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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, January 30, 1867, Image 1

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Desportes, Williams & Oo., Proprietor. A Family Paper, Devoted to Science, Art, Inquir Industry aid Lit
M.""C[ 3 2. F !.- * -w i 0
1.s Pt'H.1LU-011o wEEI-:ty M,
Ters.-Tu .11KInAI. i4 l publiIshIM Weik
jy in the rown of Wjinsbor.j, at. 83.00 in
vareably in adonnen.
jrgy- All transiient avertisements to be
pali in advance.
Obituary Notices and Tributes $1.00 per
Selected Poetry.
nY PT:TR L:l'PInConN.
Oet three glass eyes:
And ike A scurvy politician, scorn
To see the things 11:0to dost not.
King Lear, Act Iv : ScenO G.
Where the Elizabeth and James
Their flowing streams unite,
Wilhin tile Fortress of Mouroo
A pyitared ihe otler night
A ghost; but darned if I tan stato
How he got in ; at. any rate
lie walked straightlway to Carroll Hlall
Atd gave I he door a lap,
Which roised tile dronsy scoinel
Out. of' his dreaiuny ip.
Atul iiale him tretibhe like a leaf
it was so sudden and so brief.
However, he inlochei the door,
And, Saint l'eter, save us,
Ti ghodt salid, 'ni George Wniinglon,
Co'mare to see Jeff. 1avis.
Now, point, his room out right away
ie quick, be silent and obey
Then George st d1;cd inhi Jeffy's room)
And said, "Frieid Jefl, how are you ?
I see they have not killed you yet
I hopn I do nut. sonlre yok V
"Ohl, no," said .1elY. -but pray be seated,
Your visit is appreciated."
"'Indetld," said Gcorge, -'-li' glad of that
It given me consolition;
But tell ie Jolf, what do you think
About your situatlou I
I hear that Congress, in due seasonl,
Intenlds to have you tried l'or treason."
"There's not a d)tbt at all," says Jeff,
"IThey'll have tile put nit trial ;
For sinuo your time the Yankees have
Become extremiely loyal:
Their taix4:- pty without, a word),
For which they damned old George the
"But tell me, George, how is it you
At 'o praiset and 1110 derided Y
You went ii 'or secession,
And hpel slaves as -woll is I did.
1 miutl confess 1 can11ot sco
The differanco twixt you and Ie."
Pooh, pooh," snys Gleorge, "I wonder at
A man of your isrotion. ;
New Entgitld-i liy 1a, behl slaves,
And weit. in fur seeulon
And would have been tie sn:ue tO-day,
14t, doln't,you see, it would not. pay.
esides, you know, lo titu their uo-its
'The saints are mighty handy,
And art as fond of power and cash,
As:girls.are-fotid-of onitly :
I also found those sihoe.peg peddlers
A caugglil$ct of ktnaivihl niephJ)-.
oRepublics are tugratc(ktl.' Jeff,
Yoi know IWt'o your cost.:
They praise me ip bm eause I won,
hm1n yt -becat.se Yo lost;
shat'* all' the dferettee 1 'in tee,
Friend uJeff, thei-os 'twixt yPn anid me.
"i'owever, .3eff, i nko, ny, advioe,
If pely should pr9iecute you,
Yotir,eojqit,.etJutify;hy mi no,
I he knaves cannot refutle yolb,
]to this tilo burden of your song
I George waits rigit, JXff Wis not, wrong.
"Bt sh'ould thtogligotn now jipower,
All human t-lhIt< den o)',.
Thteti meet your-fale like a bravo npan,
'Thgeold Mill jutiif$yydr,
t, keev'~nu oecd'etetefb nin.t' epd
''. IL then.wallocd aent of the room,
Andl it nwoke atm riubbedl my eyee,
Andfountdi t t a .ision,
Brouagiat~, ty.f oeplng ,9n my bnck,
Ani drhanking to inuch apple jack.
AN I jl O Atf4I 'L Jt tu
OF TItS. TowX~~ wtN4%anono,
of1 - (l;glxw'~it in
the t o.r t'i~ thme
towb siit
inte. ets
of th IL4 b~~J ich
shal ,'ii fromn
tihe aid Uengress street atiti ~o bthitdin
shal ob w p evl
b an t ~ted by hn fl~eh~letig
f,tAVlide bd dAlled I heo"l6'C~h'ton6
cioit Wihnsbo4," dtbtiht''thkti tAmo' hauvt
snteecsIbn~ bf -thbei'd; 'kb6Is ri'do1ip4ti
seal, take andl hold poporty (no 'pr~,o
corporate iuns onif,) 3 Atiti iid, Im..
picad and be 1mpi tn'arid' oJ~ every
r ight incident ,ti jffSl . '
Ill. That the "n 'Jdd II .dI War-.
dens shatli aid N* o iriohi 'Wh' 're cop
sttittloonally qa11lh fitY Ve ?bonf6/nbits
ly reuditfllihe 1 (' ' uad
immendia.oly preceding their election;,and
eOe JfrdeiWt warighta freehold atherelta,
wprlji .Mleatingv,Ilupdr~t dolarti.. - Defore
etrl poA Miheue olther offies they
satiak the oathj~iarescribed by ethe Cone~
etitution of thi. Stato, and also tho'foallofr
lag oath. bo-wit : "I do eolemnly swear', or
affirm, that j*@$ Jft~ i dp rding to
vors t - d Ay 2
p oltmont--so help mel ouI~I4~
Inltendiian and Wardent shallh hold theh
fo.frotm the ime of .....:. -lot... ...til
(lhe first M ond'y In April cnsuihny, tnd intfil
Stheir ste,, ssors tall be electe-t and ei.tor
on the dischargo of their dutices.
I V. atti all free white male peorso'is
who are constitittionl.ly tailiti.2d to vote for
iiteember ofa %itor branf t h i It a t o ieg -
ishoune, and who haye been peritinetit
rosidents in tit said town for six iont Is,
immlediately previous to the election in
Which they ofWer to cist, tlir VotCs, (fnot
however, incliling trattsient boarders and
lolgers,) or who arei owtaors in their own
right of a fteUhold estatO il said town,
of which they have been legally seized for
six ttmotIs previouis to the election; accorn
pantied with act ital rosidentoc in tite townt,
(which, however, mttst be periodical or itn.
telided no to be,) for at least. three non!Iths
pievi tus to tie election, shall ha cititlett to
a v te for I iendaiit and Wardents Uf the
said town. Die Town Council shall also
be atiorizmd to prescribe, thould they at
any litne ietm it expediont, as a qu-iliticu
tion fot' vol ing fr' Ilatt1tnhuLt tand waidettS,
he0 paymtentI Or a poll 1taX, ttot exceOdiig
the sum of one dollar : jrmovided. hutceer,
l'hat the said poll tax shall not be Imposed
on those who pay any other tax to said
Town Counoil.
V. Tit in caso a vacancy should occur
u the o!Iiee of intendant, or anly of IIe
Wardens, by dealth, rosignatilto, retitoval ot'
.1therwise, or in caso of* a tit in said electi mn,
it election to fit! such vacatncy shall be beblt
by the lppol'n itent (of the intendantt 1t11
Nirdens or Iarden, as he ctse aitty be, otr
he Clerk of t ho Coutt of Fairfield District,
r Ihere should be no Intendant, or Wordets ;
en dnys publio notice being prev:ously
givetn ; aid in c.tso of'ht sitkiess or Iet.
tiorar11y ihsence of fthe Intenditat, tlie War
dans fortnitg a o.)itncil shall lie empowered
,o elect one of tite Wardins to act in his
'0' dittriig lie time.
VI. The election of the Ittendant. and
War'.ins of the said town shall be beld at
ie Town Hall or somte other convenient
public place, in tlie said townt, ot tle first
Alontlay in April of echcl antd every year,
'romt ten o'clock, a. it., until lite o'clock,
p. It i whlen the polls sha'l be closed, and
tho Maniagors shall forthiwith couit the votes,
pronlani tlie clottion, and givo notice in
writilng? to the persons elected. The ltteit
dantt and Wardea for ithe time being hall
app)itit thvee Managers to hold the etisiiig
clection, and for-. atny sibseqne'nt. electionw.
whenever thero shall not. be l at tendatit
and Wardens, or Itieudant or Warlen, it
shall be tihe dity of the (lerk oft lie Cottv. of
Fairfield Dit rict to order such election
foritwith, and appolt. three Manngers for
the same. The Maningers shall in each case,
before they open the poliO tor stich election,
take an oatI fairly and impart ially to con
diuct ithle sc ; and the Manigers of stuch
election ire hereby autliorized and empow.
cred to ti4amintist er', if they sce tt, ant oatht
to any pierson.offerin to vote, and to make
all other necessatry ilquiries for the purpose
of iscertatuiltig whelther t'luc th paortin or
pereons tire qualitied to vote under this
YN, That the Inttendlant and Wardens
duly lect ed and qtialitled, shall, dilriig
Ititr tert of set-vice, severally and respee
tively, within the limits of' tie said town, be
veiled wit h all the powors tind jurisdict.ions
ot Magistrates oft his State ; except. for the
Iriul of Sm.all and menn cautses. The .t en
I:it i1hall, as ofteni ats OCCIstiotn m1n) require,
sunmtton te Wardous to meet. him in Cout
oil, a mnljority f whom thall constitute a
quorum for the transaotion ofbusiness. The
'said Town Council shall have full power,
utnder its corporate seal, to ordain and es
tablish all sucih rules, hy-laws and ordi
nances respecting the strects, pavements,
way4, iarkets, public buildings, weigltis,
measu';itres, wells, disorderly places, tiV do
partieti, police, and In gencral every olier
by law, as shall aptpear to them requisite
fur the seeutrity, welthre and convenience of
(the said town, and for preserving health,
peace, cleanliness, order and good govern.
inet wit Itin the eane ; ind to provent thie
violation of its'orditancecs, by ordaining As
to free whites, 1nes not. to exceed fifty d1ot.
lars. and as to freo persoins of color, 'iny
4i blo ptitishment, not ext ending to life? or
mtetitbor : Provided, That no tine itbovo tIto
sim of I wenty.dollars shall be colleeted by
the said Council, except by suit in the C.)utrt
of Coitton Plens; and, provided also, Tht.
1no ot'dintance shall be repulgnat to, or' in-'
cotisistenj t Ith thte law of IhIt land ; and all
ordintances shatll be, at all tittnos, srubject, to
repeillby thte LegIslature.
VIII. The itttendatnt atnd Wardens shall
also have power to eleot or appoint Mlarshtal,
aind, If they see Ait, D)eputty Mareltal, uponi
tnoh tertts as they may deomt proper, who
shtall be duly swortn by the Int endant, and
inavosted with all the powers Constables new
have by law, andl whose rower and authori
ty shtall be confIned wvithin t ho limits of' the
a tid town, and whose idnty shall be to col
lect all fines'tad fctoettures lriiptsed by the
Initendanat. atnd W'a'r.lenta, anid to etnf'orce ntud
carry Into e;:ant tin tand eft'ect. thIo by-laws
apmd ordinattces of the said corporation. amid
whto shall be liable to bem removed. bty thto
said 'Towni ('otnnil ;nnud thet said Itntendatit
and.Wardoins, shall also hmavo power to
establish tin or'diantce, wvheneover' they sha ll
deem~ It, expedIent, 1.0 ordin andl establish
a po.120 corps or eight watcoh f'or theo said
towmn, the expenise of the same to ho provid
odl ft r out of the revonue of thte said corpo
I 'i. That the paid Town Counoil 'aball
htave powi r to emsttalish a. Ouard liouse, atid
o pr'escribe by oinntnco stuttable rules atnd
rogulitionis for k. e ittg and govertinag the
La nte, and' Ito said Tlown Coutncil nmay bty
ordihnacoo, or silil Iti na nt. and Watdonts
inIt petrson, any onte or miorecof tetm, autthor.
hec antd req'ire' ainy Marshall, IDepttty Mat'
shail er Polhice 9f0ioer, or tnay Cotnstabtlo uso
said Gutard hTanso, or utthei p'nooo ocustoidy,
to he designte~td by the Inmtenidanmt, or artea im
n 'i&oxtqddtig forty-eIght hours, rinty per'sont
otgersofts who muty be entgaged In a breach
ofjlhe phee, anty riotous or' disorderly con
<\,ugt, open obscenity, publio - dr'unkenness,
orai mutny condneit. grossly Iidecont or latn
goro94siteftho etiucils of the said town, or'
any of thetm; and' It shall beolimo dutty of
thie Tewn bMarshall, or otherin polico ofiloor,
to arrest and commit all snehl offei.nders, and
who shtalIlJ ep9gyor to call t,o their assi
lance the *~ 'A)Rt'iu,if .Weed 6o, to aid
itn makintg suchl arrests, and utpon f'ailttre of
-fr'methlu a duit diff ly us 6qdifed, they shanll
sov rally b? sbj t. sneull fiues and p~onu
auf li odol N sItiulsb;. and. til
pl ih h o't rt bpe t ath
,Zon~ toke allods way aig d f tesen
witoin t'o keepoatllts, oays and ss
g -od repar r, ami o -r that puirpose they at
i..ves.tted NVhI .0ll the ptovers ve:tied inl hi
Com InIissi'1ion1s of Itad<: nd they siatli
havo full and ox-L-1i vO power to ord r out
Jillile hanl-l.<nfow lintble. (,r hereafter nunft
liale, Iy the larws of thit 81:1 v, and to re
quire ihet) to work lhe respectivn roads,
ways tIld Sireets willil lihe liitits of saidl
corpratin, 111 111Yy 14 inl eh year, itnd(1
to ilitl t the saitte ms. ii p ltb-t s For II't
1101 perlr'uilince (Ithertot, .'s is by 11aW 'W
Infliicted by the differetill Boards of Coinist.
Siolers of i igh 1llads n111d BrJitig' s ti 1 (it
*.iepective Distriets of this Si10; and for
I lit, eglect of ittly Itherein they tilall ie
liable 1o lihe H11m11 pena11tlSt a3 are nlow iml
poted onl Comn III issioners of Roads: ProrHN.
ed, That it sint.1 not be oblignivry onm IIth
Toiw Coluncil to open illy irt Vo within fthe
liiis of ihe said towI, unlesst upon the p -
( it~ion of flhe persion a plyinog for t to same,
alleging that( lie sid sroet in nieuessatry for
his use an.1I 11mo 11inad that there is;
nto t hote direct or conlvelt 101 access for hirt
to the business part- of' hile towL, which p0
t tion shall be verified by allidavit of the ap
plicautt, an1(d ret-ctomtIIentided by at leas( I welve
of the laxablde iilhabifants of (lie sahl town.
X [ . Trho saidi'lutendant and1 Wardensq
shall have power to complltttund with ill por
a imS liable to wo ic on .il rt-ads, vays tand
Mtrtei, upon ilte pyiment of such smti of
motney as tIhey 1ly due tI fair eqittV11014
lt -relor, to be t pj'lid to Ihe tie of said
corporatiolt. A nl Ite Inm-r td-t aid Wlr.
ies t'e her tby indiiilaly exempiled from
(lt perIfortuimae 0-o:t id PaIroi duty ;
and no person r1eIisiditig Mithin tie sttidi towt
shall belibl to work on any r ind with )ft
(lie said limits, or' to be tax or assone
for thle same.'
XIII. Thiat theo powm- (o ' . : - -or
liilliard Tables, to kt(. I'-e e . . ti
Sp1irituious Liqulors, withi.1 1he lmit: 1f;e
i-tid incorporat111 ke, - 1 , e :al,a: 1 . : .1*: i . h :.
by, vested in it. Towit C'..1 d1 . i ...
boro, which licentses s4hiall be t It in i
8111110 111111 anl'1' d ujot tEo sain11e conidi1 oIls,
as they iiw tre, or ma1ty herea fter I !, u:,..
iet lie laws of th14 St aloe; and il I Imonevii
received for licenise.1, taxes. fines, exhili.
tions, &C., &C., Wi hiin the said limits, sht:1l
)e iplproprited to the publie uses of suid
XI V. ThaLt all lities and forfeitures in
posed by said Town Coui..il, uider the
power vesttd by law, shall be collteted by
Fie.ri /sicias, or it' th-t be relturna), lts
blona, by Capias ad Srli*1fiirndumIn, umier nitd
by virtue or which the pers!on so fitned shall
bu committed to the jail of Fairfield Dis.
trict, and confined there under tht custody
of tihe sherif, utI ilIIe fino and11 all costs
11111 be pail, or- th1 perso di soharged,
wvhitc' maiy be offected by sObedulo and as.
signmnt, accor-ling ho the provisions of the
Prison llotnds Acl, and laws amendatory
thereof, except tht. live days ntieltc shall be
stlivinit to be s3rved persoal111lY on the In
tendant or any one of thn Wardens. Teito
I ime being, aind lawfutl his deputies, ie. arl
they tire iereby autthorized to executo the
ir-ocess of the sidl Cuttncil of Winnsboro,
as by law ithe maribal of said corf'raioti
might or Should now do, having tie sitie
privileges. powers and eioluilnetts9, tind
subject, to (th sile dlies and penalties as
theroin provided : AlJ'roided, Thait ill nulla
bonia costs incident oil iny execution issning
from said Town Counicil, aud dircol ed to the
stid sherif, shall bo paid by said Town
XV. That hlie said Town Council of
Winasboro shall iavo power to impose for
the uses of the said corporation, the follow
ing attual taxes : On all rei estate within
tihe said limits, except tihat held for rell
gious or charitable ptirposes, a tax not ex
e.:diug one-quarter of one per cent ; on all
sales of merchandize, and incomo arising
from factorage, factietics and professions,
except ilie salaries of clergymon of all ro
ligious denominations, a tax not, exceeding
one-eighth of one por cntI ; on aill whel
carriages kept for hire, a sum not, exceed.
ing five dollars each; on all itinerant tra
ders, It ax not Oxceedinlg tweity -ivo dol
lirs; on ehelt free person of color, other
than mechaiiti, not exceeding two dollars
on all free oolored teuliaiios, not, exceediig
live dollars aeaol. Also, to pre.scribo and
fix 1th Iax nill till shows and exhibitions
withia iite limits of slid corl)oraition, and
tho said Town Cotincil shall liitve power to
entfoirce the im:tyiet, of' all faxos and~ tisses
tulents leviudl tuntdr authority of tis Act.,
agatinst tho pr'oper'ly andit persotns of till deo
fauttltrs, ho thle same extetl, tand int lie
samefl mtanner, as is pr'ovitded f'or bty law f'or
thie colleci ion of (the general State lax ; ex
aept, that excutionts nity be dir'ected eithier
to thie sheriff or (lie (own tmarehal, or olthor
person ospeclilly appoInted by CouncIl to
o dlect tht sanmo.
XVI. And (tho said Toewn Connelil shall be
author'ized to borrtow money for edutctional
anid corporte uses01 only, uand to assess eacht
of the cor'porato s t in animount not. Oeced
ing Lwelvd'per' cet on is corporation~ tax,
Itit aid i the paymeoit of tho principid anid
inte resh. of h he saitd tebh: J'roa'ided, Thiat
(the funded debt of theo towin shall, at, no
one imo, e'xceed (ho sum of Ihtree fthous~and
dlollairs ; and provkled, also, That, 110 loan
shall be Cotsnsmahed wihot tho prevloons
concurrence of th vo~t er of the saId town,
to be ascertailned throntgh the mtedittn of the
hatliot, box, after ion days public ntice,
as is pr'ovltded for in thie case of elections
for Infendatnt and Wartdens.
XVI[L flal the chiarter of the Town of
Wltnnsbor'o, passaed on the nineteenllth day of
Doomabter, itt the ytear of outr Lord, .one
thlousanild eight, lhndred atnd forty-eight,
and all Acts amitndatoiry thereof, as well nts
all otherts r'epugnantl ttis Act, be and thet
same ate htereby repealed, antd titat thts Act
shall be0 deemedt and taken Io be a Pubile
Ael, tantd shall contittue in force fort' (winty
lit thIt Senafe Il'onse, the ninA' st7h lday at
D~ecembelti', it thdo year if tur [ad e;
thousand oighat htundred and :'ix ly-six.
Presidet of thet Setet~t.
'ChrAll iS II. 'IMhONTrON,
Speaker Ii insc of itepresentatilven.
A pproved D.ec. h0, 1800: JAMEB L. Oan,
G overnor.
TO) Th I' PB.IOATioN 0oY LEGAL~ ki0,
I. Ba it enacted b~y tho Senate and
House of Rtepreaontatives, now met asad
si~ting in Genteral Assem >ly, nid by' tht
atfitoty of the sanin, VTat in ovory
Cese ill which,, by existing or 'fltt're
ladv; a publication Is~ pro vided to bc
mtade in a newspaper or gazette prin~ed
In the District, iLl/shallbe intonded thi t
sind spftptiff~I l Q'att a
oflistI&efr such Di t ;Ad ff a
mnses in which no newspaper' is pulblistlet
at. the h"Seat. of Justic" 'in any Diatricts
lilt pulieations sall bo mnade as now by
law provided, wilon Ito newspaper is
published in tho District.
A pporoved December 1.1, 1866: J.u%).s
1J. oQu, (Overnor.
I. Be it enidel by the S -nate an.1
I [ons of -prosentalt.ives. 1mow met an1l
sitting in General Assembly, and by
tle aithority of the saine, Thiat in al
cas'.-s of appeal in Law or E'1ity. in
which ait appiilbot al leges colns it itiiinal
(fi.. ;lion:% are involvedi, he s'halI file Ihe
brief of his ca.e, havin 'g iniorsed th.re- I
ol "Consttiil qinuetion involviii,"
Sigined I y appellait's attorney wih lie
('lrk of lilt Court, of A ppeals, not, lter
tian the first day of tiio sitting of the
Court, of A ppeais. succeeding tIe hear.
inp, I rial, order, deerce, judgment, or ad
jilication in the Court below ; an .1lno
Ippellot who shall fail to fiL - his briefI,
as above directed, shall be antilth.d to
1 lie examination of the anmie rs provided
fOr in lhe secontd section of thisi Act,
'r.idal, the report of the Cireimt Jhuge
-liall !,av. been givei to the appellant
or a pplant's attorne t, one week before
the ,itlinl of the Court of A pieals.
If. Th t the Judges of the Court
of A ppceaI, shall examine the briefs tius
hikld, and all cases whic, inl their jln.
iienit, mvlve constititional qiuesteionii,
shll, miiier their direetion, hei eeru
f.r Iearing by the Court. of IErrors,
upoi a seperate docket, for this Court, to
h0 mado tip by lit second Mond.ty after
the imeetiig of the Court of A ppods, all.
each regular sitting thereof: Provaled,
that. thisz enamenti shall not be constru.
ed to limit, or restrain the power now
possssd by the Court of A ppeals to
order cases to the Court, of Xleiors.
A pproved December 2'.1, 136G
J Aii1J. C a, Governor.
I. Be it enacteil by the Senato anid
H~olme of Representatives, now met mid
siLing in General Assembly. and by
the tiwhotiiy of the same, That when
any person or persons have gone, or
shall hereafter go, into po3se.:iio ray
land or tenomems of another, either as a
teialt at w ill, Or under a contr.
b u I I vu , iMUI, t**I uit t3 it ,uunIURmeum ser
vant, or couiiiion laborer, or otherwise,
and shludl refuse or neglect to quiit the
premise, s) occpied, when required
by the person letting tile siaime, or upan
Lite termination of tho contract., ither by
its own limitntion or from aniy other
cause, it shall be lawful fo.r lie person
ltting the premi,es to apply to aniy
Magistrate, whose duty it. shall be to
have a notice sorved upon the person or
persons so refumng to quit, to how Cauise
before him, at the expiration oftLen days
from the personal ervice of sich nytice,
why lhe should not bo ejected, and if no
supicient canso be then shown, it shall
be the duty of tio Magisirae fortlwid
to issue his warrant, directed to the
Sheriff or alny Constable, requiring him,
without delay, to eject ally such person
or persons Irom the premises so let, and
authorizing him to use such forco 0s
may bo necessary.
IH. 'iat the Magistrate shall b
entitled Lo doema nil and receive from the
person applying for such warrant, a feo
of five dollars before issuing, and tIlw
Sheriff or Constable shall, in like main
nier, be entit led to deand antd receive'
from such aipplicanit a fee of five dollars
andii usualt imiloiigo beforo executing such
Approved December 10th, 1860:
JAm:8 L. Onn, Governor.
Ba it enactedby the Sonaite and flouse
of Represenitativ es of thle State of Monthi
Caroina, now met and sitting in GJono
ral Assembhly, and1( by the author ity-of
of the same, T1hat a copy of'aniy admtin
istration b~ond, gnardia nshuip bond. con
stale's5 bunmd, bond of' a truustee, or botnd
of 'the commnittee of . a lunatic, end allI
othier mnHIrtumenits in writmng, which by
law arc requisite, or permitted to bo in
writing, and kept, iln a pubhlic office, cor
tified by the oflicer having theo custody
of' thet Samel,'shall be admitted in evi.
deneco in alny of the Couarts of this State,
on i iity day preoviousl notice of the in
tOentionl to olirt such copy beiing givenl to
the party ngainst whomi it, is to be offer
oid, or his or her attorney.
A pproved December 12, 1360 ! JAx~s
[L. Oinn, Goveroor.
A Oouple of Walkera in tho Sowors of Neow
Yr-"Pay Dirt," Struck Heavily-i
Diamonds by tho DBshol.
Sevoral years aigo at littlei Ge'rmanlf
,Jew, naroed Schwartz, believing fiat, ini
he sewers of Now York might tao frond
mianty art icl.s of value whicih hand been~
lost, entered thorn, anud for three days
wvande'red through the labyrinth. H~e
w~a~s very snccessful, plieking uip sonme
27,000 worth. ofje wolry, sp)oons, forks
Ac.; but, hany~ng 1ost his way the fGrst
day, he believe4~ ,thatlbo might have
fonn stiuch rnore pould lie hove carrieti
o't the ori inaf plan, which wvas to visit
Fiftli ah( adisen a ~oes, Biroadway,.
and the wiath'y ordlo) of' the city,
suld dan~gers winhih heo encounitered, thati
notinig coul tidT'4'ffjr Aain to visit
's'ation, btut there were nlone venituronts
nonubl t.o atnjn a seconid until Weid
nesday of last we-k, when 11n .0 ven- .
rins party (if three entored the sewer of
of Hons'on street at the ierry oil I'st,
river, initenling to rem.1in for one wek
ditrmg wlch timne they proposed VisiLilg
every portion of' tihe city whoro there
setmed to be any chaneo of findimg treas.
or, trove. Tho party consiswd of Mi1is
Mary \Valker, a young lady ofeighteen;
her brother JaIllms, ag"ed Sixt.n ; and
Mieha.l Grady, an old man of about
fifty. The project originated with Mims
Walkor, and tihe "how" of it, is it inl Lhis
wise : Suo two years ago Jaimeos
Wl.ker, Jr., was a m,rihant d"ing a
good bu:iiesl at 99.1 Dowerv. He was
getling ricl flat, bit in tni evil hour h11
was previdled up. im by friends(?) to u1s(
soino of his ilolley w iichi had been
.slited down" inl specutt ing in. gold.
'ht result was easy to be foruseeii. I lo
lost. To recover, he took money frot
his business, Again he lost. Ilis business
tbecane embarrassed t itn dospair he com
mitted suicido, and Miss Walker and
her brother found themstlves six months
ago, the inhabitant~s of a room on tho
uipper fluor of a double teneinent, No,
209 Sixth street.' Miss Walker, some
montlis ngo, in an old paper, wrappud
around a parcel which she was talig
from a "slop lop," saw anl necont of
S "ehiwirtz's uiidertaking, and resolved to
imitate it. MIN at were o!tained, an d
the city sltilied Carefilly. erulh n v's
work fo0r herself, her brother, iad Grail ,
who was formerly inl her flLIth's employ
was ciarefilly nairked nit. Every pre.
h:rtntioin whielh limited knowledgo could
iliplo was mainde, and tle ldroit: ureis
Started. I wish that, I Imiight have rootm
to tell the atory of the weelk they pilssedl,
bt my tunannlsetipt wains me t1hal. I
mlist, coll(letnso Enach (lly they ruitd-..
roused several tites in tho clinnbers lit
te street corners. Oi Smud'ly t hey had
flled all the bngs they had taken w-iiIt
them, some fifteei inl nmiber, and Miss
Walker returnied. Jamies Walker and
indv contin tuted their search, em pty ing
;ix of their hags at the corner of T'we'I
y-seconid street and 1'lth aventie. On
Wednsiday morning at, a very enrly
10111, aild ielore peoplo weru stirril,
Mliss Walker wA t, the placo with a
vingon. Oi removing the irit plate,
wviih it each street cornr leads into it
c wiil th sew
ly. 1Io had startd off on another trip,
Ithouighi the six ba gs !had been illed in
aladison avenue. 'T1heo lomso treauiro
was placed in e.tra bags adl the whole I
Iriven. to n adway jewehvr's. Thiet
et was tialk11 troum lilt places oil T'hurtt1s
Ily loriling. A watch wa set, for
?rnslv, bit up to to this time of writing
ithling has been heard from him, and it
*s feared tlat 1he has p.-rished. The rh -
mth of the wvek's search is roughmly esti
Inted at $1,500,000. I saw the trets
airo yestorday, piled inl tircc heapsli8 oil
Ah floor, and tle jmoweller informed m
Lhat it must, have cost over $3.000,000,
but itn Consei neneitC of the old fishmionedl
style of setting, its bruised, bat-tered
and corroded condition, its valne
was reduced ahout onie-hllf. A little
over a buihel (ho1W q(lc-er it souni1ds to
talk ofjswvelry by tilo bus e) has
beent sorted, and anoniig it has been fouid
one diamond ring valhied at $16,000.
two mor valutied at. 5,000 amd a li1 doz.
en valued at $30,000 ail upward. Tho
most curious is a plain gold ring. inscri b.
ed on tle inside in Dutch, "Peter Stuy
vosattl. wifu." It is I heir-looIm of
the S3t.nyvesnts~', and was stolen~ withi
othierjewelry, last Marchl by burgliirs.
flow it cante inito tile sewer is a plroblm
for plhilosiophers to spectulats abott.
Miss Walkor andi htr brother, who finid
ig thiemsolv'es thius lifted froms ponatry
to great. wealth, intenid to progeed to
Fltglanid, where they have relatives.
Thlis adv-entu re is timlked of overy where,
an' alroady theare aro othiors pro'priing
to fo'llowv int their foot4to.-i-New York
Cor. Chicago Disyt,a,
Letter from Mr-, David Diokson on Oom
mnorolal Manures,
Mr. David Dickson of Spata.lh as favontd
us *th a let ter for pubtieatlon its the &unt/a
crn Cultivgtor, in whIch Ite reples to varIous
'etters of' tnqtuiry, roocivod fromt all qttar
trs, tupon ag rtonsitur-al topios.
.Emtusu Isouruits! (3UI/rsraTRn:---Fer
tiliser's shtould be pgtrohnsed as ntear first,
hands as po.oalble. for many reasons, Ouch
as Ihtoso: 'Te plahler shiould ake ljepro.
it. hhnmslf; lie gets the mlanure more putre',
as well as much ceiapor; anid If we (1o not
putrauo l)'ts coutrs, as money Is abundiant.
North, all manutres wvIll be bought tip as
soon as lasnded, shipped S6th and sold at.
high rates. I will gi vo you. an Iustance.
Lnst seasont, Pernlvtul (Iitano was worth in
Now York anid Blstimord (1the only platoa
Iritedt ito,) slxty (dollars Ih g91.d, pier
tont of 2,9 10 lbjs. Goldt wasm wortlh 128f to
130 Is groo'li-baok9. it. was bioughmt mip by
trodoers, andi st. to Atngist, antd sohi
there for $1180 in giceen-backi, for only
2,0(00 lbs; Make yotA. own' calcalmatIons ni
to the profit. .
I ass naked oft.en, what kinds of. piangrg'
to purc'hnte, as wellt as at, whbI micnt ? As
i'de no',Vt*ih to not, against anya person'd
Interes, I will simaply gIve, ny gxpgriope
Pornvlin uans), and a in d called Columb
an Uugnlh, idro lh*e only kInds thate have 61et
pah ti s y ~a,
Whetni ~ ea ioeepj. sevenat year's since,
and fubll dilsh thle B~akt keerde/, t
usoedo)f k'erhaviprand thte otbor Colutas,
bIAn~ Ghko 'wh hb was a mlneral Ooang, t
ahter-ed this ote be*t grvhstIons
haddmn yeas-% rfor~
some of the phiosphalo Gnanos boyesonid
Considerablo valuiq; but th Jare e1lUt~x
higkhtopay ifs tbhikIde at'1 6r
saltest aFrt onI.aspalI, ,og t~a ik
ron Wish, and test them con the .own toer
You will and some GLuansos advortised as
permanct maiores. I want to avoid th:
kind, for I think thait it i true, of some (
then at le.t, int wien I use 111011 r
Crops <i1) Iot remove them. I profer i,
k i td I hat w ill colno to see me1 t lie first. yew
and bring a largo inerest, In thie fN1a
cotton, Corni, 'whet, &c.
Til t'ue system In uitinuring, is to gq
tlio manuiro back tle firatyear, with a livin
. 't'otit, ait rapidlly to unpro)ve theC soil up I
its origitial capaitiy, nnod cau'ry it beyon
that in tlie saino ratio as tile increase. IV
are only teiants at will, and have no righ
to use tie soil in a way to lstroy its on
pacity to waintain tle present population
antl its fiture increase When Ilie peopt
1nitr *st and I lie (iffePrCn1o in lin acr-O of I114
tit will produce 100 lbs. and one thot wil
pt-o~luce 590 lbs. ol lint. cotton-that, thi
ilerence exists in tile prienlt vale of enel
Iof those two neres of lamd, we tlien wil
begin to improve our farms.
As to plotghitig and cult iviing, I onlj
!iAvo time to say now, plow from 8 to 1i
ichen locp, and sub-oil every fourth year
or better stab-solt one fourth every yenv
Then oultivate sinooth, level, and shallov
Ihe Inst plowing-not more thau one-hal
inch in depth.
Tilo great inquiry is, on what kind of lant
to use Uano and oither couinercial ia
nulres. I wly 11s0 It oil all lants you plov
or ettitivate-or everywhero, except in I
hole of waler, or on a i-ock.
Tilo treatment oftho various kinlds 01
RoIl does Io(. vtry so uatitct as we niighil
suppose. Extrenu;I nre likely to lieet
First Itest your lands. Let a sandly sol
re.st. for Iiho following reasons : to aeumu,
lte vegetahle ImlouhlI ; to trn0 (to 81at]
dirk ; roecive 1he heat, and prevent refloc.
(;ol anw<l burning whiat ik itovo groitii:
hol a tnlforin Ient ; fanten (lie prarticles 01
sald ogeilher, so as to receive nd hold thie
willer; all of which are Imporlant, besides
the increnpe of its flortility. On Ole ollior
hitid, rust a Olay $oil, to aOOutmulate vego.
table motld ; to darken tive soil, as In tie
other case; to oplen thi particles of clay,
that it nty receive tile rain, let in air, light,
gases, retain uionirm leat tind moliture,
besies incre sig its fertillzing qi itic
tin concltsion, t le mnatinre T now iso in
pure ditsolved' bones, lanid ,ilastor nod slt,
crowinetl with thant best of nll imaires, Pe
1-inn1 (110an1. Purchase tie plire artiole,
an' do yotr own viiing. Foe one acre
Pernvian (uane 10 lbs.
*Dissolved bones 100
Stall- 100 -4
Land l'lasier 66 8
All well mixed, anl when you Iny cff for
cot toll open at least 8 lWiohes, nnl dilposit
lie manure along the furrow, and bell as
istial. For corn, open 8 Inches, drop the
manur in hilis feet apart, lrop ile corn
witin ilire or for1 inobo1 f01 tlhl -niainuire
deep. Let it statlf'- 6FU WoukS'Wiiout
very respectfully,
*Super plhosphi witlout admixture of
dit-E.SO. CULTr.
A N-w Astronomioal Theory.
M1. Tri.x, niuthor of the "Origin o1
the Trnusformatiol of l," hitas I(] ad
dree.Jt 1 apapr to Ile Frelich AcatdImy
of Sciences, ill which lie aitvs that Now
L4on's sysem lwichI does nut explaml the1
C1111so of tile moion of henvenly bodies,
and wlhichj, moreover, only estnblishes
anl, intols.isteit eqihbriuil, is not. sui
cient to a0aonnt. for the mnny pertuiba
Ilons Which iii inelue I luse bodies, and
that. Conisegnetoilly som pinciplo mllI
bo sought after tha11t will give contat
egniiiibritum. This principlo the th1O
fiids inl tle antagolisti of eitand cold.
The rmner exp)id, melt, tratsfornm
into va p6r, 'i d t.lrefore repl ; Ihm
lat er condenies, ;olidifies, cnit nits, aind
thereforu Should be conisidered the force
(of ati.rct ion. )UppOA, low, two blin
venily budies to be acciduia.lly blotughi
toge'thler. Considering themn in nn
inlcndecent stj(ae ti -y must repuel 'iich
o her in proportioni to thme intensity o
thei r hent ; hut at t hesame)0I time tin
alt tracthion of their mass!Oes9 wyil cotunter
act iho forco of roptulsionl to a certii
oxtent, theo distanco of thi two. bcdie
frotn elioh ot.her will 1b0 detertijined by
the differenco of thiese two forces; it
other wordls,these twvo bodies rowin nl
such a disitanco that I i force of repul
$101n, or bei.tt. andi' I le forcel cif. attrac
lion, will exac1tly bail.nice cat ih oilher.
I lo adds: "Iiet, tilo two boilies bc
molitioiiht'si, that is, tliinfhiced~t by n ii
I'ne of rotuttion rotml teir axces ; it
thant Case the two sides thbat, ar0 turniet
away from ueh othwr are pueesarilj
cooler tilhan those which siind fico 1.
face, beeinuso te firmer rodh:.te tIhe'
hetit pace, .while thle latter ori
conlstanlly exchlangintg cnforge rays Witl
each other. I hence the. tendency t
repullsi 31n in . th o tr, an.l the contLrar
ini the former. Theli conlsiequenett' ia thi
the slightest forco heitig a pplietl sutfliein
to brenk the eqnilibriun a ro'ttary ao
tion1 will bet commia~te ~to oneh10 of lih
bodies, in order to. bring thio\o hiomi,
phleros fact to face that hityp a tenuio
att rach ('eh other. Now, htism tiO'j
onaco begun; *ill conitinuo eignally, n
thiu, though the' mnar dvgueh'y of hiei
and od t wglu ofV.0 l.t) m1ost rumarkitbi
astroili)iiah henIOme1tm (T aretecQnnte
constanit distanceobtween' fblo planets,
R t:P'isAL (1F GEnoRM IJ e T
i ain,0eorgia 4ny'ui forejgnqrghii
frivilegg~ 1f hob 'pg siga& hi~Ve bR
era from conveyngraailegIAt'ontil afte
they have been -nturaliz'ed, and als
their land anmd qteees shaldl not, di
_ 0
Youd~or tla# p
don4t die
- Peace in Europe.
The fLondon 'liee, in a lal oisme
o speaking or the war cloud that is slowly
' covcrinIe the Eastern horizon anys
Shoid, however, the contingency
Si onr opinion as yet remote, but daily
becoling less, improbable-of an opein
collision between Turkey and Grecca
be realized, it i~i far ftom certain that it
would at once bring the rest or 10urope
within its scopo. There is io power m
this part of the wor ld, as we have often
o asserted, propared at a moment's notico
to ince the "Fnastrn qusition." Tho
remmlt of the Crimean war put ani end to
nil alliances, broke lp) all possiblo coin
binalions, and gnve ri.o 'to that isola tion
ofevery State which tie wars of Italy
I and Germniy snbsequnotily brought
inlo full. evidence. Shonld the war
with which we nre 1-w threatened ac
tunly break out, I .' and 'Germnny
might find it ne 1,11, ls:iia tilifi
decim it expedleli, 10r S01110 time at
least, InerelY to luo on. The real in.
terests of lIs8sia.. i. less thia her pre.
sent social nmd (m:minl.iI conditions,
would set II to ndvio a temiporizitng
policy ; for the Christinns of' Turkev,
she thinks, are winning her battles whilo
fighting theirown. France and Prussin,
are watching one ainother on the Rhine,
and lie a long way from the Danube.
Austria, whose aime should be eastward,
has nteither a lionte nor a foreign policy ;
she has neiter a sovereenm, nor a sattus.
ma1ni, nor a people. Shouild P1hn be fril
to her destinies, she unight, wrlmps, still
find in the Germai cle- witim her
emnpire, and in her allianc with Prtussia
and United German y, th mnins of
mlalkking up in the 1E.t !' , her losses im
ihe West. As it i:, however, Von
Benst and th Magtyars are morn likely
to involve her in hIlie doinfall of th
Ottonan IEmpire than to i-imblo her to
share its fragments. The mere attempi,
at an alliance wit.h Prance would entail
lir ruin, for it woiid, as if by main
force, throw Prussia into the irms of
ltussial, win the Upper Danube for iho
former, and leave tho lower at the mer.
ey of the Caar, or of a Lengue of Ron
mannian, Serviani, and other Princis, his
deplendents. As to E'lngland, wit 1xrnst,
she would be the hst to join in the
mece. Faiitlifil to our convictions int.
re'gnrd it, we should, for our own part.,
be most wIllinig to let. events take thiir
own cour.s; ail tabbongh we have ns
yet no great fitith either inl Greeks or
in Romi uns, or in liy other of the rnces
once si I ject, to 11e- Pol -, we could w i6 1
nohiin hIettter thm thiit they aloiie
should win what ithe Porto mu;1nst hoAw,
and that Lhey shulld so grow il at rengIT h,
in wisdomi and in union, as. o be able to
hold their own against all comners.
Po.IIcA. 1JUnO.-Inl two impor
tant decisions which iavo recently
beoin pronoitimleed by the Supremo
Court of time United States, the fact
has beoon painfuilly appirent t iat a por
tion of thne membn4ers ofthat augut
tribunal ire controllod by politieil
considerations r'ather thin by a sense
of justico.
i'rior to his elevation to the high
office Which he now holds, Ch iof Jun
tico Chase wats thle most rical and
insc'rupulouis partisan in the Northern
States. Some of his prodocessors on
the bench were eually violuit as
pohitioinns before they were clothed
with the ormine, but speedily boenmon
conmsorvnitivo, and adinhkrto~red jt:
tice with: strict imipartiality. T'his,
however, is not the ease with Judge
Chase, who, uponl every quest ion of
Importance, seems able to culis6 a
formldablo nilnority of the Court upon
the side of the Rladical pazrty. Look
ing to this condition of things, tindt
the ago of the sev'eral memnbcrs of the
Court, we canniot expect that body to
be very long a break-water against tho
violene of our onomies.-RichnmI
I low To PIuxxxxT Coi.i, 1"2xx.-Cohl
feeot are a nuiance-i-tey arc inconve
niiett And decided ly iieomforta ',.'
Ladies, woudrtnaefregnenly
presume that so long .a they insist up y
wearng hin hoe an ibi':, aid ve
smiahl boots, espeially Goinig I ho witer
weatiher. just. so lonug w ill Ihey be ttohii'
lodt as above'. A young Idy' tip towir
hans killy furnished us with a rcipp,
which sho has. ied and knows. t4 Lo
e irectite, that will keep feet warm1, and
we give it withont, hmoweter, rec6m
menling its general 19. Sh.et 3f,44
Sam troubled with' coltl fnete ltat bian'a.
Sago tg kopIp, them warm by lying itebod
e- qry inarTi1~mnguti af emr mym Ii'Ir by
builh a rous;ng~ fire and prprd t>reak.
fast. Imhien get up, pinmce myf eet6 (il hiu
front. of L.he awlov, uiat my mmtinhg flAh
rteadvthe niewi, and after' warmingeom
a flappelg and; Wrapp~ing thntghgtoni
.'loot' (de,' lot urni to bed, wl9g' *JF
uni thfdh nearlyno. re e n
every twenyedh~bit;h Pmmhrmf~ l'
a comfortablo., I Tiill hal give
o It la'bstitiei thA fo~lflIbilt tnt
or bo nean, oeer #s
I M~tods e

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