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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, February 13, 1867, Image 1

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IDesportes, Williams & Co., Proprietors.] A Family Paper, Devoted to Sciencee, Inquiy, Industry and LitoratUre lr'-$.Opr nuI dauo
VOL. 1.1 . ~WINNS 'BORO, S. C., FEBIUJAR 13S_ 7 NO 4
VO~ io (A -I G I
18 l'Ui.IS1tD wVIKLY BY
Ternse.-Tug lIInArI.n is Ilublishe.01 WeekIn
ly in the Town of Witnboro, at $3.00 in
wareably it odvance.
Wi-' All transient ativetiseunnls to be
paid in adanno.
Obitnary Notlces and Tributes $1.01) per
s qukro.
Selected Poetry,
Through a forest soor and sober, in ihe gl,)i.
en clad October.
Autumn whids wore- sofily sighing, Sumnitier
lofts'~ falling, flying,
Dying, dyling everywherr.
I was waniderinir. slowly walking. I was woo
ing, 10w ty 'Np
Ah, It seems be t -' lately, with a mai.
en. t al l antd ." 1 y ,1
With a iniien fro- an.i r.r.
Iow she lhgzred n- - z! I ors .nl iid'her
oyes Willi ., io e lr9 -1; .
All her br. w ain momM- o ln ~
words so gellly gltshiig,
Take me1, love fine. . lmth111 llll.
Ah ! 1h1se words were whisper'ed lowly, all!
1111 1 tilt vow, i M-'e)l i'II So htoly,
Falling sweetly, rallhing falltly, AS I vesper
psa 1n- so inin Ilyx,
As a psalnody divine.
C'ime then sickness, ant in nng,tish thny by
lalv'lI walched her inntlgotish -
Wathe l hier waiting, watcel4 hier was-ting;i
Oit! tie ago y ot' 1t:1 ing
Thoseq ml umtlots or do-spair.
Vxhu were all tie irts of healing, blight was
o'er inr beauty stealing,
Vatin our wailing, vin o'ur weeping, cruel
dtialbi cnme orceping, creeping,
Caring not Ihat. shel was tah-.
After ono. long night. of sorrow, ore tie
tirwning of ite rm row, -
Fron the litainr dimly burning, gentily to
Lite ma-tiden tn11111ng
something wlisporl Ihe Is del..
Doubting, fevring, still uncertain. dreading
yet. to lift, 1he curAlin,
Something scmed to hover'ronnt lice, an.
gels then I kne w hail found her,
Kne1W I then11 h0e sol had fled.
Fron hler colt embraen tiey t nror m. ruc
her lifelo-w t'fornt they ho.ro nite,
But our votl- yib coull not. sever ; we shall
meet again tisAlver
Aye. forver hand in kInL.
The is tilowing, I ilieo is ti .n w , 'er I or
grave the grass is grow ing.
Watveq lite willow o'er her wtepilng, but her
Ritiiteil noll Is elenfitiig
Swoeely inl thle .4pirit. lans'l
The Slar of D~diny.
When a few cent.lries shiall have
thrown iilr thadmws uipon ilh, sitog
fortiie.s of Npul'ot, andl(] given to every
thing aot liti tIhel tinge of romance,
thm storv of his first vi Il will .eolem to
the stud'nLit; ther a fahl thatn a l-t.
lie will look uipon bor as w, eI loo'
upon Mary of Scot.lnli, bto wi-h I deei.
or inlort ; for she, far more truly than
her lord, was, from first to last. ''t.le Child
of destinly."
'T'old, while yet umarieid, 1.hni she
molid bo a wife, wilo.v, and I.ben Q-ten
of l'rnce- thu elntire flilment of the
first part of the' prophecy gave h.r cmir,
Age to belienve ill the lAst. part. asto wihen
under sittlice of dentih. W hen')I her
ed WAS l lkeh 10i 1 from1 her, bf-lan:se se(
wns to diti.it) the- morting, site tiohl her
weepl)ing frierids tIVt it was not. so, t1hatt
rho should yet sit. ttpon that thronle 0on
tho ruii of whtiich Rohespierri- .then
atood1 triumllphant ; an~d w hnut ns'ked iln
mrockery to choose hecr inttids (f~ hornor
pinco she was to be queten, she1 did~ chIoSo
thiem, and1 theyv wero i.'r mulidAi of hoitor
wlumt kntlif olf tu:1ropet ilokedl up)t -loher.
On that, night, wvhich wasn to ha0ve oe
1).-r inst on-ecart h, R~obepierro f,-lb; Hud
ho1) ftllen a fle dava enmrhetr blmr tir-t hllas
ut ne daly latehr, - Josphmto hw.4 if
would have been amrong the ten thlons
anstd victimts, whose namel~ls 'o iwe hve nev
ed henrd., l1ut, ho fell on that- night,
and4 her dentov wvas accomplied'
She marrienl Naplueon, itnd t hrouigh
her1 andi as har anshnnd, he wt a Iappoin:
the airmy of Itaily: ste'p by step
vy rose, till at tlst theo crowVA reat.,d on1
he~r head. T.ho~ ROconld' part of1 the
prophcy was prov'd tue, andlaho' he
ga to LI)k. forwar li 'h.t loss4 of58(1 pow..
atd1 wich IIwas tQ cIlow the. at rn nye't dralnin
of her lift.
tt)n9 gr1'c every daiy mhorn 0trog an~d
mlorp.4 g#aulpin~. TIn,tin~did Jo~sephinie
attetmpt to rulo hmis amubitai andu chlast'n
hjis aims * het wats an1 empe~ror, he4 wti'hedt
4dibunld an emupire,. and b5y alowv degree's
ho made himself faiiar witht tho
thonght of pulttng her a way. .
Wheon the1 compntign of I1A09 was at
. tti endl, hnrdened and nnnsowe'd, lt gen,.
cruaQl cam bunck to0 ba w'ife; his foraper
- kitidn'as was gono, his playfuln1e was~
I. 'chneignu),he contiititedl he'r butt aeldomi,
a'ad kOhttoI stoln upton heer privata honra
. . ith tat-f~miliar loJve that .hadl soofe
muide her heoart- leap, She sawv that her
bdinri dvler Ahig.'
It, was the evguing.of jlhe 20the of NIo,
vembor, the (Court were at Paris ini hon
or .ofthe.King .(If 5aXnnyy.s Josejphino
eat at her window looking doein upron
the rive..andu musingnl thdark fate
ste at ht'r doe Shet h prafg io-opaln it,
using her uidad exedAnition, 'man ai' /
ire embiraced her so aQ0'etionaately thnI
for Ami intatall hi1Ier - (ears'6att WOes
84'Oritet 'aill, Shsue4.;him to a eheir,
pinesil herstelt at-it. feeut, andi tw6kinug
tup into biw faco, stulleul through he~r
"Av you iliippy, Josephiti," said
Ohe emlperor.
"'Not with vou, zii."I
'-BithI !" -aAd hll <pdt kly. "Why% enl)
meI Si re'? Theso Shows o!, 'Att, ktel (.I)II
twrne jiy from uIs."
"ThJ n \ by seek them ?" at n'er.t
Thv emperor mnds no reply. *You
are ito he first of men," sll- contliltinuet
"Why l not giot war, to-n ambmition mt
of your cmIi. l, bInd y r I hougIts oi
Il'th 001 g 0d1f*ane live( at home among01if
thoset tI t lovt vot ?"
''J u)sph~tin5."sa'id ll', i:0 ng liis flef
froml hi-i, "It. is no1)1 1, it is Fnance do
inatsils the sarificv."
"A r- you sur olI Ihat, Imy'ord ?" fid
his wi t. "i ave oIu pitrohed yorilholle 11rt
pt~mii -you ~ to seek reson. fr riepudi.
ating meV ?-flsr, think nti, N a iolon. I
misiderst nd you; are you sure it, is
th love of Fralne ?" '
E verv word that slhe' spoko tste el0d
him to I he qtick ; nil rising histily, he
ieplied, N MIati hn, I ha ve my reaseons
"Silly,r ahl f' inh oh11 of
his arti, "\e t n-t p-a-t m unter
illIhn t. Since, vol S .I bmil.
Cl I'P rfl Ly . I- is1 1ot myl 11ature1" to Ill
poe Your vill, I love yo'u tIo:) doeply.
Nu'r siall I vce:. to love yot, N;.tImoi
ica se. I Im to leave' voir thronte al
y donr se. If yot still "o .'t victorioni
I sh-li joice wo-h you;; if roverm- come
I v In 1:1v downiit mi hfeit Lo coil'rt von.
I w ill ,n1ay for yoii morning anl nighI,
and b, Ite ho--pi that somili-nes von
will Ihink! .)I me."
Slbind* as hle wiva, Naporleoti had
loved hitj wilfe.die'ply and log. antId ier
sibimiission to hit stern re olve--Iieir
keln love, moved even him ; atid for a
mliil t a f--e ion; st ruggled with :in bi.
I ii. I'v tiiried to ytribrict' iir .giin.
1111t ill-linit mnonml, he'r face and formn
htut ehianged. I Ler ey' was lit, wat a
fir like, t What of insano.y, and Ie whole
person seemed ins~piiid. Ibe felt. him
self it II p'.r.eencf a snp'rir bWig.
Se I' himl)It, t h Wiidow Indl tw it
0open. A I b ilt mi L rest-.- I pi m : hi !! if neiiIf
ntd uver the gardenn of 1he pInleo-01!
aRD""m was siliit ; nang tI h-q Tir i en
hifere t.hcm. onei, wVns far ibrigiter th:10
! - -te 1 .oint --l i1 it.
' - r . she said, 'Ilat ita:r is
m. 1.: 1a ::-1 not lto voorS was prom
isd sln ;r : r o-uhiti-'Ii lilt, a hom
mly destinh-es you have risenl ; pairt ro
mo and you 1:11. The 'sirit of i'hvr tiiat
fort-saw my rise to royalty eiven niow
CoIumltlies with iy spirit aindl te.Ills tum
that your ti' hans tin imite, Blieve
nie or iot, if we liceef irth walk asun
der vt vill leave ino vsiiplirl behinid volt
and will Ai(- yiotuirelf iii shan- and sor
rOW, andt with at brokeirh."
lio tiurnsil awayv sick at hea'trt., and
oveIaweul ;v tel wotrds of oil) whoAw.
deostiny lint been !4o strangiely .9-com
pjhelil. Teitn dys were pasirld in re
sivs's nn.1 cotnm.r.resolves--and ti
thle linlk that hiomi him it, fortllmn was
broken. Jwilphine was divorctd--and
na hie said him ll act St. TIeleiia--fiom
that hourl hi.; 11111 beganl
' Jottephintl was iivorced, hit her love
did not (pc ; iN h'r rtilt. she sn
joyed all hi .,icessep, aid pray -d
thaI h might 10 besm- frl m the frlits
of his fn)ixl aml)iti.o Wiieni h-.,: so-i was
horc. she only rgrene ht h, wa Ws
nthi nea~cr him in his hiappiness ; attni when
hit went ai priisonir' lto Elha Sshe be'gg.'l
~thaits dit wightic sum- i's i pr'is, anad rte.
bevehis oes Everyarilth h
hadii t'ue ai. tier ressssiec rs'mametid tas
hii left. it ; shlii w'nbl tnot let a ehatr Ibe
m~oveds. TIh'hesok inl wich hel had lt
bee'n la st risnding~ was t ' '-. i'hi the
pagot dnled down. ni ihe T)''n thati .
he' haid last niard . was b~y it,.. with ;tih
inik did 1on its. point.. Whentsi her
death~l. drew nmgh, shle wishettd -to sell ther
jewi'ls to send I ihd fcclle'n empe~tror inoney
nnd her will was sqiutit'ed to his ct(or
rection. Sho tied bief'orei his retuIrnt frm
Elt11)a ; but her bit thioughits wert's oh himt
andi eti''ice, antd hiir laste w~ordJ ex pries.
sed the hopean td helhi'f' "umilt she hmti
nieer catued a. singh. ear- to flowu. Sim
wvas buried in the 'ilingt' chiircht of ititl
amtl hiir body wias' followeds to thle grtve',
not ailsoni by prrs' an td generalsIc, bit
by two) ttl'utand poor w hiimne hotsL hadti
beeni madse ghsi by her hoiuntv.
Heir mairle minonn'it hea~rA only this
W'hat a futid for' futiir' writers is ler'
character aind tfate ; and what a lecsm to
all of us whiettber in prsert or adver.
*The ey press of Somrnal, inl Lombairdly.
lItv isc perhaips ttheoldet Itree on re'
cirdf. -i1. was~ iiown to he in ex~itenco
'ii the time. of Julins - (2rosnr, foirty-twio
yeslt~ a4efre' Ohit it, - nutil i', tM(fe(efore,
nilo lthan 1,900) yearsi odl. :1t is .105
f-sst ligh anti 4wen'ty feet in ciretinmfe
renie ait one faht from thtegrottnd. Na
poleoen, whecn lrtying dow v the plati.for
jtioni of t he Alpis, diverged4 fror n, tra hli;
hottr'o amuettf aft tsiV, lihi'ever
~ii claiimedl by.~men in hiuIaf f of the iuiV1
menso~ntd 'nahtable' tts dalaernd
Igtm the niutiber of' cotteentir~i i
to trnk, (o b %', 0$tb.te '&"
Ithia alereito~tay, fromt Woshiagya~
lbut, 'we are inufortniod, loaves for An~
dorma this lnorninag--PA. m-s. e
.djournling their special sitting, held
it Colunblia last veek, the Court of
E'rrors atnniCo d its decision, inontiig
others, on tio cnp. of " I Wriyt/d Sa/li
1."11, fIrCedmanl, wIs. the ISIato, Col
viteod of highway robbe-ry at Laurens.
The appeal was. dismn issed I and son
.one of death proonteoud by Judge
Our renders will remembor, many of
thI, the great 55aonl nolt hliti~iy mitli
which th is freedml washfontdedl by
h is for mer master, lion. (". '. 8ullivan,
o)It his trinl I1 (h e il tie GCneral 0.o.
sions. WhIen a verdiet of' "giilty"'
w:s rentdered here, his former owner
determined to try till Ine-ins tv save
him, appealed and wos in actendinice
uplonl tile Court of Eror0;. Soplresenlt
the ense ; but.guilt ImluaIt be punished.
The gencrous iad nole sentimoti
anaitmtinin g the bIN'Noiai oL the old ias
ter, in tlis ease, to see jimtiec Stritiey
an1d impartialy meted out. to his for
mor slave does credit. atdl honor to his
heart; we know also that. it is not an
uncommon sentinent, but in the con
trary animates the heart, of every mart
ter towtrds his forme'r slavo in sp.ite of
great ingratitude in ni y eases. At
the old plant at ion hone the negro finds
it. 4best f'riend, and mlliiany of tho raco
ar," bezgniig to al-preciate the fact
Vaid want "to go back 1om1e." ho
due. .ot 3's tymlpatlize with thei inl their
t!rouIbles, though they cannot shake
their filth, raigs and-safflriig at ui, tkaid
8ay that. we did. it. A few Shlort yenrs.
ni their raoe in-this country is 'im.
To be pit ill com lpetition ndu u14 ipon a
level with a white race to make a liv
ilg, is starivation for the negro. Al
ready we feel that their numbers de
crese in lr' midst with rapid bound..s
-+iknesn f'roi unceleainmess and
vice, with citi;ritioii to ribher fields
I'll(] umiliier climes, vill soon CauitS
the ,ihnees that oneo knew them hero
to know them no more forover.-Lau
SX AT .-The way 9".reen un
t ried skati ing is found described in
these worl.d", to wit : .
.\ slant, to the'right with the right
font. tlaian- t , the lft. with the left
foi-an. jIst thent wo saw somlletl.liln! 1
ftin: ice hlld stooped to pick ir, ' up. I
On our feet again---t wo SlItIs to lhe14
right. :091 (),I, to the L-It wvith &!h, left
inol-1nud4 ju.<t tli h en eswsuhn
ai -,I.oope 14) Iiick it p. On our' feet
a.i--Awo slntis t thne tight. anld olto I
ihem. 4 aeeonp- pani..d wvith a lossz of Conl.
Hi-ih-tce. A1 oIhe !ibi i t ii Ile right
fooi, wa we sat. d wn wilti fatirfii Ia .
idiiy, ilt, wvithl v r' Ilitle. it'.ny, (.:.
ga nen. Wiewo. a set downi it was, f1or wol
ma11de a di ll.i tlIhf. ice noe nhk m d.lonl 01.1
faisidjone-l it.tr hw 1 Juist the o11 0ne
Or I-te ladies remarkedi: "Oh look, Mary
thal fillow with1 thec' hat aint. got htis
skates on the righ, plate." b iJ- to,
I ltnliiht we. Jutst then it gfregd liI4
('1Vl sung #ut, ,a lie J,nse 1 "11 ll
ild tLimbnler 'leg<!" and u we rose oni-bl1l v
itid put afier' him. Thre..-e r'a.'s to i.e
r ghrt. I INd two I, the left, mi Wy V weiit
0 Ileg, One to IIthe tenst nid Stint i-r-to
the wett ensitig ni iminmense isari il
out'rkti pos. et an n pienttre of.t het ter di
in I he cold--th, how culI !-- ice Tl'lt
lat~ v-wo knew site witti oie by the.rno.
ma1r she nutle-agnill spoke 1id si :i
Oi hlook. M 1ay'th:. 1cap whit the lint
onl his sat doiwn on hii.i bnnudkirciid to
keep himit frtomu t'ling cohl."i ' ro'Q .
bhoiut as gtrsafiil Us a saw horsie, , whena
Marty s ii "GOne.ss it1 'aint, a handker
chief4, Jante," an Mairy was tight.
Cunos'rnu. orn Citr'exs .un WV'ron.
.A- r Et. J.,r1Wood hias recentlv pith
Iii ted "'Cii t'iis' of' CI.2el 'a nd \y at ('hi'
Cas from I le Earlt]iest 'Timnt'a," a gossipy
auniradablce. ee-nt of I.be mlosa t famoust~
tme pieces in the~ ivorbul, ilhastrated withi
all sorts of atlotos lbearing tnpomi -or
watuh t.bat wastl eer made is said to
hatve been.1 one whiebh wa~ conti rtuoced n.
1811 fo.r the Sultan A ba ul M iedjid;- whoI
jnnst htave' fonnd it -ralt e ii aniit,
sico it. was five inties in d'aooeyr, fiti
st ruc(k iiha htours an td qrterts on wirts.'
with a a tin. ro-emii ngu~ dlat of ai poi' os
l a atiti hersl 'loe-. -It cost- I w('lve~ huni- I
wva.rntalt frats~ anallness. Jt, Wiag in.|
stedCin uth top -0) of a .pncil e;n, and'
thought it. wias bit. thrton sixtceenthIs of' nt
int'h in diometer; its dial not only' mifi.
cn~ed thie hiours, minter niM id~drind
made int Geniova, ia wns disp;n' a e ln
Sthe Ex'hibitiont of 1865I
Thle Trilmun hant the following su m
mary ot yoiung Ronnett' hobntoh bintg
with 'id'i tjyi N~maknN lrd
wero two g'ood boys'H w httd, ittlo
pontd, Alfied ad tok' g~~i
s$ked".hnnosto' 4nti r, a1djo.d'
gerifidd -l Jotuaos tj~0 o'~f
gIve Alifred hislittle'sliiga o
that all Jamedk coun~t : OenleeG~o
glad Alfrqd had giveuiffreuoti"ta un4
quarro" ~ o
rn Wnh,~i v. sbptiha4
be (d1bl. What een a bahel~
saive is bacon.
The Kitclhoiki,(nrdou,
tilt p:ept tation of tile grotiald, byV it'clch
tuig, digging. layineg OtA n ad Appllying
SOttltlmr gardt'ti3. V-4ir book~ stuld
hatve l'e::t doopI v ('1119 r 1iIb-,oJiI4li II
lit: ri' lightly cov'ort'd *'witht tIs hlo .
Nic)1 2'(rv Ii :1pl ici dvpejf have coil:p ar
i Iivly but. little i m md * itn vrei-x i :t
or imit'r isi Ow ho l-it. wimti of 83'u t
(11,1 gauit'aiis, itnd 1.)r *h Olq Cf4134 (':1I.%
]wjtluct. ild Ca hhlmpi rofuwt to hovad,
3114 nti~v-ui4t~~iIIot Immm in,
'Iuti ma are of' sim:ii t)t hut witd (1.
brotis, lDevts are kmu:~i ek swie-' t:
- hii Abort cvvcrytiItg: :1k~ ill SEtllldi:04.
firivor nt earhincas,, -1.1iuwcfq :Ir' 4':'u i
I rntlIso mt oil tile tri'Uwe riaw:1 I4rf im
flll tte gA rdtium. \Vv. satw lit. (Iincill
liaii tttort- hiltit are piltid lp. Ii )4 beklpi m.1
14) tllrkst gattlti-4)1 I Y oh rm three 4tyi
already bla'ck wil it (1: s I Ion I% mir
p)1411tvr-; pll, I~~ uI I'-M (It fi h
Itotndr1d 0~~*144 1 W ''',t~,... thar
j4 rt:IIt:R~ 11O4~~,IU.I 4 ' 10t 111:41(4 :1
ir st.ralp e rop ' -oe t: ' otn 1 ti.-t Im
91 T o,. 4 timto. wl 4iIlvkt] goodi uoitl
IlopI tlt1111eWoflttiv' s d w~ t . 1 uI1hlical 1,011
f: i g, OW1i iIUM~111nd li* I. p",.w~ei intt
541 1m Pi. per' *%(t('I'Q ip1 ItmeO too 111 tdi.
Apl~y, ii1i 8', th)4r.Ph6) 'I 41o It' i At,
t C41 0I t St.d, ald -lit It Or '1 l' t go,
Uttil i tt i l t.t~ Ole I aPi rt , g~ oiti
Oth le ! 4 11 V t-a 144" 4 1 ' -1, wlri-aht4 14'
It's i pla t ti :11,1ll It4t T tlil: l 1 .1 11 1111P
Willi nS Ital immy . d Iii ernit w3'idnta 4
.tt 14)lp~ hh I tip~wnt1 rtI
IcttC ialdv. I rvw:tw~1 I iio lowitk
lteu 11 (49td,X. I 'IttiOit 0 10 the . tItl
g*\vI I Prisrvi: -lie4414 I iit vp1, ( c:tr4 i, v.e awl
Iota414 mt il.titu'oq atI dictl w'eork Iit
Scehif, ;tidtl t eo ca411 , s 'o itll t''Sel)
1o )ot . Iw i t t ll 4' s i Ill 116,; '.:f
. l'ha'll 141t li' I oti111011 t I t, h . 101,111
moril i.O!tri, tl~t ce . i f Hill rr ot u I. E; itlir
I . o% . cI of; i:tol. 3khivd y it illf o r P ti. il
k16,.41 CiytiIarotsqir:g
b01 j-roi.'t (4t os I Ill I i u l li: e1
01e at )oldI. Lek. you:44 ,i~~t) got 4)4)ac
Q11-11t Ilyntvo ph ilf-d ilint e R. ( r fill(.
nvir(_A il l I II-ol d ;1118 (41.4 Wit ;. flilti ' 4
DOImiub.d i il( elCrntais 1.1ttnli of0
niled 10 pr.,; upar rqtitloi to titigi ho ot
diowrly smnallocks oepr, Eggr lats(i
IIOTTW(1 o 11 '111011111 pl-N1v. Ptr 0
N4 (I, Dra ,ee. p I IT L .-i) 0l d 111.11'31141,
ljoijRzii vv the :'ucti.l bo ee ld
ru':ibt be nid mitt .1ofill' to tilo
o1tor fi 8t .0 We' t ille
kahe &c.a .11 nii -ivApaxtrsfrat ie
bpi, proqbocit 1,1P, f lotonb aiA make11
oti&l ath on onrou they , g c rnowsat
(sq tile producer, nil rin,) oung Plnt to
Wa it i-Im 6,41 n inx spriong4i td
ahhng -.4 raiVOd nti ttlut tI)O 110.
ovrint it cos 1rin e, rimy reopiatil-d
Jzval t lam ofdi. ni Thiittu. \Ian (11151
beltet (.t 81iupt.1011u41X 1 o f Shown tin
ny ouir 1c(1rr)spondenI It, buit wil! .I..
r'est that it many hn mlot. by allowipg
the croi to stay in the !ield iunar ves t
ed, takinig t niot Illore t;iin i week'
I11ly -it. one tim. Tunlips will
Stand pretty hard frosts, and in the
latitude of our correspondent ill ity
proservo thoir feeding <uilities thro'
winter. A pisturo of early sown ryo
should be provided for spring...--En).
AA. FAnotA:n.
i n) 8Oil so fertile, naturallv, 's t
to be imjiprovable iby tlie ylp) i(ation.
of Siime extraneousJUS subIastance.
All g.reen vegetables, amd all subl
stances, whether vogotable or aiial,
as well is imany ini eral iatter9,
Como11 inl here to aid ald askt u:.
Tho mould vli ieh rjep,1oss beneaith tite
forest ; the dark mnek that is expo :md
in tie 1beds of ponilds and hi kelets ; the
reuevegot-ale" productions, and1(l the
decompoablde substances which alr
presoted overywhere, are all adapted
to the purposo of making manure.
In foriaming coiposts fromt greon
vegetable sulstancee of all kiind.s,;sul
pliaii acid should be freely us'd.
Sprinkling tha p daily wit h1 a1 gill
of aci d diluted with two thousand
tiles that <iuintity of wnter, will add
greatly to t ho ellicioney. of th le colin
post by rabweliuig al li xing the ame
miOnlia and carbonlic nivid whiech aro u-..
y1S copiuidy evolved d'-iag the
proces!s or doeompositioin by all kinds
of Ini ure.- Ocin. 7'. g
-r id.M:N :-Your well-t11ned nd forci.
Id article in your isae or I e '2.
inot., oil commercial manuoirw, invitiag
those wihto. hven \,(- I tre y (if them to
publish hlie rosAi t of thtir experimnitit.
lana inieltecd mie to nvalil my'elf of your
inviiation owd uivo my expeirienice. ,
.1h-lieving, as vonl ,do. that if we want
t0 fitrel su.-terssfly tin-li-i tile preseint,
labhor system1, we n. 'hivateh
.lanl, kil (1h ivatte it b. t'er ; that, i',
repuare ihe soil enrefully and innire
ahnnan'iy. I detl rine la ust year I
try, wh..t th-ep plowing, asinosnen
tIon)I IIt the pr p r limlo. 11n1 Ilrtifh-in
fort dizing could dlo 1, 1a c0mi1pare14d u it I
the 1hld 0stem01 of 1ere'hill th lam
Willi tiln Instrtinienc Cnlled a 'ae '
*.11t Ian ving ha at niolpere to s't Iy
th elements rof f1rtiit v.
I clihivate1d I row'eeofhi red"
O lahid idIjoiling my rW1id 41en ' n
lanamt levd corn, cotto In ' Irish poatof-',
tnrnii . :nail tl 11,t1;l g tralr..n 'egern.
h-..Q. I hial lIte hindut wol broken with
I wishlorse turn*1 plows, thlen', eros< .l.w
i-1, andl theln beddel. A ll this Mai
dine in wso rind at i ho proper in1ter1
\,hI I Af I In. I nu4d lie fertiiizer kn.''wn
na 11-id's PhtospalaIte, Im - nttfaike.ared hy
MeISSrIS. Bright well & lmrro.v at M.i
loy a m epot. Orglethorpo contwy, (G:a. I
'(.lctel tais Lecanise I knew tie N1 innn.
faentirers. anl won cou blent tat. the
article wita uinhtel tilitred, beenna I he
tieved thiat tht Suiper-PhosplhntteA of
hile nro the tmost valible of all thw
aiainei inatmiil 1n11 iltlres, froi tla hact,
that, they ltt iittittim.nn loh crop and per
nu1ali'tl y ialifrovei tihe sol, 1n.1 hean te
this flertihizi-r. was1: th onh- vone1 of Ad0,.
e'4 manut/itur. I st-twill it, in the
rop f ecotm, ntd in the hils of c on
at tho rate of 250 1b. to tha' acre, an I
lanitedt~ 'he seed~ on Ilho inntlatre, n'nd I
canni ot, betner gien you thae re'stal. fthan
by* raferrinig y'ou to I ht' loilowvintg cti
ficiate whiicht I give the innntfnettarer's tat
the umad of the yenr:
Ar:hnmss, Noverobter CL,,196
fM.srs. I1)eighta wellt~ liBurrom.w--G an
tloment: I lhnvned al Rid's Phtosphi toe
thisa year ont ct toni, corn, lrish p)otaltoe.
gar'den vogeables', and graass, and laete
fotindl it to (bei the tmost vat~laleI fert il.
ize.ar I kntow. On f'ourt'en neres of noor'
ried landi. mi ar Athens11, 1 have piekt'e
over lSve bales of' cout.'. I htave gath.
('red twetythlree andi a half but hela of'
Cor'ai to tho nere, and theo grass saeeds
sown inI my1 lfront yard int April wehh
Plood Ii 10 prtracLted .I droutt of th1ism
ye.ar, iad a rE ,tnow tna thiei atnd sit.r'ong
na ~ f'1111d so'leId thle spaIe which they
covert. Of' 1 ria potatoes anid g:.r letn
Vegetalells, I tiave .had an untiuutally
large' crop. My 01ni02s froim sied were
liner hh'nn any I ever raisedl before from
lntns. So certain am I thuat yoiur
fe'rtilizat is the hest thitng to renow out'
lmads Ildfgive uts heailthv aind oarly
.crop). it'enn to iuse( it ne'xt.)year o'n
tny pbhintIt'le, .inl OgrletIjorpo conity, I o
111 graLtt e xtent, asmyman wl
a~lu ~ R e clni~t y .v -atIts w l
* ,Wu.Mla. flnown:i.
Wt.hnii wnnnnre, w"ith so untproptii
OtO tan egrieitutral sensol ha thlat of l-ist
tr, .[MatealId jot, lkave imaff tnioro Olittt
J:om AO(I to "2,0 pomando A(eed Cotitn,
att4fltn .906'to 100 bhe'tila of corn. I
'ftr'nrki4lihat ilas- prosphttt gsavo th."
cropaiki-a-sartas n ennable, it to bear
.~o genune'entuinn glanno) hrever
PrtNta anne MGird. by .t hae ; rop
t41.whiohlbi ,apphild .1 eahe4 - t,1e
whee" ha yo dne n
San agnitit alli a ni le f
Toftd M w% *lYN*ianfiediiion.
MAibIMheli a~ As 4sae oopn 1dth
10p, gamarnto ragnist ogrsifg( .
119on ne to thnis rimanure; andi this runlders
it espneally valuable to nlnouero .naw.v
me o1 0111 i fford to pay $100
I"-r tin of 2,000 lb,. fir th'- with a
I .im oily sy.v in conhon, nnd
Sll eit, 't t leili A In ! i to j 0 0g e o f o th e r
eiizer IuIt l manl to uLso iRid's
pro-plate (,i mly pilntationl onl every
aIcre L ph0.11; I ;lmend to phant, nloimoro
thnut I van *ninlre aua:d y.
Very re--p-etid ,uly yourI n,
Wu1,..ku M. Unlowsu..
Tho followlig rolniii rks of tle ad.
vntage. of' book-keping Ire from I Ite
thi internal reveneit sall nause
fortners,'M- maiifauers, aill Classes to
'kr :-i o'o ipcolins and out
goies, and for winat, we th1inki it will be
wor-th mlillion s til the ounitry. Th e
ire.wImt slip od um' whner' with limany
is ntlholut. lHow fewN there0 are whlo
knw xa.tly how they sA tand] -wheth
41r they avr. gainling or. losinig! find(
how :, mom, universal i.; thle habit of'
crying, 'hardl ilimes,' whenl i( (Ihe great,
lk wvrestop, all wguld go well
.1n. eah hve pleity. Ono 'saves at
thespi.aotn nd wastes at the bung
hole,' and4 for wnitiit. of accurato le
'its seells inlseisible tis to the cauls
. of h is being toreveri 'short of mean11s'.4
ti) carry oi his work. Another bo.
comeos thrifty 1111( for1ehandeld by car
fill attoition to his Ilecotts. Everfj
l" -Iught 1o have his business No
learly recorded'l that he can tell in i
inomlont to) i fracltion exacetly whlat hie
i., worth, What hoeis iimkingo losilig
on ea-L partienolar itemi, bo it gra in,
frinits, flesh, or other productions.
But, how few flire aire who do it. If
the book mder notice will Berve to
syst olit izo this thing ; if it will
eaOo mill idticeo met to keep
ieceuits, it will, we repeat, bo
worth inillions ti our country in dol
hlari's ; and that whicl imionoy Cannot
buy,. namelw)y, tIlit peaco of minld
which resilts i' from a pefeot kiowl
edge of' o.r affairs."'
M .N .it -Viewed by fhe light.
of un1detinble at'ts, good imatin uiro lins
subistnt illy the rlroductive funo
tion ( good soed corn ; and the
Imfol ftet siould not romain hid
den 111tiidc. it bushel that, while mlost
fa1imirs save their seed-corn with
COnn iue1 llda ca e they wito tied
in mre as tliough it ind no vatino
whatever. 'I'wo hindrled plloinis of'
mantnre*0 will fairly sood ani macre, if it
is aimld f tho right sort. It,
I Ii s kiii of seed that eniabled M r.
Dick mii to rais' thlii'enes immore cot
iim .- -I on an :aro than would grow
witliit it 111d i this exvess of cottoini
so1l, nt.'el ;1; a manniiro for corn and
iehl Iet", imlorei4d tan dIoled his
rops for. eedliig hogs and Cat O.
From Otse ie prodiued Iue meat to sell
Olt aole'if po mttloi, and stih
hieais fit' hog maniro of tho richest
kinid, as mighit rejoieo any owner of
piniey Woods land. Deop pllowing enn
bled his first seed ma1,t1nre, his Cottoln
t ieed mallire , aid t hat from hog.c, (at
til twtill iiles, tol opra ito witl double
I he effect o int It msllble a1mi4 insoli
Ide salts in the soil.- lmD. 'rme'r.
on rr--Inw -r0 PnmI r.'Aii IT.
A corresnilent at (;reenshoro, North
CaolIitin, Wantis inifiormationi ol thIis
4ubje11. There is no book oi )ut.lica
t ionl 11hat he canl reoirt if). Th10 Pr111e
ri il to i me $44 poit wheore it matiy be
$preniid aind (1rind in thle suni, anid to
iimix it. w ith earth, ashies, or ainy re
fus that will help to dry it, and,
iiiuke it fit to lhmid 1e. It maiike~s most
valuao amanure1, anmd should niever' be
wasted wheoro it is possile to puit it
in conidition for use. To miiako it
portab1)lI, it is impilortantt to uise then
least, gnatility of (drying n10toial that
will aniswer'(i lth purpbs ; bitt, if it is
to he banled shiort d itamnces 0on1y, it is
of 10.ss conseq~ueceA.
Solect Lista~ of VYogotables,
Ii is werll uat this sensoni, preparamrtory
to putog il our1 gardecn .eropjs, to look
oiveri th 1lonuig CJaminlogntes of t ho Seeds..
moli, anmd seh-e' t'omihicm thiose vahrio.
ties whi.ich are reually mrost estimaiblec.
Wte shlmtl, mn doing tii, omit many fan.
(iy vatrietiest, and1( conf'iin otur selection
to testo~id and approve I staiple sorts.
Artic'hioltes.-Those who Iancy. this
vegi t i ble, prefeer the Green Globa. The
seales' aro thicker anid higher Ilavotur
A 'faaragni' -G iint ynirle Top ; so
named(4 fromt the Ilarge sz and- Ppllish
tt of iti y'oiung shooto.
hlanw, Snapi1 or linnch.-*- Earhy Six
W e.'k., fI~rxt Enrly Six WVaeks, Elrly
Chlinam, are the onrliest ; IEarly Valdentio
1ieidfimg, Wioe Mrow and Dwarf Hoar
tienural ar estem m Lato vairietie's.
Tlhe whirio Marr'ow is one, of the prmci
piul Msouis of which thle dry seeds5 grown
fort witer itei c~ru sold in the Noithoern
tn arkets.
Bcinn, Ruinning.-LiiIargo WhbitO li
mat is tlthrbest flavoriI poe or- run~ning
Boan, bi. theCrolimun, or flutter B~ean
hi miore' pro~lic. liru 1nto Sniap Roanis
th WhV ite Itiuhig Henn, gro~wn so
geneariahyeint our oirn fielde,- nad tha
Aniojive. Theo W hise sort is a excl
eo~wintr bratit
hea tariket lher is tlje lRItrK, ay
or'Nafnna to uidc li is of enk!4ln um mtityv
'),iu hest, for enhtnc'nan ie Is ahw WDIM
Turnyfip, Ja S ~tiM OgIfl ql#Rv
eye al vuur-ihrmo hmesowell
will grow on shallow Poil. Tho long
blood is also a good variet.y, especially
the kind that grows ontirely under the
ground. The W hito Sugar io a very
sweet and vixcellent variety for tlhe ta.
114-. and useil for stock. The Yellow
Globe Munger Wurtzel, is, however,
the host vairiety for stock. In Southern
Gardens, the sorts that. grow abovo
ground, are objectionable for winter
iorecole, or Rie.~-Tlo Purple and
Dwarf Green iorecolo are excellett
winter vegetables.
Brocoli.-The Purple Cape variety is
Cabbage.-Of early sorto, select EAr.
ly York for the first; Early Wokefolll
Early Drumhead or hattersent, Early
Winningsdadr, and French Oxheart, nro
tIe best, socomid enrly ; whilo 'ir winter
use, lat. Dntch. Bergen and Drumhead
atre stanldard sorts. The Mason, Stone
Mason and Marbluhmead Mammoth, are
very popular new lnto cabbages. The
North Carolina or Banmcombe is a dis.
tinet and oxoellent variety for winter;
Iit pure seed is hnrd to bo obtained.
Drumilead Savoy is excellent.
Carrot. Na-ly Sicatlet Horn is the
onrliest Long Orange is the host for a
general crop, nd is good . for stock,
though for the ltter purposo the White
B3elgium is much used. Citrrots must
be sown this mouth as a field crop t be
Cauliflower.---o rly Watoicerou and
Imrly Londun are the beat.
Celery.--White Solid is the preferable
Collards.--The common Georgia is
the hardiest and is very good.
Uern-Adanis' Early Extra (or Mir.
lington), Emrly Sugar aid veergreea
Srgar, are fino early sorts, but for sum
mer and amlnmn uso, tho commonl Conn.
iry corn is better calculaited to resist
drought.. The dark red nnd the yellow
sorts of pop corn, seem to be tho hirdi.
est and most desirable '|orts for parch.
Cresq.- Curled leaved Cress or Pop.
pergrass and winter C resa are useful ear.
Iy salads:
C-cumnber.-Eurly Russian comes on
much earlier than any other sort. Then
arl :ster (or Blotch.) Early Frama
is a few" dastrind WIhile Spined
is a botter variety of the same, senson.
The Long Green is the standard sort for
tho main crop. The Gherkiin is consid
ernbl!p used for pickling. .,
Ilgg PlIan.-Ljare Purple is the onr
liost. but the Ln rgo Prickly Purple is tjo
sort almost univermally grown.
Namdivv.--Gronn Curled. (little grown.)
K ale. Sea.-lla rly enough, but little
eilhivimied. See Bol.eole.
Leek.-iondon Fing. Thoro is no
great choice in sorts.
Le ttnce.-Hianmniernmith Hiardy is
best for nutumn sowing, Curled Silosia
for Early Cut jottnee, while NHrly
Cabbage, (or Untter,) largerIndia anl
ioynl Cnbbie are the best Spring norts
Green Paris Cos and Whito Puris dos,
aie the rmoet, Cos varioties. ,Brownt
utch is an excellent. earlvaiond Lettne,
where the color is not objected to.
Melon -Ca ntelop.-Nettd- Geoen
Citron, Jer.ny Lind and Bechwood
are, when pure, very desirable *Ari-.
tie. ~Whito Jaltan is a now and good
Water Mlon..--Lawso, Bradrd,
Mounttain Sw~eet, Moumitnin 3prent; Atd
Cuaba nro excellent vatrietijes. Cuba 1.
light colored, with rod seeds.
Mustnard.-lHrwn and WVhite,.
Nastesrtium.--T'all Yellow.
Onios.-Yullowv Diavor. 'hite
Silver Skinl, atnd Weathb'ranleIn Red.
A merienni grown send is bes'.. nhetop
or bnttton onion yielhs a more certai
crop in our clunate, Manuro very honyi
ly. .. .
Okrn.-DTwarf is prefe'rnl.
Paer~c'y. -Donlou dumrled.
Paranip-Seigar or H~ollow (Crbwn.
Pa.-Englishm-.--Wxtra 1Carly, (I)an-.
ici O'llomik") Champion of I~nglat,
Largn'Wil ito biarrowfat, E';geno te, ip
Brutish Qneen. Those wh4o do not . liw
to use sticks may get Tomi Thanih,
Long Pod and linrridge's Eclipse, whichm
need mno snpport. Of Sugar Peas aelect
ihnm.cormcm Dwarf.
Poa--Corni l.-.Lady P'ea, Lirge
Lady Pea, Whmite Crowder.
Pepper.--Bell, tmargo Sweet, taog
Potato-Eely Goodrichb Jackdon
WVhiite,.Davis Suedhnug, Garnet Gliji,
.and Culojbrook Seedling, all provo. .Jtero
more hardy and propIpetivoy andi q bet
Pumpkn.--Cuihaw, Clteoeo r
Randish.--EGalyysionga 15arig . Sitert
Top-. Olive .3hedu, ?QVy j8 le~t,)
Spiachb-t+ Iound or'Munhao 4d
ush--Summ .-ellow,~r
Necked; .wn't~ k.deledpse
ban gal ey

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