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Desportes, Williams & Co., Proprietors A Family Paper, Devoted to Science, Art, riquiry, Industry ad Uternture [Terms--$800 por Annnm, In Advance
VOL.. WINNSBORO, S. C., WREillRUARY 20, 1867. O.3
18 I'll',1811D ED WEKI.Y iY
Terms.-Tut llato Is publishedl Wouk
ly in the Toyna or Winnsboro, it 3.00 in
varcqbly in adivlance.
jgift All transient advertlisobnents to be
paid int rdvance.
Obituary Nutices and Tributes $1.00 per
_ _Original Poetry,
[ Writte for Me 11 rald.]
Tere coies a nmbscill who fries to rtport
The things which are done in this ignitica
First comieth thoJudgo, MngivteriaI in nein,
Who presides withl a dignaiy ne'or before
Peen, - .
With a courtesy too, ich scarceo cer iA
Im 'hio Jutdges who travel iho eircuit aromnd.
EIet colillti the Clmrk, a mni tal niu grave,
A ld (IeU 1im o Clerk's Clerh, is- big st:
youing bravo.
The Solicitor'neoxt, a man. of ripi-' te,
With a head full of learijind both cunning
and cute.
The Lawy-mrs come next, momne yoig and
Sonme oldi,
Sumvl miJe,t ind tihid, soia brilliant and
WN'ho s.t. and looked on, while they Pihivered
withl cold.
.A tid last some spectalors, the wise and tihe
Theiuci learned, t he witty, tihe brave amid te
The Couri now was opened and liirry wasm
Ilie l !p..r looing frightend mid rathe
)lis conlnie.l tmni ro w, andl wise for tie
- o ce,
Baid Ihat to save tinle they plead guilty at
All right. Necxl rome men who thouight
they would thief,
A cow, amid reg:ide thenselves on soci good
On1t le0!111 guilly. lhe othmr says ho
Is nit. guilty, and t ieretore must be
Tric I iby hii.s icmry, ei ghImnt do yon see,
Slutit 11p) inl a.ho.s. Il.one filly it day,
For lime purpu.io of giving the migger fai
Many witnessmn are offered, some whito and
sonie blauck,
Some tell tr'.ni while othern veracily lack.
Thu .1ndge makes his :i-eeeh td thme Jury
go out,
Tho' as to their verdiot thomo is not much
In ten minutes citine back atnil "guilty" they
isay, -io~t.1::nju~
And he nigs go to J.il to await, ventence
The iext case called on, is for killing a do-.
The crack case of thie Term. 11, at'ppears1
lielong~ing (o: (his naime I've fro;
Had been guiliy of caelrinig a theighoimg
To ptick tip som1e genb, and while thero hd
been seen
By a parcl of boy , who to run him were
First urged -o lhi dogs, and wpn piking
Wtuck th'e poor piggy S mel 'ery' hard licks.
And struck him so hiard that toclose ny [lhe
The poor little piggy departed thislife.',
The owner, quite % exed, to revenge hi3 pig's
(Pig dtied, by the way, for thle watut of some
Took hkis gun and went out, wyhen hie mect on
the road,
A boy with a dog, which ie certainly linow.
Had killed his hine hog, raised his gul took
a alhot,
Addgyfoll do'wa being killed on the
Th'iIe dog it im proved beloniged .to time son
Of lhim who indiofedl the manm with time gun,
. Andt as It, is laid to belonig to time one
Wlhao brouight the inditint, and uop to is
Time counsel ohjot that th' allegation is
Amid (tho inmdictint is therefore not wortih
ani ol sottg,
Bunt the Judge says 'mis la w that whereas tho
,. clonga to his faithecmt fact which no one
Wlill dare tom dispmute, thal whatever beolonga
To tiho soi ,Is thme father~u's, o'ent a pair of old
This btng deocided (lie counceil next. raise
A nIco point(, fomr the whiich lie deservoth
tistht dogs are not proporly unchl
As thec law ill tako inotipo of, no carethm it
F 1lskthmoutheiy 'live 6r dio, and therefore 'ti
For thle Judge to dimrect that time Juiry nequmit.
U iut (ho Judige says thamt walchm dogusaund dogs
for time chamse,
Are properpy sutcht that op thtem men do
plae, .
A higli value, whmereforo to killing thie
Is a crhme, anid that ther efore the point Is
,btut lame.
Thishm being tie case the lawyers --hext, go
To ime Jumry amid speoeciy..one fomr to shmow
Thait thq kiling of dogs is a sin ands a shami,
For wicol the accused ought to'sufi'er in.
The otiher .te rotO that 'tis nobtehntprimo,
'To kill dlogs by the wholesale or ono at a
Thme Judge make his chargo anB tl'o Jury
While tihe Couirttakes mpc'ess toSerehm a
a ward, 1hr' -
F'ifict cOimiutes, elapse and tho Jury ecome
back, -
Whiile time Clerk oeumnt~s them over to see
that. nione l,aok,
Takes (lie reco 1 andreadi,gmatyropping
a tear,.
a rim tono of y9194 so that oaoh one may
A Yerdiqt, of "guity," at pvhich equnsekhdo
No litto aggrlove'd, and make an appeogl.
'Tie next cases called, no intorost, own,
And $ime slowly drags till the docket, !.
done. 7
e Now sontendo day ~oo~os, 'the 'plisoners
The Jdepasses r46M064 ihEA et foi
Ahall stay in the Jail a crt ainlong imno,
'Till iunfiioutliy puulahedJ, ho bea for his.
And whom all are dono (ho Court then doth
Atkd th nigs go to tho Jail to weep over
their woes.
ANorurm MAsqcRE.--T!he Now
York Ties (Itopublioun) thus notioes
a inovemont in Congress disowning
the South
The resolution of Mr. Sehenlcck,
which has passed the IHouse by 108
yeas to 35 nAys, to provide for'an in
niry into the propriety of an- lium.
dinto removal of the United Status
Naval Academy from Ut present Ioca
tionl in the State of Maryland to some
point in a loyal State, whero the pit
pis of the in'titution will be scure
against tho -surroundings of pestilent
ainid social influences hostilo to the Na.
tilonal Governmeant whih ob 1w predom..
inates at Annapolis, indicates that
Congress intends to regard and trout
dhe wiolo of the Southerin States. as a
power perianiently ho.stile to the
GovernmIIent-a power to be delt with
is inI all respects an nOiemy bf tho
North, and to be warred upon in all
possible ways.
If Mawyliand is at this day to be
reated as a "disloyal" State ; if its so
ial seitimient is so "pestilent" and
its )opulation so "hostile" to the Na
tiontl Govermitent, as to preclude the
ex i:tenco within its :oundariqs of such
I golvernmeital inistit ution as8 the Na
Vial School, thent we might re well give
up fhe hopie of seeing any part of thlo
Southern States, vhether of the late
Confuderaey or not, trustworthy in
suippoiting the Government; and it
would be hotter to establish tit onee
military riule over 1ll e region South
oft tho Old line of' Mson and Dix-on
.teeptinig only the city of Wahington.
(itlood, wo believe that Mr Solhenck's
programtme Is really something of this
kind, and that such meaftres as this
arve nl iMtnded to pave the way for
it. Ihis opinions were. putto the
test, we doubt if he would recognize
:iny part. of the population of the conn.
t1ry ias Ioyal, except those resident at
Volluw Springs and Uape God.
G at vraa. -- Two dayk., ago, saya the
1(ielainontd ispma.h, we inado hIold t
k I\Vho i., Gittond Grifin?" A
rb-nd h1a4 just givenits 0110 detiail of the
biogt)raphy of that coumimidr, fromllu
which it. will nppvar tbat It) hkes imich
beler to el'o meet a dead (onfede r11 at 11 than1
a livingie, and that Ie 'was muchi tor
risolitite in lioldinig :Galvestonl elmurch
igatiaL the cold clay of Generral John
at in lie hind povcd hlimself in hld
Min Fall chuireh against. J. I!". 13. Stuart.
Thelt ivs.:on i.s .hat. io knew Stuart wais
.live, am.] all alive.
Tim following note, with umirt's anl
wer endor., wa funid amonget that
gallant officer't papers. The noto is
from t- \V est Point officer, who - know
thnat Sttnrl, wits kinown to his army
frietndi Iv the soriil't of "fant.ty."
L.:w isvuN8V.l.t., Sapt. 11, 1861.
Miy "JLAwr Beatd?jy-'n srry that
riretinsianees iare 111011 that I caA't alive
It ileasure of seeing yott al bhough so
Ieitr yo. Grillin- says ho would, like to
havo ol mto with him at Villard's at
A o'cloick on -'RUtrday next,. eep your
' flack Horse" ol me, if you please.
11 Youra4, Act.
[signed| ORLANDO M. PoN.
J. 11. 11. Stuart, t-wo miles beyond. Ialls
church. *Jn care of wvhosoevor .findai
thtis. Please answmior- both the noto
tOn the banck of the -.ntote is endorsed
Cok.necl Stiart's '-answer," as. fol-.
I have tho honor to report that "cir.
enmstances .ere such" that, they could
have settn inir had (ty stopped to loo6k
hohnind, arnd I "answered" both ait the
c nnan's mtonthi. Judeinig fromi lis speed.
Grtiflin surely lefl for WVashington to hur
ry tup thte ditnner.
[Signted i -J. E. 13. S-rAU-r.
Tus OPax~iNG oF Pant.IAsxN
SUN I N lioDNa-VIoleg/atplo (he
spathem, dtitted London, Fernary 5,
sitan that thte Qieen on thtat day opened
T1hi' they was cold antd heavy and rahb
was(I fallinug.
--Thie Quieen arrived from WVindgor ,it
ehevent o'clock, an4 lef't Butckinghwam
Palace at, oneo o'Olook. , Titro was a
fine mtihtarv display, bt the plmnce ,Of
the sotlieri were draggled ind thyejr tu.
Iormns spoiled by the rain.. TIhe crowtds
of people' covered wVith umbjrellas mani
fested. nto enti buiiyamti, and gatVe no cheers
as the Quteen dIroyo up to WYpstniiuster
Hall and nlighutod.. Neither wereg t!ere
any cheers for the lPrince.of WVal~e,
- The scenes mn the Ihouse of Lozds was
Th'le Qnaoeniwas super~ly robCI. Shev
aiscendcd .the thronol .and rdad, her
speech in a cleair, firm vuinu. Hierasub
seqneunt rturnto Uueltipghiant.. Palace
oa ven idore dismial t bart .her depart
uro. ries of ref.orpi grpIutod theo Qneen
a she puised, arnd ~he pepp9 -elduo~Iipb
noecheerngr. ~ snhp .o beaed 'i ab
greuat mnodernAtini, of trot'th wogi v
Groat preparaips..rp making' toY
thu refirma dpmaonsratiwve 1 ,U
'tl1ajo. p 'ri1e iJrulesahj 4~ t
elw ufa ,* t aymu men
out votesar rd. gvet 'epo HI.
gardl for te Qneen Is 'elipli y t1he y.
hortm futroro. The Queen has now re
solved to an[)aav 'more in mdttbie. A
series of. royal receptions are announ.
Hfirawr, SIZM ANrP Wyroiry I-' t.T
YKn S-rA'Txa SEN.'roa.-MC. ' a. Itot,
chief of the Globe staff in tiem bailto,
gives, in a late inmbr of his 'R.porter,'
a tile of the physical charact.eristics of
tihe members of thO Senate. It a p pears
by this table' that the tallest nembor of
the Sonate is Mr. Cowan, of PInnivavil
nin, 6 feet 3t incites, and the . shortest,
'Mr. Davis of lentiucky, 5 feet 51 inches
the man who welghis mo.it is Mr. Vonx
Winkle, of West Virgiima, 21 liound.4
the lightest, Mr. Riddle, of Deblwri,
117 pouinds. Mr. Poinoroy of Kaof a-,
hia- i lie lhrgest (hest, 4 1 inehls ; . Alr.
Ridle the sma31llest, 32.1 , inches. Thao
Olest is Mr. Gt lrie, ot KIentueky, born
December 5, 1792 : the younge'st, Mr.
Spragne ot~ Iihode. Island, bofn Safeony
bier 12, 1880. Mr. (resswell,-of Nfary,
land, stands 5 feet-5}rainulhoshigh, weigh
201 pounds, was born Noveben r 18,
1828, Itaid has, onlly two youiagr col
leagdes, Mr. Spragnie and? Mr. Norton,
)f Miinnesota M r.Johnson, of Mary.
Indne), is 5 fOOt 6k iinUhaes high, wevtighis
179f noond.u, ani.l was born May 21,
1796. -ind is iiext to Mr. Gathric, the
oldest muan I Limt Seiato.--Sru.
A year.or two after Tylor's aces
sion, the Presidt, conutempating an
exCinreion inl ome direction, h1is son
wont to ordlera special tra in of cars.
It so happened that the S6uperintend.
ant was a very strong W hig. On
'.Bob's' makhig known his erranl, that
ollicial bluntly iiformed him that his
road did iot run any special train for
the President. '\IMhat P1 said .Uol,
did you not furni.sh a spoeial traiii fur
the funeral qf (len. Harrison 7' 'Yes,'
said the Superitend ant, Mtting ihob
on the back, and 'if you'll only bring
your father here in that shape you
shall have the best train on t he road.
That careful old mnoucey mtaker1
Stophi Girard, . who was. never
known to spend a d'ella for loss'
thau a d ollar's worth, thorough
ly understood the advantages of
advertising, Hie often said thi.t. ho
never spont; money 'inore profitably
thatn whn hd invested in printcrdiik
during hard times. lIto considered it
a golden opportinnity nover to be neag
loted. ' Those-who advertise liberal-.
ly will alwaysgivo the best bargains
and work the cheapest.
N v 1Cruous Usp OF 'rFi-i ii Di.m D'.
-III Jnly, I8t, an apparniuis forboring
rocke wNVh klaimtaoinds was. patented inl
France lty Leseoi. It was not practi.
cal, but late.r improvenienl-s by Phiet,
towardsg the elid of 1866, mAdoit Oo.
A a now- coistruelued, it' consists o1. an
iron to ly).,, one. eundt of which is attached
to a rod serving ns a hnandle, and at the
other end is the edge, armed with a-se
ries of black diamnids of Sibeiria, which
are set in Such a wuy that by turiiing
the tube by means of a. macime, they'
excavate tlieimnnlar groove inj the rock
and leasm in .he.centro a solid cylinder
which unters the tube and is easily bro
kan off and exiracted -hen-the :oring
is finished. Fificon such machineslia ve
4irekidy been nuanufacturetl; its advan
tages appear to be tigt, it progresses
uIIforaly, howeve.r greAt tie hardness
of the rock -niy' bo - th progrom is
about~three-qiarters of an inchr per,min.
tte, a'd no doubt., nmy, bv (nrt.her im
provenwnt, be consittgrably increaised..
The diamionds never wear oit ; it. is
known that ihis is also the caso~ with
the ghazie'r's diamonds anid that the bhack
diamond if a variety niieh harder thban
any other. It nppeurs also that, the ex
pen~o-of' boring with~ a sinmple machine
of this kind~ is about 'the same as boring
in the old way; haowov'er, more 1algor is
turnedl out, but the g'et advantage is,
that in the samei space, whore, for in
stance, iln the mount *9enis Tunnel, three
bores were attached, (ight of these man
clones mnay work, requahing not snore
power to drive them. -rThe expense of.
excavatinig tunnels with it simnple ila
chine of this kind, in, hard rook, wats
found irn Franet ta he f'orty to fifty frats
per enIbic thete, *hielIt'orresponds to
six or eight dollars pier dgbln yardo
FROM Tm~Xs.-Thae "Lone Stary'
State must be a .healthy .place in
which to do fatnily markolmng. Read'
the -following :' .
'th6 MoKinney 'Intfuirer, givesth
following prices current .',-.
Corn is worth at this place, 75ents.
por1'.usbel.;.what $1 t.fjom-r 4 centa';.
old bacon 10 to l24. entsplarde l2&i
conts ; pork1 cora f'dd,'O oonts').m~st,
'0 toA4} oents;a butter.. ochts~ & Egga
10 coutsg,.aAllin-spocio.. old ;14d.
nie, the samea paper says ::." 4...'.:
-We saw soores of fine fat phkokonh.
selling in out'-eity ately nt btrtoot d
la,ra a doZnda, amd' turkeys at.inea.i1l.
-lautsyidozeoo ~Venison huan rate at
six dollars a dozens; sw~iet potanto0ait
seohb-.oonty .to mone -ollaipior
liushal;e pork four .endtvo4 dopeurst
hundredgattd baefoot ap~llit44lity;
.Whcr-Uoumton iouWadLct.4htrlAth,
- ThoecogAnies whlehlTas he t
.1 nmigrants, aind, in thfe en# aspl1Ike,
t Alyresodated Io~ess %$IV
. The city of Londons burned 8,0 18,r
205 toom af ced al It omat4
Pitly is the action d:suaribed in scouriit
a foirestld icouang a floor ; inl skil
min" tle, sea uad Skiming inilk;
brea siing a dish, breaking a colt, brea
mng bread, iand breaking a .comman
l ini entlhing a traim and catching
co)l;la Ifaling inl a ditch, falling in lov
lhlling in your un estiwationl auf f.i
ig in wivith A friMHi-. So you mig
read of a msI.eumiaa of wonders, illuio
led by tho iglt of'uther days; furnish,
wilh muikc pllayed onl Lhe feelingsl I
Ahe n111an l who, having lowered his voit
ly inoan s of rap e.j, murdered a tim
nut sub'efileitly. tried his voicot ai
sctiit.ted himself Witi easo; with a .
Lritry Lhl-d partIy. with vilnnea .
nimoku ; and where liight be Seeni t6
tdy Vi) sat oni the-Ipse of' ;geCs ; ti
nlltilematiatim. who is -so devoted
igtiis0 11; it tt fi(gnently vcasts t, -i
y1, und oecasioatilly his dinner'; Lit
,ill who was eaved in a shipwreck b
liniging to it fut-lorn hope ; t.0 mun wI,
vial Woannldod by 8tting1" down on i
1111 1of th linomenlt ; the acrobat w li
111n111s at conclusione; the cup of sorroP
vbich overilowed; t!h chains whic
>ot11d a fri'l-bhoriA :itid ; L1ha iliniig <
ml Otyoter bod; the rvuipt given to LI
inn who paid his'respects; the susspen
-rs a.0A fr hremtechs of guns, als(o lo
)reecsI ofttrust-; the quiver winhi w:1
>iserved- in tie voico of a (t);atrrov
niinded mat); o ,lock of hair Irom Il
enl oNf di.;eoure, and (one from t
ie , a a)i b ; 1 fI:tt. iron Lio Fi11ot0
ulfltd 'ten pers it viol (of tears from I
V(ping willow ;a -binon fromi lie :oa
f iho stomach ; a hla f from t0 he hi.ie
Tan earthr1(inlie, will Mantiy other arti
les eqlually rar ai i) .n 't ,
htt'on1TAr, IF Tiaui.-A special dr
patchl to th( 8rl,vanahiill jepullican
ated AViasaing'.ona, Fiebruiry 1 0tl
"Ther is hardly a' shablow'of doula
hint 1.h1 presenolt 18(ato ; Goverlnments. il
ho SotIhl will be speedily sot aside.
.'he only .dubalablu qtustion now
b'hotheru t.htose whoii vohdtarily enugny~(!
ii the war again.il.tha, Ider:il overil
nnt tthatl' UL. 1depri veld of thei right <
ulfrage, as IwIll as the ght of. holdinig
.ny' offiae, Felderl or State.
"Uenealah littks, Who is now coiliid
rl a. contei'vitive, inade a very St tron
pc'yesterdi' U, in '-lii he at
atint, was yet, posible to harmoriz
ho egisiativo and executive brachte
if the Government. and, also, that, non
)tt lov al mon should voto, Bankau anlt
nymolnltd tare sipposed to liiivo till ki l
lorsitanding wiih Prueidtt Johnson ran
peak lwitbh a luhority.
"1"roin informantion recoived from L1
n1oL reliable sourcos, iU is evideit ti1
ie Constituttional amendment is It.)
loemed far from suiiletint, ns a glirni clii
miad it is generally believed that a ha rg
trmy will soon 'o-ocKIClpy the StateI
1his may appear a very hard destnu,
mt. candor coipels 118 to say it, is iniev
ilbit!, 11nid the Smthern peopile may a
vell begin to realizo the paitinful fact."
DP TIt O A (v rXA raXtNi --M
Franci lfierv, of Yorkvillo Dis1.rie
ills. died at IhIe ago of 101 years. Wi.
hout 14 years old, he0 was frequtenili
mlpluyed by the W lig8, iml the en pacit
!(a messengc-a to convey iniformatio
ra one SeLLhutn1enit to a to-'.l'r, cotic(1 i
Ig tle lovemelnts oh' the TOAiOS, .0
heo day after' theo battle of King's Moat;
nin1, ntear whikh loc'ality ho wats the
iving, lhe, in) comtpany wiih o f.hecrs
ho naeighibor~', visited thte battko grouat
mid aestated in attendjing to ate waints I
hte wounided. Duariing hist wholo lif
d{r. Hlanry entjoiyOd remar'ktably got
icealth ,hlaving n Iever boon contrn'di
sis'bod by sickness until ivithiin t'n daji
'f(his death, and -having never taken'
losliof me)tdicineo ini his l ife.--J.unpid
flIunNA Wonl (Cosxo -rO DtlNS'S
ENi.--Ohra o 'oit' tor'o kc'epers wr
mught ily astontished by. an tnttusuoil invYB
Bin of' htis promnisos ye'steriday, aneld for
it110 allowed his wit.to go a wvool gatl
ritmg. Jt, itppears, LIhat someo (nterpralin
lirnori- roulghit to the city in~ iis wago
.lifoly yoting dear, and oil palssing Lb
talishinenth a foresaid, attracted, dotib
ass, by a whiff fromn tho good .thinag
v'ithin1, hais com~pttIlnon, wicwh by th~
ray was a beautiful yott ng doe, Ieapue
o the gronol, and bound ot into thi
Lore. TIhie ctttonlibrs presenrt we're n<
1hr5startIedsby-the appaa'ationu of ili
iocerit causte of iall tho-fr'ight but, ,th
aer takjig jefuago bohirnd thei cotunte
IA jtikty s1'cared sand rbturned to ii
18cO.-- rolliinua' )3M.
tif' of'Thursdsv, gavs:
omin .th- eity,. andi to. day testific
'Qo%, tho,J'4digiary .CotmpitLeo on Lb
irjabyto necht~ entth .is stat e
Lig' o4~seidfibli-ftM ''*rILme by Al
r##fthnon whiM1)itaff Governt
'entbesbtee et)rlpe.a~uto Js.-feop P
of io CB!IItWn
Jkaanse the~y hir"-a..aAtO
Al AN NrouoTti WoltT Paosrnyitiot .
Paris ouires.pondilenlt I vouchles for tile truth
oftt he followinor. Trio Or flste, it i'i a yi
Story, n1nd will beir repr liton :
A Frenohmnsii, a prisoner in ldi nhurgh,
having mansagoil to esnpe, took rertge in
the powder l am n V. h lie ithori.
it1s4 wishet 1o 1eize hini, thtey fotnd him
ltt lig Onl a inlrdt n i I t liglhtted matel-,
staid threntening to 1-low ilp tho town. The
nuthoritioe relleted littliently, ant the
result of their dshliberratlins wNAs that it
would iietter to starve the Frenchann cut..
lit tisy reckoned Wit v out. their prisonel.
who loved gool ulver ind w11s dCtertsuincid
to live well. II consequence he enlled out
hat le would blow tle ntwin to ,40c0 if' he
did itot- gt throo misonit a day-he would
write ool I he bill of fare. Sawney enacoinm.
hed, and the domands of (he pvsamonor went.
on increasing. Somotime le had a pore
dOllisi under hs winldow ;t ti a review of
the garrison ; afterwnrds a.shati - fight, M'
whill I ho t roops rnpreetaiing -tuhb. Fi elich
ariny beat It e II gllandes. ': - c last l
exhioted itat every. abbath miornug, beftre
hIc.ikfast th o Lord Provost, in faolt nat
form, siotld mako his apparinco and read
him an aidress. This lasited until flo allies
entered l'ais.
Tom LAStr AN.A .-The Recoal ruct lots
Committo of the Houso hate again Incbtlin
ted, fand It., last, not surpnasses all its other
efforts in the dirottion - of revolution. Tho
now progranno wipes ot utterly tho pres
ent Mato governuents of the Sotthern
1tates ; dividos the South Into ftve military
distri'it, each to lie governed by nitiy oi.
cers of at least the rank of' rigaditr-O.ti.
erhl ; gives tho riglht to arbpitrato ni ninatters
of' life and property by military tribuils;
forbida the Judges or tho Unit I 81tas
Courts from issuing writs of ha4benS eorprP,
and in one blow strikes down alt civil gov
ernmont, establishing in their plice military
ride. The mnost extravngant itadinal ouight
to be satisfiel with this bill, ns it. suspend
the constitution over a t lird part ot' %he
country, and ignores thie ilthority of the
S1upromeCourt. We undersiaid tt tha bio
measure. whiht soeks to trunfer iniliiios of
people fron civil to ntiaaini jurbsdiction, i
to he ruishel Ilirousgh. under pt'ty taeticn,
after a single honr's debate. Who snys 41is
11 not a froe and nlig'iteevd ationY--4Vat..
.Repubt. 7tl.
*immiom.-Wo regret, to leaIn that a dif.
fioulty ooeurred yostordaiy afternoon, lin the
lower part of the city, between Mr. Charles
R. Bonnett snd Mr. John A. DO Vano, in
which the former was shot thron gh the
.e art. and Instantly killed. - Coroner Walker.;
empannolled n jury, and, front fihe ovidone
ndiltoed, It, appeare that ])o Vans was 'im
charge of a nmiiuor of colored laboroes em.
ployed in grading the Cultunbia and Augis.
ta ltinilroadl, and that lIennett was on t
pr'emises, endeavoring to engago somie of
the hands to go to the West. Words en,.
Oited, aandthaeos'tidt.o- hado Iy'a (1b06W
ed, when Do Vano fireal at him iwith a latRol,
the ball taking effect. in his heart. 1)o Van
immediately delivered himselft up to the
propiier ofiloers. The verdict of the jury was
in tjcordanoo withoe above.-IPhoeix, 13.
lowiig are the States whaioht have, till to thie
time ratified the so-onlled Constitiutlo tal
amendietut; and the States whieh rejoted
tle saie:
Ilt itiod by'Cotntneoctit, Illinois, Indi.
Ana, Kantsas, M-ine, Aic hhigant, issuil,
Nevada, Now Ilamsht.bi.ro, Now .ersey, Now
York, Ohio, Orn:sgeat, IthodO Islaund, 'lennes.
pee, Verinoot, West, Virginia, Wisconsiu ;
totnl, 19.
Iutjected by M latna, Arkansas, Doln.
vare, ucorgin. !! i', Kentliucky, List111ji.
Ina, M aryland, .t.issiippi, North Cruoli'e,.
out nnroli, TOX11s, \'irginlia totali
Luxm CaItiln nY -Sn0.AM
CAvwriu.-For a long ilo i n the treatmnto .
of jlaces to Io nntiterized, only the dread.
ed nit rate of silver (ltnr onustiac) was ita
to proiiou tie Cthmti efctlo. We now use
soveral substantces, but, Unms substit utes
for all themo the sun'ies ys oonverged by n,
buirningionis in tall cases, (eaneer, &o..,) in -
which onustic hams bont usled, andat thle norbid
charaototr of which has to be extiniguished.
This solar b'iuig..s tnr' lests painful, nion..
injiurlitus, and far tmitre <-liectual thian os
ohanrotie substnes or eve hot iron.
[UL'ITED STATF~ lis . -ssx 'no -rn
Ttux.uttny Dar~aa-rain: . -Oss Satur'dtay last,
onie of thle clorks eiiiph' d isath I ltm ofite
at the tronesry Deop a etitl disappenred,
and has not, since hmoslon tenr fromi. Uport
exaina'~ython it wa . dliscLomel that over
th-ythoisn dohlla's woer th of sevnthair.
bends wecre gene. CTe sniassinig clei'k is
ot neenised of the rohoresy, 1,th suuddet
disapppiealrtane of both theo cler'k and hionie,
at the same thnuo hais iexcited su~sploiun, and
the case is being invetgated. --ahwe
Si r.
A Tm'numor LMa.--A vtnghinr affatir ad.
1 urr'ed in Cinoinnasti on (lie 4ths: A Oermtan
livinag in thle suborbs was ' arrested for eps
saultuhg his wife. Ulpon bhls friends ubiig
lain out, lie proceeded ianstantly to the
groat, suaspensiona bridlge oveor to Ohio Riy
or', and? took a terriflio leap of about elghity
feet:. 'The river betng fuill of Gat ig tee,.
lie struck between t wo fleldt, rand aflot re.
tuarting to the suraf'ace changed hIs nind ott
(te subjeot of tuliide (,'atsubering a edke
Iof taeIko yelled for help. A ftpr floath'
haif a mllo was rsonted by two men 'in al
ITrin10snr Arrarnar--'1'he faltestdipchs
-from -the Eaust iridlente thant fresh -omraplicar
trons are tafrisinug In that qsuarfor. The peera
ple of Servla are ifyilng to arms eaanmt, 'ther
O)ttia.rulo, wiio eat Constantintouo the'
aparty in favor of peace is increaking i
Inmbaes and inttineoo Moreover, it Is ro..
ported .that the Viceroy of Eigyptte as dit,
agents to e ascertain whe~ther the- loaidingf
ocwereuof Mmtopt wosld favor his comnpilet.'
detIpendene of the tsotereigaty of Ik th ub
itnfOP rVAUCrsOW PAofotet.h., .
weaad ailfraiera-rlaststo the 'sries of
tlte parties sonneqtid witU- tbeo btihtg
Vatol.ue.Faotory, whsieh our't rotjets hj'
vemeoitbor was dest roy.ed by Are so teoM ikeid
labyoo'. We do not tje -ant~ oreed
o ettaneOy~ttl'ib umot, all dttajlY 1#~
odt' rendes LM4efttiday ot (Wo-fg $~kt~
5 a'
'u i re s odtn
M~Il'!SeA PM .IPES. -The niinera
meerchiatnm is welt knoWn to bo' a hy.
dratod Silicato of ningnein, with two
equivalul.s of wator. The variety most
vhdill iscomac nt,enseptisle of being
wroulght, 4:1of. receivipg at beauttifill
tpolisi. t is almost etelflpively em.
t ployed foe* miniig tobacc'k pillpa and
8gar holder Asts n ge aL.. iitouent
ins-rectly boon put. forth, .thl, it iay
be stabstiitutd. fhr thes uytaL of bi..
1n:th in chaluernic ,disess D s1espoi s
of mierehanmare Vc rare, wha1cch ae
coun% foits Nh1ighF 1rico. "mIIne vein61
hoeviretrv found i I i h~hdris basi,
a, Ciceitvierenji, inl the evitVouis of ald.
rid, but theso are of>littlu .Itnu cipar
ed with1 the article from A i Minor,
heing too s.ft and f'rAgite. i; miningpr
of ierselhaum is carried du nargely at
Klitchik, in Aiatolio ; thu.kind lound
tWere; though soft and grepy to ti
touch vho fresh, beoming iardt ai
white in the tire. Some obscurity ex
i-.ts a.t ai to the modo of... pretrig
crudo meersochantm," nwertheless It is
knownu that ilhe pipies made itt Aitolio
Ara motulded. The crudu earth is kicad.
od and pressed into the moulds, the ar
fisde beiig litei dried i) tlp Stinl .1and
hardetled il thie fire. 'It ia then boileod
inl milk, dried iindw and' p1hAhed. The I
pipes e cL1n3 Imoldd Oil t1% s.pot, are
litile in diensea id. those. Vrollght -in Ger.
muiv'Or- Belgium 'being lmit-u Il're e. 4
teeme' Tihik meprschawhici h is to I
be exporkod is prepared at Koniiv,moul.l. I
ed into. blocks, dried-sad slightlly bak.. I
After enttling ont1, 1hoi)inniisfac.nrers are
ill R h1abil, of submtlittiLig Ihe pipes to pro. i
piaration wii wax,spormamcoii or a parn
flne. The chip4 ire powdered, nand
formed -iito pasite with war, driedo
and hardened in the fire. The pipes
made from thisi waste material are how
ever, of an inferior quality ; ihue fire, ha
king to whict iho materl.4 was originally
siuu)il ~td, having produced slight fri,
tage, w'hich ledi-rs stbsequion coiesion
djllcult tt produce.
"Brick Poneroy Ias prepared the
fo'lowiig epiinph for Beast loler to bo
engraved on a tomb stono surmouinLd by
two Spolns:
"Horo rots in earth as roasii in be-ll
t1i14 great.t81. disgraco Amortea waR over i
cursed with, '1ctrn Bruto But 1r,' the
C >ward, traitor, thief, r>bber. ti unan
inislor, who, by his botrayuih, . thets f
anid disregard of 'honor and manhood, I
worked on at weak minded man to give
him a commission in anl army that he <
might. bo protected ill his robbepris. I
Wheron le Oprke, honest men doubted- 1
when ho commanded, brave men wero
inrdered-when lie was in power, wo- k
men - wpt ai virtno failed to protpet
when he. ruh.d, I imuocence SifXrld- 1
w'hnj he traveled. pei bottoned in I
their 'vn.wac.es-when ho dined, peopl <
evod -their spoons-whien ho paissad a
cImarcles, kho silver Jnaro disappeared - a
when lie died no one mourned the death
of the brute and robber who canme from
no0 one knows where as a rotton carcasI
is left to putify beside some clear
"B3eing without honr-General With
out , vietory-man without a father
corpso witholit . a mourner-menmory
without an admirer-Spoon Thief But
Loxe OUT .FoR TitICKS.--nR. Fa1r
Ton:-You Will Hie that many sharp
peIrsons, in talig notes for oMd debts1,
are cairefuil to have them parabio to
bearer' inuated 4of to order, and makei
thomn overive hunwdredl dollars. Whay
is this?
A to for over $500; if payable to 1
ordler, cannot be snied in the Cirenit
Court of the United.Statos, untcs the
pay'er, of t he note wvas a non-residotnt, or
'thaer.vise hado the right to sue in that
Cour't. But ii the debt is over $500,
and is piayable to A B or bearer, and it
is tnunsferredl to a naon-residett of tis
State, it c'an be sued int the Circuit, Court.
of, the Unaited States. To puarpose is
thus-to..get their debtors before at juris
diction where thie rerntedy i.a more anm
'tnflyonerd thte stay Law of our! Siate
*ould not beol he 1 way of 'solling the
deobttr's-iroperty.. Loo'< sharp or -yell
~will be caught ini Ghis trap..
- DoUGo1n.:n-rY,
* .~rt r du inr..GA. crep.]
.ertt6f the Glasgow HeraM stat6 1
followingi. .~ S unday inlorninag
last I had the pleasuireof witnesinga.
m,~ostinteopvtitg coremIony, wich i
desir.th record for the. benoot of '
yoM~ad~'rd W~hile Wrllkinu fiar'
Falir1ko'o bbfrvbd- two boosming [
fraop9 g&he ivosi bearinig .wit i
tlin tihtO( dutnct body .gf a .gomirade, .
with which they ftmw for a dia.nlco of
bieoltet perde1 :Wo. ;followed. the ni
dilosoly, and notod'the eure with whicht
t ~seigtedencn uient htpl,e t ther
fi otho greol waltk-theo teintlei eoss
bti1ibHitfe NoWfntell the body,
w, dagniaet It ty* p.li~tle stonoi,
~ig g ij,9.l'
et loone. "The attdohmelnt is amu
ttaat, was thn anoa-mmw t--diuty.
r Tha Introduction of Euigrant Laborers
SVAN%II, (It , ]an. 31st, 18t7.
me..rs. -i|dors Xuc a and )[crald:
De ar sir.--Tho numerous inmptiries as'11
hoter nd i n deti 111,141V of get tilng emtigranl
bihorers (tt bleve, &o., creltes a neolmsiit)
l'ot' my tyrotitdling youi with an tot her pithlicn
11, 1ion in your valuable und obliging jour
.. 11ni1,
SFirst, I wish a description of the kind o
families hait would suit the, occupation 01
labor to be followed.
d ' A fee oI illree dollar's per head for labor
y era i to ho laid to) thle otnigratinn co1ma
I y when they are pliced oil board of I
sltelnor for Kavnta nal, and Ihie poasslg
monony to shIp either iln Now York or oi
tloieitrivitl hi t3aninalh, as por nrrango
*- minii-niot yet nete~l..
Thl loeae itt the regniit steerago rate
u 11 $'2 to S11. Ait I hopo a1n,1d thiik that the
S'gents 11nd owners of Sleamirs will, do as
ulmo of oil railroad compnilies lavu done,
adolpjit. a very low fare (or rato), so as to
s iuilititoand elourage this mitter. If
S 'itrtioes o.rderiig ilmigrants will bo hoer
or hav their agetils to receive and take
haargo otf thom, L will iko Ito chargo ; iH
1 r. w.ive 1 nJd forwaril t Iteti, 1 01:-hll carligo
e only in l" otlrnte sum fur (Ie labor above thie
0 actul vi x penses
V .lho ittirintion at preetut which I have
i m, Ihnt. they enn be hind at short notibe. I
will post mysilf more fully ind partioinilnla
lv. toi 1 lien, withI, your con'ent, I will lay
t ie m11:14ler inore fully an11d detihitoly beforo
yur Ieiders4.
r Your - publication of this will very twucl
a obligo me.
Yours, very rosipectflly,
U W. GAnUMAry,
P. 8.--The otiher jourlnals, fovornble to
lie enterprise, who will iso piblish the
b ab ove, will bo n1cht obliged.
Tu: Fun1'r i:AMStiP -It is not. CuiM
uien w'or our liailroalds to mako arrango
met to b1h1tig 0-)161n to 1hiIs ilty, and slip
it hence to New York. Tie bostmarket for
itlhirn otton Is bIverpool, and the man..
rur in which General Mahone is working to
. esabliilh tircot. trado with Europe via Nor.
tolk, should toah us -what to do. AV tllIs
i in lie I:) propired to take (otton at Allan
i in nnd gtvo hillk of lading tirough to Jill.
t oo via Norfolk, while the beat that we
t have been able to do, Is to consign Cotton
16 Eutr-ipo lvia Now York. lite citizens of
Norfolk did net despair whot elfort, after
effort fiiled, They know'that the Etropean
trindo would be thor slvat ion, .and, even
when tlie tunortunate Elpisuti woq disabled,
sot theamolvei manfully to Iyurk to ituouro
f alother vetitel. Th lihors are now pro.
, dttcing-them some beniolit, and Ithoy will
keep on unti1 it they gainl all the adviaitaget
tilut they had expeeltld.
As Norfolk has worked, so wotust work
rn a ihu sam e Iievrstouranc n iind ulnsitry
t hit will mah; o Oat. city Irspor -Il btld
i up lhe trade (it Charli'ston. -Tio lempor'taneu
of dirct Irade with Europo cahnnot lie do
8 nied: anid it is nith great plinste. t hero.
U fore, that we have noticed that the Pioneor
.1is now loading at t his tort tor liverpool.
Th0t Is the first, steas i l thtiS h been ill
lin this p itr for Liverpnol binoc lite (ays o
'ie blookadou; inil wo trust ta she will
have' ai tttiek anl prosperot vuyage..-alr
0 cury, (11 a.
t -.-ee -
lThe F.,ot lie l'l'leoleh nie at pence with
V the peopb of ever'y other tate. They nro
nit pence witi all the - world. The United
t States laws nro respeteld aid enforoed ii
'very O'oti ern State. The pteoille of that
artl of' the lhiin I nreo paying: taxts tttider
ihM laws oT t e Unit ed Sttes. They Oivit
Northern tu-n to come aionii them, and
8 nistIl teveloping the rich ,resources of
I their laids and thiir mines. i'hey are par
eltsing iearly Jill o their go'..ds andI ma
hinery at the North, h'leir biusinios rela
W aitis Vitlit i e othorn Satetates ireouleasati
atd friendly. 'liy are 1t1ruggling to re
pli he shtriul con'lition, anutd to ralse
food for Itomselves.and ovtlon for all whic
deimaid it. Upon Iiis peoplo, who form a
I .11t of thIs UnIon, 'l'haddeus Stevens And
his followers re making var ; alt in ink
I tig wilr upon Ilhmn, the revolitionistI; are
ramaplng~upon that Ctu ntIon.cnb
11 liined In the handa of suchl inen ?-IdLongm
ti ---- --.+ e - -
FitAx'.-Thnt AI AS u lttitex- of 0 ia
D 1.uvic lUtut A~tun -~--itsouions vwere intro
d ditced into I ho Mitine donato Ott the 4lth and
a referre'l to te Comitnittee on Ferartl lhplt.
*tions thItl morning, decolrig that the pec
,ple of Maino demntd that imparlial suffralge
thronghont t he Uniiteod States bo incorpo.
ratpd into the organic law; that .conscious,
I sellignt, trailors, who orixtated lihe
r'ebeollion, bo- forever excludedi fruomn all
poiltidn poiwet'r nd prtivileges t hat .Jeffer
usotn havls aut to be brought to a tipeeduy
trial, and thit, theo xtremo petnalty tshoul
fotllow his convic otao ; that the protitndd
S. tate g'ivernmtients not. til by P'residleit
-Jolinson ti r re iistrpations, and Maino
demuatt' l t iri imedtato nod tota ai Ibolish.
I ront, nail the orghnsatlon- of mititable
govprumivents .throulghoutt thei ton . $tates
lately Is rebollion, fotunded tupon the organ.
Iiud laws of Congress and the will of . the
w PsAtt-'lhe plan of "i-ecoonstrto
tion" devised bty certain Soutthorn gentle.
L min, uindi of which yor& haivo piubhlied. the
'I details; Is soornfutlly repttdlatedl by the~ js.
it cicais hero, I have not beard oftotte, aven
party who favorp It, Untl coorei-d by th(
Ithirotenodclbnkruptey cot' the cermoeroirl
4 elasses the .prost rat ion .of ilt ernal tradet
anud the detrnngentent, of thtewhol'e ,monetary
- anid butsinests relatIons of'tiro Aouintry, tic
1dplan. will .reeivp soious conuideration thtat
a does not embli'nco the degrod4t Ion of thc
pep('ll of thle Soutth. Tlrd organ of t he
.j party (antd it Would bb a nisntakeo (Q. sup.
posoi 1Ihat the (Uhronielc does .r.ot fahithfgji
a oehdwth-o pusrpotse6f theue'mnii) th i
s peaks of it. -
o "It J4 vatiplo alrmtply irr that iI reog
( mfent and to aroertain extent thie-.rent ipril
It coe a b olhe-very origefta
r (riondI or tho'Untion in the South 1utd- ao
I Nfof . yt01rmalf
hant t ani4s Goverpoo Sjulh' garpy
rind fo conne y ttlegraph the
utka et AA,

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