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Dsportes Williams & Co., ProprietorsJ A Family Papor, Dovoted to Science, Art, Inquiry, Industry and Literature, LTerm.- $3O00 porn n Advanc
r I
Terms.-TuE JIlnAYo is published Week
ly lin the Town of Wintisboru, it 83.00 in.
varca,5y in advance.
gie Alt transieut adverlisenoats to be
paid in ndvanoo.
Obituary Notices and Tributes S$ .00 per
Selectod Poetry.
Oh I could we read the iunman heairt.
Its strango mysterious depihs explore,
what, tongue could tell or pen impart
The ricics of its hidden lore?
Safe from the wothl's distruetful eye.
What deep and burning feelings play,
Which o'eu stern reason's power dory,
And wear the sands of life away.
Think not, beneathi a smiling brow,
Lo alwnys find a joyousc heart,
For wits bright glow, and reasoin fl'J
Too often hide a. cankuring dirt.
The bird with broised and broken wing,
Oft tries to inonut I he air again,
Among its mat es to gladly sing
its last melodious dying strain.
The tire that lighis i flashing ey,
MayV by s btsining heari Ie fel,
Which in its anguisl yearns to dio,
While yet it scems to pleasures wed.
Oh, (10 not har;lley juilgo the heart.,
T1hough 00141 and vini it. seems to be
Nor rudely seek I-lo veil to part,
That hides its deep4 deep mystery I
( Wrirlen fort the Aews.)
A Midnight Revery.
'Ti nidilght I Listeon (to clock strikes
twelve. Think how varied are the vibrao
tions of the human heart, as the sound falls
upon the ear. Now it itrnnded, and all 'We
hearin the hollo w coho. Itis theonly connoot
ing link which binds yostorday wit h to -mor
rowl but where is lite prescut? we aro only
answered by the echo "where;" for too slow
to come, and too fleeting to stay, it vanish.
os ore wo can reaoh out a hand to grasp It.
Let us for a momentlko aivantage of' the
mysterious power wih which we feel our
selves endowed, by taking a passiug glance
info the hearts of sonic, and a passing look .
at. others who may be within hearing of the
sound as the clock at rikou the hour o' twolve.
First, look at the happy and contented man;
no unruly passions list urb the calu and
qui et beatings of hi' leacefl heart. For,
wearied afoter thm day's toil, 1).1 h.aving ap.
peased hIs hunger with the fowd lie hn
honestly earned, hrnnt.hed a prayer for his
darling wift aint children, lie is now en0j..y
ing that tranqoil ipose which will lt him
far (hi labors of tli. coming day. Next
look a. Lite I hief as he rtois <tiietly along
in the darkest shadows, crouching as Ieo
hears the sound of the o'ock, for fear of bo
ing deteed in some way.
BIht what glimnerng taper Is that? Oh!
nOw, as we approach, we can soe a pale anl
attenuated female form bcnding over the
work she holds in heermband, so nas t catch
the flickering rays eve the light Einks lit)
the socket. flear h r she exclaims,
"1twolve o'cloc.q ! and I've uot yet-finished."
Seo! she is going to replenish her light, for
she muut. finisht er* oruot Watut youbt do
privo her of sustenanen for the nmorrow.
Toe let her know that she is not the only one
awake, we will juist whisapor' softly as wo
leave, "go on patilent.. pale ens, stitch away
' and murmur not, for yout- pathwdy fto lion
yen is laid out over the bare andt~ rugged
rocks of' Patience and E~nduranco, and it
stny consolo thee to know that much of thy
journey is already overcome."
Thon look at. the murlerer ats ho proos
to and fro, with his eyoes staring and-start
ing atthe9 frightful aaows~ oidy of hIas
own intagination, lid tenas Tho sound aind
rqjoloes that onc more? hour is passed, for
ravenous Ijhleionds are gnmawlng ist hisa vi..
* togliglitly now, for the slightest, tread
may grouste the hieaVy sluty1hoe't ofDo h'io
wearl'od with tossing and ra'aingfkonw the
delirlium of fever, has af, length found re
pose, If not In death, at, toast I itt phmili
tudoe, sloop. Iiet I hie moves, we did not
awaken him? ? No, 't.waa as theo olook
struck, It umarks tihe crisis of his diseaso;
ed to the poteut -drags presor'ilaod for hig11
by the mighty man of soieneo.
See next tho humble penuItent .kneeling at,
th~le foot ef the cross inuplorIng weroy and
forgIveness fqr himself and all mankid.
The sound st artles hint, not, as it strikes his
4ear, albhugh condetaned by his fellow-man
ever to htoar it withtin l ris ulon walls where
they have placed him to -repont a orime het
n ever commnitied I in another 4c11 is a pris
-oner seintenced to death, how imournfu'lly
does it strike his ear; hie feels'it, wIll b6 the
last time ho all~i ever hear that, olook, for
In a few hours the hangman's knot will an..
c irale his nok, and thon--ho will sandM ist
the prosenoo of lis Maker.
TAhe next object that arrests ourn attemt.
$t Ion in passing, is one upon whioh tro could
~rgate forveri. '~Tis a swoet babe, gently re
posing In all its 14141 tinotbs. "Little
o, what knowest thou of life a$a jt
tea ? Theta eansi nof, om' jreined I,~
ound, so we will not oven, wis a to poop hlt,
the mnysteries of th~y ting .heMli for feat'
that even a shadow of eare may 64 sta
Booted fromt our gase ; so steep on,'"
hold our breath in awe. 'Tis the stiong
man wrestling nith Death. See how they
struggle I Oh ! Got. how will the st.rife end ?
Trite, I Ie man is haile and v igurous in t lie
priieviif life, but, disease has weakenedl hia
energies, aind how can he combat bin one
my ? Hee how nobly he 01,hts for life! hut
alas ! lie struggles for breathil he gasps I
and now, a fearful sileoce, only broken by
Iho striking of the clock, proulaiu (te vi.
tory is won, and Death, the insatiable eon
qjueror, exultingly bears off (he prize h
cannot keep. "What Is It ?" "It is' llfg,
which too subtle for his grasp, soara to
realnis above."
Hark I whence comes that faint cry ? It
comes fru:n the lips of an infant actor, who
haus just stopped upon the stage of life.
"Frail being, if thy debut is made in tears,
iniy I hy exit be In smlile."1
Next., mark the pale student-, so intent on
the page before him that his attention is
only for a moment arrested by the striking.
In a moment lie is again perfectly absorbed
For all is quiet and nothing to disturb his
As we pass on, look how trustingly that
young wife is slumbering In hor iusband's
arm, her he*A pillowed on his -nm-oly
bieast. "Confiding woman aity thy place
never be usurped by ainot her, and my every
ruidimght hour find thee as happy as dou
ari now."
Then we see the crafty lawyer there who
is invitGng sleep by turning on every sido,
but. how can sleep visit his eyelids ? lIas
he not, cheated the lonely widow and help.
less orphan ?
A gaiu, pause a moment, and behold thiat,
mirecrablo wretch, stretched on the raok of
lomtorb., and writhing under the mnroiless
thongs of Self-Reproach. Between the
stripos he bears the midnight hour proclaim.
ed, but alas I every hour Is alike to him
ho sues for morcy, but in vain. So one
deep sp irit-Zroan is the only notioo ie tukes
of It..
Next, peop in at the brilliant banquet
hall, with the tables groaning under 'the
weight of luxurious viands. Come in, gay
danaers, fron the ball room, and lighten
thon of their burdens. Every tompting
delicacy awaits you, overything that can
provoke and appose tie appetite, and roe
reshfti you is horn. There is sparkling
champagno and delicious wines of ovary
kind from every clime, all ready to give fresh
ntuimation to glowing chocks, add brillian..
cy to speaking eyes; it Is the hour for
supper, yes, for the musicians have atrack
up a march. Alit here they como, each
beau witIhis belle, and here and there a
belle with her beau. Whew I how the corks
fly now, and delicious champagne, is quaff
ed by ruby lips, as eloquent toants are utter
ed by the tongue of Chivalry, aid lovo
glano s exchanged. lut some, need not the
addit imnaI exoitementfor they are already too
much intoxicated with pleasuro's draught,
which they sipped while whirling round in
the gidly waltz, the gliding sohottish, and
the g'raceful mnnzurks, (Deauty encircled by
the arm of Galantyy). Sleep will scarcely
close their eyelids when they seek their
dowriy pillows, for their brains are too fo.
vered with unrvous extiement. We will
not look int.o the Icarts of these gay revel,
lors for seovoral reason s ; for some have none
otliers have lost Iitirs, soei are too sad and
others too frivolous and fable, so we pass
from this too dazzling s8ono, .on to 0ho
wrerchod abode of want and toisery and soo
lying en a pallet of Straw, a pale and slon
der female form. Consin pli Ion has evident
ly set his aignet upop her fair.brow. Lo-4
Watch tho fitful tire thatt ghm':s in her eyes
and hear that short., backing congh which
tvakes the tender infant at tier side. In an
otdier corner several' childrent lie huddled
t.oge:hier upon the debris of better itys.
OInc tosa fortunato..han the rest. who are
asleep, is crying for a cruet of bread to ap
pease the gniawings of hun tger. Down the
nothier's pale check roll silent tents, for sho
h as none t o give, llave these poor children
no fathor ? Yes, 1-ut hg9, for wvant of smoral
ocurago to $Steo the frowns ofa harsh -world,
Is dlrowning hIs care hn the cup of int..oxin..
(ion ; and co-as.the' clock- strikes the hour
of twelve, the wretched wife listops to hear
If Ite is not yet coiming. A tlbonaand ether
d wollinsgs could-weouter, hut theolboart sick
enn at the doors of some, and the eye turns
iwayin disgutst at the revolting soones of
dcbauch whch meet our view at .othiers, so
we will only take oneo itoro lookandI -thein
en.h our musigs.
Eterc noiw the closet of the truly good
Ohrhit ian, wvho after haig ,bt forth it good
workcs durb'l.g the day, the Charity preithed,
is nsow kneeling on tio footstool of liopo,
to bracsth an earnest prsqyer' which borsne cen
thme wings of Faniths wili he ats sweet Ineenso
beforo rho Thiron'o of Eldraal Oriace.
Nsmw Efarana' Aztt Borvrrr mN Tatl
Fyrrun.---hc P'rovidence (R,' I;) Post. In a
notice of the Jnnriry numuber of lic/Jw's
&ika; after .romfking thaat, te entire
nagashie, almost without gnalifioatIon5 Is
dovoted to Iho material interests of thes
Boftah, says:
There can be no dohbt, soong .ot*lstol',
Ihi? b40omotton wilt be made Into cloth
Largol Yin Al4bamas,- Ooorri, and Noetth
0rla:hi, hcotheroand the
Wo de'.ndbant felyte, hno~nded the psresot
Igelera 'ons w qt iahon the frtf
Snoz& or naftssfA . n 399 frotu New
England (9 OWO* t
made, amti 'ii
y-of a naio. w Pnslad
riob, bt6 niot energe4io ienttivaed, ~l .
toally, bel-nq6 lou~~ tin
wel t tPr
se, the uiek aned the usanddelem pe#n age
mh r etd fee geowitig South wil
sees-its. anWOo,8 her, a. she now lord. It
Iinpoacbmont of Presidont Johnson.
If the .Imlpoalmiett of a Prc:;ldointt
worlo not anl unlprecedenit o proceedingu
it might bo argued that the pelnetico
is logically corrclative to the la bitit i
oare 1ensnes of Amnerican electWaou.
As overe discipline is nCenssary in a
regiment of loose ordoulbtful cliarne
ter, liability to puniihmont maity per
hapa be a suitable check on tho eccen
tricitios of accidental Presiden(s. No
retrospective delicacy interfere.3 in the
United States with harsh and even 1i.
bollous criticism on h iglI funet iolnal;e.
who have lost popular favor. Mr. Jf
forson Daym, who has lbeen a C overnw
(f a St ate, a Cabinet linister and. a
lender of ait ajoi ity inl the Bela to &
still acouaed by ztalous Republicnns
of complicity in a base and causoless
It has nover occurred to his assail
ants that the proof of tho charge would
refloot discredit on American institn
I ions nor cal Mr A ndrew Jolmnson,
who Iionce Countenanced the calumnly
on Ilr. Davis, oxpect ten(Ierer coisid
oration for the dignity of his own otlico
The Republican party opnoiuted lim
Vie-Pr--esie, With Ita,)t coinglt, .11igh;t
Of u u ,lon to ih Presidenucy, because
' !a..1d been a vigorous slppl-oter of the
1; nion dwnn LIg ite civil war. IP w 1 ni
elemeit, of his poptilaril N that Ih a11d
disregarded all log:d 'n'a,:at.3, it I.iz kinl.
authorized proel una'.ion of tl hi'k&edoinc
(if slaves inl Tonne"slee, anld inl his estab- I
lisiment Of a SI(e Governmnt repre
seniting Only at mlinority.. of the citizens ; t
and if it laid been stupposed itat. lis char
acter would chuage in the event of los
nccessiol to tle Prosideciry, he0 would
probably not have received tho noniia.
tion of the party at Baltiorc. Mr. Lin
coli, whom lie sutlcceeded, 111d er
almost micentrolh.l power; arnd Mr. .
Johnson, during the early part of his
term, wias eicouiraiged to nq,.tlaram dictato
rial Ilelctionls. 1-10 had plibslie a qtali
fled amnesty, he had recogiiized tie new
governments ill the Southern States,
and he had decided on the abolition of'
slavery before thu imijarity dirtovered
that. lie still adhered to his fornier Demo
cratic opiniois. Excess and irrogalarity
would have been tolerated if iho 1'remt
dent had been supported by a Northolrn
majority. Thero is tothinig inconsistent
ill t(! remedy of imnpeachenp't for a
course of policy which th warts the gn
oral utesire; yot it oddly hap Jmpens that
the first President who is threatened
with impeachment is - supported by far
more than 1half of the entire population
of the United Stptes. The object, of the
prosecution is to assert the sovereignty
of Congress and to break down the pre.
rogative which has hit-herto been the
cilht, power inl the Um1111.
it, is sull uncertain whether to Iroise
of Repreisentatives will evoninally vote
the iimeachmnient, and Iie judlical deri.- I
ion of Iha Sonate is still moro doilbtfl. 1
The -most definite of tie alleged chltargea <
is founded on tle diliurbances which oc.
curred in New Orleana,.when tlte plarty (
which had betn recognized by (Uieral I
Banks as che contit.iteicy ofi Lonisiana ii
atteimpied to hold a Convention for 1ihe
purpose of fram11ting a Constittion. To )
foreigners it may smeeimi that the Presi- I
dlnt jidged rightly in .ningf the pal
of the people ol the State nmgainsit ai ll
fiction which assumed to itself thej. har.
act-or of the onimre Conumonwealih; bt it.
Amoricans are thle best jtndges of I heir'
owin a'irs; and1( the b.loodnhed whlich ,
etins, wh eiher it was a mtisfortun( or ji
a crime, is nat urally resenlted and con-.
denmned by the oRepublicans. Yet it.!
will be diflient toprove that tho P redi.
dont can have directed from Washington
thme proceedings of the New Odleans po.
lice, alrtough lie may have' approved
of' the forcoibblt dissolut ion of theO Con ven
tion. 'lito0 charge of' hmluitnal int~oxicai I
tion will scarcoly ho adopted by the t
l~ornse or by the mianagers. ,The unm
l'lasant erinUtmstanices whlich occeiur, I
when Mr. Johnson took .hme tath .as Vice r
Presmident wvore husthed upn by genmermit
COlISOrit. Its e~xtremelly unilikely that 1
the can hiavefallen Into b~ad habhits far K
thle first time durinag his Presidency, and1
if his inmmporance was ntoroious-before '
his election it was not thought a dits, 4
qualifieation for 0111co. There will be a t
general fooling that personal iieaimlails i
belong~ to a (lomaesi in trhiunal, it dtaih et, t
they are not united to a - Ihemnu prcs
wiach is.to oeentpy thme attention of ths ,t
w'orld, A similar r'emarkt Will, to aome 9
extent, apply to~the uujtdicions~ specho.<C I
ga) jo'rne~y. lItnoe intantitCos Mhr. r
JJohnsont'st languagem may have been t
treasonable enad rhvolutiomtary, anil bae r
oanm scaroly 02 pe imprnity for his~ do- I
mutmi t (f ongresa .as a usurp uing ,
assemtbly, but as fhr As lie wats gdiltyv of1T
ribaldry atrd-bad .taste, thei fault reas t
rathier with his onmstihtnants an.d prosent j
p)rosectrs thtat with hiinself'.']f(a gre'at a
40anI~ry boata of eluvating a wvorking I
mechanic to the Iiughemt d'tity,1it omigrbt a
trot to impeachi him for- not heaving the a
manneors of a gentlennast. The ~stdard r
of politicall 1gunge mum the Utaitpd Stato i
i lQ #0 [6k 81l &#lly.. .oloto alloW-. of
sBpegulattonadosan iampoachtment,.fonntded <
an deviationst frem the authotikid I
~V1*~.6. tbe some doutbt a&Lo
the. Mnodetof admnatribg (
th e Govenm fl duaring ig ]
esem cdl en e ast eondesn j
o Preidont to Samediat.eusapoost w
rom is faWtions, thme subsce~enen trial ;
heos ieSnt sinke int I.iumative
I - i liporta it!(. Ti1e trial of \Vari el
-1e; Iuglated aq lng 1A two 1're(sil
id tertnm, mid there w%,il I ti't),iit,,~g
'ota1p&' ie maa gere to felerroo pero
!ocdinl04 Nvhenl t hey lid vU rd dv ae 'iii
)iikhid their 'i'i.eL toy ).1oi'~\
ill 'l v~~itt'.ic 'mt'! Fol, t. e, ~ orti
&Z'HWt . fl1il* C01,11.1 lit)y Stiltine w~ho
nlight]" -e~~OII'll' 116iare hi (ilt iei
b...p t il te I hiiz'.liL of ti'I" )l w!v'
,ligh. 1;, tit.4et tOj Ill 11.1 h wlit V. A
i)e. ('iief J~,:P w"11141'~til I~c~d ovor
liefclto at II, I ial, it i1:1 he:) *,. .U
Adi~ thmI Mi 0c.. -vi~ I -111,ent ofr
'IY9idI du Ig i cc t'li I)ttu itl i Yn r
itm; Ismt A roi'i :1a 1:1, v)L'rt3 1wa :r t
o 1)4)nl'rekl. Ioil (te poiltf., mid teiro is
W~olt1 cI'milat I,, to 0t 11% l of R'I! c :.,'L~iIh
f hc L'rosidweit were loga dlv dqepos.
d. C
T!, swe'i to ho tiia b',( for oiiiofl 11 tt
mI till fai darc b)0111 of' i.reini i. iand V iGe
? rc~ioeidn, I O i i nmui. iyo ie~ Elect imi
ludo in 0."' presentil 101ipot' uIf tlit(-~li
V'Ite!, 1wl''-i thle imp11ecichttit.;(, if it is
fillf AIeslid.11 , I ~ f M1lr. 10)'119'011'A H-1-111 Of
ltee ill thle (11 tiill~ of 188 :.1. 63, ci il, v tt
intio ll Pitr;wil It il o* eI-leezde il
htlici('Fteiel' poiiey. 171J 'l-I - l d'l iiaea11
a fora. retIvolultion, 00lti i c hn iao
10hi llluit ij ill i'.s.uf a per,", fliiy ..:on sti.
Lit ina imtl rpgutt!:r jiioe~c'il nin
.Ajollrnaiit. who p~roably inteti-ier
o satirize thtexitiheretit. -aI of iiu s c
y, l.ute!;, e1clared, w'tli HUMil vxtggera
ion, that, a public offcer wi~c 1Wt
ttupvnieu t for floitig cian,1tiii~w thai
it o ~ugoit. nut to Livc(iV o dti. '1.1poll
lty ini oly exclgtion ftoti ofilc,: wich-1
0 -.1'r11 1111 ittitiit, PrVeidI,.i& A!1M
heL P211110 ve~liLqut~imce W 112uhImv I,)
ii Eniglishi Mir.isitor, Wf 11)0 111i20. of
.oir::ll3 l:.: p)0rlc &v it desuices lit All IVA-~
Fe-.% i') tilt! C~rown. that lie ASintliN 1101.
iereafier he emlfiove(I in L~ite ))III,]*,( ser
'200. T11he Constiu0), however, of
,; I hoeo is act ensy ind itn'l ksntell tilt ti.
d of piov it.iing at Lani1pora ry ot'Pv11
i('iii iccessor. TitodoUbt, wittlier 1 it
'rsid'3t enn be suspeunded statji at
hec v'~ry t1roeicltol of Lila pntceeditig
aId it nmi Ile inferred, if Ltel uv of fill
tenclimmt iN carr:od, Iliat Ilt! I lotise of
~t'iruelitativee 62 prepitirad witht soume
11"fleti211 Slittioll of tilt .iiilllf).
It. ijq lrobalilY anl error to suvpo; e timt,
here la anly ri.ii, of civil wanr. Phyp~vid
61-00 it; for the proseat. widh the IHoptih.
ican party, atd the author of an nritied
0lhimott, OV"tt ill v'ittd icalitil 4111%V,
vould hoe itiiversaib' cundenned. Gen.
lrai)t and GOwl. '.1iterni1i 111,11 S11111 to be
i volttile to til Presilllt, bill. t ite. have
tit.ItT 1110 iowet' 1101. (Ie wizz11 to) Ilse
Ie armty for jjnlgtii prposei. NV ift It
miay defeets, A nirican woctntty ii still
itr too sound to ho siti 'je't to tiiliuiry
liltutorst aam1, except if, re.,pect or their
s~vdpqtrsotl.t Iupielirit ', Ilto It ost
ticces.ifut gn torah;, havo ilin Un Iti ted
Ptattisno piohitici I.oiaaoter. Tile armyv
Oromwell's Disoolution of tho Rump Par
The 201th of January, 1652, is tho
Itie of this mem'rnhi evenil. The
P1i1i ii nient by which ('harles 1. had b-en
-nct. awl ovIereOM, h.ad dwinilhl dow n
ht) various purgoi':uns to about fill
il bro memblers, who itiied at, biO,'lMi Ilw
a sort. of mild oligarchy for the adminis
trat.ioni of the co'rnmo1011wealkh. ''lhv
wVI dli berating oil a bill for the filr'e
representIl ion, in which thbey should
have a permanent, pliace, wheti Crom.
Well rsolved to mike ant end of them.
it. was the he1st inleneIt. inl thio firlural
seieos of it revolit.imn, placiig nlllhla ry
pow.-r Ahove All oi her.
CrunnIrvei! havinig orerled n companyv
ofi m')Ikoters to followe him, enIteri1
Ih If olose ill ' pla ili btnt'ek clot he al
wvorsteld tlocking"" aInIl Fit.-inig dowin,
it cned for a whilo to their proce')dinigs.
I f eating at. lengih tie t e.-i ill tiha.%t ith
bill do pass, he rose, put off his hat, :1n.1
hetanl to speak. Il t courise of his
ildressi te id them' of iteir self-sook.
i')y and] delys of jutstice, till at longi h
Sir* Pete r Wentw~orthi intrrupicted hi
aiu a revm am,! Iwo n,hlgaint, sleh Lin
q9o:e. Thn1hzigup . said:
"We have lhaId enongh of lthis ; 1 will
pit an vnll to vou pirting."
Stopp ing inwo the iof th111(on,
anId clapping oil is hal, I- Coilcom)n
it ylent. hanranlw, whicht ho occas8ion..
ally eiifmphasim'd by stnniping with i6.
fi-ot, 11nd whlicht entne mainly to thIis:
"It ii 1101 fit y'oil shoud sit l-ro i Y
longer--yuu haves is too Ilong for mv
g d you hlave bhna doimg it:1 ely. Y o'n
shall now give place to hli tr men "
"Call t heml in!" lie eftlaii.m"l. an1.1 hisi
olficr Ii :r, isnm and a iNl of oldi.'rs nii
r thi I I1iuse,'. Then p rocco AElin g:
'Yonlarre no Parliament ! Solle of von
are drmikatrd "--tniding a storn eve
upon NI r. Chialoter ; "some of yon uir
a word expre'ssive of a woio ill)
moraltyiv. ant,- h looked at Illrv Mar
tilt ant Sir Peter Wtmiworth, ""ivinv
ui open coitempt of God's conunanild
ireits. Some of you n ire corrnpt, il
jIIst, perios; how 'can yo be ia Parlin.
mem for God's people ? D)ari t, I
sav, and let usi have done wit i. 0o.
GJo F"
He lifted his nnce from the table and
gave it, to a musketeor, to be taken a way
ie caused Harrison to give his hand to
Speaker Lenital and. hiad him down from
tho chair. The members, cowed by his
violence and the ight. of16.3 hirmied meni
moved gloomily out or the House. "t.
is thet' b-ord that tiat i cansod me to do
this," he said. '-1 have souglit tha t h
won'd ratbr itlay inhethain put mc Upon
doing this work." Sir iarry Vale
vent nredi a reonistranco. "O0h, Sir
H airy Vanle," e.chIimld- ,he Lord Gr i
eri, ' the Lord deliver me Iron ,Sir
I Arry Van I" When all lhad gonoe out
he camie oxut too and locked the door.
froi that time he was imaster of the
threo kingdoms for about live and a half
-' VrT m.:FS NOT IAn1X ox NoT:s
Jidt e Gates, of Lj)oniasiaa, his decided
that in contracts of sale thero are iutu
Ill obligations--lat of the neller t.o
delhver an11d wnrraait the ihiigs sold an]
iti peacuaable posse;Fion1 ; that of tho
buyer toacept the delivery aid pay
the pr11cu -.nd t.hat the Logiend se.qulece_
of the actioni of the Stato ini onzcpa
ling sla vos mulhst be, that when., theo righl
of property in that wvhichu had herotofoio
boon -t ireated a 81neh by thu la ws is de
stroyed, the hawiss to regu~lato thae rihit
of parltius to 1that, prIoperty, andlLI to 1m
lOrceQ paymntliit of obligatins given for
it., must follow the I'suo of thu property
itselhf, amid all contracts based upjonI
those laws be annnlled.
Judge Gates hiolds that tihe toinuro by
which I his species of properly was hield
"was dilr~erenit frionvi that by which all
other prop(erty is hld. It was lot
bsed',, he sayn, ona natumal lawi; anld the
ri:.iat. of' libert v was a pro ext3tding right
whii'h belongcd to the perso"n hldi as a
slave, how'2ri iiunoh pule polic~y ad
the suipposed ian eret of'the conty mayv
havo piove'nted the (,iforcentent, of tat
right by the person claiming it. But
wheni the savoreign poweor of the, Stato
intorvened] to recognwi'.e and enforce thiat
righ', it camiot be said that thme prop~er..
tby Was dsitroyed by anuy fort Iitaons
tR.Qovrniment cannot .say that a tract
of lanid, wich ist properry' by t he lawsV
mf nalturom, shall1 noC longer' bo prprt y.
ft can- r apprlopriat it for public niae by
com~pensating the owner, lbmt it, still
p3ossesso lte gnaltity of properTty. Homt
a slavevouce emaut'ipsated, can, by no0
Riubsequent. act of the Goverinment, he
I-gallyv hedd nasa stave. He losses all
lihi ilssomxiil chafracteristics of priopi vl,
and1 bcenmea free by vit e of thle en.'
forcetmnt, of bis natural and'pre-ex isting
r'ight, of iberty.
TheIi Ironot- Governmennt ' rcogni'ied
this p~riciplet~, whon .ini'180 it ahotlilhed
tio'faudat r'ighite -wtaout indcemriaity,
nn11( enacted,a law to theo effiect, that all
sut laiapd andn fot deti'ded by filnal
lttdgmlon)% relativo fo femnddl rights,
slchoul be extinlguishnhd, .(oh' its), and(
consequently Lhaall. arrearges-d no by
,tho .vaslie could noC hob colcted by
procues o~ law,.~,Montgometcry dMi/l, -
Wnv SWcius D)FT~I'RAo'Er--It hs,
said that the guano used In tho'cul
tivatiotr of tobacco In Cuba has affect..
ed the flavor of the sogaru manufac
tured the-n.
XV*A IT.I.-NfTON., Pldo .' qry
Iis sir.' Th.' I.I.iSlial tOwn sk r~ i ( e
va rrall. and Luok 0
oiie I No~ can" ail Ivl arn (hirel
Thlomas 11. Iioii, of (Ed, n nd Com~J
1 ileio Nvil lt Mn~ Sul-rall.
WAS11ION, I''hrin'i iv ) I ii thle
liouso. ,hernmna's ])If Inn IT, Wo W
Ilod from ol il'w 'bY theu prnosod' (0fll:' itoi
Vii ~i~ (i~'nizuh'~,or ilo urie'is
o f Coll Ver'it lons to fin-ni at wi1.:Iii.1
luuut, declarig, "utuIl the i'elw1itolis
Stant-.11. fl O d it ted to rollrliocib (a; ion.
an~y 661vi goveuirrow uh i Im ho uinol
proVisioiia 1, r'ilj('Ct, to (IleO Ld O fC)
I lh Unt-Il .9it 11e, to 10 w,)hd
11iod' hod or 511; 'rt'eoled il i , i ru' ld
fill ol'ction.- tIIad'i civi t ~ v.uo oiI (
'lii ' I oile l l4:i( i 1I11i ~ of' 1'w
Lhird so i uo of Ihiti ro-iti: iii-wi- ot n t'ici
93 iV 70'. A I'CwOIitn Oin 10coieul
withi tho *mi thilonei. tit pas.1Lid--1125
to 1 16 --1 NO w u f jTiaiP:qwi, Out i
I I If" A,()Iiu hcigi i.Le oWd I1i pikih
It is e i ol l( lo S n t ill
pn ' I hafl \%.! If eI Ie 11.ui v' i t'.
V, 1-y(.1l'yInllo W. 0ol wldiii('d I) Sno
s~ratecy. It L. A i~a geol ,1 v co tit.1111
the president ; N'ill wative Ilii nW %-aill ag(es
of' lio , aitlI oj I'l, ziot 6:1 ill Lilleo fulj
Il) il# 101 top; ged oF h it t acii , hi'
r fof i to) ;r I g n r il wv.lv vii
theuir 3.i wafid~ii tnaoIlw polll. llt10
tgrapui it Itueiiiigf wailtred Vitd ;r:I.
ihie In;- lous Itt'litci zigtin haissozi: f
VI.14" ' liv V ii td- 'hIt. h'In. of
W art Shallr. Sevc' rid llcii a lo it g'i'1-ril
otho a irw. K~~uliac~a~u~''e
i)Tho 8Ilt Oioo lou ggd ' t J
b.Jiimliiii u l hotng if. lie biid Iii iidi
h.1e wiutii Ij te imi l y :.en a l L I i p . o ('i )I *
Shelie lil ' hiil l)u~ ivuil v te F u i
A(iajn4.IIu mSitul",.ucc flia h ohmlo
tiihs ht. (I lie f'ulhoii'iiig o lot wars v
by thon flontvo but 1(ontrAli VOI ado d t"ie
lie ii d i ffloibl atl ectvoU
("I'll olopreittqtiv'.P fa t dayliht., e](iito
file Ilaiil ,lii leep fli t''c firLfil! loll
bedllsvo ho lmw i it as ofdk uttiu
dhe. t n it lLl vioijiLii~
tto\uieitI- ut ' 0111 tutu'.i'lsn
I tiaci whao I i 5i ullov i 1gfii ietv was(il
let gtio'da fro Poht 'K imahit it-r iits L
f(A1 oln uoy 8,c 180i, k 01' AMi A.h
(I ii biow re I i olor f;a aia~Ie
Thi it ooinj at dayigt. In e orei~
iii thu irom ot Jooe.lIJ) by it (reif 31.1x
,jii'tkui nnt art'l~lialo- huui hadodlygt
f uoowe I) it floroiih (i me :ii 01ii11
Liout 1i ii- i ll, it t i i vul-d- V -11-1li i
- i . --Thi Hoise of Commons of North
Ca;rolina, on Wedn.sday last., by a very
1 ' vote, abolished imprisonment for
t](411, in that Site.
'Phv Tenn.ne Ilouser has concurred11
in Ihe resolition recqiesting Senator
PaI11t4e rson to reisigln. and1,1 adopted 1 reo
hliuion to ndjoirn sin: die on the 4 th of
M arch- JohI t. Konsey was elected
by the Iaegislatiro as State Treasu
Tho negro testimony bill wria defont
d by I hI Shenate of keuntuclcy, Thlrsdaf
'I'he ',enito votoed (ovornor 13rmletto
*0, 000 for hia sorvice ex./icio ns Presi
dont of ill Board of Internal improvo.
mn The comi itecs raised to in.
quiro into the oxpedieicy of removing
t1-h ' i capital have repor.ed iii favor
Of i.stlblih ing it. at. Louisville.
In the I )os, leave was obtained to
roport a bill to estlablish the oight hour
'nys I:; aa legal dav's work for all
mh n aryl . The considor
Itioll of the bill relating to Snda'.y Cars
:1 l'hhlimore was postponed until M.on
A.nt mmrbi'irl asking Congrrs to
*xon.h lho j'irb-dict on of the Sinito of
Nevada over ti Ter'rr;ory of Utih Is
ben inrodulcd in II Ne vadila liesgkla.
I loth Ilou.eis ol thEe MNI innesot a ygis.
lature havne pa d onclirrint resolutionl
ignltinst, the further rediction of 0ho
#iirrency of ti county at t he presentW
6md. Timy lsc,oppowe the payment
of t he publi, debt, tdi the coomnry shall
have I imte to recover from the effe'ets of
the var.
S'lD:i: 1O AVEs.-hei1 If',mporor of
Frnnen lA ad rNel sd the following to
\eonut, Iluod
: Ilarn vitlh rr-eret by vonr
leler that, the tombs of the R' izhish
ficor. ki;led at tIi baule of Toulouso
Ire i a state of1 do pilation.
"S5ildier who fall upon a foreign
Smi tire the propert*y of that cmintry,
:11 it is te duty of all Lu holiour their
"I t:ke upon myelf the roparation
of :h lse tombhsM at Imly owIn expense.
"Ioevive the assurance of my ro.
T)hero is - nseiti ment in t.his which
,dhioVS how miolynbly inferior tinp eltite
Eu11ropean dispotism is to outr own oin
lighltened republicnism. Our "Phil.
Shierid:,"ill forbidding a civil escort
to the remaiiiis of' ( ieraI John9ston,
III the variotus orders issned to provent
moiments to 1'or decorations of th
gravei of (Conifederato dead, demonstratl
Oir no1101o. stiperiorit.y in lunmnity
ntO a 'hi viiIrous revt ard for a gdilant
'ihe' tfollowing we i aku fruom I lIo Itarl ford
(Coni ) Tsyo'.. It. ilows u1) onle of'lit slan
derersi, Who nre lying against us withli steami
power, 1hroughout Iiho Norlhern Slates, ait
larlictiirly from their pulpits and press
lfi.ult:. AnowI 1r.-A gotleman, who
has sient munchi i time li Texa diring the
p48st tWoi yearS, I'asil. Hn piigfleld, it few
da:ys4 since, when he hcard a Freudmon's4
lBureau man, i talking largely of the man
Mtale OF soiety InI Texap. "I ihve seen six
nlegroes ot on. 4 n1 in al 1 day, Sahdlihe name
iig Ihuo loality ; and thi4, lie avorred, was
no moro than ti daily averige thore. Tho
g.iileman said lois could not, ho. "I have
1:-n it." i'Jh . "My ridii6on0. ha_
been i ht locality," said theo geontleau,
al' what~ you say rI know to be untrumo.
Not on1e negr'o li habecaelisot there in a
year'." "'lint," said Ilurcan, "I have board
huit si x a day wvoic .9hot dowit." ' *Iloardl,"
sid thie g~nLoaeman, "dlidn't, yon soo Liho -
ldhoot irr ''" "'No. '"imit just idk that~ you
UI&w it.." "'No, I didn'i su~o it 1ou mliun
derst4oodl me~t-l hieaird about It, s1aid JBu
reui, asi hei siiiiked a way.
The New Orleans Picayne days the
wvork of' prieparation for deepening tho
mrouth of' the M ioissippi is nearly coim
ple'ted, and in a weeik or .two tho t rial,
will bei miade. TheO operator~s conlnided
tha t. harirowing or dragging the surface
oft he bar, thi a puttinug theo stilt marl
into sol1Ution0, and thuis enabling iho
enirrent Io carry it off', wos the only
pr'acticable pilan. To avoid the( exces
sive labor of dir'ect hitrrowing, they
emphloy Blishop's cones, armed wvi.h
screws, cuitting somethinig lhko angers.
A meanis oIf pnuIing the augers to work
has been1 inlventedoi by (Captain Jo'm
Ro~y, wvithi tho assiistanfce of'others. The
meni'gret appropriationl of $75,000 by the
United Staiteae, is~ barely suflicient to -
malku ihe iaLl, :nid provo the ullicioney
ofi the0 mUoans empiloyedL.
Ti. A -cg.Ixric C'Ama:.-The IBoston~
The1) tim11 reepdre'td for a~ ignal to patss
thbrough t he ocable hias boen discovered
with still greiitor precisioni to beo.Lhirty
one huniidredthis of a se~onad whiuh is
probahbly int iin 'rror by-one-hundreidb
of aI '('4cond.
Thisi is eqnivalenit to a velocity of
0,020 mnilesu df secondt, and is notaly
less thuan the veloc'ity of eleel rio .fluid
uIpoit laind hanr,.whIdih numiueon obsier.
vations hias shiow# to averatgo 18,90)Q
uuiles a second.
The toni-a of jonuty are liki' lig1t
clouids floating over a heoaven of stars,
b~odiraming jthmem for a moeuiont tilat
"There Ia many a slip betwoon the'
e1np and the iji," anal thmore Is q ai1
afte' dhe cup is tak~en frots the IIp
especially whoro t'to sidewalk spy,

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