents resulting
fronm the practice. It. is announced that ain
English taylor, residing at Croydon, in that
count ry, a short time since, was careftllyv
benudieg a needle with his teeth, whe n f6
suddenly snapped, and the greater portlon
or it passed some distance into hiis throat,
Sevete lnfismation followed, and thje injury
The~ best time ever made across thie 4l
lantia b' a sailing shlp, was by the "-Dread
naught' in February, 1858-18 day. and 9,
hours. The yaelht "illnrletta's'' time was
18 days, 28 houss, he brest time ever
nmade by a steamer was by the "Scotia" of
the Cttaitd line, in July lsh 8 dag, 9 hioure
4 minutes. Thle facht, "America' teads its
passage froms New York todistvae ifa 1861,
gn 26 d ay,
RAILuoAD I'avaRLe.I. i y a,
a letter froni (he 'Sugiert
lilobmnond -and Mnviilo It
fangemopts havwe been made, ~
gin C~et ial ar thet
d h'
CAw, Boa:ur,-d and the Eoursiouists,
mi: is:.u is you tin~tsi~i.v,
0(-.) n i.: ov Tiia
N. k, & t, N. IR. I. Co.,
Now thiean.i, Janiatrv 10, 187,
\i':n. 1. C. h7lG, .; ,.l todur of ic
New or/tans 'Times, New Orlcins,
1..ut Sn: Tn your paper of this
mllorning you pu1blish an ariicle from the
New York //eri/l, containing some ro.
markn-t rative to a SPeech I am repi..rted
t) lave made at. Canton, Mis., to the
Congressional excirasionitS lately in this
city. '' // /i is if errir. I made no
speiech at Canton or elseowhere to those
exCIrSiOnists, blt. I cinlversed wit.hi Ih(-m
Freely ani openliv, and told them that, Lh
South ihad fougt t lie Norti so desper
ntely because it. wadS endine what, it,
conceived to be its constit utioit al rights
-that, having (ipealed, however, to the
arbitration olIarm, it yielided to ito de
iion which was givenl agniins, it; and
r beliived the people o' tihe South wero
n0w willing to accept the Constit utionl
:s made by the war and uiderstood by
lie Suprene Court of the United Stat.cs.
I said ai, thi, ill ny opinion, the
qptst.iotis of secession and slavery were
fyrever seti led, and t-hat so far a's I was
conerneud, under no circumstances would
I countenance any etort to revive then;
that. we mo wst. now direct our energies
anl our vita'it v to repairing the damn
ges of the war, and restoring to our
hto"ms om f those anmfi'ts and that
proprity which they formerly enjoyed.
II :answer to the qIestions of Some
oF the excirsiwoest., f I thotight, the
ut.h would accept, the Conistitutional
A meno-et ? I r<-plied that, eschew
ing poiliti atd :u at tdnling at rictly to my
privat e hiniless and t.he ditties of my
pos.i ion, I had lile opportunit.y, except.
throuigh the newspnpers, to ascertain
putblic seiainti t ol that, subject, ; but if
ti-y desired to know mlly individual
olpinion, [ woould .say, that, the South
wuoulhl not and shouhd not accept, those
aineidihaent, even if presenited as a finali.
1 y, for its preseni I. interests innd its man
hood forbade it.' Thlt. we Feel wo nre
now fat i e mue-cy'of the North-bui, that.
II SIali. wouild iver do anything,
Whic its honior cool.1 not approve., to
procs its interests; and that. I heliet.
cd we would rmnain passivo spectatoiri
of the trnugle *l'> power now going ona
at. tiw North. relyiing ott lh solier "ee.
oiId 111o11gh t."' atnd the: sense of juItice of
both luu-3 to proteer. un4.
If, in coin ver:;at ion w iti Ohe exCursion
ists, I n-td tie words "Consolhlated Gov.
ernun-nt" when sliaking of the United
Slau-s (overnment, I tant, of course,
It C0rit1o, feih-ril, witional government,
iorating tider a Conaittlion as inter.
prit d hy'llm Supreame Court of the
I itic-d Siatis.
I ru is yours, vary respectfilly,
U. T. I:am: n
rardonou Soitlh Oarolinans.
TI folliowiig is a list of' 8oui1h Cairollil
anis pardon by the President, with the
iames of N he persons by whoin he pardon
Wits TO IICIded, as reported in tie re.
eent. coimuntication of the Prosildout to
q,.nglrs: :
Wu,. Aken. Eix-Govirno of Soth Caro
lia I by Ex- Gov. Porry, 1loat. Montgomte.
ry Hb1 r, t. N nnderhoff. Jaimnes Lynclh, .
It. it tmn, nnd several hundroi otiers.
John ). Ashmore, resigned seat in Un[.
ted i., ataes Coigross: no reconuundalotins.
M. L. Bonham, Drigadier-Gatiral: by
Gov'. Perry, and orderedi b'y thie P'resident.
M. Butler, Blrigadier-(onteral : by Guy.
Perry, nitid or lerc'-d by ihlo P'residoat.
Johnia Intotn, irig tdier-Geneal: bay Gov.
Perriy, ad oridered biy t lie Pre'sident.
George Davia A ttorney Generanl: hy Gov'.
P'eri'y, (lov. Wirtha, ani a large number o7
.ia'ssa 1). DI. D~olow, editor Dslow's Re
:iewsu: by Ex Gov. Aikent, iott. W. WV. Doyce
atni (Gov. Perry.
St epheniL~ Elot, Jra., BrIgadier-General:
by (Gov. Perry, Milor-Geniera! 0. HI. Oil -
muoro nndl linav. II. Fultler.
Walter (hwynn, Brigacdier-.General, and
graduia'. of' West Point, resitgted: bay Glov.
Perray, J1. 8. Gltlaghert, Hoti. James Seeger,
H~on. L.. II. Chandlter andl Georgo A. Poarre.
It. L,. Hairtstein, Ex -Commandaer U~nlied
States Navy; by JT. R. Mcl~enaloy, U. S.
N., .Josi n . Ward, of Now York, and W. S.
J1. Hargoodl, Brigadier-Gener'al; by Gov'.
Duneon N.-Ingrahamtt, Ex-Captalin Untited
States Navy: by ller.alrdiral Shubr'ick,
Glovernor Poerry, and ordered by Attorney.
Genecral Speed.
P. N. Lynolh, Cat hollo Dihop: by Aroch.'
bishop M. 3. Spalding.
J1. L. Orr, Senntor : by Ghovernor Perry.
3 . 8 Prestont, Digadler-Generat : by Goy.
ernor 1Petrry. *
It. E. Sians, Senat or : by L. 0. Shuanklla
andl (. M. Gibat.
(.. A. 'Truonitm, Secretary of the Trens.
uiry :by i. Rt,. Kitng, Genierni Pet tigru, Ma.
jor.General Sickles, Major General Howard,
M njot~r.tneral Curt is, Edward Pierreponf
of New York, A. A. L~ang, Major-Genuerai
Hat chi, Major-Gono ral Steadman,. and over
eight hatudred others.
Tutut TYt'o ANti Ttun En~tti.--Theo lawyer
editor of a country paper wrofe a very
"lbundt had," was frogntently annoyed b
centpo-titorts. hnuilriug ceoncerning WOrdB
which theay could not dleciphet' Onte day a
compfositor, ns little acquainted with flue
disapo~ltlonl of the etditot' na hte was withI the
bianid writing, entered the sanottnm, aaId
huolditng the copy before his eyes, inquired
whnot a certaIn crooked mark stood for. The
editor dId not wvish at. that time to be latr
trof ed,tuand exclaimed-"Oo to the devil.''
T'haecoinposltor retired, not to lisa 9tafanni
aujesty, but to the composing room, When
the editor read theo proofs, Itohaad the ploa
snre to see a line on hise editorial read:
"Hie (Mr Websteor) wil, in all probablit~y,
g6 to the devil."
The copy was looked tor- anid tho orooked
mask wras miarked---"be nominted.
Never maako sport of' a lady's complexIon.
It. 19 ii~fad n."

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